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Present Participle


									                                                 the                                                                MAY 2009
This MonTh...                                From the Pastor...
• Keeping Up with the Joneses,
  Adventure and Dessert, Sat., May
  2, 7:00 PM
                                                                        Present Participle
                                                                         Our lesson for this month is on a verb tense—the
• MAY ~ LEI, Caring Ministries                                       “present participle.” Does that ring any bells (or strike
  Spring Luncheon, Wed.,                                             terror in your heart) from English class back in your
  5/6, Socializing from 11:30 AM,                                    early school days? Well, it’s really pretty simple. The
  Luncheon at 12:00 PM                                               present participle of most verbs is formed by taking
• SPIRE Deadline for JUNE                                            the base (infinitive) and adding the ending “-ing”. So,
   Issue: Thu., 5/7, 2:00 PM                                         for example, “work” becomes “working.” One use of
                                                                     this verb form is “to describe an on-going action that
• Mother’s Day: Sun., 5/10                                           continues into the future.”
  Sophia’s Layette Baby
  Shower in the Fireside Room                    OK, so please bear with me for a         awfully passive and a bit boring) but to
  after worship                              moment on why this is important! As          be actively and passionately Providing
                                             we are in the midst of re-affirming and      a Place where we can worship and open
• Silicon Valley Symphony                    studying the PCLG Mission Statement          ourselves to others as we continue to
   Concert, Sat., 5/16, 8:00 PM, in          for the rest of the month of May, I want     grow in our faith through scripture study
  the Church Sanctuary
                                             to emphasize and highlight the on-going      and prayer. Our work is not just to “Reach
• Spring Ring Bell Concert,                  and active nature of the Statement’s six     Out” (that sounds like a one-time try)
  Sun., 5/17, 4:00 PM                        core themes. So, here they are using         but to be continually Reaching Out to
• Memorial Day, Mon., 5/25,                  the present participle form of the action    others and inviting them into an active
  OFFICE CLOSED ALL DAY                      words in each:                               relationship with Jesus Christ.
• Shoestring Theatre                            Providing a Place                             I could go on with the other four
   Auditions - Sat., 5/30, @ 9:00                 Reaching Out                            themes, but I think you get the idea! As
  AM; Mon., 6/1 @ 7:00 PM                                                                 we move forward together, I would invite
                                                    Celebrating                           everyone to make a special effort this
• ALL-CHURCH PICNIC,                                  Nurturing and Encouraging           month to be diligent and aware of how
  Immediately after worship, Sun.,
  5/31, Redwood Grove                                   Equipping One Another             the Spirit may be prompting you toward
                                                                                          a “present participle” mode of faith and
                                                          Passing On.                     growth. As we explore the themes in
CoMing soon...                                   We Presbyterians have a habit of         the upcoming Sundays, listen for God’s
• SPIRE Deadline for                         over-intellectualizing our faith (there’s    voice speaking to you and inviting you to
   SUMMER Issue: Thu., 6/11,                 a reason we are called the “Frozen           be active and passionate in the work of
  2:00 PM                                    Chosen”!) and the temptation in our          this church.
                                             Mission Statement is mostly to think             As always, please contact me or any
INSIDE...                                    about these core themes and not to put
                                             them into action. So, I want to encourage
                                                                                          of our Session elders with questions and
  Birthdays & Anniversaries ... 12                                                        comments. We appreciate and encourage
  Bulletin Board........................ 9   us to a “present participle” mode of faith   your feedback and ideas.
  Caring Ministries ................... 2    that recognizes God’s call to each of
  Children’s Ministries .............. 4     us and to our congregation to live out
  Events Calendar ................. 11       these themes as an on-going action that      In Christ,
  Mission Minute ...................... 3    continues into the future.                   Mark
  Music Ministries .............. 6, 14          In other words (to use the first theme
  Presbyterian Women .......... 10                                                                        [#\
                                             as an example), our work is not just
  Shoestring Theatre ............. 11
                                             to “Provide a Place” (that can sound
  Youth Ministry ....................... 5
                                                                                                             PCLG STAFF
                ♥CARinG MiniSTRieS♥
                                     (408) 356-6156 ext. 35

Moderator: Kathy Demerit                                                         Elder: Veronica Rudick
(408) 356-3626                                                                           (408) 410-6911
                                       PCLG’s Board of Deacons
     Pam Bancroft • Ted Bancroft • Tony Bayne • Mary Jane Bender • Florence Buckman • Kathy DeMerit
   Tricia Parlato Herz • Amee Jones • Bob Jones • Pat Jones • Barbara Klindt • Rachel Larson • Jean Lusk
   Ted Lusk • Bettyjane Rayfield • Jean Richey • Bea Sheible • Lydia Terrill • Toneh Thompson • Bev Wright
                                                                                                              Pastor/Head of Staff
                             Need a ride, need a meal, need to talk?                                         Rev. Mark R. Burnham
                     The Board of Deacons can help during times of illness,
                  grief or when the demands of daily life become too difficult.
We will provide rides, meals or a friendly face to share assistance and personal comfort.Please                   Director of
call Veronica 410-6911 or Kathy 356-3626 for immediate response. Messages may be left at the                     Youth Ministry
                               church office 408-356-6156 ext 35                                                 Steve Fainer
                                       PRAYER REQUESTS
     If you or someone you know needs prayers, please contact Lydia Terrill, Prayer Chain                         Director of
 Coordinator 408-559-3346. You may also call Veronica at 410-6911 or Kathy at 356-3626 or call
                                                                                                                Music Ministry
                   the church office 356-6136 and ask for Rev. Mark Burnham.
                                                                                                                Michael Gibson

                                                                                                               Children's Ministry
                                                                                                                 Martha Wills

        Aloha, Greatest Generation
                                                                                                                   Chris Daly

                  (and those with Senior spunk!)
                                                                                                             Church Administrator
                                                                                                               Diane Sanders

             MAY                                                LEI
                                                                                                              Financial Secretary
                                                                                                                  Kristy Cole

                                                                                                               Handbell Director
                                                                                                                 Norma Rose
                 Tropical Breezes • Coconut Palms
                  Exotic Flowers • Hula Dancers                                                               Growing FootPrints

      Caring Ministries Spring Luncheon
                                                                                                                 Cory Mullins

          Wednesday, May 6 • PCLG Social Hall                                                                     Publications
           11:30 am gathering, lunch at Noon                                                                 Shirley Harned Kelley

        Sign up in the church office, 408-356-6156 before May 4!                                                Mailing Address:
                                                                                                             16575 Shannon Road
  Tropical attire, please ~ Hawaiian shirts & floral prints!                                                 Los Gatos, CA 95032
                                                                                                              Tel.: (408) 356•6156
                                                                                                              Fax: (408) 358•4167
 “All Ministry in the church is a gift from Jesus Christ... His ministry is the basis for all
 ministries: the standard for all offices is the pattern of the one who came not to be served
 but to serve.” Matt. 20:28
MISSION MINUTE:                                       • Vitamin C, fighting a host of illnesses
Medical Benevolence Foundation:                   including colds and flu. (7X the amount in
 Providing Hope and Healing                       oranges)
    To Those Most In Need                             • Calcium, which builds strong bones and
                                                  teeth, and helps prevent osteoporosis. (4X
                                                  the calcium in milk)
                                                      • Potassium, essential for the functioning
                                                  of the brain and nerves. (3X the potassium in
                                                      • Proteins, the basic building blocks of all
                                                  our body cells. (2X the protein in milk
                                                      This “miracle” tree is an inexpensive,
                                                  easy prevention program to complement
                                                  health care!                                       Recovery Program and to many, many
                                                                                                     homeless men and women. Thanks to Milt
   Medical Benevolence Foundation (MBF)               Don Wolf, a longtime board member of
                                                                                                     and Joann Khoobyarian, Hendrika Harris,
supports healing ministries in more than 100      MBF, will be sharing information about MBF
                                                                                                     Rachel Larson, Peggy Heath, Kathy DeMerit
hospitals and clinics throughout the world,       during and after the service on May 24th –
                                                                                                     and Steve Coates for helping. It was quite
primarily in Africa and India. They provide       join him to learn more.
                                                                                                     an experience. The amazing part was we cut
funds for medical care to the needy, medical                                                         up four fifty lb. bags of potatoes – that’s 200
mission workers, and hospital buildings                                                              lbs.!!! I enjoyed it and hope to go again.
and operations. They contribute to the
fight against diseases of poverty, including      Mission Trips:                                                                     —Sue Coates
HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, and              Goers, but also Senders
malnutrition.                                                                                          INNVISION
                                                      The mission trip to Albania is so popular
   MBF works with its partners to fill cargo                                                         TO BE OUR
                                                  it’s depleting our Volunteers in Mission
containers with donations of surplus medical      Trust Fund! The Goers (i.e., missionaries           MAY FOOD
supplies and equipment, which are then            to Albania) are contributing to mission in             FOR THE
sent to a wide variety of facilities in need      Albania by doing construction work, helping            HUNGRY
around the world. They have a short-term          with activities at a junior-high-age camp,          RECIPIENT
mission program to work to save lives in          possibly setting up a wilderness camp,                Founded in 1973, InnVision got its start
developing nations where trained workers          and local outreach with kids and youth in          when members of nine downtown San Jose
are often in short supply. In addition MBF        Erseka.                                            churches began noticing with alarm that more
works toward long term lasting changes                                                               and more people were sleeping in downtown
that affect whole communities through                 But what about the rest of us? We can be
                                                  Senders. We can help replenish the funds           doorways. Determined to help, they formed
community health programs, helping                                                                   the San Jose Urban Ministry - now InnVision
to train indigenous healthcare workers            used by the Goers and thus become part of
                                                  mission! Make your check to PCLG, and put          - and started handing out blankets, dishing
and personnel, education programs on                                                                 up hot food and making housing referrals.
disease prevention and nutrition, and             “Volunteers in Mission Trust Fund” on the
more. More information is available at            memo line. We thank you!                              Today, InnVision programs reach                                                                                throughout Santa Clara and San Mateo
                                                                                                     counties and serve more than 20,000 men,
        Moringa “Miracle” Tree                                                                       women, children and mentally ill adults
                                                    MISSION ACTIVITES UPDATE                         each year at 20 different sites. InnVision
                                    MBF’s         FOOD TOTALS IN MARCH - 24 bags!                    addresses the multiple needs of people in
                                medical           Thank you!                                         transition, including emergency shelters,
                                mission                                                              transitional/supportive housing, food,
                                workers also      17 EASTER BASKETS OF BLESSINGS                     clothing, showers, laundry, healthcare, job
                                distribute        were donated to CityTeam. The baskets              training, classes, children’s programs and
seeds of the Moringa tree to families in Africa   were assembled and decorated with Easter           access to telephones and computers. Learn
so that they can grow their own nutritious        ribbons on March 28. Thank you to all who          more about them at
food. Moringa leaves are full of essential        donated household supplies! Thanks to
                                                  Ted and Jean Lusk, Martha Beattie, Anita              Put non-perishable foods only—no
disease-preventing nutrients:                                                                        glass or expired dates—in our marked red
   • Vitamin A, which acts as a shield            Wolf, Barbara Klindt and Bev Wright for
                                                  volunteering.                                      barrels Needed are the following: Coffee,
against eye disease, skin disease, heart                                                             dry creamer, sugar; canned meats, soups,
ailments, diarrhea, and many other diseases.         Eight PCLG members went to CityTeam on          veggies, fruits, as well as peanut butter.
(4X the amount in carrots per 100 gm edible       March 31. We helped with dinner preparation
portion)                                          and served the meal to the men in the Men’s
 Children’s Ministry News
Story for May - John Calvin: Glory and Grace
                         God’s Place: It can be argued that no church leader had a better grasp of the
                       goodness of God’s grace than the leader of the Reformed movement, John Calvin,
                       whose 500th birthday we celebrate this year. Although Calvin has the reputation of
                       being sour and serious, a closer look indicates that he shared the love of God freely
                       with many around him. Calvin also took great pleasure in admiring the beauty of
God’s creation, which he called “the theater of divine glory.” God’s grace, mercy and glory are all around
us: all we have to do is notice and respond with gratitude, love and praise.
                   Memory Verse: “My heart I give you, O Lord, promptly and sincerely.” John Calvin
                 In conjunction with the church-wide reaffirmation of PCLG’s mission statement, on May
                 17 Children’s Ministries will celebrate those who “pass on to successive generations
                 the Word of God through education and example,” – in other words our teachers! We
                 hope all teachers, guides and education volunteers will be present on this day for
                 a celebration of your faithful service.
                 Calling all third graders! A special gift awaits you on May 31, followed by a party
                 and the all-church picnic. All other students in kindergarten through 5th grade will
                 convene in the Social Hall for a festive recap of this year’s stories.

Suggestions for Summer
   •   Help lead worship! From June 7 through September 7 we invite all children 6 and older to attend
       family worship. But don’t just sit there! Participate! Read the scripture, share some music
       or greet at the door. To volunteer or for more info, email childrensministries@mindspring.
   •   Go to the Woods! Get acquainted with Westminster Woods, a Presbyterian camp and conference
       center in Sonoma County. Pick up a brochure in the breezeway or visit
       for details. Partial scholarships are available – see Martha or Chris.

       Mission Corner                                                     During the summer,
             226 pairs                                                we encourage adults to fulfill the
                                                                           PCLG mission statement
                         of flip flops!                                by passing on the Word of God
                                                                             to our littlest ones.
                          THANKS!                                    Consider leading the preschool class
      226 children in Africa                                        any Sunday from June 7 to August 30.
      thank you and Growing                                             Tier 1 clearance required.
   FootPrints families for the                                      Call Chris Daly for more information.
  first footwear many of them
         have ever owned.                                                 The children thank you!
        Contact information: 356-6156 ext. 30 and check out our page on the web site!
                                    Martha Wills and Chris Daly, Co-Directors of Children’s Ministries
                                 From the            Director

                         Some of you may have received a call from a fellow member
                         of the church recently to check in with you
                        to see how things are going. With the
                       recent changes at PCLG, some elders,
                      past elders, deacons and members have             decided  to
                     “check in” with members to see how they are doing and see how
they are connected with the church here at PCLG. Shepherding is not new at PCLG.
In years past, the church had Parishes with Deacons who checked in with
members of the Parishes on a regular basis. This is similar to the shepherding
   Those who volunteered to be shepherds have been assigned a
group of members to connect with and they will be working closely
with the Caring Ministry, pastoral care, covenant and fellowship
groups at the church. Shepherding is separate from the Caring
Ministries Deacon communications with our members. The primary
goal of shepherding is to keep “closer touch” with members and make
sure we are all connected to the church and to one another.
   If you are interested in participating as a shepherd, please contact
Corky Watts at or 408-395-5504.

Michael Paul Gibson
Music Director & Conductor

                Julian Brown, Violin Soloist

                       . . .from the new world
                    Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 8:00 p.m.
                  F. Mendelssohn: The Hebrides, Op. 26 (Fingal’s Cave)
       M. Ravel: Pavane pour une infante défunte (Pavane for a dead princess)
                        J. Massenet: Méditation from Thaïs
                                 Julian Brown, violin soloist
                    H. Berlioz: Roman Carnival Overture, Op. 9
                     A. Dvořák: New World Symphony, Op. 95
                      Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos, 16575 Shannon Road
            Ticket Donation:$20 / $15 seniors & students, children 12 and under free with adult
              Sponsored by: Bay Area Music Foundation, Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos,
                Performing Arts Alliance Foothill College •

                  RING IN THE SPRING!
                          Sunday, May 17, at 4:00 p.m.
                   Celebrate Spring at the Annual Bell Ring
                    featuring our wonderful handbell choirs
                      under the direction of Norma Rose.
                       Bring your friends and neighbors
                   to enjoy an afternoon of delightful music.
                  Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos • 16575 Shannon Road • Los Gatos CA 408-356-6156

                                              PCLG Finance Committee’s
                                              Personal Financial Seminar Series

Dear Friends,

Approximately 30 people attended our first Personal Financial Seminar on Sunday,
April 19, which presented some individual investments considerations, and how to take
advantage of the opportunities that have been created by the financial markets downturn.
The next two planned seminars build on this information, highlighting topics in;

Sunday, May 17th:     Additional Investment Considerations, such as Opportunities in a
                      Low Interest Rate Environment, and Estate Planning – building a
                      plan, plus Wills, Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, Etc.

Sunday, June 28th:    Charitable Giving and Gifting, Long Term Care Considerations –
                      such as Medicare and Medicaid, Tax Conservation Strategies and
                      How to Obtain Professional Investments and Estate Planning Help

These Seminars are being presented in response to many concerns we have heard, about
the downturn in investment markets, credit markets, housing markets, and the impact many
of us have experienced because of these downturns. There is no cost or obligation for
participation and the presenters are licensed financial advisors, who have presented similar
programs to other congregations. Information you receive can be discussed with your
current financial advisor or if you wish, we can provide some suggestions on professionals
whom you may contact for assistance. A personal appointment may also be arranged with
our presenters. We hope to see you at all or any of the seminars!

In Christ,

Bob Kennedy for the PCLG Finance Committee
Questions?? - call me at 408-888-1292

                                PCLG – Q1/2009 Financials

Dear Friends,

The financial results of the first quarter of 2009 are encouraging. Our budget expects a negative result
due to the planned staff reductions, moving to a balanced budget for 2010. Fulfillment of pledged
giving is as expected, and we have received several generous amounts in addition to amounts
pledged. All staff and committee’s are exercising great control on spending and only minor unplanned
expenses have occurred. Our annual budget is divided by 12 to determine monthly budgets, which
does not exactly track to planned spending. In Personnel & Staff, planned spending reduces sharply
in the second half of the year with the planned departure of the Associate Pastor and Music director.
Accordingly, Personnel spending is tracking to the full year budgeted amount. With the 1/12th budget
allocation, our first quarter results are almost $9,000 ahead of our plan. With adjustments for the
planned staff reductions, our results are approximately $17,000 ahead (better) of our plan.

Category                Budget            Actual           Variance      %       Notes
Income Items
Pledged Giving          127,500          114,492          ( 13,008) ( 10.2) Normal trend for this time timeframe
Unpledged Giving         13,750           32,108            18,358   133.5 Received several gifts -see *1 below
Loose Offerings           2,625            3,400               775    29.5
Fund Transfers           18,504           18,504                -       -
All Other Income         12,654           19,052             6,398    50.6
Total Income            175,033          187,556            12,523     7.2

Spending Items
Campus Maintenance       47,250           38,354             8,896       18.8    Excellent spending controls.
Office & Admin           10,000           16,757           ( 6,757)    ( 67.6)   Replaced stolen computer in office
Mission Ministry         16,715           16,124               591        3.5
Other Ministries         11,750            8,953             2,797       23.9    Summer time is slightly higher
Personnel & Staff       126,365          135,527           ( 9,162)    ( 7.3)    High due to staff transition timing
Total Expenses          212,080          215,715           ( 3,635)    ( 1.7)

Surplus (Deficit)       (37,047)         (28,159)             8,888     24.0

*1: Several in our PCLG family generously gave financial gifts above their pledged amounts.

Submitted by:
PCLG Finance Committee

                            spring WOrKDAY hAs been
                           till further nOtice
                        WAtch fOr exciting DetAils!
                    HeLP WAnTeD!                                                       transitions...
   Have you met Tchatcho, Marcel and Moustafa yet?                          As you know, recent actions from the Session and the
    Born and raised in the Republic of Congo, they have been            Congregation have resulted in staff changes at PCLG. To
resettled in Los Gatos as part of the refugee resettlement program      determine how best to cope with these changes, the Session
of Catholic Charities. They live on Los Gatos Boulevard and walk        has formed a Transition Committee. The Transition Committee
or ride bikes to our church each Sunday.                                is working now to determine the specific plans going forward
   They are on a very tight budget and could use some extra             for areas where Kent and Michael have responsibilities now.
income to pay their monthly bills. In addition to rent and food, they   If you have suggestions for the Transition Committee or if we
pay for bus passes ($61), cell phone, and the money they are            can help in any way, please let one of the committee members
required to reimburse the U.S. government each month for their          know.
plane tickets to the United States from Africa! None of them have            —Martha Beattie, Ellen Graff, Bob Kennedy, Jeff Thompson
medical or dental insurance right now either.
   You could help by offering them jobs to help them earn extra
cash! Do you have a job they could do on a Saturday or Sunday?
They are strong and hard working. They are also very fun to be
   Also, do you have time to help them with: Bike repairs?
Improving their English? Learning any skills you can teach them?
Any home grown fruits and vegetables (or extra food) you could
share? Ideas for possible full time employment?
   Call Sue Coates, 408-395-0646, if you can help.

  Adult ESL Tutoring Program Training
  Is Offered Through Refugee Transitions
  “Help assist refugee and immigrant families in
becoming more self sufficient here in the United
States!...Refugee Transitions provides preparatory
training and resources to support volunteers, as well
as the unique opportunity for volunteers to teach
English as a Second Language to refugees and
immigrants in the students’ home environments”
(from the Refugee Transitions
  Training is six hours. A time commitment of six months
is requested. For more information go to the Refugee
Transitions or or call (408)

                PRESBYTERIAN WOMEN
                May is a busy month with many events...
    Friday, May 1, is San Francisco Theological
Seminary’s “Seminary for a Day” which starts                          Also, it’s not too
at 9:00 and concludes with lunch at 12:30. Two                       late to participate
great speakers are planned for the day as well was a chance         in the netWorkers
to visit the campus and talk with the seminarians. There are               Mother’s Day
registration forms located on the PW Bulletin Board in the                        Project.
Social Hall.                                                              The ninth annual
      On Saturday, May 2, the Annual Spiritual                      NetWorkers Mother’s
nurture Retreat will be held at our Church.                                  Day Project is
The guest speaker for the day will be the Rev. Aimee Moiso,             underway, offering
Chaplain, Campus Ministry at Santa Clara University. Again,               Presbyterians an
registration forms are available on the bulletin board.                      opportunity to
    Thursday, May 7, will be our general meeting                           support malaria
starting with a Coffee ($4.00) and followed by watching the          prevention activities
video, A Walk to Beautiful, with a discussion to follow.               in Africa. Last year
    Sunday, May 10, will be our Annual Mother’s                        Presbyterians sent
Day Baby Shower in the Fireside Room. Plan on                            over 32,000 NetWorkers Mother’s Day cards and
coming and visiting, have a cup of punch and a cookie and find          donated more than $200,000. Please look for the
out what this ministry is all about. Please bring your unwrapped           table to obtain your cards after worship during
baby items to the shower (see list below). These can be either                         Fellowship Time on Sunday, May 3.
new or “gently used”.

                                                                        Sunday, May 10
                                                            in the Fireside Room during Fellowship Time
                                                                               Please bring
                                                                        an unwrapped baby gift,
                                                                           new or gently used.
                                                             Please limit sizes from “preemie” to 12 months

                                                                              Items Needed
                   • Baby blankets (receiving/crib)               • “Onesies”                      • “Jamakins”
                   • Gowns                                        • Baby Outfits                   • Sweaters
                   • Hats                                         • Bibs                           • Socks
                   • Crib Shoes                                   • Small Books                    • Crib Toys
                                                         • Small Stuffed Animals.

                      Cash donations also will be gladly received and wisely used!
                                    Refreshments will be served.

         Auditions                             ADDReSSeS —
                                               CHAnGeS AnD
                                                Alert! Have you moved? Has your phone number changed?
                                                Do you have a new e-mail address? Please call the church
                                                office (356-6156) and let Diane Sanders know about any
                                                changes or updates for the church records.

                                                       Joe and Debbie Piazza
                                                        16521 englewood Avenue
    Coming Soon!                                        Los Gatos CA 95032-5622
      Auditions for the PCLG Summer Musical,
BYE BYE BIRDIE, are coming up at
the end of May.                                        Debbie Scheible
      BYE BYE BIRDIE tells the story of                 2524 Faiss Drive
Conrad Birdie, a rock and roll singer
who is about to be drafted into the army,               Las Vegas nV 89134-7241
Albert, his agent/publisher/songwriter
who never really wanted to be in the
music business in the first place, Rosie,
Albert’s secretary who’s been engaged
to him for the past eight years waiting
for Albert to escape from his mother’s
                                                Behind the Scenes at PCLG:
                                                Working in the background to keep things running smoothly!
clutches, and Kim McAfee, the sweet
teenage girl from Sweet Apple, Ohio,              This month we feature Mary Jane Humphrey
who will receive Conrad’s “last kiss”           who is the Clerk of Session. That job entails
as a civilian—live on the Ed Sullivan           taking the minutes for their meetings and
Show! It’s a wonderful, silly parody of         doing any necessary correspondence. She
American life and popular culture in            keeps track of our membership: births, deaths,
the late 1950’s—and it’s enormous fun           baptisms, transferring memberships, and
to participate in.                              deacon and elder ordinations.
      The show has parts for everyone:            In addition to her duties as Clerk, Mary Jane
older adults, younger adults, teenagers         helps with the process of home communion.
(zillions of teen and pre-teen girls ready      She prepares all the kits used to provide
to scream every time Conrad opens his           communion to those who are unable to come
mouth), and kids.                               to church.
      Audition will be Saturday, May              In addition , she organizes is the scheduling
30, at 9:00 a.m. and Monday, June               of Tables of Eight. Could you imagine the
1, at 7:00 p.m. You need to come                scheduling process for all those people?
prepared to learn a couple of songs,            Drawing on her career as a computer
a dance, and to do a cold reading of a          programmer, she has designed a program
skit with other auditionees.                    that handles the scheduling for her!
   AS AlwAYS, everyone who                        Thank you, to Mary Jane and all those
auditions will have a part in                   who help take care of all the details that are
the show!                                       involved in PCLG.
  Our book this month is Brian Copeland’s autobiography, Not                      6   Angie Smith
a Genuine Black Man, the fascinating story of growing up in the                   8   Ellen Graff
ONLY black family in San Leandro. For meeting details, contact Sue
Hansen at                                                 Howard Loomis

                               On THe SHeLF                                      10 Judith Borlase
         June: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.                 14 Jack Jourlait
       The story of the author’s family quest to spend one year trying to
        procure food strictly from local farms and their own backyard.                Barb Lawler
        Sunday, June 28 at 1:30 pm in the Redwood Grove at PCLG.
               July: The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike                      16 Barbara Koplos
               Aug: The Space Between Us by Thrity Umrigar
                                                                                 17 Marco Bommarito
                Sept: The Private Patient by PD James
                                                      —Submitted by Sue Hansen   21 Sue Coates
                                                                                 22 Ben Wagner
                   Women on Wednesday
            every Wednesday 9:30 am - 11:00 am in Room 8
                                                                                 26 Veronica Rudick
                       • Childcare provided •                                         Taryn Smith
          For more information contact Margaret Kvamme at 356-4267
                                                                                 27 Barney Byle
                        SPRinG SCHeDULe
                                                                                 28 Robin Wagar
 May    6 Book Study – The Beatitudes for Today ch. 3
 May   13 Video Lesson: “Never Put a Period where God Puts a Comma”              29 Chris Daly
 May   20 Bible or Book study wrap-up                                            30 Alicia Bierly
 May   27 End of season brunch/ideas for next year
                                                                                      Lucy Romero
 June, July, August:
          Noon – 2:00 p.m. park dates with the kids (details TBA)                31 Pat Booth
                                Heaven                                           Anniversaries–
                    Heaven must be vast and cool.
                     Music there must rise above
                        and far beyond the ear.                                   6   Sue & Howard Thomas
                 Light must spark such brilliant glory,
                   it cannot fit into the largest eye.                           18   Robin & Barry Wagar
               Immensities of joy must flood to bursting                         21   Amee & Brian Jones
                       Blood-washed boundaries
                          of the salvaged soul.                                  26   Judy & Jim Scanlon
                                                    —Shirley Harned
                                                                              JUne SpiRe
                                                                              deadline iS
                                                                            2:00 pm, thURSday,
                                                                                  may 7
                    Worship on Sundays
Adult Education Hour                                       9:00 am              £ SPeCiAL eVenTS •
Worship in the Sanctuary                                  10:00 am                                    •
GOD’S PLACE                                               10:15 am                    Keeping Up with the Joneses
Fellowship Time                                           11:00 am            Adventure and Dessert, Saturday, May 2, 7:00 PM
Adult Education Hour                                      11:15 am                                    •
                                                                                                 MAY ~ Lei
                     Fellowship Groups                                      Caring Ministries Spring Luncheon, Wednesday, May 6
PW                               5/7                       9:00 am            Socializing from 11:30 am • Luncheon at 12:00 pm
PW Program                       5/7                      10:00 am                                    •
BookEnds                        TBA                       10:30 am                   SPiRe Deadline for JUne issue:
Circles 1, 2, & 3               5/21                       9:30 am                        Thursday, May 7, 2:00 PM
Circle 4                        5/21                       5:30 pm                                    •
The Voyagers                3rd Saturday       Fellowship & Service                    Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 10
The Buccaneers              4th Saturday                    Potluck                                   &
                                                                                     Sophia’s Layette Baby Shower
                     Children’s Ministry                                              in the Fireside Room after worship
WOW                         Wednesdays                     9:30 am                                    •
PSFF                          Fridays                      9:00 am                  Silicon Valley Symphony Concert
                    (Pre-School Fun & Fellowship)                                        Saturday, May 16, 8:00 PM
                     Covenant Groups                                                      in the Church Sanctuary
Attwood/Baker                  Mon.                        7:00 pm                                    •
Jones Covt.                    Mon.                        7:00 pm                      Spring Ring Bell Concert
Criswell Covt.               2nd Tues.                     1:00 pm                        Sunday, May 17, 4:00 PM
Men’s Bible Study              Wed.                        6:30 am                                    •
Coates Covt.                   Wed.                        1:00 pm                             Memorial Day
CoveKnit Group                 Wed.                        7:00 pm                  OFFICE CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAY
Lectio Divina                  Wed.                        7:00 pm                             May 25
Prince Covt.                  Thurs.                      11:00 am                                    •
                                                                               Shoestring Theatre Auditions: BYe BYe BiRDie
                      Music Ministries                                     Saturday, May 30, at 9:00 am & Monday, June 1, @ 7:00 pm
Los Cascabeles                 Tues.                       6:00 pm                                    •
Jubilee Ringers                Wed.                       10:30 am                        ALL-CHURCH PiCniC
Echo Bells                     Wed.                        3:30 pm                Immediately after worship, Sunday, May 31
Chancel Brass                  Wed.                        7:30 pm                            Redwood Grove
Chancel Choir                  Thurs.                      7:30 pm
Chancel Strings                 Fri.                       7:30 pm                        COMinG SOOn
                      Youth Ministries                                                                •
SNiFF                           Sun.                       5:00 pm                SPiRe Deadline for SUMMeR issue:
SRHI SHED                       Wed.                       7:30 pm                       Thursday, June 11, 2:00 PM
An Evening with Michael Gibson
           in the Social Hall
    Sunday, June 7, 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
       Come celebrate in appreciation of
  Michael and Susie Gibson’s ministry at PCLG
      with a festive evening of Italian food,
            lots of live music and fun.

  Donations to help defray the cost of food will be accepted at the tables.
   Please make your reservation including the number in your party at
                      the church office: 356-6156

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