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Door Controls Lancaster PA


                                                    Lancaster, Pennsylvania
                                                    Phone 717-392-6333
                                                                                                             -DOOR COORDINATORS                               -CARRY BARS
                                                                                                               -Stop-Applied                    -Gravity

600 SERIES DOOR COORDINATORS                                                                                     500 SERIES DOOR COORDINATORS
Stop Applied. Non-Handed. Prime Coat.                                                                            Gravity. Non-Handedl
                                                                                                                    UL Listed devices used to coordinate the closing of door pairs in jamb openings
   Patented DCI~·deslgned original stop-to-stop applied coordinating device                                      36"to11 04" wide. Both the mechanism and inactive door brackets are cast of solid
which provides a smooth, quiet, invisible and tarnper-prcot means of                                             brass. Roller strike on top of the inactive door is wrought stainless steel, brass or
controlling the closing sequence of active and inactive doors                                                    bronze.
   Widely used to control closing cycles ot active doors equipped with or                                           Overall projection of the coordinator arm is 7", and the rubber roller at its end
without astragals or rabbetted door edges, and inactive doors equipped                                           cushions the contact of the active door when it closes The reversible nylon roller
with vertical rod exit devices or automatic and! self-latching flush bolts.                                      which lifts the coordinator arm Insures smooth, longrlasting operation. A curved
                                                                                                                 lip roller strike is supplied wilh all devices.
                                                Tolal Door Widlh                                Price               Compatible for use with DCIImanual, selt-iatchinu and automatic flush bolts,
                                                                                               92.00             Conforms to ANSI/HBMA 156.3 1989, Type 21,
     DC635-654                                  34" - 53"
     DGlJ55-672                                 54" " IT                                       95.Oif
                                                rs- 84"                                        97.00                                 Code         Finish                                       Price
     DCBB5-696                                  85" - 96"                                     101.00                                 DC500-US26D1 Satin Chrome                                   BO.OOI
'lrcI6gii-m12                                   9b" - 112"                                    112.00                                 DC500-US3     Bright s'rass                                  Bo.oOI

                                                                                                                                                                                                      No. SQO Coordinators

                                                                                                                ALARMED RIM EXIT DEVICE 1200 SERIES
                                                                                                                Non-handed rim exit device with a unique latch and strike configuration whl'ch
                                                                                                                provides the most secure latching available today, with the safety of emergency
                                                                                                                egress, and an alarm module lor security requirements. It's simple, heavy-duty
                                                                                                                assembly is made from stainless and tempered carbon steel for long-lasting,
   Coordinator mechanisms are manufactured in tour different series,
                                                                                                                trouble-tree, high-frequency service.
   designed tal accommodate a wide range of jamb openings.                                                         1200 Series is designed to be a single stock item for installation on all three-foot

                -- --- --..•.. --
                                                                                                                wide doors, inctudlnq narrow line aluminum, pre-cut stock metal and pre-cut or

                _01 .••••••

                                                 1.<, ••••
                                                                         """ A.

                                                                                             s.n.aHa. ,
                                                                                               Pm ,.
                                                                                          Coord. Oru.r Ha,
                                                                                                                solid wood.
                                                                                                                   Latch release meets alii ANSI satety standards, Supplled without cylinder.
                                                                                                                   UL listed Grade 1, UL Fire rated 3, hours.
                      I>m.'                                  """
                                                    ,..                     .•.                      ...
      N"         :)..4·mN~·
                                                    10'            ie-      >6'
                 !J.4 • ....., ••• >   .,.          "'.            '"
                                                                   lO'       W                    672

                                                    O' •                    '00'                 l61D$
                ~·Hl/'UI'\~·            50'
                                                                                                                ~                                        __            .,                                                    -

                                                                                                                                         -~             ~           I.S011Jl.ll'-
                                                                                                                                        -~                    \J.1\'IA'II\1.
                                                                                                                        _    ~~              <'j,I~ O!{~y A          ~.-       -"
                                                                                                                            •          GEJI,Cl ~                       -
                                                                                                                            ~ E",I?;l'                                         Excellent for' narrow stile doors!'
      NilS     ,u'1M.l1fj'
                                          <2'                                   ".
        6       :).4-'1"1I\I96'
                                                                                                                       DC1210A-313                                      Oil Rubbed Bronze                     415,,00
     . .--                         ,..m. ••
                 ••..• u.o••••••.•••• _ponpU...".""'lJonI"''''''Ooor-                                                                                                   Satin! Aluminum                       405.00
     11k*. J.wnto~W1CII:h.~~OInt.S$lJ"'                       • .Ao:MMillbP~.         c:JtnIr'\tw"l5.1"                DC1210A-US28:
                                                                                                                    CARRY BARS
                                                                                                                    For 600 Series and 500 Series Door Coordinators.
                                                                                                                       Used when it is possible to open the inactive door before the
                                                                                                                    active door.
                                                                                                                    Not required when the inactive door is furnished with DCI Series
                                                                                                                    Flush Bolts.

                                                                                                     ENCYCLOPEDIA            OF LOCKSMITH                                       SUPPLIES
                                                                                                                   Lancaster, Pennsylvania
                                                                                                                   Phone 717-392-6333

                                       -FLUSH BOLT
                                         -Automatic      -Manual
                                              • Self-Latching
      Opening, active door automatically retracts top and bottom bolts.
  Closing the active door automatically extends top and bottom bolts
  3/4" into the frame and sill strikes, locking inactive door.
                                                                                                        I    r    METAL DOORS
                                                                                                                  LABELED A, B, C, D, AND E
      Patented free floating cams require only a maximumat Sibs. closing force on                                 TOP BOLT 805
  the active door to extend both! the lop and bottom bolts.                                                       Non-handed.
      Special override feature prevents damage to doors and bolts if ever
  the bolt heads are prevented from enterinq either the top or bottom                                            Automatically       en-
  strike.                                                                                                         gages cu rvedl Ii   p
     Adjustable bolt headl rods can be vertically adjusted 1/2" for                                              strike every time the
  unusual clearances.                                        BOTTOM BOLT 940                                     inactive     dOOIT is              BOTTOM BOLT 8401
                                                            AUTOMATIC                                            closed. Bolt remains               Non-handed.
  WOOD DOORS LABELED C, 0 AND E   s,                         Non-handed. Engages
                                                            sill strike only when ac-
                                                                                                                 engaged until re-
                                                                                                                 tracted by depress-                Engages sill strike
                                                            tive door is closed.                                 ing plunger on the                 only when active
                                                            When active and inac-                                face of the bolt.                  door    is closed.
                                                            tive doors are closed,                               1 1/2" vertical adj.               When active and] in-
                                                            the top and bottom bolts                                                                active doors are
                                       .f                   are engaged.                                         OCB05·US260                        closed; the top and
 Non-handed.                                                                                                     Satin Ch rome                      bottom bolts are en-
                                                            DC940-US260                                                                             gaged.
 Au tomatically engages.                                    Satin Chrome 7900                                    De80S-US3
 curved lip strike every                                                                                         POlished Brass                    OGB40-US26D
                                                             DC940-US3                                                                             Satin Chrome
 time the inactive door
                                                             Polished Brass
 is closed. Bolt remains
 engaged until retracted                                            ".:.JII!'W                                                                     OC840·US3
 by depressing plunger                                                                                                                             Polished Brass
 on the face olthe boll.

 OC90S-US260                                                                            SET OF 805 & 840 BO.l.TS
 Satin Chrome                                                                           Conforms to ANSIIBHMA 156.3,
                                                                                        Type 25, ANSI Curved Lip Strike
 DC905-usa                                                                              DC845-US26D Satin Chromer
 Polished Brass                                                                         OG84S-US3 Polis hed Brass                                   SET OF 840 BOLTS
                                                                                        130.00                                                      OCB42-US26D            Satin Chrome

                                                                                                                                                    OG842-US3              Polished Brass
                                             Non-handed                                                                                             13000
                                              Single Bolt
                                                                                        MANUAL FLUSH BOILTS
                                                 For use in
                                                  both top                              Solid Brass or Bronze Construction
                                              and bottom                                                     F-Qi'MlHaiOWt         .•   ForWOOd Doors
SET OF 940 BOLTS-AUTOMATIC                  applications.                                              IobnWlJ    Fl..I,,-" liJ:Q~$
                                                                                                                                        Manual BOlio
  Non-handed.                                                                                     ~A.9c..O                .•I'4£
                                                                                                                                        Label""   B. C, D and E
Conforms to ANSl(BHMA 156.3, Type 27.                                                                                                                             _...Jljg!l~
DG942-US260        Satin Chrome
DC942·US3          Polished Brass

13800                                      Order in pairs                                                                                         No. 790 F

                                          for top/bottom
SET OF 905 AND 940 BOLTS                    installations.                                                     "0 "..            DC780F~US26D
DC945·US260          Satin Chrome                                                                                                DC780F-US3
DC94S-US3r           POlished Brass
                                                                                                                                18.00                                DC790F-US3
138.    DD                                                                                                   C®b$.                                                ~~ DC790F-US.1 0
                                Lancaster, Pennsylvania
                                Phone 717-392-6333

                                                                      =--="'-~""- "'-,,;+-!dd+
                                                                      !:.:::'"                                                     m
• Durable, tested over 1 Million Cycles,
• Smaller profile adds stability to the door
• Easier preparation, only two 11/8" diameter holes
                                                                                                                                           -             ,,"I~·i

• Preparation prevents the veneer from splitting atthe
corners of the door
• QUiet and smooth activation
• less noticeable, only 11/B" x 2 114"trim plate

Fully Automatic: Opemng active door automatically
retracts tOPI and bottom bolls. Closing active door
automatically extends top and bottom bolts into frame
and sill strikes. locking inactive door.

Non-Handed: Automatic flush bolts are non-handed. It
is not necessary to reverse either top or bottom bolt.
                                                                                                            DC960-US3   Single Automatic Flush Bolt 86, DO
Override Feature: Prevents damage to doors or bolts
                                                                                                            DC9BO-US26D Single Automatic Flush Bolt 86. DO
should bolt heads beprevented from enteringl top or
bottom strike.                                                                                              DC962-US3   Set of Automate Flush Bolts 142.00
                                                                                                            DC962·US260 Set of Automatic Flush 801ts142.DO
Low Closingl Force: ADA Compliant.

                                                                                                                  Dy-naLock Corp.

 2011 SERIES                                             3000 SERIES:                                       3101B SERIES1500 LB. DELAYEGRESS
• 12001lb. Holding Force                                 •   1500 lb. Holding Force                         Delay egress electromagnetic locks, surtace mounted
• Field Selectable 12VDC, 24VDC, 12VAC, 24VAC            •   Field,Selectable' 12VOC, 24VDC, 12VAC, 24VAC   for outswing single or double doors. Non-handed .
• 10 Year Limited Warranty                               •   One Plecel Housing
                                                         •   Solid State Protection                         3"0 x 2 3/4"H x 1rt

                                                                                                            Multi-voltage fieldl selectable
                                                                                                            12/24 VACNDC

 Single Dutswing Door: 1 lock, 1 armature
 DL201,1                                  382.00
                                                                                                            DL31 01 B Single Delay Egress Lock a utswlnp 1050~00

                                                         Single Outswing Door: 1 lock, 1 armature           645      XIT SENSO
                                                         DL3000                                   420,00    Non -latching, non-handed exit sensor bar for use wltli
                                                                                                            electromagnetic lock to provide immediate, single-
 Single Inswmg Door: 1 lock, 1 armature, 1 bracket
                                                                                                            motion! egress .. Furnished with power transfer from
 DL2011 TJ20                              490.00                                                            door to frame. Not to be' used with electric dead bolt
                                                                                                            locks,                     1:),1"1" SI'l'i,Oll H\ll
                                                                                                                                     .~ •••••" ••. d •••lN kIrll. WQU ,KJ.,'llt-d
                                                                                                                                     l'J •.••• ~......,.,hl_j.LI,.~I"'*'-io.,.·lIoolJtIu·.
                                                                                                                                     lln              ~I't" •• t.c-,.,(••••• Ilr,jll-t •• lo.t~
                                                                                                                                           •...:ru •.••                    I't,

                                                                                                                                       ~';'1 J""'••

  Paj~ Dutswing Doors with No Vertical Center Mullion:
  1 dual lock. 2' armatures
                                                          Two 3000 Locks Mounted on Dual Fas-Trak 22" Long
                                                       for a Pair of Doors with no Vertical Center Mullion.
                                                                                                            Dl6451-US10B Dark Bronze
                                                                                                                                                       /:                             398.00
  DL2022                                   764.00            DL3002                               840.00    Dl6451-US28 Aluminum                                                     360.00
                                                               ENCYCLOPEDIA                      O~ LOCKSMITH              SUPPL,JES

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