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					Summer 2007
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Russian Division Celebration
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Bnai Zion Medical Center
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Israel Interview:
Michal Goshczini,
The David Yellin College of Education
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                             Summer 2007
                         2   Bnai Zion Voice

                                                                            Calendar of Events

                                                                            June 14, 2007
 Bnai Zion Voice                                                            The Bridge - Interfaith Celebration of Israel
                                                                            The Gathering Place, 13900 Griffin Road
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                                                                            June 19, 2007                                                           Educational event featuring                                                          David Baker, Senior Foreign Press Coordinator
                                                                            from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office
                                                                            Temple Shalom, Dallas, TX · 7:00 pm           Texas Region

                                                                            July 13, 2007
                                                                            Shabbat with Jack Heintz & Friends
                                                                            11480 SW 22nd Court, Davie FL
                                                                            7:30 pm RSVP-305-949-0076                           Southeast Region
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           USPS#546980       18         Obituary of Fred Farkas   
  President George W. Schaeffer                                                                             Summer 2007
                                                                                                                             Bnai Zion Voice   3

We recently celebrated the 40th anniversary of the                                No matter how you observe this day, even if you
reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day War.                                simply pause and ponder the import of Jerusalem to
                                                                                  the Jewish people, remember those who gave their
Those of us who remember the events in May and June of 1967 recall                all to defend our Jewish homeland and those who
the fear in Israel and throughout the Jewish world that filled the weeks          died for Jerusalem.
leading up to the war. In mid-May, Egypt demanded the United Nations
withdraw its peacekeeping force from Sinai, and the force left; on                Remember, too, the period when Jordan held
May 18th, the Voice of the Arabs radio station proclaimed, “The sole              jurisdiction over this holy city. Synagogues were
method we shall apply against Israel is total war, which will result in the       desecrated, and either destroyed or used as stables.
extermination of Zionist existence”; on May 22nd, Egypt closed the Straits        Cemeteries were vandalized, and tombstones were
of Tiran, an international waterway at the mouth of the Red Sea, to Israeli       used to pave roads. Access to Jewish holy sites
shipping; on May 23rd Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser avowed,                  was denied, despite treaties and promises. The
“We are ready for war, our armed forces, our people, all of us are ready          area in front of the Kotel, the Western Wall, the one
for war….”; by the end of May, Egyptian and Syrian troops had massed              remaining wall of the Second Temple, destroyed by
along Israel’s western and northern borders, and Syria’s Hafez Assad              the Romans in 70 C.E., was turned into a slum.
declared that “the time has come to enter into a battle of annihilation”; on
May 30th, Jordan’s King Hussein signed a “defense pact” with Egypt and            When Jerusalem became ours once more, each religion
Syria, and on June 4th, Iraq joined the alliance.                                 was given jurisdiction over its own holy sites. To this          Message
                                                                                  day, Muslims are in charge of the Al-Aksa Mosque
In that first week of June 1967, 465,000 Arab troops surrounded Israel.           and the Dome of the Rock, built on the grounds on                Summer
In addition to the Egyptian, Syrian and Jordanian armies, units were sent
from Kuwait, Algeria and Saudi Arabia. The Soviets supplied them with
                                                                                  which the First and Second Temples once stood, just as
                                                                                  different Christian denominations have jurisdiction over         2007
massive amounts of arms.                                                          the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and other sites sacred
                                                                                  to their religion.
Israel mobilized. On the morning of June 5th, nearly all of Israel’s 200
planes attacked Egyptian air fields and destroyed Egypt’s air force. When         The Arabs claim Jerusalem is their third holiest
Jordan attacked West Jerusalem, the area held by Israel, Israel pushed its        city. How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in
army back across the Jordan River, gaining control of all of Jerusalem, as        the Koran?: none. How many times is Jerusalem
well as the West Bank – Judea and Samaria. The Israeli Defense Forces             mentioned in the Torah?: over 600. How many
then battled, and defeated, the Syrians on the Golan Heights.                     Arab rulers visited Jerusalem when it was controlled
                                                                                  by Jordan?: one. Under Jordanian rule, most Arab
In six days, the war was over.                                                    homes had no indoor plumbing, electricity or even a
                                                                                  basic water supply. Israel changed all of this, yet is
Those who did not live through these weeks should learn about them, for they      never credited with the benefits it has brought to the
presaged all that followed, to this day. “Past is prologue,” Shakespeare wrote.   Arabs under her wing. Rather, the number of United
It is impossible to understand today’s reality without knowing yesterday’s.       Nations Human Rights Commission resolutions
                                                                                  condemning Israel is over 30. The number of
Of all the successes of the Six Day War, the regaining of the whole of            resolutions condemning an Arab country for human
Jerusalem was separate and apart. “If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my          rights violations: none.
right hand forget its ways, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth
if I remember thee not, if I set not Jerusalem above my greatest joy,” we         We persevere. We know to our core the richness of
read in the Book of Psalms.                                                       our faith and heritage, and how lucky we are to be
                                                                                  Jews, to be amongst the lineage of Abraham, Isaac
For over three thousand years, Jerusalem has represented the spiritual,           and Jacob.
religious and temporal home of the Jewish people. Centuries before King
David established Jerusalem as his capital city, Jerusalem held a special         May we never forget all we have been through as
place in Judaism, for it was here, on the very mount on which the First           a people. May we always treasure our faith and
and Second Temples later stood, that Abraham took Isaac to sacrifice to           tradition. May we give thanks for the sacrifices made
the Lord. Seeing the depths of Abraham’s faith, it was here that God said,        in defense of our homeland, and may we always
“In your seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed.”                     honor and remember those who made them. And
                                                                                  may we continue to let our voices rise when we sing
Such is the meaning of Jerusalem to us that the Passover Seder concludes          “Hatikvah”: “As long as the Jewish spirit is yearning
with the dream, hope, and prayer, “Next year in Jerusalem.”                       deep in the heart, with eyes turned towards the East,
                                                                                  looking towards Zion, then our hope will not be lost,
During the War of Independence in 1948, when Israeli generals were                to be a free people in our land, the land of Zion and
clamoring for more troops in the north and in the south, Ben Gurion               Jerusalem.”
insisted on the essential need to lift the Arab siege of Jerusalem. “If we
lose a part of the north or a part of the south, we lose an arm or a leg,” he     May we always remember who we are: Bnai Zion,
told them, “but if we lose Jerusalem, we lose our heart.”                         the children of Zion.

Each year, we celebrate the reunification of Jerusalem during the Six Day         I extend to you all my heartfelt wishes for a good summer
War, on Yom Yerushalayem – Jerusalem Day. On the Jewish calendar,                 and season of remembrance. Next year in Jerusalem! U
Yom Yerushalayem falls on the 28th day of Iyar, or, this year on the
English calendar, on May 16th.
                        Summer 2007                               Bnai Zion Russian Division Celebration
                   4    Bnai Zion Voice
Russian Division

                       Prof. Oleg Liner,                                Prof. Oleg Liner, Boris Kiderman, National Vice President, and Sandra
                       President of the Russian Division.               Sasson, Press Officer, Consulate General of Israel, New York.

 Sunday,               Over one hundred members of New                  Dr. Liner then introduced the next speaker, Sandra Sasson,
 March 25, 2007        York City’s Russian Jewish community             Press Officer at the Consulate General of Israel in New
                                                                        York, who gave an overview of Israel’s foreign relations.
                       attended the Bnai Zion Russian                   She discussed the current divide between ‘moderates
                       Division Celebration at the Bnai                 – those who believe in co-existence and the peace process,
                       Zion building on Sunday afternoon,               and those who believe in violence and hold to that,
                       March 25, 2007. The event was                    including Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas.’ She said that a
                       held to mark the new leadership of               renewed diplomatic effort is gaining new momentum, and
                       the Russian Division president, Dr.              that the recent meeting of the U.N. Secretary General Ban
                       Oleg Liner, to hear the latest news              Ki-moon with the Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz - in
                       from Israel and to update participants           which Ki-moon said that the Palestinians must accept
                       about the current needs of the Bnai              peace agreements - shows an improvement in the attitude
                       Zion Medical Center in Haifa.                    of the U.N.

                       Boris Kiderman opened the celebration by         Speaking then about Lebanon and Iran, Sandra
                       welcoming everyone, and then introduced          optimistically suggested that the new sanctions just
                       Prof. Liner, who spoke for a few minutes         imposed on all arms exports from Iran could be successful.
                       before presenting Jack Grunspan, Bnai            She concluded her presentation on a positive note, saying
                       Zion’s Executive Vice President. Jack            ‘with goodwill on all sides and with concessions that
                       began by asking everyone to sing the             unfortunately will have to made, there will be progress.’
                       American national anthem, followed by
                       Hatikvah. He spoke about the role of the         After Sandra’s informative and thoughtful talk, guests
                       Bnai Zion Medical Center during the war          partook of a lavish buffet and enjoyed entertainment
                       with Hezbollah last summer and mentioned         from a well-known Russian vocalist, and orchestra, who
                       that there was previously never a need           serenaded everyone to much applause.
                       for underground facilities at the hospital,
                       but because of the foreseeable likelihood        Commendations in recognition of outstanding work were
                       of another war, being able to convert the        presented to two people active on behalf of Bnai Zion:
                       hospital underground parking into a readily-     Boris Rabiner, a member of the BZ board and frequent
                       accessible emergency treatment center is         contributor, and Ida Libkhen, a long-term BZ volunteer who
                       a necessity.                                     contributed generously during the war with Lebanon.

                       A new video about the hospital was shown         Thanks to the unstinting efforts of the members of the
                       to an attentive audience, visibly moved by       Russian Division board, Vice President Liza Levin and
                       the images of the aftermath of missile hits      the new president, Prof. Oleg Liner, who also provided
                       to Haifa and the scenes of injured being         the marvelous commentary throughout the afternoon, the
                       brought into the Medical Center.                 event raised over $3,000 for the Medical Center and was
                                                                        a delightful forum for BZ enthusiasts from the Russian
                       Jack concluded by informing the group that       Jewish community to come together and support the
                       the cost to build an underground ‘convertible’   organization in a most festive way. U
                       emergency room is $1.6 million.
Jack Grunspan      Executive Vice-President               Summer 2007
                                                                     Bnai Zion Voice   5

 She walked in the door like a bag            Charitable Remainder
 lady, literally, as she was carrying two     Unitrust that would pay
 shopping bags with her. An elderly lady      the longer of Roberta’s
 who looked liked she needed a handout        lifetime or fifteen years.
 and greeted me with, “I am in need of
 financial advice.” Well, let me tell you,    Roberta would
 she looked like she was in need of a lot     immediately transfer the
 of things, but financial advice would        stock to the Trust, not only
 have been my last guess.                     avoiding a Capital Gains
                                              Tax, but also earning her a
 Roberta, aged 81, was shown to my            Charitable Tax Deduction
 office, slowly sipping the tea we gave       in excess of $58,000.                        Jack Grunspan
 her and told me her story. For forty
 years she had worked as a bookkeeper         Roberta would now be                         Don’t
 for a shoe factory and every December        earning $16,000 annually                     Judge a
 her bonus consisted of shares of stock       for her lifetime, four times                 Book by
 from her employer. In her shopping           what she was earning                         Its Cover
 bags were all the stock certificates she     until now, and thanks
 had accumulated over the years.              to her Charitable Tax
                                              Deduction she will be able
 The stock was currently worth                to deduct at least half of
 $200,000! Unfortunately, while she           this income for the next
 had intended to leave the certificates       six years.
 to her six nieces and nephews, having
 no spouse or children, the stock was         Should Roberta not live
 now being called, which means she            beyond age 96, her six
 would have to turn in the stock and          nieces and nephews would
 declare a Capital Gain of $200,000,          each receive an annual
 resulting in a tax liability of more than    income of $2,666.66
 $30,000. Indeed, Roberta did need            for the remainder of the
 financial advice. Currently, the stock       original terms of the Trust.
 was giving her semi-annual dividends in
 the amount of $2,000 – a 2% return on        Roberta left the office
 her assets.                                  that her tax problem was
                                              solved and knowing that
 After further questioning, it seems          eventually her assets will
 that Roberta still wanted her nieces         be used for Bnai Zion’s
 and nephews to receive some type of          humanitarian projects. U
 monetary benefit from the stock, but
 not until after she was gone. And, just      For information for your
 to make it more interesting, the stock       unique financial situation
 was being called in the next ten days so     please call Jack Grunspan
 she had to make a quick decision.            for a confidential proposal
                                              at (800) 564-6399.
 Under the circumstances, a decision
 was made to establish an 8%
                                                      Summer 2007                                                                               Southeast Region
                                              6       Bnai Zion Voice
to have two important visitors from Israel.
The Southeast Region was fortunate

                                                                                                           1                                                                        5

                                                                                                           2                                                                        6

                                                                                                                  Busy Spring Blossoms
                                                                                                                  Dr. Amon Rofe, Director of the Bnai Zion Medical
                                                                                                                  Center in Haifa, was the guest speaker at the home of
                                                                                                                  Nancy Bromberg and Harvey Potashman, snowbirds
                                                                                                                  from Pittsburgh. We also had the opportunity for
                                                                                                                  several prominent members of the South Florida Jewish
                                                                                                                  community to meet with Dr. Rofe and hear about the needs
                                                                                                                  of the Medical Center.

                                                                                                                  Yoav Apelboim, Director of Ahava Village for Children and
                                                                                                                  Youth, spoke at a luncheon in Hollywood. This audience
                                                                                                                  came together to promote solidarity between the Christian
                                                                                                                  and Jewish communities and to network with people who
                                                                                                                  have Israel as a central theme in their lives.

                                                                                                                  The Covenant, a “living Bible” musical troupe from
                                                                                                                  Jerusalem, performed at The Gathering Place. They held
                                                                                                                  two shows that were standing room-only. This was the
                                                                                                                  first in a series of events to promote solidarity between
                                                                                                                  Christians and Jews and it played to an appreciative
                                                                                                                  audience of over 2,300.

                                                                                                                  The next event is a fundraiser for Ahava: “The Bridge” is being
                                                                                                                  hosted by The Gathering Place and all the proceeds will go to
                                                                                                           4      Ahava. We are expecting a crowd of well over one hundred.
                                                                                                                  The theme of this function is bringing together women who
                                                  1. Jack Grunspan, Rosalie Schlaen, VP of Merrill Lynch,and
                                                  Dr. Amnon Rofe, Director of the BZ Medical Center.              love Israel. A great local speaker, Robyn Wilkerson, will be
                                                  2. Dr. Rofe and Dr. Arnon Krongrad of The Krongrad Institute.   featured along with Israeli music and Israeli food and we
                                                  3. Dr. Dino Pedrone, Senior Pastor at The Gathering Place,      expect to make a major collection for Ahava.
                                                  and Eileen Glastein, Southeast Director for Bnai Zion.
                                                  4. Ari Pasternak, Northwestern, Jack Heintz, Primerica          In other news, Bnai Zion was just inducted into the
                                                  and Mazal Yehezkely, Bank Leumi.
                                                  5. Aventura Turnberry Jewish Center brought two bus
                                                                                                                  Chairman’s Roundtable of the Aventura Marketing Council.
                                                  loads of people to see The Covenant.                            This 600-member council is the major networking
                                                  6. Yoav Apelboim, Director of Ahava Village at “His House,”     organization of South Florida and is an excellent place to
                                                  a community in Miami Gardens that is similar to Ahava.          meet people who can help Bnai Zion. U
   Irwin Blank                                                                                                       Summer 2007
                                                                                                                                       Bnai Zion Voice       7
Jews fought in all theaters of the war and at the end of the war, when they                  Again the UN called for Israel to partition itself.
stepped forward to receive their just recognition, the British kept their military      Missions were sent to the Middle East, each promising
achievements as secret as they could. Palestinian Jews parachuted into                  peace, but all calling for Jewish surrender. Appeasement
occupied Europe; they fought against the Vichy French, in Lebanon and Syria             became the watchword and Israel was pressured to
(where Moshe Dayan lost his eye and where a young Itzhak Rabin climbed up               make all the sacrifices and assume all the burdens.
telephone poles to cut off enemy communications); twenty-three Jewish sailors                The Yom Kippur War of 1973 proved the need for
set off to sabotage Axis installations in Tripoli, Libya, and disappeared without a     Israel to hold onto its hard-won lands. What would
trace. The only recognition was the creation of the Jewish Brigade, which fought        have happened if Egypt had maintained its pre-1967
in Italy in the last days of the war. The British government was not keen on Jews       lines? If Syria had been again sitting on the escarpments
in uniform and consequently the Brigade was only created in 1944, when the              of the Golan Heights? If any conflict proved the need for
war was almost won.                                                                     defense in depth, it was the Yom Kippur War.
     During this time the White Paper stayed in force. The Mufti of Jerusalem,               Under American pressure and Egyptian political
after fleeing to Iraq in 1940, tried to orchestrate a pro-Nazi overthrow of the         maneuvering, by 1979 Israel pulled out of Sinai. Israel
Iraqi pro-British monarchy but failed. He made his way to Berlin where he               had to remove the Yamit settlement, abandon two
was greeted by Hitler and set up a weekly Arabic broadcast to the Middle East           airfields and give up oil wells it developed and organized
urging Arabs to kill Jews and British soldiers, and he recruited a battalion of         - sacrifice for a peace treaty that has benefited Egypt
Bosnian Moslem SS to fight along side the Nazis. None of this changed the               far more than Israel. Egypt is now the second largest
pro-Arab British policy in the mandate.                                                 beneficiary of American arms and aid after Israel.
     In 1947, under the pressures of maintaining the mandate, the British               (During the negotiations, the Egyptians made it known
handed the problem to the United Nations. The UN formed the United Nations
Special Committee on Palestine with eleven representatives from different
                                                                                        that they didn’t want the return of Gaza.)
                                                                                             Israel retreated from Lebanon in 2000, evacuated
                                                                                                                                                                 Peace for
nations to investigate a way to ameliorate the Palestine problem. Again the
Arabs would not cooperate, would not meet with the committee, nor lend
                                                                                        Gaza in 2002, and permitted the establishment of
                                                                                        the “Palestinian Authority,” a shield under which Arab
                                                                                                                                                                 Israel or
it any assistance whatsoever. In fact, one of the members - after visiting a
kibbutz - wanted to know if they were also going to an Arab kibbutz!
                                                                                        terrorist organizations work.
                                                                                           The IDF left Lebanon, which has become the front
                                                                                                                                                                 Israel in
     Their recommendation, once again, was to further steal land away from the
Jewish people and create a mini-state without the western Galilee, without the
                                                                                        line in the Third World War: the West against Islamic
                                                                                        fundamentalism. Hezbollah created a mini-state in
Negev desert, and without Jerusalem - where one-fifth of the Yishuv lived and           southern Lebanon and now seeks to destroy democracy in
where there had been a Jewish majority since the days of Lincoln.                       that country. The missile war of last summer shows that the              PART TWO
       Reluctantly and powerlessly, the Yishuv leadership accepted this ersatz          destruction of the Jewish State is still a priority for the Arabs.
proposal. The Arabs accepted it with violence: rioting in Jerusalem, death              How different that line would have been had Israel not been
on the roads and ultimately the invasion by five Arab nations on the date of            forced out of the nineteen villages it occupied and the banks            By
Israel’s birth, 14 May 1948. Trygve Lie, then Secretary of the UN, called this          of the Litani River that it reached in January 1949!                     Irwin Blank
attack “the first armed aggression since the end of the war.”                                The regrettable 2002 Israeli surrender in Gaza
       The end of the war saw Jews liberating the western Galilee, the Negev            with the horrific scenes of Jew evicting Jew has not
desert and areas in the center of the country. The fighting didn’t end without          brought peace. The Arabs destroyed the hot houses that
Israeli military victories, but they were snatched away by the British. At the          would have given them employment, desecrated the
end of the war, Israeli forces were as far as the outskirts of El Arish in the Sinai,   synagogues and turned the area into a staging ground
were about to occupy Jenin in the West Bank, and were situated in the hills             for the launching of Kassam missiles into Sderot and the
around Hebron. A few more weeks and the entire West Bank and the Gaza                   kibbutzim and moshavim of the western Negev.
strip would have been in Israeli hands.                                                      Israel retreated for peace and advanced the cause
        However, to the British Israel was still the enemy, the weak nation that        of its enemies. Now there is talk of further evictions in
could be partitioned and pilloried. The British told Israel to withdraw from            Yehuda and Shomron, as witnessed by the atrocities in
the areas around Jenin and Hebron or they would invoke their defense treaty             Arnona. Are we to abandon Ariel, Efrat, and Ma’aleh
with the Hashemite king in Trans-Jordan. They also threatened to fire on                Adumim in this dangerous game of appeasement?
Israeli troops if they didn’t exit from the Sinai. To back up their words, the               Will the Islamic fundamentalist axis of Iran, Syria
Royal Air Force sent Spitfire aircraft to strafe Israeli positions. Unfortunately for   and Hezbollah bide its time until Israel is, once again,
those British pilots, they were pounced upon by the new Israeli air force flying        territorially weak and indefensible? Abba Eban called the
Czechoslovakian-manufactured Messerschmit 109s and were promptly shot                   lines of May 1967 the Auschwitz lines. Are we to hasten
down by a couple of Israeli pilots, one of whom would one day command the               the further decline of Jewish patrimony? For what?
air force and become president of Israel, Ezer Weizmann.                                     Why does Israel have to do for the “Palestinian Arabs”
        During truce negotiations on the island of Rhodes, Israel was forced to         what their own fellow Arabs didn’t do for them? Egypt
relinquish many of its hard-won gains and no peace treaties were signed. Israel         and Jordan had the Gaza Strip and the West Bank for
was a country without borders, with only ceasefire lines that were to become            nineteen years; where were the calls for “Palestinian
trip wires for Arab terrorists.                                                         statehood” then? Why didn’t the world cry for a
The end of the war resulted in another truncation of Israel and no peace.               “Palestinian state” then? Where were the calls for a two-
     In 1956, in answer to the countless provocations and acts of murder                state solution?
emanating from the Gaza Strip and the Sinai by Egyptian-sponsored terrorists,                 It seems that only Jews are supposed to make all the
Israel struck in October and liberated the Sinai and Gaza in one hundred hours          sacrifices, only Israel is supposed to partition itself, only
of hard fighting. This time Israel expected it could hold this territory for a true     anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers are to be satisfied.
peace. But that was not to happen, as pressured by America and the Soviet                    We have to say ENOUGH! NOT ANOTHER INCH!                            The opinions
Union, Israel abandoned its gains with the installation of the United Nations           Israel has survived and prospered despite more than                      expressed in this
Emergency Force on the ceasefire lines with Egypt and Gaza.                             a hundred years of Arab terrorism, British perfidy,                      article are the
     Forty years ago, Israel was once again forced to fight for its life. The IDF       international prejudice and unrelenting sacrifice.                       author’s and not
saved Israel from destruction in six days. The Egyptian blockade of the Gulf                  Before there can be peace, there must be an end                    necessarily the
of Eilat was lifted, the West Bank of the Jordan - the heartland of the Jewish          to Arab terrorism and worldwide Islamic fundamentalist
people - was now in Israel’s hands, the Old City of Jerusalem - which was                                                                                        organization’s.
                                                                                        violence. When people can dwell side by side in mutual
supposed to be accessible to Jews but was blocked by the Jordanians for                 respect without fear, there can be peace between nations.
nineteen years - was free once more, and the Golan Heights, with its Jewish                  Israel stands on the frontlines of western democracy                Comments can be
roots, seized by French-backed Lebanese Arabs in 1923, was rejoined to the              and it should stand on all its land, all of Eretz Yisrael, the           sent to the
people of Israel. This time, Israel said, there would have to be peace. Moshe           homeland of the Jewish people, forever! U                                Letters to the
Dayan said he was waiting for a phone call from the Arabs. He got his answer                                                                                     Editor column.
in August from Khartoum: no recognition of Israel, no negotiation with Israel,
and no peace with Israel.
                                    Summer 2007                                                                    Bnai Zion National
                              8     Bnai Zion Voice
A Big Step for the Hospital

                                                                                      The department’s staff grew and the current director, Dr. Bader,
A Huge Step for the Baby

                                                                                      joined the staff after a fellowship in premature medicine in the
                                                                                      States. The department moved into two small but bigger rooms
                                                                                      with the latest equipment of that time.

                                                                                      With the opening of the west wing and the transfer of the
                                                                                      Maternity Department, the number of deliveries in the hospital
                                                                                      increased significantly, from 2,500 births a year to 4,400. As a
                                                                                      result there was also a significant increase in number of preterm
                                                                                      babies and babies who needed intensive care. At that time the
                                                                                      department included three rooms in which the staff provided
                                                                                      medical care to preemies born weighing 500 grams (one pound)
                                                                                      and more.

                                                                                      In the next decade the department bloomed. The percentage of
                                                                                      survivors among sick preemies who were born weighing less than
                                                                                      1,500 grams (3.3 lbs.) increased significantly and reached nearly
                                                                                      a 90% survival rate. Most preemies were released to go home
                                                                                      with no handicap or injury. The department started to publish
                                                                                      its research and senior doctors received academic appointments
                                                                                      at the Faculty of Medicine. Nurses took courses and had hands-
                                                                                      on practical learning, which allowed them to provide excellent
                                                                                      treatment to the preemies and their parents as well.

                                                                                      The needs of the Neonatal Department considerably increased
                                                                                      over the years and the facility’s infrastructure was not able to
                                                                                      meet the standards of the new century. The management of
                                                                                      the medical center understood the new needs and decided to
                                                                                      completely renovate the department. Plans and ideas were drawn
                                                                                      up and presented and after a relatively short time the project to
                                                                                      enlarge and further develop the department began. It was made
                                                                                      possible thanks to Mr. George Schaeffer, President of Bnai Zion,
                                                                                      the Ministry of Health and other donors who came forward during
                                                                                      our special radio fundraising campaign.

                                                                                      The summer 2006 war with Hezbollah awakened us to a vital
                                                                                      need: to protect and guard the department’s windows in case of
                                                                                      rockets or NBC (nuclear-biological-chemical) attacks. Planners,
                                                                                      together with the Ministry of Health, immediately changed the
                                                                                      plans, and with funds received from Bnai Zion and the Los
                                                                                      Angeles Jewish Federation we built protected windows for the
                                  Mazal Tov! The Neonatology
                                                                                      whole unit – and our Neonatology Department became the first
                                  Department has moved to its                         protected department in the entire Haifa area!
                                  new location.
                                                                                      The new department opened a month ago, a spacious and
                                  Let’s begin with a little history. The department   beautiful facility equipped with state-of-the-art equipment
                                  was established at the end of the 1970s as          and technology that vastly improves the medical care given to
                                  a small unit for neonates by the late Prof.         preemies, babies and their families. The department is now
                                  Winter. The unit treated all neonates born          capable of treating the needs of the sick baby. We invested a
                                  weighing more than 2,500 grams (5_lbs.).            great deal in the design of placing the family in the center, and
                                  Unfortunately, at that time there was no            the current facility contains bigger treatment areas allowing more
                                  equipment at the Medical Center to help babies      privacy.
                                  weighing under 2,500 grams to breathe.
                                  The unit operated from a small room inside          The department nurses support the mothers in their first days after
                                  the Pediatric Department and then moved             labor. Much attention is given to breast feeding, and department
                                  to a small room on the 7th floor next to the        social workers provide support to parents who need physical or
                                  Maternity Department.                               emotional help.

                                  The department grew and developed over              Based on national and international comparisons of success in
                                  the years and in the mid-1980s the hospital         treatments, our Neonatal department proudly stands near the top
                                  purchased the first ventilators and the staff       and we are confident that babies and preemies will receive the
                                  began to enable breathing of smaller babies.        very best medical care of the highest international standard. U
Mel Parness        Executive Vice President Emeritus                 Summer 2007
                                                                                Bnai Zion Voice   9

We live in a very strange world. The
truth, sometimes, has no place in the
news reports or in the minds of some
world leaders. To what am I referring?
Just look and listen to the news on television       accounts. This is the same
                                                     leadership that calls upon its own
                                                                                                      is a
and in the newspapers, or listen to world
leaders, including some American politicians,        young people to become suicide                   One-Way
about the rockets fired from Gaza toward both        bombers, murderers of innocent                   Street!
Sderot and Ashkelon, in Israel.                      women and children, that
                                                     spends money on arms, rockets
Israel then responds with limited counter-           and bombs- instead of on food,
attacks against Hamas and Fatah terrorists           healthcare and education.
in an effort to stop these unwarranted
attacks against the civilian population living       Does our former President Jimmy
in these areas.                                      Carter call upon these people
                                                     to cease and desist from these
The next step is leaders of the Palestinians         horrendous and vicious attacks?
crying out that Israel is breaking the “truce” and   No, of course not! It is easier to
escalating the violence. All of a sudden, people     call upon Israel for restraint, in
who never opened their mouths to decry the           his opinion.
firing of these Kassam rockets at the Israelis are
now calling for restraint by the IDF.                We, as Americans, who care about
                                                     the dignity of all people, who care
It is as if they never heard about the original      about right and wrong and who
cause of the problem, i.e. the continuing refusal    pray for peace around the world,
of the Palestinian Authority - now controlled        must be alert to what is happening
by Hamas - to want a true peaceful settlement        around us all the time. We must
of the continuing struggle. Israel has tried on      call upon our leaders in Congress
many occasions to create a situation where two       to continue the support for our
Peoples can live in peace, next to each other.       greatest ally, Israel. We must
The Palestinian leadership has repeatedly called     remind the Administration that
for the destruction of Israel and said that they     Israel is our “special friend” in the
don’t care how long it takes.                        Middle East and the only true ally
                                                     we have in that area.
It is not the Palestinian people who are
the problem! It is their leadership that has         Restraint has to become a two-
continually become rich by stealing the funds        way street. It has to begin with the
that have been given for the welfare of the          aggressors, not the defenders! U
people. They divert the money to their own
                            Summer 2007                                                                     New York Region
                      10    Bnai Zion Voice

New York

                                                                       2                                                                     3

                           Second Sports                                    Third Sports Legends Dinner
                  1        Legends Dinner                                   A splendid evening was had by everyone who attended
                                                                            the third dinner of the Sports Legends Series hosted by the
                           The Greater New York Region hosted Carl          New York region on Wednesday night, March 21, 2007 at
                           Banks on Wednesday, February 28, 2007
                                                                            the Bnai Zion auditorium. Over thirty people enjoyed the
                           for its second Sports Legends Dinner. That
                                                                            remarks, anecdotes and question-and-answer session of the
                           evening, an intimate group gathered at
                           Mendy’s Restaurant to talk sports and enjoy      keynote speaker, Bobby Nystrom, who played for the New
                           a fine Kosher meal.                              York Islanders from 1972 to 1985 and was one of the all-
                                                                            time clutch players in NHL Stanley Cup history.
                           Mr. Banks won two Super Bowls with the New
                           York Giants, and also played for the Cleveland   Margie Price, director of the New York region, welcomed
                           Browns and Washington Redskins. After his        the guests and spoke about Ahava Village for children
                           career in football, he began his own clothing    and youth, and Ahava’s Passover appeal to provide seder
                           company and does work in radio broadcasting.     provisions and food for the holiday week to the families of
                                                                            sixty children who are residents of the center.
                           Margie Price, Director of the region, greeted    Describing Ahava and its program that houses, educates
                           everyone and later introduced Mr. Banks.         and offers various therapies to children and youth at
                           During the entrée, people were able to           risk, Margie emphasized the wonderful role of Ahava in
                           have casual conversations with Mr. Banks,        transforming lives and enabling bright futures.
                           covering topics from the current NFL
                           coaches and players to his growing prowess       She then introduced Mr. Nystrom, known as ‘Mr. Islander,’
                           at golf.                                         who opened his presentation by committing to a $1,000
                                                                            contribution to Ahava. He said that although initially he
                           Before dessert was served, Mr. Banks             didn’t plan to speak at this event, when he researched
Photo Captions:            addressed the group with stories from his        Bnai Zion and the projects we support, he changed his
                           days playing pro ball. He mentioned that
1. Carl Banks with                                                          mind and he was particularly interested in Ahava Village.
                           you must give back to the community that
sports enthusiast                                                           Mentioning that his wife and children are Jewish and that
Don Vogelman.
                           supported you. Prior to his talk, he looked
                           through the current issue of the Voice and       he recognizes the important relationship between America
                           remarked that one of his philanthropic           and Israel, he said that ‘helping the future generation is
2. L-R Carl Banks,
John Coleman and           interests is helping children with autism. He    what the world is all about.’
Todd Ehrlich.              was pleased to note the Bnai Zion Medical
                           Center has art therapy programs that help        In addition to talking about historical moments in his
3. Standing (L-R)                                                           Islander past, which fascinated the audience, Mr. Nystrom
Andrew Schwartz,
                           young patients and adults through their often
Guest Speaker Bobby        difficult treatments. Mr. Banks was a most       also mentioned that hockey taught him that ‘winning is a
Nystrom, Martin            gracious presenter.                              total attitude,’ and that ‘you can’t do anything out of fear.’
Gover, Alan Schwartz,
Margie Price,              After coffee and dessert, guests received        A silent auction of sports memorabilia was part of the
Director, Greater New      collectable photographs of Mr. Banks, which      event and Margie concluded the dinner by reminding the
York Region.
Seated (L-R)
                           he then personalized. Currently, Carl Banks      attendees to cast their bids, and by thanking Mr. Nystrom
Kenneth Wendler with       can be heard on Sirius Satellite Radio as a      for his inspirational and informative comments and for his
Neil Betoff.               voice for the NFL.                               support of our organization.
  New York Region                                                                                          Summer 2007
                                                                                                                             Bnai Zion Voice   11

                                                                                                                                                Photo Captions:

                                                                                                                                                1. Sergio Rubinstein,
                                                                                                                                                a committee co-chair,
                                                                                                                                                toasting the event.
Parlor Meeting                                                                                                                                  2. (L-R) Janet Miller,
Monday, March 5, 2007                                                                                                                           Sabena Rubinstein
                                                                                                    1                                      2    and Eva Fleischer,
                                                                                                                                                committee co-chairs,
                                                                                                                                                enjoying their hard

                                                                                                                                                3. Bnai Zion guests
                                                                                                                                                perusing Chinese
                                                                                                                                                Auction items.

                                                                                                                                                4. Ruben & Marian
                                                                             1                      3                                      4    Ferziger with guest
                                                                                                                                                sampling white wine.

                                                                                 Bnai Zion hosted a wine and cheese event on
                                                                                 Sunday afternoon, March 11, 2007, at the Bnai Zion
                                                                                 auditorium. Attended by over 125 guests, the event

                                                                                 was a fundraiser for the Bnai Zion Medical Center in
                                                                                 Haifa, which serves the northern communities of Israel

                                                                                 and is in the forefront of treatment for terrorism victims.
                                                                                 Gotham Wines, from the Upper West Side, provided
                                                                                 wines and sommeliers. The cheese and hors d’oeuvres
                                                                             2   were donated by Tnuva and Atlanta Cheese companies.
                                                                                 Information was provided about all the wines available
1. (L-R) Sabena Rubinstein, Dr. Amnon Rofe, Martin Heilbrunn, and                for tasting, and the sommeliers were knowledgeable and
Sergio Rubinstein gathered before watching the video.                            gracious. Guests had the opportunity to order kosher-          Sunday,
                                                                                 for-Passover wine from regions throughout the world.           March 11, 2007
2. Guests dining with Dr. Rofe in the Rubinstein’s art-filled living room.       Ambience was provided by a classical duet comprised of
                                                                                 two students from the Manness College of Music, who
                                                                                 serenaded the guests until nearly the end of
                                                                                 the afternoon.
Sabena and Sergio Rubinstein were warm and
gracious hosts on Monday evening, March 5,                                       Margie Price, director of the New York Bnai Zion
2007 at their lovely, antique-filled apartment                                   region, welcomed the guests and later introduced
on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.                                             a video about the Medical Center that was filmed
                                                                                 during the summer 2006 war with Hezbollah,
                                                                                 when missiles fell on Haifa and the hospital
The purpose of this gathering was to introduce Dr. Amnon Rofe,                   treated over five hundred people injured. A very
Director General of the Bnai Zion Medical Center in Haifa, Israel,               moving presentation, the video poignantly relates
to a group of friends of the Rubinsteins.                                        how the Medical Center dealt with incoming
                                                                                 wounded and how it needs to expand its facilities
Gathered were Riry & Tom Jones, Martin Heilbrunn, Drs. Julie                     to prepare for the unfortunate likelihood of
                                                                                 another war.
and Hal Mitnick, Carole and Phil Goldsmith, Edna and Shimon
Elbaz, and Janet and Steve Miller. After a beautifully presented                 The chairperson, Sabena Rubinstein, who was
buffet dinner, Jack Grunspan, Executive Vice President of Bnai                   instrumental in assembling the jewelry and other
Zion, thanked the guests for attending, made opening remarks                     items for the Chinese Auction and for the very
about the Medical Center, and introduced Dr. Amnon Rofe.                         successful turnout at the event, was very pleased
                                                                                 with the afternoon and the support received from
Dr. Rofe spoke briefly to the gathering and invited them into the                her many friends and associates in attendance.
Rubinstein’s den to view a video saying, “A picture is worth a
                                                                                 Also present were two artists, whose pieces,
thousand words.”                                                                 portraits and landscape images, were
                                                                                 exhibited for sale at the event. Both artists are
The video depicts how the Medical Center, located in the                         enthusiastic about Bnai Zion’s work in Israel
North, mobilized immediately after coming under siege from                       and want to help.
the Katyusha rockets fired by Hezbollah in the war. Within
minutes of the first rocket landing, the hospital, under Dr. Rofe’s              After the results of the Chinese Auction were
leadership, went into emergency mode. The Medical Center never                   revealed, an auction was held for two lots with
                                                                                 nineteen bottles of wine in each.
expected this act of aggression to reach its town directly.
                                                                                 The gathering was a festive and delicious fete of the
 The need to rebuild, replenish supplies and protect itself from                 new season and the strong showing made it not only
further attacks encouraged everyone who attended to pledge                       a very enjoyable and social afternoon, but also one of
financial support to the Medical Center.                                         great benefit to the Bnai Zion Medical Center.
                              Summer 2007                                  Western Region
                       12    Bnai Zion Voice

for Ahava

                                                                       1                    2

Photo Captions:             On the evening of May 9, the home
                            of Dr. Edwin & Cecile Gromis was the
1. Cecile Gromis,
President of the West       site of a Parlor Meeting benefiting
Coast region Yoav           Ahava Village for Children & Youth.
Apelboim, Director          The evening attracted many, including
of Ahava Village
for Children & Youth,       members of our National Board,
& Jack Grunspan,            and was a wonderful success. Mrs.
Bnai Zion Executive         Cecile Gromis, President of the Bnai
Vice President-
“Welcome to my              Zion Western Region, joined Mr. Jack
home”.                      Grunspan, Executive Vice President
                            of the organization and Rabbi Zev
2. Bottom row:
left to right Cecile        Litenatsky, Director of the Western
Gromis, Irina Afzal,        Region, in welcoming everyone to her
Sarah Austerlitz, Yoav      beautiful Beverly Hills home.
Apelboim, Doreen
Kayne, Susan Carlisle,
Alexandra Feldman,          Mr. Yoav Apelboim, the Director of                              3
Executive Assistant         Ahava Village, was the special guest of
Western Region,
Regina Goldberger           the evening. Yoav described in detail
top row: left to right      the programs in place at Ahava and
Dr. Edwin Gromis,           discussed the important role that Bnai
Jack Grunspan, Zev
Litenatsky, Director,       Zion has played in supporting many
Western Region,             of these programs. At an extremely
Michael Feinman,            poignant moment in his presentation,
Rafi Litenatsky, Ernie
Goldberger.                 Yoav described the manner in which
                            the summer 2006 war with Hezbollah
3. Discussion taking        affected the Village. A very thorough
place concerning
Ahava:                      question and answer period followed
Cecile Gromis,              the presentation. Many pledges were
Jack Grunspan,              made for the financial needs of Ahava
Yoav Apelboim,
Doreen Kayne,               Village. Yoav closed the evening by
Zev Litenatsky.             thanking all who attended, refreshments
                            followed, and the guests left with a new
4. Pictured, Yoav
Apelboim presenting         understanding of the crucial role Ahava
the Ahava story to the      plays in improving the lives of children                        4
assembled guests.           and youth. U
Texas Region                                                Summer 2007
                                                                        Bnai Zion Voice   13

    Hold The Date                                                                                Board
      Annual Gala

     Saturday Night
    December 1, 2007


                                             An open board meeting for the
     Diane Dr.                               Texas Region was held on Thursday        2

  Benjamin Stephen                           night, May 17, 2007 at the Aaron
                                             Family Jewish Community Center in
           Swisher                           Dallas. The guest speaker, Naomi
                                             Schrager, was introduced by Dr.
                                             Bill Katz. Ms. Schrager, Head of
               to be held at the             Judaic Studies at Yavneh Academy,
    Westin Park Central Hotel, Dallas        discussed the future of Jewish
                                             day schools and their effect on
                  Featuring                  the Dallas Jewish community and
     Dave Tanner & his Show Band             Israel. Her very informative speech
                                                                                           Photo Captions:
                                             was followed by a lively question-
       Special entertainment and speakers                                                  1. (L) Shirley Strauss
                to be announced              and-answer session and comments
                                                                                           (R) Naomi Schrager.
                                             from the attendees. The event was
                                                                                           2. Dr. Bill Katz, Vice
        Chairperson: Shirley Strauss         chaired by Larry Strauss, President           President, introducing
                                                                                           our speaker Naomi
    Co-chairs: Anita Bayer & Sherrie Stohl   of the Western Region.                        Schrager.
                          Summer 2007                                                             Pittsburgh Region
                    14    Bnai Zion Voice

Jim Roddey
May 15,

                                                                   1                                                              2

                                                                   3                                                              4

Photo Captions:          On May 15, 2007 nearly 200 people             the Quittman Center, a sizeable apartment building for
                         gathered at the Westin Convention             Israel Elwyn residents. The video helped set the mood
1. David Shapira
presenting the
                         Center Hotel in Pittsburgh to celebrate       for our guest speaker, David Shapira, the Chairman,
Humanitarian Award       the many accomplishments of our               CEO and President of Giant Eagle, Inc., to give a very
to Jim Roddey.           Humanitarian Award Honoree Jim                moving and emotional presentation highlighting the
2. Jack Grunspan,
                         Roddey. Known for his avid community          merits of hiring the disabled. Both Jim and David
Exec. VP and Todd        involvement, Jim has spent over forty         are passionate about hiring handicapped people and
Rascoe, President, BZ    years in business, has participated           are highly impressed with the significant work done
Pittsburgh Region.
                         in civic and government affairs and           at Israel Elwyn to bring disabled individuals into the
3. David Shapira,        is very active on the boards of many          mainstream.
President & CEO          organizations.
of Giant Eagle
Corporation, Inc. was
                                                                       Our guests included many of David’s friends and
our guest speaker.       The evening festivities started with          friends of the honoree, as well as Bnai Zion supporters.
                         cocktail reception followed by a very         Everyone enjoyed seeing a firsthand look at one of the
4. Warren Sufrin,
Past Pittsburgh
                         moving program. A video was shown             many projects supported by Bnai Zion.
Region President,        about Israel Elwyn, a residential
Nancy Bromberg-          campus in Jerusalem providing                 Following the program guests moved into the ballroom
Potashman, Board
Member, Ellen Primis,
                         care and vocational training for the          for dinner, where they were serenaded by a wonderful
Regional Director.       disabled, where Bnai Zion sponsored           piano player the entire evening. U
     David Yellin College of Education                                                      Summer 2007
                                                                                                            Bnai Zion Voice   15

Michal Goshczini

                                                                                                                                   ISRAEL INTERVIEW

                                                                                                                                   ISRAEL INTERVIEW
The David Yellin College of Education,
What is your title and what are your main
responsibilities here?
I am the Director of Resource Development and Public
Relations at the college. My main responsibilities are              Michal Goshczini
maintaining and establishing contact with individuals, donors,
and foundations in Israel and overseas for public relations and     the college, says so much about the people
fundraising, liaison to media, organizing all advertising and       involved and their concern, devotion, and
marketing, producing the website and college newspaper, and         closeness - perhaps not geographically, but
more.                                                               certainly in their hearts - to the people of Israel.

How long have you been working here?                                What are your biggest or proudest
I have worked here since April 2006.                                accomplishments here?
                                                                    I think it is still too early to discuss my
Tell us a bit about your personal background and how you            achievements even though I have had some
came to work here.                                                  small successes. I think that in a year’s
I spent fourteen years working as the office manger and             time I will be able to report even bigger
personal assistant for the former mayor of Jerusalem, the late      achievements.
Teddy Kollek, at the Jerusalem Foundation and Israel Museum.
My mother became ill with cancer and I left my work and             What do you envision for the future here?
stopped working for a year to take care of her until she passed     As for my vision for the college, I would like to
away. Then I saw the ad in the newspaper for this position and      see the college with a large circle of friends in
went for an interview. I was one of several candidates until        Israel and abroad, and a large number of donors
they notified me that I was accepted for the position!              who will help us expand and develop projects for
                                                                    training the next generation of teachers who will
What are the most important aspects of the David Yellin             educate our children and our children’s children.
College of Education?
David Yellin College trains teachers. Founded ninety-four           What is the most fulfilling aspect of your
years ago, it was the first college to teach teachers in Hebrew.    job here?
The college offers special bachelors programs, a teaching           The part of my work I find most satisfying is
certificate and a master’s degree. It offers retraining programs    the feeling that I am part of a system that is
for academics, instructing them in teaching and treating children   training really good educators in Israel and
with the help of pets, theater, art and music. We also have         that I help by raising more money to develop
special programs for training teachers to work with children        new programs that will advance education
with special needs and severe learning challenges, and a            and help us offer a better education for new
pre-bachelor’s degree program for students wishing to work          generations of Israelis.
in priority areas nationwide. Another really nice feature of the
college is that Jews (religious and non-religious), Muslims,        If you could change or improve something
Christians, and new immigrants all learn together.                  here, what would it be?
                                                                    The only change I can think of is that we should
How has this place evolved since you’ve been here?                  have more resources so we can put all our plans
Resource development is not an easy field to work in and            into effect for the good of our students. I would
demands a lot of effort and great patience. If that were all        also like to see a change in attitude toward
I had to do, change would be much quicker, but since I am           teachers in Israel and see teachers recognized
involved in many things at the same time, I don’t have much         for their important work and for this to be
time to deal exclusively with resource development.                 reflected in their salaries. I think that education
I have succeeded in producing the college newspaper, in             should be our top priority along with security.
renewing and updating our website, and have produced reports
about donations received. I also sent out appeals for donations     What do you enjoy doing when you’re not
to potential and existing donors and foundations and I organize     working here?
the Israeli Friends of David Yellin College.                        I am a full-time mother and I love being with
                                                                    my son, going on trips with him, going to
What is the most visible mark of the Bnai Zion role here?           the sea and the swimming pool, reading and
Bnai Zion is helping us appeal to people across the United          writing. I write and illustrate children’s books
States for donations for different projects. I think the fact       and I hope to see my first children’s book
that Bnai Zion raises funds for projects in Israel, including       published soon! U
                    Summer 2007                                                                 New York Region

                    Bnai Zion Voice

  PART 2                                                                                                                        2

  January 30 - February 6, 2007


                                                            the residents’ tastes. In the basement is a special meditative room
                                                       1    meant for reducing stress called the Snoezelen Room. Based on a
                                                            Dutch concept of a sensory environment, it is designed to enable
                                                            positive emotional experiences and improve the quality of life for
                                                            people with disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. The room
Our next visit was to the Quittman Center at
                                                            is a calming oasis with soft lights, gentle aromas, liquid sculptures
Israel Elwyn’s Jerusalem location (one of many              and other props that have a very soothing influence.
throughout Israel serving over 1,700 people).
Supporting the disabled adult community,                    We pass an alcove planned for an elevator, envisioned but not yet
Israel Elwyn provides residential living and                funded. We see that the Quittman Center provides the ultimate
vocational training to help disabled individuals            setting for adults with special needs and that they benefit greatly from
become as self-sufficient as possible. We                   this special residence, not only structurally but also via the therapy,
                                                            like the Snoezelen Room it offers. As Israel Elwyn needs to expand its
learned more about the facility and its
                                                            campus and provide more residences like the Quittman Center, funds
operations in a meeting with David Marcu,                   are needed for construction and development.
the executive director, and Sara Sadovnik, the
assistant executive director.                               Crossing the city we arrive at the David Yellin College of Education,
                                                            where we begin our tour in the library, guided by the Head
The Quittman Center, established by the generosity of       Librarian, Dania Ansenberg. She points out the computer room,
Bnai Zion in honor of Herman Quittman, is located on        expressing her desire to increase the number of computers, and
the Israel Elwyn grounds down a steep slope that has        the section with children’s books, accessed by student teachers.
been newly terraced and developed with a sensory            In the main research room we glimpse multiple vertical shelves
garden, the only one of its kind in the world providing     of books suspended from the ceiling but not reaching the floor, to
inventive, hands-on ways for residents to learn about and   give the appealing illusion of floating bookshelves throughout. We
experience their senses. We enter the Quittman Center,      marvel at the creativity and utility of this design and learn that one
a new building housing sixty people in six generously       quarter of all the books are in Arabic, as the college also caters to
equipped apartments, all designed for maximum access        the Arab community and has a separate Arab-language curriculum
and convenience and each decorated in a way to reflect      for special education training. We meet the head of the science
    Bnai Zion Medical Center                                                                 Summer 2007
department who demonstrates a science project integrating                We continued to a kindergarten to see several classes in session.
computer design created together by student teachers and visiting                                           Bnai Zion each, visual multi-
                                                                         There were about twenty-five students in Voice a17
second-graders, used as a teaching tool. She remarks that                cultural mosaic representing various nationalities of the world
children at age seven are so well versed in computers that often         and indeed representative of the colors of Israel. We marveled
they teach computer applications to the student teachers!                at their spacious classrooms with different areas for playing,
                                                                         learning, eating, and for getting dressed to go out. With several
Walking through the main building, we arrive at the special              teachers assigned to each class, it was evident the students
education department where an instructor demonstrates how                are receiving caring, personalized instruction. We saw the
students are taught about the connection between theory and              playground of the second oldest kindergarten in the community,
practice. She emphasizes recycling as a way to create toys and           built from funds of Bnai Zion.
mind-challenge games from common household objects and
paper discards. We understand from her presentation just how             One of the kindergarten classes presented us with a book of artful
thin budgets are stretched at the college and how significant            student drawings in honor of our visit, which showed us the children
donor generosity is to their operation.                                  are also already learning the subtleties of manners, presentation and
                                                                         style in addition to the usual kindergarten subjects.
We take a short walk through a garden area of the campus to
the wing for pet therapy training and meet a few of the residents        We drove back to the library, where we saw the children’s
there: a colorful, friendly iguana named Reptile who thrives on          reading room named in memory of Szloma Goldenberg, the father
human affection, assorted guinea pigs and rabbits and other cute         of Judi Grunspan, wife of Bnai Zion’s Executive Vice President,
little furry creatures in cages.                                         and the children’s reading corner contributed by Mel and Arlene
                                                                         Parness in honor of their family. Benny showed us a video
We enjoy the contrast between the setting for classroom learning         presentation about Ma’ale Adumim, emphasizing the importance
and the hands-on animal environment. We see the way the college          of arts in education and the town’s cultural center, where many
trains teachers and the significance of its role in Israeli education.   children learn to play musical instruments. Benny said that
The David Yellin College of Education places student teachers at the     many of the children at Ma’ale Adumim, who lived elsewhere
Israel Elwyn location in nearby Geula, linking these two institutions    previously, never before had access to musical instruction and
and improving the outlooks and lives of many in Israel.                  that the community was privileged to be able to provide it.

The next day we visit Ma’ale Adumim. Designed to provide a               Because of low budgetary allotments, the desirable quality of life
major Jewish presence east of Jerusalem, Ma’ale Adumim set up            attracting newcomers and ever-increasing needs, Ma’ale Adumim
its welcome sign in the summer of 1982 when its apartments               must rely upon donor support. Continuing needs include completing
first went on the market. Since then it has evolved into a               the cultural center, which still needs equipment and furnishings;
charming town of 34,000 residents with its own municipality,             increasing the amount of playground equipment; adding computers
mayor, neighborhood shops and services, and its own television           to the educational system; building three new preschools for an
station broadcasting nationally every Friday at 1pm. Of the              expanding population; providing air conditioning in all the schools,
34,000 residents, about 12% hail from the United States and/or           as summer temperatures can be excessive; providing new security
are English speakers, about 15% are Russian, about                       vehicles for roving 24-hour detection and protection; and expanding
3-4% are European and the rest are Israeli. We were met by the           the Center for Special Needs Children, which serves one hundred
mayor, Benny Kashriel, and the deputy mayor, Gaby Bar Zakai,             children in the community.
who took us around the area, along with a representative of the
local TV station who filmed our visit.                                   With all the impressive services, attributes and security
                                                                         considerations of Ma’ale Adumim, the need for more funding is
Stopping first at the Edna Maayani Promenade to take in the              understandable and pronounced.
comprehensive view stretching to Jerusalem to the west, Arab
villages across a canyon, other smaller Jewish villages to the east      Too soon it was time to return to the States. Leaving Israel on
and Jordan in the distance, Benny explained that Ma’ale Adumim           an El Al flight back to New York, we reminisced about everything
has always been considered of great strategic importance                 we had just seen and began to jot notes about sites to visit and
and that there has always been a national consensus toward               events to plan for the 100th Anniversary Mission next
building it, no matter which party was in power. He told us that         summer from June 23 to July 3, 2008. Based on everything we
Yitzhak Rabin said that Ma’ale Adumim is in ‘Greater Jerusalem’          saw this trip, we guarantee that the 100th Anniversary Mission
and is therefore immune from any negotiation, attesting to its           will be action-packed, illuminating and fulfilling on many levels.
indisputable geographic significance. He also spoke about the            Participants will appreciate seeing the outstanding work being
progress of construction in the town, quipping that sounds of            done at our projects and will understand their challenges in an
construction are his favorite music!                                     enlightened new perspective, inspiring them to give generously. U

Passing the library we drove on a curving road through a
sizeable residential area and arrived at the High School for
Aviation Technology and Space, where students are inducted
into the military and are educated at the high school to
                                                                                                          Photo Captions:
obtain very specialized positions in aviation engineering and
technology. Three students addressed our group and told                                                   1. Sensory Garden near Quittman
us about themselves. High academic achievers, students at                                                    Center residence.
this high school study technology, computers, biotechnology,
physics and other subjects and receive training for various                                               2. Library for educators at
military aviation professions. The students we met exhibited                                                 David Yellin College.
enthusiasm, commitment and self-confidence and told us that                                               3. Quittman Center residence.
they also participate in ‘March of the Living’ in Poland. We were
impressed with their intelligence and drive.                                                     4        4. The mayor of Ma’aleh Adumim,
                                                                                                             Benny Kashriel.
      Summer 2007                                Remembering Fred Farkas
18    Bnai Zion Voice

     Alfred Farkas, a dedicated, longtime
     Bnai Zion supporter and past president
     of the Cemetery Committee, passed
     away on April 19. A vibrant member
     for decades, Alfred, known as Fred,
     participated actively in Bnai Zion
     over the years and took charge of the
     important cemetery benefit aspect of
     the organization as president of that

     Fred was born on November 18, 1924
     in Philadelphia, the oldest of five
     children. He grew up during the Great
     Depression and although his family
     had difficulties, the children always
     had love from their parents, clothing
     on their backs and food on the table.
     The importance of respect was the
     underpinning of his education. At 18
     he entered the military and served in
     Africa, England and Europe during World
     War II and was discharged in 1946. He
     then studied in NY under the GI Bill and
     remained there, where he met his future
     wife Elizabeth in 1947 at his mother’s
     home. They married in 1949, and in
     1956 Fred and Elizabeth and some
     close friends from Kisvarda, Hungary
     formed the Kisvarda and Vicinity
     Chapter under the banner of Bnai Zion.
     Fred was elected its Financial Secretary
     and maintained that position until
     his passing. The chapter grew and
     became a major part of Bnai Zion. Fred
     became President of the Manhattan
     Region, serving two terms. In 1969 he
     was elected President of the Cemetery
     Committee and was re-elected to that
     position ever since. In 1997 he became
     a Vice President of the organization.

     Fred and Elizabeth shared over 45 years
     together and he regarded Elizabeth as
     his life’s companion and best friend.

     The membership of Bnai Zion mourns
     the loss of Fred Farkas, an outstanding
     individual who gave from his heart and
     contributed much time and effort in
     furtherance of our work to help others.
     We salute his integrity, his achievements
     and his Bnai Zion spirit and he will be
     tremendously missed. U
Sy Weinstein                                                                      Summer 2007
                                                                                                Bnai Zion Voice   19
             The Cemetery Committee of Bnai Zion Chapters
            Invites you, family and friends to participate in our

                                Sunday, September 9, 2007
                                     at 12:00 noon
                           Special Memorial Service for FRED FARKAS,
                             Past President of Cemetery Committee

                                        New Montefiore Cemetery
                                          Pinelawn, New York
                                          Section 5, Block 10

          These services will fulfill the Jewish tradition of visiting the symbolic last resting place
                   of our beloved family and friends during the High Holiday period

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                                                                                               premises catering and event
                                                                                               planning. With elegantly
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