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									                                                                                     ALS CLARION

THE ACADEMY OF LANGUAGE STUDIES                                             ISSUE 1, December 2008

                          A Word from the

                                  anguage is not only the           role in bridging the gap between
                                  vehicle of thought; it            the ability of the learners and the
                                  is a great and efficient          needs of the industry. Our presence
                           instrument in thinking.                  is felt in each and every one of our
                                                                    faculties and state campuses, and
                                             Humphrey Davy          our challenge is to ensure that we
                                                                    are able to meet the specific and
                           Greetings, and welcome to this the       evolving needs of the students in
                           inaugural issue of the ALS Clarion.      different faculties. It is no mean
                           These are indeed exciting and            task, but the Academy is up to
                           challenging times for us as language     the challenge. With a dedicated
                           practitioners at the Academy of          and capable teaching workforce,
                           Language Studies. At the national        numbering 205 in strength, and the
                           level, the issue of producing            firm backing of a supportive UiTM
                           graduates with an outlook that is        management, which sees the role
                           international in nature is a priority,   of the Academy as the ‘pulse’ of
                           with the resultant emphasis on the       the University, the task ahead of
                           importance of a mastery of the           us does not seem daunting. This
                           English language. We hear the call       maiden issue of the ALS Clarion
                           of the captains of our industry, and     will enable you, the readers, to
                           recognise their need for a workforce     gain an insight into the workings
                           that can be players in the global        of our great Academy, to see what
                           arena, equipped not only with a          energizes us, what challenges us, as
                           second but also a third language in      well as what spurs us on to higher
                           keeping with the emergence of an         levels of achievement. We welcome
                           increasingly multicultural world.        you to join us on our journey as
                                                                    we navigate these exciting and
                           We at the Academy recognise our          challenging times.


                                                         INSIDE THIS ISSUE:
                                                         INTERVIEW WITH THE DEAN             1

                                                         PEOPLE POWER                        4

                                                         MY_CASELT 2008                      12

                                                         INVENTIONS, INNOVATION AND DESIGN   17


               DEAN OF ALS

               PM DR NAIMAH ABDULLAH

               STUDENT AFFAIRS




               JOAN LEE SAU KHUAN

               CAROL ONG TECK LAN

               RAIHAN MUSA


               JENNIFER JOHN



               PUSPALATA SUPPIAH

               DALJIT SINGH

               ANNA LEE YET LING



                                                                                                                                                                     ALS CLARION

Up Close and Personal With Associate Professor Datin Dr Hajibah Hj Osman
Over the last twenty-three years as an English language lecturer in UiTM, Associate Professor Datin Dr Hajibah Osman has seen the Language Centre change,
evolve and metamorphose into its current form – the Academy of Language Studies (ALS). Today, she has the honour of being the dean of ALS. Easygoing and mild-
mannered she may be, but beneath that gentle exterior is a lady who is passionate about language education. Associate Professor Datin Dr Hajibah Osman recently
sat down and shared her thoughts with ALS Clarion on a number of issues related to ALS and the future of language education in UiTM.

                                                                  Regional Centre of Language Studies
                                                                  I believe we can one day be the regional centre for language
                                                                  teaching and learning in South East Asia. Our lecturers are      APB’s Challenge
The “pulse” of UiTM                                               multitalented and able to multitask. Just look at the number
                                                                  of APB staff who have been seconded to the various arms
The Deputy Vice- Chancellor recently described us as the          of UiTM.                                                         We all acknowledge that the standard of English has
“pulse” of UiTM, and this merely serves to emphasise the                                                                           deteriorated over the last few years. It is our responsibility
importance of language education and the vital role that          Our strength is in the number of lecturers that we have, and     to stem this deterioration and rectify matters. ALS’s task
ALS plays in our university. Our role is to provide “added        in their expertise. We offer 9 languages and our current focus   is to find a realistic and efficient way of helping students
value” to our graduates, equipping them with an additional        is on research into language communication for non-native        achieve a desired level of proficiency in the English
tool that will help them have an edge over graduates from         speakers. We want to acquire expertise that is recognised        language without intimidating them. Our students seem
other institutions and universities.                              at an international level. To this end, we are working with      afraid of making mistakes when they speak. This fear is
                                                                  countries like Japan, Korea, France, Germany and Thailand        debilitating and hampers the learning process.
                                                                  to share expertise.
                                                                                                                                    The challenge is to find a way to teach our students in a non-
                                                                                                                                   threatening atmosphere, without placing undue pressure on
The language edge                                                                                                                  them. There’s quite a bit of “damage control” to be done.
                                                                                                                                   This includes building students’ confidence, and changing
Acquiring a third language is an added asset, especially if                                                                        their negative attitudes. It is a journey for both our lecturers
you plan on going into business. It is the foresight of our                                                                        and students, and there is a long way to go.
UiTM leaders of the past that has given our graduates the
benefit of the third language. We are preparing our students
to function at an international level, and we are “exporting”                                                                      On track
students to other parts of the world.
                                                                                                                                   Our present strength is in teaching languages. Now, we must
We are in collaboration with the University of Wailailak,                                                                          go full steam into research so that we can find new methods
Thailand, and have a student/lecturer exchange programme                                                                           tailor- made to meet our specific and unique needs. We must
with them. We are also in the process of assisting UiTM                                                                            concentrate on material production so that research findings
set up a Bahasa Melayu department in the University of                                                                             and innovative methods can be translated into something
F H Konstanz, Germany. We have collaborations with La                                                                              concrete that students and lecturers can use to enhance
Rochelle University, France and the Beijing Foreign Studies                                                                        language learning and teaching. I personally believe we
University, China. This is proof of international recognition                                                                      should concentrate on linguistics-based research because
of our expertise in language teaching.                                                                                             we should enhance our knowledge of language use.
The Korean language is also becoming increasingly popular                                                                          External linkages is another important focus of ALS in
among UiTM students. The Korean Embassy is actively                                                                                order to have educational unity between the classroom and
helping us get more lecturers to expand our Korean Unit.                                                                           the real world. We are also concentrating on strengthening
                                                                                                                                   and expanding our own degree programmes and on
                                                                                                                                   establishing our own niche areas like language testing and
                                                                                                                                   sociolinguistics. Next year, we will be offering our own
                                                                                                                                   degree courses in the Arabic language.
Areas of Concern
                                                                                                                                   We have set up numerous SIGs to help lecturers focus on
For years, ALS has faithfully provided language services                                                                           and enhance their expertise in specific areas of interest.
to the students of UiTM. Currently, there are 24 faculties
in UiTM Shah Alam and our lecturers shuttle between a
number of faculties every day. This is energy draining and
time consuming. The only way to maximise productivity and                                                                          My vision
create a more conducive work environment is to minimise
travel time. I believe this can be easily achieved with the                                                                        My vision is really very simple. ALS is my extended family.
cooperation of the faculties by providing our lecturers with                                                                       I have been a part of this institution for the better part of
better teaching hours.                                                                                                             my life. I know its strengths and am very aware of areas
                                                                                                                                   that need to be addressed. I want to do whatever is within
                                                                                                                                   my capacity as the dean to create a happy and comfortable
                   Changes                                                                                                         work environment and put in place the necessary facilities
                                                                                                                                   and support so that the academic staff can thrive and excel
                   In July 2009, we hope to offer our Masters and PhD courses                                                      in what they do – nurture, teach and prepare our students for
                   in ALS. That is why I felt that it was really important that our                                                the challenges that await them.
                   lecturers be awarded PhD scholarships to pursue their studies
                   and I am so happy that we have managed to successfully
                   help several lecturers get their PhD scholarships.
                                                                                                The way ahead
                   I think managing human resources is also important. I have
                   tried to match the best person with the right responsibilities.              ALS has a unique symbiotic relationship with the other
                   Some changes have simply been a matter of implementing                       faculties in UiTM. We are merely a small part in this
                   UiTM’s policies like improving security and employing                        huge institution called UiTM but we are a very vital and
                   cost-saving measures. I think that is also part of our                       indispensable part of the machinery. We provide service
                   corporate social responsibility. I strongly believe in doing                 in every faculty in every state campus and offer courses at
                   things as simply and as efficiently as possible. I have thus                 every level. In the Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s own words,
                   tried to reduce red tape and simplify procedures in ALS.                     we are the “pulse” of UiTM. That places an enormous
                                                                                                responsibility on us and I suppose, on me. However, I am
                   But I also believe that for change to be effective, it cannot                confident with everyone’s support – the top management,
                   be top-down. I believe in an open door management policy.                    deans of faculties, the committed and dedicated staff of ALS
                   I encourage both administrative and academic staff to share                  and of course, our very reason for being, the students – ALS
                   their concerns and suggestions with me. Or just e-mail me.                   will grow in strength and help pave the way towards UiTM
                   I am ever willing to take all suggestions under                              achieving world-class status.

The Journey                  Towards               Quality Awards 2008 – from the Prime
Faculty Status                                     Minister’s Office
The goal of the Academy of Language                The AKPM (Anugerah Kualiti Perdana Menteri) is an award
Studies to become a faculty is finally             given to the best university in Malaysia in terms of quality.
gaining momentum. We have put into                 One of the criteria is that the university should have a lot of
place a pathway which will finally lead us         student activities. The Academy of Language Studies organised
towards attaining faculty status.                  an English essay writing competition, a Bahasa Malaysia
It has been three long years since we              essay writing competition and a Mandarin public speaking
embarked on two massive programmes                 competition. These activities were funded by the Institute of
- Bachelor       of Applied Language               Quality and Knowledge Advancement (InQKA), On 25 August
Studies(Hons) – English for Professional           2008, the prizes for the English essay writing and Mandarin
Communication (LG220)and Sarjana                   public speaking competitions were presented by Associate
Muda Pengajian Bahasa Gunaan Dengan                Professor Dr Shireen Haron, the Assistant Vice- Chancellor of
Kepujian-Bahasa Melayu Komunikasi                  InQKA.
Professional(LG221). Currently, these
debut degree programmes are housed at
the Puncak Perdana campus. We have a
dedicated team of lecturers to ensure the
success of these programmes. For the
coming semester, we are embarking on an
Arabic language course.

The students of LG220 participated                 The winners of the English essay writing
in an academic visit and were given
an opportunity to visit the offices of             competition were:
companies, oil refineries and other
organisations to personally observe the            First Prize        Siti Aishah Bt Ahmad Jaafar Sadzik
need for professional English language                                Academy of Language Studies
communication skills in the work place.                               UiTM Shah Alam
These visits were coordinated by the
respective lecturers concerned, as part of         Second Prize       Ahmad Fadhlan Bin Mustaffar
the academic activities.                                              Faculty of Chemical Engineering
                                                                      UiTM Pulau Pinang
The LG220 students also organised a
‘merdeka week’ as part of the National             Third Prize        Syahira Saadon
Day      celebrations to commemorate                                  Faculty of Information Technology and
Malaysia’s independence day. This event                               Quantitative Sciences
was held at the Puncak Perdana campus,                                UiTM Shah Alam
with the cooperation and assistance of the
Student Affairs Department of UiTM.

The students of LG221 participated in               The winners of the Bahasa Malaysia
the ‘Seminar Antarabangsa Linguistik
dan Pembudayaan Bahasa Melayu ke
                                                    essay writing competition were:
4’ in University Putra Malaysia from 11
November to 13 November 2008.The                   First Prize        Nor Saifullah Mohd Saaid
students were exposed to the latest theories                          Faculty of Communication and Media Studies
related to the teaching and learning of the                           UiTM Melaka
Malay language.
                                                   Second Prize       Nurul Amalina Abu Seman
The students of LG221 were also treated                               Faculty of Electrical Engineering
to an ‘Aidilfitri ‘gathering on 25 October                            UiTM Pulau Pinang
2008. All students and lecturers mingled
freely and had a fun time. This gathering          Third Prize        Nurhidayah Mohamed Noor
was part of the mentor-mentee programme                               Faculty of Communication and Media Studies
initiated by the department to foster close                           UiTM Melaka
ties between the students and lecturers.

The students also took part in the annual           The winners of the Mandarin public
inter faculty sports carnival in August
2008 and exhibited a good sporting spirit.
                                                    speaking competition were:
The highlight of the year was the Dean’s
                                                   First Prize        Nadia Nasharuddin Faculty of Administrative
List Presentation Ceremony. Students who
                                                                      Science and Policy Studies
excelled in their studies were presented
with awards by the Dean of the Academy.
                                                   Second Prize       Jessica Ngo
It must be mentioned here that this event
                                                                      Faculty of Applied Sciences
was organised entirely by our students.
                                                   Third Prize        Elsie Ak Disek
                                                                      Faculty of Education
                                                                                                               ALS CLARION

Workshop on English
for Effective Teaching
A two-day workshop on English for Effective Teaching was held on the 18 to 19 of August 2008 at ILQaM. The
workshop was organised by ILQaM with the aim of upgrading the competency of the academic staff in teaching
in English. More than 60 lecturers from the Department of Asian and European Languages attended the workshop.
The facilitators invited to conduct the two-day workshop were from the Academy of Language Studies. They were
the dean, Assoc. Prof. Datin Dr Hajibah Hj Osman, the deputy dean, Assoc. Prof. Dr Saidatul Akmar Zainal Abidin
and the head of the LG220 programme, Assoc. Prof. Dr Ahmad Mazli Muhammad

       Talk on Continuous Assessment in Language Programmes
       Talk on Continuous Assessment in Language Programmes
       A talk on Continuous Assessment in Language Programmes was presented by Professor Barry O’Sullivan from Roehampton
       University, London on 28 October 2008. Organised by ILQaM, the talk was held at the auditorium of the Academy of
       Language Studies. Professor O’Sullivan was specially invited to share his expertise as a number of English courses offered
       to students in the degree progammes at the Academy of Language Studies use 100 percent continuous assessment. A
       number of lecturers from the Academy attended his insightful and informative talk.

       According to Professor O’Sullivan, a single test is not an accurate measurement of a learner’s ability and continuous
       assessment can give a better measurement of a learner’s ability. In continuous assessment, tests can be delivered throughout
       the course and thus there is more coverage of the syllabus. Nevertheless, in continuous assessment, there is also the issue
       of standardization of rating, for one examiner may rate differently from another. He stressed that it is therefore important
       that all examiners receive adequate training in rating.


Outcome-based Education                                   JOURNAL PUBLICATIONS

                                                          With more than two hundred lecturers, the Academy of Language
Outcome-based education (OBE), which has                  Studies (ALS) has a talented pool of academics specialising in
recently been adopted by UiTM, is a student-centred       various fields of language teaching and learning. The Academy
learning philosophy that focuses on measuring             has always encouraged lecturers to conduct research in their niche
students’ performance or outcomes. A workshop             areas and have their findings published. A few of our colleagues
on the OBE was held at the Academy of Language            have heeded the call and achieved international recognition as
Studies (ALS) on 25 July 2008. It was spearheaded         their research has been published in prestigious journals. They
by Dr Paramjeet Kaur, the chairperson of the OBE          have done themselves and the Academy proud. The following is a
                                                          list of lecturers who have had their research published recently.
programme in ALS. A total of 120 staff attended
this workshop, including the Dean, Assoc. Prof.
Datin Dr Hajibah Osman, both the Deputy Deans,
Assoc. Prof. Dr Saidatul Akmar Zainal Abidin and          Hajibah Osman. Rebranding academic institutions with corporate advertising:
Assoc. Prof. Dr Naimah Abdullah, OBE committee            A genre perspective. Discourse and Communication. 2/1, 57-77 (2008) Sage
members, Resource Persons, Coordinators of the            Publication, UK.
English, Malay and Asian & European Languages             Saidatul Akmar Zainal Abidin. The validity of a speaking test. The Journal of
Departments as well as the administrative staff.          ASIATEFL (2007) KOREA.

Since ALS is a servicing centre, it is liaising with      Hajibah Osman, PhD. An investigation of socio-cognitive strategies in university
                                                          brochures. ESP Malaysia (12) 39-51 (2006) MALAYSIA.
other faculties to achieve the common objectives in
the implementation of the OBE programme. The              Megawati Omar and Richard Holmes. Adjunct language instruction: Modelling
Academy should be ready to implement the OBE              student perceptions. International Journal of Applied Linguistics (151) 57-82
programme by January 2009.                                (2006) BELGIUM.

                                                       THE RESEARCH MANAGEMENT
                                                       UNIT ( RMU)
                                                       In 2007, the Unit of Research, Development and Commerialisation of
                                                       ALS won the award for being the faculty/centre most prolific in terms
                                                       of publications in UiTM. Now known as the Research Management
                                                       Unit (RMU), its primary objective is to encourage research and
                                                       publication among ALS staff. The following pie-chart shows the 2007
                                                       and 2008 publications from the various language department at ALS.


                                                                                                                                      ALS CLARION

This year five research grants have been awarded to the lecturers of ALS.
     NO        RESEARCHER                                        TOPIC                                                                       YEAR

     1.        Nor Aizah Abas                                    Analisis dan Reka Bentuk Pengajaran Partikel Bahasa                          2008
                                                                 Jepun dalam Talian

     2.        Janurdin Sardi @ Mohd Yusof                       Tinjauan Terhadap Keperluan Pembelajaran Bahasa Arab                         2008
               Aini Aziz                                         untuk Tujuan Agama (BATA) di Kalangan
               Dr Naimah Abdullah
               Dr Norhayuza Mohamad
               Midiyana Mohamad
               Zuraini Mohd. Romli

     3.        Juridah Atin                                      Masyarakat Islam Malaysia                                                    2008
               Cheun Heng Huat                                   Masalah Penbelajaran Urutan Kata dalam Ayat Bahasa
               How Wee Chee                                      Mandarin di Kalangan Pelajar Bukan Penutur Asli
               Hoe Foo Terng (Penang Branch)

     4.        Cheun Heng Huat                                   Kajian Terhadap Penghasilan Kamus Dwibahasa unutk                            2008
               Low Hiang Loon                                    Penutur Bukan Natif Bahasa Mandarin
               Hong Wei San

     5.        Dr Rajasegaran Krishnasamy                        Scientific Academic Writing In the Agricultural Industry:
               Dr Ramesh Nair                                    A Genre Analysis of Research Articles In Palm Oil Based
               PM Datin Dr Hajibah Hj Osman                      Research

     6.        S. Umadevi                                        Is English Language Proficiency a Good Predictor of                          2008
               Dr Rozzana Mohd. Said                             Academic Achievements in Content Area Subjects
               Ananda Laxmi Ponniah

The annual Inventions, Innovations and Design (IID), UiTM’s very own Research and Design expo and competition, was successfully held from 25 to 27 March
2008. A total of 343 research products from various faculties, centres and branch campuses were exhibited at Dewan Sri Budiman. The Academy of Language
Studies (ALS) sent in one entry under the Innovation section. The research product, SsPM, was awarded the bronze medal. This product was designed to provide
better collaboration among those involved in managing examination results and to improve cost efficiency and workflow effectiveness. It was a proud moment for
the Academy, to have its entry gain recognition at the competition.

                                                                           IN DEMAND/ WE WANT YOU!

                                                                           SECONDMENT TO OTHER UNITS/DEPARTMENTS
ISO UPDATES                                                                At present, thirteen ALS lecturers are seconded to various UiTM units and departments to lend
                                                                           expertise and support.
Maintaining the ISO status in the Academy of Language
Studies (ALS) mandates that processes and procedures are
regularly audited for conformance. An internal audit was
carried out in May to ascertain that processes and procedures
pertaining to final examination administration and marking
of final examination papers were adhered to. Subsequently,
a second internal audit in August 2008 sought to ensure that
conformance to stated procedures and processes in the areas
of preparation of teaching materials, teaching, and revision
of syllabuses were met. The annual re-certification audit
by Lloyds was held on 6 November 2008, focussing on the
administration of final examinations, the centralised marking
of final examination scripts and the documentation process of
the Outcome-based Education. The successful re-certification
by Lloyds was made possible by the tireless efforts of the
ISO committee headed by Associate Professor Dr Naimah

The academic staff has always been the most important
resource and the greatest strength of the Academy of                       A BIGGER AND BETTER ACADEMY
Language Studies. ALS lecturers constantly strive to achieve
greater heights of academic excellence through postgraduate                NEW STAFF IN ALS
studies, research and publishing of academic journal articles              Student numbers have increased tremendously in all faculties in UiTM Shah Alam over the last
and books. ALS lecturers are in constant demand and are                    few years. Correspondingly, ALS has grown in staff strength to cope with the ever increasing
often seconded to other UiTM departments and agencies to                   demand for language instruction and activities in the various faculties. Again, this number is
lend support and expertise. The academy has also grown in                  expected to increase in the near future as language proficiency especially in the English language
staff strength in recent years in response to its ever-expanding           becomes more important and necessary in this era of globalization.
language curriculum and programmes and the greater demand
for more language instructors in UiTM.
Successful Completion of PhD Degrees
There has been a steady rise in the number of ALS lecturers
with PhD degrees in recent years. It is part of the mission of
ALS to encourage all academic staff to pursue postgraduate
degrees and this number is expected to significantly increase
in the coming years.

 18%                                                         16.8%

 16%                                          14.6%


 12%                  10.6%

                                                                           Year 2007




       2002   2003    2004    2005    2006    2007    2008

                                                                           Year 2008


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