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					                                                                    Connection                                       Third Quarter 2011

Low Rates =                      Summer Fun!                                           Update Personal
   Family First has the cash for your lending needs.
We’ve priced our rates to make it more affordable for                                    Information
you to enjoy your summer fun or finance projects on
your “To Do” list. Contact our Loan Department today                             Please make sure that the credit union has your
at 989.759.1686, or apply online at www.fam1st.com.                           current information. Many people are cancelling
                                                                              their home phone service and using their cell phone
   Auto Loan as low as 2.85% APR*                                             for their primary source of contact. Also, if you have
   Boat or RV Loan as low as 4.75% APR*                                       recently moved and not changed your address with
                                                                              the credit union - we may have returned mail for
   Motorcycle or ATV Loan as low as 5.50% APR*                                you. Or, you may be missing important notifications
   Home Equity Loan as low as 6.25% APR*                                      regarding you account with the credit union.
   Compare our rates to loans you may have at other                              Please verify we have the correct information to
financial institutions. You may be paying too much!                           contact you in a timely manner if there is a question
    *APR=Annual Percentage Rates. Rates listed as our best available rate,
                                                                              or problem regarding your account.
2.85% represents our new vehicle rate, and is subject to credit approval
and other restrictions. Not all members will qualify. To determine your
rate, please contact the credit union.                                       Changes to Direct Deposit
                                                                                Beginning May 1, 2011, the Treasury Department will
                FreeMusic Fest                                               no longer issue paper checks to new applicants of federal
                                                                             benefit payments. New applicants will choose from either
  Family First was a part-sponsor of the FreeMusic                           direct deposit or Direct Express Debit MasterCard.
Fest held at the Tittabawassee Park in Freeland on
                                                                               Additionally, anyone currently receiving benefit
June 11th. It was a day long event packed full of great
                                                                             payments by check must designate a new form of
music, nice weather, and plenty of activities for the
                                                                             payment, either by direct deposit or Direct Express
family including an art fair, kids activities, disc golf
                                                                             Debit MasterCard, by March 1, 2013.
tournament, food vendors and more.
                                                                               If you are interested in signing up to receive your federal
   Hope to see you there next year!
                                                                             benefit payment by Direct Deposit, you may visit www.
                                                                             GoDirect.org, or by visiting the credit union. Or, if you
                                                                             would like to receive direct deposit of your paycheck, please
                                                                             provide your employer with the information listed below.
                                                                             Family First Credit Union Routing & Transit #:
                                                                             272 484 674
                                                                             Account Type: Savings or Checking
                                                                             10-digit Account #:
                                                                             (ie: If your account number is 12345, you will need five
                                                                             zeros preceding your account number - 0000012345)
                                   Winners!!                                  New Phone
                                                                         We will be installing a new phone
                                                                      system within the next month. We hope
                           Congratulations go out to Marshall         with the installation of the new phone
                         Brown Jr., Lisa Fallis, Florence             system, members will have easier access
                         Alexander and Aiden VanLoo.                  to the department they need.
BUSINESS HOURS              Marshall & Lisa were lucky winners           Please remember that you may also
                         of $100 Checking Deposit from our            check your account balance, make
   Mon. Wed. Thurs       Online Bill Pay conversion drawing in        transfers, etc. 24/7 by calling Teller 24
    9 a.m. - 5 p.m.      March.                                       at 759.1311, or by using Netbranch. If
                                                                      you need a PIN number to access Teller
       Tuesday             Florence and Aiden were $100
   10 a.m. - 5 p.m.                                                   24, please contact any Member Service
                         winners in our new Youth CD drawing.
                                                                      Representative. For
        Friday           Members opening a Youth CD between
                                                                      access to Netbranch,
  8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.     April 1–30 were eligible.
                                                                      visit www.fam1st.
 Saturday (Drive-Thru)      Thank you to all members who              com, or call
    9 a.m. - 1 p.m.      participated in our drawings. Increased      989.695.5144
  (Effective 1.1.2011)
                         member services strengthen the credit        ext. 242.
                         union while making managing your
  Mon. Wed. Thurs.       finances easier and more beneficial for
   9 a.m. - 5 p.m.       you. If you have any questions regarding
                         the products and services we offer, please
                                                                           AAA Discounts
       Tuesday                                                        Visit www.aaa.com to find a local
   10 a.m. - 5 p.m.      contact the credit union at 759.1686 or
                         695.5144.                                    agent, request an instant quote or learn
        Friday                                                        about special discounts to credit union
    9 a.m. - 6 p.m.
                                                                      members. In addition to auto insurance,
  No Saturday Hours                                                   AAA also offers Home/Condo insurance,
  (Effective 1.1.2011)            Sam’s Club                          renters insurance, life insurance and
                         Join Sam’s Club today and start saving.      travel agency services. With your
PHONE NUMBERS            With the Partner Membership Program,         AAA membership you are able to take
                         credit union employees and members           advantage of special discounts on hotels,
   Saginaw Office:                                                    car rental, restaurants, auto repair and
                         are able to join Sam’s Club (or renew
                         an existing membership) under Family         much more.
   Freeland Office:      First Credit Union. Join or renew your
      Toll Free:
                         membership now through August 31,
                         2011, and receive and receive a $25
                                                                        Save with Sprint
    800.580.0330                                                         Credit Union members can receive
                         Gift Card with a Plus Membership or
                         a $10 Gift Card with an Advantage            10% off most new Sprint Service plans,
 Visit us online at                                                   or existing Sprint customers can save
www.fam1st.com                                                        with an upgrade or change in their
                                                                      service plan by simply verifying their
                                                                      credit union membership at the time of
                                Holiday Hours                         activation/upgrade. Acceptable forms
                                                                      of proof are: credit/debit card issued by
                                    Independence Day                  the credit union, account/loan statement,
                                   Saturday, July, 2, 2011            voided check, or a credit union
                                   Monday, July 4, 2011               member ID card. For details visit www.
                                        Labor Day                     com or call 877.
                                Saturday, September 3, 2011           SAVE.4.CU.
                                Monday, September 5, 2011             (877.728.3428).

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