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Registering Your Domain
Web Hosting
Downloading Your Files
Alternative FTP Client List
Affiliate Marketing
How Do I Become An Affiliate?
Get Your Hoplink
Keep Going
Registering Your Domain

I   t really is extremely simple to set up a domain name. It’s literally a 5

minute job.

There are numerous sites on the web that provide domain registration. My
current favourite is as they provide an easy to follow system
and seem to be the cheapest at the moment.

Your first job once you are on the site is to check whether the
domain name that you want has been taken. This is easy. Simply follow the
steps spelt out in the section towards the top of the page with the orange

For example, if you want to use the domain ‘’ you can
enter it below the text ‘Enter the domain you want’, tick ‘com’ then hit ‘search’.
The site will then let you know if the domain is available. It will also offer
alternate endings to ‘.com’ as you can see in the following screen shot.

As you can see, ‘’ is available along with
‘’ and other domain names. Your next step is to go ahead
and purchase the domain name that you want – something that generally costs
lest than $10 to do! You will simply create an account with the registrar, enter
your information and proceed to check out as normal.
Web Hosting
Once you have registered your domain name you then need to decide who you
want to host your website. Webhosts provide spaces on their own servers to
allow you to make your website accessible on the Internet. Many web hosts
also provide web design or web design software if you want to do this yourself.
Personally I have a designer who designs my websites for me. However, this is
certainly not a necessity.

In most cases websites such as will offer you a hosting
service, which can make it easier to manage and pay for especially when you
are starting out. Personally though I prefer to use as my host
company. Their service is a little bit more expensive but makes things a hell of
a lot easier. Not only does Hostgator provide the use of an easy-to-use free site
building software for your primary web site but it provides extremely good,
almost instant, customer support and some really useful modules. If you
choose to run with Hostgator then go to the website, you will
see the following screen.

Click on the hosting area of the page (circled) and it will take you to the
various hosting options. You can choose which plan works best for you on the
number of websites you plan to run with (which will be hosted on the same
After you have purchased your domain name and hosting you will find that if
you type in (with freetrafficisking being your
domain name) you will be asked to log in. Once you have entered your
username and password you will see your CPanel. This is your management
page where you control what to do with your account. The following is a
screenshot of the CPanel set-up:

The first thing to do is to set up your email accounts through your hosting. You
can set up emails for everyone in your business quite simply. For example, if
your name is Mike and your website is then your email
might be If you have a website from which you
will be selling your own products then you might want to add an email address
such as
Downloading Your Files
Once you have created your website you will want to upload your files to it.

There are many free websites, such as Filezilla, that allow you to do this.
However, if you have Hostgator as your web host then you can do it quickly
and easily using your file manager.

To access your file manager simply select it from under the ‘file’ options on
your CPanel.

Hostgator is able to take you through the process of downloading your files
onto your website with ease. However, in a very simple nutshell:

   1. The files that you want to be viewable on your website need to be
      uploaded to your public_html folder.
   2. To download a file to your public_html folder simply select the
      public_html folder then click ‘upload’ at the top of the screen. You will
      then be able to browse your computer and choose the file that you wish
      to upload.
   3. You will need to create a separate folder for your images into which you
      will save all the images that you wish to use.
   4. Your homepage (the page you want to be immediately viewable
      whenever somebody types in your domain name) should be named

Downloading files with Hostgator really is simple. I have found that they get
back to your questions within a few minutes and guide you through any
problem that you might have.
Alternative FTP Client List





FTP Surfer

Affiliate Marketing
Now that you have your website up and running you are ready to get started as
an affiliate marketer.

So what is an affiliate? An affiliate is a person or company which sends visitors
to a website in exchange for commission. There are various ways in which an
affiliate can achieve this. Some affiliates are able to earn commission per click
and per lead – but we are going to concentrate on the third and most popular
way – earning commission through sales.

Often an affiliate will create a website or a web page to drive traffic towards
the website of the product that he or she wishes to sell. Often the marketing
skills of the affiliate combined with the good quality of the product of the
vendor will achieve great financial success for both parties. In this way
businesses (or vendors) only pay the affiliate for sales that they generate. The
more sales an affiliate generates, the more he or she gets paid! Furthermore, in
internet marketing an affiliate can earn up to 75% of the sale!
How Do I Become An Affiliate?
It is astonishingly easy to become an affiliate. It is also totally free!

Most affiliates start out by signing up to ClickBank is an online
marketplace where thousands of vendors sell their digital products. There are
a variety of products sold on ClickBank, such as eBooks, software and other
manual guides spanning over thousands of different genres.

Signing up to ClickBank is both quick and easy. It is also totally free. Simply go
to and click the link at the top of the page that
says, ‘sign up’.

You will then be presented with the sign up form. Enter your details and as
soon as you have done so you are good to go!

ClickBank is both simple and well presented. You can review your account as
often as you like. The site enables you to see how many visitors you have sent
to a site, exactly how many sales you have generated and how much money
you have made!

Your next step should be a visit to the ClickBank marketplace (a link to which
is at the top of each ClickBank screen). You can use the marketplace to see
what products are available to promote. You can also use the search entry
button to find the right products for yourself to market.
For example the following shows the top 4 results for products to do with
Sports and Recreation.

When you are first starting out as an affiliate it is often a good idea to begin by
promoting products that you are either enthusiastic or knowledgeable about.

Here is a little step-by-step guide:

   1. Choose a product from the ClickBank marketplace that you are either
      enthusiastic or knowledgeable about.
   2. Something to look out for when you are choosing a product is the
      product’s gravity. I have circled the gravity scores in the screenshot

   3. A product with a gravity of over 70 is doing very well. Although anything
      over 20 is possible to sell.
   4. Get to know the person or company behind the product that you have
      chosen. Email them. If they don’t reply, it’s their loss. Get to know their
      business and stay in touch as they could become important contacts.
   5. Use as many marketing techniques as you can. These days there are so
      many different options. Affiliate Sixth Sense will help you decide which
      options are best for you.
6. Assess your results on your ClickBank account. Is it time to move on to
   another niche?
7. Always remember that the content of your ads/marketing tools is vital.
   Use testimonials, reviews etc to get the customers’ attention.
Get Your Hoplink
Before you can start making money from the product you have chosen, you
need to create your hoplink. A hoplink is your personalised link through which
your customers will be directed to the product you are trying to sell. You will
use your hoplink in each and every advert you create. If somebody clicks
through your hoplink then a cookie will be placed on that person’s computer.
Should they go on to buy the product then you will receive the commission
from that sale.

Creating your hoplink is a simple process. All products registered on
ClickBank have an ‘affiliates page’ (usually at the bottom of the sales letter).
The affiliates page will tell you what your hoplink is.
Keep Going
Congratulations! You now have all the knowledge that you need to start out as
an affiliate marketer. You are a beginner no more!

Continue to step 2 of your Affiliate Sixth Senser journey!

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