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									                       Finding Potential Affiliates Protocol
Objective: To find other websites that reach our target market. You are looking for
information websites and product websites. Even if people are selling products to your
market, they are potential affiliates too. Here are some places to search:

1. Yahoo Directory: Check out the websites listed in the categories
relevant to our target market. This is a large directory of websites that have paid for and
have been approved by Yahoo for submission.

                                            If you click the main category links (as shown
                                            in larger text in the image to the left), you’ll
                                            find plenty of sub-categories to fine-tune your

                                            When you click through each sub-category,
                                            you’ll find the listed sites at the bottom, listed
                                            in popularity order by default. You can
                                            choose to view them alphabetically if you
                                            wish instead.

                                            To the far right of the listings page, you’ll see
                                            sponsored listings. This is where companies.
                                            have paid to advertise and can be considered
                                            potential affiliates as well. Sponsored listings
                                            are shown below:

2. Open Directory Project (DMOZ): Look through the websites at in the categories relevant to our target market. This is a free
directory, but the sites are reviewed by volunteer editors prior to acceptance into the
directory. You can see the categories below:

Click on one of the main categories (in large bold font above) and you’ll see:

      All the sub-categories
      Related categories
      The Category in other languages

   …allowing you to find plenty of potential affiliates.

3. ClickBank: Look for people selling information products and software to your target
market. Choose a category in the marketplace at and they are listed in popularity order by
default. Just choose a category:

   For example, if you chose the “Home & Family Category”, the most popular products
   will appear by default:
4. Search The Search Engines for Those Ranking Well for Your Keyword Phrases:

Check the major search engines:

Simply enter keyword phrases that people would enter to potentially find your product
and other related phrases. For help with your keyword research, use

5. Find out Who Links To our Competitors and Related Websites:

Go to and type in:

Note: Replace “” above with the URL you are searching for. ex.
link: Then click “Web Search” and you’ll find the sites that link
to the websites you’re interested in.

(Use Yahoo as they typically show the largest number of links and will yield more
plentiful results)
5. Use Alexa for Finding More Websites:

At, they claim to rank all the websites in the world by popularity.
Although, the results cannot be deemed to close to being accurate, it is a good site for
finding a good number of related website. Simply enter a website that you may have
already found in your potential affiliate research like this:

And you’ll be shown a list of related websites that you can take a look at:

In addition, as you’ll see underlined in red, there are suggested “Related Searches” and
you can click on each website for “Site info for…”.

TIP: If you download the Alexa Toolbar they have available, you can just surf from site
to site and more related suggestions will appear in the toolbar as you go along. You can
download it for free at:

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