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									                                 WikiPRO Instructions
  1. Edit your “Article.txt” file to create your seed article to spin and post for wiki sites. Use spintax
     format, as an example: {awesome|cool|great|sweet} would randomly choose one of these to
     post each time. The more spintax you add the more unique your articles will be! Articles will be
     spun on each site giving a unique article every time. It is very important that you follow certain
     formatting to have your article appear correctly, most importantly:
         a. Use <br> instead of enter to add a new line/line break. Using enter at any time will
             break your article and anything after you hit the enter key will not be posted; it should
             be one continuous line and you will just type <br> when you want to add a new
             paragraph or whatever. It will come out looking proper in this fashion.
         b. URLs need to be added in Wiki Markup which is [ keyword] This will
             create your keyword hyperlinked to your URL. As an example if I was linking to Google I
             might add my URL in “Article.txt” as [ Search Engine].
             c. That’s it; just remember to follow those two rules and also to take a few moments to
                 add as much spintax formatting as possible, the more you do the more unique your
                 article will be and the more Google love you’ll enjoy!
   2.   Simply run WikiPRO.exe. In the upper left hand corner are prompts for what you need to add.
        Be sure to select your “Article.txt” for the article to be used and you may choose either
        “Report.txt” or “Report.csv” for your completion report depending on whether you’d like a
        simple text file or a an excel spreadsheet. There is also a prompt for your keyword or key
        phrase; this is just used at the end when your articles are backlinked to from some .EDU and
        .GOV sites but is of course helpful so just enter it in there (no strange characters, just letters
        OPTIONAL: Insert a proxy in the format of IP:Port (example in the upper left
        hand corner if you wish to use a proxy for your blast. This is not at all required. However, the
        program will clear cookies automatically when it first starts so if you use a unique proxy
        between blasts there is nothing to tie multiple accounts/articles on the same site together!
   3.   That’s it, just hit the play button and go about your business; feel free to minimize the program
        or whatever. It will create accounts, spin and post articles and all automatically and records the
        URLs of where your new articles are in “Report.txt/Report.csv” depending on which one you
        chose (this is where you may view your completion report) and also log out and clear your
        cookies. After all spun articles are posted they will be pinged to all of the most popular ping
        services (22 of them) for faster indexing and linked to from 5 .EDU/.GOV sites, still
        automatically, (all sites are indexed and your article will already be linked to many times, this is
        just to speed things up!).
   4.   You’re done. If you want to run another blast just restart WikiPRO and return to step #1!
   5.   Please read the troubleshooting section below if you have issues. There are a few common
        errors depending on your OS (mostly Windows 7 64bit) which you can easily fix on your first
        blast and never encounter again!


I get an error when starting/running WikiPRO:

You must have .NET 3.5 Framework and Internet Explorer 7 or better installed for this software to work.
Both are free from Microsoft, you should have them (at least IE) but if you are getting an error while
trying to start/run WikiPRO you probably do not. Download and install directly from Microsoft for free
(MANY programs require these so you will need it sooner or later anyways!

.NET 3.5 Framework:
Internet Explorer:

You also need Windows XP/Vista/or 7. You may be able to run in compatibility mode on a Mac but I
have not tested this and it is not supported nor recommended!

I get a “Webpage Error” at certain sites:

This may happen your first time on a few sites; especially if running Windows 7 64 bit (have not seen it
at all in XP but have done only limited testing on Vista where I have not seen it either). The solution is
simple; just select “Do Not Show This Message Again” and then click “No” and this will never come up
again. The bot is set to skip if it hangs up on a site, but for some reason in Windows 7 64 bit (possibly
other OS’) it will pause and try to debug when it is not finding what it wants on the website instead.
Completing this easy fix just one time on one site will prevent the issue from ever occurring again across
all sites. Pictured below:

I get an error about a certificate being revoked or out of date!

Your Internet Explorer security settings are too high! You can lower them or just tell the bot it is OK to
continue when prompted on your first run (I promise all of these sites are secure - some are just not up
to date with their certificates), the sites that you manually say “OK” for will no longer give you this error
since it will be the same websites in further blasts and you have now added exceptions for their out of
date certificates so future blasts will post to these sites just fine. Because of this and the “Web Page
Error” issue I recommend you sit withWikiPRO and watch it the first run (takes between 30 minutes and
an hour depending on how fast the sites respond and how fast your Internet connection is), this will
allow you to tell it that everything is alright and you will never have this or the “Web Page Error” issue
on further blasts so it will be able to run 100% automatically even minimized without hanging up on any
sites and give you a higher success rate.

It Runs Great But I Get No Completion Report!

There are three issues that may cause you not getting a completion report. The most common is that
you are not logged into Windows as Administrator; many profiles do not have permission for software
to write from the web to your hard drive. The second is that your antivirus software does not like
WikiPRO writing from websites to your hard drive; to solve this either disable your antivirus software
during your blasts or add an exception for WikiPRO. The final issue can be caused depending on your
security settings (pretty much only in Windows 7 64bit).You will need to right click the folder "WikiPRO"
and go to the security tab. Here you will select your current profile and then click "Edit". Select your
current profile again and check the "Full Control" box, then hit "Apply" and "OK" and then "Apply" and
"OK" again. You will now need to again right click on the folder “WikiPRO”, select properties and
uncheck “Read Only” if it is checked; then open this folder and right click on “Report.txt/Report.csv”,
again select properties, and again make sure “Read Only” is not selected. If your personal protection
settings are high these values will be auto assigned and you will have to undo them; if you have XP, Vista
or medium to low settings on Windows 7 this should be a non-issue.

Not all of my articles/links were posted!

You should get a 90%+ success rate, but overall as many as 10-15 articles/links may fail per run. This is
due to the fact that sometimes the websites hang up, are down, or your Internet connection encounters
issues; these are issues that I have no control over . It is designed to skip over them if they are not
loading properly or quickly enough to avoid screwing up the entire run. Chances are if you fail on a site
when you run your next blast in 30 minutes it will be successful on the failed site! Another note, if you
get a failure it will still report in case it was in fact successful but timed out after your article was posted.
If you see a URL ending with “&action=edit“ just delete the “&action=edit“ part and you will get the URL
of your live article.

The Program Just Will Not Run!

As WikiPRO sends info to the web (your articles) certain antivirus software, most notably Norton, may
prevent you from running this software or give you a false positive. Just turn off your AV software or add
an exception during your blast and all should be good to go!

I’m having an issue not addressed, help me NOW!

Customer service is always a priority, I want you happy! Just e-mail me
or this is the quickest way to get a hold of me, much faster than a forum
PM or post, and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. Please try to be as specific as possible about
your issue so I can sort it out for you quickly instead of having to write back and ask for more specifics. I
have done beta testing with a small group as well as extensive personal debugging and testing, however
there may be some issues I have yet to encounter and I would love to get them solved for yourself and
any other users.

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