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					                     FEBRUARY 2012                                         RAINBOW INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL

      School Information:                                                  Multi grain rice            1     Rice                        2    Fried rice                 3
         8-9   International Schools` Assessment                          Beef with radish soup             Potato soup                      Buckwheat noodle
         14    Council of International School Accreditation Visit        Fish cutlet                       Hamburger steak                  Ttok-bokki
         15    PTA                                                        Grilled pumpkin and mushroom      Macaroni salad                   Fresh fruit
         23    Field Trip                                                 Radish salad                      Kka-ttu-gi(Radish Kimchi)
         23    3rd Quarter Progress Report Card
Multi grain rice                 6     Rice                           7    Multi grain rice             8    Rice                        9    Meat sauce                 10
Bean sprouts soup                      Egg mushroom soup                   Seaweed soup                      Soft Tofu soup                   Spaghetti
Orman Kebap                            Chop steak                          Grilled fish                      Bulgogi                          Bread
Scrambled corn egg                     Fried fish cake                     Jab-chea(Fried vegetables)        Fried dumpling                   Turkish salad
Kimchi                                 Cucumber salad                      Radish salad                      Kka-ttu-gi(Radish Kimchi)        Banana
Grilled Kim                            Fruit salad

Multi grain rice                13     Rice                           14   Multi grain rice             15   Rice                        16   Bi-bim-bap                 17
Bean sprouts soup                      Tofu soup                           Rice cake soup                    Beef cutlet                      Fried Tofu soup
Et Sote                                Bursa Kebab                         Grilled fish                      Broccoli soup                    Fried sweet potato stick
Rolled egg                             Corn pancake                        Bean sprouts salad                Potato cucumber salad            Fresh fruit
Salad                                  Cucumber salad                      Radish salad                      Kka-ttu-gi(Radish Kimchi)
Grilled Kim                            Fruit salad

Multi grain rice                20     Rice                           21   Multi grain rice             22   Rice                        23   Tomato sauce               24
Bean sprouts soup                      Soft Tofu soup                      Seaweed soup                      Potato egg soup                  Spaghetti
Suru Kofte                             Kebab                               Fish cutlet                       Kofte                            Baguette
Scrambled egg                          Grilled potato                      Vegetable stew                    Fried mushroom                   Turkish salad
Kimchi                                 Cucumber salad                      Radish salad                      Cabbage salad                    Banana
Grilled Kim                            Grilled Kim

Multi grain rice                27     Rice                           28   Multi grain rice             29
Bean sprouts soup                      Mushroom with egg soup              Beef with radish soup
Sourced beef and potato                Fried beef with vegetables          Grilled fish
Rolled egg with vegetable              Boiled dried anchovies with         Green bean sprouts salad
Salad                                  walnut                              Radish salad
Gilled Kim                             Cucumber salad
                                       Fruit salad

 Nutrition Information:                                                                                      School Information:
 Vitamin C                                                                                                       Saturday, February 4, 2012 RIS Robotics team will
 Helps strengthen blood vessels. Helps speed up healing of wounds                                                participate in the First Lego Competition.
 and bones.Increases resistance to infections. Helps body absorb                                                 RIS looks forgetting Membership from Council of
 iron in the diet.                                                                                               International School.

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