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									  City of Norcross

     65 Lawrenceville Street
      Norcross, GA 30071

Meeting Minutes - Draft

 Monday, November 3, 2008

           7:00 PM

    Council Chambers

  Mayor and Council
     Mayor Bucky Johnson
    Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Allen
 Council Member David McLeroy
  Council Member Craig Newton
 Council Member Charlie Riehm
 Council Member Keith Shewbert
Mayor and Council                             Meeting Minutes - Draft                              November 3, 2008

   A.         Call to order by Mayor Bucky Johnson

   B.         Prayer
                            The invocation was given by Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Allen.

   C.         Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America

   D.         Roll Call (recorded)
                         Present   6 - Council Member David McLeroy, Council Member Keith Shewbert, Mayor
                                       Bucky Johnson, Council Member Craig Newton, Mayor Pro Tem Jeff
                                       Allen and Council Member Charlie Riehm

   E.         Presentation of previous meetings minutes for acceptance and
              acceptance of the agenda as presented for scheduled meeting.

              08-1541       Approval of Agenda
                            Motion approve with the following items being moved to Discussion:
                            08,1531,08-1533,08-1535,08-1536,08-1548,08-1553, and the addition of Item #12
                            Board Appointment for the Technology Advisory Board. Motion approved 5-0.

              08-1542       Approval of the minutes of prior month meetings
                            Attachments:    WSMeetingMinutes06-Oct-2008-01-31-55.pdf
                            A motion was made by Mayor Pro Tem Jeff Allen, seconded by Council
                            Member Charlie Riehm, that the Minutes be Approved. The motion was
                            APPROVED by unanimous vote.

   F.         Ceremonial Presentations, Recognitions, and Swearing In Ceremonies

              08-1495       TAC Award Presentation
                            Court Clerk Joy Adams was presented with the Presidents award from the TAC
                            Association for exemplary service.

              08-1547       Swearing In of Police Officer Justin A. Siegel

                            Attachments:    Oath of Office.pdf

                            This matter was Postponed

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Mayor and Council                               Meeting Minutes - Draft                              November 3, 2008

   G.         Floor Open to Citizens Desiring to Address the Governing Authority

              7a. The floor is open to citizens desiring to address the governing authority
                              Several residents came forth, including Dan Higgins and Chuck Cimarik to
                              comment on the city sidewalks, Faye McFarland came forth urging council to
                              adopt some type of ordinance to prevent commercial from moving into
                              residential areas, Louie Norcross asked that renovations to Thrasher Park not
                              be started until Lillian Webb Park is complete, John Jud voiced his opposition
                              to any additional shopping centers along Buford Highway, Nicole Gordan-Hay
                              was in favor of the proposed shopping center on Summerour with Cammie
                              Parks requesting the council be present with the residents of Sierra West when
                              they meet with the attorneys representing the clients who are proposing the
                              Shops at Summerour.

              7b. Comments by Council
                              Council member McLeroy announced that the Masonic Lodge are doing
                              Boston Butt Roasts for Thanksgiving for $25. Mayor Johnson expressed
                              thanks to City Manager Hutmacher for his service to the city and invited
                              eveyone to join the council at Paizanos after the meeting for a farewell
                              reception in his honor.

   H.         Public Hearings

              08-1498         Text Amendment to Zoning Ordinance - Revisions to
                              include the 2030 Comprehensive Plan
                              Attachments:    Staff Memo - LUP_LUM update M-CC.pdf
                                              ORDINANCE - LUM_LUP updates.pdf
                              This matter was Approved

              08-1522         Stream Buffer Variance Request SBV08-01 - Summerour
                              Street at Buford Highway
                              Attachments:    11-3-08 Stream Buffer Variance SBV2008-01 .pdf
                                              SUMER ZO-1 0 (2).pdf
                                              SVB08-01 Supplement_10-22-08.pdf
                                              Figures0-7For Buffervariance-9-16-08
                                              Application - Page 1
                                              Application - Page 2
                                              Application - Page 3
                              This matter was Tabled for Mayor and Council, due back on 12/1/2008

   I.         Reports of the Mayor and Council Members

              9a. General Announcements

   J.         Consent Agenda
                              This matter was Adopt the Consent Agenda

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Mayor and Council                            Meeting Minutes - Draft                                November 3, 2008

   1.         08-1492      Resolution approving TAD #1 Redevelopment Plan
                           Attachments:    ATLANTA-#5039196-v3-TAD_Creation_Resolution_Norcross_Downtown.pdf
                                           TAD #1 - Public Hearing regarding the redevelopment plan.pdf
                                           Norcross TAD Number 1 Creation Timeline.pdf
                                           8-26 - Norcross Redev Plan TAD Number 1, 2008.pdf
                           This matter was Approved

   2.         08-1528      Resolution Approving TAD #2 Pinnacle Pointe
                           Attachments:    ATLANTA-#5049684-v1-Pinnacle_Pointe_TAD_Resolution.pdf
                                           Norcross TAD 2_ Pinnacle Pointe Redevelopment Plan 10.09.08.pdf
                           This matter was Approved

   3.         08-1523      Approval of Gwinnett Daily Post as Legal Organ
                           Attachments:    Gwinnett Daily Post Letter

                           This matter was Approved

   9.         08-1524      Amendment to Procedures Ordinance
                           Attachments:    ORDINANCE XX.pdf

                           This matter was Approved

   K.         Items for Discussion

   4.         08-1531      Permit Fees for Residential Repairs
                           Attachments:    RESOLUTION - Fee Changes for Mechanical Residential (2).pdf

                           A motion was made by Council Member Charlie Riehm, seconded by Mayor Pro
                           Tem Jeff Allen, to approve the rosolution to lower the permit fees for
                           residentail repairs as per the attached documents with the change being made
                           to make the fee $10.

                           Keith Shewbert amended the motion to include the total project cost valued
                           below $500. David McLeroy seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

                           Council member Riehm amended to say that a resolution to lower the permit
                           fees to $10 for residential repairs with a total project cost below $500 be
                           approved by resolution. David McLeroy seconded the motion. Motion carried

   5.         08-1532      Stormwater Discussion
                           Attachments:    CITY OF NORCROSS - SW questions from Council.pdf

                           This matter was Tabled for Policy Work Session, due back on 11/10/2008

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Mayor and Council                            Meeting Minutes - Draft                             November 3, 2008

   6.         08-1533      Senior Citizen Homestead Tax Exemptions
                           Attachments:    Federal poverty Guidelines.pdf

                           Mayor Pro Tem Allen made a motion to approve a tax abatement for Senior
                           Citizens ages 62 and over in the amount of 100% beginning with the 2009 tax
                           year who meet the following criteria:
                           Applicants must be Head of Household and 62 years of age or older;
                           Applicant must be receiving homestead exemption on the property;
                           Applicant must have been residing in the home for 18 months and own the
                           Applicants must provide previous year tax statements showing gross income;
                           Applicants total gross household income must be less than 3.5 times the HHS
                           Poverty Guideline;
                           Applicants must apply for the benefit before April 30th.

                           David McLeroy seconded the motion. Motion carried 5-0.

   7.         08-1535      Resolution for Creation of Sustainable Norcross
                           Attachments:    22oct08 REVISED Resolution Creating a Sustainable Community Commission for the City o

                           This matter was Approved

   8.         08-1536      Appointment of Board Members for Sustainable
                           This matter was Approved

   10.        08-1548      Lively Street Property Purchase
                           Attachments:    345 LIvely Earnest money.pdf

                           This matter was Approved

   11.        08-1553      Appointment of Interim City Manager
                           This matter was Approved

   12.        08-1575      Appointment to the Technology Advisory Board
                           This matter was Approved

   L.         Adjourn to Executive Session for Personnel, Real Estate and Legal

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