Amish Dating Tips


We can all use some help every now and then. But the following dating
tips are for entertainment purposes only unless you are an Amish male
looking for advice. Please enjoy and leave some feedback.

Get a Car

If you really want to impress the ladies, then you can't roll up in a
horse and buggy. Time to invest in some wheels.

Get some new threads

You need to expand your selection of clothes. Get rid of the hats, same
two shirts, and same pair of pants that have been handed down for

Shave the Beards

Ok, you have to get rid of the facial hair. Or at least style it more.
How can you go in for the kiss when your beard can tickle her from 3 feet

Get an Apartment

You need your own pad to bring the ladies back to. Can't take her back to
the house with ma, pa, grandma, grandpa, 3 uncles, 14 cousins, and 2
family cows.

Get a New Job

Farming is just not an exciting career. The ladies like mean who have
exciting jobs like firefighters.

Get a Cool WingMan

You can't have other Amish looking men as your wingman. Your wingman has
to be cool but not as cool as you.

Expand your Selection Pool

You need to look beyond what's available. Get off the farm and into the
city. Go clubbin or to the beach. Expand your selection pool.

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