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					                                    123 N. 5TH STREET
                              ST. CHARLES, MISSOURI 63301
                                   PHONE: 636-946-0960
                                    FAX: 636-946-0283

Dear Intern Applicant:

Platinum Sports & Entertainment Management receives over one thousand intern
applications each year. We offer approximately seven unpaid internships each year (2
spring, 3 summer, 2 fall). Due to the overwhelming number of internship applicants we
get each year we had to streamline this process. If you are interested in applying for our
internship you must mail us a resume, a letter stating why you would be a good intern fit
for Platinum Sports, and a application fee of $25 (payable by check or money order made
out to Platinum Sports and Entertainment Management). I regret that we have to be so
regimented, but the overwhelming number of applicants has led to this process. After
you apply you will get an email from us letting you know if you have made the final
round of interviews or if you did not. Please specify on your paperwork which internship
period (spring, summer, or fall) that you are applying for (you can apply for more than
one). Also denote your desire start and end date to your internship. Finally specify your
plans for housing and other paid employment during your stay in St. Charles, MO if you
do get the internship.

Mail applications to:
Platinum Sports & Entertainment Management
123 N. 5th St.
St. Charles, MO 63301

Nick Brockmeyer

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