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					                                                                                  Customer Newsletter
                                                                                  December 2009 Issue 12

Welcome to our November 2009 Newsletter!
                     Our offices will be closed over the Christmas & New Year Holidays
                     Please note our office will be closed from 24th December until 28th December and from 31
                     December until 2nd January 2010.

                     Avillion Holiday Apartments – Christmas & New year SPECIAL OFFERS

                     We are offering our Avillion Holiday Apartments at special prices over the Christmas and
                                                                             th      th
                     New Year holidays. Prices for a three night stay from 24 to 27 December start at €100,
                                                          st              nd
                     and prices for a 2 night stay from 31 December to 2 January 2010 start at just €70.
                     More information can be found at the end of the Newsletter.

Property News

Recently, there has been quite a demand for resale properties. In the last month alone
we have sold three. If you are looking to sell your property, we can market it for you.
And if you are thinking of upgrading to a larger KSD property, it may be possible for
KSD to take your property in part-exchange. If you would like more information, Nikki
Catherall can help you. Her telephone number is 00357 26912506.

Review of the year by our Pafos & Limassol Area Manager
Over the last 12 months, Kleanthis Savva Developers has been faced with a number of challenges as a direct result
of the dramatic downturn in the worldwide economy. Given its strong fiscal policies, Cyprus has fared much better
than many other countries but, as the island has always been popular with British clients, the effect of the UK
housing market on Cyprus’ property development business sector has been significant.

                       Kleanthis Savva Developers, nevertheless, remains strong in the face of the challenge,
                       having modified its strategies to meet the changing situation. We have, for example, pushed
                       on to complete all our under construction developments so that we can offer greater choice
                       of key-ready properties. We have also adopted a policy of periodically offering selected
                       properties at particularly attractive prices. We widened our outreach programme in the
                       Russian-speaking market, expanded our rentals strand and diversified by adding Avillion
                       Holiday Apartments to our business portfolio. I am pleased to report that the last 3 months of
                       2009 have already shown a noticeable upturn in property sales. Cyprus has always been the
                       destination of choice for people the world over seeking a dream home in the sun, and I know
                       that, once the global financial pressure is finally off, they will again have no hesitation in
making that all important decision to purchase in Cyprus.

I should like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the Kleanthis Savva sales team for their achievements,
hard work and dedication throughout 2009. I would also like to wish everyone a peaceful and happy festive season.

Christos Charalambous
Russian Market - A Review of 2009 by our Russian Marketing Manager

I really can’t believe how quickly the time has gone since I joined the company in April! I expect you are now busy
with your Christmas shopping and plans for the holiday. Our Overseas Marketing Department - especially our
Russian Market section - has also been busy and I am very much looking forward to the Christmas break.

                                                  The present economic conditions may have impacted on the
                                                  property development sector, but we know our clients, particularly
                                                  our clients from Russia, take the long term view, since the
                                                  cornerstones of the Cyprus market, that is a strong tourist industry,
                                                  a mature infrastructure, great weather and a large expatriate
                                                  community, will always remain firmly in place. One analyst recently
                                                  declared that current economic conditions have actually
                                                  "invigorated" the Cyprus property sector because Russian property
                                                  seekers are arriving on our shores in ever-increasing numbers.

                                                   With this in mind, we have, over the course of the last year, taken
                                                   steps to capitalise on the Russian market and worked hard, in
                                                   tandem with our representative office in Moscow, to generate a
                                                   consistent flow of Russian buyers for our properties. Our
                                                   extensive advertising campaign in Russia covering the entire
country has enabled us to establish new direct business relationships with real estate agencies and to generate
new Russian clients looking for a sound, rewarding, long-term investment. We have also just published a new issue
of our property magazine aimed at the Russian market and we are in the process of designing a fantastic new-look
Russian website. Currently, we are looking at optimization and context advertising on several main search engines
of the Russian Federation, for example Yandex and Rambler. Next year, our plans include showcasing KSD
properties at several leading foreign real estate exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

There has probably not been a better time to invest in Cyprus in a generation. And, with a buoyant rental market to
rely on to guarantee an early return on their investment, property buyers are in the strongest position they have
been for years. Kleanthis Savva offers probably the best quality and best value properties in Paphos and Limassol
and currently has some really attractive offers on selected properties. So if you're looking to make a further long-
term investment, we can help you.

I should like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and prosperous New

Yelena Kempton

Celebrating Christmas – How Tina, our Rentals Administrator, will be celebrating this year

In Poland, my home country, Christmas (Boze Narodzenie in Polish) is the most important Christian festival of the
year. It is very much a family celebration and symbolic of new beginnings, peace and conciliation. This Christmas,
my fifth in Cyprus, I will be celebrating with my partner, Zinonas, who is Cypriot, my son Kristian (14) and our
daughter Vanessa (2). My mother is also coming to Cyprus especially to celebrate with us.

Christmas Eve (Wigilia in Polish) is the most important day of the Polish holiday. This is the day which it is said
dictates our luck for the coming year. If we have a peaceful, happy day full of good humour, good health and lots of
energy, then that is how we will experience the whole of the next year. We will spend much of the day preparing
for the special evening meal, which consists of 12 different, simple dishes, symbolic of Jesus’ 12 Apostles. Oplatek,
unleavened bread, is the most important dish of all. It symbolises division and conciliation. When the first star
appears in the sky, we will gather to eat. The table will be covered with a white table cloth. We will put straw on the
table to remind us of Jesus’ birth in the cattle shed, and we will set a spare place, in memory of those people who
cannot be with us. We will light a single candle that will stay on until the whole meal is finished. Everyone will eat a
little of every dish which, it is said, will ensure an abundance of food in the coming year. No one will leave the table
until the meal has finished.

After dinner, we will exchange the gifts placed under the Christmas tree by Santa Claus (Swiety Mikolaj in Polish)!
Often, the tree and the table are decorated with decorations made by the children. Christmas songs are then sung
and at midnight many people go to mass (Pasterka).
On Christmas Day itself, we will spend the day with Zinonas’ family and enjoy a typical Cypriot meal. Christmas time
in Cyprus is celebrated very much as a religious holiday, with people going to church on Christmas Eve and early
                                           th                                                            th
on Christmas Day. The season starts on 6 December with the feast of St Nicholas and ends on 6 January with
                                                 the feast of Epiphany. After the children’s bedtime on New Year’s
                                                 Eve, presents are placed under the tree with a special cake for
                                                 Santa, with a coin inside, and a glass of wine. The children wake
                                                 really early on New Year’s Day to cut the cake. The one who finds
                                                 the coin will, it is said, be lucky all year. After the cake cutting, it is
                                                 time for presents! New Year’s Day is celebrated by going to
                                                 church, followed by a celebratory feast. On 6 January, the
                                                 children go to their grandparents’ homes, where they recite a short
                                                 poem before being given gifts or money. This year, I will be
                                                 preparing the celebratory dinner for my family and friends at our

                                                    I am very much looking forward to celebrating both countries’
                                                    traditional Christmases. Next year I am hoping we will go to
                                                    Poland to enjoy a truly traditional Polish Christmas. This is a
                                                    picture (left) of my daughter, Vanessa, probably wondering what
                                                    Santa Claus will bring for her this year!

“In the beauty of the season, in the joy of Christmas Day,
May you find a special meaning that brings happiness your way.”

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to everyone!

Tina Skoczylas

Staff News

Kleanthis Savva Maintenance & Services

          •    Nikki Papaonisiforou, who went on maternity leave in July, has returned to the company and resumed
               her role of Customer Care Manager. All customer care issues should now be directed to Nikki at
               Head Office. Nikki’s email address is and her mobile phone number is
               00357 99 211 244.

We hope you have enjoyed reading the Newsletter!

With very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year,

  Janet Lambert
Kleanthis Savva Group

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