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									                                            Knights of Columbus                                                       2009
                                                 St. Clare of Assisi Council 12851                                    June
                                                         Surprise, Arizona

ATTENTION ALL BROTHER KNIGHTS– The following are your Officers for 2009-2010

                                  Chaplain                  Fr Hans Ruygt
                                  Spiritual Director        Deacon Steve Martin
                                  Grand Knight              Gene Mialki
                                  Dep. Grand Knight         Steve Salata
                                  Chancellor                Ron Kulpaka
                                  Warden                    Jack LaSpina
                                  Advocate                  Glenn Whitman
                                  Outside Guard             Joe Desaulniers
                                  Inside Guard              Felice Maccagnano
                                  Fin Secretary             Art Gratton
                                  Treasurer                 Mike Tusay
                                  Recorder                  Tom Weier
                                  Trustee 3 Year            Fred Semper
                                  Trustee 2 Year            Joe Cadute
                                  Trustee 1 Year            Vince Melluse

Thanks for all who participated– we appreciate your involvement!

The Arizona State Council is the governing body for the Knights of Columbus in the jurisdiction (state) of Arizona. Go to this site
for more details-

**SHIRTS- Contact Gene or Art if interested in a purchase of one of our very nice K of C dress shirts!!

                                           Council #12851 Officers– 2008/2009

 CHAPLAIN Father Hans Ruygt (623) 546-3444                    SPIRITUAL DIRECTOR Deacon Stephen Martin (623) 975-4232

 GRAND KNIGHT Gene Mialki (623) 412-0747                      DEP. GRAND KNIGHT Justin Perrigo (623) 398-6671

 CHANCELLOR Dan Heidel (623) 556-5182                         RECORDER Tom Weier (623) 243-7870

 FIN. SECRETARY Art Gratton (623) 556-9727                    TREASURER Michael Tusay Jr. (623) 328-8199

 ADVOCATE Glenn Whitman (623) 214-2370                        WARDEN Ron Kulpaka (623) 214-3914

 INSIDE GUARD Felice Maccagnano (623) 975-1439                OUTSIDE GUARD Steve Salata ( 623) 444-4320

 T)RUSTEE 3 year Joe Cadute (623) 266-1127                    TRUSTEE 2 year Vince Melluse (623) 214-3716

 TRUSTEE 1 year Russ Hill (623) 376-9593                      DISTRICT DEPUTY– John Finan (623) 584-3429
                                                        GRAND KNIGHTS REPORT
        OFFICER’S MEETING, June , 2009

                                                        I would like to thank the 10, 4th degree and
                                                        4, 3rd degree members for marching in the
                                                        Surprise Memorial Day Parade on
                                                        Saturday May 23rd:

           2009 SUPREME CONVENTION                      Ron Remm, John Finan, Vince Melluse, Joe Codute (Color
                 Scottsdale, Arizona                    Guard), Russ Hill, Gene Mialki, Doug Walsh, Sal Pinzone,
             Hosted by the Arizona State                Mark Craft, John Julian, Jerry Conte.
                                                        George Moser, Leo Murphy & Stan Mucha rode in the truck
      Next Business Meeting: Thursday, June 18th        for “Partners in Patriotism”.
                        @ 7:30 PM
                                                        The Council would like to thank Jack & Carol Gandolf for their
    Directions to Church: 17111 W. Bell Road. This is
                                                        Casino Bus trip to Casino Arizona on April 27th, donating $400
    at the corner of West Bell Road and Cotton Lane.    to our Building Fund.

Knight of the month for May: Michael Tusay
Family of the month for May: Mark Craft

                                                        FINANCIAL SECRETARY REPORT
Please attend MASS each Satur-                          Congratulations to David Scholler who has
day or Sunday– with your family                         just attained the elite status of HONARY
if possible!!                                           LIFE membership. David joined the Knights
                                                        of Columbus on April 1, 1974. He became
                                                        a member of our Council in October
                                                        of 2001. He transferred from
                                                        Council #1540 in International Falls, MN.
                                                        He joins the ranks of the 19 other Honorary
Coffee and donuts is taking a                           Life members currently in our Council. Wow, what a great
break for the summer.                                   achievement for all of them.


We had many spoken and unspoken
prayer requests during our Officers meet-
ing this month.                                         DISTRICT DEPUTY REPORT

As a group we offer these prayer                        “CALLED TO PROTECT”
requests up but we want to especially ask               Each one of us needs to take the course.
all of you, our Council Members, to keep                Contact the Parish for more details.
the entire Council in prayer at all times.              This is mandatory for all Council


                                                        4th DEGREE MEETING:
ST. Joseph Youth Camp—PRAY                              The following Brothers will be taking their
FOR MORE KIDS IN 2009                                   4th Degree on June 13th:
                                                        Mark Craft, Bill Doak, Kirk Guddendorf,
                                                        Kevin Schaller, Carter Ryan, & Jack
                                                                   CHAPLAIN’S CORNER By Deacon Steve

                                                                      THE SACRED HEART OF JESUS

                                                               O Loving Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, You
Don’t forget– We are having a K of C picnic on October 4       move hearts that are harder than rock, You melt
from 2-6 p.m. at the Surprise Park– more details later & we    spirits that are colder than ice, and You reach
plan on marching in the Surprise July 4th celebration and we   souls that are more impenetrable than diamonds.
will have more details on that later.                          Touch my heart with Your sacred Wounds and
                                                               permeate my soul with Your precious Blood, so
                                                               that wherever I turn I will see only my divine
                                                               Crucified Lord, and everything I see will appear
                                                               colored with Your blood.
Have a Happy 4th of July!!                                     Lord Jesus, let my heart never rest until it finds
                                                               You, who are its center, its love, and its happi-
                                                               ness. By the wound in Your heart, pardon the
    NEW MEMBERS, DEGREES & TRANSFERS FOR                       sins that I have committed whether out of malice
                   THIS NL:                                    or out of evil desires. Place my weak heart in
  TRANSFERS IN–                                                Your own divine heart, continually under Your
  TONY BARLOWSKI                                               protection and guidance, so that I may persevere
  NEW 1ST DEGREE MEMBERS– none for this month                  in doing good and in fleeing evil until my last

                                                               Heart of Jesus, save me
                                                               Heart of my Creator, perfect me
                                                               Heart of my Savior, deliver me
                                                               Heart of my Judge, forgive me
                                                               Heart of my Father, govern me
                                                               Heart of my Spouse, love me
           Ladies K of C June 2009 Meeting                     Heart of my Master, teach me
     The Ladies will meet in the hall again this
     month like we did last month. Thank to
     Vivian Whitman, Ruth Finan, Cindy Craft,
     Joan Melluse, Marilyn Walsh and Millie
     Tusay for bringing snacks and dessert. I
     will take care of coffee and iced tea again
     this month but we need probably two des-
     serts and two snacks. Please call me at                             Knights Insurance Corner
     623-412-0747 if you would like to bring
     something. Most of us seemed to feel the
                                                                            Contact: Joel Laird
     meeting in the hall went well except for the
     complaints about our noise. Perhaps we
     can solve that problem with just a few more
     dividers. I will bring a few games again and
     perhaps Trish will bring Mexican Train and
     teach us how to play that if there is any in-
     terest. We had a great turnout last month
     and hope to see more of you this month.

                                                                                 (602) 989-3542
                 Happy Birthday!!                                 Other Council #12851 News!
  Council members who celebrate a                        2009 Arizona State Vacation Raffle Report:
            Birthday in                                  1st Prize (Trip to Tuscany) - Adelina Lagasca (sold by council 7904)
           JUNE – 2009                                   Mesa
                                                         2nd Prize (Alaska Cruise) - Steve Parady (sold by council
                                                         11999) Tempe
  2-Jun    RON REMM                                      3rd Prize (Puerta Vallarta trip) - George Gomez - Bisbee (no council
  3-Jun    CHRIS HOE                                     #) Bisbee
                                                         4th Prize ($2,500) - Joann Escobedo (sold by council 13895) Mari-
  4-Jun    BILL SHANAHAN                                 5th Prize ($1,500) - Bill Pokorny - Phoenix (sold by council
  5-Jun    MARK KLENNER                                  13286) Cave Creek
                                                         6th Prize ($1,500) - Jose Olivo - Avondale (sold by council
                                                         4737) Avondale
 16-Jun    JIM HAMPTON                                   7th Prize ($1,000) - Dawn Gietl - Tucson (sold by council 9380) Tuc-
 24-Jun    DAN HEIDEL                                    son
                                                         8th Prize ($1,000) - F. E. Arnold - Tucson (sold by council 5133) Tuc-
 28-Jun    JACK LA SPINA                                 9th Prize ($500) - Mallika Custer (sold by council 14101) Queen
 29-Jun    JOHN FLYNN                                    Creek
                                                         10th Prize ($500) - Larry Jansen - Scottsdale (sold by council
                                                         11116) Carefree
                                                         alternates - these are pulled in case we can't find a winner or a winner
                                                         refuses a prize (never happened yet - but you never know!!)
      #12851 JUNE CALENDAR OF EVENTS                     Alternate 1 - Leonard Molina - Lubbock, TX (sold by council
                                                         11675) Litchfield Park
          6/04          12851 Officers Meeting, 7:30     Alternate 2 - Sandy Lardinois - Colorado Springs, CO (sold by council
                        PM                               12246) Chandler

          6/06          2nd & 3rd Degree @ 7114, 10 AM   Our Council 12851 did not have any winners this year.

                                                         Our total intake was:   $2052.00
          6/08          1st Degree @ 7114, 7:30 PM       AZ State Council 50%:    $1026.00
                                                         St Joe's Youth Camp:     $ 450.00
                                                         Maggie's Place:        $ 450.00
          6/09          4th Degree Meeting, 7:30 PM      Life Teen:             $ 126.00

          6/13          4th Degree @ Phoenix Crescent

          6/14          FLAG DAY

          6/18          12851 Business Meeting, 7:30
                        PM                               FATHER MCGIVNEY GUILD:
                                                         The Order of the K of C has established this Guild
          6/27          AZ State Organizational          to promote the cause for canonization of our foun-
                        Meeting @ 13286 Cave Creek       der, Father Michael J. McGivney. The goal of the
                                                         Guild is to spread the word about this. If interested
                                                         visit the AZ State Council website or see our
          JUNE TREASURER’S REPORT:                       brother, Art Gratton.

For the Period Ending 5.21.09                            NEWSLETTER EDITOR
Bank Balance as of 4.16.09            $5884.65           Thank you for reading this NL and we hope you
Total Deposits                        $2594.10           find it informative. If you have anything to add
Total Expenditures                    $4370.36           don’t hesitate to write or call, 623.398.6671
Balance as of 5.21.09                 $4108.36

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