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New Mexico Chapter Roadrunner


									 Volume 16, Issue 4

 April 29, 2005
                                                                  New Mexico Chapter
                                      American Society for Industrial Security International New Mexico Chapter 127

                                      Member Spotlight
                                              Lt. Col. Edgar S. Castor, CPP of the US Air Force
 • Chapter Dues of $20 are due.
   Mail your check to our PO Box      This month, we focus on our       nine years in Europe and in-
   listed on the back page, noting    distinguished Vice-Chairman,      spected security at Air Force
   membership number on check.        Lt. Col. Edgar Castor, CPP.       and NATO installations in Ger-
                                      Born in Munich, Germany, this     many, Holland, Belgium,
 • Are you listed in our Membership
                                      22-year veteran and Air Force     Greece, Italy, Spain, and Tur-
   Directory? If not, submit your
                                      Academy graduate has been              key, as well as US Navy
   info to Mike Creedon at:
                                      living in New Mex-                      Submarines both in-port
                                      ico for eight years.                    and while underway.
 • Got a friend who should be in
                                      For the past year,                           On another assign-
   ASIS? Refer them to Allen
                                      he has been as-                              ment, Edgar spent six
   Osborn: 293-7152 or email at:
                                      signed to the De-                             months in Southwest
                                      fense Threat Re-                              Asia leading a joint   Lt. Col. Edgar S. Castor, CPP
 • Looking for a new job? Got a       duction Agency as the Chief of    services vulnerability team               USAF—DTRA
   position to post? Contact our      Security Inspections. In this     assessing security at US bases,
   employment guru Dave Coulie:       role, he leads a three-person     embassies, and economic inter-        team conducting Defense Nu-       ests, including those in Saudi   II courses as well as Seaport
                                      clear Surety Inspections of all   Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, and Qatar. Security Training from FLETC.
                                      DOD nuclear certified units,                                       He has been married to wife
                                                                        Edgar earned his bachelor’s      Kathryn for 21 years and has
                                      and is DOD’s Chief Liaison to
                                                                        degree from the Air Force Acad- two daughters. He enjoys read-
                                      DOE, NRC, and other agencies.
                                                                        emy and a masters from USC.      ing, travel, skiing and home
                                      During his career, Edgar spent    He’s attended the ASIS APC I & improvement.

Inside this issue:

                                      Upcoming Events
Member Spotlight               1

Upcoming Events                1
                                              Date:                     Name:                 Location:                   Cost:
Chairman’s Corner              2
                                                                Managing Your Physical
                                         May 16-18, 2005                                      Scottsdale, AZ          $685—Members
Employment Opportunities       2                                  Security Program

                                                               Security Officer Perform-
                                         July 11-13, 2005                                     Baltimore, MD           $705—Members
Certification Corner           3                                 ance Management

                                         July 18-19, 2005
                                              18-                Executive Protection       San Francisco, CA         $685—Members
Upcoming Speakers              4
                                         September 12-15,
                                                   12-             ASIS 51st Annual
                                                                                                Orlando, FL           $720—Members
Next Meeting                   4              2005                Seminar & Exhibits
Page 2                                                                                                               New Mexico Chapter Roadrunner

Chairman’s Corner                                                                                   By: CJ Rodden, CPP
                                                                                                                     tion points as well as or-
                                     Spring is upon us! As this             to another well-qualified                ganize certification events,
                                     time of change takes over              member, Dean Shrader,                    and will be coordinating
                                     the environment, we are                PSP. Dean will take over                 upcoming study groups.
                                     also embracing changes in              officially on May 1st. Eve-              Thanks to Maggie for step-
                                     the chapter.                           ryone please congratulate                ping up into this important
                                                                            him at the next meeting!                 position!!
                                     Our Treasurer since early
                                     2003, Randy Scott, CPP, is             Another change is our new                We look forward to seeing
                                     moving on. His position at             Certification Representa-                some other changes in May,
                                     Northrup Grumman has                   tive. Maggie Castillo, CPP,              like all the members we
                                     been “reduced” and he and              formerly chapter chair and               haven't seen in a while join-
                                     his wife are seeking oppor-            webmaster, will be taking                ing us for lunch!! Come
                                     tunities outside of New                over this important posi-                out and join us this month
                                     Mexico.     Randy is relin-            tion. She will help certified            and see what you have
                                     quishing his role as Treas-            members identify opportu-                been missing!!
                                     urer and handing the reins             nities to earn recertifica-

Employment Opportunities
                                                                                                     Many of these positions were originally published
                                                                                                       in The Security Executive’s Job Report or other
                                                                                                      publications. Forwarded by Dave Coulie, CPP.

Security Supervisor/Facility Security            duct of Counterintelli-                             Patrol Operator's (PPO) office as a regis-
Officer                                          gence/Counterterrorism inquiries and in-            tered employee. Obtain a PPO Manager's
Honeywell Technology Solutions Inc.              vestigations, the physical protection of all        certification. Certification as a Facility Secu-
NASA White Sands Test Facility Operations        personnel            and property, the pro-         rity Officer preferred.
                                                                      tection of the civil rights
Job Description:                                                                                     Abilities:
                                                                    of all persons, and the
                                                                 preservation of a safe, se-         Maintaining flexibility while accomplishing
Manage the WSTF Physical
                                                                  cure, and peaceful environ-        mission without compromising government
and Industrial Security pro-
                                                                  ment. Determines the need          standards.
grams. Manage the contractor
                                                                  for, investigates, and ana-
Export Control Programs that                                                                         Excellent interpersonal skills and problem-
                                                                   lyzes state-of-the-art secu-
support WSTF Opera-                                                                                  solving skills.
                                                                    rity systems. Technical
tions. Perform Facility Security
Officer functions. Manage $1.3M                                                                      Comfort viewing the negative side of human
                                                 Skills/Knowledge/Certification:                     nature as a result of conducting internal in-
budget. Directly supervise one ana-
lyst/clerical person. Provide customer over-     Appropriate WSTF, JSC and NASA HQ                   vestigations.
sight of subcontractor, guard force opera-       Procedures. NISPOM, ITAR and                                        Qualifications:
tions consisting of one supervisor, four         BXA.
lieutenants, and eleven guards. Oversight                                                                            BA/BS degree in a related field
includes preparation and face-to-face deliv-     Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft                                     with 10 years of experience.
ery of performance evaluations. Conduct          Schedule+, Basic Internet,                                            In lieu of formal education,
security, counterintelligence awareness,         NISPOM, EPSQ Software.                                             18 years of experience.
foreign travel and export control brief-         Possession of or ability to                                        Specific contract requirements
ings. Make decisions and set policy on secu-     obtain and maintain a SE-                                         regarding education and experi-
rity and export control requirements. Serve      CRET level PCL.                                                  ence will prevail.
on boards and committees related to posi-
tion. Manage the HTSI WSTF Random Drug           Qualify with a 9mm semi-                                   Honeywell is an equal opportu-
Testing Program. Coordinate activities with      automatic pistol and M16A1                          nity employer committed to a diverse
HTSI management and with local NASA              rifle or other weapons in accordance with           workforce.
counterparts. Interface regularly with other     the needs of NASA's mission. Meet the
NASA personnel from various centers and          physical and physiological requirements             Minorities, females, veterans, and dis-
local law enforcement. Conduct internal          associated with maintaining NASA Federal            abled persons are encouraged to apply
investigations, as required. Serves as a tech-   Arrest Authority. Pass a background inves-          and to refer applicants.
nical expert and delegates authority for the     tigation conducted by the State of New              EEO/M/F/V/D
enforcement of Federal statutes in the con-      Mexico. Acceptance through the Private
Volume 16, Issue 4                                                                                                                       Page 3

Certification Corner                                                                                                By: Dave Coulie,

This past week we lost a            land AFB's. His last assignment    moved from the                                       the first one there
good friend and fellow secu-        was Chief Of Security at The       cutting edge of                                      sitting in his van
rity professional                                 AF Weapons Lab       fashion with his                                     waiting for me. I
with the passing                                  at Kirtland AFB.     wild color com-                                      chewed him out
of Farris (Purvy)                                 After Civil Ser-     bos.                                                 for not asking us
Purviance on                                      vice retirement                                                           to drive him to
April 18, 2005.                                   he was opera-        Purvy also had a                                     the meeting but
                                                  tions manager        long history with                                    he wouldn't hear
He was laid to                                    for Crimestop-       Toastmasters                                         it. He said he
rest on April 20,                                 pers Interna-        International. He was a Distin-         wanted to get there on his
2005 with military honors in        tional in Albuquerque.             guished Toastmaster and a               own and to be with his
the Santa Fe National Ceme-                                            past District Governor in               friends and he also wanted to
tery. He was 76 years old.          Purvy was a long time mem-         Oklahoma. He was a long-                make a donation to our chap-
                                    ber of the New Mexico ASIS,        time member of Toastmasters             ter fund supporting the
                                    NCMS and AF Security Police        Club 122 in Albuquerque, the            AOQ/NCOQ programs at
I deeply regret that I just now
                                    Assn ( AFSPA) Chapters. The        oldest club in the City.                the Kirtland AFB police units.
learned of Purvy's passing
                                    consummate volunteer, he                                                   He was the one guy in the
when I saw the obituary no-
                                    held several chapter officer                                               meeting room that day that
tice in today's (Sunday) Albu-                                         Purvy had been quite ill the
                                    positions over the years and                                               could least afford it yet he
querque Journal. I would have                                          past few months and he knew
                                    was always the first to step                                               wanted to give back to the
liked to have attended his                                             his time was getting short. He
                                              forward when help                                                      young troops that were
funeral and burial.                                                    had to carry his
                                              was needed. He was                                                            carrying on a
                                                                       oxygen bottle
                                              well known to many                                                              proud tradition.
Purvy was a veteran                                                    with him at all times and
                                              in our industrial                                                                     He proudly
of the Korean War                                                      he had a tough time
                                              security community.                                                               passed his
and had a long and                                                     driving yet he tried to make all
                                              He had a great                                                                    check to our
distinguished civil                                                    our Pete Mag-
                                              sense of humor and                                                          club treasurer and
service career with                                                    wood Chapter, AFSPA, meet-
                                              was always ready to                                              left us with that fond mem-
the Air Force                                                          ings including the last one he
                                              crack a joke and to                                              ory.
Security Police                                                        attended on Jan 20. I'm sure
                                              laugh at himself. His    he had a tough time driving his
including assign-
                                              wardrobe was             old Van to Roper's Restaurant           We will miss you Purvy but
ments in France, Ger-
                                    unique and he was far re-          but when I showed up he was             we will not forget you.
many, and Tinker and Kirt-

     Chapter 127 CPP’s              David A. Coulie, CPP      Michael G. Jordan, CPP      Michael M. Murphy, CPP       Stephen H. Torbett, CPP

     Diana L. Alcala, CPP         Michael J. Creedon, CPP     David W. Keylon, CPP         Allen M. Osborn, CPP          David J. Turner, CPP

   Anthony Andolina, CPP            David J. Dailey, CPP     Ronald E. Knowles, CPP        Ronald R. Putnam, CPP       Sally D. Uebelacker, CPP

Talentino C. Angelosante, CPP       Arthur B. Flynn, CPP      Jason M. Knudsen, CPP        William G. Rauen, CPP

     Robert G. Baca, CPP           Mary Lynn Garcia, CPP       Louis E. Kohrs, CPP     James B. Robinson, Jr, CPP        Chapter 127 PSP’s

   Vito F. Capobianco, CPP        Natividad Gonzalez, CPP      James L. Lehner, CPP    Connell J. Rodden, Jr, CPP       Michael M. Murphy, PSP

   David A. Casalino, CPP         Gregory Hallstrom, CPP       Louis R. Lehner, CPP       Robert B. Schwartzman, CPP    Charles D. Shrader, PSP
                                  Matthew A. Hartline, CPP     Lowell P. Little, CPP        Randy D. Scott, CPP          Ted E. Wheaton, PSP
    Margarita Castillo, CPP
                                   Steven E. Highland, CPP      Paul H. Mathis, CPP          Basil J. Steele, CPP
     Edgar S. Castor, CPP
                                   Curtis D. Hodge, CPP      Charles A. Mosher, CPP         Randy D. Talley, CPP         There’s room for you!!
   Joseph R. CdeBaca, CPP
                                                           Would you like to advertise your
                                                       business to other security professionals?
                                                   Advertise your business in the Roadrunner newsletter and reach 150
                                                   qualified security professionals every month. Support for our news-
                                                   letter will feature your company name and logo prominently for a
                                                   small financial commitment.
               PO Box 37333                        •   Business card size ad (3.5”x2”) for only $25 per month.
        Albuquerque, NM 87176-7333                 •   Small display ad (3.5”x4”) for only $45 per month.
            Phone: 505-771-6009                    •   Large display ad (7”x4”) for only $80 per month.
              Fax: 505-771-6180
       Email:               Other sizes, or multi-month specials, are available. Contact CJ at
                                          for details.
      WWW.ASISNM127.COM                                   Upcoming Guest Speakers
Chairman—         CJ Rodden, CPP                   May—Honorable Angela Jewel of Metropolitan Court will discuss
Newsletter Ed.
                  (505) 771-6209                   Domestic Violence issues.
Vice Chair—       Edgar Castor, CPP                June—Presentation by representatives of EMRTC at NM Tech.
                  (505) 853-3321                   July—Richard Puglisi, US Magistrate Judge will discuss the Impact of
Secretary—        Cathryn Starr                    9/11 on the Federal Judicial System.
                                                   August—Lt. Michael Young of UNMPD will discuss university polic-
                  (505) 883-6350
                                                   ing and controlling large crowds at university facilities.
Treasurer—        Dean Shrader, PSP
                  Are there any particular topics or speakers that you’d like to see?
Past-Chair—       Jan Harper                       We’re particularly interested in speakers from the private sector
Calling Committee
                                                   who would like to present on security topics from a commercial
                  (505) 275-5408
                                                   perspective. Contact Dave Keylon, CPP at 828-1981 or email
            Committee Chairs
                                                   at: to recommend a speaker or to
Academic Liaison Mike Jordan, CPP
              volunteer for an upcoming meeting!
                 (505) 846-9336
Private Security Tony Andolina, CPP

                                                            Next Meeting: May 10th
                  (505) 341-2041
Healthcare Sec.   Vito Capobianco, CPP
                We want to see you at our next            entation by a guest speaker.
                    (505) 272-8050
                                                   monthly meeting!! And we encourage
Membership          Allen Osborn, CPP                                                        We request that you make reservations
                        all members to bring guests to partici-
                                                                                             to attend so that we’ll have an accurate
                    (505) 293-7152                 pate in our luncheons!
Placement Coord. Dave Coulie, CPP                                                            count to provide the hotel for our meal
               Our Chapter Meeting/Luncheon is held      service.   Contact Calling Committee
                    (505) 828-5340                 monthly on the second Tuesday of the      Chair Jan Harper at
Awards Coord.       Curtis Hodge, CPP              month at 11:30am and lasts for ap-        by noon the Friday before the meeting
                       proximately 90 minutes. The cost is       to RSVP. Or call Jan with your ques-
                    (505) 284-5167
Legislative Liaison Mike Creedon, CPP              $14 per person at the door.               tions at (505) 275-5408. We look for-
                                                   We meet at the MCM Elegante hotel
                  (505) 341-2041                                                             t    o
Program Coord.    Dave Keylon, CPP                 located at 2020 Menaul Blvd., NE in
              Albuquerque at the intersection of
                   (505) 828-1981                                                            y o u
                                                   University and Menaul.
Certification Rep. Margarita Castillo, CPP                                                   there!
                  Each month, we review current chap-
                   (505) 272-2390                  ter business, enjoy a nice meal, net-
                                                   work with our peers, and enjoy a pres-
                                                                                                       MCM Elegante Hotel at University & Menaul

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