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					  21 September 2011 5.30pm - 8.00pm

WORKSHOPS AND                                               ADVICE AREAS
PRESENTATIONS                                               Staff are available throughout the evening to provide
                                                            general advice and guidance.
                                                                            Pastoral Support     Heads of Year
       Riding Hall                                                                               Humber Foyer
5.30pm Year 6 Admissions Presentation
       Chris Abbott, Tina Beharrell and Maureen Marshall          Special Educational Needs      Jo Donkersloot
                                                                                                 Humber Foyer
       Hunsley Room
6.00pm How to Support Your Child While at School                                  Why Read?      Karen Usher
       Workshop with Liz Russell                                                                 Humber Library
         Melton 2
         e-Safety Workshop                                  We realise transition between different stages
         Jon Witts and Julie Wickenden                      of students secondary education can generate
                                                            curriculum related queries and we have set up advice
         Melton 1                                           areas to specifically address these. Please note that
         Sexual Health and Drugs Advice                     separate evenings are also organised for Year 9 and
         Workshop with Helen Jones and Jamie Lewis          Year 11 students to give further specific details.

       Riding Hall
                                                            Year 6 to Year 7 transition advice   Trish Walker
6.30pm Year 6 Admissions Presentation                                                            Humber Foyer
       Chris Abbott, Tina Beharrell and Maureen Marshall
                                                                  Year 9 GCSE option advice      Karen Dow
       Hunsley Room
                                                                           5.30pm - 6.00pm       LF26 (LLC)
7.00pm How to Support Your Child While at School                           6.30pm - 7.00pm
       Workshop with Liz Russell
                                                                           7.30pm - 8.00pm
         Introduction to the Virtual Learning Environment
         Jon Witts                                                         Sixth Form advice     Paul Jacobs
         Melton 1                                                                                Sixth Form Centre
         Sexual Health and Drugs advice
         Workshop with Helen Jones and Jamie Lewis

       Riding Hall
7.30pm Year 6 Admissions Presentation                       Sample our school meals for free     Sixth Form Cafe
       Chris Abbott, Tina Beharrell and Maureen Marshall
                                                                    Purchase Tea and Coffee      Sixth Form Cafe
                                                                                 (cash only)     Humber Hall
DEPARTMENTS AND                                                 DEPARTMENTS AND
CLASSROOMS                                                      CLASSROOMS
All departments will have staff on hand to provide curriculum           Kingston
advice and to answer any queries you may have.                  •   K44, K45, K46 and K47 – Art and Design and Photography
                                                                •   K58 – History
        Lifelong Learning Centre                                •   K58 – Sociology
•   LF25 – Personal Development                                 •   K59 – Geography
•   LF25 – Psychology                                           •   K59 – Law
•   Sixth Form Area – Echo and Enrichment                       •   K60 – RS
                                                                •   K61 and K80 – IT
        Riding                                                  •   K62 – Textiles
•   R11 and R12 – Science                                       •   K64 – Food
•   R17 and Drama Studio – Dance, Drama and Music               •   K65 – Health and Social Care and Child Development
•   R27, R28, R29 and R34 – Maths
•   Media Music Suite – Media                                           Eastdale
                                                                •   E1 and E2 – Business Studies
•   W3 and W4 – Languages                                               Technology
                                                                •   All Rooms – Product Design, Textiles, Systems and Graphics
•   H1 – Key Stage 3 English                                            The Hub
•   H2 – A Level English Literature                             •   The Hub – PE
•   H6 – A Level English Language
•   Library – Key Stage 4 English
SUBJECT                                                    SUBJECT
INFORMATION                                                INFORMATION
        Lifelong Learning Centre                                    Welton
Personal Development                                       Languages
Personal Development covers health education,              As well as the opportunity to see our newest building
careers education, financial capability and parts of the   there will be languages activities taking place. You will
citizenship curriculum.                                    also find information on Spanish, which is new to our
Echo                                                       Year 7 language rotation.
Members of the Student Leadership will be available to              Kingston
discuss their involvement with the school council and      Art
improving student voice.                                   Over the summer we have renovated our Art
        Riding                                             department, and you can have the opportunity to look
Science                                                    around our improved classrooms as well as seeing
The Science department will be performing experiments      examples of students’ work.
including burning magnesium and chromatography.            IT
Music                                                      Students will be on hand to demonstrate the work they
Music students will be demonstrating the Cubase            do in IT lessons.
software they use in their studies.                        Textiles
Drama                                                      There will be a display of textiles work.
Drama students will be conducting an open rehearsal        Food
of The Winter’s Tale. You are welcome to drop in and       There will be a food practical taking place.
experience a taster of the performance prior to the full
show.                                                      Media
                                                           Our Media Music Suite is one of our newest buildings,
Maths                                                      and you will have the opportunity to see the specialist
Maths puzzles and games will be demonstrated as well       equipment available to students.
as the opportunity to see the computers and software
used on the course.                                                 Technology
Media                                                      Textiles
Our Media Music Suite is one of our newest buildings,      Students from the Sixth Form will be working and
and you will have the opportunity to see the specialist    available to answer questions and showcase work.
equipment available to students.
                                                                    The Hub
                                                           The PE department will be demonstrating some of the
                                                           equipment available to students and encouraging you to
                                                           take part in X-Bike and Rowing challenges.
                                                                   East Dale Ro

               Parents’         Riding
               Evening                                  LLC

Low eld Lane
                          Humber                                   The Hub
                                         Welton Block               Sports Centre

                                                                                                          Youth Centre
                                                  3G Pitch
                                                                                               Kingston Field

                                                                 Leeds A63 Hull

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