Pinckney Community Festival 2011 by linxiaoqin


									Dear Parishioners,
   How the summer passes so quickly! Pentecost,
which we celebrate this weekend is extremely late... but
always a joyous, life-giving event. Our bishop has
delegated the priests of the diocese to confirm certain
people at the feast, and we are proud to do so this
weekend, along with a baptism. This is a marvelous
display of faith and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.
May God continue to bless you and guide you.
                       Fr. Bill Wegher

            The Church of St. Mary Pinckney
              congratulates and welcomes:
                Zackary Patrick Denny
                Michael Michael Jurinic
                Lorelei Faustina Mitchell
  as now fully initiated members of the Catholic Church
  upon their reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation
            fittingly on this feast of Pentecost.
      May God bless your commitment to Christ and
       increased desire to live and share the Gospel
     each day as you experience a new closeness with
               the whole church community.

    Pinckney Community Festival 2011
            Sponsored by St. Mary Parish

 Please join us at St. Mary Parish of Pinckney on
 Sunday, June 26th from 12:30 to 5 p.m. for a Fun
   Family Day that includes a Polish Feast, the                             POLISH NUT ROLLS
Kielbasa Kings Polka band, Face Painting, Bubble
                                                               A crew of eager lifelong learning students joined
 Mania, Barnyard Express, Kids Games, Softball,            Mr. and Mrs. Nester from Flint area to learn how to
America Food and a special kick-off by Cinderella!         make Polish nut rolls! The rolls will sell at the annual
                                                           parish festival, June 26, 2011! The aroma from the
                                                           kitchen filled the air with smell of these delicious treats!
                                                           The new crew worked hard and turned out a beautiful
                                                           creation that is sure to tempt any tastebud.
                                                               The rolls will be on sale at the festival for the great
                                                           deal of $10.00 for a full roll and $5.00 for a half! Buy
                                                           early in the day because there are only 100 rolls this

                                      St. Mary Catholic Parish –June 12, 2011
        Summer TRIP ordering is here!!!                            ST. MARY DOMINICAN REPUBLIC MISSION
    During the summer months we will continue to place                         TRIP UPDATE
TRIP orders to help raise money for tuition assistance as              We would like to thank everyone who has supported us both
well as reduce your own tuition costs. Orders will be              financially and with prayer. We are truly blessed to be a part of
placed on the 2nd Monday of each month starting                    such a loving parish family! The seven of us are getting very
Monday, June 13 . Please have your orders & payment                excited as the date of our mission trip approaches. We will be
in the church office NO LATER than 10:00 am. Order                 leaving on July 30 and returning on August 6. We will be
pickup will be in the church office on that Friday. If you         working with Dr. Angel Valdez as he takes his medical clinics
already have an online account setup, please feel free to          into the mountains along the border of Haiti and the Dominican
place your order online. If you do not have an account             Republic. We will also be working at the Nutrition Center which
set up, contact me and I will get one set up for                   is being set up to save children from malnutrition. This is the
you. Also, the TRIP gift card inventory book will be in            same Nutrition Center that will benefit from the donations and
the church office. Feel free to stop in during their hours         hundreds of diapers that were made by many of our parishioners
if you are in need of a last minute purchase. Any                  at St. Mary’s.
questions, or for your online login information, contact               The restaurant fundraisers continue with Hungry Howies in
me at or my cell at 734-709-                  Hamburg on June 15. A portion of all sales on that day will be
7165. Have a great summer – Happy Shopping –                       donated for our mission trip (No coupon needed). Don’t forget to
Christine O’Donohue                                                save your Buffalo Wild Wings receipts and add them to the box
                                                                   on the table outside the church. The date has been set for our
                RAFFLE TICKET WINNERS                              fundraising dinner with Fr. Bill. It is July 9th after the 5:00
 Only 2 more weeks until the $1,000 winner is pulled out.          Mass. Please come out and join us for dinner and fellowship.
Return your raffle ticket stubs and money ASAP to the raffle       God bless you for your support.
ticket box in the hallway, the collection basket, or drop off at                        Mission Trip Participants,
the parish office, thank you. We have extra tickets available           Alexis Weaver, Michael Walton, Susan Walton, Elizabeth
to purchase or sell, if interested contact the parish office.           Pepper, Joan Pepper, Lea Strickfaden, & Debbie Coffelt
   Congratulations to the following raffle ticket winners for
                      Sunday, June 5, 2011:                         HELP WELCOME OUR MIGRANT WORKER
                    $100 – Marilynn Moltane                                    NEIGHBORS
     $25 – Michael & Cindy Moltane (Sold $100 winner)                  In the next couple of weeks migrant farm workers will be
                            $25 winners-                           arriving at Buurma Farms near Gregory. Many times these
                          Mauvis Sheehan                           workers travel with nearly all of their possessions and don't have
                          Matt Wehrman                             room to bring a lot of things we take for granted such as laundry
                         Jeff & Lisa Wack                          soap, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. To welcome them back to
                             Kerri Cross                           Michigan and show our support all the parishes of Livingston
                           Doug Garbarz                            County are collecting items to make Welcome Baskets for the
                                                                   households living at the farm. The deacons of Livingston County
                                                                   and their wives will assemble and deliver the baskets later in
           DOES YOUR GROUP HAVE A                                  June once all of the workers arrive.
                                                                       St. Mary has been asked to collect donations of bottled water,
                                                                   laundry soap, laundry baskets, disinfectant wipes, paper plates,
            STORED IN THE GARAGE?                                  paper towels, and towels. Please bring these items to the any of
    Art & Environment – St. Mary’s Worship Team is in the          the Masses at the parish next weekend. Please contact Deacon
process of working to make storage in the garage more orderly      Randy through the parish office if you have any questions or
and more accessible. There are several boxed Christmas trees       need to bring donated items at a different time.
in the garage, none of which are marked for a particular group         On behalf of all our brothers and sisters working at Buurma
or club. If your group has a Christmas tree and would like to      Farms, thank you for your support and prayers.
keep it, please call Marion Manners at 734-426-3581 to set a                                            -Deacon Randy
time to meet at the garage to claim and mark your tree for
storage. Any unclaimed and unmarked tree left after June
15, 2011, will be disposed of.
                                                                            LANSING LUGNUTS BASEBALL
                                                                       The Knights of Columbus will be taking orders next
                                                                   weekend, for tickets to this year's Lansing Lugnuts Family Night
              HUGE RUMMAGE SALE!                                   to Celebrate Vocations, baseball game on August 5, 2011, at the
   Dexter Boy Scout Troop 477's 41st Annual Sale, June 17th        Cooley Law Stadium, in Lansing. Bishop Boyea, Knights of
from 9am to 9pm and June 18th 8am to noon. Creekside               Columbus, friends & family, priests, and seminarians will all be
Intermediate School, Baker Rd., Dexter. Find treasures and         in attendance. Tickets are $11.00, Altar Servers will be free
bargains galore and gifts for everyone on your lists in the gym,   again as guests of the Knights and get a t-shirt. For more
cafeteria, hallways and outside. Books, games, toys, kitchen       information contact Kevin Schang at 734-878-6902.
and household, electronics, appliances, furniture, carpeting,
frames, jewelry, hardware, tools, lawn and garden, and more.

                                            St. Mary Catholic Parish –June 12, 2011
 ATTN: ADULT MEN OF ST MARY PARISH                                             Livingston County United Way
   Are you saying to yourself, “I see all these wonderful                     10th annual Day of Caring event
events going on in our Parish and I want to get involved but I                         August 17, 2011
don’t have a lot of spare time to give?” Consider the Men’s                  th
                                                                      Our 10 annual Day of Caring event is coming up and we
Club. We meet at 7:30pm, the 3rd Thursday of each month in
the multi-purpose room. With each event we sponsor, the            want to inform your church about this incredible day. The Day
Men’s Club strives to make a real difference in our Parish and     of Caring is an event where volunteers from across Livingston
our Community. Our monthly Breakfast Events have raised            County come together on one day and lend their skills and time
thousands of dollars for various causes such as the Youth          to helping local non-profit organizations and individuals in need
Ministry, Parish Repairs and School Auction Team. Our              of assistance.
Roast Beef Dinner and Lenten Fish Dinners are some of the             Last year we had over 1000 volunteers. It is our hope that
most well received and attended events in our area. We know        we spread the world about this event to as many people as
your time is valuable, so we do not ask you to commit a large      possible. If you know anyone who is in need of assistance
block of time but rather as you are able. While we are grateful    please let us know. Also if you would like to volunteer please
for the fact we continue to add new members each month, our        give us a call!
events, thankfully, continue to grow in popularity. Successful        If you have any questions about the event or the Livingston
events require a lot of effort and as the saying goes “many        County United Way please feel free to contact me: Melody
hands make lighter work.” We are very proud of our                 Bryant (810) 494-3000 or
Stewardship and the service we provide to our Parish               email at
Community. Come check us out this Thursday, the 16 th of
June. If you have any questions please feel free to contact
Bob at (810) 623-0300.                                                            RESOURCES FOR SENIORS
                                                                      Are you 60+ years and need help locating or coordinating
                                                                   services such as homebound meals & food supplies, home visits,
                  ROCK’N THE SPIRIT                                transportation, respite care, prescription assistance & Medicare
   A Christian Family Rock Concert ,hosted by the Fowlervile       Part D, Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security, utility assistance,
Knight of Columbus 8605, will be held on Friday , July 15 th       home chore services, in-home personal care, and much more. If
on the parish grounds of Saint Agnes Catholic Church at 855        so, contact LCCC’s Older Adult Resource Specialists.
East Grand River in Fowlerville. The five performance                 Our Older Adult Resource Specialists are Licensed Social
concert includes Thicker Than Water, the Still Water Creek         Service Technicians and are Certified Medicare & Medicaid
Band, the Michael Maher Band, Soul Shine, Noelle Garcia            Counselors. Please contact LCCC at (517)545-5944 and ask for
and comedian Joshua Mills. The entertainment starts at 5 pm.       Linda Bauby or Patty Flynn.
Gates open at 3:30 pm . Food and Refreshments on site.
Tickets available at the gate. Tickets $10 Adults and $5 for
children 12 and under. Bring blankets and lawn chairs for                            Report for June 6, 2011
outdoor festival seating. No alcohol or outside food allowed.            Parishioner Donations -Giving Back To The Lord
 Lou Glubzinski, 517-552-3101                                                                Weekly         Year To Date
                                                                                                      07/01/10 –06/06/11
 Fowlerville Knights Of Columbus Council 8605
                                                                   Offertory                     $ 14,610.81     $ 675,586.09
         ST. PATRICK RUMMAGE SALE                                  Operating Budget Reqmnt       $ 14,270.00     $ 699,230.00
               Thursday, June 16: 8am – 4pm                        Variance                      $    340.81     $ (23,643.91)
                 Friday, June 17: 8am-4pm                          Debt Reduction/FaithQuest $      2,495.89     $ 81,181.68
            Parish Life Center-Activity Building                   Collected
              710 Rickett Road, Brighton, MI
*Items will be accepted on Sunday, June 12th from 1pm-3pm,         Mortgage Payment Requirement                  $ 450,180.00
June 13 & 14 from 10am-4pm. We are unable to accept: tv’s,         Mortgage Amount Paid                          $ 192,600.00
clothes, computers, children car seats, cribs, mattresses &        Shortfall                                     $ (257,580.00)
large applicances.                                                            Thank you for your generous donations!
                                                                            SUMMER SCRIPTURE DAYS
                CATHOLIC SINGLES PICNIC                                The 18th Annual Summer Scripture Days are scheduled for
   Lansing Catholic Singles is hosting a state-wide picnic for     August 9-11, 2011 in Bethany House at the St. Francis Retreat
Catholic singles in their mid 30's-50's at noon on Saturday,       Center, DeWitt. Author Kevin Perrotta will present “Love
July 16th at Burchfield Park's North Bluff shelter in Holt, just   Crosses Boundaries”. This year’s study will cover personal
south of Lansing. The event will be held rain or shine. Bring      stories in the Old Testament. The experiences and decisions of
your own beverage and a dish to pass. Cost is $7 plus park         these Old Testament people, both positive and negative, give us
admittance. For more information or to RSVP, email                 a lot to reflect on regarding issues of forgiveness, faithfulness, or visit                           repentance and reconciliation. Brochures and registration                                    information are available at Catholic Charities at 517-342-2465.

                                            St. Mary Catholic Parish –June 12, 2011
                                                                           CEDAR POINT! JUNE 29, 2011
                                                                           REGISTATION WAS DUE BY
                                                                           JUNE 8, 2011. Limited Seats Left!
                                                                           St. Mary Youth will be joining up with
                                                                           St. Joseph’s Youth from Dexter for
       Religious Education & Sacrament                                     Diocesan Days at Cedar Point! Enjoy
            Registration for 2011-2012!                                    a comfy ride on a bus full of young
   Forms available online! Sign up in the parish office                    people. Relax on the way and get
                 or call Rebecca ASAP.                                     ready to conquer THE POINT! NO
         Deadline for Summer was May 15th!                                 you don’t have to come to regular youth nights to join us you
        Summer Classes Begin June 13, 9am!                                 just have to be in High School in the fall or just graduated
    Don’t forget to send your child with a nut-free                        this year. We are also looking for Chaperones…Not a mission
                    snack each day!                                        for the faint hearted! Due to limited seating you are not
                                                                           registered until your paperwork is turned in and you pay or make
                                                                           arrangements with me as to when you will pay. We only have
                                                                           25 seats to start and then there will be a waiting list! So register
                                                                           soon! Cost: $60. Seating is limited contact Rebecca ASAP!
                                                                           ( or 734-878-2217 ext 203).
Date:         Time:         Event:                                                                    Take the Michigan Adventure
06/12        7:00pm-8:00pm Adoration “Here I am Lord!”                                                         Challenge!
06/15        7:00pm-9:00pm Water Day!                                                              Are you a Middle School Student
                             (Dress accordingly and bring a towel!)                                with an adventurous side? Or even
06/19        7:00pm-8:00pm Adoration “Here I am Lord!”                                             just a middle school student now
06/22        7:00pm-9:00pm Youth Group- DYLC Week!                                                 or will be in the fall that wants to
                             (Last year’s New Leaders Lead!)                                       go!
06/26        7:00pm-8:00pm Adoration “Here I am Lord!”                     We will be traveling to Michigan Adventure on July 11, 2011.
06/29        CEDAR POINT! NO Regular Youth Group!                          Cost is $30.00 which includes chaperones, some snacks and
If you have any questions please call 734-878-2217 ext. 203                water. Fundraising is available. Deadline June 14, 2011.
or email                                        Parent Meeting will be June 28th at 7pm in the youth room.
                                                                           Contact Rebecca ASAP! ( or
                                                                           734-878-2217 ext 203).

                                                                           The 17th Annual Golf and Glory Tournament
Date:         Time:          Event:
                                                                           for the St. Louis Center in Chelsea, MI
06/14        6:00pm-7:00pm Leadership Team Meeting
                                                                           will be held on Tuesday, June 21st
06/14        7:00pm-8:30pm Water Day!
                             (Dress accordingly and bring a towel!)        at the University of Michigan Golf Course!
06/19        7:00pm-8:00pm Adoration “Here I am Lord!”                         The tournament will honor the late Ron Kramer,
06/21        7:00pm-8:30pm Youth Group-                                    University of Michigan All American and former member
                             Staying Connected! God, Family and Friends!   of the Green Bay Packers and long time supporter
06/26       7:00pm-8:00pm Adoration “Here I am Lord!”                      of the Tournament. Proceeds from the event
06/28       6:00pm-8:00pm Family Night & MI Adventure Parent Meeting       are donated to the St. Louis Center in
If you have any questions please call 734-878-2217 ext. 203 or             Chelsea, a residential facility for mentally
email                                           and physically challendged men and women,
                                                                           boys, and girls.
                                                                               Detroit Pistons and Michigan State University football
                      Did you know?                                        broadcaster George Blaha serves as honoray chairman of the
 If you are going to be in 6th grade in the fall you can start             event along with other Honorary Board members such as
coming to middle school youth group NOW! And if you                        Diocese of Lansing Bishop Earl Boyea, University of Michigan
are going to be in 9th grade in the fall you can start coming              Athletic Director Dave Brandon, John Panelli, Detroit Lions &
                                                                           Notre Dame Alumnus, and others.
 to high school youth group after school is out this June!
                                                                               Cost of the event, which includes 18-holes of golf (shotgun
     Enter around back in the door by the playground!                      start), lunch on the course, refreshments, dinner, and live &
          Youth Room is right there on the right!                          silent auction is: $1,000 foursome or $275 per golfer. A variety
              (The RIGHT place for you to be!)                             of coporate sponsorhip packages also available. Additional
       Join us for some summer fellowship and fun!                         information available by calling The St. Louis Center at 734-
       Check out the schedule in here in the bulletin!                     475-8430 or 734-662-5544 or online at

                                                 St. Mary Catholic Parish –June 12, 2011
MASS INTENTIONS- June 12 -19                                                 LAY MINISTERS – June 18-19
Sunday, June 12 – Pentecost Sunday                                           Eucharistic Ministers
9:00am: For Our Parish                                                       You have 3 self-scheduling sign-up options. The Lay Minister Sign-up
                                                                             Notebook has dated sign-up sheets and is located in Meeting Room A.
11:30am: In Memory of Emily Rutkowski by Dudek Family
                                                                               1) Sign-up to serve as you arrive to attend a weekend liturgy.
Monday, June 13-St. Anthony of Padua                                           2) Sign-up for the liturgy you know you will be attending next weekend as you
9:00am: Communion Service                                                    leave a weekend liturgy (the week before).
                                                                               3) Sign-up 3 times a year when the Lay Minister Schedule comes out. Bring
Tuesday, June 14                                                             your personal calendar and sign-up for once or twice a month during the current
9:00am: Communion Service                                                    4 month period and put these self selected dates on your personal calendar.
5:00pm: In Memory of Bob Bensinger by Men’s Club
                                                                             Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist
Wednesday, June 15                                                           5:00pm: Self-Scheduling by Sign-Up.
9:00am: In Honor of Brody Burke                                              9:00am: Self-Scheduling by Sign-Up.
By Tim and Karen Burke                                                       11:30am: Self-Scheduling by Sign-Up.
Thursday, June 16                                                            Altar Servers
NO MASS                                                                      5:00pm: J. Wing (Cross), G. Liddy, S. McGlade
                                                                             9:00am: J. Cross (Cross), M. Woods, J. Dobis
Friday, June 17
                                                                             11:30am: M. Flaherty (Cross), C. Belt, T. Clarke
Saturday, June 18-BVM
NO MORNING MASS                                                              Proclaimers of the Word
5:00pm: In Honor of All the Fathers of Our Parish                            5:00pm: R. Gass, K.Schang
By Rosary Altar Society                                                      9:00am: P. White, J. Bartek
                                                                             11:30am: K. Storemski, M. Flaherty
Sunday, June 19-The Most Holy Trinity (Father’s Day)
9:00am: In Honor of Allan & Trese Steinaway on their                         Greeters
35th Wedding Anniversary by Family                                           5:00pm: Falinski Family
11:30am: For Our Parish                                                      9:00am: Bogin Family
                                                                             11:30am: Mayer Family
June 13: T. Burke June 14: R. Boos                                           Ushers
June 20: D. Hall June 21: J. Wilson                                          5:00pm: Self-Scheduling by Attendance.
                                                                             9:00am: Self-Scheduling by Attendance.
WEEKLY READINGS June 12-18                                                   11:30am: Self-Scheduling by Attendance.
Sunday: Acts 2:1-11/Ps 104/1Cor 12:3-7,12-13/Jn 20:19-23
Monday: 2 Cor 6:1-10/Ps 98/Mt 5:38-42                                        Offertory Gifts
Tuesday: 2 Cor 8:1-9/Ps 146/Mt 5:43-48                                       5:00pm: Please sign up if you’re available.
Wednesday: 2 Cor 9:6-11/Ps 112/Mt 6:1-6, 16-18                               9:00am: Please sign up if you’re available.
Thursday: 2 Cor 11:1-11/Ps 111/Mt 6:7-15                                     11:30am: Please sign up if you’re available.
Friday: 2 Cor 11:18, 21-30/Ps 34/Mt 6:19-23                                  Home Chalice Program
Saturday: 2 Cor 12:1-10/Ps 34/Mt 6:24-34                                                 Please sign up if you’re available.
                      OUR PRAYER LIST                                        Linens – June: J. Helmboldt, L. Wack
         May God’s healing hand reach out and hold you:
Mary Ann Drown, Ellen Johnson, Glenn Kinsey, Norma Outwater,                 Cleaning the Altar – June: J. & J. Regan
Adeline Penrod, Rita Stewart
                                                                             Collection Counters
                                                                             June 13: H. Menosky, N. Rickelmann, L. Hazel,
                 STEWARDSHIP CORNER                                          C. Hazel
                         Pentecost Sunday
                                                                             June 20: M. Glynn, R. Layman, P. McGlade,
In the second reading today, St. Paul reminds the Corinthians, “There
 are different gifts, but the same Spirit; there are different ministries,   P. Sullivan
but the same Lord.” How am I using my gifts for the common good?
                                                                                             Please pray for those who are serving
                                                                                             in the Armed Forces, especially:
 Father, pour the living water of the Holy Spirit over my                                     Nick Adam, William V. Backlund III, Lora Begley, Tim Begley,
heart so that I might bear fruit for you. Come, Holy Spirit,                                  Christopher Bullion, Gabe Campbell, Jason Cecchetti, Robert Cox,
and reveal Jesus to my heart today. Let me know the Lord                                      Lance Davis, Fred Dehn, Matt Ducummon, Bob Elia, Jeff Gabel, Michael
and the power of his resurrection. I want to become a new                                     Ganzak, Katie Glynn, Kenneth Hazel, Erik Hennigan, Tielur Allan Hoard,
                                                                             Mark Huck, Cody Floyd, Eric Jacobs, Matthew Dennis Jacobs, Kevin Martin, Michael
                      creation today.                                        McInerney, Michael Miller, Sean Rooker, Anthony Sparks, Jonathon Stepp, Kenneth &
                                                                             Sherri Streu, Jesse Sutton, Kurt Whitlow, Steven Whoolery, Gavin Woody

                                                 St. Mary Catholic Parish –June 12, 2011

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