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									                          Status of Projects as of 03/16/2007
                                      Tim Forrest

RMC 0-5696: Developing a Statewide, Integrated GIS/GPS Data Model

This RMC is a 2-year project, scheduled for completion at the end of FY 2008. Currently, this
project is slightly behind schedule, however progress is still being made, and the research team is
optimistic that this will continue and that the project will finish on schedule. This is very
important because a session is currently being scheduled for the 2008 TxDOT Transportation
Planning Conference in Houston.

Cesar Quiroga of TOG in San Antonio is the RS for this project. He will be notified of my new
status, and will make adjustments to future scheduled meetings with MPOs and TxDOT. I do
not expect that this project will require a replacement researcher from Transportation Planning in
order to continue with the research process, although it is possible that Cesar or another person
from the research team will contact Stephen Farnsworth in the future in order to conduct a survey
or schedule a meeting on some of his GIS data practices.

Additionally, I will immediately notify Cesar that I will not be attending any additional meetings
that are scheduled to occur, as I believe that my time would be better spent in College Station.

RMC 0-5711: Improving Quality and Accuracy in Select Travel Surveys

As the lead for this project, you fully understand my significance in performing a variety of data
analysis and reporting tasks related to this research. In order to best facilitate

Task 7, which deals with external station survey sample size, has been completed, and a
technical memorandum was submitted in January. I have maintained all files associated with
this task, and will pass them on to the person on the research team that you feel will be best for
making adjustments to this data in the future, should additional inquires be made for the final
research report.

Task 5 was the next to begin, and deals with a comparison of the differences in travel that occur
in each direction at a two-way survey. The relevant data for this task has been collected and
assembled into Excel spreadsheets, but no technical memorandum has yes been initiated. If it is
determined that the completion of this task is not a priority during my transition, it is my
recommendation that Stephen Farnsworth or Ed Hard are my successor for the completion of this
task. I believe that they would be the most effective in understanding what occurs at two-way
survey stations, and are best-equipped to handle the data that I can provide to them.

Also scheduled for completion along with Task 5 is Task 6, which deals with and evaluation of
the effects of time of day on external surveys. For this task, I was assigned the leading role – to
obtain the data, perform the necessary analyses, and prepare a technical memorandum
documenting this. It is my recommendation that Stephen Farnsworth or Mark Ojah are my
successor for the complete of this task.

Scheduled for completion later this fiscal year are Tasks 12 and 13. For these tasks, Ed Hard has
been assigned the leading role, with myself in a supporting role, providing assistance in data
analysis and documenting the methodology. It is my recommendation that Mark Ojah is my
successor to these tasks, as he works well with Ed, and is very efficient and organized in his data

IAC 407032: Travel Survey Program - Overall

Currently, there are multiple surveys that I am at various stages in performing the necessary data
analysis and reporting steps necessary for the final project and data to be submitted to TxDOT.
The following is my best attempts at describing the current status of each of these surveys as it
relates to my data analysis and reporting tasks. Please do not hesitate to contact me during about
additional information that I can provide on any of these surveys, as well as any additional ones
that have not been mentioned here.

IAC 407032: Rio Grande Valley Household/GPS Survey

The data analysis for this task is completed, and a final draft of this report is nearly complete.
The only thing holding up its completion is the creation of a few very large and complex tables
to be included in the report. It is likely that the completion of these tables, and their insertion
into the document could take as many as 2-3 days. However, their exclusion from the final draft
could drastically speed up the completion of this report. Due to my intricate knowledge of this
survey analysis and report, it is my recommendation that this task be made one of my priorities
during my transition time. It is also my recommendation that these unfinished tables to be
included in the report, which do not add a significant value, are not included, further speeding up
its completion, which will allow me to work on other additional priorities.

IAC 407032: Amarillo, Lubbock, and Austin/San Antonio Household/GPS Surveys

For Amarillo, the GPS data for this task has been collected, checked for errors, and maintained
on my local machine. No data analysis tasks for this survey have yet begun.

For Lubbock, the GPS data for this task has been collected, checked for errors, and maintained
on my local machine. No data analysis tasks for this survey have yet begun.
For Austin/San Antonio, the GPS data for this task has been collected, checked for errors, and
had the full trip analysis performed on the GPS data. Along with the GPS data, this trip
information file is stored on my local machine. The completion of this analysis will involve
adding the CATI trip data to this file, making the GPS-CATI comparison, and reporting all of the
necessary results.

It is my recommendation that the data for these surveys be stored by HTP until additional staff
are added that have the time commitments available to perform the data analysis and reporting
for this survey. Although I believe current staff can be trained to conduct this data analysis, it is
a very time-consuming process to perform the many steps associated with the comparison of
GPS and household trip data, and I am not sure that anyone on the current staff has this much
available. I feel that new staff members added to the Transportation Planning program with GIS
training would be better equipped to handling this task, and will initially have more time to
spend that can be devoted to completing it.

IAC 407032: Rio Grande Valley External Station Survey

The final reports and trip tables for this survey have been completed, however it has been
recommended that additional sections be added to each of the reports dealing with a comparison
of the international sites to the non-international sites. The extent of the detail for this additional
comparison will be the key factor in determining the timeline for completion.

It is my recommendation that this task not be made a priority during my transition time, as I feel
that this additional comparison could take many days to complete, and that my time is better
spent on other priorities, such as training other staff and transitioning other projects as necessary.

IAC 407032: Dallas-Fort Worth-Sherman-Denison External Station Survey

The data analysis tasks for this survey are complete, including the creation of all tables and
figures necessary for the report creation. The data from this survey, as well as all of the tables
and figures I have created are stored on my local machine. The report for this survey has not yet
begun, although I feel it should not be a complicated task to complete for anyone in the program.

It is my recommendation that Debbie Spillane, under the guidance of Stephen Farnsworth, be
assigned the completion of this report. I make this recommendation because I feel that my
organization of the data necessary for the final report will make it very easy for her to create the
report, as well as give her a chance to get more involved in the data analysis tasks that we do,
without having to be overwhelmed initially by having to perform all of the data analysis. I also
feel that Stephen will be able to provide her adequate assistance in understanding the external
station survey process, as well as provide to her any technical assistance associated with the
report that she may need.
I will provide to you the trip tables that I have completed, however the VMT calculations have
not yet been performed.

IAC 407032: Austin Travel Time and Delay Survey

For this survey, the data analysis is nearly complete, and the final tables necessary for the report
are all that need to be created in order for the project to be finished. Mark Ojah and I have
worked extremely hard to make the travel time and delay data collection and analysis process as
efficient as possible, and Mark has already completed the final report template for this survey,
and is waiting for the final tables from me.

Currently, I am in the process of running the final data queries, and have started to created the
figures needed for the report. It is my recommendation that these graphs be completed by
myself, and that Mark Ojah and I spend time together so that I can train him in the GIS-related
tasks associated with the data analysis. I believe that he can be trained on all of the data analysis
tasks that I perform, allowing him to perform them in the future. Additionally, this would give
Mark a chance to better understand GIS software, and make him a more dynamic researcher for
Transportation Planning, allowing him to perform many of the random GIS tasks that I currently


In addition to the various projects I have described here, I also perform a variety of random work
for other programs at TTI from time-to-time, do map production for Patti Ellis’ IAC, and also
have papers scheduled for upcoming conferences. For these other random projects and papers, I
will be contacting these individuals personally in order to help them move forward in my

In my four-plus years at TTI, I have done my best to archive and maintain all of the data that I
have analyzed, error-checked, and otherwise been associated with. I am not sure how you would
like to proceed with handing this data over to other staff members, but I will be happy to perform
and tasks you need me to do in order to facilitate this.

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