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					             Dell Wellness Committee Satisfaction Survey
Please answer the following questions. Your comments will help us provide future health
and wellness offerings.

Event: __12 week nutrition class             Date:__Last Class - Nov 10____________
Speaker: __Lisa Causa_________               Location: RR

   1. The information and/or service was presented clearly and in a timely manner.
             _X_Strongly Agree ___Agree          ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree
             ___Not Applicable

   2. The instructor demonstrated expertise and professionalism.
             _X_Strongly Agree ___Agree           ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree
             ___Not Applicable

   3. This program met my expectations.
             _X Strongly Agree ___Agree              ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree
             ___Not Applicable

       If not, why?

   4. The materials provided were appropriate and helpful.
            _X_Strongly Agree ___Agree           ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree
            ___Not Applicable

   5. Overall, I am satisfied with this program.
             _X_Strongly Agree ___Agree              ___Disagree ___Strongly Disagree
             ___Not Applicable

       If not, why?

   6. How did you hear about this seminar?

       The instructor (and class) was recommended by a friend.

   7. What information would you like to have learned but was not included?


   8. What seminars would you like to see in the future?

       I’d like to see another class taught by Lisa Causa.
Lisa’s enthusiasm for the subject area made the class great. There is a lot to learn
about nutrition, and I feel I’ll keep learning about it (grocery store, restaurants,
etc.). I’ve told my friends at other companies about Lisa’s class too.

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