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					California Chapter 1

News Update

Issue 2001 Volume 3
August 15, 2001
                                                  News Update

                                  President’s Column                                As important as legislative advocacy
                                  By George Monteverdi, MD                     may be to our members and their
Special points of interest:                                                    patients, direct service by the Chapter to

•     Committee Chairs                         alifornia Chapter 1 AAP         our communities is the result of the
                                               (CC1AAP) anticipating future    vision and enterprise of our committees.
•     Messenger Model                          needs and tasks, like the       To that end we look to the diversity and
      Contracting                                                              talents of our membership. This new
                                  Greek god Janus, enters the new year
•     Legislative Links           with eyes cast back as it also looks         year, early contacts with committee
                                  forward. Dr. Paul Jewett’s immediate         members have identified physicians
•     New Section                 past presidency, assisted by the guidance    ready to serve several arenas of renewed
•     News to Share?              of the CC1AAP Board of Directors,            and innovative committee work.
                                  recognized the need for improved                  Dr. Mika Hiramatsu, vice president,
                                  communications with the legislative          anticipates the creation of a Residents
                                  advocacy arm of District IX AAP, the         and Young Physicians Committee, which
                                  State Government Affairs committee           will endeavor to bring the perspectives of
                                  (SGA). To that end Dr. Mike Harris,          a membership of diverse cultures and
                                  supported by Dr. Brian Linde, has been       generations into the service projects
    Inside this issue:            appointed as the CC1AAP representative       chosen by other Chapter committees.
                                  to the SGA committee.                        Drs. Felice Parisi and Don Mangravite
                                       Effective advocacy at the state level   will address the needs of the physicians
                                  will be assisted by clear, timely, bi-       and parents who provide care for the
                                  directional communication between the        child with genetic or acquired disabilities
    President’s Report        1
                                  Chapters and the SGA committee               as they revitalize the Children with
                                  members. As current legislators must         Disabilities Committee. An active Child
    Vice President’s Report   2                                                Health Finance Committee would
                                  observe term limits, an increased
                                  turnover of elected representatives          provide information, resources, and
    Legislative Update        4                                                services for the fiscal well being of
                                  occurs, limiting the ability of an
                                  appointed lobbyist to develop a long-        pediatric practices. Dr. Tom Long, past
    Nutrition                 5
                                  term effective relationship with             president, has agreed to chair and
    Media                     6   legislators. The importance of a             reorganize this committee charged with
                                  substantive grass roots contact group        providing this valuable service. Dr. Dean
    Action Alert              6
                                  which is able to influence, amend,           Blumberg, chair of the Committee on
    In the News               7   support, or oppose health care legislation   Infectious Disease (COID), views
                                  increases. Drs. Harris and Linde are         vaccine prophylaxis as an effective
                                  motivated, capable physicians who will       remedy for the problem of increasing
    Coming Events             8
                                  bring a grass roots perspective and          incidence of bacterial resistance to
                                  advocacy to the SGA committee.               antibiotics. He will reactivate the COID
Page 2                                                                                                           News Update

 News Update

 Executive Director:
 Beverly Busher                           so it may educate and advocate for
 900 Fifth Avenue #204
 San Rafael, CA 94901-2928                effective immunization policy
 (415) 459-4775 Fax (415) 459-0617        implementation.
                                               It is appropriate to thank those
 Physician Editors:                       committees and individuals that have
 Mika Hiramatsu, MD                       carried their tasks successfully through the
 20101 Lake Chabot Suite B
 Castro Valley, CA 94546                  past year. Past President Paul Jewett’s
 (510) 581-1446 Fax available             intuitive ability to grasp the nuances and
 E-mail:               consequences of the District and National
 Mark M. Simonian, MD                     AAP organizations directives upon the
 Layout and Editor                        operation of Chapter 1 has served well its
 5305 N. Fresno Street #105A
 Fresno, CA 93710-6829
                                          members and pediatricians of the district,
 (559) 221-7192 Fax available             and national organization. Beverly
 E-mail: msimonian@valleychildrens.       Busher, Executive Director, must be                       George Monteverdi
 org                                                                                                    President
                                          thanked for the liaison and personal contact
 California Chapter 1                     she nurtures with all member pediatricians
 American Academy of Pedi atrics          of every age, culture, and interest. Dr.
 900 Fifth Avenue # 204
 San Rafael, CA 94901-2928                Myles Abbott continues to set the standard     Thank you Dr. Arnold Gold for your
 publishes News Update quarterly.         for committee chairs as our Continuing         energy and vision for the Chapter’s
 News Update does not assume
                                          Medical Education (CME) Committee              CATCH program. Congratulations as
 responsibility for authors’ statements   organizes successful, revenue-generating,      you assume your position as State
 or opinions; opinions expressed are      collegially rewarding educational              coordinator for the CATCH program.
 not necessarily those of News
 Update or the American Academy of
                                          conferences. As he also begins to serve on     Finally, thank you Mark Simonian, for
 Pediatrics.                              CME committee for the national AAP, Dr.        the energy, perspective, and risk taking
                                          Gena Lewis, his co-chair will face a           associated with the development of the
 Articles or opinions submitted for
 publication are subject to               challenge to match Myles’ pace. Drs.           Chapter Web site ( as
 modification by the editorial staff.     Renee Wachtel and Diane Dooley will            well as the continuing service provided
                                          focus their energy on creating liaisons with   in editing and producing our Chapter
 Deadlines f or submission of articles,
 announcements or Chapter                 community action groups (e.g. U.C.             newsletter.
 information are January 15, April 15,    Berkeley Department of Nutritional                 I look forward to September 19th
 July 15, and October 15. Articles
 received after these dates may be
                                          Research Project: Children and Weight)         dinner meeting of CC1AAP Board which
 included in a later issue.               formed to improve student nutrition and        will provide an opportunity for the Board
                                          physical condition as they assume the co-      to meet and obtain updates from
                                          chair positions for the School Health          CC1AAP Committee chairs.
                                          Committee. Dr. Phillip Sapunor continues
                                          to serve on the Planning Committee for the
                                          state-supported Healthy Schools, Healthy       Vice President Column
                                                                                         By Mika Hiramatsu, MD
                                          Peoples conferences. Thank you Drs. Seth
                                                                                              Pediatricians, particularly those in
                                          Ammerman and Marty Joye for your
                                                                                         general practice, have found their work
                                          participation as co-chairs of the Substance
                                                                                         increasingly challenging these past years.
                                          Abuse Committee as you continue your
                                                                                         I found it quite telling and somewhat
                                          educational and advocacy efforts for youth
                                                                                         disheartening to attend Oakland
                                          success in substance abuse avoidance.
                                                                                         Children’s Hospital’s graduation this
                                          Thank you Dr. Tonya Chaffee as you
                                                                                         year. A program known for its strength in
                                          bring community and pediatricians
                                                                                         primary care training, it is sending only 4
                                          together in violence prevention efforts
                                                                                         of its 25 graduates into private practice
                                          through the Youth Committee projects.
News Update                                                                                 Page 3

 (2 to areas outside our chapter). The others   Bay.” The insurer increases the
 are choosing subspecialty fellowships,         amount until they get the number of
 hospitalist work, or “this and that” rather    providers they need.
 than committing to a practice.                      There are downsides. If the payer
      Members-at-Large of our chapter have      stops at 110% RBRVS, the providers
 complained about their increasing              who bid 70% will still only get 70%.
 difficulty in attracting and retaining new     The providers who bid over 110%
 physicians to their practices. They cite       miss out on the contract altogether
 managed care issues, including paperwork       unless they will accept 110% and
 and administrative hassles, low salaries,      there is still room on the panel. So it’s
 and young physicians’ desire for better        not ideal, but it’s a start. ChildNet
 lifestyles (no call, no running-a-business     Medical Associates in the Fresno area
 headaches) as some of the culprits.            has used this strategy successfully for
      To this end your chapter board is         several years. They have been able to
 trying to find solutions to assist you. We     get everyone in the messenger group            Mika Hiramatsu
                                                                                                Vice President
 are working closely with the district,         reimbursed at the highest offered rate.
 which lobbies for state bills on your          CFMG has now signed up 128 of 148
 behalf, such as increasing Medi-Cal            possible providers in Alameda and
 reimbursement and financial coverage for       Contra Costa counties.
 new vaccines. Drs. Mike Harris and Brian            Only we can work to improve our
 Linde will be your chapter liaisons to the     job satisfaction and thus the attraction
 district. (Editor’s note: you can reach        of new physicians to our chapter. No
 Mike and Brian at: Mike Harris, MD             one else is going to bat for us. While
 (415) 388-3364 Fax: (415) 388-3385 e-          in the past the AAP has concentrated
 mail:; Brian                on goals such as accident prevention
 Linde, MD (510) 482-2111 (Fax also)            or student health care, now we must Let us know              also educate others about the value of
 which legislative issues are important to      the pediatrician.
 you – it’s your money (chapter dues                At the same time, we are
 include a percentage for lobbying efforts).    continuing with our efforts in child
      Dr. Leonard Kutnik, known for his         health advocacy. George Monteverdi,
 AAP work in Southern California and at         your new president, is forging ahead
 the national level, last year took the helm    with plans for a chapter project to
 at Children First Medical Group, based at      combat pediatric obesity. I would like
 Oakland Children’s Hospital. At the last       to see the chapter create new sections
 board meeting he introduced the                devoted to multiculturalism and
 “Messenger Model” of obtaining                 diversity training and young
 physician contracts. Briefly, it involves      physicians and residents. Dr.
 collecting bids from participating             Monteverdi’s column details other
 providers (“I’ll see patients from that        interests and activities of our chapter.
 insurance for x-percent of RBRVS”). He              The path our chapter takes
 (the messenger) goes to the payer, who         depends on our members: what issues
 says, for example, “We will pay 70% of         are important to you, where you think
 RBRVS.” He looks at the list and says,         we should spend your dues. Look at
 “OK, I can get you 4 providers in the East     the Member-at-Large list in this
                                                newsletter. Call the person in your
                                                area or sideline him or her at the next
Page 4                                                                                                       News Update

                                       pediatrics department meeting. That’s         cosponsor of SB 1038. Coalition contacts
                                       what the board members are there for.         also brought in the California Medical
                                                                                     Association (CMA), The California
                                       AAP-California Legislative Update             Children’s Lobby, the Children’s
 National Committee & Section
 Board Members                         By Kris Calvin, MA AAP California             Roundtable and many other important
                                       Executive Director                            allies in support. AAP-CA State
 Myles Abbott: Scientific Meetings          Sorting through the thousands of         Government Affairs Committee Co-
 Devi Ananda: Provisional                                                            Chairs Robert Black, MD (Chapter 1),
 Committee on Membership               health-related bills each 2-year
 William Benitz: Drugs                 legislative session in order to determine     Robert Farrell, MD (Chapter 1) and
 John Bolton: State Government         which are appropriate (and even               Quynh Kieu, MD (Chapter 4) provided
 Tonya Chaffee: Resident               supportable) and which must be stopped        guidance and leadership in this effort.
 Scholarships                          at all costs is a Herculean task for small         With their help and the efforts of
 Lucy Crain: Pediatric Education
                                       nonprofit organizations such as ours. As      many of you who contacted your
 Ron Dieckmann: Pediatric
 Education Prehospital Professionals   a result, California Chapter 1 and the        legislators on this bill, we brought it
 Sally Harris: Council on Sections     other three California AAP Chapters           successfully through the Senate and the
 Melvin Heyman: Nutrition                                                            Assembly Health Committee (the latter
 Paul Jewett: Hospital Care            (Los Angeles, San Diego and Orange
 Janice Kim: Environmental Health      County) have chosen to combine efforts        on a 17 to 0 vote). At the time of this
 Carol Miller: Fetus & Newborn         through our AAP-California District IX        writing SB 1038 faces its toughest hurdle
 Thomas Newman: Quality                                                              so far, the Assembly Appropriations
 Improvement                           structure to achieve state legislative
 Richard Oken: Section on              goals. To that end, Chapter 1’s new           Committee, where funding issues come
 Administration and Practice
                                       District State Government Affairs             to the fore. (Chapter 1 member Lucy
 Richard Pan: Pediatric Workforce      representative, Michael Harris, MD and        Crain, MD has courageously taken the
 Charles Prober: Infectious Disease    alternate representative, Brian Linde, will   lead in local efforts directed at that
 Richard Quint: Children with                                                        committee.) In this year of energy-crisis
 Disabilities                          work with representatives from the other
 Mark M Simonian: Section on           Chapters, District officers, Chapter 1        driven deficits, few health bills are
 Computers and Medem Advisory          President George Monteverdi, MD, Vice         expected to survive. But win or lose in
 Committee                                                                           Appropriations, we will continue to battle
 Doug Stetson: Section on              President Mika Hiramatsu, MD and
 Computers and Medem Advisory          Executive Director Beverly Busher to          on all fronts to decrease the risk
 Committee                             determine where best to focus our             pediatricians face relative to vaccine
 John Takayama: Pediatric Research
 J. Lane Tanner: Psychosocial          energies on behalf of you and your            acquisition costs and to secure adequate
 Aspects of Child & Family Health      patients.                                     vaccine-related reimbursement.
 Tracy Trotter: Genetics
                                            For this legislative session (2001-           The District also continues to work
 Diane Wara: Pediatric AIDS
 Timothy Yeh: Pediatric Emergency      2002) we are emphasizing vaccine issues,      on maintaining recent Medi-Cal and CCS
 Medicine                              particularly as they relate to                physician reimbursement rate increases
                                       reimbursement and thus access. AAP            (17% and 34% respectively), which have
                                       California-sponsored SB 1038 (Polanco)        been threatened in this year’s energy-
                                       would take advantage of a federal option      driven deficit mentality.
                                       permitting California to purchase                  While promoting the good, we have
                                       vaccines at approximately half the            also had to focus effort on restraining
                                       commercial price for children enrolled in     those misguided efforts at improving
                                       Healthy Families. These vaccines would        children’s welfare, which might,
                                       then be delivered to pediatric offices        unfortunately, have the opposite effect.
                                       through the already established Vaccines      Specifically, three bills were introduced
                                       For Children (VFC) system. The                this year relating to so-called “vision
                                       California Academy of Family                  therapy,” the practice by some
                                       Physicians (CAFP) joined us as a              optometrists of “training” the eyes in eye
                                                                                     focusing, eye-teaming and other skills to
News Update                                                                                  Page 5

 improve reading ability. At the national       through the District’s superb
 level AAP has thoroughly reviewed this         educational meeting held in Las Vegas
 issue and finds no correlation between         each year. This year it will be at the
 these eye tests, related training, and         Mirage, November 16-18, 2001. This
 reading improvement. Yet in an attempt         will be my first year to attend. I will be
 to reduce levels of learning disabilities in   joining District Chair Burt Willis, MD
 California, respected legislators have         and Alternate District Chair Robert
 introduced a pre-kindergarten vision           Adler, MD. We hope to meet many of
 therapy-related screening mandate (AB          you there and hear personally your
 1095), a vision therapy pilot (AB 1096)        concerns and interests for the District.
 and an addition of vision-therapy related      As Sacramento tries to do more related
 screening to current vision screening in       to children and health, we need to
 schools (SB 606). AAP-CA has worked            guide them to accomplish good, not
 together with CMA, CAFP and the                harm. That can only be done with your
 California Association of Ophthal-             direct participation and input. I look
 mologists to defeat and/or amend these         forward to continuing to work for you
 bills so that important health dollars are     and with you in this effort.
 not wasted on worthless tests and
 interventions. Again, coalition work paid      National AAP Nutrition Committee
 off. As a result of our efforts AB 1095        (From a summary written to the Chapter
 (Wright) was held in committee, SB 606         Board by Melvin Heyman, MD)
 (Vasconcellos) has been amended to                  The medical nutritional
 remove the vision therapy-related              supplements model bill is perfect for
 language and AB 1096 (Wright) is still in      chapters to advocate for within the
 negotiation for promising amendments.          state. We’re still preparing background
                                                materials for the legislative advocacy
      What you can do to help. Grass            packet so not all of that is posted on-        Melvin Heyman
 roots efforts are the core of nonprofit        line yet. (We were hoping to get good
 legislative advocacy. You may request an       articles from the Committee on
 updated list from the District office of all   Nutrition.) What we have learned out
 the bills we are currently following           is that a few other states have already
 ( To view               introduced legislation advocating for
 specific legislation by bill number, go to     medical nutritional supplements to be
 the state site (Editor’s       covered but I am not sure if all of them
 note: Our Web site has bills listed that       have been passed. The states are PA,
 are being followed and some are linked         OR, NY, OH, and CT. I have articles
 to the Senate or Assembly bills                about the more recent PA initiative
 summaries.) Please watch for AAP               sent to me by Dr Sam Kocoshis.
 legislative alerts, which are sent to all      Connecticut is the latest chapter to
 AAP-CA members who have provided               push for such legislation, just last year.
 National AAP with their current e-mail         The model bill is posted online on the
 address. If you are interested in becoming     Members Only Channel – http://www.
 more active in direct AAP advocacy on a (The
 specific issue please let your Chapter         model bills are all available on the
 SGA representative Michael Harris, MD          public access AAP Web site but the
 know. Finally, the AAP-CA joint                talking points are not posted there.)
 legislative efforts are largely funded         The goal is to have the entire
                                                legislative advocacy packet posted
Page 6                                                                           News Update

         online with “talking points” by early         media. If approved, the section would
         summer, as is currently available for all     address issues such as:
         of the model bills. In the meantime,                  • Media Education – Learning
         talking to those chapter presidents and           and educating others about how the
         chapter chairs for the Committee on               media affect child and adolescent
         Nutrition from PA, OR, NY, OH, and CT             health in areas such as violence,
         about their strategies, extent of coverage,       sexuality, nutrition, and substance
         et cetera may be very helpful.                    abuse
              I am hoping that the national CON                • Media Journalism – Working
         will elicit help from local chapter CON’s         with the news media to promote
         to implement many “nutrition” policy              pediatric topics and be available as a
         statement recommendations. The                    spokesperson for the Academy
         statements in progress – Vitamin D                    • Media Advocacy –
         supplementation, obesity prevention, and          Promoting AAP issues and being a
         the medical nutritional supplements               resource to writers, producers, and
         coverage – will only be as good as the            directors of television shows and
         recommendations are known and                     motion pictures
         implemented by the pediatricians in each              • Media Production –
         state. As you know, these issues are              Developing media as an educational
         public health issues that have to involve         tool for parents and patient
         more than the pediatricians themselves in         The new section would develop
         order to see changes in practice.             educational programs and materials, and
              In general, the chapter CON’s can        members of the new section would be
         recommend to the national CON issues          kept current on media-related issues via a
         to address public education materials to      newsletter, listserv®, and Web site.
         produce, CME programs to sponsor at               Interested members are urged to
         the AAP National Conference and               contact Carden Johnston, MD, FAAP at
         Exhibition, etc. For example, the NY          205/939-6039 or by e-mail at
         Chapter CON’s idea and assistance for or fax a request for
         the calcium brochure was used at the          information to 205/975-4623.
         national level and will now be published
                                                       Action Alert
              The chapter CON chair e-mail             By Seth Ammerman, co-chair of the
         listserv® list is something you can “talk     Substance Abuse Committee
         up” too. With your help, I’m hoping that           Help get the truth about Philip Morris
         the listserv® list will be more useful in     broadcast to millions. Join the National
         having discussions about “hot” issues         Making a Killing on PBS Campaign.
         and raise serious concerns with the                Tobacco giant Philip Morris is on a
         national CON.                                 PR mission. In the first half of 2000
                                                       alone, the corporation spent an amazing
         National AAP Seeking                          $142 million on ads intended to improve
         Pediatricians Interested in Media             its image in the eyes of consumers and
         Issues                                        policymakers. Philip Morris advertising
         By Drs. Carden Johnston and Gil Fuld          dollars flood our television screens in the
             AAP members are exploring the             form of “feel-good” ads touting the
         formation of a provisional section on         corporation’s charitable giving. The
                                                       Marlboro Man – described by its creator
News Update                                                                                 Page 7

 as “the right image to capture the youth      has aired on national TV in Nigeria,
                                                                                           Chapter Officers
 market’s fancy” – continues to be an          Serbia and Vietnam, and there’s no
 effective promotional device. The World       reason why it shouldn’t be broadcast in     Chapter President
 Health Organization states that by 2030,      the US.                                     George Monteverdi, MD
                                                                                           1228 Arroyo Sarco
 the effects of tobacco smoke will claim                                                   Napa, CA 94558
 ten million lives annually unless current     In the News                                 707/253-8511 Fax 707/265-7611
 trends are reversed.                               Long time member Albert                Chapter Vice President
                                                                                           Mika Hiramatsu, MD
      The average television viewer            Goldberg, MD was honored at                 20101 B Lake Chabot Road
 deserves to know this and much more           luncheon in San Jose on May 16th as         Castro Valley, CA 94541
 about the truth behind Philip Morris’s                                                    510/581-1446 Fax 510/581-1805
                                               one of 50 “Unsung Heroes of                 Chapter Secretary
 propaganda, and the best way to do that is    Compassion” personally selected by          Yasuko Fukuda, MD
 to get Infact’s film, Making a Killing:       the Dalai Lama. Dr. Goldberg was            3905 Sacramento Street #301
                                                                                           San Francisco, CA 94118
 Philip Morris, Kraft, and Global Tobacco      honored for his work with Interplast        415/752-8038 Fax 415/752-8099
 Addiction, broadcast on PBS.                  and Rotaplast over the past 18 years        Chapter Treasurer
      To get the film on the air, Infact has   “in fulfilling a promise to parents         Eileen Aicardi, MD
                                                                                           3641 California Street
 targeted San Francisco as one of four         through care for the world’s neediest.”     San Francisco, CA 94118
 cities key to Philip Morris. As one of the    Dr. Goldberg described his work with        415/668-0888 Fax 415/752-5391
 country’s most diverse cities, San                                                        Past President
                                               these organizations that provide            Paul Jewett, MD
 Francisco is home to communities of           reconstructive surgery for children in      900 Fifth Avenue, #204
 color which Philip Morris has targeted as     economically challenged countries as        San Rafael, CA 94901-2928
 the “last expansion markets” in the US.                                                   925/837-2634
                                               follows: “The opportunity to help these     Chapter Executive Director
 Help your community become aware of           children has broadened and                  Beverly Busher
 such abusive practices and make a quick       strengthened my commitment to               900 Fifth Avenue, #204
                                                                                           San Rafael, CA 94901-2928
 call to the Bay Area PBS station, KQED,       medicine. Each time I take an               415/459-4775 Fax 415/459-0617
 today and then follow-up with the station     Interplast journey I truly feel that I am
 every week through the beginning of           the true receiver of the miracles we        Members At Large
 August until Making a Killing shows.          give to the children.” Al was also          Debra Babcock, MD Los Altos
      For KQED’s contact information and       recognized by the California State          650/940-7177 Fax 650/940-6751
 helpful phoning hints, call Maggie Scott                                                  Emanuel Berston, MD Daly City
                                               Senate for his role as Vice President of    650/992-4200, Fax 650/992-9488
 at Infact Campaign Headquarters at            Rotaplast International. Congratula-        Yvonne Brouard, MD Modesto
 1.800.688.8797 or write to:                   tions Al, keep up the good work.            209/524-1211, Fax 209/550-4828
                                                                                           William Byrne, MD Oakland
      Scott Dwyer, Director of                      Rotaplast is always looking for        510/428-3331 Fax 510/601-3979
 Programming, KQED                             more pediatricians to work with their       Lewis Cantor, MD Salinas
      2601 Mariposa Street                     organization. If you are interested,        831/757-8124, Fax 831/757-3954
                                                                                           Susan Dab, MD San Francisco
      San Francisco, CA 94110                  please contact Rotaplast at 415/538-        415/668-8900 Fax 415/668-1695
      Since 1993, Infact has been working      8120.                                       Donald Errante, MD San Rafael
 on the Tobacco Industry Campaign,                                                         415/479-8642, Fax 415/479-2434
                                                    Do you have news to share? Do          Patricia Francis, MD Lafayette
 aimed at pressuring Philip Morris, as the     you know someone who’s being                925/284-1800, Fax 925/284-1235
 tobacco industry leader, to stop              honored for his or her good works? Is       Arnold Gold, MD Marysville
 promoting tobacco to children, stop                                                       530/749-3326 Fax 530/749-3466
                                               there someone you think should be           Sobha Kollipara, MD Sacramento
 targeting communities of color and stop       honored? Please let us know. Call           916/973-7375, Fax 916/973-7304
 interfering in public health policy.          Beverly at 415/459-4775 or e-mail her       Mark M Simonian, MD Fresno
                                                                                           559/221-7192 Fax 559/221-7195
 Making a Killing is a hard-hitting            at We’d love to hear
 documentary exposing Philip Morris’s          from you.
 abuses around the world and mobilizing
 grassroots pressure for corporate
 accountability. Already, Making a Killing
California Chapter 1 AAP
                               Coming Events
                               Chapter Board Meeting                   23rd Annual Las Vegas Seminars,
                               San Francisco                           District IX, AAP: Nov 16-18, 2001,
American Academy of            September 19th                          Mirage Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Pediatrics                     7:00-9:30 PM
900 Fifth Avenue #204                                                  December 1, 2001 Annual Winter
San Rafael, California 94901   Getting to Know You Dinner              Meeting Chapter 1: “Childhood
Phone: 415-459-4775            at SF Italian Athletic Club             Asthma: Hands-on Course” UCSF-
Fax: 415-459-0617              October 23, 2001                        Laurel Heights Conference Center, San
E-mail:         Jerold F. Lucey, MD, Editor of          Francisco. For information register on-
                               Pediatrics will be the speaker. Call    line at our web site at
                               Beverly Busher at 415/459-4775 for      under Coming Events or call Beverly
                               more information.                       Busher at 415/459-4775. This course is
                                                                       limited to 150 participants, so be sure
                               National AAP Meeting                    to register early.
                               in San Francisco, October 20-24, 2001
                                                                       April 2, 2002 Combined CMA/
                                                                       District IX Legislative Meeting in
                               Life After Residency for PL3s           Sacramento. Call 510/559-8383 for
                               in San Francisco November 7, 2001       details or to register.
                               Fort Mason Center, Firehouse Room

                               California Chapter 1                                     Nonprofit Organization
                               American Academy of Pediatrics                              US Postage Paid
                               900 Fifth Avenue #204                                           Novato
                               San Rafael, California 94901-2928                             Permit # 53

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