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                                                   EXHIBIT ROSTER
 World’s Largest Tow Show        800 Rescue 911
                                 Nationwide “vanity” number that gives small and
                                 medium sized businesses that big brand image to
                                 help increase company’s profits.

                                 AAA provides for prompt, reliable service to nearly
                                 52 million members and commercial customers.

                                 Access Tools
                                 A leader in lockout tools, serving the car opening
                                 industry with pride since 1986.

                                 Alliance of Automotive Serv. Providers of PA
                                 The largest auto aftermarket repair association in Pa.,
                                 serving mechanical, collision & towing businesses.

                                 Allison Transmission
                                 The leading manufacturer optimized to deliver auto-
                                 matic transmissions for the best combination of per-
                                 formance, reliability, durability, fuel efficiency and dri-
                                 veline protection for the specific vocation/duty cycle.

                                 Allstate Roadside Services
                                 Join one of the industry’s largest volume dispatch
                                 networks equipped with easy fast payment technology.

                                 Manufacturer of the safest, easiest towing system
                                 for motorcycles that will load at ground level.

                                 American Express Open
                                 Small business financial products.

                                 American Towman Magazine
                                 Towing’s premier publication now in its 35th year.

                                 American Towman Standards Authority
                                 Rates towing operations for professional standards.

                                 Anchor Graphics
                                 Your one-stop shopping for all your towing printing
                                 needs. Specializing in the towing industry for 15 years.

                                 Astralease Associates
                                 Financial services designed to assist tow owners in
                                 the purchases of their tow vehicles.

                                 Asurion Roadside Assistance
                                 Since 1994, North America’s largest provider of
                                 wireless-based roadside assistance.

                                 Atlantic Emergency Solutions
                                 A full-line Jerr-Dan distributor of light, medium and
                                 heavy-duty tow truck vehicles in Manassas, Virginia.

                                 Atomic LED
                                 An LED light with a factory fit that is brighter & safer.

                                 Auto Data Direct
                                 Provider of vehicle title searches, certified liens,
                                 processes claims on lien letters for the professional
                                 tow operator, VIN decoding, and Enhanced Vehicle
                                 Description Services.

                                 AW Direct
                                 The largest national warehouse distributor of more
                                 than 4,000 parts and accessories to the tow busi-
                                 ness operator.
  November 17 - 20, 2011

40 • October 2011 - TOWMAN.COM
                              2011 EXHIBIT ROSTER
                                   An alphabetical listing of Exhibitors (as of September 4th)
B/A Products Co.                                     Creditors Specialty Service                          Federal Signal
Manufacturer of chain, web, wire rope and            A professional collection agency that proudly        Leading manufacturer of emergency amber
accessories for the towing and auto transport        serves the towing industry.                          light bars for the towing industry.
                                                     Cross Country Automotive Services                    Flash Equipment
Bad Dog Tools                                        Largest and leading provider of integrated vehicle   Offering a complete line of LED lights including
Offers a wide range of carbide-based tools for       and driver programs in North America, provides       light bars, mini-light bars, beacons, and traffic
drilling and cutting.                                roadside assistance, VIMS, motor clubs, telemat-     arrows, vehicle work and scene lights, back up
                                                     ics, technology services, marketing services.        camera and obstacle detection systems.
Bailey’s Towing
An innovative company delivering new and             Crouch’s Wrecker & Equipment Sales                   FleetNet America
exciting tow accessories to the towing industry.     Since 1989, offers sales and support of Miller       A third-party vendor management company
                                                     Industries tow trucks and tow accessories            that coordinates emergency roadside service
Beacon Funding Corp.                                 including Century, Challenger, Vulcan, Eagle,        and maintenance management service and
For over 20 years, Beacon has provided truck         Holmes, Champion, and SP 8000. Locations in          offers Select Towing & Recovery Program
financing solutions to new and established           Tennessee and Florida.                               addressing non-consensual towing and incident
businesses throughout the U.S.                                                                            management.
                                                     Custer Products Limited
Beacon Software                                      High-quality safety lighting. LEDs and mounting      Flitz International
Developer of dispatch, management systems            brackets.                                            Manufacturer and distributor of premium pol-
integrated with the internet including, digital                                                           ishes, waxes, buffers, specialty kits, cleaners
dispatch, internet paging, internet vehicle loca-    Dangelo                                              and microfiber cloths.
tion, internet mapping, job tracking, job sched-     Custom-built heavy duty wrecker manufacturer.
uling and employee efficiency reporting.                                                                  Ford Commercial Truck
                                                     Dew-Eze Manufacturing                                Leading manufacturer of light and medium duty
Blades Tow Right                                     The preferred provider of clutch pump kits to        trucks featuring the Super Duty, and F-350,
Manufacturer of corded and 2.4GHz wireless           the tow truck industry.                              450, 550, 650 and 750 cab and chassis models
tow lights, including wide load, light duty and                                                           for all applications.
flashers.                                            DG Towing Equipment
                                                     Authorized distributor of Dynamic Towing             Free State Nam Knights                                         Equipment; seller of tow parts, accessories and      Non-profit organization benefiting veterans.
A Kentucky-based used auto parts marketplace.        safety lights.
                                                                                                          Gaither Tool
Century, see Miller Industries                       DP Winch/TWG                                         Invents and manufactures convenient tools and
                                                     Supplier of hydraulic winches, gearing and           systems needed to service and maintain tires
                                                     electronic solutions for the towing and recovery     and wheel assemblies.
Chester Point Programs                               industry.
Exclusive insurance programs for the towing                                                               GEICO
and automotive aftermarket industries.               Dual-Tech                                            Motor club and provider service program.
                                                     Manufacturer of Dual-Tech carriers, dual-line
Chevron, see Miller Industries                       side pullers, self loaders, wreckers and OEM         GM Commercial Fleet
                                                     Nomar parts.                                         Offers wide range of Chevrolet and GMC light
                                                                                                          and medium duty pickup trucks and chassis.
Clean Planet                                         Dynamic Towing Equipment and Mfg.
HazMat cleanup supplies for accidents.               Offers a full line of self-loading wreckers and      Gulf Atlantic Supply
                                                     carriers with three-year warranty.                   Supplier of safety wear apparel: reflective
Code 3                                                                                                    shirts, vests, jackets, outer wear and more.
A leading emergency lights manufacturer with         East Penn Carrier and Wrecker Sales
an array of amber light products for the towing      Distributors and manufacturers of quality cus-       H.K. Carr & Assoc.
industry.                                            tom-built and designed towing equipment and          Emergency response training & consulting.
                                                     service vehicles.
Commercial Safety Services                                                                                Hale Trailer Brake & Wheel
Distributor of emergency safety lights.              Excel Sportswear                                     Dealer of trailers from Talbert, Landoll, XL
                                                     Specializing in silk screen printing of t-shirts     Specialized, and Trail King.
Condor Products                                      and sweatshirts as well as a variety of outer-
Manufacturer of tow accessories for motorcycle       wear clothing.                                       Happy Feet by Life-Time Ventures
towing and hauling.                                                                                       Fluid-filled insoles for shoes and boots.
                                                     Extreme Toys
Convoy Technologies                                  Specializing in toy trucks and tow trucks for all    Harrison Hydragen
A leading supplier of dependable and high-           ages since 2004.                                     Leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators
quality vehicle surveillance systems for the fleet                                                        with over 40 years of experience.
industry.                                            Eye3Data
                                                     Leader in Digital Surveillance solutions intro-      Hella, Inc.
Copart Auto Auctions                                 duces its new Standalone DVR featuring 2-way         Developer and manufacturer of lighting and
Sells more than one million vehicles each year       audio, multi-site remote live-monitoring/play-       electronic components and systems for the
through VB2, its patented two-stage internet         back,and up to two Terabytes of storage. Easy        automotive industry.
sales technology.                                    to use remote control based Graphical
                                                     Interface.                                             online registration @

                                                                                                              TOWMAN.COM - October 2011 • 41
              EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                      EXHIBIT ROSTER
       *Highlights includes Exhibitors who submitted material by print deadline.               
                                                                                                         Lowest-priced online distributor of high-visibility
 AAA                                                                                                     apparel. ANSI-107 jackets, vests, shirts, gloves
 Real Savings for the Real World                                                                         and rainwear.
 AAA affiliates enjoy exclusive savings & benefits to help lower operating costs and increase profits.
                                                                                                         Hino Motor Sales USA
                                                                                                         Leading truck builder of medium duty diesel and
                                                                                                         hybrid conventional trucks.
                                                  Access Tools
                                                  One-Hand Jack Set                                      Holmes, see Miller Industries
                                                  The best selling one-hand jack set will open           IGTC
                                                  most vehicles quickly, safely and effectively.         Provider of truck and commercial insurance for
                                                                                                         the tow businessman.

                                                                                                         Illumination Promotions
Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of PA                                                           A promotional product and creative communica-
Association Membership and Benefits                                                                      tion solutions company providing ideas that make
Membership in a trade association supporting the needs of towing and auto aftermarket repair shops.      you shine.

                                                                                                         In The Ditch Towing Products
   Allstate Roadside Services                                                                            The worlds leading manufacturer of dollies &
                                                                                                         equipment to make towing operators jobs easier.
   Join one of the industry’s largest volume dispatch
   networks equipped with easy fast payment technology.                                                  Insight USA
                                                                                                         Insight USA’s StreetEagle GPS Tracking provides
                                                                                                         real-time management oversight to companies
                                                                                                         with a mobile workforce.
                                                               American Express Open
                                                               Small Business Financial Products.        I. A. A. Remarketing Division
                                                                                                         IAA will sell towed and abandoned vehicles at our
                                                AmeriDeck                                                auctions, freeing space on your lot and earning
                                                Loads two full-dressed motorcycles                       you extra revenue.
                                                or a trike from ground level.
                                                                                                         Integrated Vehicle Equipment Leasing
                                                                                                         Financing programs for tow truck purchases.
     Atlantic Energency Solutions
     Jerr-Dan HDL 1000/530                                                                               Int’l Towing & Recovery Hall of Fame
     The Jerr-Dan HDL 1000/530 50-ton independent wrecker features SRS recovery system                   and Museum
                                                                                                         Only tow truck museum in the world, Hall of
     conch boom and deck winch.                                                                          Fame and Wall of the Fallen.

                                                                                                         Intek Truck & Equipment Leasing
     B/A Products Co.                                                                                    Offers financial services for truck purchases &
     Towing and Transport Parts and Accessories                                                          leasing.
     Complete line of towing and auto transport parts and accessories.                                   Jerr-Dan
                                                                                                         For more than 30 years, Jerr-Dan has been the
                                                                                                         world’s largest single-nameplate manufacturer of
                                                                                                         quality towing and recovery vehicles.
                                       Bailey’s Towing Accessories                                       Junkyard Dog Industries/ESI Equip.
                                       Scotch and Snatch                                                 Manufacturer and distributor of vehicle stabiliza-
                                       Compact chainless scotch block and wheel chock system             tion and management systems.
                                       for improvingstability during recoveries. USA Made.     
                                                                                                         Make offers on cars to sellers nationwide. Use
                                                                                                         the cars for scrap, parts or resale.

           Beacon Funding Corp.                                                                          Kalyn Siebert
           Get Credit Approved                                                                           Manufactures sliding-axle trailers specifically
           Stop by and we can provide you with a real-time                                               designed for th towing industry.
           payment estimate and/or credit approval.
                                                                                                         Keyless Ride
 Chester Point Programs                                                                                  Keyless vehicle entry products.
 Chester Point Insurance Program
                                                                                                         Landoll Corp.
 An insurance program developed to provide protection for the exposures faced by today's towers.         A vertically integrated and diverse organization
                                                                                                         offering specialized machinery.

42 • October 2011 - TOWMAN.COM
            EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS                                                                          EXHIBIT ROSTER
                                                                                                Lift And Tow
                                                                                                Quick and accurate retractable towing sys-
                                     Convoy Technologies                                        tems including the Z-Series, 5 Series and 3
                                     JPP4X Extreme Monitor                                      Series models.
                                     Quad display with DVR, motion-detection surveillance,      Lodar
                                     10-G shock rating and a five-year warranty.                Hand-held remote control devices for tow

     Custer Products Limited                                Dew-Eze Manufacturing               Lynch Chicago
     10-watt LED Strobe Light                               Clutch Pump Kits                    Miller Industries distributor. Service and parts
                                                                                                on all makes and models of tow trucks.
     LED, HID and halogen lighting DC.                      Industry-leading clutch pump kits
                                                            for current-year model trucks.      Martens Johnson Insurance Agency
                                                                                                For more than 25 years our agency has
                                           Dual-Tech                                            offered a full range of commercial insurance
                                           Dual-Winch Side Puller                               solutions.
                                           Side puller features dual-remote winches             Matheny Motors
                                           and hydraulic stiff legs. Optional air release.      Full line Miller Industries distributor: Ohio,
                                                                                                West Virginia, No. Virginia. Parts, service and
                                                                                                experienced sales staff.

Dynamic Towing Equipment and Manufacturing                                                      Matjack International Wreckers
Dynamic T180 Rotator                                                                            Complete line of inflatable cushions and air
                                                                                                bags for all types of recovery scenarios.
Car carrier with wheel lift; rotates 180 degrees to
recover in all environments and situations.                                                     MFR Express
                                                                                                Distributor of hooks, chains & tow accessories.
                                                      Extreme Toys                              Miller Industries Towing Equipment
                                                      Kenworth T660 Car Carrier                 See the latest in towing and recovery equip-
                                                      Brand new and super cool, this SpecCast   ment from the world leader, from light-duty to
                                                      1/64-scale car carrier is a must-have.    the latest in rotators from Century, Vulcan,
                                                                                                Chevron and Holmes.

                                                                                                Minute Man Manufacturing
          Flitz International                                                                   The original Slide-In wheel lift company and
          Heavy-Duty Truck Polishing Kit                                                        home of the new Minute Man XD.
          Clean and shine your truck with Flitz’s amazing
          buff ball, polish paste and wax protectant.                                           Muncie Power Products
                                                                                                Manufacturer of Power Take-Offs and
                                                                                                hydraulic system components including
                                                                                                pumps, valves and reservoirs.
                         Gulf Atlantic Supply                                                   National Automobile Club
                         Reflective Shirts
                                                                                                Offers Emergency Roadside Assistance
                         Short and long sleeve,                                                 through a nationwide network of contractors.
                         reflective safety-wear shirts.
                                                                                                National Fleet Products
                                                                                                Plastic fenders for trucks and trailers.
                       Happy Feet                                                               National Insurance Brokerage of NY
                       Happy Feet fluid-filled insoles massage,                                 Insuring customers in the towing industry for
                       cushion and absorb impact. They are machine                              over 20 years.
                       washable and guaranteed for one year.
                                                                                                National Motor Club
                                                                                                Nationwide auto and RV motor club services.
                                   Class 3 Insulated Bomber Jacket/Convertible Vest             Nation Safe Drivers (NSD)
                                                                                                Founded in 1962. A motor club with a fresh
                                   ANSI-107-2004 Class 3 insulated jacket with removable        new attitude.
                                   sleeves, 100-percent waterproof, 3M Scotchlite reflective
                                   tape for $39.95.                                             Navistar/International Trucks
                                                                                                From the medium duty Terra Star to the heavy
                                                                                                duty Lone Star, a complete product offering of
                                                                                                medium to heavy duty cab and chassis.
     Illumination Promotions
                                                                                                NBB Controls
     Make your company shine with this ballpoint                                                Designs & manufactures wireless remote con-
     pen/light with chrome trim and side-action light.                                          trols for most mobile hydraulics & industrial

                                                                                                    TOWMAN.COM - October 2011 • 43
            EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                  EXHIBIT ROSTER
   Insight USA                                                                                      NGV America
   StreetEagle GPS Tracking with Garmin Integration                                                 National association of the natural gas-powered
   Provides real-time GPS tracking, route dispatching, customized two-way messaging, driver         vehicle industry providing fleet operators techni-
                                                                                                    cal, analytical and implementation expertise.
   status updates and vehicle navigation.
                                                                                                    NRC Industries
           Insurance Auto Auctions                                                                  Manufacturers of heavy recovery equipment, the
           Save Space, Get Money Fast                                                               Slider System, Slider rotators and car carriers.
           We sell towed and abandoned vehicles
                                                                                                    Olson and Company
           at over 160 IAA auction locations.                                                       Axle caps, axle covers for all types of trucks.

                                                                                                    PDSI (Professional Dispatch Services)
                                            In The Ditch Towing Products                            Dispatch services for professional tow operators.
                                            Traveling Speed Chock
                                                                                                    Penny Pockets
                                            Helps prevent vehicles from rolling off                 Embroidered jackets, digitally printed T-shirts,
                                            the carrier if the winch breaks.                        sweat shirts and dress shirts.

                                                                                                    Pep Express Parts
                                                                                                    Quality name-brand parts, tires and equipment;
       Jerr-Dan                                                                                     financing available to those who qualify.
       Booth will feature light, medium, and heavy
       duty wreckers and carriers.                                                                  Permco Hydraulics
                                                                                                    Hyraulic pumps for the towing systems.                                                                                     Phoenix USA
  Offers a fast and easy way to get                                                                 Chrome accessories, wheel simulators, billet
  an instant offer for a car.                                                                       grilles, lights, and tool boxes from the leader in
                                                     Junkyard Dog Industries/ESI                    quality towing accessories.
                                            Equipment Vehicle stabilization and lifting products.
                 Kalyn Siebert                                                                      Photo Card Specialists
                 Sliding-Axle Trailers                                                              Producers of promotional products from your
                 Sliding-Axle Trailers specifically designed for the towing industry.               photographs, business cards, calendars, greeting
                                                                                                    cards, clocks, postcards, etc.
  Landoll Corp.                                                                                     Pierce Sales
  855 and 455, 55-ton Trailers                                                                      Official U.S. distributor of Lodar wireless
  No. 855: detach trailer for heavy equipment; loading                                              remotes. Also specializes in winches, acces-
  height is 19.5”. No. 455 traveling-axle trailer has a                                             sories and truck conversion.
  centralized grease system.                                                                        Pillow Protection
                                                                                                    No more damage to undercarriage while towing.
              Lodar                                                                                 Pan Pillow an inflatable bladder attaching to the
              Two-Function Wireless System and Actuator                                             wheel lift creating a durable, yet flexible barrier
              Wirelessly activate your hand levers using this integrated kit.                       between the wheel lift and undercarriage of the
                                                                                                    towed vehicle.

                                 Miller Industries Towing Equipment                                 Power Arc
                                 Vulcan Intruder II                                                 Complete line of safety lights.
                                 The Vulcan Intruder II features improved visibility, a new hose-   Powerhouse Industries
                                 tracking system and a new patent-pending crossbar design for       The leading East coast innovator in truck, bus
                                 easier hookups.                                                    and plant jumpstarters for the past 20 years.

                                                                                                    Prime Industries
    Minute Man Manufacturing                                                                        Provides stainless steel wheel simulators and
    Minute Man XD Slide-In Wheel Lift                                                               LED lights and hub covers.
    The Minute Man XD offers all you know and love about the                                        Pro-Vision Video Systems
    HDH, now with more reach, durability and maintenance.                                           Rear view and DVR-recorded camera systems.

                                                                                                    Progressive Commercial Insurance
                                                                                                    Towing insurance programs for the tow business
                                Muncie Power Products
                                PTO for Ford automatic transmission                                 Purpose Wrecker Sales
                                Muncie’s No. FR66 PTO offers maximum power, easiest                 Distributor for Miller Industries equipment.
                                installation and quieter operation for Ford’s Super Duty.           Specializing in heavy-duty, new-used (“NUsed”)
                                                                                                    towing equipment.

46 • October 2011 - TOWMAN.COM
             EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS                                                                                   EXHIBIT ROSTER
                                                                                                       Quest Towing Services
 Nation Safe Drivers (NSD)                                                                             Emergency Roadside Services (ERS) programs
 Motor Club                                                                                            for contract towers.
 Explore territory opportunities. Sign up to become a service provider or meet your field manager.     RAM Trucks/Chrysler Fleet Operations
                                                                                                       Committed to serving your fleet and becoming
      National Fleet Products                                                                          your ideal business solution. Manufacturer of
      Plastic Fenders                                                                                  the RAM 3500, RAM 4500, and RAM 5500
      Plastic fenders for rollback truck beds.                                                         medium-duty truck chassis.

                                                                                                       Ram Trucks / Fleet Dodge & Pritchard
 National Insurance Brokerage of NY
 Insurance for Towing Industry                                                                         Dodge
                                                                                                       Dealers of RAM 3500, RAM 4500, and RAM
 Commercial and general liability, on-hook, worker's compensation, transporter/dealer plates & more.   5500 medium-duty truck chassis.

                                                                                                       Ramsey Winch
                                                 Navistar International                                Ramsey Winch manufactures a broad line of
                                                 International WorkStar                                planetary- & worm-gear industrial winches.
                                                 See the International WorkStar equipped
                                                 with a 20,000 lb. industrial carrier that lets        Ranger SST
                                                                                                       Integrated dispatching, GPS tracking/mapping,
                                                 you work harder, smarter and more efficiently.        two-way mobile messaging, impound lot man-
                                                                                                       agement and link to QuickBooks.
NRC Industries
Composite Sliding Rotator                                                                              RC Industries
The 4050 CSR from NRC is a good choice for customers                                                   Complete line of durable tool boxes for tow
who want a sliding rotator with good looks and proven
high-performance record.                                                                               Recovery Billing Unlimited
                                                                                                       Program on how the professional tower can
                                          Penny Pockets                                                maximize and streamline filing of accident
                                          Embroidered Jackets with Your Truck                          reports with insurance companies for quick &
                                                                                                       easy receipt of receivables.
                                          Embroidered jackets, digitally printed T-shirts,
                                          sweat shirts and dress shirts.                               Recovery Specialist Insurance Group
                                                                                                       Tow truck insurance programs.
                                                            Pierce Sales
                                                            Threaded Twist Locks                       Road America – A Mapfre Co.
                                                                                                       24/7 emergency roadside assistance, accident
                                                            Pierce twist lock plunger pins             and secondary towing. Fast online billing and
   Pep Express Parts
   Battery and Battery Tester Program                       now come in a threaded version.            direct deposit technology. Dispatch services and
                                                                                                       motor club programs.
   Show specials on batteries and test equipment.
                                                                                                       RMP Powertrain Solutions
                                                                                                       New and remanufactured truck engines, Allison
Purpose Wrecker Sales                  Prime Industries                                                automatic transmissions, starters and alterna-
Purpose Wrecker “NUsed”                LED lights                                                      tors and HD manual transmissions.
Used heavy-duty chassis with     Our LED lights will make your truck
new Century heavy-duty wreckers. shine and be much more visible.                                       Robert Young Wrecker Sales
                                                                                                       Distributor of NRC tow trucks as well as a com-
                                                                                                       plete line of towing accessories and parts.
                                     Ranger SST                                                        ROI Protective Tapes
                                     Visual Dispatch                                                   Safety tape products for towing and collisions.
                                     Visual Dispatch integrates truck type location
                                                                                                       R-O-M Corp.
                                     and availablility. One more call per day, per truck               Provides compartment access solutions: roll-up
                                                                                                       doors, cargo trays/slides and LED lightbars.

                                                                                                       Rontan Signals
                          1800 RESCUE 911                                                              Manufacturer of warning lights, providing innov-
                          The most powerful, easy-to-remember                                          ative solutions for the tow market.
                          toll-free number in America. Exclusive
                                                                                                       Rush Towing Systems
                          territories, as low as $20 per month.                                        Distributor of the complete line of Jerr-Dan tow
                                                                                                       trucks including carriers and wreckers.
                          Road America – A Mapfre Co.                                                  Safetyline
                          Interstate Battery Systems of America                                        Domestic, off-shore, custom, heavy-duty Hi-Vis
                          Interstate Battery national account program offering mobile                  safety outerwear.
                          battery services to customers while maximizing provider profit.

48 • October 2011 - TOWMAN.COM
            EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS                                                                               EXHIBIT ROSTER
                                                                                                  Safety Vision
                                                                                                  Digital mobile video surveillance and rear camera
       R-O-M Corp.                                                                                video solutions to protect both driver & fleet.
       Roll-Up Doors
       R-O-M Roll-Up Doors allow you to work                                                      Serv. Station Computer Systems (SSCS)
       safely, are easy to operate and proven tough.                                              An integrated management system including
                                                                                                  digital dispatch.

                                                                                                  Signal Vehicle Products/Star Headlight
    Rontan Signals                                                                                A wide range of light products including strobes,
    Attack Lightbar                                         Safetyline                            warning lights, Star Headlights.
    Rontan Signals’ new Attack Lightbar                     Back by popular demand,
    provides a new look with “Wide E” technology.           we are bringing the 645 Series        Slick Top Solutions
                                                                                                  Distributor of complete line of emergency light
                                                            of jacket back into production.       products from Code 3, Whelen, and PowerArc.

                                                                                                  SoundOff Signal
                              Safety Vision                                                       Manufacturer of its emergency warning lights.
                              Route Recorder 4CSDSS
                              Rugged, compact, solid-state four-camera MDVR with GPS,             Finance programs for AAA contractors & Miller
                              speed tracking and recording, and wireless download capabilities.   Industries equip.,merchant card processing offers.

                                                                                                  Spill King
   SSCS                                                                                           Absorbent for roadway spills.
   Digital Dispatch
   A call-taking dispatching system with storage lot management complete bookkeeping              Starlight Lighting Equipment
   system that provides A/R, commissions, vehicle history and inventory control.                  Committed to the latest technology, research and
                                                                                                  innovation. Focus on product excellence and cus-
                                                                                                  tomer service.
        Starlight Lighting Equipment                                                              Steck Manufacturing Co.
        WiFi Wireless Tow Lights
                                                                                                  Unlock cars in seconds without damaging car
        State-of-the-art WiFi technology, eye-catching                                            doors with Steck’s BigEasy Lockout Kits.
        and extremely user-friendly. All new.
                                                                                                  Heavy-duty vehicle lifts, including wireless mobile
                                                                                                  lifts, platform lifts, parallelogram lifts, in-ground
                                              Steck Manufacturing Co.                             lifts and two-post lifts.
                                              4th Wheel Loader                                    Super Springs Int’l
                                              Safely load and secure a vehicle with               Overload suspension springs.
                                              broken ball joints on a rollback wrecker.
                                                                                                  Complete line of winches.

   Talbert Manufacturing                                                                          Talbert Manufacturing
   Sliding Axle Series                                                                            Manufactures a wide variety of heavy haul trail-
   Talbert manufactures 35- to 50-ton, 48’ to 53’                                                 ers and specialized transportation equipment to
                                                                                                  meet customer specifications.
   two- and three-axle traveling-axle trailers
   that are engineered for the towing industry.                                                   TCF Equipment Finance
                                                                                                  General equipment finance company and a sub-
                                                                                                  sidiary of TCF National Bank; provides a range of
                                           Time-Out Seated Massage Corner                         financing options for the tow truck industry.
                                           Seated Massage
                                                                                                  Tech International
                                           Three locations throughout the exhibit hall.           Manufacturer and distributor of tire repair and
                                                                                                  wheel service products.

                                         TIS / Transportation Info Systems                        Nationwide network offering GPS tracking.
                                         Management software and GPS tracking.                    The Insurance Professionals
                                                                                                  Commercial tow truck insurance programs.
       towPartners                                                                                The Johnston Insurance Group
       sureFleet Maintenance Software                                                             Tow truck insurance.
       sureFleet provides tracking of all your fleetmaintenance, fueling, work orders,
       reporting and more.

50 • October 2011 - TOWMAN.COM
                                                                                                               EXHIBIT ROSTER
             EXHIBIT HIGHLIGHTS                                                                     Time-Out Seated Massage Corner
     towXchange                                                                                     Seated massage covers back, shoulders and
     TOPS Towing Management Software                                                                neck with some attention to hands and feet.
     Call tracking, dispatch, inventory, lien, auction, tow tickets, billing and reporting;         TIS / Transportation Info Systems
     18 million and counting.                                                                       Management software and GPS tracking.

                                     Trail-Eze Trailers                                             TNT Insurance Agency
                                     TE80DGBUS                                                      Tow truck insurance programs.
                                     With a 22” deck height, the TE80DGBUS is manufactured          TomTom Work
                                     to haul buses, coaches and construction equipment.             Nationally distributed GPS products.

                                                                                                    Tow Dawg Software
  Transfer Flow                                                                                     Tow management software including dispatch
  50-gallon Refueling Tank                                                                          by text, lot/lien mgt., accounts receivable &
                                                                                                    much more.
  Transfer Flow’s 50-gallon refueling tank is DOT-legal for
  gasoline and comes with refueling pump, hose and nozzle.                                
                                                                                                    Internet advertising for tow companies. Lists
                                                                                                    more than 10 sites including &
          Traxxis GPS Solutions
          TomTom Business Solutions                                                       
          GPS tracking, dispatching and navigation system, integrated with Beacon                   Lightining round, on line auction sight for towers.
          Software and endorsed by Cross-Country Automotive Services.
                                                                                                    Offers cost savings & benefit programs includ-
  Trinity Transportation Services                                                                   ing Aramark, Sprint, insurance, towSearch &
  Insurance Packages                                                                                more.
  Insurance agency offering total packages for the tower and professional recovery specialist.
                                                                                                    Offering the best that technology has to offer to
                                                                                                    ensure the next tow is safer and easier with
       Truck Country Freightliner                                                                   the strongest splices and safest rope on the
       Freightliner Coronado Severe Duty                                                            market.
       Powered by a Detroit Diesel engine and has the Jerr-Dan 35-ton wrecker body.
                                                                                                    towXchange offers the TOPS towing manage-
      Trucker’s Guide                                                                               ment software serving towers and the cus-                                                                             tomers they serve.
      This website contains information on truck repairs, mobile services, towers and tire
      services in Canada and Northern U.S.A                                                         Towing and Recovery Association of America
                                                                                                    National Association for the towing industry

                                        UD Trucks North America                                     T.R.P.M. Towing & Recovery Prof. of Md
                                                                                                    State Association of Maryland.
                                        The UD2300LP, by UD Trucks, represents the Ultimate         Tracker Management Systems
                                         in Dependability for tow operators across the nation.      Computer & management systems for the
                                                                                                    professional tow operator.

                                                                                                    Trail-Eze Trailers
     Whelen                                                                                         Manufacturer of custom-built equipment-hauling
     Justice Towman’s Series Super-LED Lightbar                                                     trailers since 1963. “Built to work like you do.”
     The Justice Towman’s Series Super-LED Lightbar provides powerful warning light and             Transfer Flow
     years of reliable service.                                                                     Manufactures aftermarket and OEM fuel tank
                                                                                                    systems for the automatic industry.

                                                                                                    Transit Pros
                                                                                                    With a click of a mouse, we arrange for trans-
                                                                                                    portation of a company’s off-lease assets from
                                 Wireless Matrix                                                    the client’s yard to location of choice by nego-
                                 FleetOutlook                                                       tiating on a company’s behalf with profession-
                                                                                                    al towers nationwide.
                                 Fleet mapping and tracking, vehicle
                                 bread crumb, two-way communica-                                    Traxxis GPS Solutions
                                                                                                    Specializing in providing businesses with wire-
                                 tions and alerts, all in one system.                               less vehicle location, tracking & fleet manage-
                                                                                                    ment solutions.

54 • October 2011 - TOWMAN.COM                                             November 17 - 20, 2011
Travis Barlow Insurance
                                                                        Network With Experts
Offering tow business owners an array of com-
mercial insurance programs.

Trinity Transportation Services
Insurance agency offering total packages for the
tower and professional recovery specialist.

Truck Country Freightliner
Freightliner new truck dealer and Jerr-Dan dis-

Trucker’s Guide
A service guide and website for carriers, dis-
patchers & drivers of Canada & Northern U.S.A.

UD Trucks North America
UDNA is the distributor of medium-duty diesel
truck chassis manufactured by UD Trucks in
                                                      AT Expo gives you the opportunities to network with industry experts
United States Auto Club, Motoring Div.                at the many special events and show floor exhibits. Miller Rocks, above
Emergency roadside service provider to heavy-       What makes AT Expo the network-          product specialists and engineers
duty trucks, automobiles and motorcycles.           ing event of the year has a lot to       at every exhibit. By investing your
                                                    do with the quality of the people        time on the show floor Saturday
                                                    attending. Start with towing pro-        and Sunday you’ll not only get a
GPS management system partnering with
towXchange.                                         fessionals who come from all 50          profound understanding of how
                                                    states to attend, and 20 nations.        things work, the integrity of the
Virgo Fleet Supply                                  You’ll find a depth of experience        products and services offered, but
Supplier of chrome accessories, lighting and tow    in all aspects of the business, from     you’ll discover new potential
equipment.                                          dealing with the police to towing        allies for your towing business;
                                                    for motor clubs; from light duty to      people, products, and systems
Vulcan, see Miller Industries                       heavy duty recovery to equip-            that can make your business hum
                                                    ment transport. The Exposition is        and be profitable. Each year fea-
Warn Industries                                     offering seminars and exhibits           tures new exhibitors and perenni-
A leading manufacturer of planetary & worm          dealing with revenue opportuni-          al exhibitors introducing new
winches.                                            ties; accident cleanup, online auc-      products and services.
                                                    tions, damaged vehicle documen-
West End Service
A complete line distributor of Miller Industries’   tation, and more; you’ll be able to      The Exposition is fast paced and
Century, Vulcan, Challenger, Holmes and Chevron     speak not only with the people           power packed with products and
tow trucks.                                         behind these opportunities, but          ideas. It also provides the oppor-
                                                    with the tow business owners             tunities to talk turkey in a relaxed
Whelen Engineering                                  themselves who know about                atmosphere, whether on the show
Manufacturer of warning light systems; technolo-    them firsthand.                          floor, during hospitalities and
gies include halogen, strobe, LED and Super-LED.                                             special events, in the pubs inside
                                                    The expertise among the                  the many AT Expo hotels or where
Wil•Burt Company                                    exhibitors on the show floor is          towing professionals congregate
Manufacturer of telescoping towermasts for
                                                    what makes the “Main Event” the          about the Harbor.
emergency lighting systems.
                                                    great resource it is. You will talk to
Wireless Matrix
Provides GPS fleet tracking that improves pro-
ductivity and reduces operating costs for tow

Worldwide Equipment
Distributor of a complete line of Jerr-Dan tow
trucks, towing parts and accessories, and GPS

Leading independently-owned towing safety
training organization in the US and Canada.

Zip’s Truck Equipment
Leading distributor of Miller Industries towing
equipment, including Century, Vulcan, Holmes
and more.
                                                                                               TOWMAN.COM - October 2011 • 55
      Special Event Sponsors                                                             Recovery Field
                                                                                         Day at AT Expo
           CAPTAINS OF           BULL & PIG ROAST        FESTIVAL NIGHT          Never before has the Exposition had
            INDUSTRY              “Miller Rocks!”                                so much to offer recovery specialists.
                                                                                 From recovery procedures to collec-
                                                                                 tion of recovery bills (AT Academy) to
                                                                                 critiques of award winning recoveries
                                                                                 (DC Recovery Conference), to light and
                                                                                 heavy duty recovery equipment on
                                                                                 the show floor, American Towman has
AMERICAN WRECKER PAGEANT        AT EXPO FOOD COURT         THE ORDER OF TOWMAN   tapped the expertise of Tom Luciano,
                                  “Jerr-Dan Diner”                               WreckMaster core instructors, trainer
                                                                                 Terry Abejuela, Recovery Billing
                                                                                 Unlimited Bob Foquette and others to
                                                                                 add to your knowledge bank.
                                   A.T. ACADEMY

                                 DONNIE AWARDS                                   Bob Fouquette’s seminar on Getting
                                                                                 Your Recovery Bills Paid is back from
                                                                                 last year by popular demand. Bob and
                                                                                 his son Eric have created a system to
                                                                                 handle insurance companies in an
                                                                                 effective manner. His seminar will
                                                                                 also show you how to itemize your bill
       INFORMATION BOOTH           SHOW BAGS            REGISTRATION COUNTER     at the full value of the work done.

                                                                                 The DC Recovery Conference and
                                                                                 Luncheon features critiques of the
                                                                                 winning recoveries of the Donnie
                                  ACE AWARDS                                     Cruse Memorial Recovery Awards.
                                                                                 Besides rubbing shoulders with other
                                                                                 die-hard recovery engineers, you
                                                                                 profit from these lessons in light,
                                                                                 medium and heavy duty recovery.
                                                                                 One powerhouse event!

                                                                                 You’ll find these recovery trainers
                                                                                 both in the classroom and on the show
                                                                                 floor. Luciano at the Miller Industries
                                 EXPO INFO CARD
                                                                                 exhibit, all the core instructors at the
                                                                                 WreckMaster booth, Bob Foquette at
                                                                                 the Recovery Billing Unlimited booth.
                                                                                 Terry Abejuela at various booths and
                                                                                 functions on the show floor. John
                                                                                 Sweezy Jr. (Air Cushion Recovery) at
                                                                                 the Matjack booth. Stephen Martin,
                                                                                 who conducts a seminar on the
                                                                                 Towman/Rescuer relationship, can be
               LANYARDS                           LEGENDARY HOSPITALITY          found at the ESI Equipment/JunkYard
                                                                                 Dog Industries booth.

                                                                                 The show floor will be chock full of
                                                                                 towing and recovery expertise with
                                                                                 these men and the equipment special-
                                                                                 ists in the wrecker and carrier booths.

64 • October 2011 - TOWMAN.COM

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