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This Year in Holybourne: HVA Chairman's
Has it been a good or a bad year for Holybourne? I                Music Festival organised by Tom Yendell: I unfortunately
think it has been a good year as those of you who                 couldn't attend but I have it on good authority that it was
attended the HVA AGM know, when the reports of all                great.
that happened during the year showed this village to
be a hive of activity. Here is a quick resume for those           Art Exhibition organised by Tom Yendell: I didn't know we
of you who could not attend.                                      had such talent in Holybourne

Bulb planting organised by Lynn Kelly: Didn't they look           Some really lovely paintings were exhibited and SHIFT
good when they came up? We are hoping to put in some              took the opportunity to start the process towards a
more this year.                                                   questionnaire.

Village clean ups organised by John Honnor: A lot of              Village Magazine Editor Chris Everett: As always, this
rubbish (some of it bizarre) was collected by an intrepid         year's editions have been very good and interesting.
band of helpers and taken to the tip in John's trailer (not       Unfortunately Chris feels it is time to step down so anyone
so many loads this year). A few more helpers next year            who feels the urge to take on the job, let Chris know. He
would be great as it wouldn't take so long and the                assures us that he has done all the hard work and that as
camaraderie is great. It's just a pity it doesn't stay that       long as he gets copy it publishes itself!
way for very long.
                                                                  SHIFT Chairman Steve Downs: Hopefully, you will have had
Manor Farm Trip Hosted by Sean Baddeley: A good day               and all filled in your questionnaire by now, but if not it is on
was had by all who came on the day. Great weather,                its way.
interesting super views of Holybourne we don’t usually
                                                                  Village Pond Nick Cane Chairman Pond Committee: It is
see, then back to the Farm for refreshments organised by
                                                                  looking a little sad and rather empty at present but there
Jill Newman and Sally Lloyd.
                                                                  has been a lot of enthusiastic fund raising including the car
Village Picnic Organised by HVA and the Cricket Club:             boot and Charity Cricket match as well as some grants
Well, I had fun! I hope the rest of you did with the pet show     which Nick has strenuously worked hard to obtain from
flamboyant shirts, children's sports, raffle, rounders, tug of    Alton Town Council, EHDC, the 'Awards for All' lottery.
war, Alton College band, W.I. teas, Chinook helicopter, and       Work should be under way in December.
the Cricket Club bar.
                                                                  So you see a lot has happened in Holybourne this year and
These are just some of the things that people could do on         I hope the next year will be as good.
the day when they weren't sitting on their pitch and eating.
                                                                  Karen Bennett
If I have left anything out I apologise.
                                                                  Chairman Holybourne Village Association

Update & AGM: from the Secretary
Over the summer a number of initiatives involving the             The main part of the meeting was a presentation by various
Holybourne Village Association have been running.                 members of the HVA committee entitled “Holybourne:
However many of them will have their own reports                  Much more than just a place to live”. This encompassed
elsewhere in this magazine whilst the “core” business             the many achievements of the HVA and its various sub-
of the HVA has continued at the regular monthly                   committees and other organisations with which the HVA
meetings in the village hall on the second Tuesday of             has strong ties and included The Village Picnic, The Alton
each month.                                                       Live Music and Real Ale Festival, The Holybourne Art
                                                                  Festival, the Christmas Carol singing outside The White
Of particular importance is the Annual General Meeting. This      Hart, the Village Magazine, the Holybourne.com website,
year's - the 33rd AGM of Holybourne Village Association -         the Friends of The Pond, the Manor Farm Tours, The
was well attended, with fifty-seven villagers making the effort   Village Spring Clean and Litter Pick, The Annual Bulb
to attend, and six people forwarding apologies.                   Planting, and SHIFT (Steering Holybourne Into The Future).
                                                                  This then led into the financial report, where our treasurer
There was a procedural matter to be considered prior to
                                                                  was able to confirm that the HVA is currently in a
starting the main part of the meeting which was a proposal
                                                                  sound position.
for a constitutional amendment to increase the number of
committee members from 12 to 15, the previous number              At this point the floor was thrown open for all those present
having been set over thirty years ago when the village was        to have their say. There were appeals from the Church
one third of its present size. This was approved

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                       Page 3
asking for help with fundraising to repair the church walls,    Finally, Karen Bennett was re-elected as Chairman for a
and Andrews' Endowed School wanted help in converting           further year. The meeting ended at quarter to ten followed
the original Queen Anne house (as it had been used as           by wine and “nibbles”.
private accommodation) back into a school building.
Several members raised traffic issues relating to parking at    All residents of Holybourne are welcome to attend the
Eggar's and the mooted double yellow lines at Carpenter's       monthly HVA Committee Meetings, which are held at 8 p.m.
Close. Parking and traffic will be looked at as part of         in The Village Hall on the second Tuesday of each month.
SHIFT's brief.
                                                                Do come along and have your say, or find out what's
Sadly, there was the news that ex-Chairman John Bound           happening in your village - Holybourne is so much more
has stood down from the HVA committee after seven years         than just a place to live.
of major contributions to the Village in order to concentrate
                                                                Ben Kemp, Secretary
on his business. Tony Lock also needed to be replaced.
Fortunately, Frank Collet from Vindomis Close and Andy
Maddock from London Road have stepped into the
breach. Nick Cane and John Honnor were re-elected to
the committee and Sam Cox and Stuart Sharky will
represent the Treloar Action Group.

   SHIFT Update - Steering Holybourne into the future together
   Most people in Holybourne seem pretty content with life       We are also tapping into the government statistics on
   in the village although we will find out more when we         our area. You can find these on the Web at
   analyse the Parish Plan questionnaire. Our initial            http://neighbourhood.statistics.gov.uk/dissemination/.
   consultations have shown that there are some concerns         Simply type in your postcode and this will take you to
   with traffic on London Road (speeding, parking at             the information about Holybourne. These statistics will
   junctions) and we have also discovered that some              be useful to us when we produce our village design
   people think that some improvements in the children's         statement but even more important will be your views
   playground would be useful.                                   which will be the framework for all future planning
                                                                 applications in Holybourne.
   The questionnaire is, of course, just one of the ways we
   have been consulting the people of the village. We have       A free copy of the PARISH PLAN will be circulated to
   met up with most of the organisations and businesses          every household in Holybourne in Spring 2007.
   in Holybourne and held a public meeting in the village
   hall. Gathering information about issues has been a           John Halliday jandshalliday@tiscali.co.uk
   relatively easy part of the SHIFT process. The next           SHIFT committee: *Steve Downs (chairman), *Nick Cane,
   stage will be the most crucial. We will be producing a        Helen Bound, *Tom Yendell, Tom Maine, Sarah Maine,
   Parish Plan, and subsequently a Village Design                Janet Cane, Jeremy Wood, *Karen Bennett, John Halliday
   Statement, as part of the Alton Town Design Statement.
                                                                 * indicates HVA members
   The general feedback we have received so far is that
   most people enjoy living here and want to maintain the
   status quo so we don't expect any major surprises in
   the Parish Plan. There will be opportunities to apply for
   funding in certain areas.

                                   WANTED EDITOR
                                                 Text for this please

Page 4                                                          The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Holybourne’s new Remembrance Ceremony
With the Union flag at half-mast on Poppy Day, the Guides (with their two standards flying)
and the Army Cadets arrived at the Roll of Honour on London Road. Waiting for them was a
crowd of about one hundred.

Introductory address by Dr Chris Everett                         Let us remember the dead of two World Wars and all those
                                                                 who have died in any conflict with gratitude. Let us honour
A very warm welcome to you all on a cold but sunny day.          them today.
It is a very long time since there has been any ceremony at      After the address the Vicar, Rev James Croft said prayers,
this Roll of Honour and we are most grateful to everyone         and Neil Blandford played the Last Post superbly and the
who helped with all the preparations. To the Royal British       police stopped the traffic for the two minute's silence.
Legion, to our Trumpeter, to the Alton Army Cadet Force,         Marine Sgt Duncan Newman and Guide Holly Yendell read
the Guides, to our Vicar for conducting the Service and to       the Exhortation, and W.Cdr. Peter Sawyer the final Epitaph.
Ron Thorn's team for cleaning the memorial.                      Wreaths were laid by Arthur Cuff (Royal British Legion), Cllrr
                                                                 David O'Donnell (EHDC), Karen Bennett (Holybourne) and
We are honoured by the presence of Servicemen with their
                                                                 Guider Lucy Yendell (Youth of Holybourne & Alton).
many well-earned medals, Sir Ray Tindle and our Member
of Parliament Michael Mates.                                     After the Blessing many of the crowd marched off to the
                                                                 White Hart for some excellent HVA Remembrance punch.
11th November every year is Remembrance or Poppy Day
when we remember and honour all those who died in two
World Wars, and over 40 serious conflicts and wars since
then, including Korea and the Falklands War.

Today, we are standing by a World War I Roll of Honour that
lists all those men from this village who went to fight in the
trenches in the Great War, which mercifully ended on the 11th
HOUR of the 11th DAY of the 11th MONTH of 1918. This Roll
lists the names of 23 Sailors and 152 Soldiers of whom 3
were in the Royal Flying Corps, later to become the RAF.

A total of 175 men went from this small village, whose
population was then about 500. On it are many Family
names that are still familiar today. Complins, Twitchen,
Messenger, 2 Dymokes, 2 Gates, 2 Hams, 4 Trimmers, 6
Oakleys & astonishingly, 8 Mylwards.

Many of these men were physically injured and psychologically
traumatised by their horrific experiences during that war. The
small community of Holybourne was probably luckier than
many in that of the 175 men, only 16 were killed; their names
are marked on this memorial with a small cross.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                    Page 5
News in brief
   The Village Hall has been completely refurbished!
   Grand Launch Saturday 9th December 10.30
   The final phase of the £120,000 modernisation of the Hall
   has been completed. Alan Titchmarsh will unveil a plaque at
   10.30 a.m. on 9th December. After the opening there will be
   refreshments. Everyone is welcome to attend.

   Details of this remarkable event will be reported in the

                                                                                                                          Nick Cane
   next issue.

Holybourne's Calendar for
                                                                 Fields have names too!
2007 Images of Holybourne
Following the first and very
successful art exhibition in the
Village Hall, twelve pictures were
chosen by vote to create next
year's Village Calendar. The
standard of entries was pleasingly
high and included pastel, pen and
ink, water colour paintings and

                                                                                                                     Nick Cane
photographs. Artists were from 7
to 70 years old.
                                                                 It may come as a bit of a surprise to learn that
The Calendar will be £5.50                                       the fields around Holybourne, and elsewhere,
and £7 for the two sizes and                                     have names. The farmer needs to be able to
were available at the Craft Fayre on                             identify them accurately, so the names are
25th November, and will be in the Village Shop,                  often descriptive, and quite ancient.
The White Hart or direct from Tom Yendell, tel 80560.
                                                                 For example on Manor Farm, the big field
                                                                 stretching up the hill from the Church is 'Big
                                                                 Brockham'; walking from the road along What Vere
  From the papers                                                Lane, on the left is 'Horse Meadow' and then
                                                                 'What Vere' before the corner. On the other side is
  Global warming                                                 the sloping 'Winters Down' which describes the
                                                                 fact that it warms up more slowly, as it faces north.
  Fed up with feeling guilty about your selfish
  activities? How bad are you really, and how can                The path from Holybourne Church to Froyle, goes
  you save energy? The Daily Telegraph listed the                first through the old farmyard of Manor Farm, then
  following comparative items:-                                  between fields called Whitelands on the left (up
                                                                 the hill) and Seven Acres on the right (an old hop
  Carbon gas (CO2) produced by & absorbed in 10 years by:-       garden). Then the new path towards Bonhams
                                                                 crosses first Kerry Gate and then Snakey Bank.
  Return trip to Florida one person                              Other fields are called 'Cowpen', 'Middle field',
  3,000 kg CO2        32 trees                                   'Pump Meadow', 'Kites Hill' and many more
  Medium car 12,000 miles pa                                     fascinating and evocative names including Home
  3,500 kg CO2    38 trees                                       Guard Dell, used for rifle practice in WWII.

  Disposable nappies 21/2 years                                  Ed. Does anyone know the origin of the name
  650 kg CO2       7 trees                                       'What Vere' ?

Page 6                                                       The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Holybourne Magazine is a winner!
Magazines produced in local villages and parishes all
over Hampshire compete for the Hampshire
Community Magazine Awards. The competition was
revived by Greenhouse Graphics after a number of
years and this year they received over 50 entries from
various organisations all over the county.

Holybourne Village Magazine gained three awards in the
competition, winning two of the four categories (Aesthetics
and the Community) and was also the overall winner.

The awards were Technical merit; Community; Aesthetics
and the Environment, with each section being
independently judged by an expert in their field who gave
all the entrants in their category a score out of 20. The
scores from the four categories were then added together
to identify the overall winner and the Holybourne Magazine
scored 60 points out of a possible 80. Other prize winners
were Blackwater Valley News for Technical Merit and In
Credit for the Environment category.

The presentations were held on 7th November 2006 at the
Guildhall in Winchester where Dr Chris Everett accepted
the awards on behalf of his editorial team and the village.
In his acceptance, Dr Everett paid tribute to all those who
had helped to make the Holybourne Village Magazine such         speech was by Ian Crossley, MD of Greenhouse Graphics
a success.                                                      who said they will continue to sponsor these annual
                                                                awards for the foreseeable future. He asked if Holybourne
Over 100 people enjoyed a buffet and wine supplied by the       would be prepared to suggest a suitable location for the
sponsors after the presentation of awards. The keynote          2007 Award ceremony.

Holybourne WI
                    On 12th October Alton WI Group held         flood. We were carried along by his obvious enthusiasm
 HOLYBOURNE         their autumn meeting at Froyle Village      and would have liked to have heard more.
                    Hall. We had some business and
                    short talks from Mrs G Siddall, our WI      In November, which was our AGM, after the business was
                    Adviser and Mrs Judy Bacon who is           finished, we had a Christmas Decoration Festive
                    Chairman of Public and International        Workshop. Members enjoyed making seasonal decorations
                    Affairs. We then enjoyed a wonderful        and table decorations under expert tuition.
                    flower arrangement demonstration
                                                                On 21st December we will have our Christmas Party with a
                    from Chelsea exhibitor Mrs Anne
                                                                glass of wine, mince pies and Christmas Cake. We all bring
                    Blunt, who produced six stunning
                                                                a small gift to go in Santa's Sack and this year we are
                    arrangements in what seemed like a
                                                                asking members to bring their favourite Christmas reading.
                    very short time. These were then won
                    in the raffle by six delighted ladies.      On 18th January 2007, Tony Cross, Curator of the Alton
                                                                Curtis Museum and AlIen Gallery, is coming to give us his
                      On 25th October the Hampshire
                                                                new talk titled 'The Romance of the Letter Box'. You will
County Federation of WIs held the Autumn Council
                                                                never be able to pass a letterbox in the same way again!
Meeting at The Anvil, Basingstoke. WIs from the whole of
Hampshire attend these gatherings in a wonderful venue          Visitors are always welcome, and our meetings are held in the
and enjoy them as a social occasion, as well as for the         Village Hall at 7.30pm on the third Thursday each month.
business. The speaker in the afternoon was Col John
Blashford-Snell, an intrepid explorer who kept us on the        For further details, please get in touch with
edge of our seats with his tales of jungles and wild animals.
He told us about his connections with Operation Raleigh in      Stephanie Bennett, Hon Secretary
various difficult terrains, high mountains and rivers in full   Tel: 01420 89914

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                  Page 7
Page 8   The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Notes from a Holybourne Garden
                                    If you want winter            variety of Buddliea, that is so insignificant that nobody has
                                    interest in your garden       ever heard of, is well worth searching for and called
                                    to cheer you up during        Auriculata: it flowers from late November. They are small
                                    the coming months,            and rather dull to look at but tucked away out of sight, it will
                                    there are several shrubs      reward you with a strong scent of honey during the winter.
                                    that are worth thinking
                                    about especially those        If you are feeling a bit colourless, try planting up some large
                                    with a strong scent.          pots or other containers for instant interest: there is a large
                                                                  range of small bulbs that can still be planted. Put them in
                                      I suppose the best known    really thickly and buy some evergreens that are in flower
                                      is    the    honeysuckle    now such as Heathers, Gualtheria, Polyanthus etc. I do not
                                      Lonicera purpusii which     use winter pansies as they lack colour until later in the
                                      has masses of cream         season but variegated Ivies and Conifers will help bulk it up
flowers borne on bare branches from December to April, but        and they can all be used again if you keep them well
I think that my favourite is Sarcococca or Christmas Box and      watered and cut back if necessary.
there are several varieties all of which are evergreen and very
easy to grow. They are especially good on our local soil and      If you are keeping Dahlias over the winter do not let them
have very fragrant little flowers useful for cutting and will     dry out as the books tell you, just keep them moist in a frost
scent the whole garden.                                           free position preferably in a large pot or plastic bag filled
                                                                  with light soil or leafmould mixture.
Mahonia japonica flowers from late Autumn to early Spring
and has magnificent deep green leaves and terminal
                                                                  Rosemary Casson
clusters of long pendulous fragrant lemon yellow flowers. A

  Alton In Bloom Awards - Holybourne Entrants
         Category                          Award                          Premises                           Name
        Vokes-Oakley Cup                                                17 Rakemakers                    Mrs Lynn Kelly
 Overall winner from Holybourne

                                       Gold Certificate                  Grange Hotel                  Mr & Mrs Levine
  Best Licensed Premises                    Silver                        White Hart                       Tony Lock
                                           Bronze                        Queen’s Head                Darren & Anna Hooker

 Best Small Front Gardens             Gold Certificates            3 Rakemakers, Holybourne          Mrs Diana Mockridge
                                                                   2 Rakemakers, Holybourne           Mr Steven Downes
                                                                  39 Thornton End, Holybourne            Mrs M Gates
                                                                  17 Rakemakers, Holybourne             Mrs Lynn Kelly
                                                                  25 Gaskell Close, Holybourne          Mrs Lynn Earle
                                    Silver Gilt Certificates      25 Downs View, Holybourne             Mr John Honor
                                                                      141 Holybourne Road                Mrs J Sykes

                                       Gold - Winner               Church Cottage, Church
 Best Larger Front Garden                                                                            Dr & Mrs Chris Everett
                                  Town & Country Cars Cup            Lane, Holybourne

    Best Domestic Patio,                                           Ensbury, 7 Inhams Road
    Window Box or Tub                 Bronze Certificate                                               Mrs Bryan Hamblin

Best Neighbourhood, Street
                                     Silver Gilt Certificate           2, 3, 4, 18, 19, 20, 15 Rakemakers, Holybourne
        or Locality

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                       Page 9
Church News
Winding the Clock for 25 years
Thank you David for winding the Church clock over the last
25 years. David Andrews has consistently climbed the
ladder to the room under the belfry (where the clock
mechanism is) every week as the church clock needs to be
wound every seven days. There is no leeway and if a few
hours late, it will stop.

Given the height of the ladder, he has climbed over four
miles to date and he aims to continue for some years to
come! Three weights have to be wound up from ground
level and this takes some time and a fair amount of effort.

George Chandler wound the clock for 35 years so David
has a hard target to beat.

However, 1981 was not David's first venture into the tower.   Congratulations on your 25 years - here's to the next 25
On the 3 May 1965 he and Jimmy Cuff glazed the open           and the grateful thanks of all who check the time using the
windows in the tower and left a short note to                 church clock and enjoy the sound of the chimes.
commemorate the occasion.                                     Holybourne PCC

                                                              Holybourne. He wanted a dry day with a light breeze when
New Church Clock Faces                                        applying the gold leaf as this helps the gold leaf transfer
                                                              from tissue paper onto the clock face and he could not
                                    Warm thanks to all        have had a better day for this part of the operation. Eric
                                    those      who    were    found a small split caused by corrosion at the top of the
                                    instrumental in the re-   south clock face. However, he was confident that this
                                    enamelling and re-        would not cause a problem until we need to restore the
                                    gilding of the church     faces again, which should not be necessary for another 25
                                    clock     faces,   and    to 30 years.
                                    especially the donor
                                    who agreed to cover       So once again, our thanks go to Eric for his excellent work,
                                    the cost.                 Christopher Everett for promoting the idea and the donor
                                                              who made it possible.
Eric Beardow, from Smith's of Derby, did a grand job and
the weather was on his side throughout the week he was in     Jeremy Wood Holybourne PCC

   Holybourne Flower Festival and Open Gardens
   June 2007: weekend 23rd & 24th
    We are going to hold a flower festival in the church to raise funds for further necessary restoration work to the
    church walls. Villagers were most supportive last time. Many gardens were opened and successful events held.
    As a result the east wall of the church was re-rendered, part of the stone window moulding was replaced, stone
    was refaced on the eastern buttresses and a new coping stone installed on one of these buttresses at a total cost
    of approximately £13,000.

    The east wall is the smallest wall of the church and the whole of the remainder needs to be restored. We are
    applying for grants and with your support we are confident the work can continue until the whole church is in fine
    fettle for future generations.

    If you can help with this festival and open garden event in any way,

    Jean Hole would be delighted to hear from you. Tel 541317

Page 10                                                       The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Extending the Pond Fence                                           Churchyard Arthur
Our insurers pointed out that the path leading into the
churchyard from Church Lane is very close to the edge of the       Every year since Arthur Beagley started looking after
pond. They felt that there should be a fence to make people        the churchyard, we say “It has never looked so
aware of the pond and make it more difficult for small             beautiful and well looked after” and yet the next
children to accidentally fall down the bank into the water.        year we say the same.

In 1899 the PCC requested the erection of such a fence             This year, the churchyard looks even better despite
with the owner of the pond, Sir Hubert Miller. Discussions         the fact that it has been a hard year to tend such an
took place, during which time at least 4 children were             area, with the heat during the summer and the grass
reported to have fallen into the pond, but by 1904 there           continuing to grow throughout the autumn and into
was still no fence.                                                winter. Thank you, Arthur, for all your efforts. They
                                                                   are greatly appreciated.
We believe that over 107 years is adequate time to give the
matter due consideration, and that we could not be
accused of rushing into things if a fence was installed
before too long.

The Pond Committee of the HVA kindly included the cost of
                                                                  Barrel Graves
a fence in their application for a grant. As a result of their    We hope to restore the nine barrel graves in the near
success the plan is to erect an oak fence similar to the one      future and would be pleased to hear from the families, or
between Church Lane and the pond. The idea is for it to be        anyone who knows of the families, who own these
lower, just over 2 feet high, with only one rail, but to act as   graves. The names on them cannot all be seen clearly but
a deterrent and warning that there is a steep bank to the         they are dated between 1806 and 1840 and some of
pond on the other side.                                           these names are:

                                                                  George and Rachel Glover, the Gardener family, and the
                                                                  Menton family.
   Jazz Evening in Church                                         If they can be traced, we would like to ask their
   On 30th September the Church rocked to the sound of            descendants’ permission before we do any work.
   the Louisiana Jazz Band. A local group put on a
   splendid and varied concert that had us all on the edge        A word of warning - the headstones on old graves can
   of our seats, and some left them to dance in the aisles.       fall over and there have been serious accidents in some
   A great evening and the acoustics were excellent.              churchyards after people kneeling by a gravestone to
                                                                  decipher the lettering have held the gravestone to assist
   Early next year the Alton Community Choir, who have            in standing up and the gravestone has fallen on them.
   60 members, hope to have a concert in the Church.

   Jean Hole, Churchwarden

                                   Carol Singing
      Come & sing carols around the Christmas tree outside the White Hart
      on Monday 11th December at 7 pm.

      Mince pies & mulled wine will be available afterwards.
      A collection will be taken in aid of local charities.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                 Page 11
190 New Houses in Holybourne
Honestly, are you bored with hearing about the                   is difficult and in some areas impossible, and yet people
Chandos development? Do you think, "it's never going             still own more than 1 car per household! This is the future
to happen; I'm not going to worry about it?"                     for Chandos Development unless we act now and make
                                                                 our voices heard.
Well, it is happening and your opinion matters. The January
2006 open meeting was a success in that it made the              On your way back from Treloar Heights, call in on Shipley
council realise that Holybourne and surrounding residents        Close, opposite the old Eggars School. This development
DO care what new developments look like, and DO care             was built in 1999/2000 and has slightly more space around,
that the road system around us is bursting at rush hour.         off road parking for 2 cars and is noticeably more pleasant
                                                                 and open. Why can we not use this density model instead,
The local councillors are backing a proposal for upto 190        and be proud of the Chandos Development?
houses on the land behind the Grange Hotel with parking for
1.6 cars per house. Before writing this article I checked with   Do the councillors really believe that they have the people
Autotrader and also a local car dealer; incredibly they have     interests at heart and not the local and national
never sold 0.6 of a car, so why will there be 1.6 spaces?        government statistics if they plough ahead with 1.6
                                                                 spaces? Please, please contact your local councillor and
Simple, the local government supports this figure as more        stop this over development of land before its too late.
houses per acre can be built, this makes more money for
the council, more houses knocked off their government            Please encourage people to contact your local councillor
targets and brings more money for the developer.                 (owner of 2 cars), David O'Donnell with your opinions. He will
                                                                 make a decision based on YOUR feedback. Letters and
But surely our local councillors are aware that most             Postcards to him at EHDC Penns Place Petersfield GU31 4EX
households have 2 cars? This is the point where naivety
pops up. The belief is that if limited parking is supplied,      Steve Downes Vice Chairman
people will actually sell their second car and use alternative   Holybourne Village Association
methods. Surely this is the answer to road congestion? Do
you find that the local public transport system is a
wonderful and easy to use attribute of Alton?
                                                                 STOP PRESS
I also encourage you to drive (or use the public transport
                                                                 Statement in Gazette that there will be now be
links) and have a look around the Treloar Heights
                                                                 approximately two car spaces for up to 190 dwellings
development over by the Alton Sports centre. There are 1.6
                                                                 some of four storeys. The HVA have not been
parking spaces per house. The houses are of attractive
                                                                 consulted about Persimmond's proposal for new road
designs, but very close to each other and it is noticeable in
                                                                 junction. Sketch on page 22
the evenings and at weekends that cars are parked all over
the place on the roads and pavements. Access for
emergency services, refuse collection and delivery vehicles

   Contributions to the
  magazine, Letters etc...

  47 Church Lane, Holybourne

Page 12                                                          The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
White Hart Under New Management
                                                                      derelict Golden Pot, and ironically after four and a half
                                                                      successful years, they were head hunted by Merlin Inns who
                                                                      wanted them in Holybourne. They had given up the Golden Pot
                                                                      only two days earlier.

                                                                      Holybourne is lucky to have this strong partnership, and we look
                                                                      forward to having a successful pub, after more than our share
                                                                      of problems.

                                                                        THE WHITE HART
                                                                           Farmers Bar / Snug Bar (smoking)
                                                                                 Public / Villagers bar

                                                                                         Opening hours
                                                                               Sun - Thurs 12 md -12.30 am
David Scholes and Melanie Hatch have returned to                                   Fri & Sat 12md - 1am
Holybourne. When Tony Lock, the last landlord of the
White Hart left for Spain, they were asked by Merlin
Inns if they would take it over, having made a success
of the Golden Pot.
They are thrilled to be managing the White Hart in Holybourne,
which they feel has great potential as a friendly village pub. They                12md - 2.30pm every day
will provide good ales and wines with exceptional food, and
started energetically with a thorough spring clean of the                   6.30 - 9.30pm (not Sunday evening)
premises from top to bottom. Merlin have promised that the pub
will be re-decorated in the New Year and new loo seats are                           (Dining area is non smoking)
already in place!

David, born on a farm in Lancashire, is a man of contrasting
talents. His father had pubs and restaurants so he acquired
expertise in the care of beer but his father pushed him into
becoming a professional electrical engineer [AIEE]. He                                 Accommodation
subsequently had his own business, but also sang in northern
clubs and became a choir master. He had a contract with EMI                       Three double rooms will be
as a 'backing' singer and worked with Cleo Lane. He has written                       en-suite next year.
music and still enjoys singing. Living in Alton he met Melanie
and came to Holybourne in 1994 and one of his local projects                     Bed - £25 pp B&B - £32.50
was designing and installing the lighting in Bonhams Barn.

Melanie, who also comes from farming stock, was born in                                 Dinner / B&B - £40
Farnham, then the family moved to Lower Green Farm in
Hawkley which was later burnt down. She has always loved
cooking, but became a high powered PA in an industrial
conglomerate in Winchester before meeting David.

They wanted to work together doing what they enjoyed, and
                                                                              Tel: 01420 87654
were upset to be turned down for the White Hart six years ago
for lack of experience. They spent two months renovating the

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                         Page 13
Holybourne Theatre
We are a non-profit making community based group with                  back the youngest group staged ‘Continental drift’, a play
no restrictions on membership and we welcome all                       conceived and staged by themselves, and they have begun
abilities and ages. Everyone involved with the theatre is              rehearsals for ‘Wind in the Willows’, a musical spectacular
very proud of its community role with so many of the                   that will be staged next year. Shortly after, the older section
local adults and children benefiting from attending the                performed ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and more recently ‘Gone
theatre workshops, socials and performances.                           with the wizz’.

We have now replaced our un-repairable oil boiler with a               Earlier this year the Theatre joined Hampshire County
new gas boiler and our thanks are due to Alton Town                    Council's ‘Hog the Limelight’ arts scheme which
Council and East Hampshire District Council for their                  subsidises fees for professional touring acts, so community
grants for what is now a very warm building.                           venues like ours can afford to host them. On November
                                                                       4th, Strange Face staged ‘Hell and High Water’, a
Earlier this year the adult theatre performed our annual               professional mask comedy, and on December 9th we have
pantomime "Cinders the true story" and a collection of                 Circus Berzercus. Two larger than life characters - great
plays "Is there anyone there", "Last panto in little Grimley"          circus skills - seriously funny - suitable for 3 to 103 year
and recently our most challenging and successful play of               olds! Tickets £5 each available w/e 27/11/06 from
recent times, Arthur Miller's classic "The Crucible". We are           Waterstone's bookshop, High Street.
looking forward to staging next year’s pantomime, Aladdin,
which will be performed on January 27th, 28th and                      For more information or if you wish to join the
February 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th. You can make some money                 Holybourne Theatre please contact
for your organisation with purchase of an advance,
discounted, block booking. Please contact John Priddle.                John Priddle
                                                                       Tel 01420 86457 or email priddle@clara.co.uk
The Youth Theatre members started the year by having
loads of fun taking part in the pantomime and a few months

         BED & BREAKFAST
       AT THE MANOR HOUSE                                                    MANOR HOUSE
  Fine Regency Manor House offering comfortable and                           MARQUEES
  peaceful accommodation in the centre of the village.
  Featured in Alistair Sawday’s Special Places To Stay - British Bed
      & Breakfast Guide. Tourist 4 Diamonds and Silver Award.                Marquees and furnishings
                                                                               for every occasion.

                                                                           Please call John or Oli to
                                                                         organise your FREE site visit.

  1 double and 1 twin/family room each with private or ensuite              Office: 01420 587444
     bathroom, TV, tea/coffee facilities, armchair and desk.

               Mrs Clare Whately
                                                                            Mobile: 07747 771 390
    The Manor House, Church Lane, Holybourne,
           Alton Hampshire GU34 4HD                                       www.hiremarquee.co.uk
             Telephone: 01420 541321 / 85993
                  Mobile: 07711 655450
                Email: clare@whately.net                                     (Incorporating Alresford Marquees)

Page 14                                                                The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Holybourne Parish Council Footpaths
100 years ago - Why the north end of New Lane is now a dead end
The Minutes of Holybourne Parish Council give an                  the end of New Lane to the top of the Downs. Mr Woolcock
insight into the issues that were important in the village        proposed and Mr Stone seconded "that the Parish Council
100 years ago.                                                    go in a body to assert the right of way to these footpaths".
                                                                  The resolution was carried.
Exactly 100 years ago, a very local problem came to a head.
The minutes of a meeting of 4th May 1906 record that 'A           It was decided to give the Head Keeper notice of the
discussion followed on the rights of the public to certain        intention of the Parish Councillors to assert the right of way
paths on the Holybourne Downs'. It was stated that,               and on Wednesday 25th July a meeting took place at the
although no barrier had been erected, several persons had         end of New Lane at 5.30 pm. and the Parish Clerk
been stopped from using the "bridle path" from New Lane           undertook to serve notice personally on the Keeper. Two
to the top of the Downs owned by Miss Harris, and                 days after the visit should have taken place, the Chairman
adjoining land rented by Mr Messenger [of Bonham's Farm].         alluded to the death of the owner Miss Harris, in
The Chairman claimed that a public right of way existed by        consequence of which, it had been decided to defer the
this path to the top of the Downs, and he believed that for       visit arranged to assert the rights of way over the
many years the right of way extended along the top of the         Holybourne Downs. The Clerk reported that notices
Downs to Hay Down, and thence out by the Fir Wood to              deferring the same had been sent to all the Councillors and
Five Lanes. The Ordinance Map was consulted, and after            a message wired to the Keeper. Nothing more is heard of
further discussion, the meeting expressed the opinion that        this matter.
the public should persist in asserting the right to these
paths on the Holybourne Downs.                                    Research by Jane Hurst
                                                                  N.B. Holybourne Parish Council ceased to exist in 1932 when the
Two months later, a discussion on the rights of way to            boundaries were redrawn and we were included in Alton Urban District
Holybourne Downs showed that the agents of the tenant             Council. Obituary notice of Miss Harris also submitted.
continued to contest the right of way on the bridle path from

Parish Status for Holybourne, or not?
This question is continually raised in the village, and           and this requires agreement with the Town Council. Changes
these notes may help an understanding of why we                   will also affect the size of the present electoral wards which
remain under the benevolent care of Alton                         introduces a political debate. Equally difficult will be re-
Town Council.                                                     defining the western boundary which might have left us with
                                                                  the responsibility for part of Anstey Park which is actually in
Minutes of an HVA committee decision made 10 years                Holyboume at present! The administrative work and
ago on 14 November 1996                                           responsibilities of a Parish Council are numerous and varied
                                                                  requiring a paid clerk and an office.
“The question as to whether Holybourne should seek the
relatively independent status of a Parish Council has been        Many of the committee members were initially very keen to
intermittently under discussion for about five years. Last year   go for village status, but after hearing all the facts your
the previous committee decided that a decision on whether         committee was unanimously of the opinion that
to proceed further or not would be taken at this year’s AGM.      Holyboume would do much better as a Village Association
Sadly, despite publicity about the AGM and news that 'parish      than a Parish Council. This was our recommendation to the
status' would be discussed, few extra people seemed to care       AGM and after discussion it was agreed.
enough to attend the AGM and debate the issue.
                                                                  As a direct result of our discussions with the Town Council
Your committee had considered the 'pros and cons' of the          we have enhanced our 'special relationship' with them and
matter very carefully during the previous year and has heard      we see many advantages in continuing the present system
the various arguments including those of a neighbouring           and not loosing our two Town Councillors. There is also a
parish. We have an unique problem that is not faced by            new 'Area Committee' of the EHDC which meets every
villages such as Beech because our village boundary               month for an hour during which local issues are discussed
includes Manor Estate which is effectively part of Alton [no      with representatives of the parish councils and members of
longer true]. Before we can start the complicated process of      the public. It should prove to be a most useful forum for us
seeking 'parish status' the boundary will have to be re-drawn     to talk directly to the EHDC.”

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                        Page 15
Holybourne Boys Football Team

Holybourne Boys Football Team 1956                             Holybourne Boys Football Team 2006
Front row: Michael Chandler, Roderick Leyland, Peter           Here are some more of Holybourne's footballers 50 years on!
Jackson, David Andrews, Peter Goodchild, Pippi Ham             Alton United Panthers have had their best year ever finishing
                                                               as runners up in their division of the North East Hants Youth
Back row: Michael Reed, Bobby Ham, ? Leyland, Jimmy
Cuff, Barry Martin, Billy Ray & supporters                     League. Many of the boys are from Holybourne, many attend
                                                               Andrews' Endowed Primary and many have been in the team
Supporters: Jenny Goodchild, Jean Cole, Christine              since they were 5 or 6 years old. Perry Lloyd, who plays for
Goodchild, Linda Cole.                                         the team, is carrying on the family tradition as he is the
                                                               grandson of David Andrews who features in the 1956 photo.
This picture was taken just after they had beaten the Alton
                                                               The team has been devotedly managed by Jamie Mackrell,
Boys Brigade team 5 - 3. The previous game with them had
been a draw. It was played on the Alton Nomads pitch where     who has encouraged the boys through thick and thin, and
the new Eggar’s School now stands. The referee was Mr.         whose beaming, proud grin at the awards ceremony in
Scott who ran the Alton Boys Brigade!                          Princes Hall, Aldershot on 26th May said it all!

David Andrews                                                  David Andrews has kindly agreed to sponsor the boys' kit in
                                                               their forthcoming season as Alton United Under 12s for
                                                               which many thanks from all concerned.

                                                               Pictured from left to right, back row: Josh Husbands, George
                                                               Bills, Corey Sharpe, Craig Redmond, Richard Williams, Dominic
                                                               Ship, Jamie Mackrell (Manager), Alex Yelland, Luke Newland.
                                                               Jordan Fox & Daniel Raw; front row: Kristian Oakley, Perry
                                                               Lloyd, Charlie Gamgee, Ashley Steel, Ben Mackrell (Captain),
                                                               Tom Spreadborough, George Harding, Edward Hobbs & Leo
                                                               Rossiter (not pictured).
                                                               Jane Ship

     We are proud to introduce our range of delicious
        fresh cream chocolate truffles, handmade
                    here in Holybourne.
         Finest Belgian chocolate, combined with
      fresh double cream and delicately flavoured
            with carefully-selected ingredients.
             Available in boxes, gift-wrapped
                  for a special occasion,
      or just a small bag for a little self-indulgence!
         Contact us to discuss your requirements,
                  with free local delivery,                              500 yards from The Golden Pot on the Froyle Road - Ample free parking

           or see us at the local Christmas fairs.

Page 16                                                       The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Pond Fund Raising - A Success!                                                                             SPECIAL
It all seemed a bit ambitious when we decided that we needed to raise £5000
to do what needs to be done to improve the pond. However, thanks to the
enthusiasm of the village and the success of requests for funding, we have made it.

In my last article, I said that we had already received        We were still short of our target, so we applied to the
£2000 from a combination of the HVA, Alton Town                National Lottery 'Awards for All' fund. This gives out sums
Council, East Hants District Council and private               of up to £10000 to support local efforts and we asked for
donations, so we had made a good start but still had a         £6000. They guarantee to respond to applications within 8
long way to go.                                                weeks, and so we were able to announce at the HVA AGM
                                                               on 10th October that we have been granted the whole
Key to raising money from public bodies is that you can        £6000, which explains the logo on this article. The other
demonstrate that the village itself is making an effort and    two reflect the generosity of Alton Town Council and EHDC.
wants the work done. So when Richard and Lynn Kelly
suggested that we should have a fund raising day on            So we have now made more than our target. This will give
August Bank Holiday Saturday, the Friends of the Pond          us some left over for contingency and for ongoing
were delighted.                                                maintenance of the pond, and hopefully, when we produce
                                                               our final report to the grant giving bodies, we will also be
Some of us were pretty sceptical about the idea of a Car       able to return some money them for them to re-use on
Boot Sale, but were proved splendidly wrong. We had a big      other good causes.
'boot' in a marquee for all the goods that had been given to
the Friends to sell and kept it open all day. Around 40        The Friends of the Pond want to thank all of the people who
'seller' cars bought pitches. We sold bacon sandwiches         have been involved in the fund raising over the last 18
and Sarah and Tom Main sold all sorts of blackberry based      months. We also want to thank everybody who has bought
goodies and gave us the profit. Mike Roberts raised a lot of   a lottery ticket - without your losses Awards for All would
money for us by having his back waxed! We were also            not have been able to give us their grant!
given a slice of the profits from some of the car boots.
                                                               Nick Cane
In the afternoon, we had a cricket match and all the players
were sponsored. The bar profits came to the pond too. In       Chairman of the Pond
the end the Pond Life XI beat the Charity XI.                  pond@holybourne.com        Tel:01420 86282

It seems sad to have to point out that NOBODY from the
village, with the exception of the organisers and players'
families, came to support the Cricket Match, and the
number of people who turned up to buy at the Car Boot
Sales was also very disappointing. Despite this we raised
around £2000. One wonders how much could have been
raised if more people had given up a little time to come and
see what was going on. Those who did come had a great
time. Their support was much appreciated.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                               Page 17
The Pond - Now what do we do?
We have the money and we also have a plan.

We eventually got two quotes for rebuilding the island               eventually killing the plants through drought. We plan to
and have chosen a small company from Romsey, called                  plant in the spring with long rooted plants which will,
B W Parsons Ltd, who are specialists in river and lake               hopefully, follow the water level down.
engineering and maintenance. We have agreed that
they will start the work in December.                                Next, the eco-islands act as protection from herons for fish
                                                                     because they have a solid wire cage underneath. However
The first task is to move 30 or so tonnes of rock out to the         if the water level drops too far they will look pretty odd, so
island to produce a new facing all the way round. In                 we will have to find a way of using flexible mesh.
addition they will take around 10 tonnes of topsoil out to
rebuild the top of the island. They will move this out on old        The third challenge is to stop the water-birds destroying all
modified army pontoons.                                              the planting, so we will protect it initially and then try to
                                                                     maintain some form of self-sustaining balance between the
Next they will install two layers of coir rolls on the rocks.        wildlife and the vegetation - any ideas on how to do this will
These are rolls of soil covered in biodegradable coir and            be welcome.
will provide a sound base for planting. They will leave a few
gaps between the rolls so that the water-birds can get onto          Once the construction is done, we will test the water quality
the island - we will build shingle beaches or duck ladders           and if it is OK, stock the pond with some fish, probably
for this. It appears that much of the erosion is caused by           roach, tench and carp.
water flowing off the birds and washing the soil away. The
                                                                     We also have enough money to put up a fence on the north
beaches or ladders will stop this.
                                                                     (churchyard) side of the pond to reduce the danger from
The final thing that the contractors will do at this stage is        the steep slope, where the path passes close to the pond.
install the two eco-islands, which are moored floating               The fence will look like the one that runs along the side of
islands to provide additional wildlife and fish sanctuaries.         the pond on Church Lane. The fence will be erected by
                                                                     some kind volunteers.
This sounds simple but there are a several real challenges
to making this all work effectively. Firstly, the variation in the   So we are in for a busy few months but can look forward to
level of the water over the year means that if we plant when         a much improved pond by late next spring.
the water is low, there is a danger of the plants drowning
                                                                     Nick Cane, Chairman - Friends of the Pond
when the water level rises. But if we plant when the water
                                                                     Pond@holybourne.com Tel: 01420 86282
is high, there is a danger that the water will drop too far,

Page 18                                                              The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006

  A Note on Feeding the Ducks
  Several good-hearted people have taken
  on the job of feeding the ducks and
  geese with proper duck food. This is in
  addition to the children and others giving
  them bread and cake.

  One of the effects of this is that more and
  more ducks in the locality hear about the
  excellent free meals supplied in Holybourne
  and arrive to enjoy them. Recently there
  have been as many as 60 ducks on the

  We do not know what the optimum number
  is, but are pretty sure that 60 is too many.
  Once we have finished the work on the
  island we want to try and establish a
  balance, otherwise the planting will all get

  So, if you are feeding the ducks regularly,
  please will you let me know, and then, in the
  spring, we can all get together and decide the
  best thing to do.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006   Page 19
Renovation and changes at Andrews’ School
                                The renovation of the         leisure time and will, I am sure, remain a member of the
                                School House is due to        school's extended community in the years to come.
                                start before Christmas
                                and will be completed,        We now have a new Admin Officer, Mrs Fay Heaney, who
                                we hope, by Easter.           we hope will have an equally long and distinguished
                                The building work will        association with the school.
                                provide us with much
                                                              Next year's intake: the closing date for children applying for
                                needed       additional
                                                              a school place in September 2007 was Friday 17th
                                teaching space for
                                                              November with an Open Day for prospective parents (and
                                small groups and for
                                                              pupils) on Wednesday 7th November.
                                music tuition. We are
also creating a new library and plan to provide a home        So far it has been a very busy term. We introduced weekly
for the village archives.                                     French classes for all pupils which are proving to be very
                                                              popular. Our Year 6 pupils have been away on a week's
We will continue to make further improvements over the
                                                              field trip to Calshot Activity centre where their activities
next few years to ensure that the school remains an asset
                                                              ranged from skiing to studying coastal erosion. In the
to its local community, and a facility that we can all feel
                                                              second half of the term will be our traditional Christmas
proud of. We are continuing to raise funds for this project
                                                              festivities, and on Saturday 2nd December we had our
and for future building projects, which include the
                                                              Christmas Fayre.
replacement of our two temporary classrooms.
                                                              If you are interested in helping the school to raise funds we
Pat Cranford, the school's Admin Officer, retired after 18
                                                              would be very interested in hearing from you!
years' service at Andrews' Endowed School and, prior to
that, 8 years at Long Sutton. Pat is enjoying her new found   Stuart Adlam Headteacher

A Museum in Holybourne?

Do you collect old cuttings and memorabilia about             Adlam, the headmaster, is very keen to see it used by the
Holybourne? There's a lot of it around and precious as        pupils as they learn about local history. Everything would
it may be, eventually it gets thrown away due to lack of      be available to the general public, but no details have been
space or by a desperate spouse! One answer would be           discussed yet.
to have these old photographs, albums, maps, parish
magazines etc. available to other local historians in a       Is anyone interested in the fascinating history of
convenient and accessible place, but where?                   Holybourne, and would like to get involved in organising
                                                              these archives? Perhaps a potential, or experienced,
The Andrews’ School governors have kindly agreed to           librarian?
make a small room available when the old school building
is renovated. It is 6 x 4 feet with a window and Stuart       Potential donors or helpers please contact the Editor
                                                              on 54966 or editor@holybourne.com

Page 20                                                       The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Holybournes 2006 Cricket Season
Well that's it. For most of us the season has come to            finished 7th at Under 15s, 2nd at Under 13s, 5th at Under
an end. It's time to oil our bats, wipe down our pads            11s and 4th at Under 9s. Paul has now got a great team
and throw away the whites that our beer bellies are              working under him at all levels and we hope to have more
hanging over. No more cricket except for a few indoor            coaches from within the club ready to guide the young
games and many a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to be              stars of the future along next season.
spent reflecting on the games gone by.
                                                                 In the next issue of the magazine we will be highlighting
The Saturday league team started the season a little             what we've been up to during the winter.
shakily with not too many wins or good performances. Our
fortunes did change and we finished for the third year           We also have had a great year socially with many events to
running in 10th spot of the Hants League Regional Division       keep all entertained off the pitch. Hog Roasts, Beach
1 North. One of the highlights was the emergence of the          Party, Quiz Nights, Race nights and plenty of beer drinking
Colts who are now pushing the senior members for their           plus many other events have helped the summer go by
starting places in the team. This will hopefully bear fruit      with a swing. A big thank you to all the people behind the
next season and kick start another promotion-winning             scenes who put a huge amount of effort into making them
campaign.                                                        run smoothly, and also to all our supporters.

The Sunday Friendly XI enjoyed their usual mixture of good       As you can see, it's been another busy year both on and off
cricket and merriment and again were helped out by many          the pitch, our eleventh since we re-formed. Lots of new faces
of the Colts. They managed a few victories thanks to the         have joined us and those of us here since day one, have
tremendous spirit of each and everyone of the players.           much more grey hair and bigger waistbands, but we still
                                                                 thrive on our club motto “Ludere et Gaudere” Play to Enjoy.
On the Colts front, another successful season was had by
all under the expert guidance of our Youth development           Mick Roberts
coach Paul Taylor. Teams representing Holybourne

Cricket Club’s ‘DAD’
Holybourne Cricket Club has many characters but there's one we'd like to tell you about in
this edition of the village magazine.
Phil Croucher, as a few of you may know, is our Head
Groundsman at the sports field and he's also is a man of
many other talents. When the cricket club re-formed over
10 years ago there was a very important cog missing from
the set up. We needed someone with expertise on how to
produce a wicket which we could use for our games. Phil
volunteered for this role and the club could not have got to
where it is today without his commitment and skills.

I said he had many talents as well as his groundsman's
skills. You will see him whenever there's a village work
party for any event, lending a hand. His gardening skills are
sought after by many villagers and he holds the club
bowling record of taking 8 wickets for 3 runs, a few years
back. These days, because of a nasty hand accident, most
of his time after preparing the wicket is spent watching the
game from the pavilion with a pint in his hand.
                                                                 Holybourne Cricket Club continues to grow and we are
If you have ever been to any cricket events, you would of        eternally grateful to lots of people for all their hard work.
heard many of the player's nicknames. We have Teffers,           Phil Croucher has been with us for a long time now and we
Fluffy, Bish, Beefy plus many more, but as you can see           hope that he continues for many years to come.
from the title, Phil is the club’s “Dad”. He's always there to
offer words of wisdom and encouragement to all players           Mick Roberts
from the young colts to the Saturday league players.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                  Page 21
                            New junction from Chandos Development crosses green field
                               (Not discussed with Holybourne Village Association)

     Tel: 01483 224000                                                            Tel: 01420 82288
     High Street, Ripley,                                                      165 London Road, Holybourne,
     Surrey GU23 6AF                                                            Alton, Hampshire GU34 4HA

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Page 22                                                  The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Guidelines for road signing
in rural areas
                                                              We surveyed the road with HCC and produced guidelines
                                                              for road signs which we would like the county council to
                                                              use as a template across Hampshire. These guidelines
                                                              were taken up by CPRE nationally and after meeting the
                                                              RAC (Royal Automobile Association) Foundation also
                                                              decided to promote the idea.

                                                              The guidelines appeared on the front page of the Daily
                                                              Telegraph, amongst other papers, and were mentioned on
                                                              a number of BBC news bulletins and programmes during
                                                              the second week in September as a result of the RAC's
                                                              interest and backing.

                                                              We are still working with HCC to try and make our rural
                                                              roads safer for all, and we really do not think that a
The East Hampshire District Group of the CPRE                 multitude of signs and white lines are the answer.
(Holybourne's local group) has been concerned about
the proliferation of road signs, especially those with        If you would like to see the guidelines to reduce clutter
fluorescent yellow backgrounds, on rural roads. We            they are on the web at:
believe that these signs do not increase safety and that      www.cpre.org.uk/resources/pub/pdfs/transport/traffic-
they damage our perception of the Hampshire                   management/guidelines-for-road-signing-in-rural-areas.pdf
                                                              Holybourne is a member of the East Hampshire District
We took this up with Hampshire County Council (HCC) who       Group of the Campaign to Protect Rural England - CPRE,
asked us to assist in assessing the signs on the A32          hence the invitations to CPRE events held in Hampshire. If
between West Meon and Wickham. This scenic route              you would like further details about CPRE in Hampshire
along the Meon valley has suffered from a number of           please contact
serious accidents. The question was “How can we make
the road safer for all without affecting the landscape to a   Pam Mason on 01962 843655
great extent?”                                                or: admin@cprehampshire.org.uk

Editorial            Continued

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                            Page 23
              CSS Locksmiths Alton
              •   Specialist professional locksmith service
              •   All types of door & window locks supplied,
                  installed & serviced.
              •   Master suites & high security locking systems
              •   Extensive guaranteed key duplication service
              •   Cash safes, fire safes & data safes supplied,
                  installed & serviced
              •   Key filing systems, key cabinets & key safes
              •   Access control & CCTV systems

             Tel: 01420 543940 • Fax: 01420 542488

Page 24   The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Health Matters
Alton Community Hospital ~ Inwood* Ward                                             Alton Health Centre development
Thanks to public outrage and continuing pressure from the                           The Health Centre saga is no nearer any sort of satisfactory
people of Alton, and the subsequent formation of the                                conclusion. The Primary Care Trust (PCT) have still got the
Stakeholders and the Implementation Groups, this GP                                 site on the open market for sale to the best bid from a
Ward has re-opened after nearly eighteen months.                                    developer in UK or indeed Europe. Will they be acting in the
                                                                                    best interests of the public and what safeguards will they
This October, six of the original 24 beds came back into                            provide for the continuation of Heath care on that site?
use and at the beginning of November it rose to twelve. The
PCT have said that all 24 beds will be available in due                             Whilst the doctors have had plans to build new premises in
course and these beds will be used in the same way as                               due course, demolition began unexpectedly in October when
previously i.e. for early discharges from Basingstoke NHH                           an automatic Ford Fiesta in the car park got out of control and
and those patients who need rehabilitation or special care.                         went straight through the outside wall and into the Health
The same as before, only re-branded in various ways.                                Education room. The front of the car gained an extra radiator
                                                                                    (from inside the room) and there was glass everywhere. The
An interesting thought - how much money was saved by this                           room was full, but by very good fortune, none of the babies
closure? Would the hospital would have been completely                              on the floor nor their mothers were injured.
closed by the PCT but for public pressure and the very hard
work by members of the two Groups and Matron?                                       H. Condriac

*Not the same branch of the Inwood family who lived at 99, London Road Holybourne

Massive ribbon development along
London Road, in only 45 years
New buildings, one by one, have filled nearly all the un-developed (green) space in the half a mile that used to
separate Alton and Holybourne.

Former open (green) space                                   has become                         New Buildings etc.
Workhouse gardens & football pitch                                                             Health Centre & car park
Chalcrafts House                                                                               Chalcrafts houses
Cricket pitch (opp. Old Eggars School)                                                         Shipley Close houses
Grounds Alton General Hospital & huts                                                          Brendon Care houses
Grange private house                                                                           Hotel and car park
Alton Nomads football pitch                                                                    New Eggars school
Fishers House Fields                                                                           Complins; Houses with open areas.
Allotments                                                                                     Gaskell Close & Thornton End houses
Howards Farm 20 acre field                                                                     Treloar College
Holybourne Cottage, London Rd                                                                  Cranford Drive houses

May happen soon
Fields behind Chandos Lodge                                                                    Up to 190 houses planned
Balloon field by Grange Hotel                                                                  New road and proposed junction
Diggers field, Anstey Park                                                                     New floodlit football pitch & car park agreed
Coors (Courages) Football ground                                                               180 houses threatened if Diggers goes

Three games pitches have been built over so far; will the Coors (old Courages) sports ground be the last to go?

Local Yokel

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                                      Page 25
      (Building & Plumbing Specialists)                       Farm Shop
                                                       Thursday         9.00am - 5.00pm
      HOWARDS FARM, HOWARDS LANE,                      Friday           9.00am - 5.00pm
          HOLYBOURNE, ALTON,                           Saturday         10.00am - 5.00pm
            HANTS. GU34 4HH
                                                          Local & Organic Produce;
                                                Cheese, Icecream, Apple Juice, Organic Beef,
     Telephone: (01420) 84454                   Lamb, Chicken, Bread, Milk, Free Range Eggs
        Fax: (01420) 86227                               and lots of Hampshire Fare

     Email: david.c.andrews@virgin.net
                                                    Mill Farm
          Traditional Leadwork Specialists          Nr Alton
                                                   GU34 4PN
                                              Tel-Fax 01420 22331

Page 26                                      The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Notes from Neatham
What came first: the Chicken or the Duck?
An article in the last issue of the village magazine about     garden. The ducks, of course, made a beeline for the river
a family in Upper Neatham Mill Lane supplying eggs to          but imagine our amazement when the chicks unhesitatingly
a local school for incubation, reminded me of an event         followed them into the water. Only up to their knees
which happened here at Lower Neatham Mill, some 30             however, for they quickly retreated up the bank. Whilst
years ago. We used to keep about 500 hens and 100              there was much merriment from the onlookers, three very
ducks for egg production and I had an “egg round” in           confused and bewildered chicks impatiently paced up and
the village and beyond for several years.                      down the water's edge, repeatedly trying to get into the
                                                               water with the ducklings again.
I also supplied fertile eggs for biology classes in local
schools. One day, I received an agitated phone call from a     For many months the gang of three chicks chose to remain
teacher at Eggars school. It was the last day of term and      with the ducks, sharing a shed with them. Two of the three
three of the eggs which had not been opened up for             turned out to be cockerels and were only interested in
dissection had hatched out. Could I please do something        mating with ducks, who didn't take to the idea at all! This
about it?                                                      provoked many kitchen table discussions about the relative
                                                               roles of nature and nurture. Eventually they got round to
I duly collected the chicks but had a problem knowing what     behaving like chickens and left their childhood companions
to do with them! In the end I decided to put them in with      and seemed to have no long-term ill effects from their
three dozen ducklings that had hatched from my own             confused upbringing! I worried, though, about what I had
incubator a few days before. The three chicks settled in       done to the poor creatures. It's very easy to play at being
very well. They huddled under the heat lamp amongst the        God; but very difficult to get it right!
ducklings and did not seem to mind that it was constantly
damp and soggy underfoot.

The ducks and chicks progressed together, until the day        Janet Weston Neatham Mill
arrived when they were released from their pen into the

Countryman's                                                   Drought
Diary: October                                                 conditions continue
                                                               'South East Water' continues the hosepipe ban which was
Finally the potatoes have been lifted and nearly all
                                                               introduced on 3rd April 2006. They also ask everyone to
the cereal crops have been drilled. This now means
                                                               play a part in helping to beat the drought by using water
the game birds can finally settle, forming their
                                                               wisely. Adopting simple water efficiency measures in the
territories for the approaching winter. The season
                                                               home and garden can help make a positive impact on the
has started with the partridge flying quite well,
                                                               region's water resources. These measures include:
hampered a little by the bright sun.
                                                               • Installing a Hippo bag, a water saving device in your
After a couple of near frosts the sloe berries are ready
                                                                 toilet cistern, which can save about 1.6 litres per flush
to pick by all those sloe gin drinkers. It has been a
bumper year for the trees, as the beech, chestnut, oak         • Using washing machines and dishwashers only when
and hazel are full of nuts, which in turn gives all the wild     you have a full load
animals a lift. The deer love to eat the chestnut and
beech mast whilst the birds have a banquet on all              • Taking showers instead of baths & putting water in a
the rest.                                                        mug when cleaning your teeth

The deer rut finished a few weeks ago and the roe              • Using a bucket and sponge to wash your car
bucks are starting to put some weight on for the winter
along with the young roe does that have been herded            • Applying mulch around your garden plants to lock in
up by the bucks for the last few weeks.                          moisture

Paul Edwards Keeper, Froyle Estate.                            • Using a water butt in your garden to store any rainfall -
                                                                 plants prefer rainwater.

                                                               Visit www.southeastwater.co.uk and the water
                                                               efficiency section for more information.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                              Page 27
     Philip Cowdrey AIP RP                       Keep up to date with
                                                 Holybourne News
   Plumbing & Heating Engineer
                                                 We are very lucky in this village to have so many
           Leadwork & Bathrooms                  complementary ways to check on what is happening
                                                 locally, find out about past events and read about local
                                                 issues and organisations. All of them can help you find
     Telephone/Fax: 01420 89937
                                                 local services, craftsmen and businesses who
          Mobile: 07702 192152                   generously support the village community.

                                                 Just in case you are not aware of all the various ways
                                                 of gaining information, here they are:

          ALOE VERA                              Holybourne Village Web-site Home-page & What's On
                                                 Monthly e-News and Coming events, emailed to all who
       FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS                   request it, so sign-up on the e-News-page or read the
                                                 Newsflash on www.holybourne.com

  Your local
                                                 On Your Way
                                                 The Holybourne Church Monthly Journal delivered free to
                                                 your door every month containing details of what goes on
  Marianne Lavery                                in the village.
  01420 83671                                    gap@yewtree03.freeserve.co.uk

                                                 Holybourne Village Magazine
                                                 Delivered free to everyone in the village three times a year
                                                 with in depth coverage of village history and current affairs
                                                 www.holybourne.com. Postal service available [£5 p.a].

  Tel: (01420) 85905                             However, for the most up to the minute news - The Village
                                                 Shop, which also hosts the Village Notice Board and has
  e-mail: lynda@helpmate20.fsnet.co.uk           extra copies of the Village Magazine (£1).
  4 Bramley Close, Alton, Hampshire, GU34 1DJ    Finally the White Hart [under new management] can meet
                                                 many of your other needs.

                                                 Jeremy Wood
  Healing in Harmony                                                    The Seasons
  Jill Sykes                                         George Ellis broadly described the four seasons
  MAR IIHHT                                          and their corresponding months, beginning with
                                                       January in his poem ''The Twelve Months''
  141 London Road                                                  Snowy, flowy, blowy,
  Alton, Hants                                                  Showery, flowery, bowery,
  01420 85576                                                     Hoppy, croppy, droppy,

  jill.sykes@tesco.net                                            Breezy, sneezy, freezy.

Page 28                                         The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Litter-acy Test
                                                                Alton Organ Society
Some readers may feel that the magazine goes on a
bit about the litter problem in the village. After all
                                                                (Founded 1967)
what does one more cigarette end, or one sweet
wrapper matter.                                                 Celebrity organ concerts for the 40th season
                                                                at St Lawrence Parish Church, Alton
Mark Bailey of EHDC has come up with a set of
questions which may cause a bit of hesitation before we         Tuesdays at 8.00pm Admission-£8
chuck something on the pavement.                                or Season membership for £50

Here they are - the answers are on page 35.                     The Organ: 1866 Henry Speechly 57 speaking stops,
                                                                3 manuals & pedals
True or False ?
                                                                5 Dec 06    Dame Gillian Weir: International
1. Cigarette butts take 6 weeks to degrade ?                                Concert Organist
2. Paper takes 2-5 months to degrade ?                          23 Jan 07   Thomas Trotter: International
3. Plastic bottles never degrade ?                                          Concert Organist

4. Glass bottles take 1 million years to degrade ?              27 Feb 07   Tom Bell - Award Winner, Oundle for
                                                                            Organists Summer Schools 2006
5. Plastic six-pack holder rings take 5 years to
   degrade ?                                                    27 Mar 07   David Sanger International
                                                                            Concert Organist,
6. Apple cores are litter ?
                                                                In the presence of Francis Jackson in appreciation of
7. Drivers who throw litter from a car can be prosecuted ?      his Opening Recital in 1966

8. 10 tons of cigarette related litter are dropped every        24 Apr 07   David Hill: St John's College, Cambridge
   day in UK ?
                                                                22 May 07 Philip Scriven: Lichfield Cathedral
9. Plastic bags take 5 years to degrade ?
                                                                Website: www.altonorgansociety.co.uk
10. Gum takes a year to degrade ?
                                                                Phone: 01420 543628 willman@clara.net
Nick Cane

ANZAC* Biscuits
These delicious biscuits were made and sent to 'down-under'
troops who were fighting in Gallipoli in 1915 during the First
World War

3 oz oats                                4 oz butter
3 oz desiccated coconut                  1 tablespoon golden syrup
4 oz plain flour                         1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
4 oz caster sugar

Melt the butter and syrup. Dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in 2 tablespoons of boiling water, and pour onto the dry
ingredients. Place dessertspoons of the mixture onto a baking sheet. Cook for 8 -10 minutes at 350 deg F (180 C)

Liz Brock
NB Old measure of 3oz = 75 g & 4oz = 100 g         *Australia & New Zealand Army Corps

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                               Page 29
                              Visit our new website at

Page 30   The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
Around Holybourne - July & Nov 2006
Births, Marriages & Deaths                                      “Musical Houses”
                                                                Care: Peter & Kate and their children Alex (7) and Erin (5)
Marriages                                                       have moved from Rakemakers to Chillbrook, Church Lane.
Norris: Lee & Susannah Parkinson: were married in the           Honnor: John & Jean, have moved from Downsview to
Church of the Holy Rood on 16th June.                           Vindomis Close.
Deaths                                                          Pooly: Matt & Vicky, have moved into 4 Rakemakers from
Budd: Janet of Cranford Drive, born 5th June 1948 and           Gaskell Close with their cat called Oscar.
died 9th November 2006.                                         Smith: Mo, Ryan, James and Jenny who have moved
Pead: Dot sadly died, leaving a son and daughter and            from Chillbrook, Church Lane to 15 Vindomis Close.
several grandchildren.
                                                                Goodbye to
Welcome to                                                      Close: Carole has gone back to the Isle of Wight.
Calloway: Pete & Wendy, who have moved into 3 Smithy            Ellis: Paul and Denise with their children Adam and Lucy
Close.                                                          who are moving from 15 Vindomis Close to Alton.
Chubb: John & Mary, with their children Freddy (3) and          Hill: Paul & Gill, who have left London Road and have
Will (2) who have moved from Gloucestershire to Mapey's,        moved to Herriard.
159 London Road.
                                                                Skemp: Peter & Louise and children, who have left
Cox: Max & Kelly-Jane Newland who have moved into               Mapey's, 159 London Road.
Stable Cottage Church Lane.
                                                                Symonds: Maggie has gone to Kings Somborne,
Hale: Tony & June, who have moved to Downsview.                 Stockbridge.
Joy: Max & Alison, with their two sons, Tom (12) and Liam
(10) to Cranford Drive.

Rawlings: Sue & Chris, who have moved into Vindomis               CONTACT US
Close with their daughters Summer and Kirstin.
                                                                  We apologise for any names accidentally spelt /
Scholes: David & Melanie Jane Hatch have moved back               omitted in this list, but hope that you will let us know
into the village to the White Hart, after 4 years at the          the relevant details for inclusion in the next issue.
Golden Pot. They come with their menagerie of 6 dogs, 3           e-mail: around@holybourne.com
cats and a terrapin.
                                                                  David & Kay Tomlinson Tel: 01420 541 241
Walton: Andrew & Edna, who have moved into Vindomis               The Limes 110a London Road Holybourne
Close with their daughter Olivia.

Farnham theatre is in trouble
Did you know that there is a second Redgrave theatre in         The threatened planning proposal represents over
addition to the amateur one in Holybourne. It is in             development. The building is now in danger of demolition
Farnham and is a lovely purpose built building that used to     despite the fact that a large number of people want to
be a wonderful place to go, but it had to close due to a        restore it. They need your support and they have a viable
financial squeeze. It was very popular as it had an             plan for its revival and future use.
excellent rep company and was very convenient for Alton.
                                                                Please support this appeal as the campaign progresses.
The theatre still has a superb auditorium and supporting
facilities, and its destruction would represent a permanent     L. Grant Ferguson
return to the cultural Dark Ages, locally! It is of National,
historic and architectural interest.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                 Page 31
Sing 99 : Bonhams footpath

In the last issue of the Holybourne Magazine, I read with     After Nurse Martin died, the home was sold and Nurse
interest about the history of 99 London Road. My sister       Wilcox moved to 121 London Road.
was born there, when it was The Inwood Maternity Home,
as were many other villagers, some of whom are still living   Also in the magazine the footpath to Bonhams was
in Holybourne.                                                mentioned. This originally began at the corner of “The
                                                              Forge” but when the BP garage was built, there was a
Later, when it became a nursing home for the elderly, as a    campaign headed by Mr Edwards from the transport café
young choirboy (along with the rest of the Holybourne         (now Garwoods) to stop the path being moved, and
choir, Mr Jack Small, the choirmaster and the Reverend        Southern television covered the story. Despite the path
John Coutts) we would visit the home one evening just         being officially moved, when the garage was built the wire
before Christmas. We sang carols by candlelight in the        boundary fence was cut and some villagers still walked that
main ward and this was followed by a big tea party -          way. Old habits die hard!
sandwiches, jelly, ice cream and cake - downstairs in the
dining room, prepared by Nurse Wilcox and Nurse Martin.       David Andrews Howards Farm
We even had crackers!

Page 32                                                       The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
If you feel strongly, then write                                Letter from 'Save Anstey Park' Group
As we all know, on October 13, General Sir Richard              Sir
Dannett, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army,
publicly denounced the stance of this Government                Alton Town Council have voted to relinquish 5.3 hectares of
over the war in Iraq.                                           open space at Diggers, Anstey Park, in order to allow a
                                                                football stadium to be built there for Alton Town FC. This will
It is totally unknown for a soldier of his rank to put          not only involve the construction of fencing, buildings, and
his whole career on the block to attempt to save the            coach/car park on Diggers, but also an access road and
lives of many British soldiers who have misguidedly             disabled access across the park, bisecting the footpath
been sent into war.                                             which runs between the Convent and its sports field.
I was so impressed by his action that I wrote to him            There had been protests from many individuals regarding
saying that at least one man has had the courage                this decision, and from groups such as the Alton Society
and integrity to stand up for this poor beleaguered             and the Anstey Park Casual Users Group. The Holybourne
country whose government has lost all knowledge                 Village Association added their voice to the objections when
of such attributes.                                             they voted “overwhelmingly” that such a development
                                                                should NOT go ahead (Minutes of HVA meeting held
I was amazed to receive a letter (not just an
                                                                8/8/06). Despite this local objection, Councilor Willoughby
acknowledgement) from his ADC yesterday,
                                                                voted for the development to go ahead.
thanking me for my "heartening letter" when
support from the public contributes so much to the              Anstey Park Casual Users have reformed under the name
Army's morale.                                                  'Save Anstey Park' and we will continue to fight for the
                                                                ability for all residents to enjoy the safe and serene facilities
Maybe there is hope for us yet!
                                                                that the Diggers area provide. Our group carried out surveys
June Macdonald                                                  over the summer which provided evidence that many
                                                                hundreds more people use the Diggers part of Anstey Park,
Ed. If you feel strongly about any issue why not                than use Alton Town Football Club. Current uses of Diggers
send a Post Card. You also may get a reply.                     field includes casual kick-about, picnics, cycling, jogging,
                                                                kite-flying and dog walking. Families of all ages benefit from
                                                                the facility every day.

Loud fireworks frighten animals                                 As more houses are built in and around Alton, the need for
                                                                open space increases. At least two alternative pieces of
Sir                                                             land have been offered to the Town Council for football use.
                                                                The Save Anstey Park Group feel strongly that these areas
May I through your letters column, write to remind
                                                                have better potential for use as football clubs than Diggers,
some people that Holybourne is still partly a rural
                                                                and they should be explored in detail..
farming community. Although the farming of livestock
is in decline at the present time, some of us keep              As this magazine goes to press, it is anticipated that Coors,
animals and the continual and sometimes extremely               or their agents, Atisreal will soon apply for planning
loud fireworks combined with the lighting up of the             permission for a football stadium on Diggers. Once the
sky, does frighten and worry livestock, to the point of         application has been submitted, it will be the last
them damaging themselves against wire fences. This              opportunity to save the over-development of a well-loved
entails costly vet bills and sometimes having to put            and used site. I urge readers of this magazine to write to the
the animals down.                                               Planning Office at East Hants District Council, stating their
                                                                objections regarding the loss of public amenity.
Next year perhaps this could be remembered and
taken into account.                                             Yours faithfully,
David Andrews                                                   Gill Jackson, Chairman
Howards Farm                                                    Save Anstey Park Group committee

 The Magazine is online at Holybourne.com                       This group was supported by 300 people who signed our
 Every month the Village Magazine is being put on our website   petition during one day in August : please examine the
   www.holybourne.com. It will appear in its entirety, unless   details on www.saveansteypark.org.uk and contact us.
 anyone requests the exclusion of any items, names or contact
           details within two weeks of publication.

The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006                                                                    Page 33
Index - Holybourne Village Magazine
Volume 1 Issues 1-11 Compiled by Laura Richards
 Content                     Issue pg        Content                    Issue pg          Content                    Issue pg

Abbeyfield                      3 - 18      Directory,useful numbers       10 - 30       Mains water supply            4 - 12
Allotments                      10 - 14     EHDC Grants                    2 - 19        Mains water supply ctn        5 - 11
Alton Health Centre             10 - 21     Farm tour                      11 - 10       Manor Farm                    10 - 20
Alton Health Centre update      11 - 7      Five Heads Farm                9-7           Map Boundaries                10 Cover
Alton Live 2003                 1 - 20      FOOTPATHS & MAP                11 - 15 -19   Map WI 1951                   9 - 13
Alton Live 2004                 5 - 19      Friends of the Pond            6 - 15        Masonic Lodge                 4 - 17
Alton Live 2006                 11 - 12     Froyle walk                    10 - 7        Masons of Holybourne          7 - 28
Andrews' Endowed School         1-5         Gamekeeper                     11 - 19       Milestone                     5-5
Arthur Beasley                  3 - 22      Geese disappear                6 - 16        Military graves               9 - 20
Beading Mad                     3 - 17      Hamblin Bryan                  6 - 27        Neatham Road                  4 - 11
Betty and Molly                 5 - 22      Hanging Baskets                4 - 16        Neatham Verderer              5 - 23
Boundary reorganisation         1 - 10      Hobbs Eddie                    8 - 13        Newman David                  5-6
British Military Campaigns      11 - 13     Holybourne & the Town Council 1 - 9          Newspaper boys                4-6
Brockham Hill drains            9-9         Holybourne House               7 - 19        Nursing & Maternity home      11 - 27
Calender art exhibition         11 - 27     Holybourne in the '50's        10 - 25       Oakley George                 4-9
Calenders and the UK            3 - 22      Holybourne Theatre             7 - 18        Onyx Recycling                2 - 18
Care group                      1-6         holybourne.com                 9 - 12        Opportunity of a Lifetime     3 - 23
Chandos development             9-3         holybourne.com addresses       1 - 16        Organist Tony Willman         9 - 27
Chandos planning                10 - 5      HOPS in HOLYBOURNE             10 - 16 -19   Parents & Toddlers            11 - 31
Christmas Tree                  5 - 25      Goddard Reg                    8 - 21        Pavement dressing             8 - 12
Christmas Tree                  6 - 10      Gregory Ivan                   6 - 14        Peacock Neville               9 - 22
Church clock face appeal        8 - 18      Hosepipe ban                   11 - 9        Petrol Station                3-9
Church clock winding            9-5         HVA planning report            1-7           Photo competition             5-7
Church walls                    2-5         Image Print                    6-7           Photos of Holybourne          8 - 23
Church walls                    3-3         7/7 In memoriam                8-7           Pilgrims'/Swithun's Way       11 - 20
Church walls                    4 - 18      Inhams Close                   6-6           Police Alton                  2 - 8-10
Cole Fred                       8 - 19      Inhams letter                  7 - 21        Post Office                   3-6
Complins & Fishers              7 - 13      Inwood Ward closure            8 - 20        Post Office                   4 - 17
Complins Trust                  10 - 21     Inwood, 99 London Road         11 - 25       Post Office survival          1-7
Council Tax                     1-3         Isitfair March 2004            3 - 17        Prince of Wales PH            5 - 10
Councils of Holybourne          4 - 12      Isitfair April 2004            4 - 21        Prisoners of War              2-5
CPRE                            5 - 18      Isitfair August 2004           5-8           Prisoners of War              8 - 14-16
CPRE                            6 - 19/22   Isitfair December 2005         6 - 21        Prisoners of War ctn          10 - 14/27
CPRE Summer 2006                11 - 21     Lawn                           2 - 16        Prisoners part 2              3 - 11
CRICKET CLUB                    5 - 13-16   Lawn Centenary                 9 - 24        Railway arrives in 1852       4 - 16
Cuckoo's Corner                 8 - 13      Lawn History                   7 - 23        Road problems                 2 - 21
Daffodils                       4-9         Litter-pick                    11 - 7        Roll of Honour carving        11
Day, John & Audrey              7 - 27      London Road 1-24               4-5           Roman Road                    4
Diggers: a dog disaster         11 - 28     London Road sign               4-7           Roman rural roads             6
DIRECTORY Green Booklet 2005 issue 5        London Road sign               5-3           Rowden Diana                  10

Page 34                                                            The Holybourne Village Magazine - Xmas Issue 2006
 Content                                   Issue pg                     Content                                Issue pg                     Content                                  Issue pg

Sahara Walk                                       6                   Village design statement                        9                    REGULAR Items include
SCATS                                             2                   Village Hall Appeal                             2                    Around Holybourne
School slate to computer                          9                   Village Hall fund raising                       8                    Church News
SCHOOLS of Holybourne                             9                   Village Hall history                            2                    Councillors
Sheep shearing                                    6                   Village Hall renovations                        1                    Cricket Club
SHIFT Parish Plan                                 11                  Village picnic                                  8                    Editorials
Smith Cog                                         4                   Village Picnic 2006                             10                   Gardening
Shop re-opens                                     6                   Village picnic 2006 report                      11                   HVA reports
Speeding in Holybourne                            6                   Village Pre-School                              2                    Junior page
Speeding in Holybourne update 7                                       Vose Frank                                      9                    Letters
Sportsfield Trust                                 5                   Walking with Froyle                             11                   News in brief
Telephone numbers: see Directory                                      War Memorial Debate                             3                    Planning
Tennis tournament                                 6                   Water levels                                    11                   Pond
Titchmarsh Alan                                   10                  Website for Holybourne                          3                    Town Hall
Tree falls on house                               6                   Welsh Champion                                  5                    Village Hall
Treloar Action Group                              10                  White Hart                                      1                    Web news
Treloar fire alarms                               4                   Whitmarsh Peter                                 1
Treloar Hospital memories                         1
Vandals at the Church                             11
Village Care                                      3

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Answers to Litter-acy

1.False - they take up to 12 years 2.True 3. True 4. True 5. False - they take 450 years 6. True 7. True 8. False - over 122
tons of cigarette related litter are dropped every day 9. False - they take 10 - 20 years 10. False - it takes up to 5 years

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