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   Volume 8, Issue 2                           For and About Andover          January 15, 2008

         Winter Time is Ice Fishing Time
         By Dianne Grenier, Chief CARE Instructor

                            Andover will be hosting the
                            DEP Ice Fishing Clinic on
                            Saturday, January 19st at the
                            Old Firehouse on Center
                            Street from 9:30am to Noon.
                            The clinic makes a perfect
                            introduction course for the
                            novice ice fisherman or a great
refresher course for those who haven’t been ice fishing
for a while.
The 2 ½ hour clinic will cover topics such as: what bait
and equipment to use, techniques and terminology associ-
ated with ice fishing, CT rules and regulations governing
ice fishing, fishing ethics and sportsmanship as well as
where to fish and what you might catch.
The clinic will be conducted by trained instructors from
the CT Department of Environmental Protection’s Con-
necticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE) Program.
Connecticut 2008 fishing licenses will be sold from noon
- 12:30 pm by Carol Lee, Andover Town Clerk.
The Andover Ice Fishing Clinic makes a nice prelude
to the state’s Ice Fishing Derby to be held on Coventry
Lake, at Patriots Park Community Center on Saturday,
January 26 from 8:00 – 11:00pm. The Derby is free-of-
charge and is open to all. Ice fishing equipment will be
available for borrowing and CARE instructors will be
there to assist.
The Andover “Ice Fishing Clinic” is free-of-charge and
is open to all residents over 7 years old. An adult must
accompany children under 12. Class size is limited
and pre-registration is required. Call CARE Instructor,
Melissa Grenier at 896-0159 for registration or for more
information.                                                           CERT (Continued on page 11)
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                           1
            Showroom (by appointment only):
    30 Hilliard St., Manchester, Connecticut 06040

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                        THE ANDOVER D I R E C T O R Y
       PHONE NUMBERS                        FORM OF GOVERNMENT                      TOWN OFFICES CLOSINGS
                                           Board of Selectmen/Town Meeting
Assessor                  742-7305                                               New Year’s Day               Jan.   1
Building Department       742-4036                   SELECTMEN
                                                     Robert Burbank              Martin Luther King Day       Jan.   21
Emergency/Fire/Police     911                                                    Lincoln’s Birthday           Feb.   12
Judge of Probate          647-7979                  Susan C. England
                                                      Jay K. Linddy              Washington’s Birthday        Feb.   18
Library                   742-7428                                               Good Friday                  Mar.   21
Registrar of Voters       742-0188                 Elaine M. Buchardt
                                                        David Ziff               Memorial Day                 May    26
Resident Trooper          742-0235                                               Independence Day             Jul.   4
Selectmen                 742-7305                   TOWN HALL                   Labor Day                    Sep.   1
Social Services           742-7305                   17 School Road              Columbus Day                 Oct.   13
Tax Collector             742-4035              Monday 8:15 a.m. - 7 p.m.        Veterans Day                 Nov.   11
Town Clerk                742-0188                 Tuesday - Thursday            Thanksgiving                 Nov.   27
Town Garage               742-4048                  8:15 a.m. - 4 p.m.           Christmas                    Dec.   25
Transfer Station          742-4049                   Friday Closed.
U.S. Post Office          742-7756            (Individual office hours vary)       ANDOVER PUBLIC LIBRARY
                                                      Fax: 742-7535                            355 Route 6
Andover Elementary           742-7339              TOWN GARAGE                          Director: Amy Orlomoski
RHAM Middle School           228-9423                Long Hill Road                     Monday and Wednesday
RHAM High School             228-9474      Public Works Director, Tree Warden,       10 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 3 - 8 p.m.
                                                and Open Burning Official          Tuesday and Thursday ~ 3 - 8 p.m.
           HOP RIVER                                 Edwin Kasecek               Friday ~ 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. and 3 - 6 p.m.
       ELDERLY HOUSING                                                                 Saturday ~ 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
                                                 TRANSFER STATION                   Closed Saturdays July & August
         25 Riverside Drive                         Shoddy Mill Road                         Fax: 742-7428
             742-0585                          Wednesday 8 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.
                                                 Saturday 8 a.m. - 3:50 p.m.        LEGISLATIVE DIRECTORY
         FIRE MARSHAL                                                                  State Senator 19th District
       John Roache 742-0040                  JUSTICES OF THE PEACE                    Edith Prague 860-240-0498
                                                 Marie R. Burbank                      State House Representative
        ANIMAL CONTROL                           Margaret H. Busch                             55th District
              Jay Linddy                                                              Pam Sawyer 860-649-5655
           Beeper 820-3461                       Kathleen D. Cardin                  U.S. Congress Representative
            After the beeps,                    Georgette M. Conrad                            2nd District
      enter your phone number,                   Michael Donnelly                             Joe Courtney
press #, and your call will be returned.         Deborah C. Fuger                             U.S. Senators
    State Animal Control Officer                  George Kitchin                 Christopher Dodd       1-800-334-5341
              Dean Gates                                                         Joseph Lieberman       1-800-225-5605
            860-713-2506                            Carol H. Lee
                                                   Jay K. Linddy                              CHURCH
       VISITING NURSE                               Ken Mosher                           First Congregational
  34 Ledgebrook Drive, Mansfield                Henry G. Parkington
            456-7288                                                                     Route 6 ~ 742-7696
          Fax: 423-5702                          Jeanne F. Sheehan                  Interim Reverend Lee Ireland
                                                   Erich Siismets
    AHM YOUTH SERVICES                                                             COMMUTER PARKING LOTS
     Pendleton Road, Hebron                                                             Route 66 & West Street
            228-9488                        POST OFFICE                                 Junction Route 66 & 6
          Infoline: 211                    Route 6 742-7756                         Route 6 (adjacent to Post Office)
       FIRE DEPARTMENT                         Closed daily
          11 School Road
             742-7477                         noon to 1 p.m.
                                            Monday - Friday
       MUNICIPAL AGENT                      8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.
        FOR THE AGING                           Saturday
         Catherine Palazzi                   8:30 a.m. - noon
            742-8088                          Lobby Hours
                                            Monday - Friday
           Old Firehouse                    7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
            Center Street                       Saturday
       Barbara Foran 742-7587              7 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                    3
                                                                                          WHEN ONLY THE
                                Louise Parkington, has held                                BEST WILL DO
                                the position as Republican
                                Registrar of Voters for 25       PAINTING
                                years and has enjoyed serving
                                the voters of Andover.           FREE ESTIMATES
                                Recently Louise submitted
                                her resignation. She wants
                                to pursue her many other
                                interests which including doll
                                making, sewing, crocheting,
and love of family. Lousie makes lovely afghans and donates
                                                                   Andover Congregational Church
them to the library auction and the senior fund- raisers. We
at ANDOVER HOMETOWN NEWS wish Louise the best
                                                                      United Church of Christ
of luck in the future.                                                   356 Route 6        742-7696
                                                                                  Rev. Ed Cornell
Cathy Palazzi, Louise’s Deputy
Registrar has moved into the                                                          Sunday Worship Services
                                                                                     Early Bird Sunday, 8:55 a.m.
position as Registrar. She has
                                                                                            Full Service and
served as both Deputy and
                                                                                       Sunday School 10 a.m.
Moderator for over four years.
                                                                                       Sunday Lite: 6:30 p.m.
She will be appointing a Deputy
in the near future.

    Cathy Palazzi, Deputy ROV

    Since we are one of the thirteen towns who vote in
    May we did not have the huge concern our neighbors
    had in using the new voting machines for the first
    time. We have used the new machines several times
    throughout 2007 and find them easy to work with.
                                                                 Whether it’s to Sell your Home or find the Home
    There will be a Presidential Preference Primary on           of your Dreams, all of us at Carriage Barn can
    Tuesday, February 5, 2008. This will be held at the          help you make your New Year Dreams come True!
    new town hall building from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.                 Call today and Let us Help you!

    If you have not registered to vote or want to change
                                                                            No Fees to Buyers!
    your party please stop at the town clerk’s office. You
                                                                  Sellers Commission Special at 4 1/2%
    cannot vote in the Primary if you are not a registered
    voter of the Democratic or Republican party. This
                                                                 415 Route 6 - P Box 238 • Andover, CT 06232
    will be a very interesting primary and we urge all of
    you to exercise your right to vote.                          email:

    Our workers are ready to help you with any questions         Call 860-742-4112
    and we welcome you to the polls.
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                                            Volume 8, Issue 2                           For and About Andover          January 15, 2008

                                             Winter Time is Ice Fishing Time
                                                  By Dianne Grenier, Chief CARE Instructor

                                                                     Andover will be hosting the
                                                                     DEP Ice Fishing Clinic on
                                                                     Saturday, January 19st at the
                                                                     Old Firehouse on Center
                                                                     Street from 9:30am to Noon.
                                                                     The clinic makes a perfect
                                                                     introduction course for the
                                                                     novice ice fisherman or a great
                                         refresher course for those who haven’t been ice fishing
                                         for a while.
                                         The 2 ½ hour clinic will cover topics such as: what bait
                                         and equipment to use, techniques and terminology associ-
                                         ated with ice fishing, CT rules and regulations governing
                                         ice fishing, fishing ethics and sportsmanship as well as
                                         where to fish and what you might catch.
                                         The clinic will be conducted by trained instructors from
                                         the CT Department of Environmental Protection’s Con-
                                         necticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE) Program.
                                         Connecticut 2008 fishing licenses will be sold from noon
                                         - 12:30 pm by Carol Lee, Andover Town Clerk.
                                         The Andover Ice Fishing Clinic makes a nice prelude
                                         to the state’s Ice Fishing Derby to be held on Coventry
                                         Lake, at Patriots Park Community Center on Saturday,
                                         January 26 from 8:00 – 11:00pm. The Derby is free-of-
                                         charge and is open to all. Ice fishing equipment will be
                                         available for borrowing and CARE instructors will be
                                         there to assist.
                                         The Andover “Ice Fishing Clinic” is free-of-charge and
                                         is open to all residents over 7 years old. An adult must
                                         accompany children under 12. Class size is limited
                                         and pre-registration is required. Call CARE Instructor,
                                         Melissa Grenier at 896-0159 for registration or for more
                                         information.                                                           CERT (Continued on page 11)
                                         The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                           1

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                                        5
A Scouters Trip To England
Michael Holcombe
                                                                                  Reinventing the look and feel of your home
For me, being the Scoutmaster of the Andover Boy Scout
Troop for 20 years was just another day, another year, because                      Gabe Spector ~ 860-933-5116
I was still having fun. However, for some of my Eagle Scouts,
assisgtant troop leaders, Scouts and their parents, friendsd and              •Interior            •Exterior
family, it was the perfect opportunity to ship me off to England              •Faux Finish         •Power Washing
for a scouting type vacation. So there I was, 3:30 a.m., unable               •Insured             •Free Estimates
to sleep, five hours before my flight to England. I was going to              •Licensed            •References Available
the World Scouting Jamboree, to camp with English Scouts,
and visit with my friend, Ian Mather. He would be my host          There were 40,000 Scouts from around the world in residence,
while in England. Was I excited or what?                           plus a daily average of 10,000 visitors, which for one day
                                                                   included me. It was an overwhelming sight and experience
                                                                   that is difficult to put into words and even pictures don’t do it
                                                                   justice. A Jamboree has to be experienced because it creates a
                                                                   special feeling about scouting, people, the world, and maybe
                                                                   even hope. I was also fortunate to experience English scouting
                                                                   at the local level by spending time with local scout troops.
                                                                   The scouting youth of England and America are basically
                                                                   the same creature with their enthusiasm for fun and social
                                                                   dependence. They have the same lack of focus and maturity
                                                                   which challenges a leader. They have the same need for
                                                                   guidance and structure, self discipline, and help in growing
                                                                   up. The uniforms, camps and their programs may be different,
                                                                   but they are the same youth with the same needs.
                                                                   During my visit to their scout camps, I enjoyed the feelings
                                                                   and sounds thaqt only a scout camp can provide. I spoke with
                                                                   adult scouts, comparing notes on our common experiences and
                                                                   those things that make our scouting lives different. Scouting
                                                                   is our common bond. I stayed overnight at one of the summer
                                                                   camps with a local scout troop whose leaders Hugh, Colin,
               Hugh Nigel      Mike Ian Colin                      and Nigel made me feel right at home, with the same “what’s
                                                                   ours is yours. You are all part of the family.” After dinner, a
Ian is an English Scout leader I met at a Scout camp in            campfire program, and after the scouts went to bed, the leaders
Vermont. He was a wonderful and generous host who served           sat around the campfire enjoying the quiet contemplation of
as my guide to the World Jamboree and Scout camps. He was          brotherhood and bonding that makes for another treasured
my driver and passport to the English countryside, the people      experience.
and the food He was my transulator because the Brits have a
language all their own, His patience and generosity made my        I did get to experience other aspects of England. I saw the
stay a wonderful experience. Thanks my friend.                     beautiful farmlands and villages. I met interesting and friendly
                                                                   people. I visited London overnight which was like New York
Two weeks in England were like being on a Scouting holiday;        or Boston. I saw Big Ben, as it chimed at noon, went to a
which, I think is what the people who put this trip together       festival, a jazz concert, and rode the underground. I visited
for me had in mind. Scouting went from a 20 boy experiment         Stonehenge with its massive stones, its fascinating history and
to a world movement that has reached over 180 countries. I         the ongoing mystery as to who, why, and how it was built.
think the basic Scouting aims and principals are applied to
suit the needs and character of each country, for the growth       This is how I spent my summer vacation. I loved every minute
and betterment of youth, just as scouting’s founder Baden          of the trip and all of the memories it provided. Memories I
Powell intended. The World Jamboree proved and expressed           bump into, trip over, or visit every day. For me, this was a trip
the success of the scouting movement; that it is still a viable    of a lifetime. To those who thought that my years as a local
and relevant program even after 100 years and will continue        scoutmaster warranted donating towards this trip, I give you
to be so in the future.                                            my heartfelt thanks.

Being at the World Scouting Jamboree was a sight to behold.

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          228-3869                       KOIVA REAL ESTATE                                  228-3869
          any time                           COLUMBIA                                       any time
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                  January 15, 2008 – April 15 2008               ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU OWN A KUBOTA RTV900.
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Friday, February 29, 2008 from 9:00am-2:00pm at Bolton                                            available
High School, 72 Brandy Street, Bolton
Saturday, March 1, 2008 from 8:30am-1:30pm at the Bolton
Volunteer Fire Department, 168 Bolton Center Road,
Sponsored by the Bolton Girl Scouts
Food provided by the Girl Scouts
Wednesday, March 12, 2008 from 1:00pm-6:00pm at Andover                 Kahn Tractor & Equipment
Congregational Church, 359 Route 6, Andover                                     Jct. Rts. 32 & 207
Food provided by church members.                                              N. Franklin, CT 06254
                                                                                  (800) 327-5246
Please call 1-800-GIVE-LIFE or email Kimberly Moreland at to make your appointment to
donate blood. If you or your group is interested in sponsoring              
a blood drive, contact Kimberly Moreland at the above email
address or 860-651-7486.
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                       7

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Veteran’s Day Tea
On November 9, 2007, The Purple
Team of RHAM Middle School held
their 7th annual Veteran’s Day Tea. This                       61B Main Street • Hebron, CT 06248
was an enlightening event for its 7th                          Tel: 860-228-8221 • Fax 860-228-8223
grade students. The day began with an            For all your travel needs... give us a call
official flag raising ceremony held by
Ron Parkyn, commander of the VFW,                    Cruises
along with several of the team’s boy
scouts. The ceremony was followed               Air/Land Packages
by a musical presentation from a select          Tours - Groups
middle school ensemble.
Veterans from WWII, Korea, Vietnam,
Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom,                  Visit us on the Web at
and Operation Enduring Freedom
                                                              e mail:
(Afghanistan), as well as every branch                                                                Hours:
of service were represented. Purple         Let Nancy, Pat, Joe, Bea or Sue Monday - Thursday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Team teachers would like to extend                help you with all your                      Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
their heartfelt thanks to the following                 travel needs.                       Saturday 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
veterans: Ron Parkyn, John Tuttle,
                                                                gave the students a unique insight into the realities of world
Warren Holbook, Jardo Opocensky, Jonathan Trouern-Trend,
Andy Bordick, Roger Krasusky, Tori Novo, Frank Cataldi,
Steve Mondrach, Matt McDonald, and Mike Eller. Sharing Perhaps one parent said it best, “It’s not too often in our
their stories and experiences from their time in the military culture that someone- let alone a whole class - stops and
                                                                shows appreciation for someone or something. Whatever the
       NATURALLY HANDS-FREE DEVICE                              reason, I think our kids really need to learn gratefulness, in
  Astrid Belanger                                               this instance to show our Vets appreciation for their sacrifices,
                                                                for their service. We can’t take our freedom for granted.
  My daughter, Jaime Belanger, works for the Verizon            ‘Freedom isn’t free.’”
  phone company in Maine. As an installer she either climbs
  telephone polls or is down in manholes working with fiber     A large debt of gratitude is owed to the Purple Team parents,
  optics. She often calls me from work and I never know if      who worked so tirelessly to ensure the day’s success.
  she is up or down.                                            Their generous donations of food, drink, and time were
                                                                overwhelming. Special thanks to Ted’s Market for donating a
  One day she called and it sounded like her words were         delicious sheet cake and to Daisies and Daffodils for donating
  echoing between two mountains. When I mentioned this          a beautiful floral arrangement for the buffet table. At day’s
  to her she laughingly said “oops, just a minute.”             end, donations were also made to the Colchester Men’s and
                                       When she came            Women’s Food Shelter.
                                       back to the phone         The Purple Team of RHAM Middle School:
                                       she sounded much          Dawn Mallory- Team Leader
                                       clearer. “What did        Karl Jancis, Christian Stein, Jan Fowler, Steve Condon, Lois
                                       you do” I asked.          Donato
                                       “Where are you?”
                                       “It’s not where I am
                                       Mom, it’s where
                                       YOU were.”
 Not wanting to hold her cell phone while she was driving,
 she had put the phone between her cleavage--hands-free!
 But she had mistakenly put the phone upside down so the
 speaker was between her well-endowed “mountains!”
 She’ll never change--to know her is to love her!

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                         9
        Congratulations to these Andover Centenarians
Andover Centenarian Irene Lee                                        in East Pembroke. Now she lives in the town of which Bob
                                                                     is the First Selectmen.
                                                                     Irene feels so lucky to have lived this long and especially
                                                                     to be in good health. I found her to be highly spirited with a
                                                                     positive attitude. When I told her that I was 62 years old she
                                                                     said I was so young! Needless to say, I left with a smile on
                                                                     my face!
                                                                     We at THE ANDOVER HOMETOWN NEWS congratulate
                                                                     Irene Lee and wish her a very happy birthday.

                                                                     Rose Duprey Celebrates Her 100th

On November 19, I had the pleasure of meeting an Andover
Centenarian, Irene Lee. She celebrated her 100th birthday on
December 10. First Selectman, Bob Burbank presented her
with a Proclamation in her honor.
As I visited with her at her home which she shares with her two
grandchildren, Mindy and Jay Hegener, she told me she was
born in Framingham Center, Massachusetts on December 10,
1907. She married Henry Lee and had one daughter, Nancy.
Irene was employed by the East Pembroke, Massachusetts
post office for 25 years. In 1979, after the death of her husband,
she moved to Andover, which she has never regretted. She
has enjoyed being a part of such a warm, friendly community.         Rose Duprey of Andover, has been around many years and
Ironically, she knew Bob Burbank as a child as he grew up            has seen many changes in her lifetime. She was born Rose
                                                                     Heether on November 16, 1907 in Long Island, New York.

                                                        Classic Homes

                                                   Happy New Year!!
                                           Youʼve heard of a Perfect Storm.
                                           Well this is it!! There are several
                                          houses currently on the market at
     ELAINE BUCHARDT                     reduced prices and interest rates are
     Your local REALTOR                    still very reasonable. There was
                                          never a better time to buy a house!
        Call me for a
     FREE Market Analysis                     Call me for a Buyer or Seller
        of your home                                 Consultation
                                                                                                          continued on next page
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She married Arthur Duprey and they had two children, Henry       What Was Life Like in 1907?
Durpey of Andover, and Rose Fiano of Bolton. Rose has 6
grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren.                       One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes!
                                                                 Here are some statistics for the Year 1907:
Rose began celebrating her milestone at the Senior Center in     The average life expectancy was 47 years.
Andover where they celebrated all November birthdays. Then,      • A house cost $4,500.
on November 10, a white stretch limousine picked Rose up at
                                                                 • Theodore Roosevelt was the president of the United
her daughter’s house and brought her to the Mill on the River
Restaurant for lunch with family and friends.
                                                                 • A car cost only $500.
On Sunday, November, 11, the Andover Congregational              • Only 14 percent of the homes had a bathtub.
Church where Rose has been a member since 1939 dedicated
the service to her. She was presented a corsage and gifts from   • Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone.
the 1907 era. She also received a proclamation from President    • Only 8 percent of all dwellings were using electricity
Bush and Governor Jodi Rell who declared November 16,            • There were only 8,000 cars and only 144 miles of
2007 as Rose Duprey Day in Connecticut. Rose also received          paved roads.
a state flag. It was a wonderful service with refreshments and   • The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph.
a beautiful cake.
                                                                 • The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower!
The celebration continued with a lunch at the First and Last     • The average wage in 1907 was 22 cents per hour.
Restaurant in Hartford, and that night dinner at a Chinese       • The average worker made between $200 and $400 per
restaurant. She ended the celebration the next day at Foxwoods      year.
                                                                 • An accountant earned $2000 per year; a dentist $2,500
It was a great birthday that seemed to go on forever.               per year; a veterinarian between $1,500 and $4,000 per
Congratulations Rose.                                               year; and a mechanical engineer about $5,000 per year.
                                                                 • More than 95 percent of all births took place at HOME.
 Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise.
                                                                                                      continued on page 18

                         “The Easy Way to A Beautiful Smile!”
                                                                     Know Your Options
                                                                           Know What’s Available

                                                                                AMERICAN ACADEMY
                                                                                OF COSMETIC DENTISTRY

                                                                                              Call for your
             20 Liberty Dr.
             Hebron, CT 06248           860-228-7878                                             FREE

                                    reveal your beauty within...                                            RE6-16-06JK

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                    11
                        PENNY, BOTTICELLO, & O’BRIEN P.C.
                               ATTORNEYS AT LAW

                                 202 WEST CENTER STREET
                             MANCHESTER, CONNECTICUT 06040
                             Web site:

                                                               their packages and getting them safely into their homes. Any
                                                               senior who needs a medical ride should contact me as soon
     Cathy                                                     as possible. Please make your appointment for Thursdays
     Palazzi                                                   only.
                                                               A Commission on Aging committee had been inactive for
                                                               many years in Andover and this past fall it was brought to
This has been a busy year for me helping Andover seniors,
                                                               my attention by the state asking me to gather a group of
visiting local nursing homes and attending conferences.
                                                               interested seniors who would like to be on this committee.
Outreach is a part of the Municipal Agent job, as is daily
                                                               Our committee is Faye Hoisington (President), George
contact with seniors regarding their needs.
                                                               Collette (Secretary), Barbara Foran, Cathy Palazzi and Bob
As Municipal Agent, I assumed the duties this past fall of     Wanagel. Our ex-officio member is Elaine Buchardt. We have
forming a Medical Transportation committee and took on         created a survey that will be sent out to Andover seniors and
the job of keeping a calendar to make sure our seniors were    once the findings are back we will discuss the issues they are
able to get to their appointments. Our committee consists      concerned about.
of George Collette (President), John England (Secretary),
                                                               Monday luncheon meals are prepared by Heather and Lance
Barbara Foran, George Knox and myself. Ex-officio member
                                                               from the Hop River Café Bakery on Route 6. These meals cost
is Elaine Buchardt This committee has done an excellent job
                                                               $2.00 per person and you can enjoy a hot meal. To sign up
of getting medical appointments organized so that “no senior
                                                               for the luncheons call me the Friday before each Monday to
is left behind.” We are fortunate to be able to pay for two
                                                               reserve your spot. We have many interesting speakers planned
drivers with a small grant that our First Selectman was able
                                                               for 2008. The object of these luncheons is to ensure seniors
to obtain for us. Thanks go to John England and George Knox
                                                               have the opportunity to have a hot meal, get out of their homes
for driving the medical appointments. We owe a huge thank
                                                               and hear the latest information pertaining to Andover seniors.
you to George Collette for driving each week to the stores,
                                                               Meals and speakers for January will be: January 7 Meatloaf
breakfast/lunch and Barbara Foran for assisting seniors with
12                                                                     e-mail your news to:
- Speaker will be Nancy Twarick-Smith from Community
Homemakers in Willimantic. January 14 Brocceli/Cheese                Wheaton Mobil Concrete Mixing, LLC
Soup and Tomato/Spinach Friatta - Speaker will be Lorenzo
Marshall from CL&P who will talk about the best ways to
                                                                           Concrete Mixed Fresh At Your Site
save energy and what we can do to lower our monthly bill.                             Paul “PJ” Kegler
January 21 Shepherd’s Pie - Speaker will be Cathy Campen,
our Andover librarian who will talk and show slides of her
                                                                               252 Mansfield City Road
summer visit to Scotland. January 28 Herb Roasted Chicken                     Mansfield Center, CT 06250
and roasted veggies – no speaker. Thanks go to all those who
have supported and helped make these luncheons possible.                    Telephone: 860-423-4962

The Andover Senior Assistance and Chore Program started
October 1, 2007 has grown to 20 seniors and 9 chore workers.     pleasure to announce Tom Wolff, a writer for the JI has agreed
We combined with Hebron and Marlborough for the 2007-            to visit Andover next June to entertain us with his brilliant
2008 season. If you need a chore worker for snow shoveling,      tales of how to enjoy being a senior! He writes part time and
please contact me.                                               his articles deal with the adventures of seniors.

Book discussion group continues on the fourth Monday of the      Seniors went to Coventry High School in November to hear the
month with Cathy Campen our leader. We have our first male       Coast Guard Band play and get us into the mood of Christmas.
joining the group in January and invite more people to come.     In December we traveled to the Marlborough Senior Center
This is a lively group of active seniors who enjoy reading and   to hear the Glenn Hansen Orchestra. We are fortunate to have
discussing issues.                                               good neighbors inviting us to their wonderful events.

Medicare D enrollment ended December 31, 2007 with               This has been an exciting and fruitful year for Andover
many seniors changing their plans due to the large increase      seniors and I have been fortunate to be able to offer many new
in premiums. We were fortunate to have an insurance              programs to our seniors. Our First Selectman, Bob Burbank
representative talk to us about the difference between Medigap   is busy trying to research the best possible way to make a
and Medicare Advantage. Seniors were concerned with              secure place for us to meet. One of the biggest decisions he
increasing supplement and Med D plans.                           and the BOS have to make is whether to tear down the OFH
                                                                 and build on it or build a new senior center in the middle of
New programs for 2008 will be a tax representative from          town near the Town Office Building.
AARP between February and April to help seniors with
their taxes. If you are interested in
having help, please call me to sign
up. Appointments only. AARP driving
course in 2008. This allows you to
receive anywhere from 5-10% discount
on your insurance policy. You do not
need to have AARP auto insurance in
order to attend this class.
24 seniors traveled to Bolton to see
Linda Gray Kelly in her performance
of the 1800’s. She changes costumes
many times and acts the part of each
character. This is truly an entertaining
show for all adults. We always enjoy
our visits with the Bolton seniors. We
all arrived home bubbling with laughter
and talk about the excellent afternoon
spent in Bolton. Linda will be coming
to Andover in 2008. It brings me great

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                     13
                                                                public. Limited child care is available. Please R.S.V.P. to
                                                                Laurie at 228-0871.

                                                                Tuesday, January 8: “Social Development of Young
25 Pendleton Drive, Hebron        Joel Rosenberg ~ 228-9488     Children ages 2-7”: Friendships, sharing and normal
                                                                development; Tuesday, February 12: “Gender Differences
The AHM Family Resource Center will be sponsoring the           in Parenting”:How men and women parent differently, and
following programs in January-March 2008:                       what we can learn from each other; Tuesday, March 11:
Play and Learn Group: The AHM Family Resource Center            “Encouraging Independence in Children”: What you can
Play and Learn Groups meet at Gilead Hill School. We            realistically expect from your child, and how to encourage
welcome families with children from Birth-5 from the            autonomy.
towns of Andover, Hebron, and Marlborough. During the
                                                                Family Pizza and Movie Night
groups, children participate in activities, and enjoy crafts,
socialization, snack, and circle time. Thc cost for the year    Thursday, January 24, at 6:00 PM at the AHM Community
is $90/, payable in installments if necessary. This fee         Building. (Snow Date –February 7). FREE (Come join us
can be reduced or waived if families are having financial       for Pizza and a showing of “Babe”. Bring a blanket to sit
difficulties. We currently have openings in the Thursday        on! Please call 228-9488 to register.
10:30 group. Please call Laurie at 228-0871 if you are
                                                                Winnie the Pooh Festival
                                                                Monday, March 31 9:00-10:15 or 10:30-11:45 at the AHM
Coffee and Discussion: A Group for Parents
                                                                Community Building, 25 Pendleton Dr. in Hebron. FREE (For
Come join us for discussion, exchange of information,           children ages 2 ½ and up and parents! Come enjoy some
and handouts on various topics pertinent to parents with        crafts, a movie, and appearances by Tigger and Winnie!
children of all ages. All sessions will be held Tuesdays,       Please register by calling Laurie at 228-0871.
from 10:15-11:15 a.m. at the Family Resource Center at
                                                                Kids in the Kitchen
Gilead Hill School. Sessions are free and open to the
                                                                This 5-week cooking class for children ages 3-5 and their
                                                                parents will be held on 5 consecutive Wednesdays starting
     HILLSIDE SELF STORAGE                                      on January 9, from 1:15-2:15 in the Family Resource room
                                                                at Marlborough Elementary School. Children and their
           CENTER LLC                                           parents make and eat simple, nutritious recipes. There
             Next to Andover Plaza                              is a $5 materials charge for the class. Registration is
                                                                required. Please call 228-9488 to register.
            132 Route 6, Andover CT
                                                                Kids’ Crafts
 • Fenced & Gated                                               This 5-week Arts class is for children ages 3-5 and their
 • Drive Up Units                                               parents, and will be held on Mondays 2/25, 3/3, 3/10,
                                                                3/17, and 3/24 from 1:15-2:15 at Marlborough Elementary
 • Video Surveillance
                                                                School. Children will explore a variety of different
 • Car Storage                                                  art materials. There is a $5 materials charge for the
 • Boxes                                                        class. Registration is required. Please call 228-9488 to
 • Moving Supplies                                              register.

                                                                Parent and Infant Group
              860-742-1644                                      Fridays, 1:15-2:30 at Marlborough Elementary School.
                                                                For parents and babies ages Birth to one year. Bring
                                                                your baby, meet other parents, and talk about whatever

                                           
               With Unit Rental: Bring                          joys and/or challenges you are facing! Developmental
                                                                and parenting information are available in an informal,
                 in this ad and receive
                                                                friendly atmosphere. New this year: Music with babies
               $20.00 off 1st Full Calen-
                                                                1/x month! Fee is $20 for the year. Please call 228-9488
                       dar Month
                                                                to register.
                Offer Expires 03-31-08

14                                                                     e-mail your news to:
                              PHASE II CONSTRUCTION TO BEGIN!!” *
                               
                                        

                                                   FURNISHED MODEL
                                                       TO VIEW
               
                                                  SATURDAY & SUNDAY                                                     
                    12—3 PM                                                      
                                                                                  
                    15 different styles of homes &                                         
                                 floor plans to choose from!                                             
                                               
                           
                           *Preferred Low Interest                                
                         Rate Financing Available                              
                            Call us about our
                                                   Great Incentive Offers!
     
                                                   Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated.
                                                                                                          

                                       The Village at Loveland Hills
                                             55+ Active Adult Community
                                              Realize your Dream of
                                                  Carefree Living
                                            Let us pay for 1 year of your
                                                    condo fees!
                   Close to two of Connecticut’s finest public golf courses.
       Walking distance to grocery, pharmacy, restaurants, medical offices and fitness.
     Full Basements                           Attached 2-Car Garages
     9’ Ceilings                              Hardwood & Tile Floors
                                                                                                              Virtual Tours, Site & Floor Plans
     Central Air & Gas Heat                   2 Bedrooms/2 Baths                                                       on-line at
     Snow Removal & Lawncare                  GE Appliances                                             
     Gas Fireplaces & Sunrooms (opt)          Furnished Community Clubhouse
                                                                                                                      Site Office open 11-2
                                    
   Directions: Rte 66 to Loveland Rd.,                                                                                 T, W, Th, Sat, Sun
 2nd left onto Buttonwood Rd. Model is up
                                                                                                             and by appointment.
    hill on right, next to the Clubhouse              or 
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                                               15
                         Town of Andover                        Roxanne Hosking, Carolyn Lester, Bob & Evelyn Russell; Phil
                         Social Services Department             & Cheryl Mayhew, the Shapiro Family and all the Andover
                         17 School Road                         Congregational Church members; CT State Police Colchester
                         Andover, Connecticut 06232             Barracks, Resident State Trooper Kevin Reid. Trooper Joy
                                                                Occhialini and the participants in the stuff a cruiser toy drive;
                         December 2007
                                                                Lori and Rocco Macri; Barbara and David Kolb; Nancy
                         Dear Friends:                          and Ron Desrosiers; Bill Hegener; Diane Hegener; Ken &
                                                                Jennifer Romeo & Family; Millie Missell; Sheila Bootee
                           Once again Andover Social            and the Andover Cub Scouts, the Scagliola Family, the Rev.
                           Services was fortunate to have the   Michael Donnelly, Carol Lee, and all the others who supplied
                           support of a number of businesses    turkeys, hams & chickens; “fixings”; gifts; toys; fruit baskets;
                           and individuals who helped make      candy; slippers, cash donations and gift cards. Perhaps most
Thanksgiving and Christmas a happy holiday for Andover          importantly our thanks to all the volunteers who gave their
families in need. Twenty-three Thanksgiving food baskets        time during this busy holiday period to organize, package
and 24 Christmas food baskets were distributed. 23 children     and deliver the holiday baskets, toys & gifts to Andover
ranging in age from 2 to 17 years old received toys, books      families.
and gift cards to brighten their holidays. Several families
with children were “adopted” and all received lovely gifts      We are fortunate to live a small community that cares about
and food boxes to help with a holiday meal and more! The        its residents and is generous in lending a helping hand. We
Congregational Church Hall turned into a holiday workshop       would like to thank each person who helped. This effort is
the Saturdays before Thanksgiving and Christmas as              successful because of you.
volunteers sorted and packed food and toys. On behalf of all
the families that benefited from the generosity of our donors
and volunteers, thank you!                                      Heidi M. Donnelly, Director
Social Services wishes to thank Lunt’s Market; Ted’s Market;    Andover Social Services
Gay Cohen; the Andover Elementary School Morning
Kindergarten; Andover Country Gardens; Pastor Lee Ireland;

          Cards                                Gifts
                                                                     Affiliated with Hebron Pharmacy
                                         Russell Stover              HOME MEDICAL EQUIPMENT
                                           Candies                    RESPIRATORY    OXYGEN
                                                                    WOUND CARE    UROLOGICALS
                                                                         OSTOMY SUPPLIES
                                                                 NUTRITIONALS    SELF DIAGNOSTICS
            HEBRON                                                 BATH AIDS   ORTHOPEDIC CARE
         PHARMACY, INC                       Hours:                    UPS SHIPPING SERVICE
         Your Full-Service               9 a.m. - 8 p.m.          Third-party Billing: Medicare ~ Medicaid
         Family Pharmacy                    Saturday                              PREFERRED PROVIDERS OF
                                         9 a.m. - 6 p.m.                     DURABLE MEDICAL EQUIPMENT FOR:
           117 Main Street                   Sunday
            Hebron, Conn.                                                        Major Insurance Companies,
                                         9 a.m. - 2 p.m.                         HMOs ~ Medicaid - Medicare
         860-228-3888                                                            Major Credit Cards Accepted
         Hometown Service
                                                                             Hours: Monday-Friday 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
            Since 1974                                                              Saturday 9 a.m. - noon
                                                                     103 Main Street, Hebron, CT 06248
                                                                              Tel: 860 228-0606
16                                                                      e-mail your news to:
                                     ROUTE 66, MAIN STREET
                                    HEBRON, CONN.   228-4311
      A Family-Owned and Operated Full-Service Supermarket
        Serving The Greater Hebron Area For Over 30 Years
                FEATURING:                  DOUBLE MFGR’S COUPONS
            USDA Quality Meats                UP TO 99 ¢ EVERY DAY
            Farm-Fresh Produce                      DETAILS IN STORE

             New York Style Deli
                                             SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT
           Store-Made Specialties                   EVERY DAY
       Party Platters and Deli Trays
      Full-Service In-Store Bake Shop “LET OUR FAMILY SERVE YOUR FAMILY”

 Bridal Expo 2008
 The Windham Region Chamber of Commerce invites the public to join us at our
 upcoming Bridal Expo 2008 – Northeastern Connecticut’s largest Bridal Expo. The
 expo will be held on Sunday, January 6, 2008 from 11 am to 4 pm in Mansfield’s East
 Brook Mall and will feature a Bridal Fashion Show beginning at 2 pm. There is no
 admission fee to the expo. A portion of the event proceeds will be donated to Windham
 Community Memorial Hospital.

 Bridal Expo 2008 will feature everything that a bride and groom will need to plan for
 their very special day. The expo will feature local printers, caterers, florists, reception
 halls, rentals, jewelry, musicians, and so much more.

 There will be a Bridal Fashion Show held at 2 pm in front of JCPenney. This Bridal
 Fashion Show will display beautiful, elegant wedding gowns, flower girl and bridesmaids
 dresses, and striking tuxedos for grooms, best men, and groomsmen. Desired Weddings of Putnam will be providing all
 of the fashion for the show. Be sure to purchase tickets to this incredible event prior to the show to assure the best seating.
 Tickets are available in advance for $5.00 at the Windham Region Chamber of Commerce, Desired Weddings of Putnam,
 Windham Community Memorial Hospital’s Gift Shop, and at JCPenney’s Customer Service Desk located in the East
 Brook Mall. Limited tickets will be available at the door. To purchase tickets or for further information, please contact
 the Windham Region Chamber of Commerce at (860) 423-6389 or via e-mail at

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                        17
                         BLUE HERON
                              by Sharon Scull           You have a choice.
                   Oh, blue heron
                    majestic and arrogant
                   perched on scrawny leg
                    at the lake's edge
 your other leg, well hidden
 so still, you stand
 time seems to stop
                                                           Choose the agency that Eastern
     as you pose                                           Connecticut relies on for the very
 a lethal statue                                              best in home healthcare.
      awaiting the perfect moment
         to pounce on your prey
 Magnificent scene to behold
 confidently you strut across the lawn
                                                                        YOUR VISITING
                                                                      NURSE ASSOCIATION
                                                                      for over      years
 Your beak seems to propel you
     motion like a saw
                                            • 860.456.7288 • Mansfield Center
       back and forth
       back and forth                           What Was Life Like in 1907? (cont from page 11
 but thrusting you forward                      •   Ninety percent of all doctors had NO COLLEGE
                                                    EDUCATION! Instead, they attended so-called medical
 impossible to imagine you airborne                 schools.
 When you spread your wings                     •   Sugar cost four cents a pound.
     the span is massive                        •   Eggs were fourteen cents a dozen.
                                                •   Coffee was fifteen cents a pound.
 The flight movement
                                                •   Most women only washed their hair once a month, and
     is slow and lazy                               used borax or egg yolks for shampoo.
       effortless                               •   The five leading causes of death were: Pneumonia
                                                    and influenza; Tuberculosis; Diarrhea; Heart disease;
 minimal motion in the flap                         Stroke
 you almost glide across the sky                •   The American flag had 45 stars.
 No idea where you go                           •   The population of Las Vegas, Nevada, was only 30.
                                                •   Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and ice tea hadn’t
     but faithfully you return                      been invented yet.
       year after year                          •   There was no Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.
 We like to think                               •   Two out of every 10 adults couldn’t read or write.
                                                •   Only 6 percent of all Americans had graduated from
     this is your permanent home                    high school.
 such a dramatic sight                          •   Eighteen percent of households had at least one full-
                                                    time servant or domestic help.
 Oh, beautiful blue heron
                                                •   There were about 230 reported murders in the ENTIRE
18                                                     e-mail your news to:
                                SUPER STORE
                         We Offer:          Parts  Service  Accessories  Sales
                  VACUUM CLEANERS                                                    SEWING MACHINES
   Sebo  Miele  Simplicity  Eureka  Royal  Lindhaus  Hoover               Baby Lock  Elna  Pfaff  Singer
   Electrolux  Kirby  Kenmore  Panasonic  Dirt Devil  Oreck               White  Viking  Brother  Kenmore
  Sewing Machine & Vacuum Repair                                            1088 Main Street
  Vacuum Bags & Accessories                                              Willimantic, CT 06226
  Sewing Notions                                                            Tel: 860-423-6800
                       Visit us on the Web at

CERT Meeting                                                      emergency. Volunteers for the April exercise will be
                                                                  solicited and trained to participate as “shelterees.” Some
Mary Duval, Publicity
                                                                  will be asked to bring their pets and process them
The Andover Community Emergency Response Team                     through the pet shelter. This exercise is being conducted
(CERT) will host informational meetings to prepare for            to test and improve the Andover Shelter operations
our April Pet Friendly Shelter exercise on 18-19 April            annex in our town Emergency Operations Plan (EOP).
2008 (Friday-Saturday). The dates are: 15 January, 12             For more information on the Andover CERT or this
February, and 18 March (all Tuesdays) 2008. Meeting               exercise, contact Sylvia Dake, the Andover Emergency
times are 7-8:30pm, in the new Andover Town Hall                  Management Coordinator at 869-498-1692 or cert.
meeting room. The meetings will offer public education  
on preparing your home emergency survival kit, what
to take in case of an evacuation, and how to make
plans to stay informed and stay in touch during an
                                                                       The Clark Team
 New equipment at GULEMO                                             At The Welles Agency
 in Willimantic ...
 Since Dec. 1, 2007, Gulemo Printing & Embroidery has
 entered the screen printing and embroidery business.
 In November 2007, Nasprint in Willimantic closed their
 shop. Screen printing and embroidery is a logical addition
 to Gulemo’s regular printing business, so Cathie Greene,
 who was a sales person at Nasprint, was hired to handle
 the new business.
 Gulemo invested in new embroidery machines, heat
 presses and a direct to garment printer. The direct to           Walter Clark              Office: 860-742-7356
 garment printer is a fairly new technology which makes it                                  Res: 860-742-6718
 possible to imprint images directly onto t-shirts, polo shirts                             Cell: 860-558-6224
 and other garments. This means that four color images can
 be printed in smaller quantities without the high startup
 cost that is charged for screen printing in four color.
 Gulemo will serve all towns, schools, sports teams and
                                                                  Terry Clark               Office: 860-742-7356
                                                                                            Res: 860-742-6718
 other customers in the Andover area.
                                                                                            Cell: 860-559-0821
 We hope to see you soon!

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                   19
     FREE ESTIMATES                                                              LIC# 00301573
                            M&M Oil Company
                                   271 Hop River Road                               Installed and
          Gasoline                                                                    Repaired
                                     Bolton, CT 06043
          Kerosene                  860-649-2871                               Air-Conditioning
         Diesel Fuel
                                           24-HOUR                       Tank Installation
     Bulldozer & Backhoe Service     OIL BURNER SERVICE                   and Removal

       The reason firehouses have circular          MY MOTHER’S ATTIC
         stairways is from the days when                   The Red Barn, located at Andover Lake, was
       the engines were pulled by horses.       Skoog      the place to be for fun and entertainment in
         The horses were stabled on the        Belanger    the 50s and 60s. Bingo, dances, and suppers
                                                           were held there. I still remember look-
        ground floor and figured out how      ing from my house, seeing the barn, lit up and hearing
          to walk up straight staircases.     laughter or music bellowing out the windows. I remember
                                              using the outhouse which was located about 50 feet from
                                              the barn. I can still feel the welcomed breeze coming off
                                              the lake and into the Barn through the windows. What a
                                              wonderful place for a small town to come together and
                                              visit with one another.

                                              Time moves on and along with changes. Some are good
                                              but some are sad as with the removal of The Barn. It was
                                              disassembled to be sold and rebuilt elsewhere. I do not
                                              know its whereabouts. If anyone does have information
                                              on the Barn I would appreciate it if you would contact the
                                              paper. I will publish any information I receive in the next

                                              Below is a picture of a supper held at the Barn on a hot
                                              summer’s night.

       Donkeys kill more people annually
             than plane crashes.
20                                                 e-mail your news to:

              Discovery Zone LEARNING CENTER!!!
             Columbia Shopping Village, 187 RT. 66 East, Columbia, Conn.
                                                                NAEYC (National Association for the
                                                                  Education of Young Children)

           THE TALK OF THE TOWN...
       J   COMPUTERS IN THE CLASSROOMS       Play sudoku online at:
       J   OPEN 7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

                                             CALL TODAY
                               Sudoku puzzle - Easy level

SODUKU PUZZLE                            5                              6                             4

The Sudoku Rules                                            1   5                 2         7
Each of the nine blocks has              8       2                                          9
to contain the numbers 1
to 9 in its squares. Each
number can only appear           3                          8           1         4
once column, row or 3x3
box.                             7               1          2                                         3
Every sudoku puzzle has                          8              3                           5         9
only one correct solution.

The solution can be found                        9              6       2
on page ____.
(No peeking!)                    8       4                                        7                   2

                                                                        4         9         1
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                    21
                       WHEN THE ELECTRICITY GOES OUT

          ne thing is certain, most of us live with a sense      Frequently our water is pumped into our homes with
          of security and well being. We seldom worry            an electric pump, the refrigerator, tv, air conditioner, all
          about basic comforts. We feel safe and secure in       electrical, the electric garage door opener, when the electricity
our homes, confident that when one flicks the switch, the          goes out, it all stops.
lights go on, water is a mere turn of the faucet, heat goes on
automatically controlled by a thermostat, the TV and stereo      So what do we do to protect ourselves and our families?
are always on. The refrigerator and freezer keep your food       Many people are installing a household generator, which
cold and makes ice for your drinks. Our lives are incredibly     goes on automatically and instantly when the electricity is
comfortable and secure… until the electricity goes out!          interrupted.

A winter snow or ice storm, a summer lightning storm, an         Tim Pallas, owner of Affordable Electrical Services LLC tells
accident knocking a utility pole down, a brown out on a hot      us “they come in many sizes and use assorted fuels, they
summer day, or possibly an unexpected and unpredictable          turn on automatically and can run for as long as you need.
natural or man made disaster. It all happens, this we know is    Everyone should have one or you are living in a false sense of
all too true and then the power goes out, for a few minutes,     security. I am installing them all over the area as people are
hours, even weeks!                                               becoming more aware of their vulnerability and want a back
                                                                 up system to protect their families and life style.”
Our electricity is brought to our homes by a thin wire
stretched for miles hung on poles on the side of our streets,    “Typically after a summer electrical storm or a winter ice
and this unexpected wire is your life line to your comfort and   storm, and the electricity goes out for a few hours, everyone
security. We are all vulnerable to losing our electricity and    effected realizes how totally dependent we are on electricity.
thus losing all our home systems and comforts.                   The next day, I get a dozen calls to install a household
                                                                 generator” says Pallas. “It’s a smart thing to do, don’t wait,
As we all know irrespective of your choice of heating fuels,     do it now.”
we all require electricity for our heating system to work.

                  Electrical Services LLC
                      A Quality Job At An Affordable Price
     * For All Your Electrical Needs
     * Service Upgrades                                                      Save 10%
                                                                                Off Service Work
     * Generator Sales and Installation                               Not applicable to service call and
                                                                    subject to a $250 maximum discount.
     * Commercial and Residential

        Fully Licensed & Insured
       MC/Visa/Discover Accepted

22                                                                       e-mail your news to:
                         ANDOVER PUBLIC LIBRARY NEWS
                         It’s hard to believe that 2007 is now history, but it’s true. It’s going to be a long winter – isn’t it nice
                         to have a snowy day once in a while where you can kick back with a good book, or maybe even a
                         new DVD? If Santa didn’t bring you any of those things for Christmas, though, why not stop by
                         the Andover Public Library? We’ve got LOTS of books that should interest just about any reader,
                         and we’ve got a pretty good supply of videos and DVDs, too. If you’ve not visited the library in a
 Amy Orlomoski           while – or maybe even EVER – why not put a library visit high up on your “to do” list for 2008?
                         As we have now entered those winter months, it may become necessary from time to time for the
   742-7428              library to close early, open late, or maybe even not open at all on days when the weather is particularly
                         inclement. If you have the slightest doubt that we might not be open on day you plan to visit, please
                         make sure to give the library a call (742-7428) before venturing over to see us.
Both our Adult Book Discussion Group, as well as our Senior Book Discussion Groups are doing very well. If you’ve
ever thought you might like to join a book club, do think about joining us this year. Our group for adults meets 8-10 times
per year, and we’ve been known to read both fiction and non-fiction. Our next reading date is January 14th, but you can
check out our blog or visit our website to see when February’s group will meet (and, of course, what the book will be). The
Seniors (ages 55 & up) meet monthly – do consider joining them, if you’re so inclined.
Children’s Programming Director Cathy Campen continues to read to the younger set for Storytime most Wednesday
mornings beginning at 10:30AM. If you have a toddler or a pre-school aged child, bring them in. The program is free, and
Ms. C. would love to meet you! For more information, call the library at 742-7428.
Stop by the library as often as you can this winter, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions!

         Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.
                                                                                 News for kids from the

                                                                                 Andover Public Library
                                                                   March 4, 11, 18 & 25 will be special nights for our patrons.
                                                                   We’ll be hosting a reading program aimed at children ages
                                                                   6-10 and a parent/caregiver.
                                                                   The program is called Family Book Voyage I and our guest
    All Brands Sold                                                will be Storyteller/Writer, Jim Harriman. This library-based
                                                                   reading program serves families by teaching them how
    Immediate Delivery                                             to talk about picture books and by encouraging voluntary
                                                                   reading. Each session highlights a theme significant to this
    Professional                                                   age group, drawing upon outstanding selections of traditional
                                                                   and contemporary children’s literature. A few of the titles are:
    Installation                                                   The Giving Tree, Follow the Dancing Gourd, and Wiley and
                                                                   the Hairy Man. Families are to read the books prior to each
    Lowest Prices in                                               discussion session. All programs take place at Andover Pubic
    Windham County                                                 Library, and please call for more information or to register,
    Full Service Repair Shop
                                                                   We will have the titles posted on our webpage so look at www.
                                                          under the LIBRARY PROGRAMS link.
    15 Route 66 East
                                                                   This program is co-sponsored by CT Humanities Council’s
    Columbia, CT 06237-1235
                                                                   Book Voyagers initiative and The Friends of Andover Public
    (860) 228-8487                                                 Library.

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                           23
 Membership Dues for Andover Friends of
         the Library Now Due
                     By Dianne Grenier
                     The 2008 annual membership dues
                     for the Andover Friends of the Library
                     are now due. Application forms are
                     available at the Library on Route 6 or
                     on the Library page of the Andover town
                     Website at
                     The Andover Friends of the Library is
an incorporated, non-profit, tax-exempt organization whose
                                                                 Michael Jordan makes more money from Nike
purpose is to maintain an association of local residents who
are interested in enhancing the services and facility of the     annually than all of the Nike factory workers
Andover Public Library and thereby enriching the cultural        in Malaysia combined.
opportunities available to all the citizens of Andover. The
group membership level for 2007 reached over 100 members           UPDATE ON SKOOG BROOK
for the second year in a row.
                                                                  On November 7, the Board of Selectmen unamiously
The Friends group sponsor’s fund-raisers and special events       voted to submit a letter supporting the naming of the brook
to generate public interest in the library, secure materials      that runs through the Skoog property, Skoog Brook.
that are beyond the scope of the library’s annual budget
and perform other services deemed helpful to the Andover          On November 17, I submitted a packet to the U.S. Board
Library. In 2007 the Friends were able to purchase the popular    of Geographic Names containing 544 petition signatures,
“Museum Library Passes”, Books on Tape, CD’s, DVD’s,              along with the letters of support from ALPOA, (Andover
provide an Andover High School Senior with a Scholarship,         Lake Property Owners Association,) ALMA (Andover
and sponsored children’s programs. Also a flat bed scanner,       Lake Management Association) along with the BOS
pamphlet display rack and a clock were purchased. The             letter.
Friends Garden Club was hard at work and is responsible           I am hopeful that the process at the Federal level will go
for the great new look to the library grounds. Many helping       quickly and smoothly. I will report any updates in the
hands were at the library on hot August weekend to help move      ANDOVER HOMETOWN NEWS as I receive them.
books, furniture and computer equipment around so a new
carpet could be installed. And in December the group brought      Astrid Belanger
back Mr. and Mrs. Claus to visit the
library which is a great hit. A Santa’s

mailbox is a new Holiday addition
which is getting rave reviews by library
A membership donation is all that
is required to become a member of
the organization. Members are not                Hardwood Flooring
                                                 Hardwood Flooring
required to be active participates,
but are encouraged to do so and are                                 Over 20 Years’ Experience
welcome to attend all meetings of the
executive board.
                                                        Sanding, and Refinishing
Becoming a Library Friend will insure
a better library for Andover residents                   of Old Floors and New
and a greater sense of community pride
knowing we have the best library we
                                                         Custom Quality Work
can afford and you helped make that
happen.                                        Licensed and Insured                       39 Oakwood Lane
                                                Tel: 860-228-4207                        Columbia, CT 06237

24                                                                     e-mail your news to:
         Full service for desktop computers and laptops. Fast turnaround.
  New and refurbished computers in stock. Save hundreds on refurbished computers.
  Buy a memory upgrade and let us install it for free! Machines running Vista beg
        for more memory! We buy and sell computers. Trade-ins welcome.
                              Free computer recycling.

   conveniently located at 65 RT 6 in Columbia (just west of the transfer station.)
  M-F    10-6          We’re here to help you, CALL NOW!           PC’s Starting
  Thu      10-7
  Sat       9-4                   860-228-5289                         @ $19900
             Andover Friends To Hold
                Annual Auction
                   By Dianne Grenier
         Andover Friends of the Library President
                                          Hold that date! Friday,
                                          May 2, 2008 for
                                          the annual Andover
                                          Friends of the Library
                                          ”Goods and Services
                                          Auction to be held
                                          in the Andover
                                          Elementary School
                                          cafeteria. The auction
                                          will start at 6:30pm
                                          w i t h A n d o v e r ’s ,
                                          Steve Reade as the
                                          evening’s auctioneer.
                                          Auction items may

                                                        BILL BENDER
be previewed starting at 6:00pm. A
list of all auction items may be viewed
from the Library’s page of the Town
Website at as                   WALLCOVERING CONTRACTOR
time draws closer to the event. This is
quickly becoming a “don’t miss event”
so mark your new 2008 calendar and                           Wallcovering installations
plan on attending. It won’t be the same
without you.                                                      Interior painting
There is no admission charge for the                             Wallpaper removal
event. All proceeds will be used by the
Friends group to purchase goods and                         Plaster and sheetrock repair
services for the Andover Library which
are beyond the scope of the regular
Library budget.                                           Residential ~ Commercial
Items are now being collected for the                   Quality and Integrity since 1977

auction. Donations may be made by
calling the Friend’s Events Coordinator,
Carol Lee at 646-4467.

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                     25
     Community Training Home                                         A Community Training
                                                                     Home is the CTH
         (CTH) Program                                               p r o v i d e r ’s a n d t h e
  Operated by the Institute of Professional Practice, Inc.
                                                                     disabled individual’s
                                Everyone needs at least one          home, with some
                                family. Some people with             adjustments and
                                developmental disability             modifications to make
                                have more than one – their           it safe, comfortable and
                                own, and the family they             as the least restrictive
                                live with in a Community             environment as
                                Training Home. When                  possible.
                                circumstances make it
                                                                     Community Training
                                impractical for an adult to                                                Jamie King
                                                                     Home providers receive
                                live in their family home,
  Richard Culliney with Ann                                          a tax free room & board
                                placement in a Community
 Lewis (staff) holding a rabbit                                      rate established by
                                Training Home is often the
                                                                     Department of Social Services. They also receive a tax free
                                best choice for both the
                                                                     monthly stipend from the DDS to cover costs of care for each
family and the family member with the disability.
                                                                     individual with mental retardation who lives in their home.
Community Training Home providers (the CTH family) accept            The total compensation for the family can range from $1,303
the responsibility of caring for one, two, or in some cases,         to $1,897 monthly, depending on the level of care provided.
as many as three individuals with developmental disability           Client’s medical bills are paid for by various state agencies.
in the provider ’s own                                               In addition, IPP provides the following services: clinical
home. A signed agreement                                             support, case management and community support services,
between the Department                                               administrative on-call support, and some additional funding
of Developmental Services                                            for respite services.
(DDS) and the provider
                                                                     For many families, the most important reward is not financial.
is completed when the
                                                                     It is the satisfaction
individual moves in. The
                                                                     that comes from
first and most important
                                                                     becoming a part
job is to provide a home
                                                                     of a dedicated
– with all that means in
                                                                     group of service
the way of comfort,
                                                                     providers who
understanding and concern.
                                                                     make life better
This includes involvement
                                                                     and more fulfilling
in the life of one’s family,
                                                                     by opening their
the neighborhood and the
                                                                     hearts and their
Community Training Home Michael Wright (staff)-top with
                                        Tom Maloney                  homes.
family. Licensees receive a
                                                                                                  Gerald Raimo (staff) –left with
complete profile of the client                                       The selection
and receive training and                                                                                Donald Leonard
                                                                     process for CTH
                               support as needed, enabling the       providers is critical
                               client to live a fulfilling life to   in matching individuals with families and in determining the
                               the best of their abilities. They     provider’s ability to provide a safe and enriching physical
                               learn to provide basic needs:         and emotional environment. The program is open to couples,
                               communication, everyday               families, and in some cases, single people who demonstrate the
                               living skills, medical needs, use     ability to meet the needs of the individuals to be placed. If both
                               of adaptive equipment, behavior       persons in the home work, it must be understood that the needs
                               modification techniques, assist       of the person living with them must take precedence over at
                               clients in making new friends,        least one of their jobs outside the home. None of the people
                               maintaining old friendships,          referred to this program currently have the ability to be left
                               include contacts with their           entirely alone in a home for any length of time and therefore
 Nana Boato (staff) holding family members, and include              should not be considered for a “latch key” situation.
       Crystal Porter          them in home and community
                               activities.                                                                 continued top of next page
26                                                                            e-mail your news to:
Before one becomes a provider, there is a home study and
intensive inspection conducted. He or she is also trained in
various areas, such as First Aid, CPR and Emergency Medical                 ANDOVER HOMETOWN
Procedures.                                                                         wants to hear from you!
About the Institute of Professional Practice, Inc.
                                                                     If you have good news or announcements you
The Institute of Professional Practice, Inc. is a private, non-      would like to share with the community, send it
profit human service and educational organization. It provides       along.
treatment and supports to people with special and educational        E-mail
needs throughout New England and Maryland. The Institute
                                                                     (send pictures at 300 dpi, .jpg format)
supports children and adults with autism, Asperger’s
Syndrome, mental retardation, traumatic brain injury, physical       Fax: 450-1600, Phone: 456-1151, or mail to:
and learning disabilities, and multi-sensorial handicaps.            Gulemo Inc., PO Box 467, Willimantic, CT
If you are interested in becoming a Community Training                 If you know of an interesting story or person,
Home provider, you can contact Agnes Woroniecka at (203)              contact us and we will arrange for an interview.
389 6956 or e-mail her at

                                       GOLDEN                     Koelreuteria paniculata, also known as Panicled Goldenrain
                                                                  tree or Varnish tree is from the Orient. Its rate of growth is
                                       CHAIN TREE
                                                                  ten to twelve feet over a five-to-seven-year period, reaching
                                       or                         a height of thirty to forty feet with an equal spread.
                                                                  It is a beautiful, dense tree with a rounded outline, developing
                                       RAIN TREE                  to a flat top. The flowers are about one-half inch wide, borne
                                    Have you noticed the          in a twelve-to-fifteen-inch long panicle in July. This species
                                    yellow flowering trees        is excellent for late yellow flowers.
                                    around town? Their            A Goldenrain tree may be used as a small lawn tree, for
                                    beauty is without a           shading a patio, and it is a good tree for urban plantings.
doubt spectacular. They are either a Goldenchain tree or a        These trees are hardy to zone 5, require full sun, and grow in
Goldenrain tree. Do you know the difference?                      almost any well-drained soil. Established trees will tolerate
Laburnum x watereri, also known as Waterer Laburnum or            drought.
Goldenchain tree, is considered a small
tree or shrub with a rate of growth of
twelve to eighteen inches a year. At           ARTHUR L. TAYLOR, CPA, LLL
maturity it will attain a height of twelve          326 Route 87, P.O. Box 370,
to fifteen feet with a spread of nine to             Columbia, CT 06237-0370
twelve feet. Goldenchain trees have an                                                      The Landmark
upright oval to round-headed shape. In          I'm thinking about your taxes               Rt. 66 & 87
May they bear eighteen-inch, tapering                     all year round.
clusters of rich, yellow, pea-shaped       I stay in touch with you throughout the year
flowers resembling wisteria blooms. The      with new tax laws and how they apply to
wood is dark in color, coarse, very hard,            your business and family!
and may be stained to resemble ebony. It
                                                          Specializing in...
is much in demand among wood turners.
                                             Small Business Taxation, Tax Audits and
The leaves, fruits, and flowers are all
                                               Collection Division, Representation,
                                               Construction, Real Estate, Job Shops,
Transplant in the spring into moist, well-    Manufacturing, Homebased Consulting
drained soil. These trees are adaptable to             and Service Industries
many situations but prefer light shade                     Member of the
and will not tolerate standing water.          Connecticut Society of CPAs Since 1975
They are hardy to zone 5 (cold hardiness                Connecticut Lic. #2731          Phone/Fax: 860-228-8225
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                        27
RHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL NEWS                                        Community Voice Channel (CVC)
Julie Victoria                                                 Offers Free Video Workshops
                      RHAM Middle School LEGO                  The workshops that CVC offers are free as long as you are
                      Robotics Team (called the RHAMbots)      a resident of one of the towns that we serve. CVC serves the
                      competed in the Vernon Regional          following communities:
                      competition on Saturday December 1
                      and the state competition on Sunday      Andover, Bolton, Ellington, Hebron, Marlborough, Tolland,
                      December 9. This competition is the      and Vernon
                      result of a partnership between FIRST    The three types of workshops that we offer are Studio
                      (For Inspiration and Recognition of      Production,Field Production, and Lighting:
                      Science and Technology) and LEGO
                      to inspire and celebrate science and     Our Field Production Workshop is offered every other
technology to children, aged 9-14, using real-world context    month and is conducted over the course of three evenings
and hands-on experimentation.                                  with each session running from 6PM-8PM. Attendance at
                                                               all three sessions is required in order to successfully complete
The RHAMbots built a robot using a LEGO NXT and other          the workshop.
LEGO bricks and gears and programmed it to compete in an
event especially designed for their age group. This year’s     The minimum age is 11. CVC’s next Field Production
challenge, named Power Puzzle, kicked-off in September         Workshop will be held in January 2008 on the following
and the robot missions represent just some of the energy       dates:
saving ideas that scientist are thinking about or working      Thursday, 1/10
on right now. The research project, that accompanied the       Thursday, 1/17
RHAMBots Team’s robot, focused on energy efficiency and        Thursday, 1/24
savings at the Andover Public Library. On December 1, at the
Vernon Regional Qualifier, the RHAMbots Team received          All sessions from 6PM-8PM
the Director’s Award which is presented to the team whose
                                                               Our Studio Production Workshop is offered every other
understanding of science and teamwork best represents the
                                                               month and is conducted over the course of four evenings
spirit of FIRST. They did not win an award at the state
                                                               with each session running from 6PM-8PM. Attendance at all
competition but had a lot of fun.
                                                               four sessions is required in order to successfully complete
Members of the RHAMbots Team are Colin Bancroft, Nick          the workshop.
Gruner, Dalton Miner, Hendrik Bilek, Sydney Kern, Trevor
                                                               The minimum age is 13.
Tate, Eric Davey, Greg Burgess and Zach Hannon. The
parents of the RHAMbots Team members would especially          The next Studio Production Workshop will be held on the
like to thank the leaders: Paul Bancroft, George Deliman,      following dates in February:
Rebecca Sinosky, Kelly Trueb and Julie Victoria for their
                                                               Monday, 2/4
time, dedication and patience!
                                                               Monday, 2/11
                                                               Monday, 2/18
     Mosquito repellents don’t repel. They hide you.           Monday, 2/25
     The spray blocks the mosquito’s sensors so they
                                                               All sessions from 6PM-8PM each night
                don’t know you’re there.
                                                               Addtionally, we at CVC are very excited to announce that as of
                                                               this past August, we have added a new, state-of-the-art Lowel
                                                               Field Production Lighting Kit to our production arsenal.
                                                               It will allow producers to create a broad range of
                                                               dramatic lighting effects to enhance their programming, both
                                                               in the studio and in the field.
                                                               CVC conducts monthly 2 hour workshops on how to use
                                                               the Lowel Light Kit effectively in both field and production
                                                               settings. You must have already completed our Field
                                                               Production Workshop in order to be eligible to be trained on
                                                               the Lowel Light Kit.

28                                                                     e-mail your news to:
                                                                                          Tyler LeMasurier
                                           Micky Quagliano and
       Justin Quagliano                      Lauren Carrara

CVC also offers training on the principles and techniques     If you have an interest in any of our workshops or other types
of video editing using both Apple iMovie and Apple Final      of training, please contact
Cut Pro.
                                                              Don Berry at can also visit
Our workshops satisfy the requirements for both Girl Scouts   us on the web at
and Boy Scouts communication badges. CVC can also create
customized presentations for your schools and community
groups.                                                         Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be
All sessions will take place at CVC’s facility at 105 Notch       kept at least 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid
Road, in Bolton , CT.                                              airborne particles resulting from the flush.

                       The Landmark Building, Columbia Center
                                   We carry a full assortment of natural and organic foods,
                                          milk, eggs, cheeses, and organic meats.
                                                We also offer the following:
                            •	 Gluten-free foods
                            •	 Natural and organic food items, including snacks, frozen prepared foods, frozen fish,
                               dairy, breakfast foods, desserts, breads, pastas, and baby foods
                            •	 Beverages including mineral water, iced tea, sports drinks, fruit juices, and natural soda
                            •	 Health and beauty aids, including natural soaps, hair care products, body and face creams
                            •	 Homeopathic remedies
              We specialize in local products and carry free-range eggs, local honey, and Mountain Dairy milk.

                                                                                    Now Serving
   The Landmark Natural Foods, LLC:                                         Fresh Organic Coffee and
                                                                                  Baked Goods
                860-228-0219                                                Soft Serve Frozen Yogurt
                                                                           UConn Dairy Bar Ice Cream
                  At the junction of
              Route 66 and Route 87                                        Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
            in the Center of Columbia                                      Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
      Our Web site:                               Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.

The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                  29
     SENIORS HELPING SENIORS                                                       Andover Seniors
               Georgette Conrad, Chairman                                        Young At Heart Club
            Senior Tax Stabilization Committee                                     Mary Duval, Publicity
The Senior Tax Stabilization Committee withdrew a proposal
                                                                The Andover Seniors Young At Heart Club held its annual
to create a “pool” of money for helping seniors and disabled
with taxes. A new proposal was submitted, to update             Christmas party on Dec. 6, at Georgina’s Restaurant
the existing ordinance “96-02 Ordinance Providing for           in Bolton. Kaye Cardin kicked off the fun with an
Property Tax Relief Program For Certain Home Owners             impromptu performance by her animated toy collection.
Aged 65 or Older or Permanently and Totally Disabled”.          Penguins, ducks, Santas and assorted animated entertainers
The 1996 version uses the same criteria
                                                                sang and pranced along the dance floor. While not exactly
as Connecticut’s Elderly and Disabled Homeowners Program        in harmony, the toy show brought out the young at heart
known as “Circuit Breaker” for an $8,000 exemption off the
                                                                in everyone and set the tone for a festive afternoon. Club
assessment, lowering the taxes.
                                                                members enjoyed excellent meals and then danced to the
This is called “Local Option”.                                  music of Bob Mell. There were many lucky winners in the
 “Circuit Breaker” income requirements are low and few          door prize raffle. The club also paid tribute to a very special
people qualify.                                                 lady: Pauline Collette, long-time Young At Heart Club
 It allows10% off with an income of $35,300 for married         member and volunteer in Andover, is leaving town to reside
couples and $28,800 for single persons. The percent increases   with her daughter. Best Wishes, Pauline!
as income decreases, capping out at 50% for married and 40%
for singles. The maximum tax break for married couples is       The Young At Heart Club will resume regular meetings in
$1,250 and $1,000 for singles. Towns are reimbursed for lost    January 2008.
revenue from the state program but not the “Local Option.”
Our proposal increases income level to $45,000 and the
exemption to $12,000. Homeowners on “Circuit Breaker”
would continue on it but the “Local Option” assessment
exemption would increase to $12,000.
Homeowners not qualifying for “Circuit Breaker” by a
few dollars, would now receive the $12,000 assessment
exemption. Our mil rate of 26.3 would mean a reduction of
$315.60 in your taxes.
 There would be a public hearing before any decision is
made. The Board of Selectmen needs some idea of how
many homeowners would qualify under this proposal, so we
need your help.
If you’re NOT on “circuit breaker” but are aged 65 or older,
or totally disabled by Social Security standards, and your
total income before deductions is $45,000 or less, you might
qualify. If so, let me know by phone, email or postcard.              To capture that special moment
 There’s no need to identify yourself, just say “I might
                                                                       Thomas Giroir Photography
phone - 742-8805,
email -,
address -117 Lakeside Drive.

30                                                                      e-mail your news to:
The Andover Hometown News January 2008   31
32   e-mail your news to:
      Tel: 860-228-8425                          We now
                                                 offer tree
                               Tree problems?
                                  Book now

                                            Tree and stump
                                           removal and tree
                                            pruning are not
                                            seasonal jobs.

                                         Our 70 foot bucket truck

       Columbia, Conn. 06237 Fully Insured
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                          33
Bill VonRommer                                                principal. She was a talented and dedicated professional. Bill
                                                              Lange was the only man I knew who taught first grade. He
                                 When asked to write of       had a lot of patience. Hazel Floyd was a seasoned veteran
                                 my memories as a teacher     and the children thought the world of her. Betty Wright was
                                 at Andover Elementary        a clothes horse. At a negotiations meeting for salary increases,
                                 School, I gladly agreed. I   Betty wore a fur coat. Guy Oatlaw, president of the Andover
                                 have had the most exciting   Teachers Association suggested Betty leave her coat outside
                                 and rewarding career as a    the meeting. Guy felt if we were asking for an increase we
                                 teacher and my memories      should not appear wealthy.
                                 are many.                    My first year teaching I was blessed with the help of Vi
                                 I began teaching at          Larson, an elementary supervisor. Supervisors generally
                                 Andover Elementary           make teachers nervous but Vi was always smiling, and very
                                 School in 1957 at a salary   helpful. Once while the children were working on a social
                                 of $30,000. There were       studies project Vi roamed around the room taking notes. A
                                 ten rooms, a cafeteria and   week later, she sent two suitcases from the State Library for the
                                 a small library. The town    students with a note inside which read “I hope these books will
                                 owned four buses but there   help the class project.” Vi Larson was a real professional.
                                 were five bus routes. Thus   At times it was difficult to maintain a serious face while
                                 one bus had two runs         delivering a reprimand. I would turn my back to the class and
Guy Outlaw had been teaching for five years and was an        erase the board or rearrange the chalk. Some students would
outstanding educator. He was a Boston University graduate     catch me smiling and announce to their fellow classmates
and a classmate of Martin Luther King. He was my mentor       “he’s laughing, he’s laughing.”
and best friend. Guy went on to become an administrator in
Buffalo, New York. Doris Chamberlain was the school’s                                                  continued on next page


                                                                                We are here to serve you.

                                                                               Front row: Lois and Ann
                             In service                                Back row: Rick, Jim, Sharon, and Howard

                             In quality
                             In convenience
                       Open Monday thru Saturday, 8 a.m. ~ 8 p.m., Sunday, 9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m.
                        187 Route 66, East, Columbia, CT   In the Columbia Plaza (next to Leventi’s)

                                          Phone: 860-228-3922
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I had only one psychology course in
college but I had a knack for solving
difficult situations. One student had
a habit of throwing things in the
classroom. One day I had him make a
pile of small stones. The playground
was just outside our classroom so. I
told him that when he felt like throwing
something he should go outside and
throw the rocks. He never threw
anything in class again and never went
outside to throw rocks. One student
was struggling with reading at grade
level. He loved science so I assigned
him science books to read. In no time
he was able to keep up with the class.
Another student was reading two grade
levels below his level and was teased
by his fellow classmates. Knowing
he was interested in sports, I pasted
sport pictures from newspapers and
                                                                 teachers identify areas that needed improvement, not to
magazines in a notebook. Then I wrote captions beneath the
                                                                 determine whether a school received state or government aid.
pictures. I began by using second and third grade vocabulary.
                                                                 Today’s standardized tests puts a lot of pressure on students
I used the players and teams names as he was familiar with
                                                                 and teachers
them. I made three notebooks in all gradually increasing the
vocabulary level. The classmates that had teased him now         I have never minimized the role I played in influencing my
begged him to let them look at his notebooks. By the end of      students’ lives. I hope I have touched the student’s minds
the year he was reading at grade level. It wasn’t easy for him   and spirits for the rest of their lives--and that has been a
but with some extra help he did well.                            privilege.
Having to stay with the children until their bus came, I The three most valuable brand names on earth:
organized games--touch football was a fall favorite. I played Marlboro, Coca Cola,and Budweiser, in that order.
quarterback for both sides to be sure
the smallest players participated. On
one occasion, there was a player bigger        The Sharpening Tools Center
than me. When he came at me I lowered
my shoulder and hit him so hard that                Sharpening
he went down almost crying. I had
overlooked the fact that I was much              Tools of All Kinds
stronger than a young boy no matter                    For the Workshop
how big he was.
                                                  Chain saws, Saw blades
Another time I was hitting fly balls. I     Carbide Blades,Hole Saws, Drill Bits
swung hard sending a drive ball right         Lenox and Milwaukee Drill Bits
towards the young pitchers face. He               For the Gardener
reacted quickly and caught the ball          Garden Edgers and Shovels
before it smashed into his face. He               Hedge Trimmers                             For the Household
saved my career. I never picked up a               Mower Blades                                      Scissors
bat again until I became the baseball                                                                 Knives
coach at Weaver High School.                                                                       Hair Clippers
Teaching has changed a great deal           Renald Champagne              6 Hunt Road, Columbia, CT               06237
since my day. Years ago the purpose
of standardized tests were to help
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                    35
CERT Graduation
Mary Duval, Publicity

The first Andover Community Emergency Response
Team (CERT) was sworn in at its graduation ceremony
on Sat., Nov. 10 at the Andover Fire station. Under
                                  team leader Sylvia
                                  D a k e , E m e rg e n c y
                                  M a n a g e m e n t
                                  Coordinator for the
                                  town of Andover, this
                                  small but dedicated
                                  team of volunteers
                                  were trained in CPR/         Andover CERT Graduation, Nov. 10. Left to right are:
                                                               State Senator Edith Prague, State Representative Pam Sawyer,
                                  AED, First Aid,
                                                               Dave Boone, Dawn Quint, Team Leader Sylvia Dake, Pam Quint,
                                  Shelter Management,          Jim Dake, Mary Duval, Rich Laurinitis, Victoria Dake, Anita
                                  disaster preparedness        Anderson.
                                  and the home and car
                                  emergency supply kits,       rescue techniques (including cribbing and carrying
Kaye Cardin of Andover tries on a hazardous materials          injured victims), and small fire suppression among other
CERT helmet after the graduation  awareness, search and        topics. The team studied natural and man-made disasters
                                                                                                      continued on next page

              Taxes Plus & Associates, LLC
            EXPERIENCED Personal Tax Return Preparation
      Jerome D. Sipple, EA
                                                           • Licensed To Represent Taxpayers
         L. Bart Goodin                                      Before The IRS
                                                           • Multi-State Service
                                                           • Business Start-up Consulting
                                                           • Professional Bookkeeping Services
                                                           • Retirement Planning
              450-1040 • 228-4265                          • Year-Round Service
                             • Financial Services
                                                           • Estate Planning

                      1 Cards Mill Road, Columbia, CT 06237
                                Off Route 66 East
36                                                                    e-mail your news to:
                                             We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for relief under the bankruptcy code

such as heat emergencies, ice storms, chemical spills o            public education about disaster preparedness, home
Route 6, and terrorism. Along the way, team members                safety, and threat awareness. On April 18-19, 2008,
received Red Cross certifications in CPR/AED, First                the team will hold a shelter exercise. Informational
Aid, and Shelter Management. On Sept. 8-9, 2007,                   meetings will be held in January, February, and March;
most were able to attend the CERT Weekend, a two-day               all are invited to attend. Following Hurricane Katrina,
training event held at the CT Fire Academy in Windsor              the abandonment of pets added yet another level of
Locks. Here the team members took classes and got                  tragedy to the disaster. Pets are now included in disaster
hands-on experience using fire extinguishers, raising a            planning, and several Andover CERT members have
heavy object using cribbing, even crawling through a               experience with animals. An adjacent pet shelter will
maze “confidence course,” always with a team buddy.                be part of the April 2008 exercise.
This intense training was completed over the course of a
                                                                   As part of Citizen Corps (,
year, culminating in the graduation of the first Andover
                                                                   Community Emergency Response Teams are advocated
CERT on Nov. 10. Honored guests at the event were
                                                                   for every city and town. Larger communities can have
State Senator Edith Prague, State Representative Pam
                                                                   multiple teams. Andover’s first CERT is proud of its
Sawyer, and Andover First Selectman Bob Burbank.
                                                                   accomplishments over the past year, and eager to serve
The oath was given by team leader Sylvia Dake, with
                                                                   the town it calls home.
family and friends of the team in attendance.
The Andover CERT now looks forward to additional
training in two-way radio operation and map reading,                  Oak trees do not produce acorns until they
as well as keeping acquired skills current. Crucial to the                  are fifty years of age or older.
CERT mission is reaching out to the community through
The Andover Hometown News January 2008                                                                                               37
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     Specializing in All Phases of Landscape Construction
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