TACTTCAL MTSSLEENS

                                                                                                                        -SERVING THE MACE /MATADOR
                                                                                                                                                   MISSILE CREWS AND SUPPORT
                                                                                                                            PERSONNEL WHO FOUGHT ANO WON THE COLO WAR"

                                                                                                                                                                     Volume 3, Issue I

                                                                                                                                                                   Jan-Feb-Mar 2001

          With just eight months to go. plans are                                                     To give you a head start,Joe'scolumn contains
well underway for reunion 2OOl. ln January,Joe                                               information you will need to make hotel res-
made a trip from his home near Jacksonville a     for                                        ervations.lt also has a tentative scheduleof     lnside this issue:
first-handlook at potential reunion sitesin the Or-                                          mqjor events. The Apr-May-Jun newsletter
lando-Kissimmee    area. After visiting several placet                                       will have a detailedscheduleand pricelist    Commander's Corner I
he decided to book our reunion at the Delta Or-                                                                                                                                        Editorial
                                                                                                      We're hoping priceswill be similar
lando Resort. The hote, is ,ocated on the south
                                                                                             to those for the Grapevine.Texasmeet, and M"rb"rrl
side of the ciiy. adjacent to the main gate of Uni-
                                                                                             everyonewho attended it can attest to the
versalStudiostheme park. They offered the best
package for our needs, and are located near                                                  bargainprices.                              TACMissile
Lr rL' i rE p<rr   r\J   c'l rJ   u!.   rLl   !Uut   lJt   <ilrt   <tLtrur   rJ,
                                                                                                                . .i ^.F.. e , , .F,r a *,l i . V-; ^,a, , . , ; ,h n t_ r ,-1!n t . nttei n ia n 3 iics c 'e r -
                                                                                                                m                                                 !-             e      h
                                                                                                                                                                                         h               rn
                                                                                             tain, we're going to have a huge turnouil We already
         While the dates of 3 Oct through 6 Oct
                                                                                             have twice as many members as attended the last
are locked in, information about prices, schedules
                                                                                             event,and more are committing everyweek.
and entertainment is stialbeing determined.

THIS                     IS             N OT                  AN                   E X E RCISE!            contr ibutedbyRonSchwar r z
          One time in my life I wanted to share.,t was                                         cards were placed aside and everyone
emotional,and I becamea better man for what hao-                                               ran to their alert stations. The Launch
pened. Perhapssomeone out there remembersthe                                                   Crew in the maintenance shack ran full
 evening.I will never forget it.                                                               speed back to the "Block House. Power
          One night back at Site Six (61just up the                                            Packs were starting. ,ights illurninated
road on Route327 from Hahn Air Base.       Thisdid hao-                                       the pad, and everyone reacted immedi-
pen, and I prayed it was just a mistake,although at                                           ately.
the time we were not sure of what was going on......                                                    My job was to proceed to the
          It was a night like all others when we were                                         first block house and offer my assistance.
in the maintenancequarters off the launch pad do-                                             As I rounded the corner, I noticed the
ing the normal things we would do around I l:00                                               launch crew was pulling the red intake
PM. There was the normal cleaning up of the                                                   covers from the "birds" and moving at
kitchen,polishingthe floors,drinking coffee,and for                                           speeds I never noticed before. We al-
many a game of cards.After all the place was quiet,                                           ways had surprise RFT'sbut this time
and all maintenancewas finished. Securityguards                                               they seemed to be moving extremely
walked the fence and occasionally      stopped in for a                                       fast.
cup of coffeeand a few words with the card players.                                                     Upon entering the BlockHouse
They maintained security and it was a boring, but                                             I saw the NCO was shaking, and the
necessaryjob.     We knew it, and they also did it quite                                      Launch Officer was opening the "Victor
well.                                                                                         Envelope". askedwhat was neededand he statedto
          l, as the Crew Chief wasjust ready to call it a                                     be ready as we just received a "General Alert War
night when I heard that awful sound coming from                                               Message".   This prefix over the radio was reservedfor
the roof. The dreadedalert sirenwas winding up and                                            the "Real Thing".
sending everyone into action. Coffee was dropped,                                                                                                                 (Continued on page 3)
PAGE 2                                                                                                            MISSILEER        NEws
COMMANDER'S                                   CORNER                                   JoePerkin"              _e
        We are gefting an outstanding responsefrom                                 On 3 Oct, we will begin registration at 0900
memberswho will attend the reunion.At lastcount, we                       and the rest of the day will be open for getting ac-
have 130 missileers the fist.I would like to see more
                   on                                                     quainted.The Morning of 4 Oct will be open, and there
Officerscommitted to attending. We went from a Team,                      will be an all-handsbusiness  meeting at 1300.We will
in Service, a family Group in setting up the Missileers,
          to                                                              have a dinner in the evening. tour to CapeCanaveral
where we all support each other.                                          is tentativelyscheduledfor the morning of 5 Oct, and in
        The following reunion information is prelimi-                     the evening we will celebratewith an outdoor Hawai-
                                                                          ian Luau.As of now, the 6th will be open all day.
     and could change,but it shouldgive you a rough
ideaof our agendaand activities.                                                  We will provide more reunion information in
        Room rates are 586 a day, with up to four peo-                    the next newsletter.Stillfeel free to write, phone or E-
ple in a room. Reservations be made by calling l-
                            can                                           mail me at anytime.PERKSTER@FCOL.COM- Cor-     2Ol9
800-634-+763  and telling them you are with the TAC                       nell Rd.Middleburg.  FI32068(904)282-9064.     Checkour
MissileerGroup reunionin October.                                         web site for the latestreunion information.

         In case you hadn't not,ced, there are once again                 month, but could have been far worse. For the third time. I
changes in the newsletter format. The only reason was to                  picked up a computer viruswhile opening email from one of
hopefully eliminatethe recurring printing gremlins . By elimi             our members.Previously, was able to clean or delete the file,
nating some of the graphics,I hope to shorten and simplil,r               so it was merely a nuisance.   This time it locked up my com-
the printing processand to improve printing quality.                      puter and I nearly lost everythingon it. lt took me the better
                                                                          part of two days to reinstallmy operating systemand repair
         The most obvious change is the 200 | membership
                                                                          the damage.The resultis a delayednewsletter. The editor of
roster includedwith this issue. I had originallyplanned on
                                                                                     ne',v:leticl'reccntly had ilir- sarne problem, so it'5
                                                                          the .^-AFl,4
sending ii separateli'om the newsfetter,but in rhe interestof
                                                                          becorningInore than a nuisance.
savingpostage,l'm combining the mailing.Doing so means a
couple of regular features will be missing :.i i.::it:i:::.:::;:::'                                         To minimize the possibilityof
from this issue, but will return next time.    'No                                                 further infections,I'm going to delete
                                                         doubl you wifl find errors in the
Unfortunately, the Target Data Selection                                                           without openlng all messages that
artic,e by Mc Haas had to be postponed         roster,especiallyemail addresses.            lf     have been forwarded to me. Don't get
until next time.                               we have              yours screwed up, pleaselet    me wrong, I love email, but pleasecut
                                                                                                   and paste instead of forwarding. Be-
         Speaking of the membership ros- us know so we can make corrections."
                                                                                                   sides isolating a virus, that also helps
ter, the data it contains was what we had
                                                                                                   reduce the possibilityof our entire e
on record as of I Feb.We've signed up sev-
                                                                          mail listfinding it's way to someone'sspam list.
eraf new memberssince then. but will have to include them
on a latersupplement.
        No doubt, you will find errorsin the roster,especially                    l'm still looking a|. ,           to take over the
email addresses. we have yours screwed up, pleaselet us
                lf                                                                                        ".,r",eer
                                                                         newsletterafter the reunion. The newsletter needs fresh and
know so we can make corrections.                                         varied input, so please let me know if you would be inter-
         Its time to addressa probfem that got seraous

                                                                                                                           I don't know
                                                                                                                       the location or
                                                                                                                       the names of this
                                                                                                                       Mace B crew but
                                                                                                                       I'm sure someone
                                                                                                                       will let me know.
 VoruME       3, IssuE 1                                                                                                                                              PAGE 3

  (Continuedfrompage l)                                                                      young men assignedto the Missile         Site.To this day, I can still
         As the envelopeswere matched and the call words                                     rememberthe words "GeneralAlert Vfar Message"             and I pray
were receivedit becameapparentthat this was NOT a "go" to                                    that our men and women in the Armed Servicewill never
launch and it was another exercise.  The "Launch Crew" and                                   have to experience     that feelingas I felt closeto 40 yearsago.
myselftook the error with mixed feelings.Forjust a few min-                                                 Eachand everyoneassociated     with the effort is to be
utes, I had stood there knowing that our world might me                                      "Thanked".      Yes,we are older! Yes,we are having our health
coming to an end. Just as fast I realizedthat it was one big                                 problems,but a few years ago we made a contribution.Look
m,stake.Oh, by the way we never did hear that voice again                                    back you guys.....you    contributed to our curent way of life. I
on the radio.                                                                                am proud of everyone in everyjob that was connectedwith
         I know after that experience
                                    that what we did over in                                 the Matador and Mace Missiles.      Stand Proudyou did a "Great
Germany was important and I never took that Siren for                                        J o b "l l l !
granted again. I grew up that evening and so did many other

 One major world crisiswhich occurredduring the years our                                    your input. By coincidence,the Associationof Air Force Mis-
 tacticalmissileswere deployedwas the October 1962 Cuban                                     sileersis also doing something like this, but honestly,I was
 missilecrisis.Despite the passageof years, I can vividly recall                             planning on doing this for severafmonths.
 the deadly seriousway we respondedto the possibilitywe
 might actually fire our birds in anger. The story by Ron                                             lf you would pleasesend me a brief summaryof the
 Schwartzmade me think about what might have been, and                                       eventsthat stood out in your mind during that crisis, do my
just exactlyhow closewe were to a hot war in 1962.                                           best to compile the thoughts. lt need not be a long, detailed
          l'd like to do a composite story about how this                                    account, Just a few words describingyour indeliblememo-
 event was viewed by all of you. To make this worK I need                                    ries.

MAIL CALL!                     The mailbag was full again, as
                               usual. Lots of letters from new
                                                                                                    When word got out there was a bunch of Gl's
                                                                                             camped near there, the beach became crowded. On late
                                                qnt                                                    if !h^.A
                               faffz<   rerhn         r^r1   at   rt   th^r   ri   ^r   rr   -iarrt.              \t':-   r h.eezg   1'fu-fn the           ia..lan'! tr, rVoo2          I
                                                                                                                                                   Caean             i;   .Lav   !aei
                                                                                                                                                                                  ; I
                        group an the website.                                                the mosquitoes,    you had to be careful when you walked on
                                One letter in particular caught                              the beach. lt wasn't consideredpolite to step on someone
                       my attention because it points out that                               when he'sjust about to get her cooperation... even after-
                       passingyearssometimesfade our memo-                                   ward. Believeme, it was very romantic.
                       ries,and some things we would swear to                                           Back to what I started out to do. the difference be
                       in court might not have been exactlyas                                tween my missileand theirs, and I welcome comments on
                       we remembered. decided to print Harry
                                          I                                                  what I remember.
Yates letter because it was interestingand because it ques-                                             I rememberthe missile   propulsionsystembeing test-
tions informationpreviously    printed in this newsletter.I had to                           fired from a horizontallyhelddown missile. must have been
edit slightly to make it fit, but I think I caught most of your                              regular,because    there was a cock pheasantwhich usedto get
points,Harry.                                                                                behind it and preen himself up in the blast of hot air and
          "l just finished reading the latest newsletter.l'm be                              fumes. I also remember picking up palm-sizedpieces of the
wildered by the differencein the impressions receivedof the
                                                 I                                           solid fuel that powered the missile...very    handy for starting
Mace/Matador(the TM6| C is the only one I had anything ro                                    fires.
do withJ.                                                                                               Sometimein 1957, we were sent to Formosaas a
          First,I was not a missileer; was in the cornmunica-
                                        I                                                    unit. lt took two fully loaded C-124'sto carry all the forward
tions squadron. I transferredPCSfrom a jet fighter wing at                                   troops and equipment.This was one of only two unit moved I
Clovis AFB,NM as a SSGT,     2935 | Ground RadioOperator.This                                made during 26 years in the Air Force.The other one was
was in 1956. I don't even remember the season.much less                                      with the 22* Bomb Wind from March AFB to EllsworthAFB
the month. I was sent to OrlandoAFB where the Matador mis-                                   in 1970.I was flying the PACCS/ABNCP, | 35E aircraftthen.
silewing was located,and it was from there that all of the ma-                               By the way, I got the missile badge from there. The PACC5
neuvers of the TM6IC Matador were made. Actual launches                                      aircrafthad control of all ICBM's the time.
of coursewere done at CapeCanaveral.                                                                    I correct myself...thetesting of the engines was in
          My interestin the missile   itselfwas such that I never                                        I
                                                                                             Formosa. also used to watch them passoverheadwhen they
went to the Canaverallaunch area. We lived in tents in Pal-                                  would be test fired. I was on Makung lsland,the forward guiG
rnetto ParK or Rattlesnake   Ridge,whatever you want to call it.                             ance site. I knew the pilots who flew the chase aircraft...T-
The area had been bulldozed and smoothed. and PanAm                                          33's...and they would call and tell me when to look for them.
sprayedaround our camp regularly.       Vfe worked out of a sCR                                         We were the first militarygroup to go to TainanFor-
399 mobile radio outfit. At leasta half-dozenradio operators                                 mosa. Previously   there were only a couple of MAC advisors.
when only one was on duty at any one time, so most of our                                    They were ready for us though. There were alreadyat least
time was spent on the beachwhich wasjust acrossthe single                                    half a dozen bars complete with bar girls...and   more opened
highway on the cape...    probably500 yards to walk.                                         all the time."
              This is the third in a series of articles condensed from the   deployedto lower the missile the ground,landingon
  two-part feature in the Spring and Summer issues of Intertational
  Plartic iiodelert Society/United Statcs Branch. Ouarterot The atf
                                                                             the airbags.At one point in the test program, the usual
  thors were our own Fred Horky and a Dr. Griffin T. Murphey. Each           deceleration  phase failed to occur and the three 100-
  author had submitted his own manuscripts, but the magazine editor          foot cargo chutes were popped at 600 knots with
  combined them. Fred wants us to know that he does not agree with
  some statements in the combined story. but is sharing them "as is".        memorable results...only few wing fragmentslanded
                                                                             by parachute.In another caseat HollomanAFB, New
         The Mace A was not intended to be moved on                          Mexico, the RATO unit was known to fire accidentally,
the ground with the nose and w'arheadsectionsat-                             ripping through the bolted-down missile     with it's 840
tached. This was due to the relativefragility of the vac-                    gallonsof JP-4.
uum-tube electronics,   "low bridge" vertical clearance                               Unfortunately,the ATRAN could bejammed by
requirements, and certainwarheadsafetyrules.Instead                          the oppositionand was never that reliable, the TM-
the specialNose and Boostersupport equipment was                             76A was operational for a scant year-and-a-half in
installedon a separateMM-l truck, to transport both                          Europe.Probablythe only time it came to nationalat-
the nose {includingwarhead)and boosterrocket.How-                            tention was years later when it had been given the ig-
ever,when the missile was publiclydisplayed-as Presi-
                                                 in                          nominiousrole of targetdrone as the MOM-I 3,A.
dent Eisenhower's  secondinauguralparade-it     was usu-                              The retired Mace missiles  were often launched
ally transported intact. This is why most photographs                        from Eglin AFB by missilecrews in training. Then inter-
show it on display under tow fullyassembled.                                 ceptors would attempt to shoot the missiles     down as
                                                                             part of their training.Sincethe MOM-l3lA Mace could
                                                                             be programmedto take evasive       action and sinceturns
                                                                             were assistedby spoilers,the craft could "turn on a
                                                                             dime". Fighterswere rarely successful shooting the
                                                                             Macedown unless      they screamed just at the moment
                                                                             of launchand hammeredit beforeit could makeits first
                                                                             turn. On one memorable      occasion. Macemissile
                                                                                                                  a             failed
                                                                             to auto-destruct  and began flying toward Cuba.One F-
                                                                             4 firedSidewinders   which exploded,   causingdamageto
                                                                             one 'r.,ing.llc't,c,tcr, the spcllcr.lon the cthcr \.,ing
                                                                             popped up and righted the craft,which continuedon
                                                                             toward Cuba.A secondF-4emptiedits 20mm gun into
                                                                             the Mace, with no effect, due to bullet-deflecting  fuse-
                                                                             lage and honeycombwing-empennage           structure.The
        The APW-| | transponder,which had been                               missilein fact flew on over Cuba,creatingan interna-
usedon the Matadoras primaryguidance,     was installed                      tional incident.
on developrnent   and test Mace missiles a back-up,
                                         as                                           To avoid similarincidents the Pacific
                                                                                                                 in           closeto
range safety system in the event of ATRAN guidance                           mainlandChina.no Mace-Bs       were ever launchedfrom
failure.Flushantennasfor the APW-l I were mounted                            their Okinawa bases. However, hearsay has it one
abovethe aft fuselage eithersideof the fin. Thiswas
                      on                                                     TM6IC Matador did get away from its Formosabased
installed to provide space for test and range safety                         launch control some time around 1956 and had to be
equipment. lt should be emphasizedthat neither of                            put down by F-| O6s.
these removablefairingswere installed operational
        On most test flightsthe warhead was replaced
by a concrete dummy shape with the "bang" repre-
sented by a photo-flashcartridgefor test range camera
documentation.However.an alternativetest mode was
sometimes   used which allowedthe missile be recov-
                                           to                                  M

ered, undamaged,for reuse.The entire warhead sec-                            ' ,ffi:.,

tion was replaced by a "recoverysection" which con-
tained three large parachutes, well as an air bag
                                as                                                  ..4;

which resembled life raft popping out on the bottom
of the sectionwith a similarone carriedunder the rear
fuselage.After completion of the test mission,the en-
gine would be shut by APW-l I remote command,and
a drag chute deployedfrom the doghouse fairing.After
the missile had slowed,the large parachutes   would be
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Clawson      William             E
                           13341 ldaho  Pl               Aurora             CO     80012
Cofling      ChesterL      6414 N Park Way Apt 3l I      Tacoma             WA     98407 chetl04@home.com
Coker        Gene          2129FloydDr                   Biloxi             MS     3953l   gwcoker@juno.com
Combs        ShaneD        10982BaroqueLane              San Diego          CA     92124   ShaneDewittComb@aol.com
Congdon      David         12801 LafayetteSt, Apt J304   Thornton           CO     80241 DMANFRFL@aol.com
Conrad            J
             Robert        2509LenoxCt                   Montgomery         AL     361l7 none
Cook         James         206OIdePointRd                Hempstead          NC     28443
Cook         JohnW         PO Box 288                    RoseHill           KS     67133 aafrvw2@southwind.net
Cook         Lowell        P.O.Box 434                   Seaside            OR     97138 none
Cooper       Ken           102WiltshireCourt             WamerRobins        GA     3 1088 JKMCS22@aol.com
Corbridge    LeeR          4382Lantem Dr                 Titusville         FL     32796
Corcoran     ArthurL       POBox 2807                    S PadreIs          TX     78597
Creamer      Ed            31725Spruce Dr                Eustis             FL     32736 hambo@yeatt.net
Croce        Carlo         4l RayAve                     Leonia             NJ     07605
Crol         Ken           158Elmore Rd                  Rochester          NY     14618 kcrol@servtech.com
Cross        MarvinF       339 SeaBreezeDr.              GardenCity         SC     29579
Crytzer    WilliamFred 13702
                           TurtleCross                   SanAntonio         TX     78253 wfc@stic.net
Cunningham John        165AurigaAve                      Lompoc             CA     93436 jsc-pjc@mindspring.com
Cupp       LeoD            Magnolia
                       29126       Dr                    FlatRock           MI     48134 snaproll3@ili.net
Curry        Wes           2357HoodCt                    SantaRosa          CA     95401
Dahl         Pete          PO Box 850043                 Yukon              OK     73085 Sheiladahl@aol.com
Dahler       GeneC         24972SingingwoodsDr           LakeForest         CA     92630 genedahler@earthlink.net
Dana         George        191 Gunnison
                              70        Rd               Fairhope           AL     36532
Daniels      Eugene R                   Ct
                           608Cobblestone                SilverSprings     MD      20905 none
Daniels      Ron           312 Endicott
                                      Court              Wilmington        NC      28411 RONCAD@aol.com
Davey        Harold        420 SnyderLn                  Sumner            WA      98390
Davis             T
             Jerome        12279
                                       Court             SpringHill        FL      34609 JTLINDAVIS@aol.com

Wednesday, January 31, 2OO1                                                                                    Page 2 ot
Last Name     First Name            Address              City                     State     Zip        e-mail
Davis        Quentin        5ll RubyDr                   Aberdeen                  MD     21001
Davy         Albert         400 N Brook ForestRd         Derby                     KS     67037   none
Delgado      Angel          l3 Cambria St                Clearwater                FL     33767   captl43you@aol.com
Denman       James          3620W. LoonLakeRd            Angola                    IN     46703 sgtjim@fivi.net
DeRain       David          2312 lndiana                 Walled Lake               MI     48390 KSESQ@aol.com
Dickerson    John           196'12425 Drive              Cedaredge                 CO     81413 jedick@co.tds.net
Doak         Robert         Rt 2 Box 803                 La Feria                  TX     78559 none
Dockery      Noel           634 GranPaseo  Dr            Orlando                   FL     32825
Doescher     Ron            93 Cold SpringRd             Westford                  MA     01886 none
Douthit      Sam            124LakeClydeCircle           Bowdon                    GA     30108
Dromsky      Boleslaw       2909Fox Hall Cir             Augusta                   GA     30907
Dworek       Edwin L        RDI Box 139                  New Wilmington            PA     16142 eddworek@hotpepperwax.com
Dwyer        Charles        3401Country ClubRd           Endwell                   NY     13760 none
Eagle        Jim                          Dr
                            2l I Brentmeade              Yorktown                  VA     23693 jeagle@erols.com
Eckard       Fred          2767KiowaAve                  Orange Park               FL     32065
Edholm       Merwin J.     7212OldNaveCt.                Sacramento                CA     95842
Edson        Michael       1448Campus Ave                Redlands                  CA     92374
Edwards      Garld D                 Circle
                           4038S Sable                   Aurora                    CO     80014 geje@lstlink.com
Edwards      Harold        808JamestownRd                O'Fallon                  IL     62269
Elder        Camel L (Lee) 519WestTaylor #382
                                        St               SantaMaria                CA     93458 EIderleePat@aol.com
Ellis        JosephO        601 l07thAve E               Puyallup                  WA     98372 joellis@frugal.com
Emerson      Larry          I 14Sunflower    Dr          Wichita                   KS     67217 lemerson@swbell.net
Englehart    James          2321St.ClairAve              Cleveland                 OH     44114 Engleharte@aol.com
English      Wallace        l84l Pine CoveDr             San Luis Obispo           CA     93405
Epler        Frederick      949Olathe   St               Aurora                    CO     8001I EplerF@aol.com
Esposito     J u l i a nP   130Balsam   Ln               Levittown                 NY     11756 zito55@aol.com
Estep        Richard               5        A
                            1 7 4 1N 7 5 t h v e .       Glendale                  AZ     85308
Everett      Clint          6770Rockglen     Ave         San Diego                 CA     921ll ceverett@san.rr.com
Falcon       Normand        132R.ainbow #3240
                                           Dr            Livingston                TX     7i399 catfaicon@aol.com
Farrell      Calvin         468Bay Rd                    South Easton              MA     02375
Fenley       Walter W.      6309Graves    St             Jacksonville              FL     32210 FenleyWWF@aol.com
Feuerstein   Lewis          404 Fairview   Rd            Apex                      NC     27502 LEWFEU@worldnet.att.net
Finner       Clyde D        553Brentwood     Dr          Daytona Beach             FL        t
                                                                                          321 7
Fiordalis    Joseph         6948N Northlight    Dr       Tucson                    AZ     8574l
Flaherty     Leo M          5081S Omondago               Nedrow                    NY     t3120
Flaiz        John                    l
                            8 1 0 3 N2 0 E A v e         Owasso                    OK     74055 1cflaiz@email.msn.com
Flora        Wesley W       2800Colonial   Dr            Suffolk                   VA     23435 WFlora4673@aol.com
Foore        Robert         23 VieckisDr                 Nashua                    NH     03062 efoore@webtv.net
Fowler       Leonard        4200B Declaration    Dr      Grafton                   VA     23692
Fox          Gary J         3724Stanton                  Lee's Summit              MO     64064 gary@foxware.com
France       Garland        5046EIk CreekRd              Hartville                 MO     65667
Franklin     Glenn          POBox 123                    Rainsville                AL     35986 Rtyle12@aol.com
Freshour     Charles                     ,
                            4 4 2 0 F S tP O B o x T 5   Amana                     IA     52203 opanoma@netins.net
Fuelling     Robert H       9325W Wisconsin      Ave     Milwaukee                 WI     53226 rfuel4l704@aol.com
Ganshert     Bemard         308N Maverick St             Gordon                    NE     69343 ganshert@gpcom.net
Garwig       Lee            G-6 ShirleyLane              Lawrenceville             NJ     08648 leegarwig@juno.com
Gent         Dennis         1760 Blossom Rd              Rochester                 NY     14610 none
Gifford      Russell                     Tenace
                            4200N Stanwyck               B e v e r l yH i l l s    FL     34465 rjgifford@hitter.net
Gill         Edgar          I 12LongDr                   Queenstown                MD     21658 none
Glasgow      Robert         2208Galahad                  Decatur                   AL     25603
GIaush       George         1764        Court
                                 Valhalla                San Jose                  CA     95132 cglaush@earthlink.net
Glazer       Steven         l0 Tabbentown Ln             Brookville                NY     11545
Godwin       Frank D.       1605 GuamLn                  Gulf Breeze               FL     32561 none
Goering      Robert G.      l 4 E I mS t                 Clinton                   NY     13323 gillg@aol.com
Goodson      Johnny         lTl9NSilverton               Mesa                      AZ     85203 azgoody@home.com
Goshay       Paul           636 PrintzRd                 Arroyo Grande             CA     93420 w6we@aol.com

         January31, 2OO1
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Last Name       First Name         Address                 City              State      Zip               e-mail

Goshom         William       2218E 400SR   South           Warsaw             rN     46580
Goudeau        Jimie M       2871HawsRd                    Iowa Park          TX     76367
Green          Edward        I l0l6 N Bel AirePl           Oklahoma City      oK     73120 edd green@notes.seagate.com
Griese         Al            3749Holly Ave                 Flint              Mr     48506 ALGMI@aol.com
Groth          Vemon         2863StanfordLn                El Dorado Hills    cA     9s762 none
Guinn          Robert        P.O.Box 104                   Rhinehart          LA     71363 roberta@centuryinter.net
Gutlovics      George        1068ShireCircle               Highlandville      MO     65669 gagofc@aol.com
Guy            Wendel        I 16N l4th Ave                Washington         rA     52353 none
Guzzeta        Ceorge J      128Dartmouth  Way             Niceville          FL     32578 georgenlibby@fwb.gull-.net
Haas           Victor J.     I l4 OrionWay                 Sanford            FL     32773 none
Hagan          Marc          6205Natalie Ave NE            Albuquerque        NM     8 7 rl 0 mrhagan@flash.net
Hale, Jr.      Everett       1420  CalleNeto               Lompac             cA     93436
Hall           William A.    597CountyRoad627              Bloomsbury         NJ     08804
Hamill         Bill          2916Longwood   Circle         PanamaCity         FL     32405 wjham@home.com
Hanam          Russell       2l I SouthAtlantaDr           Tucson             AZ     85747
Hargrove       Donald        37 Big ChiefTrail             Bozeman            MT     597t5 d o n h s dl 6 @ a o l . c o m
Harlan         Clyte K       2600NE Loop3001               San Antonio        TX     782t7
Harms          William       12712   Pawnell  Lane         Leawood            KS     66209
Hanis          Richard       135 El29l
                                  N                        Knob Noster        MO     65336 dharris@iland
Harrison       James         8.170  TWPRD I166, Box229     Bettsville         oH     4 4 8 1 5 jharrison@nrvonl      ine.net
Harrod         lloward W     904Lasco     Harvey Rd        Americus           GA     3t709
Hastert        Emile         850Bollen     Circle          Gardenerville      NV     89410 rospert@aol.com
Hauswald       Amie          1020Durban     Dr             Grovetown          GA     3 0 8 1 3 amie_h90@hotmail.com
Hayes          William       I l0l Southern   LivingDr     Raleigh            NC     27601
Heister        Arthur        1307   Robin  Rd              Orlando            FL     32803 aheister@mindspring.com
Henderson      Gene          2055S Floral    #256          Bartow             FL     33830 gramhenderson@hotmail.com
Hemandez       Andy          100Corissa    Dr              Satellite Beach    FL     32937 andyhemandez@webtv.net
Herring        Charles       PSC2,   Box 7624              APO                AE     0 9 0 1 2 butch@surfeu.de
Hess           Donald        5707Niagara     St            Commerce City      co     80022 macemissile(@atrl.com
Hesseling      Donald        5156Poinsetta    Ave          Winter Park        FL     32792
Hiatt          Jerry         61233rdAve.                   Great Falls        MT     59404
Hicks          Cregory W     5031Woodcrest      Dr         Winter Park        FL     32792 ghicks503I @aol.com
Hinek          Roderick      1 5 2l 8 A v eS W             Watertorvn         sD     57201 coddoe@codington.org
Hixenbaugh     Roy H         4467Calvert    St             Center Valley      PA     18034 none
Hoff           Cerald F.     1200Bonadventure      Dr      Melboume           FL     32940
Hogan          Eugene        14305   Pensacola  Dr         Denver             co     80239 genehogan@aol.com
Hogan          George        13343   LakeMary Jane    Rd   Orlando            FL     32832
Holdaway       Authur        3007CharlesSt                 Fallston           MD     2t047
Holliday       Bill          P.O.Box 158                   Fredonia           AZ     86022 hol I iday@expressweb.com
Hollins        Ted E         POBox 36                      Rock Island        TN     38581 h o l l i n s @ b l o m a n d . n e t
Holmberg       Paul          1406        St
                                  Cardinal                 Longwood           FL     32750
Holmstrom      Michael S.    231I CascadeSt                Las Vegas          NV     89t42 BLK6782@aol.com
Holske Jr      Clifford F.                 E     Blvd#5
                             PMB-615,5130Charleston        Las Vegas          NV     89142 none
Hoover         Larry J       2259Clarkson                  Denver             co     80205
Horky          Fred                      Rd
                             I l7 Colonial                 Wamer Robins       GA     3 1 0 8 8 realipms@hom.net
Hudson         Hennery H                Rd
                             120Stallings                  Jackson            sc     29831
Hutchison      Harold        830N AtlanticAve Apt B l0l    Cocoa Beach        FL     32931
Hyden          Robert        1005W l8th St                 Port Angeles       wA     98363
Hynds          Bruce         106Hidden OaksDr              Lady Lake          FL     32t59 Bhynds5T@aol.com
Idleman        Larry         l6 OxfordLn                   Bella Vista        AR                    idleman@aol.com
                                                                                     7 2 7 1 4 larryl
Isaacs         Terry         2004LonhomDr                  Levelland          TX     79336 tisaacs@spc.cc.tx.us
Jacobsen       Robert H.     13222lsrst.West               Hastings           MN     55033 bobfishbass@msn.com
Jamiolkowski   JosephB       2 Glendale Drive              Mountaintop        PA     t8707 Jjamo@aol.com
Jefferis       Melvin        l24BraeBum Dr                 Eugene             oR     97405 MELVINSKI@aol.com
Jenkins        David                   TreeLn
                             I I I Peach                   Hamton             vA     23669
Jessup         David W       124West25 South               Jerome             rD     83338 domna2@sunvalley.net

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Last Name     First Name         Address           City               State    Zip        e-mail
Johnson      Austin        5228Parmalee Place      Cincinnati          OH     45212 austinjohnson@webw.net
Johnson      Bob           2955S HarrisonRd        Tucson              AZ     85730 territorial@theriver.com
Johnson      Burton        1121Bismark Lane        Alameda             CA     94502 AFscTJohnson@aol.com
Johnson      Edwin                   LakeRd
                           4185Elkhart             St Charles          MO     63304 johnson@misi.org
Johnson      Gerald        2244W 236thPl           Tonance             CA     90501 wb6hyr@earthlink.net
Johnson      RichardT.     1700BuenaVistaDr        Eustis              FL     32726 cl24ace@earthlink.net
Johnston     Dave          30 Sadler
                                   Trail           Woodbine            GA     31569
Joiner       Jack          300Newcastle Dr         Ft. WaltonBeach     FL     32547 cajoiner@aol.com
Jones        Herb          216Ann St               Raynham             MA     02767 herbandingrid@capeonramp.com
Jones        James         3301KellieAve           Rosamond            CA     93560 nukejones@aol.com
Jones        Robert        9273Bidahochi Dr        Tucson              AZ     85749
Kading       Larry         7575SW AldenSt          Portland            OR     97223
Kelfum       Elvin         7l 13DenverDr           Biloxi              MS     39532
Kelfy         Michael      5833N KolmarAve         Chicago             lL     60646
Kennedy       George       235GalaryWay            Lompoc              CA     93436
Kibfing       Bemard L     8128VermilionDr         Charlotte           NC     28215 rkibling@prodigy.net
Kizer         Donald       204E Third              Julesburg           CO     80737 donkizer@kci.net
Klevens       Sidney       361I Alamosa  Dr        Anchorage           AK     99502 sseklevins@gci.net
Klinkert      John         I 1597 CarterAve SW     PortOrchard         WA     98366 none
Klopfenstein Michael       1634 Graham  Ave        Mt. Pleasant        IA     52641
Knapp         Kenneth      3522W DavidLN           Colorado Springs    CO     80917 kaknapp@urbancom.net
Knight        Weldon       I I Pelham GreeneW      Waynesboro          VA     22980
Koeniger, Jr. Ludwig       24641Blackstone  Rd     Hollywood           MD     20636 lou@jlknet.com
Koening       Norbert      44 EileenAve            Plainview           NY     I1803 norbetli@webw.net
Kovach        George       231Penny   Lane         Sterling            VA     20164 GFKGDK@aol.com
Kozyra        Thomas W.    5518 Mountain  Rd       Brighton            MI     48116 tkozyra@ismi.net
Krebs         Bill         7205Northgate EDr.      Tifton              GA     31794
Kroschel      Norman E.    228,41600Rd             Delta               CO     81416 none
Kroskey       James        501Foxwood    Dr        Jacksonvilie        AR     72076 jimandbettyl@juno.conr
Kruzner       Dick         10401  Willowbrac       Chatsworth          CA     9l3l I
Kusel         Newt                        Rd
                           6035S. Transit #459     Lockport            NY     14094 nkusel@adelphia.net
Kutulis       Robert       553St Mathews   Rd      ChesterSprings      PA     19425 bbgi72a@emaiLmsn.com
Kyser         Lee          3430Via Dona            Lompac              CA     93436
Lacey         John         7896Old Ebenezer   Rd   LaurelHill          FL     32567 packer@gnt.net
Lalonde       Ken          l7l2 E 37thAve          Spokane             WA     99203
Lalumondier Rowland        505E. McPherson         KnobNoster          MO     65336 Rlalumon@iland.net
Lambert       Barnum B.    805Campobello  Ct       MorganHill          CA     9503'l
Lambert       Eugene       19Southlst St 8-2608    Minneapolis         MN     55401 lambe020@tc.umn.edu
Lance Jr.     LymanF       4096BuckCreek   Rd      Highlands           NC     28741 oldfartlf@juno.com
Langford      Jim          200De LunaRd            FortWaltonBeach     FL     32548 jimlangford@adisfwb.com
Lanning       Edward       Rte.3,Boxl60            Sulphur             LA     70665
Lannon        RobertM      398Jefferson            Annapolis           MD     21403
Latshaw       Bob          14377            Dr
                                 LakeJunietta      Tavares             FL     327'18 bojan5corn@aol.com
Lee          E. Duane                     Dr
                           20lH Prairiewood        Fargo               ND     58103
Lehr         Don           2l JaponicaLn           Shalimar            FL     32579 none
Leichty      Harold        225Evergreen #54
                                       Ln.         BowlingGreen        OH     43402
Leighton     Charles       307Reed                 Gridley             KS     66852 none
Leon         Roy           5134ThistleCt.          ColoradoSprings     CO     80917
Lewis        Doug          Rte.3,Boxl60            Entrprise           AL     36330 JDlewis@snowhill.com
Lewis        WilliamP.     322gW.HarborView        Tampa               FL     33611 wplewis@flash.net
Ley               E.
             Robert        3574Wellston   Ct       Simi Valley         CA     93063 none
Lightsey     Tann          I I 19Aldrly Lane       WamerRobbins        GA     31088
Lischka      Ray           225Altair Ave           Lompoc              CA     93436 w9ec@juno.com
Loddo        Tony          2l Chapel Rd            Manhasset           NY     I 1030
Lorenz       J Edward      2018DevonSt                    Springs
                                                   Colorado            CO     80909 edlorenz@mgram.com
Lowery       Donald        3610Larchmont
                                       Dr          Annandale           VA     22003

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Last Name     FirstName           Address                     City                State     Zip       e-mail
Lowery       Jay           325 LarocheCt.                     Merritt Island       FL     32953 jaylowery@msn.com
Lucas        JohnJ         449 S. Quarter
                                        Rd                    Russell              MA     01071 jlucas449@aol.com
Lund         John          I I 107Dunlap                      Houston              TX     77096 none
Lyscik       Ronald                    Dr
                           l0l8 Sundance                      McKees Rock          PA     15136
Maas         David         P.O.Box 23                         Lakeside             MT     59922 DRMAAS@aol.com
Mack         Ehrman        237N Orange Ave.                   LakeHelen            FL     32744
Maher        Francis       357CoralDr. SW                     Ft. WaltonBeach      FL     32548 ftjomaher@cs.com
Mai          Norbert       5017BardwellDr                     BatonRouge           LA     70808 wa5nwt@home.com
Maier        Ollie         306VillageWestDrive                SanMarcos            TX     78666 gmO8@swt.edu
Mafone       Richard       15045 297thTer
                                 SW                           Homestead            FL     33033 none
Mandart      TracyJ        1635ApplewoodRoad                  BatonRouge           LA     70808 jzzbank@aol.com
Marasi       JohnF         5055RedRobinRdg                    Alpharetta           GA     30022 JMARASI@AOL.com
Marcus       WilliamE      2l2l S Pantano #128
                                        Rd                    Tucson               AZ     85710 BILLMARI2S@aol.com
Margeson     Hector            N
                           14221 BiltmoreDr                   Tucson               M      85737 cmN@azstamet.com
Marley       AlbertD       581I Hempstead Dr                  AgouraHills          CA     91301 nonc
Mamey        Johnny C      P.O.Box 669                        Salina               OK     74365 jmarney@viagrafix.net
Martin       Charles H.    5449I lth Ave So.                  Birmingham           AL     35222 muhaus@mindspring.com
Martinez     Adolph        9323ElginDr                        El Paso              TX            AMNr74l87@cs.com
Mason        Fred          4752Carson  St                     Denver               CO     80239
Mathis       RoyA          4250N 77 Ave                       Phoenix              AZ     85033 INGROY@aol.com
Mauger       RobertE.           Del
                           1575 NorteDr                         Corona             CA     92879 pacrat@aol.com
McBride      Jerry (Mac)   6835AgatePl                          Fort Worth         TX     76135 Jerry.McBride@sea.siemens.com
McBride      WilliamG.     5thSIGCMD, CampBondsteel,     Kosovo APO                AE     09340 bill_mcbride@hotmail.com
McKee        CurtisB       3702Big DaltonAve                    Baldwin Park       CA     91706 topmckee@juno.com
McManus      Gordon        | 170KimbrellRd                      FortMill           SC     297t5
Meade        CharlesH.     13700   Princess
                                          AnneWay               Phoenix            Md     2l l3l DCmeade@aol.com
Meek         Don           3704228 Pl SW                        Brier              WA     98036 meekdm@aol.com
Mell         WilliamA.     27 Sunset  Dr                        Alexandria         KY     41001
Ivlenges     Charles       2268Shandelee   Rd                   Livinston Manor    NY     t2758
MetznerJr    Alexander     l7l Country  ClubRd                  Shalimar           FL     325'79 none
Mikulec      John          321Parkway    PlaceSW                FortWaltonBeach    FL     32548
Milbrandt    WanenW        9717DallumDr                         Austin             TX     78753
Miller       George B      614GreenbriarAve,   RR#l Box 303C    Hinton             WV          |
                                                                                          2595 ButchMiller@Butchmiller.com
Miller       HerbertJ.     3914   McComb  Ave                   Cheyenne           WY     8200 I
Miller       Maurice       9018LonaineAve S                     Lakewood           WA     98499 Mauri76l30@aol.com
Mindling    George         1316Eppinger   Dr                    PortCharlone       FL     33953 georgecs@quixnet.net
Mitchell    John           2l l l PurplePlum                    Houston            TX     77062 johnfmitch@aol.com
Mittel      Bob            32 Church   Rd                       Levittown          NY     tt756
Mockler     HubertB.       250S Sykes   CreekPkwy,8404          Merrittlsland      FL     32952 none
Moe         Rev.JohnM      14385   BlaineAve E                  Rosemount          MN     55068 john.m.moe-l@tc.umn.edu
Moffen      Richard        3579Foxwood    Lane                  Invemess           FL     34452 RRMOFF@rNF|.NET
Molinaro    JosephP.       7640Sandy
                                   Lane                       N. Syracuse          NY     t32t2
Montgomery Jimmy
         Jr       D        144OakGroveInn Rd                  Selma                NC     27576 montgojd@bbnp.com
Moore       John           50094   Rd
                                Sass                          Chesterfield         MI     48047 johnl 16473@cs.com
Moore       Maxine         POBox 2                            Russellville         TN     37860
Moore      Steven          2l EwingSt                         Peru                 IN     46970 wjmoore2000@yahoo.com
Moorehouse David           POBox 534                          Sparks               GA     3t647
      Jr.  John            l0l HawthomeCt                    Creenwood             SC     29646 morgan@fcae.nova.edu
Monison    JamesR.                        Dr
                           6896High Meadows                  Cincinnati           OH      45230 Jim_Morrison@cinmach.com
Moss         Trevis        108MoranCircle                    Harvest              AL      35749 tmosslst@worldnet.att.com
Mozham       Ahmed         22513SilverCreekDr                Woodhaven            MI      48183 Moz563@home.com
Musick       RalphM.       106GenLeeDr                       Vivian               LA      71082
Mustaine     Jim           5945Gamer    St.                  FortPierce           FL      34981 JMustaine@aol.com
Neeley       Gerald        918Vasbinder  Dr                  Anderson             IN      46017 CNeely412@aol.com
Nuckles      JamesF        3l I I LynridgeDr                 Austin               TX      78723 none
O'Brien            E
             Richard       1105     Tenace
                               Pawnee                        IndianHarbor         FL      92937 RICOBRN@aol.com

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Last Name   First Name          Address                  City             State    Zip          e-mail

Ogletree    Greg          3054 South St
                                    G                    Lompoc            CA     93436 gregoglelree@juno.com
Oliver      Jack          4 Sunset
                                 Dr                      Fairmont          WV     26554 jack@pfrealty.net
Orpurt      CarlR.        14065Cadena Way                Coulterville      CA     9531 orpurtcf@sonnet.com
Osbum       Mike          10998 OderRd                   Lynchburg         MO     65543 Majoroz@aol.com
Paine       Fred          l2l2 CedricCt                  Montgomery        AL     36109
palko       Charlie       909SunValleyDr                 Cheyenne          WY     82001 PJPAlC@mail.msn.com
Parkhurst   Wayne L       POBox 5241                     Everett           WA     98206 waynep@whidbey.com
Patterson   JimmieL       1834 CountyRoad431             Clanton           AL     34045
Paul        EugeneP       2l TexasSt                     RapidCity         SD     57701
peck        William R     541Sunrise Dr                  Wichita           KS     67217 peckerspalace@juno.com
Pederson    John          5300Carter Dr                  Cheyenne          WY     82001
Peirson     Walt          P.O.Box l9l                    Scotwille         MI     49454
Perdue      Walter        RT#2Box #6570                  Patrick           SC     29584
perkins     Joe           2019ComellRd.                  Middleburg        FL     32068 perkster@fcol.com
Perkins     Ralph         1755Cypress t-akeDr            Grant             FL     32949 quinton@spacey.net
Perkins     RobertJ       l8ll CountryClubRd             FortCollins       CO     80524
Peters      William       706Green  St                   WamerRobins       GA     31093
Peterson    Wendell       525HickoryTerrace              Keokuk            IA     52632
Peuitt      Richard       907 S.EagleCircle              Mesa              AZ     85208 afglf@cs.com
Phillips    Earl          49 Del TaraDr                  Jacksonville      AR     72076 gphil432l@aol.com
Philf       Robert        200 Seneca Dr                  Maitland          FL     32751
pickett     John          2006LotusBlossom               SanAntonio        TX            mpl750@swbell.net
pierce      Chuck         130NW lgth St,A-279            Newport           OR     97365 oldogs@2teleport.com
Pintrich    Paul          14Boutwell St                  Wilmington        MA     01887
Pisle       Standford C   P.O.Box3772                    Nashua            NH     03061 spisle@mail.midrivers.com
poche'      Stephen S     1320 BluelakeCove              Niceville         FL     32578 ssp@emeraldcoast.com
podlesny    John          P.O.Box 543                    Elephant Butte    NM     87935 johnpod@riolink.com
pollard     Leonard M     126l Markham  Ave              SpringHill        FL     34606 none
Follock     Ronaid        8175Robald Dr                  Orlando           FL     32S25
porter      Phil          3165ColleMalva                 SanLuisObispo     CA     93401 pportersr@aol.com
Powell      James O       RR #3 Box 147                  Towanda           PA     18848 none
Price       Mayward  H.   2618Evergreen Ave              Savannah          GA     31404 mhprice@webtv.net
Prince      Paul G        HC 79 Box985                   Louisa            KY     41230 none
Pybum       Claude        870E. I lth St North           Mt. Home          lD     83647
Quatrochi   Carmen        4l 12Sunset Rd                  Matteson         IL     60443 cquatro@aol.com
euinn       Patrick       1580 AlbinoDr                   Henderson        NV     89015 quinnair@mail.msn.com
Racicot     Jim           6766Pipe  CreekRd               Libby            MT     59923
Ramsey      Frank         708MarineDr                     Slidell          LA     70458
Rardon      Jerry         8200TansyDr                     Orlando          FL     32819
Raya        Joseph        3232Boulder
                                    Creek  Way            Antelope         CA     95843 joeraya@inreach.com
Reed        EugeneP       6120Shenandoah Ave              LasVegas         NV     89156 moggy2@aol-com
Reinrer     Paul          940W CrossSt.                   Woodland         CA     95695 russret@aol.com
Reinhard    Edward  O.    3480Fawnwood  Dr                Pace             FL     32571 none
Renninger   llarold       605 Pluto St                    Granbury         TX     76049 hrenn@webtv.net
Reynolds    Charles L     POBox 1033                      Salado           TX     765'll none
Rhodd       Donald                      Lane
                          7903Secretariat                 Houston          TX     77071
Richards    Gil           5 PoplarSt                      Milford          MA     01757 gricha2T@mediaone.net
Riddf            L
            Robert        240 PeachwoodRd                 Haysville        KS     67060
Ringer      Charles       PMB F185599,3590  RoundBottomRd Cincinnati       OH     45244 ezliving@pocketmail.com
Ristine     Beryl         l70l S Thomburg Spce
                                         St    #32        SantaMaria       CA     93458 berylristine@rvebw.net
Roberrson   James         4832Hannibal Way                LasVegas         NV     89130 YUCCAROB@aol.com
Ross        Donald        23001S Hwy I                    PointArena       CA     95468 doneva@mcn.org
Rowe,Jr     WilliamF      355W ClarkSp 53                 Orcutt           CA     93455 billfrowe@webw.net
Ruiz        Elias         201l Hancock
                                     St                   Bellevue         NE     68005 wrencher52@aol.com
Russef      WilliamS      304E WalkerSt                   St Johns         Ml     48879 waSnj@mintcity.com
Rurh            M.
            James         I I I I l0th St,Box 240         Alamagordo       NM     883I 0 none

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Last Name      First Name          Address                    City             State     Zip         e-mail
Ruvolo        Sam           375CentralAve. # 75               Riverside         CA     92507 sambo22@juno.com
Sager         PhillipA.     4503SeilsWay                      Orlando           FL     32812 none
Sams          JosephR       Rt2Box63                          Belpre            OH     45714 none
Sand          Gary          1486Rolling AcresDr               Argyle            TX     76226 gsutd@quik.com
Sandor        Paul          7305ClearRock Dr                  SanAntonio        TX     78255 psandor@satx.rr.com
Santaferra    Jim           709FloydAve                       Rome              NY     13440 none
Scarboro      Shirley                   St
                            533N. Granite                     Gilbert           AZ     85234 shirlscarab@aol.com
Schaefer      Warren        252 HoneysuckleLane               Robesonia         PA     19551 none
Scharven      Ron           37 CES/CEV,2240WalkerAve          LacklandAFB       TX     78236 Ronald.Scharven@lackland.af.m
Schiff        JeffreyM      3532Samuel Place                  Melboume          FL     32934 caschiff@cs.com
Schmaltz      James         2006 S VeraCrestDr                Veradale          WA     99037
Schmidt       LeslieC                         Rd
                            4743Old Mooringsport              Shreveport        LA     71107 lschmid8@bellsouth.net
Schraedley    JohnE         513 RingoDr                       Brazil            IN     47834
       Jr     Eric R        2104Rose    Court                  Gulfport         MS     30507 N6zKT@aol.com
Schwartz      Ronald        650Nordica    Dr                   Pittsburgh       PA     15237 loralynn@pgh.net
Schwindler    Tom           50 Pierce #55
                                       St                      Plainville       CT     06062
Scott         Robert        105Fairway    Dr                   Goldsboro        NC     27534 rscottdds@esn.net
Seay          Allen         142Independence     Circle         Forest           VA     24551
Seymore       Ray           238N. Gaines   Rd                  Cedar Creek      TX     78612 JRSTEX@aol.com
Shackelford   William A     304 WekivaParkDr                   Sanford          FL     32771 wasbet@iuno.com
Sheldon       Jack          PO Box 217                         Homeland         CA     92518
Sherman       George        3949Meadowglen      Dr             LasVegas         NV     89121 gs6l08@prodigy.net
Shifflett     Donald        1734RayJo Cir                      Chattanooga      TN     37421
Short         Roosevelt     988 E. ConchaStreet                Altadena         CA     91001 roseyO335@aol.com
Shuping       Bob           3201IrishPotato    Road            Concord          NC     28025 bobshup@net.net
Simpson       Bill          HHC Area I SuptAct , ARMP Unit 157 APO              AP     96258 bsimpso@armp.org
Simpson       Charles G     Box 5693                           Breckenridge     CO     80424
Singleton     Ben           766Yosemite    Trl                 Roselle          IL     60172 bsingle@aol.com
Skarritt      Charles       23056McDonald      PointRd         Seneca           SC     29672
Slegel        Eugene W      2746Amsden     Rd                  WinterPark       FL     32792 none
Slusher       Leon          744H St SW                         Quincy           WA     98848
Smiley        Robert        2125Hwy 13l, Box 202               McCoy            CO     80463 Rsmiley604@cs.com
Smith         A(hur         1564Wild Fox Dr                    Casselberry      FL     32707
Smith         Earl          Rt #3 Box 3273                     Belton           TX     76513
Smith         Galen E       1456 Girard
                                   E       Rd                  Englewood        CO     80110
Smith         Kenneth  R.   1305HawkTrail                      Copperas Cove    TX     76522 grizzledbear@webtv.net
Smith         LeslieT.      I I I S. ParkBlvd                  GlenEllyn        lL     60137 LTSmith39@aol.com
Snell         Waymon        620 DavidSt                        WinterSprings    FL     32708
Sparks        Ron           404 GaleSt                         Hoquiam          WA     98550 RonS@webtv.net
Stanke        William       425N Main St                       Mayville         WI     53050
Stansberry    Bill          703EllaTaylorRd                    Yorktown         VA     23695 stansbman3@aol.com
Stenerson     EdgarJ        1016   PortoMarinoDr               SanCarlos        CA     94070 none
Stephenson         J
              Robert        I 109Panorama
                                        Drive                 Colorado
                                                                     Springs    CO     80904 rjstephen@earthlink.net
Stevens       Walter        6712N WinstonDr                   Spokane           WA     99208 none
Stewart       Jack          2556PebbleBrookDrive              Homosassa         FL     34448 stewie@hitter.net
Stewart       JohnL.        4804CrestwoodCourt                SantaMaria        CA     93445
StoneJr       Charles          I
                            173 N CentralAve#87               Kissimmee         FL     34741 canam@mpinet.net
Stoppelbein   Gene          800SW20St                         BocaRaton        FL      33486 kokomobt@bellsouth.net
Story         Charles                Pl
                            809Emerald SW                     Lenior           NC      28645
Strong        JerryR        1307Carol Lane                    Oklahoma City    OK      7312'l none
Summarell   David               N.
                            1896 Neel                         RapidCity        SD      5'1703 davemie@rapidnet.com
Swartzmeyer Dr Elmer        1553 PJEastRd SE                  Covington        GA      30014 eswartzmeyer@gsu.edu
Swingle     Donald          5l CaniageLn.                     Bumsville        MN      55306 dswing@acxiom.com
Tallent     James           54l2Del LagoDr.                   LasVegas         NV      89130 none
Tamsett     Mickey          l54l I E Mill PlainSpAl           Vancouver        WA      98664
Taussig       Robert        3404RuckerDr                      Lompoc           CA      93436

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Last Name           First Name                 Address                                           City                        State     zip                    e-mail
Thoeni             Ken               l72l AyersRd                                                Concord                      CA      94s2r
Thurwanger         Walter            550Nome St                                                  Aurora                       CO      80010
Tidwell            Dean              735 Day St                                                  Galesburg                    IL      61401 twid2@home.com
Tobin              Frank            4 6 8 7 A l i s a C i r c l eN E                             St Petersburg                FL      33703
Traina             Joseph           8 1 l 6 R a n c h oL i n d o C t N W                         Albequerque                  NM      87120 RMTJVT@aol.com
Tudor              Robert           515 Flathead ve
                                               A                                                 Bozeman                      MT      5 9 7 1 8 bobalink@in-tch.
Tufts              Richard          4 0 0 8 M a g u i r eB l v d , A p t 5 l l 3                 Orlando                      FL      32803
U h l a n dI I I   CharlesB         2415 ChestnutView Dr                                         Lancaster                    PA      t7 603 c u 3 r a i l @ a o l . c o m
Valentine          Oris E            l6 North Carolina Ave                                       Pasadena                     MD      21122 Oriseval@aol.com
Valovich           Tony             P . O .B o x 3 2 1 8 9                                       Palm Beach                   FL      33420 Tvalovich@adelphia.net
Van Houten         John             3529 SE Knapp                                                Portland                     OR      97202
Vetter             Fred             729 N Bradford St                                            Dover                        DE      19904 lilvetter@j uno.com
Veverka            Philip            I 2 I 33 SE 72nd Court Rd                                   Belleview                    FL     34420 PFllLJV49@aol.com
Vinson             James             l 5 l C r e s tD r                                          Mt Olive                     NC     28365
Waggle             William           1 3 6 0 1J e r i c h o d
                                                           R                                    Vancleave                     MS     3 9 5 6 5 bwaggle@datasync.com
Walker             Elby             5 5 9 D o m i n i o nD r                                     Somerset                     PA     1 5 5 0 1n o n e
Walsh              Martin R.        675 tslairshire ircle
                                                  C                                             Winter Park                   FL     32792 n 0 n c
Waltcr             Rodney           9 8 1 4 S S a l f o r dL a n e                              H i g h l a n d sR a n c h    CO     80t26 arrod@aol.com
Walters            P a u lM         4 3 5 1 E . L a m p P o s tW a y                            Anaheim                       .A     92807 C h i e f P M W @ a o l . c o m
Walworth           Robert           PO Box 3257                                                 Salem                         OR     97302 n o n e
Ward               Kenneth          PO BOX 715                                                  Hennikcr                      NH     03242 kward@conknet.com
Warhoe             Patrick          1 6 3 2B r o o k L n .                                      Ccdar Edge                    CO     8 1 4 1 3gwarhoe@aol.com
Weigert            Richard          5 9 5 0 T u r n e rR d                                      UnionCity                     PA     1 6 4 3 8 nvei gert@plastekgroup.com
Wclch              Michael          2551 Deloraine rl
                                                 T                                              Maitland                      Ft,    327s1 K F 4 l I F C @ J u n o . c o m
Wclls              Jack             327 WinchcstcrDr                                            Tylcr                                75701
Wcyn               EdC              7342Elizabeth Lake Rd                                       Waterford                    MI      48327
Wheatcraft         Lynn             1 3 8 2 B a i l e yA v e                                    Deltona                      FL      32725 w h e a t l y @ m p i n en.e t    t
White              Richard A        7 5 5 1 8R o a d4 3 8                                       Lexington                    NE      6 8 8 s 0 l y n e t t : r v @ g e n i e . e s0 . k I 2 . n e . u s
whittlc            S h e l t o nP   2469 Cedarwood                                              Simi Vallcy                  CA      9306i -iic*nvhttl(@aol.com
Wiatrowski         Ronald           79 Pleasant
                                              St                                                Bolivar                      NY      t 4 71 5 ronwiatr@eznct.com
Wiese              Duane            790 Mathcr St                                               Brighton                     CO             l
                                                                                                                                     8060 W i e s e D J @ c s . c o m
Wilder             Daniel           l50l PaxfordOvcrlook                                        Marietta                     GA      30066 n o n e
Williams           Richard          4 9 2 5N . U S # l                                          Mims                         FL           5
                                                                                                                                     3 2 7 4 rdwil ljack@phonetech.com
Williams           S a m u e lD     l 0 l 6 C r o o k e dC r e e kR d S E                       Eaton                        GA      31024 rodsr@pdq.net
Wilson             I'lugh           2844 Bellaire St                                            Denver                       CO      80207
Wilson             Jay              5534 HesperWay                                              Carmichael                   CA      95608 none
Wilson             Tug              1 2 7 5S o . B i r c h S t # 6 0 4                          Denver                       CO      80246 Esetug@asol.com
Wingate            Clark            l7l I Bellevue ve, Apt Pl
                                                  A                                             Richmond                             23227 candc@ricva.net
Winners            Chuck            1 0 7 1 0E P o l o P l a t e                               Cheyenne                      WY      82009 WinnersCB@cs.com
Witcher            JamesE           PMD #420, 7777 N Wickham RD # l2                           Melbourne                     FL      32970
Womble             Floyd            77 I Rockport Ct # I                                       Ft Walton Beach               FL      32547 womblepi@aol.com
Wren               David            I 546 Sanderson
                                                  Ave                                          Colorado Springs              CO      80915
Wyatt              John             PO Box 612                                                 Ridgeway                      VA      24148 jwyatt@neocomm.net
Yadon              Paul             P . O .B o x 7 7 0                                         Grantsville                   UT      84029 eatarnI @uswest.net
Yates              Harry            2751 RecheCanyon #56                                       Colton                        CA      92324
Yoder              Jerry            9400 State Rd 38 E                                         Lafeyette                     IN      47905
Young              Art              1082 Harmony Orchard Rd                                    Front Royal                   VA      22630
Yuhas              John             4820 ChapmanRd                                             Delaware                      OH      43015
Zauzig, Jr.        Charles          1444 Alanton Dr                                            Virgina Beach                         23454
A R G Y L ET X 7 6 2 2 6

         Postmaster Pfease Forward
         lf Undeliverable,

                                                        Late one afternoon, the Air Force personnel at Area 5l
                                               were very surprised see a Cessna
                                                                     to               landing at their "secret"
                                               They immediatelyimpounded the aircraftand hauled the pilot into
                                               an interrogation room.
                                                        The pilot's story was that he took off from Las Vegas,got
                                               lost, and spotted the Base  just as he was about to run out of fuel.
                                               The Air Force started a full FBI backgiffErEfrtrk on"th.epilot and
                                               held him overnight duringthe investigation.
                                                        By the next day, they were flnally convinced that the pilot
                                               really was lost and wasn't a spy. They gassedup his airplane,gave
                                                                  'you-did-not-seea-base'   briefing, complete with
                                               him a terriffing
                                               threatsof spending the rest of his life in prison,told him vegas was
                                               that-a-way such and sucha heading,and sent him on hisway.
                                               The next day, to the total disbelief of the Air Force, the same
                                               Cessnashowed up again. Once Egain,the MP's surroundedthe
                                               plane...only time therewere two peoplein the plane.
  An'ignoble ending for a proud bird. Af-
                                                        The same pilot jumpedfUt and said, "Do anything ydtt
                  these Matadorsare be-
  ter deactivation,
                                               want to me, but my wife is in th%lane and you have to tell her
  ino crushedin Korea.
                                               where I was lastnightl'

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