Our FOOD DRIVE begins with Rosh Hashanah and ends with Yom

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					ELUL-TISHREI 5771   High Holy Days Service Schedule     September 2011

SELICHOT                    Saturday       September 24        8:30pm

EREV ROSH HASHANAH          Wednesday      September 28        7:30pm

ROSH HASHANAH               Thursday       September 29       10:00am

TASHLICH AT THE BEACH       Thursday       September 29        4:00pm

2nd DAY ROSH HASHANAH       Friday         September 30       10:00am

KOL NIDRE                   Friday         October 7           7:30pm

YOM KIPPUR                  Saturday       October 8          10:00am

YIZKOR & NE‟ILAH            Saturday       October 8           5:15pm

EREV SUKKOT DINNER          Wednesday      October 12          6:00pm

EREV SUKKOT SERVICE         Wednesday      October 12          7:00pm

EREV SIMCHAT TORAH          Wednesday      October 19          7:00pm

                          Our FOOD DRIVE begins with
                     Rosh Hashanah and ends with Yom Kippur.
                    We welcome non-perishable items that will be
                      donated to shelters and food banks.
                        Please check cans for expiration.

 Childcare for children ages 6 mos. to 5 years is available. RSVP.
                  CIRCLE OF HONOR MEMBERS 2011/2012
 BRONZE                                                                    SILVER
 Jan Klein                            Beverly August                       Dr. Aaron & Leslie Kern
 Steve & Shirley Kahn                 Ian & Gayle Chait                    Dr. Marvin & Evelyn Marshall
 Terry & Linda Krieger                Fran DeKovner                        Saul & Barbara Zenk
 Robert Altman & Michelle Sandler     Edith & Robert Smith
 Gary & Diane Prince                  Alan & Laurel Jarrick
 Allen & Ellin Chariton               Jeff & Mickey Golden
 Laurie Schneider                     Charlie & Cathy Niederman            We Appreciate You!
 Eugene & Shirley Ross
 Richard & Deanne Ruby

Sunday, September 11
9am 1st Day of Sunday School
11am September 11 Commemoration
                                                         September Schedule
Tuesday, September 12
1st Day of Tuesday‟s Teen Programs:                      Friday,   2      7pm      Family Shabbat Service
Hebrew Class, Religious Ed, Confirmation Class           Saturday, 3      9am      Lay Led Minyan
6pm 7th Grade Spaghetti Dinner                                           10:30     Bat Mitzvah of A. Chernila
6:30 7-10th Grade Parent/Student Assembly
       “The high school experience”                      Friday,    9     7:30pm Shabbat with Choir
                                                         Saturday, 10     9am      Lay Led Minyan
Sunday, September 25                                                     10:30     Tot Shabbat
     6th Grade Family Class Bar/Bat Mitzvah
                                                         Friday,   16     7:30pm   Shabbat ALIVE!
      TASHLICH AT THE BEACH 2010                         Saturday, 17     9am      Lay Led Minyan
                                                                         10:30     Bat Mitzvah of S. Brown

                                                         Friday, 23       7:30pm    Shabbat Service
                                                         Saturday, 24     9am       Lay Led Minyan
                                                                          8:30pm    Selichot Service

                                                         Friday,   30     10am      2nd Day Rosh Hashanah
                                                                          7:30pm    Shabbat Service

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                                         Lasting Legacies
                               Enduring Tributes for Family and Friends
Your gift is an opportunity to acknowledge families and individuals who are respected and appreciated.
Seeing their names tangibly inscribed reminds us of their generosity, values and love. Elegant and endur-
ing, plaques are available in memory of or in honor of family and friends while helping our temple build
for the future.
If you are interested in honoring a family member or friend, you can create a “Lasting Legacy” by contact-
ing Rabbi Myers at or 714-892-6623 ext. 227

Temple Beth David looks toward the future . . .
The current temple leadership is committed to passing on our heritage to future generations and to sus-
taining our magnificent congregation. We are pleased to announce that in the coming months, informa-
tion and details about the Temple’s endowment fund and how you can create a permanent legacy of sup-
port for Temple Beth David will be provided.

                        Marvin and Evelyn Marshall Classrooms
On Sept. 18, during our 50th Anniversary celebration launch, we will dedicate Classrooms 10 & 11 as the
Marshall Classrooms. When asked why they decided to dedicate these classrooms, Marv explains “I’ve been
an educator all my life and I believe that a religious education is the foundation for values that are essential for the continua-
tion not only of our religion but value system of our country.”

We thank the Marshalls for their leadership as being one of the first families to contribute to the Lasting
Legacies program.

Past Donors:
    The Bushinsky Family dedicated the choir room in honor of Cantor Harry and Fay Newman.
    The Kahn Family dedicated a pew in memory of Manfred Kahn.
    Dr. Marvin & Evelyn Marshall dedicated classrooms 10 & 11 for continuing Jewish education.
    The Alkov Family dedicated a beautiful sanctuary mezuzah.
    The Zenk Family has dedicated a stone on the Tree of Life.
    The 2010 Confirmation Class dedicated a stone on the Tree of Life
    The Caplan Family dedicated the Rabbi’s lectern in memory of Al Caplan
    Jan Klein dedicated a small pew in memory of Harriet Goldberg and Helen M. Smith
    The Scheuer Family dedicated a small pew in memory of Robert A. Gross and Joseph L. Scheuer
    Charlie & Cathy Niederman reserved the Religious School office in memory of Kenneth Bates &
    Molly Bates Adleman and Edward & Miriam Niederman.
    The Temple Beth David Brotherhood dedicated a stone on the Tree of Life in honor of Mark Bennett
    Daniel and Patrice Levin dedicated the piano in honor of their parents and children.
    Dr. Jacqueline Sklar Ward dedicated a pew in the memory of her father Richard L. Sklar
    Ted Horn Family dedicated the BBQ area of the outside patio in memory of Ted Horn

                      Gift of Ideas, Years,
                      and Devotion
                                                       His parenting book assumes parents want to raise
                                                       responsible children, and his book shows how to
We are dedicating on September 18 at our fiftieth
                                                       accomplish this goal. The book describes the three
kickoff event classrooms 10 and 11 as the ―Marshall
                                                       practices of positivity, choice, and reflection that are
Classrooms.‖ Dr. Marvin and Evelyn Marshall,
                                                       universal in becoming more effective and improving
members since 1976, have dedicated these rooms ―in
                                                       relationships. He writes, ―By giving the young person
honor of educating our youth.‖ Education has always
                                                       some degree of choice, you will receive more
been important to both Evelyn and Marvin. Shortly
                                                       cooperation. That’s because people do not argue with
after they were married, Marv asked his wife, ―Would
                                                       their own decisions.‖ (pg. 37) He counsels, ―Rather
you rather have a house or go to college?‖ Evelyn
                                                       than put a child on the defensive, frame your
replied, ―Well, I can always have a house; I want to
                                                       questions to help, rather than hurt—to be a coach,
study.‖ So off to college Evelyn went where she
                                                       rather than a cop.‖ (pg. 76 ) Since children of all ages
excelled in her English classes. She taught at Los
                                                       demonstrate counterwill, the natural human tendency
Alamitos High School until their daughter, Hillary
                                                       to resist coercion, reduce your stress and obtain what
arrived. One day, her daughter’s friend Kim came
                                                       you would like in a more effective way.
home and announced that her mother Lynne Horn was
writing a novel. Evelyn had a desire to write. She
                                                       Dedicating the classrooms is one of many
immediately called Lynne Horn and joined a novel’s
                                                       contributions the Marshalls have made to strengthen
                                                       our synagogue. Evelyn states that for her, ―Judaism is
                                                       my identity, my roots, and my anchor. With all our
Evelyn is now the author of five novels and a
                                                       national and international travels, when I’m at
screenplay. She is finally publishing, ―The Provider,‖
                                                       Temple, I feel that I am home.‖
a Russian Jewish immigrant novel about a woman
who arrives in 1922 with high expectations and falls
                                                       We are thankful to Marv and Evelyn for their
in love with another immigrant, who proves to be a
                                                       participation in our Lasting Legacy program, for their
poor provider. You can find the opening chapter at
                                                       ongoing generosity to the Temple, and for their ideas
                                                       that continue to inspire the best in us.
Dr. Marvin Marshall has been involved in education
for decades as a K-12 teacher, counselor, principal at
all levels, and district director of education. He has
developed the only proactive, totally noncoercive (but
not permissive) discipline and learning system used
around the world. He has a free monthly newsletter
―Promoting Responsibility & Learning‖ with 16,000
subscribers at He is the author
of Parenting without Stress: How to Raise
Responsible Kids While Keeping a Life of Your Own
and his landmark education book, Discipline without
Stress® Punishments or Rewards: How Teachers and
Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning. He has
founded a charity where any school in the USA can
receive his materials at no charge for teachers who
want to promote responsibility and learning.

                                    The special history of TBD continues…
                                      50 years of history, community and spirituality
         Initially before there was a building, Temple Beth David met in a church in Los Alamitos for Shabbat
services and public schools for Religious and Hebrew school. Some committed founding families however
put up their homes as collateral for the bank loan in order to buy land in Westminster. The banker’s name
was Bill Graham so there was a standing joke that Billy Graham helped make Temple Beth David a reality!
To raise additional funds, TBD held the first-ever Bingo tournament in all of Westminster and it continued to
raise funds for seven years. Before the first building (now the Social Hall) was completed, members fondly
recall climbing over boulders and around beams with a folding chair in one hand and a lit candle in the other
to make their way to TBD’s first ever Selichot service. This would become one of the most beautiful memo-
ries of earlier times where they were sitting, praying, and singing together with no walls…just metal beams, a
dirt floor, the wind gently blowing, and the only source of light during the service was offered by the brightly
shining moon. There they sat as a Jewish community primarily of young families–determined, hopeful, joy-
ous Jews who made the needed sacrifices to make Temple Beth David a reality.

        No longer was TBD a store front synagogue, we had a location to which our congregation could come
and be together, not just on Shabbat, but at functions. The TBD family tree was branching out; it was a very
exciting time.

        At that time, Rabbi Henri Front served the Congregation on a part-time basis. He was a known entity
in the community and helped lend credence to Temple Beth David. As a result, the congregation grew to meet
the needs of the local Jewish community with energy, spirit and enthusiasm. This attracted Hillel, a Conserva-
tive congregation in the area and a merger resulted in 1972 that made possible the building of our school wing,
more traditions added to Shabbat and High Holy Day observance. Shortly after the merger, Rabbi Front left
TBD to pursue other opportunities. His leaving gave TBD the opportunity to hire Rabbi Steven Einstein for
two years. After a couple of years of interim and part time rabbis, Rabbi Front returned to TBD in 1977. He
served us for the next twelve years until his untimely death from cancer. TBD thrived during this time; there
was a spirit in the temple that permeated all of our activities. During his tenure, the social hall and school
were finished and the sanctuary was built. Hank Hirsch, president at the time was a friend of the noted
Mexican artist Leonardo Neirman. After some negotiation, the stained glass window, an impressionist repre-
sentation of "creation," was created and installed.

       Following Rabbi Front’s passing in 1989, Rabbi Michael Mayersohn came to Temple Beth David and
served for 13 years. After a year with an interim rabbi, our present Rabbi Nancy Myers joined us in 2003.

       Our history is overflowing with stories of successes, lessons learned from challenges, and recoveries.
Yet one thing has not changed: we are a dynamic community that has not only survived but flourished for five
decades and will undoubtedly continue in the years to come.

                                                By Keri Gee Semmelman, Debbie Lelchuk , and Max Sudakow

  Temple Beth David would like to recognize the following individuals and
families who have been members for 18 or more years at the 50th Anniversary
    Kick-Off—Congregational BBQ on Sunday, September 18th, at 11 am

1961                             1974                          1985
Hannah Levine                    Jeffrey & Jackie Cohen        Stella Loeb Ungar
Lois & Herb Abrams               Seth & Amy Front              David & Nessa Bernstein
                                 Keith & Renah Wolzinger
1962                             Harold & Nada Babrov          1986
Frieda Caplan                    Alfred & Edith Schwartz       Henry & Sonja Tebrich
Wendi Rothman                    Sheldon & Marcia Rosenzweig   Carol Cooperman
                                                               Howard & Suzanne Rosen
1963                             1975
Arthur & Annabelle Sandler       Fran DeKovner                 1987
Norm Marcovitch                  Martin & Phyllis Greenstein   David & Helene Miller
                                                               Millie Vogel
1964                             1976                          Allen & Ellin Chariton
Sidney Laham                     Judy Lorber                   Jack & Gina Rosenthal
                                 Marv & Evelyn Marshall
1965                             Jackie Hewitt                 1988
Eve Turkheimer                   Howard & Crystal Bushinsky    Gary & Diane Prince
Mel & Jean Keleman               Laurie Schneider              Stuart & Mary Makler
                                                               Dan & Patti Levin
1966                             1977                          Steven & Lisa Chattler
Ed & Anne Farber                 Lillian Halpern
                                 Alan & Laurel Jarrick         1989
Stan & Phyllis Abrams            Susan Abraham                 Cyrus & Cathy Gipoor
                                                               Keith & Marlyn Phillips
1967                             1978                          Brooke & David Thibault
Charlie & Cathy Niederman        Gail & Andy Pieter            Alma Herman
                                 Bernard & Lois Beskind
1968                             Saul & Barbara Zenk           1990
Richard & Roberta Fratello                                     Richard & Deanne Ruby
Bert & Sandra Green              1979                          David & Vida Delshad
Jerry & Dorothy Bleiweiss        Arnie & Sharon Weintraub      Ira & Colleen Bushinsky
Jerry & Elaine Rehman            Paul & Diana Greenberg        Christine Taxier
                                 Lynne Horn                    Marc & April Serlin
Renee' Dorfman                   1980                          1991
Beverly Salisbury                Michael & Arlene Filkoff      Susan Laio
                                 Linda Cohen                   Robert & Carole Blum
1970                             Leonard Hirsch                Ely & Kay Licht
Howard & Diane Spielman          Gloria Gleizer                Lance & Laura Pinkham
Gene Broscow & Rachelle Wilson   Lewis & Anne Katz             Chuck & Jacki Brotchner
Ruth Kramer                      Isaac & Marina Indich
1971                                                           Wendy Puzarne
Irving & Miriam Carr             1982                          Aaron & Leslie Kern
Alan & Arline Polley             Ursel Jelinowicz
                                 Susanne Wolff                 1993
1972                             Milton & Ro Jelinowicz        Stephen Harris & Yu-Fen Chiang-Harris
Marlene Wedner                   Jim & Nancy Samuel            James & Robyn Michaeloff
Jeff & Susan LeBoff                                            Jane Schiffer
                                 1984                          Mark & Lori Dunham
1973                             Joel & Hallie Berman          Shirley Fishke
Allan & Sally Mann               Charles & Dorothy Samuel      Sara Dunsworth
Max & Florence Sudakow           Mark Bennett                  Scott & Melinda Koppel
Irwin Greenfield                 Irene Streisfield             Song Kanter
                                                               David & Julia Metz

 If you will be attending the BBQ, please RSVP to the Temple office by Monday,
 Sept. 12th so we can include your name in the program.

               Your Family,Your Friends,Your Temple Beth David
                                 Temple Member
                                Lois & Herb Abrams
                                          by Keri Gee Semmelman

Sure, Steve Jobs founded Apple and Bill Gates Microsoft, yet what really computes
to a lifetime of joy and special memories is the temple that a tireless group of young families founded 50 years
ago…Temple Beth David. We hope you‟ll enjoy monthly spotlights of these leaders – their hopes, sacrifices,
joys, and loyalty. May their stories inspire all of us to appreciate and participate in, even more deeply, our

In 1960, Herb and Lois Abrams were a young married couple with one child and another on its way. They
wanted a Jewish community to befriend and a place to celebrate life cycles. Yet being actively Jewish wasn‟t
always a slam dunk, especially for Herb, a first generation American whose parents were Russian and Roma-
nian. Learning that his father was beaten for studying Yiddish in Europe surely didn‟t motivate him to become
more Jewish. However, the desperate journey to Canada Herb‟s father made to flee to safety at age 14, with
8 year old sister in hand, surely did inspire Herb to fully understand the sacrifices needed to create a greater
freedom and better life for family. Herb‟s service in the US Army during the Korean conflict would further empha-
size this lesson.

Marrying Lois 56 years ago also brought this message home. She was the perfect conduit to mobilize his
cultural interest in Judaism. While Lois joined the first-ever Board at Temple Beth David, Herb became the first
Chair of the temple‟s religious school and also taught there. Lois was raised in a reform Jewish home in Indiana
where she especially treasured the Jewish celebrations at temple. Coincidentally, she and Rabbi Front (TBD
former Rabbi) grew up in the same synagogue.

Speaking of “sames,” Lois and Herb were school teachers, high school counselors, and ultimately Ph.D.,
psychotherapists. They taught at Pepperdine University, are published authors, and since 1970 have worked
together in their Los Alamitos based psychotherapy practice. A career highlight was in 1979 when they
conducted a first-of-its-kind workshop in Poland with renowned psychologist Dr. Carl Rogers. Among hobbies,
the Abrams love to travel and enjoy an array of music – Herb especially likes jazz and Lois is currently learning
to play the ukulele. They have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels fondly referred to as their “babies.” Duke and
Romeo are therapy “comfort” dogs who have impressive resumes – they help during wild fires, assist at
shelters (Romeo is especially good with infants), and come to work with the Abrams daily. Duke was a featured
keynote speaker at three counselor conventions. Yes, he speaks! Duke and Lois worked at Ground Zero during
the 9/11 aftermath.

Now back to 1960. Herb‟s brother-in-law and also a founder, Ben Cohn, helped the Abrams get involved.
Though struggling financially at the time, the Abrams were among several families who signed their mortgage as
collateral for the temple‟s bank loan. Lois recalls how torn the visionary committee was between choosing land
with a school building already on it near Carson Street or an empty parcel of land near the 405 freeway in
Westminster surrounded by basically nothing. The Abrams‟ social life revolved around temple and their daughter
Floree and son Mark (who now have grown children of their own) celebrated many life cycle events there.

Though the Abrams have moved several times, currently residing in Huntington Beach, they say Temple Beth
David is a home they‟ve never moved from. “Temple gives us a sense of security and the more we participate,
the more joy we receive.” They are especially overjoyed to see children fill the classrooms. Above all, the
Abrams say the temple and congregants symbolize „the goodness of life.‟ Thankfully, they dedicated much of
their lives to TBD and because of it we all have much goodness to celebrate!

                            By Ruth Kramer, Sisterhood President

                                        SISTERHOOD MATTERS!
Although now that the fall season is upon us, Sisterhood is hot!
The revised Sisterhood Bylaws will soon be sent to the membership by email for approval as well as other
important announcements of happenings during the Sisterhood year.
 Plans are in full swing for the Maj Tournament on September 7. Contact the Temple office or Eileen Tobey
for your reservation. In fact, why not get a whole table together for this occasion? Luncheon is provided as
well as prize money. If you like to play maj, this date should definitely be on your calendar.
Sisterhood will again be providing an Oneg following the Yom Kippur services supported by the Regina B.
Front Memorial Mitzvah Fund.
Sunday October 23rd from 9:30-11:30 will be the annual Sisterhood Membership event held in our Social
Hall to welcome new and returning members, provide information regarding our plans for the year, surprise
entertainment as well as a delicious buffet brunch. This event is free to all interested women but you should
RSVP when you receive your invitation to this event.
In total cooperation with the TBD Brotherhood, our Sisterhood is providing the food and entertainment for
the Kickoff 50th Anniversary Barbeque on September 18. This promises to be a memorable and fun family
event and it is free. The event will begin at 11:00a.m. in the sanctuary followed by entertainment and a bar-
beque for TBD families. The Gift Shop will also be open. If you haven’t yet paid your Sisterhood dues,
this is an excellent opportunity to do that. Look for the tent and representative who will gladly accept your
membership check.
Remember to download your monthly mazelgram forms from the Megillah and send it directly to Renee
Dorfman. If you don’t have a computer, call the TBD office and we will see that you receive the order form
by snail mail.

An early wish from all of the Sisterhood Board is for you to have a happy and festive New Year.

                                     SAVE THE DATE
                                   Sisterhood Membership Brunch
                                     Sunday, October 23, 2011

We‟re in the midst of our very busy, wet and wild summer program. We have three classes running
this summer, with the children exploring everything from book-making to mud-cake-baking.
The children are enjoying the variety of activities that the summer brings, especially the weekly
Water Days when splashing, sloshing down the water slide, and creating enormous bubbles are the
day‟s grand pursuits.

The ECLC is partnering with a new program: PJ Library. This is a national program that provides
Jewish families with quality Jewish children‟s books at no cost. The families sign up at the PJ Library
website and each month they receive a new book that encourages our little ones‟ Jewish learning
and identity. If you‟re curious, visit the website at We‟ll have it
linked to our own website soon.

If you haven‟t checked out the preschool‟s web page in a while, you may want to take a look. You‟ll
find monthly newsletters that chronicle all that our children are doing in their classes and a photo
gallery filled with our adorable students, busily learning and exploring. The web page is templebeth-

Our fall registration is in full force so if you know of any family that is looking for an exceptional
preschool program, please send them over. We love showing our school to new families and
welcoming them into our community.

I hope that you are having a peaceful and relaxing summer.

                        If you LOVE music…
                                 You’ll LOVE our
                                          Shabbat Alive! Service
                                     Join us the third Friday of
                                           each month!
                                            Do you have a
                                         simcha coming up?
                                 For $72 sponsor a Shabbat Alive!
                        in honor of your simcha or just because you'd like to!
                    Simply send your check to the Temple office with instructions.
                                            Thank you!

Jewish Federation & Family Services is launching a new program to mainstream youth with special
needs into summer and after-school recreation programs, Jewish camps and Hebrew/religious schools. This
has been made possible by a grant from the Pimco Foundation and a generous donor in our community.
If your child has an interest in attending a day camp, recreational activity or other program this summer, I will
facilitate support for your child. He/she will be matched with a trained teen or young adult mentor who will
help smooth the transition and coach the social interaction between your child and other children enrolled.
In addition, this mentor support can continue for the next year during your child’s attendance in Hebrew/
religious school. It is our desire to provide a bridge between camp and home that establishes friendships with
children who have similar interests.
Please contact me at 949/435-3460 or if you are interested to participate in this unique
Thank you,
Danielle Wiltchik
Coordinator for Special Needs

                                                       Marina Indich Piano Studio
                                                       Private Instructions Available for All Levels and Ages

                                                       Students are encouraged to perform in
                                                       recitals and festivals.
                                                       Fun and exciting approaches in computer
                                                       learning, music theory, composition and
                                                       714-894-0529 or
                                                                  Member of Music Teacher’s Association,
                                                                  Temple Pianist, and Long time Member

                       The Temple Office Staff Thanks…
                         Gloria Schwartz for ongoing office support
                         and remembering to fill our tummies
                         Allan Pogrund for editing the Megillah
                         Sue Wolff for editing the Friday programs
                          Lynn Horn for taking care of the office plants
                         Scott Whiteside for everything you do
                         Sarah Sudakow and Millie Vogel for assisting
                         to help with Shabbat set-up.
                         Ruth Kramer for helping clean out the office.

From Eve Turkeimer-Newman

I would like to express my everlasting gratitude to the temple board, and through the board, to the en-
tire congregation, for your generosity and thoughtfulness to me, in memory of my husband and our
Cantor, Harry Newman.

Also my sincere thanks for the Choir’s generous gift to me, in memory of my husband, Cantor
Harry. Your love for him will be forever appreciated.
                     Best wishes to all of you for a “Shana Tova”.

                                          Jack Broscow Brotherhood of
                                               Temple Beth David

                                                                Join us in good work and friendship!
               ADAM CHESTER                                    The regular dues are $36; Nosher level
                                                                 dues are $80 and include brunches.
    Will be the Speaker at our September 25th Brunch!              Don’t have time to be active?
                                                                 We want you to join anyway, and
                                                                     participate when you can.
Adam Chester is a professional composer and songwriter,         For information, call Larry Davidoff,
  and is the official “surrogate Elton John.” He will be                   (562) 420-3425,
speaking about is hilarious book “S’Mother: The Story of   
a Man, His Mom, and the Thousands of Altogether Insane
                Letters She’s Mailed Him.”

Everyone is welcome to this brunch. It starts at 9:30, and      Brotherhood Meetings
            a delicious meal will be served.
                                                                All men of Temple Beth David are
 Brunch reservations made by September 20th are $12.00                invited to our meetings.
            for adults and $5.00 for children.                  Our next meeting is September 8th
After September 20th, the charge will be $18.00 for adults &               at the Temple.
                    $7.00 for children.                         Our short meeting starts at 7:30 PM.

    For Information or to RSVP contact Scott Telford:
          (714) 904-3106,
                                                                  Contact me with questions about
 This Brunch promises to be very funny and entertaining.             Brotherhood or to get on the
            Bring your friends & neighbors!                    Brotherhood e-mail distribution at
                                                      or 714-270-5281

   The High Holy Days are approaching soon. Your Gift Shop has everything you need
     to celebrate the New Year in style. A supply of NEW YEAR CARDS has arrived.
                             Please stop by and take a look.
               Last year we ran out, so do not wait until the last minute.
                          Prices vary on the different packets.
        We also have beautiful Shabbat Candlesticks, Challah Covers, Shabbat and
     Memorial Candles, Tallits Kippahs, and an excellent assortment Hostess Gifts.
    The shop will be open on September 18th during the kick off BBQ for the 50th year
            Anniversary Celebration and every Friday night prior to Services.
                      We are always open during religious school.
                  Also any other time by appointment. Call Jackie Hewitt,
               714-846-4620 home or use my cell phone, 714-292-3717.             12
 ARZA and the World Union for Progressive Judaism
                     By Charlie Niederman

  As Reform Jews, especially Reform Jews in North America, we have a unique perspective about Israel,
because we view her in terms of our own democracy and the values that we have come to cherish. Israel as a
Western style democracy is more like the generalized European model than our own democracy with a legisla-
ture based on elected representatives that represent the population and our states, i.e. our House of Repre-
sentatives and Senate. We have an elected head of the executive branch (President) and an independent
judiciary based on a written constitution.

Israel‟s Knesset is elected by popular vote for the political party. The party then fills their seats in the Knesset,
allocated by the portion of the popular vote that they receive. The party appoints the Knesset members from
their own preselected list. Currently the threshold to gain a seat is 2%. The Knesset has120 seats and in its
history no party has achieved more than 56 seats. In the last election in 2009 the centrist Kadima party
received 28 seats and Likud (right wing) received 27, but Tzipi Livni, leader of Kadima, despite her best ef-
forts, could not gather a coalition government. Benjamin Netanyahu of Likud was then requested by the Presi-
dent to form a coalition, which he did and was elected by the Knesset as Prime Minister. Shimon Peres was
reelected by the Knesset as president, a primarily ceremonial position, except when there is a deadlock in se-
lecting or retaining Knesset leadership, as in 2009. The cabinet is chosen by negotiation among the parties in
the governing coalition. Elections are held every 4 years unless there is a decision by the Knesset to hold it

Israel does not have a constitution, but does have Basic Laws. There is no Basic Law that permits judicial re-
view, but the Israeli Supreme Court has asserted that authority when it determines that the Knesset has
passed a law that is not in accordance with a Basic Law.

So knowing this, we can better understand how values like pluralism in religion, and treatment of women and
minorities that are important to North American Reform Jews are handled by Israel‟s government. It is how
laws and regulations that close the Western Wall to many forms of women‟s prayer, or relegate women to the
rear of the bus, are first passed and then challenged in the courts by groups that our movement supports.

To make sure that the Jewish values we hold dear and which are also part of the Israel Declaration of
Independence are respected in Israel, we can have our voice heard by supporting ARZA. So please, if you
have not done so yet, visit the ARZA web site at:
                                                           Charlie Niederman

                                                                            SOCIAL ACTION TRUSTEE
                                                                             Speak to any Board Member

                                  www.KOSHERTUBE.COM                       Raise awareness & needed help
                                                                          on civic justice & community action

                           TBD-logo Tshirts                             Call the Temple office and let us know
                                                                        you’d like to volunteer & help in the
                            now on Sale
                                                                        office. We always appreciate the extra
                             $10 each                                   hands on special projects.

September 3, 2011

                        Abigail Chernila will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on
                        September 3rd. Abby is a GATE student at McAuliffe Middle School,
                        enjoys competition dance, gymnastics, and reading. For her Mitzvah
                        project, Abby created a scrapbook with letters and pictures from
                        school, to support a friend undergoing chemotherapy. She also
                        encourages people to join the National Bone Marrow Registry.

September 17, 2011

                             Sarah Brown, an 8th grader at Oak Middle School in Los
                             Alamitos, will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah on
                             September 17th. Sarah plays club soccer, surfs and loves
                             animals, especially dogs. Sarah has been collecting new and
                             slightly used stuffed animals for the Long Beach Shelter for her
                             community project. She has collected over 100 stuffed animals
                             for distribution to needy children.

Two Mah Jongg players                                  The Temple Office is open
needed for Monday                                   Monday through Thursday from
afternoon game in                                       9:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. and
Garden Grove.                                       Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Time is 1 - 4:30 pm.                               The office is closed for lunch from
Please contact                                          12 noon to 1 p.m. daily.
Elaine Netzer
at 714-963-7583

                                                             Prayerbook Fund
            In Remembrance                                   Shirley Fishke in memory of Bill Potter
  We note with sadness the recent passing of...              Shirley Fishke in honor of Andrew Fujier

                   Natalie Schachne                          Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
             aunt of Keri Gee Semmelman                      Judith Sobel in memory of Ira I. Sobel
      who passed on Wednesday, August 24, 2011               Stella Loeb Ungar in memory of Emma Loeb
                   Robert Leondhart                          Jane Schiffer in memory of Irwin Germaine
                 uncle of Andrew Cohen                       Lewis & Anne Katz in memory of Lottie Katz
       who passed on Thursday, August 23, 2011               Isaac & Marina Indich in memory of Samuel Indich
                        Ira Rosen                            Lewis & Ellin Blumenthal in memory of Eli Melcer
              father of Sharon D. Matalon                    Jane Schiffer in memory of Sally Elinoff
        who passed on Friday, August 20, 2011
                    Nosrat Delshad                           Building Fund
                mother of David Delshad                      Norm Marcovitch in memory of Nettie Kolichman
       who passed on Thursday, August 5, 2011
                       Judy Sobel                            Kitchen Fund
                 cousin of Roz Sudakow                       Fran De Kovner in memory of Robert Levine
       who passed on Thursday, August 4, 2011
                    Raymond Kayne                            Sisterhood
             friend of Alan & Clara Kurchin                  Rick & Cathy Katz in memory of Joseph Mariani
        who passed on Monday, July 25, 2011                  Mel & Mickey Lewin in honor of Mel Keleman‟s 80th birthday
                    Norman Rogers                            Allan & Erika Pogrund in memory of Gladys Albert
                 cousin of Clara Kurchin                       and Julius Albert
         who passed on Sunday, July 24, 2011
                       Len Marcus                            Cantor Harry & Fay Newman Memorial Choir Fund
           step-brother of Elliot Semmelman                  Pam Anisman Rubin in memory of Larry Anisman
       who passed on Wednesday, July 20, 2011                Roz Sudakow in memory of Evelyn Friedman
                                                             Eve Turkheimer-Newman,with gratitude to the Temple
                                                             Board & all the congregation
                                                             Eve Turkheimer-Newman with thanks to the Choir
                In Appreciation
                   of your Donations                         Maureen Broscow Memorial Fund
                                                             Bernie & Lois Beskind in memory of Adel Beskind
                                                             Eugene Broscow & Rachelle Wilson in memory of
General Fund
                                                              Esther Broscow
Mel & Jean Keleman in memory of Bob Levine and Rae
Danovitz                                                     Sheila Joseph Fund
Robin Harrison with thanks to Dr. Steven Scheuer             Ezekiel Joseph in memory of Sheila Joseph
Herb & Lois Abrams in memory of Charles Gould                Laurie, Tracy & Andrew Schneider in memory of
Herb & Lois Abrams in memory of Al Selnick and Robert         Charlie Schneider
The Lelchuk family in memory of Robert Levine                Regina B. Front Memorial Mitzvah Fund
   and Lea Crystal                                           Michael & Arlene Filkoff in memory of Elaine Silver
Saul & Barbara Zenk in memory of Mae Freedman
Alex & Jane Bogomolny in memory of Alexander                 Lynn Front Memorial URJ Campership Fund
Bogomolny and Anna Loyeva                                    Howard, Candy & Ryan Fox Tobey in memory of
Gordon Kramer in memory of Etta Kramer                         Raymond Fox
Ed & Anne Farber in honor of Mel Keleman‟s birthday          Frank Frankston in memory of Robert Levine
Irina Mirskaya & Svetlana Zlotina in memory of
    David Zlotin                                             Dr. Leonard & Marjorie Brotchner Memorial
Vera Mirskaya in honor of Julia‟s Bat Mitzvah                Campership
Melvin & Jean Keleman in memory of Ira Rosen                 Howard & Diane Spielman in memory of Alvin Selnick and
Irina Mirskaya in honor of Robin & Mulu Harrison and          Robert Levine
   David & Michelle Twisselman for their generous            Howard & Diane Spielman in memory of
   help with Julia‟s Bat Mitzvah.                             `Michael Crafton and Mary Horowitz
The Reyngold Family in memory of Girsh Shagalov              Ruth Kramer in memory of Florence Harter
The Lelchuk Family in memory of Ira Rosen
The Lelchuk Family in memory of Robert Levine                Irma Moskowitz Fund for Lifelong Learning
Nancy Bigley in memory of Ida Ward                           Christine Taxier in memory of J. R. “Bob” Briscoe

Torah Fund                                                   Jarrick Family Scholarship Fund
Dagmar McGinley                                              Alan & Laurel Jarrick

TBD...In the News!

September is a busy month at Temple Beth David. Be sure to check the on-line calendar on the
Temple Website ( for details on the many unique events that are
scheduled for Month of September:

      Saturday, September 03, 2011     Bat Mitzvah of Abby Chernila
      Saturday, September 10, 2011     Tot Shabbat (Learning about Rosh Hashana)
      Sunday, September 11, 2011       Beginners Hebrew with Karen Fiske (Session #4)
      Sunday, September 11, 2011       Advanced Beginners Hebrew with Karen Fiske (Session #4)
      Saturday, September 17, 2011     Bat Mitzvah of Sarah Brown
      Sunday, September 18, 2011       50th Anniversary Celebration BBQ
      Sunday, September 18, 2011       Beginners Hebrew with Karen Fiske (Session #5)
      Sunday, September 18, 2011       Advanced Beginners Hebrew with Karen Fiske (Session #5
      Saturday, September 24, 2011     Selichot Program - Abraham goes to Therapy!
      Thursday, September 29, 2011     Taschlish
      Friday, September 30, 2011       Rosh Hashana (2nd Day Service)

*More details on the Temple Website

Remember, if your Temple group is looking for ways to get the word out about your upcoming
event that is open to the community, please let us know so we can get the word out.

E mail:

      Friend us on Facebook:

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      Join our Blog:

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As you enter the parking lot for the High Holy Days, you will notice more secure wrought iron fencing
and gates surrounding the perimeter of the property. This was made possible through a grant the
synagogue received from the Department of Homeland Security.

A special Thank You goes to Garry Plotkin for his foresight and endless hours in securing the grant.
Those that have contributed to the success are David Baroway, Leslie Kern, Terry Krieger,
Charlie Neiderman and Betsy-Ann Toffler.
        MAZEL TOV TO     Sherry Marger                     OFFICE STAFF WISH LIST
                                                           * Scissors, any size
 On Sunday August 14, 2011, four                           * Black and Blue Pens (new or used)
 winning entries in the first annual
 “My Jewish Orange County” juried art                            Apologies go out to
 exhibit were announced at an artists‟                        Larry & Dari Podoksik who
 reception held at the Merage Jewish                     sponsored the Shabbat Alive band on
 Community Center‟s Slutzky Gallery in                            August 19 for their
 Irvine.                                                     46th Wedding Anniversary.
                                                       The acknowledgement was omitted from
                                                              that Friday night program.
 The second place winner
 in the amateur category                               Pictures Snapshots              Photographs
 went to
                                                       Please help yourself to photographs taken at-
 Sherry Marger.
                                                               temple during the last year.
                                                       Come to the office and look through the green
                                                         basket sitting on the counter. If you find
                                                           yourself in it, the picture(s) is yours!
           Sunday, September 18, 2011
                                                               HELP DEFRAY THE COST OF
              12 :30 PM until 5 PM                                  OFFICE SUPPLIES.
                                                      The temple office buys a lot of office supplies.
    OC’s 1st Yiddish Festival is coming to the        If you have any office supply store coupons,
    Asa Learning Center at Temple Beth Tikvah         discount cards, or E-mail sales advertisements,
   Celebrate Yiddishkeit free, with music, film,
                                                      please share them with our office to help cut
   speakers, and food available for purchase.         costs.               Thank you

                                                                     Sisterhood Judaica Shop
 Help TBD with your toner cartridges!                                          Sale

Please give us your used toner cartridges; any
brand, any style, copier or printer. We will turn     “…You shall inscribe them on the doorposts of your
them in to Staples for recycling and they will give   house and on your gates…”
us credit towards our office supplies purchases.
                                                         The first Mezzuzah-mania sale will be held during
Just drop them off in the front office whenever         August and September. All Mezzuzot are on sale.
you come to the Temple. Thank you in advance                Purchase a Mezzuzah case and receive a
for your time and effort.                               complimentary Sh‟ma insert. Kosher Sh‟ma inserts
                                                                   may be purchased if preferred.
Remember -- every little bit helps!
                                                      Need a housewarming gift? A new Mezzuzah to match
                                                       your home remodel? One for your vacation home or
         ANNOUNCEMENT                                  child‟s bedroom? Back door? Say goodbye to 5771
    TBD now offers FREE WIRELESS                         and hello to 5772 with a lovely new Mezzuzah
                                                                       from the gift shop.
      ACCESS in the Social Hall.
                                                                          It‟s a Mitzvah!

 Summer is winding down and we are busy with the new school
year preparations and the High Holidays. The year 5772 will         Rabbi Nancy R. Myers
be filled with many happy occasions for celebrating. As we          Cantorial Soloist, Nancy Linder
enter into this New Year let‟s make a promise to ourselves to
                                                                    Director of Education, Elliot Fein
get organized and simplify our lives. In this respect, Sisterhood
can help you with ordering invitations for your special celebra-    ECLC Director, Stella Chesler
tions, especially Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.                             Office Manager, Kim Zabinski
                                                                    B‟nei Mitzvah Educator, Larry Matalon
Sisterhood has 2 books from nationally recognized printing
companies, with recently added samples, which offer a wide          Jr. Choir Director, Sharon D. Matalon
variety of styles and pricing. Temple and Sisterhood members        Temple Secretary, Donna Glaser
receive a 25% discount on all orders. In addition, the profit
retained by Sisterhood benefits our Temple.                         RS & ECLC Admin. Asst., Nancy Tsoneff
                                                                    Maintenance Supervisor, Scott Whiteside
Planning a celebration can be a bit daunting. However, with our     Educator Emeritus, Irma Moskowitz, R.J.E.
personalized service for ordering invitations, you can be
assured that your order will be processed promptly and
correctly. In fact, you may take the books home to review (for a
maximum of 2 weeks). The books are in a special portable box
in the Temple Office. I only ask that you contact me first and
also sign the borrower‟s sheet at the Office.
                                                                    President, JEFF GOLDEN
I hope you will consider Temple Beth David Sisterhood as your       Vice President of Operations, STEVE KAHN
source for formal invitations for all your celebrations. Please     Co-Vice President of Ways & Means,
feel free to call or email me your questions and to set-up a date   DEBBIE LELCHUK/GAYLE CHAIT
to meet, at your convenience, to place an order.
                                                                    Vice President of Finance,
                                                                    RICHARD RUBY
Jacki Brotchner
TBD Sisterhood Invitation Chair     #562-924.2253                   Vice President of Membership,                                            JOSEPH TRUSCELLO
                                                                    Vice President of Education,
                                                                    ANDREW COHEN
                                                                    Vice President of Religious Practices,
                                                                    RICK BLUMENTHAL
                                                                    Vice President of Planning & Development,
                                                                    AARON KERN

                                                                    Past President, CHARLIE NEIDERMAN
                                                                    Secretary, DIANE PRINCE
                                                                    Treasurer, MARC SERLIN
                                                                    Building & Grounds, MAX SUDAKOW
                                                                    Social Action Trustee, Vacant
                                                                    Adult EducationTrustee, GARRY PLOTKIN
                                                                    Publicity Trustee, JACKIE WIGGINS
                                                                    Youth Trustee, TERRY KRIEGER
                                                                    Programming Trustee, Vacant
                                                                    Brotherhood President, JEFF LEBOFF
                                                                    Sisterhood President, RUTH KRAMER
                                                                    Choir President, FLORENCE SUDAKOW

September 2011
      SUN                     MON              TUE            WED               THU                   FRI               SAT

                                                                           1                     2                 3
                                                                                                                   Lay Led Minyan
                                                                                                 Family Shabbat
                                                                                                                   Bat Mitzvah of
                                                                                                                   Abby Chernila

4                        5                6              7                 8                     9                 10
                                                         Sisterhood Mah                                            Lay Led Minyan
                                                         Jongg                                   10am ECLC
                                                         Tournament                              Orientation
                         LABOR DAY!                                                                                 10:30
                                                                           7:30pm                7:30pm Shabbat Tot Shabbat
                                                                           Brotherhood Mtg.      Service with Choir

11                       12               13             14                15                    16                17
9am Sunday School                                                          12pm                                    9am
10am Grief Support       ECLC Fall        1st Day of
                                                                           Lunch & Learn                           Torah Study
11am                     Program begins   RS/HS/Conf.    6:30pm
Remembering 9/11                                                           with the Rabbi                          10:30
                                          Teen program   Sisterhood Mtg.
11:45 Hebrew Class                                                         7pm                                     Bat Mitzvah of
1pm Advanced                                             7:15 Choir        Interfaith House of   7:30pm            Sarah Brown
Hebrew Class                                             Rehearsal         Worship-Tour          Shabbat ALIVE!

18                       19               20             21                22                    23                24
9am Sunday School                         RS/HS/Conf.                                                              9am
11am Congregation
BBQ                                       Teen program                                                             Lay Led Minyan
11:45 Hebrew Class                                                                                                 8:30pm
                                                         Board of
1pm Advanced                                                                                     7:30pm                Selichot
Hebrew Class                                             Trustees Mtg.
                                                                                                 Shabbat Service        Program

25                       26               27             28                29                    30                October 1
9am Sunday School
9:30 Brotherhood                          RS/HS/Conf.    7:30              10am                  10am              9am
  Brunch                                  Teen program   Erev Rosh         RH Services           2nd Day RH        Lay Led Minyan
6th Grade Family Class
                                                         Hashanah                                Service
10am Grief Support
                                                         Service           4pm Tashlich at the 7:30pm
                                                                           Beach                Shabbat Service

October 2

8-2 Blood Drive

9am Sunday School

                                                           TEMPLE BETH DAVID
                                                                 DONATION FORM
                                                     6100 Hefley Street Westminster, CA 92683
                                                     Phone 714-892-6623     FAX 714-897-5306

                                                                     TEMPLE FUNDS
                    Please Make Checks Payable to Temple Beth David or you can donate on line:   
     General Fund       Kitchen Fund     Torah Fund                                                             Cantor’s Discretionary Fund
     Building Fund      Prayerbook Fund  Caring Community Fund                                                  Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
     Sisterhood Fund    Brotherhood Fund ECLC Fundraising
     Cantor Harry & Fay Newman Memorial Choir Fund
Check to see if your company offers Matching Gift Contributions to employee donations. Perhaps they can double or triple the match.

                                                            FOUNDATION FUNDS
                                               Please Make Checks Payable to Temple Beth David Foundation

     Barbara Shanks Memorial Educational Enrichment Fund                      Caplan Family Outreach Fund
      Religious school materials & scholarships for needy students            Programs to attract intermarried couples to Jewish life
     Dr. Leonard & Marjorie Brotchner Memorial                                Lynn Front Memorial URJ Campership Fund
     Campership Fund                                                           Camperships for TBD students to URJ camps
      Sending children to local Jewish residential camps
                                                                              Wendy Schekman Memorial Library Fund
     Rabbi Henri E. Front Memorial Scholar-In-Residence                        Maintaining and purchasing books for the Temple library
     Funding for guest speakers and other programs
                                                                              Jarrick Family Scholarship Fund
                                                                               Scholarships for TBD educational programs for our children
     Irma Moskowitz Fund for Lifelong Learning
      Supplementing the educational experiences & programs at TBD
                                                                              The Sheila Joseph Memorial Fund
                                                                               Enhancing quality of life for seniors
     Roselle & Herbert Sommer Youth Enrichment Fund
      Providing funding for approved TBD youth projects & activities
                                                                              The Morton Wedner Memorial Special Projects Fund
                                                                              Providing funding for approved TBD special projects
     Maureen Broscow Memorial Fund                                            The Regina B. Front Mitzvah Fund
      Providing support for TBD’s Early Childhood Learning Center             General fund to provide mitzvot large and small for the Temple

  In Memory/In Honor : ______________________________________________________________________

   By: ______________________________________________________ Phone _________________________

     Check Enclosed               Charge my card: ___________________________________________ Exp.___________

   Payment $___________                          Signature Authorization: ____________________________________________

  Send Acknowledgement to:

            I would like to be contacted for information about my Will & Estate Planning, no obligations.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Shabbat Oneg, the Shabbat Alive! Band, or a Synaplex in honor of your special occasion,
please complete this form below and return it to the synagogue. If you have any questions, please call the Temple office.

 I am interested in sponsoring the following: On this Date: ____________________________

 ____     SHABBAT ONEG $300                                                           ____ SYNAPLEX     $500
 ____     1/2 ONEG          $150                                                      ____ 1/2 SYNAPLEX $300
 ____     Shabbat ALIVE! Band $72
6100 Hefley Street
Westminster, CA 92683

                                                                                  FIRST CLASS MAIL


                                           You may reach Temple Beth David
                                           by email:
                                           If you have any questions about the
                                           contents of this Megillah, feel free
                                           to call 714-892-6623.

                        Your generous contributions allow Temple Beth David to provide the
                        Service and programs that are so vital to our congregation. Thank You!

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