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									                     How to Set Up a Account

Objective: to store bookmarks online that you can access from any computer and share
with friends, family, coworkers, and others in the community for purposes
such as research, collaboration, cookbook, etc. is a social bookmarking

      STEP 1: Create an Account at

          o Click Register

      STEP 2: Enter Details

          o Type the details requested in the following text boxes:
                 username
                 full name
                 password
                 re-type password
                 letters that are visible in shaded box
          o Click Register
   STEP 3: Install Buttons

       o Click Install Buttons Now
       o Click Run
              After starting the installer, close any Internet Explorer windows.
                      Your browser will automatically open again when the
                        installation is complete
       o Follow instructions provided by Buttons for Internet Explorer
         Setup Wizard

   STEP 4: Using Buttons

       o Tag
                 Click Tag when you find something on a Web page you want to
                  save (e.g., recipe, article, etc.).
                       This is similar to Windows Internet Explorer’s “Add to

                 Type your own description or title in Description box
                 Type notes or comments to add to the page before saving it
                 Add Tags before saving
                       One-word descriptors
                             o Choose words that are meaningful to you
                             o Separate tags with a space
                             o Example for an article about starting a home-based
                                      mompreneurs home-based ideas
                       Similar to keywords but no hierarchy
                       Used to organize and remember your bookmarks
                             o Easier and more flexible than using categories for or
                                 folders to organize your bookmarks
                 Click Save
              Click to see your saved pages
                      This is similar to Windows Internet Explorer’s “Favorites”

   STEP 5: Highlight Text

       o Highlight text from a Web page you want to save
       o Click Tag icon on toolbar

       o Type tags (one-word descriptors) in the Tags text box
       o Click Save
   STEP 6: Save a Page

       o Click down arrow next to icon
       o Click Bookmark this on

                                    pages saved
                                    by others

                                                saved pages
                                                by others
   STEP 7: Viewing Posts on

       o Click
              You can view the list of hot items currently on
                      Click the link of a post that interests you
       o Click Popular or Click Recent
       o Click on a link below Tags to find a keyword that interests you
   STEP 8: Networking

       o Add Someone to Your Network Option 1
            Click Your Network
            Type the username of the person you want to add to your network
               into the text box
            Click Add

       o Add Someone to Your Network Option 2
            Click on Username of person who posted
                 Click Add [username] to your network

       o Delete Someone from Your Network
             Click the “x” to the right of the username you want to delete
                    The shading around the “x” will be a light grey until you
                      put the mouse pointer over it
             Click Yes

   STEP 9: Save a Link for Someone in Your Network

       o Click Tag

       o Click the Username of the person in your network to whom you want to
         send the link
   STEP 10: View Links Others in Your Network Saved for You

       o Click Links for You

   STEP 11: Change Settings

       o Click Settings

       o Account Settings
             Click on the account setting you want to change

       o Bookmarks
             Click Import/Upload
                   to transfer a copy of bookmarks stored in Windows Internet
                     Explorer’s “Favorites” to or
                   to upload bookmarks exported from or a
                     different service—must be in a standard bookmarks format
          Click Export/Backup
                to save a list of all your bookmarks as an HTML page to
                  import into your browser
          Click Private Saving
                to hide your individual bookmarks from other users
          Click RSS Feed License
                to determine how, if at all, you want to share your
          Click Facebook Integration
                If you have a Facebook account, you can publish
                  information about your bookmarks to your Facebook

o Tags
          Click Bundle Tags
                to arrange some of the tags you’ve created into groups

o People
          Click Network Privacy
                By default, your network is visible to other users
                     o Uncheck the box if you want to keep your network
          Click Subscriptions
                to keep track of new bookmarks saved with tags
                  (keywords) that interest you
o Blogging
      Click Network Badges
            Copy and paste the code provided at the bottom of the page
              to your hypertext to display details about your
              network on your website
      Click Link Rolls
            Copy and paste the code provided into to display your latest
     bookmarks on your website
      Click Tag Rolls
            Copy and paste the code provided at the bottom of the page
              to display your tags on your website
      Click Daily Blog Posting
            to post entries to your blog every day of your latest

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