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									                                    TOWN OF CHESTER
                  CHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS
                   15 MIDDLEFIELD ROAD CHESTER, MA 01011

Office of
Minutes of Selectmen’s Meeting

                                                         February 11, 2008

MEMBERS PRESENT: J. Andrew Myers, Chair, Michael W. Crochiere, Clerk, John Baldasaro

Others Present: Connie Urbanski, Secretary; Tom Webb, Economic Development Director

Selectmen Approved the Minutes of February 4, 2008.

John Hoppe of the Highway Department needs more money in order to keep up with the demands
for the snow removal and sanding. Some people are calling 911 in order to get the town to plow
and sand immediately. The Selectmen told John not to worry and that he is doing the best he can.

Tom Webb received a letter asking for a Broadband survey by the end of April. Mailings to the
entire town could go out with the Electric Light bill for Chester customers and separate mailings
for the people on Western Mass Electric. Verizon has agreed that all emergency departments can
use the cell tower at no cost.

Ann from the PVPC and Tom Biolsi from TRC Solutions, gave a Summary of the findings of
their testing at the Bendix / Courtland site. The soil and underground water were tested for
contamination. Both soil and water met the State’s criteria. Even though low levels of nickel was
in the soil it was believed the state would make allowances. Three tanks were removed and two
remain. PVPC has a grant that will pay 50% of the cost of removing the tanks if the work is done
by June. A licensed contractor will be needed to remove the asbestos from the boiler room. PVPC
will see if the removal can be included in the present grant in order to save the Town some of the
expense. A report will have to be sent to the DEP in order to sell the property.

7:00 Adjourned for Special Town Meeting
7:15 Reconvened

Assessors requested permission to hire Roy Bishop for work on the 2009 re-valuation. He will be
responsible the Commercial, Industrial and Personal Property. The Assessors will be going to
Westfield State for training on GIS. (Arcview) A new computer will be needed in order to run all
the new software.

Andy Myers said the meeting he went to regarding windmills was very good. The road to the
location will be required to be between 20 and 30 ft. The meeting on the 26th concerning the
windmills should prove to be very interesting. Kelly D’Astous said a 30 day test will be done in
Respectfully Submitted,
Connie Urbanski


J Andrew Myers, Chairman

Michael W. Crochiere, Clerk

John Baldasaro

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