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									Vestal Central
   District                       Senior Comp with
                                    Mrs. Delmage                                                         Course Syllabus

                                                                                                          Spring 2012

             Hi, my name is Mrs.
                                    Course Introduction
             Victoria Delmage       Hello and welcome to Senior Comp! This capstone course is designed to help you be-
             (DEL-midge) and I      come a stronger writer, speaker, and thinker, and it features assignments that allow you
             am your teacher. As    to explore your personal, civic, and academic interests. You will engage in different
             you get to know me,    genres written for a range of audiences. The course treats writing as a process, empha-
you’ll learn that I am passionate   sizes revision, and gives you practice in critical thinking and re-
about English and truly love what   search writing, reinforcing the notion that writing conventions
I do. I work hard to make your      differ according to their rhetorical situations.
experience meaningful and perti-    It is important that you realize that you do need this course
nent to your everyday life.         to graduate. The good news, however, is that your grade will be
Please take time to read this       a reflection of your own effort and willingness to work on your
syllabus carefully and contact me   writing. Expect to write every day. Expect to rethink, revise,
                                    rewrite, and rewrite again.
right away if you have questions
or concerns. I will respond to e-
mails (usually) within 24 hours.       Purposes of Senior Composition:
Remember … I am here for you!
If at any time you need extra              Apply writing skills and traits appropriate to genre to communicate effectively
help with an assignment, you               Prepare students for college and career writing
may come to see me during the
day or after school. All voices            Sharpen and apply research skills
and ideas will be important in
this class. I am looking forward
to a very rewarding and success-    Supplies
ful semester!
                                    You will be expected to maintain a 3-ring binder throughout the semester. The binder will
CONTACT INFORMATION:                be used to store guides and handouts, and because you will need to keep copious notes,
Classrooms: 191/283                 be sure to have loose-leaf paper. You must use pen on all written class work, and high-
                                    lighters will be helpful for class notes. Be sure to have your agenda with you at all times.
English Office: 273
Student Assistance Periods:
 4, 5, 7 (odd days), & 8
Office Phone: 757-2287
Classroom Website:
                                              Make each day your masterpiece.
                                                                        Course Structure
                                                                        Through seminars, workshops, and class discussions, stu-
                                                                        dents will engage in reading, writing, and speaking assign-
                                                                        ments and examine the rhetorical strategies used to inform
Learning Outcomes                                                       and persuade audiences. By raising questions, posing
                                                                        problems, and interpreting readings, students will challenge
 Students will learn how to use strategies to stretch and deepen
                                                                        each others’ ideas, and develop strategies for successfully
  their thinking about the ideas they encounter in their reading,       completing assignments. There will also be many sessions
  make connections between their reading and their own per-             in which we perform workshop-style
  sonal experience.                                                     activities, including peer review, con-
  · annotating in the margins                                           ferencing, drafting, and editing. Al-
  · writing summaries                                                   though there will be mini-lectures on a
  · writing responses                                                   variety of writing-related topics, we
  · identifying and outlining major ideas                               will spend the majority of class time
  · writing to identify or analyze thesis, purpose, audience, tone,     engaging in collaborative discussions
  structure, or style.                                                  and writing projects.

 Students will learn how to communicate information and ideas
  from texts accurately and fairly in summary. They will learn how
  to use references in the form of quotation and paraphrase             Writing Assignments
  appropriately in critiques. Students will also be introduced to
  some of the writer's ethical obligations to readers: honesty,         The major assignments for this class are listed below
  accuracy, acknowledgement of and respect for other people's           (subject to change) and will be interspersed with units on
  ideas.                                                                grammar and style.

 Students will evaluate sources for their relevance and reliability.      Creative Nonfiction Essay

 Students will learn strategies such as the following:                    Persuasive Composition
  · Prewriting: freewriting, brainstorming,
  clustering, asking and answering questions
                                                                           Research Composition
  · Drafting: discovering a thesis, identifying                            Professional Communication
  purpose and audience, developing ideas,
  planning a rhetorical strategy, experiment-                           Writing assignments are related to course topics and read-
                                                                        ings. You will engage in exploratory writing (journals, in-
  ing with tone
                                                                        class free-writes, thought letters, e-mail conversations),
  · Revising: rethinking ideas, refining the
                                                                        thesis-governed academic writing (analyses, arguments),
  thesis, changing organizational patterns,                             and essays written in other styles and forms that stand
  deleting and adding sections of text, anticipating readers' reac-     against conventional academic writing (responses, reviews,
  tions, controlling tone, unifying paragraphs                          personal reflection pieces). Classroom website postings
  · Editing: reworking sentences, reading drafts carefully to con-      and announcements in class will provide due dates and
  form to conventions of standard written English, using spell          procedures for submitting any papers; you will be asked to
  check from a word processor.                                          submit papers via and/or e-mail attachment.
                                                                        Always keep copies of all assignments for your records.
 Polished essays are based on the writer's own thinking, read-
  ing, knowledge and experience, and emerge from a long process
  of revision. These essays demonstrate a student's understand-
  ing of the expectations for college level essay writing:
  · unity, whether through an explicit or implicit thesis
  · thorough development
  · sense of purpose/audience/tone and voice
  · effective organization
  · appropriate incorporation and acknowledgement of sources
  · respect for writers, readers, and ideas
  · effective sentences that conform to the conventions of stan-
  dard written English.
                                                                               “Fill your paper with the breathings of your

                                                                               heart.” ~William Wordsworth

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                                                             TIP! Add our classroom website to your desktop favorites.
                                                               Homework and announcements will be posted daily.
                                                                                 To access the site, go to


         Grading for this class is on a point system.
                    Major Essay Projects are graded as a series of interconnected steps. Generally, the steps leading up to a
         final draft will be worth between 5 and 20 points, while the final essay itself will be worth 100 points. A table for grad-
         ing will be included on each assignment’s instruction sheet.
                  All Essays are due by the due date published and are considered late if not turned in at that time, re-
         gardless of whether or not you are in school on that day. All papers will be turned in using an online service, so
         online submission will be accepted until 11:59PM of the due date. You will lose 10% of the
         total essay value each day it is late, and after three days, the assignment will not be ac-
                   Homework, in-class activities, and quizzes related to grammar and style les-
         sons will be worth between 5 and 20 points. Late homework cannot be accepted.

         Late Work and Absences
                             If you are absent ...                                     Check our classroom website
                                                                              ( from home.
                                                                         When you return to class, immediately hand in assign-
                                                                        ments that were due when you were absent, and see me
                                                                         to make up tests or quizzes, and to receive handouts if
                                                                        unavailable on the classroom website. Turn in all missed
                                                                          work within the same number of days of the absence.
          If you are legally absent the day an assignment is due ...    You must hand in the work the following day and there will
                                                                          be no academic penalty. You will be given one day to
                                                                           make up assignments for each day you were absent,
                                                                         unless, based on the nature of the assignment, I impose
                                                                                        an alternative deadline.

         If you are in school for any part of the day that an assign-        You must make sure I receive the work that day.
             ment is due, but are unable to attend English class
                (appointment, field trip, music lesson, etc.) ...

          If you are in class and do not have a major assignment        The grade is reduced by 10% for every day the work is
                        (such as a project or paper) ...                 not handed in, and after three days, the assignment
                                                                           will not be accepted and a 0 will be recorded in the
                                                                          gradebook. You will be asked to complete a personal
                                                                               responsibility form for instances missed work.

           If you are in class and do not have your homework ...         A 0 will be recorded in the gradebook. Late homework
                                                                         cannot be accepted because it is often directly needed
                                                                        for the day’s lesson. You will be asked to complete a per-
                                                                            sonal responsibility form for instances missed work.
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Behavioral Management Plan

         Class Expectations/Rules:


             Raise your hand when you have something to say.

             Keep noise level appropriate to activity.

             No cell phones or other electronic devices.

             No antagonizing other students or teacher.


             If you are absent, you are responsible for make-up work. If you don’t ask me for it, I may not give it to
             Turn your homework and assignments in on time.


             Bring all necessary supplies to class (binder, paper, pen, books).

             Enter the classroom quietly and begin working on the day’s entrance task.

             Come to class every day – on time! I will follow the school’s tardy/truancy policy.


Choosing to follow the rules will result in:
  Verbal Acknowledgement

  A stress-free learning environment

  A pleasant and secure atmosphere

Not choosing to follow the rules will result in:
       Verbal warning and documentation
       Seat moved
       Parents contacted
       Detention or referral- Severe offenses will automatically move to
         this step.

     *Please choose to make this a great year!
MLA Heading
You will keep track of your work by including the following required information on all assignments:
   name (first and last)
   instructor’s name (Mrs. Delmage)
   course (Composition)                                                                  Ima Sample
   date
                                                                                          Mrs. Delmage
Formal writing assignments will be submitted to
Writing assignments should be word-processed,                                             Composition
double-spaced and in Times New Roman
                                                                                          January 31, 2012
or Calibri, font size 12, in black ink, and
with one-inch margins.

Academic Honesty
Plagiarism is broadly defined as giving or receiving unauthorized assistance, neglecting to cite material, or pre-
senting another person’s ideas or work as your own. This is a serious offense that will have serious conse-
quences. At a minimum, a plagiarized assignment will result in a zero with notification to the parent. It may also
warrant a referral to your grade administrator. Neither plagiarism nor cheating will be tolerated in this
class. If you have any questions about what constitutes plagiarism or cheating, PLEASE ASK ME! You are
also forbidden to re-produce papers that have already been submitted to fulfill requirements for other classes.
Recycling papers constitutes academic dishonesty in this class.

Additional Behavioral Guidelines
   LEAVING THE CLASSROOM: If it is necessary to leave the class for any reason, you must have your own agenda book.
    Come to me with a completed pass as discreetly as possible so as to make as little disruption to the class as possible. You
    will not be allowed to leave without an agenda book, and this policy will be in effect all year. You will also need to complete
    the form in the sign-in/sign-out binder by the classroom door.
   ARRIVING LATE TO CLASS: If you arrive late to class, you must complete the form in the tardy binder by the classroom
    door. You will place your pass in the binder, or show me your agenda book as discreetly as possible so as to make as little
    disruption to the class as possible. You will then go to your seat quietly and get to work right away.
   PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORT: You will be asked to complete a personal responsibility report if you do not have
    your materials in class, do not have the assigned homework, or do not return assigned material.
   OFFICE HOURS APPOINTMENT SLIP: If I need to meet with you, I will give you an appointment slip to complete and return.
    You will specify the period and meet with me accordingly.
   ELECTRONIC DEVICES: Cell phones interfere with classroom learning and atmosphere. As per VHS policy, cell phones
    must be turned off and remain out of sight. You may not text or read text messages while in class. If your cell phone or
    other electronic device goes off in class, it will impact your participation grade as noted in the rubric.

                                                                      “Write to be understood,

                                                                              speak to be heard,
                                                                                   read to grow.”
                                                                           -Lawrence Clark Powell
               Student-Parent/Guardian Participation & Information Form
                                             (Please return this page, completed, by Friday, 2/3/12.)

Education is a joint effort. Optimum results require participation by student, teacher, and parents. Contact information is on the first page of the
   syllabus and the classroom website; please feel free to contact me at any time about course content or about your student’s progress. I am
   here to help your student maximize his / her thinking, reading, and communication skills. This goal will be easier to achieve if we share in the
   educational process.
                                    Vicki Delmage

  We have read the course syllabus, and we agree to discuss the progress of the class, check the homework assignments on the Blackboard website, and call or e-mail the
    teacher if we have any questions or concerns.

  Student’s printed name ___________________________________

  Student’s signature     ___________________________________

  Parent/guardian(s) signature(s)     ___________________________________


Parent/guardians’ preferred means of contact during the day:
Name                    email                    cell                home phone                      work phone

Please check which of the following is available for your home use:
_____ Internet / e-mail                     _____ Microsoft Word
If you do NOT have the technology, please note WHERE you WILL access the above (Library media center, a friend’s house, public library, par-
ent’s work, etc.)

Notes to Mrs. Delmage:

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