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     perfect for foodies
                                                   tion since 1938 and offers 600 varieties of

                                                   cheeses, a selection of which was set out for
                                                   our tour group. It was 10 a.m. as we began
                                                   to munch our way through a dozen types
                                                   of cheese, including buttermilk blue cheese,
                                                   five-year-old cheddar, aged parmesan, and a
                                                   few exotic varieties, such as merlot, espresso
                                                   and, no kidding, chocolate cheese fudge.
                                                      “What many people don’t know is that
                                                   when immigrants first settled in Wisconsin,
                                                   we actually weren't the Dairy State. Back
                                                   then, Milwaukee was the largest shipper of
   MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — In this                  wheat in the world — until insects ruined
city’s crowded public market, you can’t            the wheat crops. Farmers then turned to
turn anywhere without facing delectable            dairy cows and began producing milk,
food stalls, tempting bakeries and, being          cheese and butter,’’ she said.
Milwaukee, wall to wall displays of seductive         Cheese tasting done, we began a leisurely
smoked sausage.                                    trek in search of new dining treats. This
   So with this much fabulous food to dazzle       time, Sciortino’s Bakery on Milwaukee’s
the senses, how come I find the first weigh        Brady Street was high on Theresa’s radar                                 Sciortino's bakery is a must on a trip to Milwaukee
scale I’ve ever seen outside a doctor’s office?    screen. Opened by Peter Sciortino in 1948,
Not only that, this particular weigh machine       it was purchased 10 years ago by the Vella
came complete with a guilt mirror focused          family. The Sicilian family has kept tradi-          Filled with a couple, or was it three, can-                43 pages of names beginning with “Sch,ˮ
menacingly at my waistline.                        tions alive by perfecting pastry specialties,     nolis, I hurried after our group as it turned                 including five pages of Schmidts.’’
   But Milwaukee is such a huge “foodie’’          including their famous cannoli, an Italian        a corner to head down the road towards our                       In the late 1870s, 19-year-old Fred
city, it’s tough staying on the straight and       dessert meaning "little tube."                    next stop.                                                    Usinger arrived in Milwaukee from Europe
narrow, especially if you plan on taking in           The tube-shaped shell of fried pastry             In 1946, Joe, Teddy, and Eddie opened                      with just $400 and some secret sausage
one of the popular tasting tours Theresa           dough is filled with a sweet, creamy filling      Glorioso Brothers, a small meat and grocery                   recipes. The young immigrant was hired to
Nemetz operates for visitors in her city.          of ricotta cheese, a few chocolate chips, and     market at 1020 E. Brady Street, in a neigh-                   work in a butcher shop that stood on the
Theresa and her husband own Milwaukee              a half cherry on each end, said Theresa, no       bourhood that drew many Italians.                             site of the store where he would eventually
Food Tours, which feature 2.5-hour low-            stranger to these tasty treats.                      Surrounded by aromatic and savory                          build the store now operated by the fourth
impact walking tours where folks discover             “The beauty of this bakery is that they fill   aromas, we met Felix Glorioso, son of Joe                     generation sausage-making family.
Milwaukee's rich history and architecture,         their shells on demand so they are crisp —        Glorioso, who introduced us to the delights                      As we chewed our way through different
while sampling delicious tastings long the         not soggy,’’ she says, offering a huge platter    of his olives, salami and prosciutto. Olives                  sausage samples, Theresa explained some
way. From Italian bakeries, meat shops and         of them for us to try.                            are a staple of Mediterranean cuisines and                    sausage trivia, such as to brat means “to
pizzerias to German eateries, cheese stores                                                          are often eaten as a snack, although cooks                    fryˮ and a “wurstˮ means sausage. Thus, a
and breweries, this walking tour is quite a                                                          use them to flavour everything from pizzas                    “Brat Wurst’’ is a fried sausage. A traditional
mouthful.                                                                                            to martinis, Felix said.                                      bratwurst is simply pork and veal, ground up
   I had taken a morning tour thinking I                                                                “Black olives stay on the tree until fully                 with spices, made into a sausage, and fried.
would be able to fit in lunch later at the                                                           ripened while green olives, which are more                       Selling 70 different kinds of old world and
city’s public market, another great hangout                                                          bitter, are picked while not fully ripe,’’ our                contemporary sausages, the thriving Usinger
for food lovers. I should have known better.                                                         guide explained.                                              store is still largely the same, right down to
My lunchtime introduction to the weigh                                                                  Despite our steady intake of calories all                  its immaculate marble counters and floors.
scale, along with the volume of “snacks’’ I’d                                                        morning, my mouth was watering as he                             A couple of more stops, and a few hun-
eaten on my walking tour, ensured I wasn’t                                                           described the wonders of prosciutto, another                  dred more calories, and our delicious tour
going to be thinking food thoughts for a                                                             store specialty. “Try wrapping a slice around                 finished up at the Milwaukee Public Market,
while.                                                                                               fresh or dried fruit — with soft fresh pears                  where locally owned businesses sell a stun-
   With its rich Italian, German, Irish and                                                          it,s amazing,’’ our genial host beamed.                       ning variety of fresh foods.
Polish immigrant history, Milwaukee has                                                                 When Theresa gathered our group for its                       I have to say, Milwaukee Food Tours are
many stories of the city’s heritage to share                                                         next port of call, I’d lost track of where we                 a great way to discover the wonders and sur-
with visitors. Theresa’s tours provide the                                                           were, but judging by the names above the                      prises of a new city, but remember to wear
magic of discovery while savouring of the                                                            storefronts, we had crossed an international                  comfortable shoes, and stretchy pants. If you
flavours of Milwaukee's most delicious and                                                           border somewhere. As we ambled along,                         do visit the public market, the weigh scale is
historic neighbourhoods.                                                                             Theresa told us that in 1990, a stunning 48                   on the second floor, it’s easy to miss.
   We began our tour at the Wisconsin                                                                per cent of Milwaukeeans claimed at least
Cheese Mart, which is housed in the old                                                              some German heritage.                                           For information on Theresa’s tours, visit
Steinmeyer Building, constructed with terra                                                              “I,ve been told that if you have a chance       
cotta brick likely brought all the way from                                                          to take a peek inside a phone book while                        For more information on Milwaukee, check
St. Louis. The company has 1been in opera-PM
      TFR2011_RunAD_Half_Sas_H.pdf 11-07-13 4:22               Peter checks his weight               in Milwaukee, you will see that there are                     out

                     THE TERRY FOX RUN FOR CANCER RESEARCH                                                                           WorldTours
                                                                                                                                  West                Where Dependability is a Tradition

                                                                                                      NEW YORK - JERSEY BOYS, BILLY ELLIOT & WICKED                         BRANSON – A FESTIVAL of LIGHTS
                                                                                                      October 8-13; October 15-20, 2011                                        BUS TOUR November 15-25

                                         working together
                                                                                                      Three Broadway Shows: Jersey Boys, Billy Elliot,
                                                                                                      Wicked; City Tour; Hop on / Hop off 48 hour pass Double                   11 Days
                                                                                                      Decker Bus Tours; Cruise to Ellis and LIberty Islands;                    All Breakfasts (many continentals)
                                                                                                      Radio City Music Hall Tour; Top of the Rock; Airfare

                                                   to outrun cancer
                                                                                                                                                                                and dinners included.
                                                                                                                                                                                See Daniel O’Donnell, Johnny Mathis,
                                                                                                      AWAY DOWN SOUTH - 12TH ANNIVERSARY TOUR                                   Chubby Checker, Mickey Gilley,
                                                                                                      February 9 - 27, 2012                                                     Shoji Tabuchi, Miracle of Christmas,
                                                                                                      Civil War Dinner Cruise, Georgia Aquarium, Historic City                  Showboat Branson Belle.
                                                                                                      Market - Charleston, Budweiser Brewery, Okefenokee                        Fly tour or all coach available.
                                                                                                      Swamp Sunset Tour & Cookout, Trolley Tour in St. Au-
                                                                                                      gustine, 10 night Caribbean Cruise.
                                                                                                                                                                                BRANSON, PIGEON FORGE,
                                                   Saskatoon 2011                                     CALIFORNIA DREAmINg
                                                                                                      February 17 - march 7, 2012
                                                                                                      Bryce Canyon, Grand Canyon, Chuckwagon Dinner
                                                                                                                                                                                 NASHVILLE & MEMPHIS
                                                                                                                                                                                           November 12-28, 2011

                                                        12:00 pm – 3:00 pm
                                                                                                                                                                                 An Old Time Christmas - 17 Days
                                                                                                      Show & Entertainment, Palm Springs Aerial Tramway,                         Elvis’ Graceland, Churchill Down, Indy
                                                                                                      Palm Springs Follies, San Diego Zoo, Disneyland, Sea-                      Speedway, Grand Ole Opry, Country Tonite,

                                                                                                      World, Hearst Castle, Winchester Mystery House, Napa                       Dollywood, Presley’s Jubilee, All Breakfasts
                                                                                                      Valley wine Tour. All Breakfasts included, 6 Dinners                       (many continentals) and dinners included.
                                                                                                                                                                                 Daniel O’Donnell, Hughs Brothers, Chubby

                                                   SEPTEMBER 18
                                                                                                      ARIzONA: RED ROCK & CANYONS ALL COACH                                      Checker, Mickey Gilley, Shoji Tabuchi, Mira-
                                                                                                      February 17 - march 9, 2012                                                cle of Christmas, Showboat Branson Belle.
                                                                                                      Grand Canyon Railroad, Grand Canyon Rim Tour, Rail-
                                                                                                      road Hotel Dinner, Tombstone, OK Corral & Historama,
                     Vimy Memorial Band Shell, Kiwanis Park                                           Steamboat Cruise, Biosphere II, Yuma Territorial Prison,
                                                                                                      Evening BBQ’s, Farewell Dinner
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