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									On March 4, 2006 Owen Robert Stabosz Danyo was delivered by C-section at
Jennersville Hospital in Jennersville, PA following an uncomplicated pregnancy and
attempted home delivery. He was transferred to Chester County NICU in West Chester,
PA on 03/05/06 and then to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), in
Philadelphia, PA that same day.

Medical narrative.

The following is taken from Neonatology Progress Records of the Children’s Hospital of
Philadelpha (CHOP), available as appendix, from 03/05/06 (date of admission) to
03/19/06 (day of discharge); the Consultation Record of the Gift of Life Donor Program,
Philadelphia PA;

Basic facts:
Patient: Owen Robert Stabosz Danyo

Date of Birth: 03/04/2006

Referring hospital: Chester County (Jennersville), PA.

Referring physician:
Eric J. Frehm, MD.
Attending Physician, The Chester County Hospital

Attending physicians at CHOP:
Richard Finkel, MD
Director, Neuromuscular Program at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Pediatrics, Neurology, with special qualifications in Child Neurology

Jacquelyn Evans, MD,FRCP(c) FAAP
Medical Director, Newborn/Infant Center at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Admission Presentation, CHOP NICU:
Patient presented with “high pitched piercing scream… with arching in the first few
hours after birth. At about ~4.5 hours of life the baby was noted to have seizures
characterized by stiffening, fist clenching, left eye deviation, and jerking of one leg. He
continued to have multiple episodes, lasting ~1 minute, with desats, arching, developed
jaw movements.” Twenty mg/kg of Phenobarbital was administered and Chester County
NICU called. When neonatologist arrived, patient noted to still be intermittently seizing
with (~30 minutes), ~60-90 second episodes of seizure activity, including repetitive
unilateral arm and/or leg movements, eye deviation, and rhythmic adduction/flexion of
both thighs. These episodes were not associated with vital changes or apnear. Another
10mg/kg phenobarbital was loaded. Additionally, patient noted to have prolonged apnea
requiring intubation for safe transport. Patient then transported to Chester County

Infant had difficulty to control seizures, requiring further phenobarb dosing and addition
of dilantin. The seizures were confirmed on EEG and eventually were controlled. The
EEG showed excessive discontinuous background with little background reactivity. An
MRI showed multiple areas of reduced diffusion in the anterior and posterior watershed
regions, the parasaggital, frontal and insular cortex and posterior thalamus consistent with
severe diffuse acute infarcts. There was no cerebral edema and the baby had no other
signs of end organ injury, strongly suggestion that the injury had occurred prior to labor
and delivery.

Neurology (Dr. Finkel) and neonatology (Dr. Evans) met with parents to discuss very
poor prognosis given extent of the CNS injury, with expected severe developmental delay
and possible deafness and blindness. The parents indicated that they would like to pursue
a hospice care/comfort care approach. As it was not clear whether the infant would be
stable following extubation, given previous apnea but little evidence of brainstem injury,
he was left on the ventilator for family members to visit. The CHOP Palliative Care Team
(PACT) was involved. He was extubated on 3/10/06 with a DNR status and remained
stable from a hemodynamic and pulmonary point of view. He was taking breast milk and
some bottle feeds following extubation in the 2 days prior to discharge.

Recommendations for Discharge:
The infant is being discharged with a DNR status, Hospice Care (Compassionate Care)
and support from the PACT Team at CHOP per parents wishes.

Medications at Discharge: Phenobarbital 4 mg/kg/day to be started on 3/15/06 given
current high serum level. Diastat.prn for seizures. Morphine 0.2 mg/kg q1-4 h prn
discomfort (parents provided with script but infant not requiring any pain medication at

Current feedings: Breast feeding on demand.

Consultation record, Gift of Life Donor Program
Requested by: Medical Staff
03/09/06 Time: 2300
Patient: Stabosz, Owen AKA Danyo
Preliminary evaluation: Organs and tissues suitable for donation

Findings: Thank you for the referral of this unfortunate infant. Pending further
evaluation he would be a suitable donor should he progress to brain death. As a
result of the patient’s family bringing up donation we will return on site at the
most appropriate time to facilitate that conversation.

Leslie Cavazzine, transplant coordinator, 1-800-543-6391
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2006 10:24:10 -0500
From: JJD <orthorex412@suscom.net>
To: Rae D. Stabosz <stabosz@UDel.Edu>
Cc: ML0267@aol.com
Subject: Re: bumetanide to control newborn seizures

Interesting article. Unfortunately in this case there is a lack of brain
substance to the extent that life is not possible without permanent
ventilator in place.
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Subject: bumetanide to control newborn seizures

> Hi Lynn,
> Somebody should ask the docs at Children's Hospital today if they are
> aware of the study that came out in November about bumetanide. It is a
> diuretic already in use but was found to have a potential to be better
> than phenobarbital and benzodiazapines in controlling seizures in
> newborns. Here's an article about it from Harvard medical research site:
> http://www.researchmatters.harvard.edu/story.php?article_id=971
> But if you do a Google search on the phrase "seizures in newborns" you'll
> find the same study reported all over the medical news venues.
> Something to look into, perhaps Owen would be a candidate to participate
> in a clinical trial.
> The story at that web address contains the names of a bunch of
> neurologists who are doing cutting edge work with seizures in newborns,
> from across the country.
> Rae

Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2006 16:56:51 -0800
From: Berni Phillips <bernip@ix.netcom.com>
To: Rae D Stabosz <stabosz@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Re: [cf] prayer request

Rae, I'm so sorry to hear this. You and Reetie and Bob are in my prayers.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Rae D Stabosz" <stabosz@UDel.Edu>
To: "Catholic Christian Faithful List" <christifideles@gabrielmass.com>
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 6:22 AM
Subject: [cf] prayer request

> Friends and fellow cf-ers,
> You (we) have always been a prayerful support when prayer is requested,
> and many of you are friends as well. I have sad news but the important
> part is that I ask for your prayers. On Saturday my daughter Reetie gave
> birth to her third child, a son, named Owen Robert. Owen apparently (from
> an MRI analysis) suffered some kind of traumatic event during the week or
> two before he was born. He has suffered massive brain damage -- the MRI
> shows significant damage to the front, back, right and left areas of his
> brain. His brain stem is functioning fully, but his higher brain functions
> are almost nil. The doctors do not believe he will survive for long. Too
> much injury.
> The plan is to not pursue treatment but to place him in hospice status and
> give him palliative care . This afternoon they will disconnect him from
> his respirator. The doctors do not expect him to breathe on his own for
> long, if at all. But they don't know. The damage is extensive and his
> nurse last night told me that it's hard for an infant to live with just
> brain stem functionality. If he does survive the disconnecting, Reetie and
> Bob will take him home. The hospital will set them up with hospice > personnel -
visiting nurses, social worker, chaplain. They will give him
> normal palliative care including hydration and nutrition.
> That is the situation. A terminal situation, it seems. From my own reading
> about brain injuries and my own experience with the prognostication
> abilities of the most knowledgable and competent medical personnel, I take
> a wait and watch attitude. Every individual is different, infant brains
> are resilient, and nobody knows God's will in this but God. But certainly
> the expectation at the hospital is that today will be Owen's last day on
> earth.
> Reetie and Bob are doing as well as can be expected, to quote the trite
> but accurate saying. Their suffering is tremendous, and it will not end
> soon or easily. Their other children went to the hospital yesterday to
> meet Owen. A social worker and a child psychologist talked with them
> beforehand. My three-year-old grandson Wade is too young to really get
> what is going on, but he knows his mom and dad are very sad about his
> little brother Owen. Eight-year-old Ruth is going through a very bad time
> in her own way -- she is hyper, nervous, obviously trying to live up to
> whatever is expected of her, but she just wants to be a kid and away from
> it all.
> That's the news. Sad as it is. Please keep them all in prayer, that the
> Holy Spirit console and enlighten everyone, that Christ's redemptive mercy
> overcome the darkness of illness and the imperfection of this world, and
> that God's will be done.
> For nothing is impossible to God.
> Rae
> |Rae Stabosz(302)831-8812 Foreign Language Media Center |
> |006 Jastak-Burgess Hall - University of Delaware Newark DE 19716 |

March 15, 2006
Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 09:38:08 -0500
From: Pauline Cooperators <paulinecoop@aol.com>
Subject: Prayers for Family of Rae Stabosz, Pauline Cooperator in Delaware

Dear friends in the Pauline family,

I am signed up to come to St. Louis this weekend for the
retreat/conference, but I may not be able to come. I am writing
to share
news of my new grandson, born Saturday, and ask for your

My daughter Reetie had a baby boy, her third child (and second son), late
Saturday night. There is
cause for praise, for a new baby has come into this world! But
all is not
well, and I would be grateful for prayer.

My new grandson, baby Owen, started having seizures a couple of
hours after
his birth. They transferred him first from the regional hospital
he was in
to a larger county facility, then transferred him that night to
Hospital in Philadelphia which is top-notch. They are now doing
tests - CT
scan, blood work, spinal tap, today an MRI. He is on
phenobarbital to
prevent seizures, and on a respirator because of the phenobarbital. So far
there is no information available other than that they are taking
precautions and running tests.

Please pray that the Lord give the graces of wisdom,
intelligence, and good
diagnostic skills to the medical personnel; that He surround
with His
loving-kindness and perhaps entrust him to the care of some
hearty angels,
and that He give my daughter and her husband (and the other two
courage, strength, discernment, wisdom and above all
loving-kindness, that
they may strengthen one another, and that we soon have an explanation and/or
a diagnosis. May the Divine Physician heal my grandson, body and
soul, and
bring His parents more joy than anxiety in his arrival on earth.

I may need to cancel plans to attend the St. Louis Cooperator's
event, but
will not make a final decision for another day or two.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers,
Rae Stabosz

Forwarded Message:
Subj: Re: prayer request
Date: 3/13/2006 5:27:27 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
To: <mailto:rstabosz@gmail.com>rstabosz@gmail.com

    I have summarized the status of Owen the best I knew at the
Cooperators meeting, and at our Eucharistic Adoration we listed his name for
God's special love. I cannot help to be glad that he is a fighter, after all
two people, Fr. Alberione and John Paul II are interceding for him, both
wanting a good case for sainthood - may be Owen will be the case for
documentation. Let's continue to pray. Eva

Dear Sr. Margaret,
    To explain my note - Rae's husband prayed and petitioned both
Blessed Fr. Alberione and Pope John Paul II to help. Eva

Date: Sat, 18 Mar 2006 13:23:48 -0500
From: Pauline Cooperators <paulinecoop@aol.com>
Subject: Prayer Intention Rae Stabosz
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This was sent by Rae (Pauline Cooperator) to her Catholic Scholars list.

From: Rae Stabosz [mailto:rstabosz@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006 8:22 AM
To: cath_scholars-Rae Stabosz
Subject: prayer request

First of all, to those who are personal friends, forgive me for not
contacting each and every one of you individually. But all of you, whether
close personal friends or not, are my brothers and sisters in Christ. And it
is to you are members of Christ's Body that I write this email.

As some of you know already, my grandson Owen Robert, third child of my
daughter Reetie, was born last week with severe brain damage. He is at
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. He was on a respirator, until a big
meeting was held and in light of his MRI and EEG report (and other tests) he
was put on hospice status, the feeling being he would be made comfortable
and allowed to die.

Owen was removed from the respirator on Friday afternoon. He has been
breathing well on his own. My daughter, her husband and Owen spent the
weekend together in a family suite at the hospital. He is able to swallow
and take milk from his mother, both by breast and by bottle. His nursing is
"lazy" while he sucks vigorously on a bottle.There is a difference of
opinion about whether he should be given the bottle in addition to nursing
lazily at the breast. At the moment, the decision is breast only. Reetie and
Bob believe that if he were hungry, he would make this known, although as
far as I can tell there is no medical clarity on the extent of his brain
damage to say if this is true or not.
The NICU staff is not in agreement about this, but the social worker wishes
to honor the parents' understanding of the situation, and so he is offered
nourishment only if he shows signs of discomfort. He also has a standing
order for morphine which he can be given if he shows signs of discomfort.

This morning, there will be another big meeting with medical folks, social
workers, etc.. My husband and I, along with some other family members, would
like to see a medical re-evaluation of Owen (additional tests) or a second
opinion (interpretation of the first test results), in light of the strength
of his breathing and his ability to swallow and take a bottle well.

Please pray that God set his angels around Reetie, Bob and Owen as they bond
as a family. Pray that the devil have no success in confusing either Owen's
parents or the medical staff as to the nature and extent of Owen's
disabilities. In particular, pray that someone in a medical capacity inform
Reetie and Bob that there is a possibility that Owen might survive without
extraordinary intervention for an extended period of time -- weeks, months,
or years -- in a brain-injured capacity. Ask the Holy Spirit to give them
clarity about Owen's personhood as they face difficult decisions about what
constitutes normal care, and what constitutes extraordinary care when he
goes home. They do not have the guidance of the Church in this, and there
are powerful forces that would militate against them coming to an
understanding of Christ's teachings about the meaning and dignity of all
human life, without the helps of the Church.

The plan is for Owen to go home with his parents today, and become part of
the family at home which includes my eight-year-old granddaughter Ruth and
three-year-old grandson Wade. I believe that clarity of the medical issues,
and truth about the personhood of brain-injured patients, can only help us
all to support Reetie and Bob in what may be a very short time of life with and truth
about the personhood of brain-injured patients, can only help us
all to support Reetie and Bob in what may be a very short time of life with
their new son, or a longer.

Thank you for your prayers.

Date: Wed, 15 Mar 2006 08:42:29 EST
From: PaulineCoop@aol.com
To: stabosz@UDel.Edu
Subject: Prayers for Owen
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Dear Rae,
We remembered you and little Owen during our prayers at the Convention in
Louis. We sure missed you! May Blessed Alberione and "Blessed" John Paul II
intercede for you and your intentions.

Love and prayers,
sr Margaret
The Association of Pauline Cooperators was founded by Blessed James
in 1918. Pauline Cooperators share in the Charism and mission of the
by living and communicating the Gospel through the media,for the uplifting
of human
and Christian values in today's culture.
50 St Paul's Ave. Boston, MA 02130

Rae Stabosz
Date: Sun, 19 Mar 2006 07:58:53 -0500
From: Jessica Weissman <jweissmn@his.com>
To: Rae D. Stabosz <stabosz@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Re: news from Rae


Praying now. Call if you like and when you can. Don't quit until there's a
little more Owen experience to work with. Any possibility of them moving
to you?

Love to all,


Quoting "Rae D. Stabosz" <stabosz@udel.edu>:

        Hey Jess and Cat,
        My daughter Reetie had her third child two weeks ago, a son, my fourth
        > grandchild -- Owen Robert Stabosz Danyo (no hyphen). He was huge - 10 lb.
        11
        > oz., 23 inches long - and he came out wrong. Probably an umbilical cord
        > accident, probably in the week or so before birth. He lost oxygen to his
        > brain, and was born with massive damage to his higher cortical functions -
 > front, back, right, left sides (or watersheds as apparently they are
 called)
 > of brain. His brain stem functions perfectly. > He was born at Jennersville
  Hospital in PA, a small regional place, then
 > started having seizures. He was sent right away to Chester County PA
 > hospital, then a couple of hours later to Children's Hospital of
 Philadelphia
 > (CHOP). Nobody was giving information other than "possibility of some
 > de-oxygenation". Seizures in newborns are not de rigeur but also not that
 > uncommon. I don't know at what point they doctors knew what was up, but I
 > personally got very suspicious when they transferred him within in a
 couple
 > of hours from Chester County to Philadelphia, "as a precaution".
 >
 > So he had EEG, MRI, EKG, spinal tap, blood work, yada yada. CHOP's
 diagnosis
 > was brain damage incompatible with life. They all came up with a treatment
 > plan to take him off the respirator, give a Do Not Resusitate order, and
 Make
 > him comfortable. The hospital had a family suite near the NICU. They took
 > Owen off the respirator and brought him in to Reetie and Bob in the family
 > suite. Their expectation was that he would die fairly soon, although his
 > nurse had told me that morning that his lungs were strong and she would be
 > very surprised if that happened.
 >
 > It did not. Owen was (is) able to breathe fine on his own. After 24 hours
 the
 > question of hydration and nutrition arose. Bob and Reetie thought offering
 > him any would only prolong the inevitable, but I asked the doc on duty
 didn't
 > palliative care include food and water and he said yes. So he advised
 Reetie
 > to try and nurse him, and prepared a bottle of her breast milk if he could
 > not nurse. He couldn't nurse, so they gave him the bottle and at first he
 > couldn't take it. But Bob's sister Cindy, a nurse practitioner, asked
 > permission to try to give it to him and with her practiced skills soon got > him
  to latch on. Once he latched on, he wolfed that bottle down. But a
 little
 > bit later he had a huge burp and almost choked in what came up, terribly
 > scary. The hospital basically was offering no nursing assistance other
 than
 > what Reetie and Bob asked for. Owen was completely in their care, in the
 > family suite. When Owen almost died choking, they decided no more bottles.
 >
 > They brought him home last Monday, to "make him comfortable". Meanwhile,
 Owen
   > learned to nurse, and once the phenobarbital he was getting to control the
   > seizures was out of his body, he started having wakeful periods. He opens
   his
   > eyes, moves around, follows voices, make little baby mewlings although he
   > doesn't cry. Sticks his tongue out, pretty much looks and acts like a
   > regular newborn except for the crying. Two days ago he started pooping.
   > > Friday the neurologist from CHOP called to see how he was doing, and when
   > told of his progress, talked about bringing him in for another MRI. This
   was
   > very confusing to Bob and Reetie, who were pretty much relying on the
   initial
   > diagnosis and were nonplussed by his progress (by now he was nursing
   > "vigorously" in my daughter Gabe's description; she came up from Alabama
   for
   > a few days.)
   >
   > Jess will remember that I have been through a very similar situation with
   > Reetie's brother Eric. I learned then, and also when my husband Bill was
   > terribly sick for eight months with pancreatitis, that doctors are limited
   in
   > what they can prognosticate about anyone in any situation. Every
   individual
   > is different. Owen was showing a personality, and he seemed tough, a
   fighter.
   > He was as responsive as the person holding him stimulated him. When he was
   > held limply and not interacted with, he lay there limply. When he was
   talked
   > to and jiggled, he was alert and responsive.
   >
   > I myself have not seen him since Monday, the day they brought him home
   from
   > the hospital. On Tuesday, the day I went to pick Gabe up at the airport, I
   > came down with a humongous cold. I think the stress just trashed my immune
   > system. I still cannot talk and have a deep chest cold. The diarhhea is
   > getting better, and I'm spending more time awake. Gabe brought my
   grandbaby
   > Zeke with her and I had to be goofy grandma from a distance, didn't want
   to
   > take a chance giving him my germs. Have not seen Owen, but I get reports.
   > Reetie has been open all along to whatever Owen wants to do, but Bob until >
    recently has been pretty adamant that Owen is far too brain damaged to
   offer
   > any hope of survival. But Bob's brother is a rehab doctor with adults and
   has
   > told him of many cases of brain damage in which the patient has been given
   up
     > on but later came around. Infant brains in particular apparently are good
     at
     > rewiring. So Bob has at last become somewhat hopeful that Owen might live
     and
     > ha!
     > ve!
     >!
     > a possibility of having a human experience in life, even with great
     > disabilities.
     >
     > I thought this was going to be a short email but this is the most energy
     I've
     > had in three days. So I will end here. Don't call, please, because I
     cannot
     > talk, my voice is gone, and I will most likely after this burst of energy
     > subside back into a kind of shell-shocked sickness where I've been since
     > Monday.
     >
     > Please pray, as I know you both can do, and ask others to pray. Pray as
     the
     > Holy Spirit guides you; I personally have been praying to JPII, Fr.
     Alberione
     > (founder of the Pauline Family) and Louis and Zelie Martin (St. Therese of
     > Lixieux's parents) because all of these fine folks need only another
     miracle
     > for canonization. But if Owen were miraculously healed, I have no idea how
     > I'd split the attribution between them all, so mostly I am praying that
     they > all intercede and may God's will be done in Owen and with Owen.
     >
     > I haven't been back to work since they diagnosed Owen. I'll have to decide
     > this week what to do, and I'll need to get better myself before I can
     think
     > straight about whether Reetie needs me or my money more at the moment,
     > because I'd go on leave without pay which I think UD will let me do but
     not
     > sure. I'd hate to quit altogether now and lose the educational benefit
     while
     > Emily and Ish are still in school.
     >
     > Love,
     > Rae
Discharge instructions, CHOP NICU:
Principal diagnosis at discharge: Diffuse HIE
Secondary diasnoses: Seizures
Procedure Comment: Head MRI showing diffuse ischemic injury. Video EEG showed
subclininal seizure activity.
Complications: None

Patient-Family Education Materials:
Medication sheets given for Morphine, Phenobarbital and Valium
Other materials given: End of Life Information Packet

Medication 1: Morphine oral solution, 0.97 mg orally every hour as needed for pain
Medication 2: Diazepam, 2.4 mg rectally, once as needed for seizures lasting longer than
5 minutes
Medication 3: PHENobarbital elixir, 12 mg oral, every 12 hours.

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 2006 13:46:33 -0400
From: "Sr. Margaret Charles Kerry, FSP" <paulinecharism@aol.com>
Subject: FYInformation: Continued Prayers for Pauline Cooperator Intentions
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Our prayers continue for Rae's Grandson, Owen


My daughter Reetie and I would like to invite you to her son Owen Danyo's
Care Page, and receive regular updates of how Owen and his family are doing.
The big news is that Owen is officially "OFF" hospice care and beginning a
course of assessment and developmental support. Rae Stabosz

From: Rae D. Stabosz<mailto:stabosz@UDel.Edu>
 To: Linda Stapleford<mailto:lstaplef@msn.com>
 Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 9:33 AM
 Subject: Re: thinking of you

 Hi Linda,

 I'm going back through my email and I just wanted to thank you for your prayers, now
that things have died down and are not so stressful.

 Tom wrote to me, in his initial email after Owen's birth, that "God's
mercy is wide", which phrase has stuck in my mind and I've used it myself in
emails. I want to report that God's mercy is indeed wide, and that He is
healing Owen in a very generous response to our prayers and our faith.
  Owen is two month's old now. At the age of one month, he was officially
taken off hospice status.

 During the eight weeks of his life we have seen one function after another
kick in and begin to work. Initially his eyes were bulgy and filmy and he
appeared to be blind. Now, they are normal sized and he can track from right
to left, front to back if we wiggle fingers in front of him. Reetie began
supplementing his nursing with an organic formula given to preemies, and he
started gaining weight, an ounce a day for awhile according to his regular
pediatrician. At the very beginning, he did not cry or vocalize. He slept most of the
day. He began crying normally at about age 2 weeks. He now stays alert and
awake for long periods of time. He smiles. He is a little fussy when he's
not with Reetie, and he definitely knows his mom. If Bill or I is holding
him and he is content, then hears Reetie's voice, he turns in her direction
and starts fussing.

 We watched these developments with great joy, thanking God for His
goodness and also wondering how the doctors could have gotten it so wrong.
(I have my own opinions on that). Yesterday, the piece de resistance. Owen
had his two-month pediatric check-up, and he "passed" every physical and
behavioral test appropriate for his age! He is so far developing normally!

 Children's Hospital do not want to do a re-evaluation until he reaches
ages 3-6 months. So far, he is behaving, they say, at the very highest end
of what is possible from his MRI, which when they diagnosed him they said would be
higly unlikely.

 I believe that grace builds on nature, and that the prayers, love, and
support of the Body of Christ are operative in Owen as Jesus says they will
be for those who trust in God. The doctors, from the beginning, suggested
that we all be realistic and not hope. Hope is a theological virtue, it is
in season always and it is not really something that belongs to the medical

 Anyway, that's the good news. Thanks for your prayers and please continue.

 >Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 09:30:18 -0400
 >From: "Linda Stapleford" <lstaplef@msn.com<mailto:lstaplef@msn.com>>
 >Subject: thinking of you
 >To: <STABOSZ@UDel.Edu<mailto:STABOSZ@UDel.Edu>>
 > Rae,
 > A couple of weeks ago Tom shared a prayer request
 > for your family re: Reetie's baby. I wanted you to
 >   know that we have been praying for him, Reetie and
 >   her husband, and all of you. No need to email back.
 >   It is a very challenging time for your family. Just
 >   know that many are lifting the baby and all of
 >   you up to Jesus's arms.
 >   Linda
 >   Linda Stapleford
 >   River Administrator
 >   White Clay Wild and Scenic Program
 >   802 Dallam Road

Date: Fri, 12 May 2006 14:30:40 -0400
From: stabosz@dtcc.edu
To: stabosz@UDel.Edu
Subject: au vacons

Beloved -

 Some might find a cold, windy, wet vacation disagreable, but I take it,
like all things, as a gift from God. After all, such weather makes garden
work impossible. Of course I share Gerry's disappointment. We did get a
lot done on Wednesday, before the weather turned nasty, and yesterday we
borrowed Wally's van to haul 25 bags of cedar mulch. Today there is nothing
to do but watch old movies on TCM. We can't find anything of interest in
the theaters. I guess we'll just have to offer it up.

 Speaking of offering up. It was a disappointment to be snaking the sewer
on Monday night and Tuesday in search of an excremental obstruction when it
would have seemed more meet and just to be snaking your inner parts in
search of praeternaturaly sweet marital bliss. The Lord gives, and the Lord gives; blessed
be the Name of the Lord.

 On Tuesday night - a perfect Spring evening - as I sat in the University
City Station, waiting for the connecting train to the airport, I thought
back to that unseasonably warm Friday night when I pointed out the station
to you while we waited for uncle Jim to retrieve his car from the parking
garage. I remembered the heaviness of our hearts and the constrained limits
of our hope for Owen when his best outcome seemed to be a happy death. I
marveled in dreamy belief at the lightness of my unweighted heart as I
looked across the tracks, this time from the station to the parking garage.
I marveled at how miraculously far little Owen's prospects had transformed -
like the difference between Good Friday and Easter Sunday - and how our
disciple hearts had changed in like fashion.

Then I laughed without restraint when I recalled how I had looked ahead,
with aversion, on that warm Friday night, in my physically and emotionally
drained state, to the clogged sewer that waited for me at home. I laughed
perfect Tuesday evening. I was physically drained again in this same
Philadelphia place in Springtime warmth, but this time my heart was as light
as it could be. How different our little crosses look from ahead and from
behind. I didn't look around to see if anyone saw me laughing.

 Did your children tell you about the rat? I believe the rat was a sign and
a message for you.

 I picked up some picture postcards at Midway airport. I had the bright idea
to send cards to Ruth and Wade as well as Johnny. I have his address, but
not theirs. Could you send it?

 Friday already - how time flies. I'll be home before you know it. Give my
love to our children. Since words can not express how much I love you, I
won't even try. Since your mysterious womanly ways seem to require words, I
guess I'd better try. OK. Here goes nothing... I love you. There, that
was easy. Hope it worked.

Your devoted husband,

-   Bill

Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 19:51:05 -0400
From: stabosz@dtcc.edu
To: Rae D. Stabosz <stabosz@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Re: au vacons

Fifth Sunday of Easter and Mother's Day

Beloved -

 St. John says in the 2nd reading "Let us love not in word or speech but in
deed and truth." Deeds like pushing out babies or snaking out sewers - is
that what he means? Rat or squirrel? That is the question, but it doesn't really matter.
rotten stinking critter was hard to identify. Without the aid of a forensic
plumber, it would be hard to establish how long he had been there. His
skull was exposed and his innards. Most of his hair was gone, but the
little that remained on his tail suggested squirrel. I assumed rat, because
of the likelyhood that he crawled into the pipe from the sewer. I can't imagine how a
squirrel could get into the plumbing. In any case, the
message is that your prayer has been heard and answered. The revolting
rodent expelled from our home is a sign of the devil. The message is that
the devil will no longer be allowed to harass our family.
 I did not hear about Owen's check-up. I don't follow his web site. How
far he has come in two months, from terminal to appropriate for his age. I
have no doubt that the Lord is healing Owen entirely.

I have the money for Mike in my account; we don't need to borrow. Can it
wait until Wednesday? I assume you (or your representative) will be picking
me up the airport Tuesday night.

 Hope you are having a happy Mother's Day. I know I am, far away from those
darling little sinners. Thanks for mothering all my children. I love you.
See you soon.
imagine how a squirrel could get into the plumbing. In any case, the
message is that your prayer has been heard and answered. The revolting
rodent expelled from our home is a sign of the devil. The message is that
the devil will no longer be allowed to harass our family.

 I did not hear about Owen's check-up. I don't follow his web site. How
far he has come in two months, from terminal to appropriate for his age. I
have no doubt that the Lord is healing Owen entirely.

I have the money for Mike in my account; we don't need to borrow. Can it
wait until Wednesday? I assume you (or your representative) will be picking
me up the airport Tuesday night.

 Hope you are having a happy Mother's Day. I know I am, far away from those
darling little sinners. Thanks for mothering all my children. I love you.
See you soon.

> Our darling grandchildren live at:
> 101 North Bank Road
> Landenberg, PA 19350
> Speaking of whom, I went over there last night and spent a couple of very > happy
hours. Bob was particularly relaxed and loquacious. You did hear,
> did you not, about Owen's two month checkup? He passed all the physical
> and behavioral tests appropriate to his age. Bob was thinking back to the
> early days too, and talking about how Owen was enjoying his life. Owen was
> fussy, more so than usual. Eventually Reetie laid him down an in about
> five minutes he cried himself to sleep. Ruth lit a candle (for the first
> time,) and trying out some experiments. Wade was trying his daddy's
> baseball cap on in a variety of ways and asking each time, "Do I look like
> Dad?"

Date: Tue, 15 Aug 2006 13:55:45 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rae D Stabosz <stabosz@copland.udel.edu>
  "Foreign Languages Department Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students Hello,

Many of you were supportive in March when you heard the sad news of my
newborn grandson Owen's severe brain damage. You have asked me for updates &
I have been filling you in as best I could from a layperson's POV.

Well, Owen was interviewed by NPR's All Things Considered show a few weeks
ago -- along with my daughter Reetie & her husband Bob, since somebody had
to translate Owen's coos into English!

All Things Considered aired the segment last week. The hour show was about
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia's (CHOP) new palliative care unit for
terminal children. The title of the essay that goes with the Listening
segment is "Doctors' Sad Work Punctuated by Happy Surprise" -- and if you
listen to the whole show about CHOP's PCU, Owen's segment was the upbeat
ending to a downbeat, serious show.

I invite you to see the story and listen to the segment at

And share in my thankfulness for little Owen's life so far. He's got a grand
family to be part of. And I thank all of you who gave Owen support by prayer
and otherwise.

Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2006 23:23:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Rae D Stabosz <stabosz@copland.udel.edu>
To: Debbie Durant <debd@UDel.Edu>
Subject: Re: did you see this article?


No, I had not heard of this.

And on another front, I am embarking on the Catholic version of "claiming a
miracle" for my grandson Owen, who is now on target for all the behavioral
and developmental markers for a six month old. He is amazing, he acts and
behaves like any six month old, smiling, interactive, no manifestation of
brain damage at all. I have inquired of Rome as to what I need to do to
present this as a miracle of prayer to Christ by Fr. Alberione, founder of
the Pauline Family of which I am a lay cooperator. Fr. Alberione needs only
one more validated miracle ascribed to his praying to Christ on behalf of
someone who asked him for prayer, and his cause for canonization will be
complete. The Vatican has a rigorous examination and Owen's healing might not pass its
rigor. But I believe that Fr. Alberione's prayers at the throne
of God helped Owen and were an integral part of his healing. I know that the
canonization of saints and the asking of saints in heaven to pray for us is
controversial among non-Catholic Christians. But the wonderful thing is that
God has shown mercy to us and has healed Owen. It's very strange, but true.

I wonder if all those folks who argue for pulling the plug have second
thoughts reading this latest discovery. PVS is a political diagnosis rather
than a medical one, in my opinion.


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