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					                                                                                                                                                 LEGISLATIVE BRANCH                                 53

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                                                                                                Congressional Relations Congressional
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                                    an order, call 866–512–1800 or, in the                                                  Public Relations Public relations
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                                    Information Dissemination
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                                    For further information, contact Public Relations, Government Printing Office, 732 North Capitol Street
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                                    LIBRARY OF CONGRESS
                                    101 Independence Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20540
                                    Phone, 202–707–5000. Internet,

                                    Librarian of Congress                                                                                 JAMES H. BILLINGTON
                                    Deputy Librarian of Congress                                                                          DONALD L. SCOTT

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                                    54        U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL

                                    Chief of Staff                                                    JOANN JENKINS
                                    Associate Librarian for Library Services                          DEANNA MARCUM
                                    Associate Librarian for Human Resources                           DENNIS HANRATTY
                                    Director, Congressional Research Service                          DANIEL P. MULHOLLAN
                                    Register of Copyrights and Associate Librarian                    MARYBETH PETERS
                                         for Copyright Services
                                    Law Librarian                                                     RUBENS MEDINA
                                    General Counsel                                                   ELIZABETH PUGH
                                    Inspector General                                                 KARL SCHORNAGEL
                                    Chief, Collections Access, Loan, and                              STEVEN HERMAN
                                         Management Division
                                    Library of Congress Trust Fund Board
                                    Chairman (Librarian of Congress)                                  JAMES H. BILLINGTON
                                    (Secretary of the Treasury)                                       JOHN W. SNOW
                                    (Chairman, Joint Committee on the Library)                        VERNON EHLERS
                                    (Vice Chairman, Joint Committee on the                            TED STEVENS
                                    Members                                                           RUTH ALTSHULER, EDWIN L. COX,
                                                                                                        ELISABETH DE VOS, J. RICHARD
                                                                                                        FREDERICKS, LEO HINDERY, JOHN
                                                                                                        KLUGE, TOM LUCE, BERNARD
                                                                                                        RAPOPORT, B. FRANCIS SAUL II,
                                                                                                        ANTHONY WELTERS

                                    The Library of Congress is the national library of the United States, offering diverse
                                    materials for research including the world’s most extensive collections in many areas
                                    such as American history, music, and law.

                                    The Library of Congress was established                 many formats, including maps,
                                    by act of April 24, 1800 (2 Stat. 56),                  photographs, manuscripts, motion
                                    appropriating $5,000 ‘‘for the purchase                 pictures, and sound recordings. Among
                                    of such books as may be necessary for                   them are the most comprehensive
                                    the use of Congress . . . .’’ The                       collections of Chinese, Japanese, and
                                    Library’s scope of responsibility has been              Russian language books outside Asia and
                                    widened by subsequent legislation (2                    the former Soviet Union; volumes
                                    U.S.C. 131–168d). The Librarian,                        relating to science and legal materials
                                    appointed by the President with the                     outstanding for American and foreign
                                    advice and consent of the Senate, directs               law; the world’s largest collection of
                                    the Library.                                            published aeronautical literature; and the
                                       The Library’s first responsibility is                most extensive collection in the Western
                                    service to Congress. As the Library has                 Hemisphere of books printed before
                                    developed, its range of service has come                1501 A.D.
                                    to include the entire governmental                         The manuscript collections relate to
                                    establishment and the public at large,                  manifold aspects of American history
                                    making it a national library for the                    and civilization, and include the
                                    United States.                                          personal papers of most of the Presidents
                                                                                            from George Washington through Calvin
                                    Activities                                              Coolidge. The music collections contain
                                    Collections The Library’s extensive                     volumes and pieces—manuscript and
                                    collections are universal in scope. They                published—from classic works to the
                                    include books, serials, and pamphlets on                newest popular compositions. Other
                                    every subject and in a multitude of                     materials available for research include
                                    languages, and research materials in                    maps and views; photographic records

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12:29 Jul 19, 2006
                                                                      LIBRARY OF CONGRESS

Jkt 206692
                                                                         LIBRARIAN OF CONGRESS                  OFFICE OF THE
                                                                            DEPUTY LIBRARIAN                 INSPECTOR GENERAL

PO 00000
Frm 00065
                                               OFFICE OF THE LIBRARIAN
                                                                                           ENABLING INFRASTRUCTURE
                                                   CHIEF OF STAFF
                                               OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS/PUBLIC             OFFICE OF THE CHIEF FINANCIAL
                                                 AFFAIRS OFFICE                              OFFICER

Fmt 6997
                                               CONGRESSIONAL RELATIONS OFFICE              HUMAN RESOURCES SERVICES
                                               DEVELOPMENT OFFICE                          INTEGRATED SUPPORT SERVICES
                                               OFFICE OF THE GENERAL COUNSEL
                                                                                           SECURITY AND EMERGENCY
                                               SPECIAL EVENTS AND PUBLIC

Sfmt 6995
                                               OFFICE OF WORKFORCE DIVERSITY
                                               OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT AND
                                               CONTRACTS AND GRANTS

                               CONGRESSIONAL                                                                                 OFFICE OF
                                                     COPYRIGHT                     LAW                   LIBRARY
                                 RESEARCH                                                                                   STRATEGIC
                                                                                 LIBRARY                SERVICES
                                                                                                                                          LEGISLATIVE BRANCH

                                  SERVICE                                                                                   INITIATIVES


PsN: 206692
                                    56        U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL

                                    from the daguerreotype to the latest                    dramatic works, pantomimes and
                                    news photo; recordings, including                       choreographic works, pictorial, graphic,
                                    folksongs and other music, speeches,                    and sculptural works, motion pictures,
                                    and poetry readings; prints, drawings,                  sound recordings, vessel hull designs,
                                    and posters; government documents,                      mask works, and architectural works.
                                    newspapers, and periodicals from all                    Serving in its capacity as a national
                                    over the world; and motion pictures,                    registry for creative works, the Copyright
                                    microforms, and audio and video tapes.                  Office registers more than 500,000
                                    Reference Resources Admission to the                    claims to copyright annually
                                    various research facilities of the Library              (representing more than 800,000 works)
                                    is free. No introduction or credentials                 and is a major source of acquisitions for
                                    are required for persons over high school               the universal collections of the Library of
                                    age. Readers must register by presenting                Congress. Most of the information
                                    valid photo identification with a current               available on paper is also accessible
                                    address, and for certain collections there              online, at
                                    are additional requirements. As demands                 Extension of Service The Library
                                    for service to Congress and Federal                     extends its service through the following:
                                    Government agencies increase, reference                    —an interlibrary loan system;
                                    service available through                                  —the photoduplication, at reasonable
                                    correspondence has become limited. The                  cost, of books, manuscripts, maps,
                                    Library must decline some requests and                  newspapers, and prints in its collections;
                                    refer correspondents to a library within                   —the sale of sound recordings, which
                                    their area that can provide satisfactory                are released by its Recording Laboratory;
                                                                                               —the exchange of duplicates with
                                    assistance. While priority is given to
                                                                                            other institutions;
                                    inquiries pertaining to its holdings of
                                                                                               —the sale of CD–ROM cataloging
                                    special materials or to subjects in which               tools and magnetic tapes and the
                                    its resources are unique, the Library does              publication in book format or microform
                                    attempt to provide helpful responses to                 of cumulative catalogs, which make
                                    all inquirers. Online reference service is              available the results of the expert
                                    also available through the ‘‘Ask a                      bibliographical and cataloging work of
                                    Librarian’’ site, at                    its technical personnel;
                                    askalib.                                                   —a centralized cataloging program
                                    Copyrights With the enactment of the                    whereby the Library of Congress
                                    second general revision of the U.S.                     acquires material published all over the
                                    copyright law by Act of July 8, 1870 (16                world, catalogs it promptly, and
                                    Stat. 212–217), all activities relating to              distributes cataloging information in
                                    copyright, including deposit and                        machine-readable form and other means
                                    registration, were centralized in the                   to the Nation’s libraries;
                                    Library of Congress. The Copyright Act                     —a cooperative cataloging program
                                    of 1976 (90 Stat. 2541) brought all forms               whereby the cataloging of data, by name
                                    of copyrightable authorship, both                       authority and bibliographic records,
                                    published and unpublished, under a                      prepared by other libraries becomes part
                                    single statutory system which gives                     of the Library of Congress database and
                                    authors protection immediately upon                     is distributed through the Cataloging
                                    creation of their works. Exclusive rights               Distribution Service;
                                    granted to authors under the statute                       —a cataloging-in-publication program
                                    include the right to reproduce and                      in cooperation with American publishers
                                    prepare derivative works, distribute                    for printing cataloging information in
                                    copies or phonorecords, perform and                     current books;
                                    display the work publicly, and in the                      —the National Serials Data Program, a
                                    case of sound recordings, to perform the                national center that maintains a record
                                    work publicly by means of a digital                     of serial titles to which International
                                    audio transmission. Works eligible for                  Standard Serial Numbers have been
                                    copyright include literary works (books                 assigned and serves, with this file, as the
                                    and periodicals), musical works,                        United States Register; and

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                                                                                                         LEGISLATIVE BRANCH               57

                                       —the development of general schemes                  committees, prepare products on current
                                    of classification (Library of Congress and              legislative issues, write confidential
                                    Dewey Decimal), subject headings, and                   memoranda, and provide personal
                                    cataloging, embracing the entire field of               consultations. The Service also conducts
                                    printed matter.                                         seminars on public policy and legal
                                       Furthermore, the Library provides for                issues as well as training in the
                                    the following:                                          legislative and budget processes.
                                       —the preparation of bibliographical
                                                                                            For further information, call 202–707–5700.
                                    lists responsive to the needs of
                                    Government and research;                                American Folklife Center The Center
                                       —the maintenance and the                             was established in the Library of
                                    publication of cooperative publications;                Congress by Act of January 2, 1976 (20
                                       —the publication of catalogs,                        U.S.C. 2102 et seq.). It supports,
                                    bibliographical guides, and lists, and of               preserves, and presents American folklife
                                    texts of original manuscripts and rare                  by receiving and maintaining folklife
                                    books in the Library of Congress;                       collections, scholarly research, field
                                       —the circulation in traveling
                                                                                            projects, performances, exhibitions,
                                    exhibitions of items from the Library’s
                                                                                            festivals, workshops, publications, and
                                       —the provision of books in braille,                  audiovisual presentations. The Center
                                    electronic access to braille books on the               has conducted projects in many
                                    Internet, ‘‘talking books,’’ and books on               locations across the country, such as the
                                    tape for the blind and the physically                   ethnic communities of Chicago, IL;
                                    handicapped through 134 cooperating                     southern Georgia; a ranching community
                                    libraries throughout the Nation;                        in northern Nevada; the Blue Ridge
                                       —the distribution of its electronic                  Parkway in southern Virginia and
                                    materials via the Internet; and                         northern North Carolina; and the States
                                       —the provision of research and                       of New Jersey, Rhode Island, and
                                    analytical services on a fee-for-service                Montana. The projects have provided
                                    basis to agencies in the executive and                  large collections of recordings and
                                    judicial branches.                                      photographs for the Archive of Folk
                                    Congressional Research Service                          Culture. The Center administers the
                                    Congress created the Congressional                      Federal Cylinder Project, which is
                                    Research Service (CRS) to serve its needs               charged with preserving and
                                    for nonpartisan and objective research                  disseminating music and oral traditions
                                    and analysis of legislative policy issues.              recorded on wax cylinders dating from
                                    CRS provides timely, confidential, and                  the late 1800s to the early 1940s. A
                                    authoritative research and analysis to                  cultural conservation study was
                                    Members, committees, and their staff.                   developed at the Center, in cooperation
                                    The Service provides comprehensive                      with the Department of the Interior,
                                    support in foreign policy, economics,                   pursuant to a congressional mandate.
                                    law, science, political science, and                    Various conferences, workshops, and
                                    social policy. CRS also covers the                      symposia are given throughout the year.
                                    operations and procedures of both                          The Folklife Center News, a quarterly
                                    Chambers, legislative processes for the                 newsletter, and other informational
                                    Federal budget and appropriations, and                  publications are available upon request.
                                    all constitutional issues, including                    Many Center publications and a number
                                    separation of powers, war powers,                       of collections are available online
                                    impeachment, and electoral procedures.                  through the Internet, at
                                       CRS analysts, attorneys, and                         folklife.
                                    information specialists work closely with                  The American Folklife Center
                                    Members and committees to explain                       maintains and administers the Archive of
                                    policy problems, develop options and                    Folk Culture, an extensive collection of
                                    legislative proposals, conduct legal                    ethnographic materials from this country
                                    analysis of pending legislation, deliver                and around the world. It is the national
                                    testimony before congressional                          repository for folk-related recordings,

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                                    58        U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL

                                    manuscripts, and other unpublished                      National Film Preservation Board The
                                    materials. The Center’s reading room                    National Film Preservation Board,
                                    contains over 3,500 books and                           established by the National Film
                                    periodicals; a sizable collection of                    Preservation Act of 1992 (2 U.S.C. 179)
                                    magazines, newsletters, unpublished                     and reauthorized by the National Film
                                    theses, and dissertations; field notes; and             Preservation Act of 2005 (2 U.S.C.
                                    many textual and some musical                           179n), serves as a public advisory group
                                    transcriptions and recordings. The                      to the Librarian of Congress. The Board
                                    American Folklife Center also                           works to ensure the survival,
                                    administers the Veterans History Project.               conservation, and increased public
                                    Established by Congress in 2000, the                    availability of America’s film heritage,
                                    purpose of the Veterans History Project                 including advising the Librarian on the
                                    is to record and preserve for future                    annual selection of films to the National
                                    generations the first-person accounts of                Film Registry and counseling the
                                    war veterans, including Members of                      Librarian on development and
                                    Congress.                                               implementation of the national film
                                    For further information, call 202–707–5510.             preservation plan. Key publications are
                                                                                            Film Preservation 1993: A Study of the
                                    Center for the Book The Center was                      Current State of American Film
                                    established in the Library of Congress by               Preservation, Redefining Film
                                    an act of October 13, 1977 (2 U.S.C.                    Preservation: A National Plan, and
                                    171 et seq.), to stimulate public interest              Television and Video Preservation 1997:
                                    in books, reading, and libraries, and to                A Study of the Current State of American
                                    encourage the study of books and print                  Television and Video Preservation.
                                    culture. The Center is a catalyst for
                                    promoting and exploring the vital role of               For further information, call 202–707–5912.
                                    books, reading, and libraries—nationally                National Sound Recording Preservation
                                    and internationally. As a partnership                   Board The National Sound Recording
                                    between the Government and the private                  Preservation Board, established by the
                                    sector, the Center for the Book depends                 National Recording Preservation Act of
                                    on tax-deductible contributions from                    2000 (2 U.S.C. 1701 note), includes
                                    individuals and corporations to support                 three major components: a National
                                    its programs.                                           Recording Preservation Advisory Board,
                                       The Center’s activities are directed                 which brings together experts in the
                                    toward the general public and scholars.                 field, a National Recording Registry, and
                                    The overall program includes reading                    a fundraising foundation, all of which
                                    promotion projects with television and                  are conducted under the auspices of the
                                    radio networks, symposia, lectures,                     Library of Congress. The purpose of the
                                    exhibitions, special events, and                        Board is to create and implement a
                                    publications. More than 90 national                     national plan for the long-term
                                    educational and civic organizations                     preservation and accessibility of the
                                    participate in the Center’s annual                      Nation’s audio heritage. It also advises
                                    reading promotion campaign.                             the Librarian on the selection of
                                       All 50 States and the District of                    culturally, aesthetically, or historically
                                    Columbia have established statewide                     significant sound recordings to be
                                    book centers that are affiliated with the
                                                                                            included on the National Recording
                                    Center for the Book in the Library of
                                                                                            Registry. The national recording
                                    Congress. State centers plan and fund
                                                                                            preservation program will set standards
                                    their own projects, involving members of
                                                                                            for future private and public preservation
                                    the State’s ‘‘community of the book,’’
                                    including authors, readers, prominent                   efforts and will be conducted in
                                    citizens, and public officials who serve                conjunction with the state-of-the-art
                                    as honorary advisers.                                   National Audio-Visual Conservation
                                                                                            Center the Library is developing in
                                    For further information, contact the Center for the     Culpeper, VA.
                                    Book. Phone, 202–707–5221. Fax, 202–707–0269.
                                    E-mail,                                 For further information, call 202–707–5856.

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                                                                                                         LEGISLATIVE BRANCH             59

                                    Preservation The Library provides                       Copyright Services Information about
                                    technical information related to the                    the copyright law (title 17 of the U.S.
                                    preservation of library and archival                    Code), the method of securing copyright,
                                    material. A series of handouts on various               and copyright registration procedures
                                    preservation and conservation topics has                may be obtained by writing to the
                                    been prepared by the Preservation                       Copyright Office, Library of Congress,
                                    Office. Information and publications are                101 Independence Avenue SE.,
                                    available from the Office of the Director               Washington, DC 20559–6000. Phone,
                                    for Preservation, Library of Congress,                  202–707–3000. Copyright information is
                                    Washington, DC 20540–4500. Phone,                       also available through the Internet at
                                    202–707–1840.                                  Registration
                                                                                            application forms may be ordered by
                                    Sources of Information                                  calling the forms hotline at 202–707–
                                    Books for the Blind and Physically                      9100. Copyright records may be
                                    Handicapped Talking and braille books                   researched and reported by the
                                    and magazines are distributed through                   Copyright Office for a fee; for an
                                    134 regional and subregional libraries to               estimate, call 202–707–6850. Members
                                    blind and physically handicapped                        of the public may use the copyright card
                                    residents of the United States and its                  catalog in the Copyright Office without
                                    territories. Qualified users can also                   charge. The database of Copyright Office
                                    register for Web-Braille, an Internet-                  records cataloged from January 1, 1978,
                                    based service. Information is available at              to the present is available through the
                                    public libraries throughout the United                  Internet at
                                    States and from the headquarters office,                rb.html. The Copyright Information
                                    National Library Service for the Blind                  Office is located in Room LM–401,
                                    and Physically Handicapped, Library of                  James Madison Memorial Building, 101
                                    Congress, 1291 Taylor Street NW.,                       Independence Avenue SE., Washington,
                                    Washington, DC 20542–4960. Phone,                       DC 20559–6000, and is open to the
                                    202–707–5100.                                           public Monday through Friday, 8:30
                                    Cataloging Data Distribution                            a.m. to 5 p.m. e.s.t., except Federal
                                    Cataloging and bibliographic information                holidays.
                                    in the form of microfiche catalogs, book                Employment Employment inquiries
                                    catalogs, magnetic tapes, CD–ROM                        should be directed to Human Resources
                                    cataloging tools, bibliographies, and                   Services, Library of Congress, 101
                                    other technical publications is distributed             Independence Avenue SE., Washington,
                                    to libraries and other institutions.                    DC 20540–2200. Vacancy
                                    Information about ordering materials is                 announcements and applications are
                                    available from the Cataloging                           also available from the Employment
                                    Distribution Service, Library of Congress,              Office, Room LM–107, 101
                                    Washington, DC 20541–4910. Phone,                       Independence Avenue SE. Phone, 202–
                                    202–707–6100. TDD, 202–707–0012.                        707–4315. Internet,
                                    Fax, 202–707–1334. E-mail,                              employment.
                                                             Photoduplication Service Copies of
                                       Library of Congress card numbers for                 manuscripts, prints, photographs, maps,
                                    new publications are assigned by the                    and book material not subject to
                                    Cataloging in Publication Division.                     copyright and other restrictions are
                                    Direct inquiries to CIP Division, Library               available for a fee. Order forms for
                                    of Congress, Washington, DC 20540–                      photo reproduction and price schedules
                                    4320. Phone, 202–707–6372.                              are available from the Photoduplication
                                    Contracts Persons seeking to do                         Service, Library of Congress, 101
                                    business with the Library of Congress                   Independence Avenue SE., Washington,
                                    should contact Contracts and Logistics                  DC 20540–4570. Phone, 202–707–
                                    Services, Room 325, John Adams                          5640.
                                    Building, Washington, DC, 20540–9410.                   Publications A list of Library of
                                    Phone, 202–707–0419.                                    Congress publications, many of which

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                                    60        U.S. GOVERNMENT MANUAL

                                    are of interest to the general public, is               specialists in the Science, Technology,
                                    available through the Internet at                       and Business Division provide a free
                           A monthly Calendar of                      service in answering brief technical
                                    Events, listing programs, and exhibitions               inquiries entailing a bibliographic
                                    at the Library of Congress can be mailed                response. Requests for reference services
                                    regularly to persons within 100 miles of                should be directed to the Science,
                                    Washington, DC. Make requests to                        Technology, and Business Division,
                                    Office Systems Services, Mail and                       Library of Congress, Science Reference
                                    Distribution Management Section,                        Section, 101 Independence Avenue SE.,
                                    Library of Congress, 101 Independence
                                                                                            Washington, DC 20540–4750. Phone,
                                    Avenue SE., Washington, DC 20540–
                                                                                            202–707–5639. Internet,
                                    Reference and Bibliographic Services                    rr/scitech.
                                    Guidance is offered to readers in                       Research Services in General Topics
                                    identifying and using the material in the               Federal Government agencies can
                                    Library’s collections, and reference                    procure directed research and analytical
                                    service is provided to those with                       products on foreign and domestic topics
                                    inquiries who have exhausted local,                     using the collections of the Library of
                                    State, and regional resources. Persons                  Congress through the Federal Research
                                    requiring services that cannot be                       Division. Science, technology,
                                    performed by the Library staff can be                   humanities, and social science topics of
                                    supplied with names of private                          research are conducted by staff
                                    researchers who work on a fee basis.                    specialists exclusively on behalf of
                                    Requests for information should be                      Federal agencies on a fee-for-service
                                    directed to the Reference Referral                      basis. Requests for service should be
                                    Service, Library of Congress, 101                       directed to the Federal Research
                                    Independence Avenue SE., Washington,                    Division, Marketing Office, Library of
                                    DC 20540–4720. Phone, 202–707–                          Congress, Washington, DC 20540–4840.
                                    5522. Fax, 202–707–1389.                                Phone, 202–707–3909. Fax, 202–245–
                                    Research and Reference Services in
                                    Science and Technology Reference

                                    For further information, contact the Public Affairs Office, Library of Congress, 101 Independence Avenue
                                    SE., Washington, DC 20540–8610. Phone, 202–707–2905. Fax, 202–707–9199. Internet,

                                    CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE
                                    Second and D Streets SW., Washington, DC 20515
                                    Phone, 202–226–2600. Internet,

                                    Director                                                          DONALD B. MARRON, Acting
                                    Deputy Director                                                   DONALD B. MARRON
                                    Special Assistant to the Director                                 EDWARD DAVIS
                                    General Counsel                                                   ROBERT P. MURPHY
                                    Assistant Director for Business, Management,                      STEPHEN A. WEIGLER
                                         and Information Services
                                    Associate Director for Communications                             MELISSA MERSON
                                    Associate Director for Research and Reports                       ARLENE HOLEN
                                    Assistant Director for Budget Analysis                            ROBERT A. SUNSHINE
                                    Assistant Director for Health and Human                           BRUCE VAVRICHEK
                                    Assistant Director for Macroeconomic Analysis                     ROBERT A. DENNIS
                                    Assistant Director for Microeconomic Studies                      JOSEPH KILE

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