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									Moments of Truth

By Dr. Kevin Lance Jones
What are Moments of Truth?
   Moments of Truth

   There are companies with very impressive
   consumer service policies that are not worth
   the paper on which they are written.
   The sad fact of the matter is that, in some
   companies, the Moments of Truth are not
   managed properly.
Moments of Truth – Definition
  A Moment of Truth is a contract between the
  company and consumer during which the
  consumer decides if the company really is
  consumer oriented.
  Why is that important? Well, consumers rarely
  read a company’s customer service policy
  statement and, even if they did, it would make no
  difference to their feelings about the company.
  (Except perhaps inducing some cynicism if policy
  was clearly being ignored.)
  So-o-o, the only way a consumer can judge a
  company is on the basis of contact with it.
Moments of Truth – Definition - Cont
   That contact tends to be at sporadic moments in
   time, rather than one long continuous interaction
   and it is during each “moment” that the consumer
   decides if the company means it!
   Notice the terminology - Consumers do not hold a
   balance sheet of your company.
   They do not say, “Well, I have had five contacts
   with the company. Two were bad but three have
   been good, so they must be all right.”.
Moments of Truth – Definition - Cont
   Most consumers are influenced by the most recent
   contact. If it was bad, they feel negatively about your
   company, if it was good, they feel positively.
   Every contact we have with a consumer is an
   opportunity to undo all the good that previous
   contacts have built up and maybe lose the customer.
    Alternatively, if the consumer is still around, it is an
   opportunity to make up for some bad consumer
   service in the past.
Managing Moments of Truth
   To manage a Moment of Truth favorably,
   you need to exhibit three qualities:
   Care and concern
   You have to prove to consumers / customers
   that you do personally value their business
   and that you are prepared to put yourself out
   for them, by sorting out complicated
   arrangements on their behalf, for example.
Managing Moments of Truth - Cont
   Consumers like the people with whom they
   are dealing to have the authority and use
   their discretion to make decisions.
   Words like, “I’m not authorized to deal with
   that and my supervisor is out at the moment.
   Can you come back after lunch?” are the
   kiss of death to consumer / customer
Managing Moments of Truth - Cont
   Most consumers know that suppliers are people too
   and understand when things go wrong.
   If the supplier then tries to ignore the problem,
   minimize it, pass the buck or blame the consumer,
   the Moment of Truth has been badly handled.
   Consumers want the problem resolved quickly and
   efficiently. If they can see that someone in the
   company has made a special effort to correct it, they
   are likely to become more loyal than customers who
   have never experienced a problem.
Moments of Truth - ACTION PLAN

  * Your actions
  * Crisis management
  * Authority levels
  * Initiative
  * Recommendations to your manager
How to Handle Moments of Truth
   Companies that handle Moments of Truth
   well will tend to have the following five (5)
   1. Performance at every contact point is
   assessed against the consumers’ criteria.
   This includes, for example, first
   impressions of the company building / shop
   / lounge etc., mailings, standard letters and
   so on.
How to Handle Moments of Truth-Cont

  2. Staff who “own the problem” and
  regard it as their personal
  responsibility to see that consumers
  or customers are satisfied.
How to Handle Moments of Truth- Cont
   3. They have clearly defined and well
   understood crisis management procedures
   so that staff know how to handle problems
   in such a way that the problem is taken from
   the consumer and replaced with a solution.
   As one insurance company puts it, if you
   give them your business they will never
   make a drama out of a crisis.
How to Handle Moments of Truth- Cont
  4. Authority levels facilitate spontaneity
  and recovery.

  5. The management style and methods of
  control encourage staff to use their
  initiative to serve the company well.
Moments of Truth - Conclusions
   Consumer service survival requires instead of
   retreating and distancing yourself from the customer:
   you have to go in the other direction.
   You have to get even more sincere and authentic than
   you normally are. The customer wants someone to
   really listen to him and appreciate his predicament.
   The customer wants you to do battle for them not
   against them. That’s the basis for long term
   successful consumer service: Building the

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