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					                             THE PEGASUS REPORT
                                            AFA Chapter 407 Newsletter
                                            P.O. Box 98, Harned, KY 40144
                                            Phone: (502) 445-7524
  Volume 4 Issue 4                                                                               November 2011

                                                                                    Inside This Issue:
                                                                                    President’s Message          1
                                                     Legislative Update           2
Next Chapter meeting is November 19. See map location on ‘About Us’ page at         Veterans Update              2
 Please join us Saturday, November 19 for our next Chapter meeting.
                                                                                    Chapter Activity             3
                                                                                    Membership Communiqué        8
                         President’s Message                                        Membership Form              9

 Where has the year gone?
                                                                                    Next Meeting:
 Fall is upon us. We are in the beginning of a new fiscal year for the
                                                                                    Nov 19, 2011 11:00am-1:00pm
 government. Congress is still wrangling on a permanent budget. In the
                                                                                    Bungalow Joe’s
 quest for the ever diminishing dollar in the VA and budgets for DoD - in
                                                                                    7813 Beulah Church Road
 particular, our services.
                                                                                    Louisville, KY 40291
 As we enter this new fiscal year we need to be ever diligent of these
 struggles. One of our primary missions is a national strong defense and            Websites:
 a strong Air Force. It would behoove us to be aware of legislation that  
 affects these goals.                                                     
 Our chapters and the state are going through changes as well. As older    – Air Force
                                                                                    Association of Kentucky
 members slip off into retirement, we have positions that need to be
 filled. If we ever needed members to step up, it is now. And we need               President:
 some new blood. We need to constantly recruit new members with an                  Jack Giralico
 eye towards leadership positions.                                        
 The Christmas season is upon us. We will be joining the Air National
 Guard here in Louisville by assisting with their annual festivities for the
 families and children of our Air Guard family. As we do so, I would ask
 you to keep the members of the Guard and of the other services who                 If we maintain our faith in
 are spending Christmas away from their families in your thoughts and               God, love of freedom, and
 prayers. Too many – in harms way.                                                  superior global air power,
                                                                                    the future of the US looks
 Please be safe as we enter into the winter season. Weather and harried
 schedules can lead to perilous outcomes. Remember – We all have
 families to return to at the end of the day.
                                                                                    ~ General Curtis Lemay

 Jack Giralico
 President                                                                               Air Force Association
 AFA Chapter 407

 November 2011       Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407      page 1
                                            Legislative Committee Update

                              Bobbie Smith, Secretary/Treasurer and Gene McManaway, VP Membership/AE,
                              attended the Oct 5 JECVO Meeting held at American Legion Post 113 in
                              Elizabethtown, KY.

                    JECVO has a list of legislative priorities they will be working on during the
upcoming General Assembly Session. They selected the following top five legislative priorities at the
October Meeting:
     1. Full Funding of KDVA – JECVO wants KDVA to have a full operational budget. They need enough
        money to operate their programs
     2. Charitable Gaming – Pull Tabs Dispensing Machines and use of electronic video gaming devised for
        VSO posts, if approved by legislature for use at race tracks or other venues
     3. Veteran ID – Some method of veteran identification to be annotated on KY state driver’s license to
        identify those who have served
     4. State Property Tax Reduction for VSO property –Support of pre-filed bill (BR-8) relating to setting of
        a reduced tax rate for VSOs real and tangible personal property by modifying the VSO 501c19
        taxation rules to incorporate proposed reductions
     5. Special Gold Star Sibling License Plate – Support pre-filed bill (BR135) for siblings of those who
        were KIA in combat to have a special license plate. Also in this bill is a provision to issue the
        veteran’s disability license plate at no charge to the veterans rated 50%by the VA.
The next JECVO Meeting will be held in Frankfort on December 7.
JECVO will also sponsor an Annual Legislative Dinner for Legislator and Veterans. Contact us if you want
to attend; it should be around the first of February.

                                              Veteran Awareness Update

The AARP Driver Safety Program Salutes Our Veterans!
Special Offer to all Kentucky Veterans in the Month of November
To recognize and thank Kentucky veterans for their honorable service and dedication to our country, the
AARP Driver Safety Program is proud to offer a FREE classroom course (a $14 value) to ALL veterans—
regardless of age—from November 1 through November 30, 2011. All military personnel—active duty,
retired, guard, or reserve—are eligible to receive this nationwide promotion.*

The AARP Driver Safety Program is the nation’s first and largest course for drivers age 50 and older. When
you take the course, you’ll learn valuable defensive driving skills and get a refresher on the rules of the
road. Plus, once you complete our classroom course, you could even save money on your car insurance.**

Don’t miss this special offer! Sign up for a classroom course today.
To locate a classroom course near you, visit or call 1-888-227-7669 (AARP
* Veterans include those individuals who have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard/Reserves, or Coast
Guard. To receive the free classroom course, veterans and/or veterans’ spouses must provide some form of military identification,
including but not limited to: Military ID, discharge papers (DD Form 214), American Legion card, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
card, dependent ID card, etc., to the host organization and/or Instructor. This offer is only valid for classroom courses that occur
entirely in November. The offer is not valid for the online course.
**Upon completion of the course, you may qualify for an automobile insurance discount given by your insurance company. Contact
your insurance agent for more details.

November 2011        Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407                     page 2
                                            Chapter Activity

                                             The 63rd annual Air Force Association National Conference was
                                             held September 19 & 20 at the Gaylord National Resort and
                                             Convention Center in National Harbor, MD.
                                             The event was well organized and the facilities were outstanding.
                                             And, as always, Washington, DC was awe inspiring.

Gene McManaway, VP Membership, attended as
the official AFA Kentucky delegate. The primary
purpose of the conference is to conduct the
annual AFA business meeting and to recognize
individual State AFA Chapters for their
exceptional performance during the reporting
There was also time for connecting with the other
AFA delegates during session breaks and some
exchange-of-ideas time during the Celebration
Dinner Cruise.
One of the highlights of any AFA National Conferences is the announcement of the Award winning
Chapters. The following were recognized as the Best-of-the-Best at this year’s conference.

                          The AFA 2011 Unit Award Winners
                Outstanding State Organization
                Florida – President James B. Connors
                AFA Unit of the Year (Donald W. Steele Sr. Memorial Award)
                Lance P. Sijan, CO – President Kevin Estrem
                Outstanding Chapters
                Small - Leigh Wade, VA – President Gary Metzinger
                Large - Paul Revere, MA – President Joseph Magnone
                Extra Large - Claude Farinha Gold Rush, CA – President Paul Bonnier
                Exceptional Service Awards (ESA’s)
                Best Single Program – Hurlburt (398), FL – President Dann Mattiza
                Communications - Central Florida, FL – President William Yucuis
                Community Partners - Meridian Chapter, MS – President Wilburt Easom
                Community Relations – Eglin (365), FL – President Howard Oakes
                Overall Programming - Hurlburt Chapter, FL – President Dann Mattiza
                Veterans Affairs - LTC BD “Buzz” Wagner, PA – President William Burns
                Aerospace Education Excellence Awards
                Small Chapter - Fort Dodge, IA – President Luke Ascherl
                Medium Chapter - Lincoln, NE – President Mary McGahan
                Large - Cheyenne Cowboy, WY – President Irene Johnigan
                Extra Large - Central Florida, FL – President William Yucuis

November 2011     Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407   page 3
The official conference business for the AFA State Delegates included electing the 2012 National Officers.
The following were elected or reelected as National Officers:

                                      . AFA 2012 National Officers
National Officers:
     S. Sanford “Sandy” Schlitt (FL) – 2nd term Chairman of the Board
     Justin Faiferlick (IA) – 2nd term Vice Chairman of the Board, Field Operations
     George Muellner (CA) – 2nd term Vice Chairman of the Board, Aerospace Education
     Len Vernamonti (MS) – 2nd term AFA Treasurer
     Ed Garland (TX) – 1st term, AFA Secretary
National Directors are elected for three-year terms.
     Rick W. Hartle (UT) – At-Large
     Donald E. “Don” Taylor (TX) – At-Large
     Donald R. “Don” Michels (GA) – Southeast Geographic Region
Newly Elected Region Presidents:
     Central East – Scott VanCleef (VA)
     Florida – Mike Emig (FL)
     New England – Bob Wilkinson (MA)
     North Central – Ron Garcia (ND)
     Rocky Mountain – Gayle White (CA)
     Southwest – Bob Hale (NV)
     Texoma – Bob Slaughter (TX)
Continuing Region Presidents:
     Great Lakes – Bill Grider (IN)
     Midwest – Mike Cook (NE)
     Northeast – Eric Taylor (PA)
     Northwest – Rick Sine (WA)
     Southeast – Dave Klinkicht (NC)
     South Central – Tom Gwaltney (AL)
New Foreign Regional:
     Maria "Vicky" Leos (South Korea)
     Mike Nishimuta (Europe)

                              Gene McManaway passed on greetings from AFA - Kentucky to the AFA
                              Chairman of the Board, Sandy Schlitt and congratulations on his re-election
                              as the Chairman of the Board for 2012. Not only is Sandy an effective AFA
                              Leader, he also demonstrated his dancing skills on the Saturday evening
                              Celebration Dinner Cruise.
                              I think he’s ready for “Dancing with the Stars”.

Mike Dunn, AFA President and CEO, announced at the AFA National
Conference that he was stepping down at the end of his term. Gene
wished him the best of luck in his next endeavor from AFA - Kentucky.
Mike does an outstanding job of communicating to AFA Members,
Congressional staff members, civic leaders, and DOCA members via his
Note from AFA President e-mails.

November 2011   Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407   page 4
                                       Gene McManaway congratulated Hurlburt Chapter 398 President
                                       Dann Mattiza on receiving the AFA Exceptional Service Awards
                                       (ESA) for Best Single Program and Overall Programming at the
                                       63rd AFA National Conference.

                                       The Hurlburt Chapter is no stranger to winning AFA awards. They
                                       were the AFA Unit of the Year in 1999 and 2003. They also
                                       received the AFA Large Size Chapter of the Year Award in 2004,
                                       2005, 2007, and 2008.

                       Ft Knox Retiree Appreciation Days Oct 28-29 2011
                                    Jack Giralico and Gene McManaway volunteered to staff the
                                    AFA/AFSA booth at the annual Ft Knox Retiree event. Jolene
                                    Culpepper, Chief Retirement Service Branch, reported 1400 had
                                    registered for the two day event held at the Patton Museum.

                                      The booth had numerous AF family members stopping by to share a
                                      moment, including retired MSgt James Shepherd and the Stark family,
                                      MSgt (retired) Brooks Stark, his wife Vivian (veteran AF SSgt) and
their two lovely children. The visitors also included several proud AF Moms coming by the display to talk
about their sons and daughters currently serving in the USAF. Jack and Gene enjoyed visiting with the AF
family members and sharing information about the Chapter.

                                          Don’t Forget To Bring Your Books
                 Our Chapter is collecting paperback books to be sent to our troops to help them through
                 tough times and let them know their service is appreciated. Soldiers serving the U.S.
                 military often lack access to books, which they need for leisure reading, developmental
                 goals, recovering from emotional trauma, and enduring separation from loved ones.
                 Your donated books will be used to:
                      Let U.S. troops know that people appreciate their service and sacrifice
      Help U.S. troops stay mentally active with literature
      Help U.S. troops stay connected to their children via web cam book reading
      Ensure that our troops have reading material that may help get them through tough times
      Clear books you’ve read from you home
We are collecting all genres of books (mysteries, westerns, etc), but please NO ROMANCE NOVELS!!! Our
troops do NOT read them, and they are very disheartened when they receive them.
So get caught-up on reading that stack of books you’ve accumulated and bring them with you to our next
meeting on November 19 at Bungalow Joe’s.

November 2011   Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407   page 5
                                    Aerospace Education Update

                    Jack Giralico, President Chapter 407, appointed Gene McManaway Vice President of
                    Aerospace Education (AE). The Chapter AE team mission is to focus on enhancing
                    the relationship with the high schools, especially those with AFJROTC units, and the
                    Kentucky CAP units within the Chapter area.
                    The Chapter AE message will reiterate that AFA promotes the study of Science,
Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) to develop the skills for young Americans that will lead
the next generation of aerospace advances. And emphasize AFA activities and educator grants that
promote STEM education at the elementary and secondary school level with:
      AFJROTC Instructor Grants enable AFJROTC instructors to expand the aerospace and civics
       experiences in this educational program.
      Educator Grants provide up to $250 per academic year in support to elementary and secondary
       classrooms for aerospace education programs, opportunities, and activities.
      Also our USA Today partnership program, Visions of Exploration, provides educators with resources
       designed to enhance student understanding of STEM and aerospace education.
      And encourage high schools to participate in the AFA CyberPatriot program, a national cyber
       defense competition created to inspire high school students toward careers in cyber security or
       other STEM disciplines critical to our nation’s future.

                                        AE Volunteers Needed

                       We’re seeking volunteers to join the Chapter 407 Aerospace Education team to
                       fulfill the Aerospace Education mission.

                       If you can spare a few hours to assist with developing the plan and/or implementing
                       it, please contact Gene at: or 502.314.3818.

The following table lists the High Schools in the Chapter 407 area that have AFJROTC Programs:

Appollo High School                              Moore High School
Owensboro, KY                                    Louisville, KY
Henry County High School                         Nelson County High School
New Castle, KY                                   Bardstown, KY
Hopkins County High School                       Christian County High School
Madisonville, KY                                 Hopkinsville, KY
Warren East High School
Bowling Green, KY

November 2011   Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407   page 6
                                    Other Volunteer Opportunities
                                           Chapter 407 Needs Additional Leadership

                            The General Russell E Dougherty Chapter 407 has an immediate need for
                            additional volunteers to become Chapter Leaders. The Responsibilities include:
                           1. Serve as a member of the Executive Council.
2. Complete and submit reports as required to the President.
3. Serve as Program Chairman for any program sponsored by Chapter in area of responsibility of the
5. Maintain liaison with President and Executive Council on all programs in area of responsibility of

Please contact one of the Chapter Officers listed below to join the team. If you don’t have time for the extra
duties included with the Leadership responsibilities, but can spare some time to work on a Chapter project,
also let them know.

                            123 Air Wing / KY Air National Guard Kids Christmas Party

              In December the KYANG Family Support Group will sponsor a Christmas Party for the
             families of deployed Air Guard. We, in conjunction with the AFSA 482, support this event. Our
             volunteers assist the Family Support team with the necessary tasks to ensure a successful
           and joyous celebration.

                                             Do You Want to Make A Difference?
                        Then join us. If you’re a member and just get your magazine every month, please
                        think about what else you can do. We need you and your ideas, and especially your
                        dedication, in helping Chapter 407 and the Air Force to succeed.
                        To volunteer, please send your contact and availability information to:
               or contact any of the following Chapter Officers:
             Jack Giralico: - Bobbie Smith: -
             Gene McManaway: or 502.314.3818.
Come to a meeting and contribute your skills and talents. The more actively involved members we have will
help achieve our Chapter goals. Let’s make Chapter 407 greater!

November 2011    Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407    page 7
                             Membership Communiqué
Fellow AFA Members,

I know it’s hard to believe, but the holiday season is upon us again. So let me start off by wishing you, and
yours, a very early joyous Holiday Season along with a very prosperous and Happy New Year.

As you saw from the Chapter Activity report, I attended the 63rd Annual AFA National Conference held in
Washington DC. It was an honored to serve as the Head Delegate for AFA – Kentucky. It gave me the
opportunity to meet our national leaders and discuss some of the national AFA programs. I also had the
opportunity to meet numerous other chapter leaders. The chapter leaders that I spoke with were very willing
to share their chapter experiences with me.

The Annual Conference had more people attending this year than last year. Hopefully, this is a positive sign
of a greater AFA member participation that will spread throughout the AFA Chapters.

Speaking of a Happy New Year and greater member participation, you can ensure a Happy New Year for
Chapter 407 by attending at least one of our scheduled quarterly meetings. And, on the subject of the New
Year, please make one of your resolutions to be a Chapter volunteer in 2012 either as a Chapter Leader or
by working on a project team. Our quarterly meeting dates for 2012 are:
    11 February
    19 May
    18 August
    17 November

Please review the scheduled dates and mark your calendar to attend at least one Chapter meeting.

And while you’re at it, take action to play an active role in your Chapter by volunteering a few hours of your
time. We need the dedicated efforts of those who have a passion for our Air Force to meet the Chapter 407
and AFA goals. With those people (you?) working together, we can make a difference.

One last item, the November meeting will again be held at Bungalow Joe’s, 7813 Beulah Church Rd,
Louisville, KY 40228. You can get a map location at our web site: on the “About Us”
page. The member price for the lunch meeting is $5.00, paid to the Chapter Treasurer.

Gene McManaway
Vice President of Membership

 PS: I’ll see you Nov 19 at Bungalow Joe’s. If possible, let me know if you
plan on attending and the names of any guests you plan on bringing.

November 2011    Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407    page 8
                                 Membership Application
If you know people who share our interests in helping Air Force members, families, and veterans,
invite them to join AFA and participate in our work. Remember, anyone can join - they don’t need
to be in the military or a military retiree. They can join on-line at by clicking
on the “Join AFA” tab, or you can give them the abbreviated membership application below.

Gene McManaway
VP Membership           Reminder: Don’t forget to renew your AFA membership

                                          AFA APPLICATION
                                          Air Force Association
                                           1501 Lee Highway
                                          Arlington, VA 22209
Name: _______________________________________________ Rank: ______________
Address: _________________________________________________________________
City: ___________________________________State:_______ Zip Code: ____________
Phone: _______________________________ Date of Birth: ________________________
e-mail: ___________________________________________________________________
Current Military Status / Branch: ______________________________________________
Previous U.S. Military Service: __ Spouse/Widow(er): _ Civilian (No Military Service): __
Chapter choice: Gen Russell E Dougherty [#407]
Membership options: __ 1 year ($45) __ 3 years ($110) __ Lifetime ($600 single payment)
Current Service Enlisted E1-E4:__ 1 year ($22.50) Current Student: __ 1 year ($22.50)
Payment options: __ Check payable to “AFA” __ Credit card: __ MC __ Visa
Acct # _________________________
Exp date ______________

November 2011   Official Newsletter Gen Russell E Dougherty AFA Chapter 407   page 9

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