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									                                                             The Shepherd’s Voice
                                               Where Can I Give to Support Flood Response and Recovery?
                                               Western North Dakota Synod            Lutheran Disaster Response             ELCA Disaster Response
                                               (www.wndsynod.org)                    of ND, a program of Lutheran           (www.elca.org/disaster)
                                               Accounts have been set up             Social Services of North               ELCA Disaster Response is
                                               through the Western North             Dakota (www.ldrnd.org)                 supporting communities
                                               Dakota Synod office for flood         Your generous help is needed in        overwhelmed by tornadoes and
                                               relief for both individuals and       this effort through prayers and        rising waters across our country.
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church -- August 2011

                                               congregations. Checks can             by volunteering. In addition,          Gifts designated to “U.S. Severe
                                               be made out to “WND Synod-            financial donations to Lutheran        Storms” will be used in full—
                                               Flood Relief”. Please indicate        Disaster Response will provide         100 percent—to help disaster
                                               in the memo line whether you          assistance to those without            survivors clean-up, rebuild
                                               intend your gift to be used for       sufficient means to recover on         and recover. Because of your
                                               individuals or congregations          their own. Donations may be sent       generous offerings of prayer and
                                               affected. Gifts can be sent           to LDR, PO Box 389, Fargo ND           financial support, the ELCA walks
                                               to: WND Synod, PO Box 370,            58107. To volunteer call 1-800-        alongside disaster survivors on
                                               Bismarck, ND 58502                    366-9841 or email LDRvolunteer@        their long road to recovery.
                                                                                     lssnd.org. To request help with
                                                                                     your flood cleanup tasks or to                    FLOOD
                                                                                     apply for financial assistance, call                 2011

                                                 Volunteer Case Management Training
                                                 Volunteer Case Managers walk with families affected by flooding through the
                                                 long term recovery process, helping them to identify resources, request funding, and advocate for flood
                                                 survivors.  If you are interested in serving in this way, trainings will be sponsored by United Methodist
                                                 Disaster Response, a partner of Lutheran Disaster Response of ND.

                                                 Bismarck Training, August 6th
                                                 McCabe United Methodist Church, 1030 N 6th St, 8:30 AM – 2:30 PM (Please bring a sack lunch). 
                                                 RSVP to: revt1220@gmail.com. Space is limited to 40 participants.

                                                                        August Readings
                                                                        August 7: I Kings 19:9-16, Psalm 85:8-13, Romans 10:5-15, Matthew 14:22-33
                                                                        August 14: Isaiah 56:1, 6-8, Psalm 67, Romans 11:1-2a, 29-32, Matthew 15:21-28
                                                                        August 21: Isaiah 51:1-6, Psalm 138, Romans 12:1-8, Matthew 16:13-20
                                                                        August 28: Jer. 15:15-21, Psalm 26:1-8, Romans 12:9-21, Matthew 16:21-28
I’ve heard, sung or played “Amazing Grace” thousands of times during worship and funerals … no weddings
that I remember … but, that might not be a bad idea. However, when you play its music dozens of times as a
procession of deeply saddened people walk out of a city auditorium filled with grief, you have time to listen
again, to think again.

“I once was lost, but now I’m found” seems to imply a kind of ‘once for all’-ness, but not for me. I feel a need to
be found often, probably daily, as I lose myself in busyness or procrastination or so many other things. I know
I’m found for eternity, but that doesn’t mean the path is always clear.

“Tis grace that brought me safe this far, and grace will lead me home.” As I look back on my road I’ve no choice
but to realize that the ONLY reason for any “safety” so far, is grace. The longer I live, the more I believe that
everything is a gift: people, possessions, days, etc. And the tragedy and sadness we all experience serves to
remind me that I cannot go it alone on this journey towards home.

I suppose I/we/Lutherans could be accused of talking too much about “grace.” But, when we look back,
walk in the present, and hope for the future, the “too much” no longer seems true. I suppose we may sing
“Amazing Grace” too much. Maybe sometimes it’s because we can’t think of another one … or maybe it’s
because it’s so true. Perhaps that same old song is new each time we hear it, since our need for “Amazing
Grace” never changes.

Memorial/Honor Gifts
Memorial/ Honor gifts allow you to express your feelings of gratitude or honor, or your expressions of sympathy for the loss of a loved one
and at the same time support the ministries of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. Prompt and appropriate acknowledgements are sent to the
honoree or bereaved family indicating that you remembered them in this significant way. Gift amounts are not revealed.

In memory of Bill Keller                      Craig and Wendy Schweitzer
Bill and Alva Townsend                        Robert and JoAnn Lynne
Richard and Karen Espeland                    Ida Schmitt                                        In memory of
Darlene Turitto                               Wally and Betty Owen                               Candice Demke
Kent and Grace Janssen                        Astrid Ongstad                                     Astrid Ongstad
Marlys Fleck                                  Curtis and Linda Jabs
Marv and Lois Erdmann                                                                            In memory of
Fran Loeppke                                                                                     Steve Kenner
                                              In memory of Loree Macintosh                       Greg and Sherry Fettig
Dick and Donna Kupitz                         Craig and Wendy Schweitzer
Loren and Delores Schock                                                                         Marv and Lois Erdmann
Winnie Woodmansee                             In memory of Irma Borth
Lyle and Myra Johnson                                                                            In memory of Lois Janke
                                              Mavis T. Anderson
Dick and Judy Fevold                                                                             Curtis and Linda Jabs

July Statistics                                                                                      Baptisms
                                                                                                     Brycen Frederick Romans
Funerals                             Weddings                                                        Lily Rae Gilbertson
Paul Summers                         Paige Dorgan and Trevor McDaniels                               Cruz Daniel Schwahn
Loree Macintosh                      Lindsay Suko and Dane Severinson                                Sean Christopher Batiz
Bill Keller                          Ann Bergstedt and Justin Schoenberg                             Eva Grace Andrest
Steve Kenner                                                                                         Timothy Andrew Goetz
                                                                                                     Samantha Lee Goetz
 Flood Relief Funds                                                                       FLOOD
 The Western North Dakota Synod has established two separate funds                           2011
 for financial contributions to support flood recovery: one for individual
 assistance and one to assist congregations who have sustained damage
 to their church property. Gifts may be designated for either “Individual
 Assistance” or “Congregational Assistance.”  Undesignated gifts will be
 distributed where most needed.

 Gifts may be sent to the Western ND Synod, PO Box 370, Bismarck, ND 58502.

                               WELCA                                                         By Dorothy Nelson

                                Our summer Bible            For circles that do not meet in the summer months,
                                Study for June,             Pastor Sara, has agreed to do a “Summer Bible
                                July and August is          Study” on our June, July and August lessons. This
                                “Renew”, “Respond”          will be August 13th starting at 9:30. Bring a sack
                                and “Rejoice”. In the       lunch, coffee and dessert will be provided. This
                                June session we were        will give all our circles a great opportunity to be
challenged to get “unstuck”. Session 2, “Respond”           together to study God’s word. This is for all women
reminds us that we are gifted to serve. Session 3,          of Good Shepherd, you do not need to be a circle
“Rejoice”, we are to “Rejoice in the Lord”. The key         member or a member of Good Shepherd. Everyone
verse is Philippians 4:4. We will explore the cycle         is WELCOME!!!
of faith between renew, respond and rejoice. We
will study the stories of Miriam and the witness            Lutheran World Relief project for July, August and
of the paralyzed man’s friends. (Mark 2:1-12). We           September is School Kits. A school kit may provide
will reflect on: ”How do I rejoice when things are          the only supplies for children returning to school
complicated or unresolved?” “How does rejoicing             after the disruption of war or disaster. It may also
spring out of responding and lead again to                  be used in adult literacy classes. A list of items
renewal?” We ask the question: “How do we rejoice           for school bags will be by the LWR baskets in the
when our communities of Bismarck, Mandan and                Narthex and also in the “Other Page”.
Minot and all the other towns are suffering because         Update on the LWR Spring Drive: 29 boxes where
of the massive floods. But as we listen to the news         packed and shipped in May. We shipped 54 Quilts,
and hear the people tell their stories of what they         60 Health Kits, 26 Layettes (18 kits were completed
have lost, they also thank God for all they haven’t         by the North Campus Sunday School), and 224 bars
lost. Their families are okay, people have opened           of soap. A BIG THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!!
up their home for them to stay and they seem to
have an ever ending supply of hope and faith. Our           A letter has been mailed to the women of Good
communities have come together with volunteers,             Shepherd informing them of a program for serving
food, housing, etc. These past weeks, we see God            groups that we had some years ago. With this
working in all of us. Gods people are “RESPONDING”          program, we hope to get more partners involved
and now we can start “REJOICING”!!! As Paul says,           without putting a burden on anyone. If you did not
“Rejoice in the Lord Always.” I have not asked you          receive a letter and would like more information
to rejoice in your efforts, or in the challenges of life.   please let anyone on the WELCA board know or
But rather, I tell you to rejoice in the Lord – in the      contact Wendy at the church office.
one who is with you in all of this effort and amidst
                                                            Upcoming event is the Camp of the Cross Retreat
all of the challenges.
                                                            on September 15th & 16th.
  Architect of Peace
  Would you like to take a trip and change a life? Be an “architect of peace?”
  There are a couple open positions on Good Shepherd’s Mission Team going
  to El Salvador in November. Join Pastor Craig and other team members from
  Good Shepherd and sign up now for this exciting nine day volunteer work
  trip. Help build a home with a partner family in need of dignified, affordable housing by participating in the
  Thrivent Builds Worldwide El Salvador Community. No previous experience is necessary.
  If you are interested or would like more information about this life changing mission experience, please contact
  Pastor Craig or Rita Keegan at 250-7220.

           Thanks Partners
                                                                        Good Shepherd,
             Dear Craig, Adele and GSLC,                                Thank you for your continued support of The Bismarck Emergency
             Thank you for the dollars for camp.                        Food Pantry during the first six months of 2011. We do appreciate
             I’m really excited to go.                                  your help in feeding the poor and hungry of our community.
                            –Thanks, Aaron.

            THANK YOU to the 36 Partners of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church who delivered BISMARCK MEALS ON
            WHEELS in July. The project is made possible by one very devoted partner making calls until the job is
            complete. Those partners who were willing to get out in the middle of the day during the hottest month of
            the year also deserve a special thank you. Blessings and Thank you.

   Partners in Finance

                    Making Ministry Possible with your Financial GiQs 
                  General Opera*ng Fund                                                                   Capital Campaign Fund 
      586,211                                                                                                     140,100  
                                                                548,927                       107,231                                                     112,736  


      INCOME            INCOME             EXPENSES          EXPENSES                                        INCOME                  EXPENSES           EXPENSES 

                               YTD June 2011                                                                               YTD June 2011 

*Thanks to your gi0s, 10% of our actual income is shared with various missions and ministries in our community and the world. 
* A complete financial report is aAached to the monthly Council Minutes and can be found in the informaEon carousels at both campuses or on the Good Shepherd website. 
* The Mortgage Note Balance is $2,750,447 ‐ monthly payment $19,176 with an interest rate of 5.25% ‐ subject to change November, 2011. 
                          Caring Ministries                                        Caregiver’s Support – a
                                                                                   support group for those who
                                                                                   are caregivers for a loved
                                                                                   one, meets on the 1st and
                                                                                   3rd Mondays at Noon in the
                           The SHEPHERDS BOOK CLUB
                                                                                   library. The group can help
                           is reading the book, ”The
                                                                                   with care giving tips and
                           Lemon Tree” by Sandy Tolan.
                                                                                   resources available, as well as
         Terri Camp,       This book tells the story of
        Parish Nurse                                                               fellowship and support.
                           two families of Israeli and
                           Palestinian descent and their
                                                                                   Grief Support – a grief
history over the past 70 years. The story is based on
                                                                                   group for anyone who has lost
a documentary that was produced for “Fresh Air’.” We will NOT meet for
                                                                                   a loved one, gathers in the
August so our next book club meeting will be at Tim and Kelly Pansegrau’s
                                                                                   church library on Thursday
home on Tuesday, September 6th, at 6:30 p.m. All who enjoy reading are
                                                                                   nights at 6:30 p.m. The group
invited to join the group. Copies of the book are available in the church
                                                                                   is about having fellowship
office for check out. Call Terri Camp for directions to their home.
                                                                                   with support. Contact Terri at
                                                                                   226-0492 with any questions.
Our next Stephen Ministry Class will be starting on August 29th and we
                                                                                   Knitters Group –
still have a need for more Stephen ministers to help us to minister with
                                                                                   will NOT be meeting
one-to-one trained ministry to the many people who can use a little extra
                                                                                   over the summer
help during this stressful time. If you have a caring heart and a gift for
                                                                                   months, but will start
listening, please consider signing up for our newest class. It’s a ministry
                                                                                   up again this fall.
that creates life-long friends and often does as much for the caregiver
as the receiver. Contact Terri at 226-0492 for information or stop by the
                                                                                   Home Communion
church office for an application.
                                                                                   – is available through our Lay
                                                                                   Communion Ministry.
There will be another AARP Driver’s Safety Course held on Thursday,
August 25th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in Room 113. This course can help to
                                                                                   CD Ministry to Homebound
keep your rates down on your car insurance as well as keep you aware of
                                                                                   – Each worship service at
all the driving tips that will help you to be a safe accident-free driver. The
                                                                                   Good Shepherd is recorded
class is limited to 25 so please sign up ASAP by calling the church office.
                                                                                   and put onto CD’s. These CD’s
                                                                                   are available to be delivered
A new support group will be forming here at Good Shepherd this fall for
                                                                                   to anyone who is homebound.
Parenting Adult Children. We will have an organizational meeting on
                                                                                   Call parish nurse Terri Camp,
Monday, August 22nd in the church library at 6:30 p.m. Contact parish
                                                                                   if you are interested in having
nurse, Terri Camp with any questions.
                                                                                   them delivered to you.

The Lutheran, the Magazine of the ELCA
Did you know that The Lutheran magazine is available for free each month in the
Information Carousels at both Good Shepherd campuses? No other magazine
offers members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) the range of
inspirational and informative stories as The Lutheran. As a partner in God’s mission,
The Lutheran shares with the ELCA’s diverse membership the stories of God’s people
living their faith. Don’t miss the next issue of The Lutheran!
July Council Meeting Highlights
The meeting was called to order by Council President Gary Thune.                             Recommendations will be given as budget time nears. Pastor Tim
                                                                                             will again be meeting with all staff on an individual basis. The initial
DEVOTIONS: Pastor Tim led opening devotions.                                                 stages of this process have begun.
                                                                                        B.   Minot Area Flood: Pastor Tim provided a proposal regarding gifts to
                                                                                             churches damaged by the flood in/near Minot. The proposal represents
BUSINESS: Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve the minutes from the June
                                                                                             possible financial assistance for fellow congregations in the Minot area
16 council meeting (Zaun/Mueller, unanimous) motion carried.
                                                                                             who have experienced and are experiencing both physical and financial
                                                                                             damage as a result of the floods of 2011. Discussion followed. The gifts
Scheduled Appearances:                                                                       of $7,000 are proposed now, however could be greater as-needed and
Endowment: Meidinger reported for Tim Wahlin, Endowment Council Chair,                       if possible discussions could continue in the coming months. Motion
regarding Endowment Funds and Memorial Funds. Meidinger reviewed the                         to approve Pastor Tim’s recommendation of gifts totaling $7,000 to be
Good Shepherd constitution for specific direction on the Endowment Funds and                 taken from Good Shepherd’s General Fund and given to churches in the
Memorials Funds. At Good Shepherd’s June Council meeting, it was discussed                   Minot area affected by the 2011 flood (Espeland/Mueller, unanimous)
whether unused Memorial funds could be used for current mission purposes.                    motion carried.
The GSLC Constitution states that Memorial Funds under the Endowment                    C.   North Campus Land Usage for “Community Event:” Good Shepherd
Council umbrella may be distributed by the pastors and staff of GSLC to further              has been approached for usage of a portion of the land north of the
the growth of this congregation’s ministries. Regular Endowment Funds will be                North Campus, due to the damages caused by the 2011 flood. Motion
handled as stated in the church constitution. Motion to rescind the motion—                  to move forward in the discussion and potential partnership with
effective tonight— made at last month’s council meeting regarding the unused                 this “community event,” as discussed by Pastor Tim, due to the flood
Memorial funds being designated and distributed to Camp of the Cross. Such a                 (Mueller/Bird, unanimous) motion carried.
motion made will restore the direction provided in Good Shepherd’s constitution
                                                                                        D.   Youth Ministry Position: Pastor Craig reported. The process continues.
and will take away any restrictions that were imposed at last month’s meeting
                                                                                             Prayers for the ongoing efforts are encouraged as GSLC continues in the
(Mueller/Espeland, unanimous) motion carried.
                                                                                             process of filling this position.
                                                                                        E.   Caring Ministries: Pastor Sara reported. Good Shepherd staff will put
1.) Staff Reports:                                                                           together another dinner for persons displaced due to the flood. The
    Finance Report: Meidinger reported on the financials for June. Income                    dinner will be held in the Lynne Center of Good Shepherd on Tuesday,
    for the month totaled $85,716 which is 127% of the monthly budgeted                      July 26 from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. Also, the process of planning for fall
    $67,600. Expenses for the month of June totaled $73,648 which is 82%                     programming is beginning.
    of the monthly budgeted $89,807 which resulted in a net of $12,068. YTD
    income totaled $586,211 compared to the 2010 YTD total of $538,002. YTD
    expenses totaled $497,308 compared to the 2010 YTD total of $532,811.           2.) Old Business
    This resulted in a YTD net of $88,903 income over expenses compared to the           A. MIF: Discussions between GSLC and Mission Investment Fund continue.
    2010 YTD total of $5,191 income over expenses. Total income received in the             More updates will come at a future meeting.
    capital campaign account in June was $6,997. The dedicated accounts took
    in $7,450 and expensed $31,800 resulting in a net of ($24,350) expenses             B. Revised Council Meeting Schedule: Dates for future meetings,—
    over income. Benevolence payments for the month of June totaled $8,610.                including Good Shepherd’s Annual meeting—were discussed.
    Benevolence YTD payments totaled $60,995. Motion—based on Good
    Shepherd’s current financial position—to transfer funds from the church’s
    General Fund to Good Shepherd’s Capital Campaign Account—effective for          3.) New Business (Executive Session)
    the July payment—while negotiations with GSLC’s lender continue. This                A. Motion to recess the current council meeting and move into executive
    process of transferring funds, as needed, will continue even after negations            session at 6:55 p.m. (Bird/Mueller, unanimous) motion carried. Moved
    with the lender are complete (Espeland/Bird, unanimous) motion carried.                 back to council meeting at 7:15 p.m.
    Discussion followed. Motion to approve the June finance report (Zaun/
    Mueller, unanimous) motion carried.                                             4.) Questions from the Floor
     A. HR Committee: Pastor Tim reported that the monthly HR Committee                  A. No questions from the floor.
         meeting was held. Current church operations, workload and staffing
         were discussed. An initiative was made at the meeting to allow for
         Good Shepherd staff to begin a process in which staff will look at their   Pastor Craig led us in closing prayer. The next regularly scheduled meeting is
         current job descriptions and what potential direction these could          Thursday, August 25, 2011.
         and should take in the near future. The workload and responsibilities
         of positions and areas will be reviewed and further discussed.                            Respectfully submitted, Laura Henkelman, Communication Minister

   Good Shepherd Church Council Members
     –Gary Thune, President (2009-2012)                         –Joel Bird (2009-2012)                            –Bill Sorensen (2011-2014)
     –Scott Parkin, Vice President (2010-2013)                  –Dick Espeland (2011-2012)                        –Patrick Haug (2011-2014)
     –Glenn Mueller, Secretary (2010-2013)                      –Sheryl Zaun (2010-2013)                          –Suz Buetow (2011-2014)
Schedule of Events
(FA) Fellowship Area, (FC) Family Center, (K) Kitchen, (L) Library, (LC) Lynne Center, (NC) North Campus,
(Q) Quilting Room, (S) Sanctuary, (SC) South Campus, (YR) Youth Room

1 – 12 pm Caregivers Support Group (L)
                                              12 pm Shepherd’s Talk (L)
1 – 5:30 pm VBS (SC)                          3 – 9:30 am Caring Ministries Team (Cracker    S       M       T       W        T       F    S
1 – 7 pm Scout Troop 2 (FA)                      Barrel)
8 – 7 pm Scout Troop 2 (FA)                   3 – 5:30 pm VBS (SC)                                   1       2       3        4       5    6
15 – 12 pm Caregivers Support Group (L)       10 – 9:30 am Caring Ministries Team (LC)
15 – 7 pm Scout Troop 2 (FA)                  10 – 12 pm Endowment Council (Rm. 113)        7        8       9      10       11       12   13
15 – 7:30 am Youth Missions Post-trip         10 – 7:45 pm Dream Team (Rm. 113)             14      15      16      17       18       19   20
   Meeting (LC)                               10 – 7:45 pm Prayer Team for Dream Team
22 – 5 pm Music and Worship Ministry Team        (Rm. 113)                                  21     22       23      24
                                                                                                                             25       26   27
   (L)                                        17 – 9:30 Caring Ministries Team (LC)
                                                                                            28     29       30       31
22 – 6:30 pm Adult Children Support Group     24 – 9:30 am Caring Ministries Team Meeting
   (L)                                           (LC)
22 – 7 pm Scout Troop 2 (FA)                  31 – 9:30 am Caring Ministries Team (LC)      Saturdays
29 – 5:30 pm Stephen Ministry Training (Rm.                                                 6 – High School Mission Trip to Lincoln
   110/111)                                   Thursdays                                        County, WV
29 – 6:30 pm Adult Children Support Group     9 am Quilting (QR)                            13 – 6 pm Blood Pressure Screening (C)
   (L)                                        5:15 pm The Well Rehearsal (LC)
29 – 7 pm Scout Troop 2 (FA)                  7:45 pm Celebrate Rehearsal (S)               Sundays
                                              4 – High School Mission Trip to Lincoln       9:15 am Coffee and Fellowship (LC)
Tuesdays                                         County, WV                                 7 – High School Mission Trip to Lincoln
7 am Men’s Fellowship (Rm. 112)               4 – 4:30 pm HR Committee (L)                     County, WV
6:30 pm Horizon Worship Team (NC)             4 – 6:30 pm Grief Support Group (L)           14 – 9-11 am Blood Pressure Screening (CO)
2 – 12 pm Stephen Ministry Leader Team (L)    11 – 6:30 pm Grief Support Group (L)          14 – 10:15 am Blood Pressure Screening (NC)
2 – 5:30 pm VBS (SC)                          18 – 6:30 pm Grief Support Group (L)
9 – 5:00 pm WELCA Executive Board (L)         25 – 1 pm AARP Drivers Safety (Rm. 113)
9 – 5:30 pm Stephen Ministry Supervision      25 – 5:30 pm Church Council (FA)
   (Rm. 113)                                  25 – 6:30 pm Grief Support Group (L)
9 – 6:00 pm Bible Study Leaders (L)
9 – 6:30 pm Shepherd’s Book Club              Fridays
   (Pansegrau Home)                           5 – High School Mission Trip to Lincoln
9 – 7:00 pm Gifts from the Heart (Rm.            County, WV
16 – 12 pm Stephen Ministry Leader Team
23 – 5:30 pm Stephen Ministry Supervision
   (Rm. 113)

    Welcome new partners
    NEW MEMBER TO NEW PARTNER CLASSES will be held September 13th and 20th or September 17th
    at the North Campus. Mark your calendars and save these dates if you are interested in becoming a
    member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. If you have not filled out a new member information
    form please contact the office or go to www.goodshepherdbismarck.com under About Us, How to join
    to find the form. Childcare is provided.
    For more information contact Wendy at 255-1001 or wendy@goodshepherdbismarck.com.
                    South Campus: 106 Osage Avenue, Bismarck, ND 58501-2673                 Non-Profit Org.
                    Phone: 701-255-1001 • Fax: 701-255-3644                                  U.S. Postage
                    North Campus: 4916 N. Washington St., Bismarck, ND 58503-8020               PAID
                    Phone: 701-223-3753 • Fax: 701-255-3644
                                                                                            Permit No. 419
                    Email: goodshepherd@GoodShepherdBismarck.com
                                                                                            Bismarck, ND
                    RETURN SERVICE REQUESTED

Back to School Shopping...
When you are doing your back to school shopping, or just in the store
picking up supplies, please remember Operation Christmas Child!on the Web!
August is the month to buy cheap pencils, notebooks, crayons, etc. and
those are preferred items to put in your gift shoe boxes for Operation
Christmas Child! Last year our boxes went to India, and there are
thousands of children there who aren’t allowed to go to school simply
because they do not have school supplies to use! Last year our shoe
boxes were able to help children be allowed to go to school, so keep
that in mind this month when shopping, and grab as many inexpensive
school supplies as you can! The collection deadline for Operation
Christmas Child will be November 14th this year.
For more information or with questions, please contact Angie at 333-9302. Happy shopping!

                  Shepherd’s Walk Daily Devotional
                  Shepherd’s Walk is a daily devotional that is published each week by Good Shepherd. This
                  wonderful resource is designed to help each of us dig deeper into the Bible during the
                  week. Each daily devotional highlights themes and texts from the previous weekend’s
                  worship. Please consider adding Shepherd’s Walk to you daily faith journey. These
                  devotional tools are available in various locations on both campuses and are free.

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