8Minutes of the kick off meeting

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					         Minutes of the kick off meeting
    19th January 2007 Thessalonica, Greece

Participants’ list
Subjects discussed
During the kick off meeting of the Job-Rotation project a discussion took place
about the work should be done during the project, the expectations for the
milestone review and an introduction in how the partners should prepare
financial forms for reporting.
A presentation of the e-learning platform, where the courses will be uploaded,
followed and a manual was shared to the partners that will support them
uploading the material. Each partner made a short presentation of the
structure and purpose of the e-learning course that has selected for its pilot
Finally the market survey questionnaire was discussed and comments on the
first draft that was prepared applied.
The following deadlines were set in order to follow the timetable of the project
and be on time prepared for the milestone review.

Dates                      Work to be done
Friday 26th of                  Commands for Translation (Nikos Papastamatiou)
January                         Market Survey Questionnaire (Efi Stefanidou)
                                Contents of the Market Survey Report. (Efi
Friday 2        of              Final Comments on Questionnaire and Market
February                         Survey contents (All partners)
                                A short questionnaire for NGOs and other public
                                 bodies running job rotation models (Witold Szwebs)
                                Passwords for accessing pilots in English (Nikos
Friday 9th of                   Final Questionnaire and Market Survey Contents(Efi
February                         Stefanidou)
                                Translated commands(All partners)
Friday 16th of                  e-learning platform in all languages (Fanis
February                         Alexandridis)
Friday 9th of March             E-learning courses uploaded (All pilots)
Friday 16th of March            First draft of Market Survey Reports(All pilots)

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