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									Township of Findlay
RECREATION                       NEWSLETTER
                     FALL 2008

                                                         IS A MUST

                                                      for most programs.


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                                                     Registration Forms
   Welcome to the Fall Edition of the Findlay Township Recreation Newsletter. Inside, you will find activities, programs and
 information that will be offered in the Township. We hope that there is something to interest residents of all ages.
   Class size may be limited in some cases. PRE-REGISTRATION IS A MUST for most of the programs. Here is how to register:
      You can access the site by going to and clicking on interactive link. You will
      need to set-up an account using a user name and password that will make registering faster and
      more efficient.
 2. Call Darlene (Larson) Howell, Recreation Coordinator at (724) 695-0500 x26.
 3. Complete the application form included in this newsletter and mail with payment to:                           N

                            Findlay Township Recreation Department


                            P Box W

                            Clinton, Pa. 15026
 	    Make	checks	payable	to	Findlay	Township

                                            CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE FOR INFORMATION ON UPCOMING EVENTS
 Activities for                                AND ACTIVITIES THAT MAY BE HAPPENING IN THE TOWNSHIP

                                           ★                        LOG ONTO:

                                          Findlay Township Activity Center                                 ★
   Free Self Defense Class for Women
      Croptoberfest Scrapbooking
                                            Located on Main Street in Imperial, The Activity Center will be the site of
 Pre-Parade Pizza Party & Juggling Show
        Annual Halloween Parade
                                          many Township programs. The center has two floors, which are also avail-
            Trick or Treat Night          able to rent. The top floor, which seats 200, has a full kitchen, bathroom and
          Basic Car Care Class            a complete sound/video system. The bottom floor seats 100, has bathroom
    Crackle Halloween Pumpkin Craft       facilities and carpeting. It is ideal for groups and business meetings. For ad-
             November                     ditional information, call the Township Office at (724) 695-0500 x26.
      Scrapbooking Workshops
           Holiday Show
     AARP Driver Safety Program             IVFD BINGO
              December                        Come out to the Findlay Township Activity Center, 310 Main Street,
  Annual Christmas Party With Santa         Imperial for Bingo held every Monday evening (excluding holidays).
 Crackle Candlestick Snowman Craft          Doors open at 6 p.m. with early birds starting at 7 p.m.. Jack pot
                                            every week!!!
                IVFD Bingo                           COME OUT AND SUPPORT YOUR FIRE DEPARTMENT
               Lunch Bunch
            Time For Toddlers
   MusicTime Productions, Inc. Classes
Silver Scholars Basic Computer Classes
                                          Senior Citizens                           ★
                                            The Findlay Township Senior Citizen’s Group (age 55+) meets on the
       Tang Soo Do Karate School
             Water Aerobics               third Wednesday of each month (with the exception of July and August).
              Fitness For Life            Monthly meetings are held at noon at the Activity Center on Main Street
         Kid’s Creative Cooking
                                          in Imperial. Each meeting includes lunch, bingo and sometimes guest
    Young Champions Cheerleading
                                          speakers or entertainment. There is a $2 resident fee for each meet-
                                          ing you attend. The Township provides a Thanksgiving and Christmas
                                          Dinner and an off-site Lunch each year for the group. We are planning
          Findlay Township

       Recreation Department              a few new trips this year that should be interesting. A picnic in June is
   P Box W • Clinton, PA 15026
   .O.                                    always a favorite of the members.
(724) 695-0500 • (724) 695-1700 FAX         Join now and be a part of this fun group. Call (724) 695-0500 for
                                          information on how to join.
Lunch Bunch
  Bring your preschooler with a packed lunch and
drink to the Activity Center for lunch and fun activities.
  This program is open to all children who turned
4 by September 1, 2008. Kindergarteners are wel-
                                                              MusicTime Productions, Inc.
                                                              Comes to Findlay Township                Ø
                                                                MusicTime is a unique educational company
come too! Cost listed is by the month. You may pay            that utilizes the power of music to teach children
for one month at a time. You must call by Monday              the fundamentals of counting, colors, letters,
before the class to guarantee a spot. NO WALK-INS             safety, self-esteem, manners and much more.
                                                              ToddlerTime classes are offered for children
WHEN:	 Tuesdays,	September	23,	October	21,			                 ages 12 months to 4 years. The classes are
	       November	11,	and	December	9	                          energetic, upbeat and fun-filled. In additional to
WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center	   	                 our educational content, each class incorporates
	       Lower	Level,	Main	Street,	Imperial                    large and small motor activities, rhythmic activi-
TIME:	 11:45	a.m.	–	1:15	p.m.                                 ties and age appropriate instruction of basic sign
COST:	 Residents	-	$5	per	month		       	   	                 language. Class goals are to develop group skills
	       Non-residents	-	$7	per	month                          through social interaction, develop gross mo-
	       Checks	payable	to	Findlay	Township                    tor skills, enhance attention span and promote
INSTRUCTOR:	Darlene	(Larson)	Howell                           learning through music. Classes meet one half
                                                              hour each week for a six (6) week session. Ses-
                                                              sions continue throughout the year with different
Time For Toddlers                                             educational topics. The program will start with
                                                              the session “Holidays to Celebrate” (Diverse Cul-
  This is for the little ones. If you have a child who        tures). Classes are designed for parent/guardian
will turn two by September 1, 2008, then this is the          and child to participate together.
program for you. Bring your toddlers to the Activity
Center for an hour of music, movement, activities             WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center	
and a snack. This is a great opportunity to meet              	       310	Main	Street,	Lower	Level
other families with toddlers. An adult must stay              WHEN:	 Wednesdays,	October	15,	22	&	29		
with the child. Cost listed is per session. You may           	       and	November	5,	19	&	26
pay by the class.                                             TIMES:	 9:30	-	10:00	a.m.	OR	
  You must pre-register to attend. NO WALK-INS                	       10	-	10:30	a.m.	OR	10:30	-	11	a.m.
                                                              							 (You can choose a class time that
WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center	              	                fits your schedule)

	       Lower	Level,	Main	Street,	Imperial                    COST:	 (for	each	6	class	session)
                                                              	       Residents	-	$45
TWO		AND	THREE	YEAR	OLDS                                      	       Non-residents	-	$50
                                                              INSTRUCTOR:	Ms.	Debby	Daff-Siggins
TIME:	 11:15	a.m.	–	NOON
	      TUESDAYS;	September	30,                                     For more information or to register,
	      October	14	&	28,	November	18,	and		 	                   please contact Ms. Debby at 412-341-6742 or
	      December	2	&	16                                   
COST:	 Residents	-	$4	per	class                                              View website at:
	      Non-residents	-	$5	per	class                        
INSTRUCTOR:	Darlene	(Larson)	Howell

  CHEERLEADING                                               CHEERLEADING
    This is a fun course designed                            WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center
  for making friends while learn-                            	       310	Main	Street,	Lower	Level
  ing choreographed pom-pom and                              WHEN:	 Registration	&	first	class	is		    	
  dance routines. You will also                              	       September	20TH	at	12:00	p.m.
  learn the most popular cheers,                             	       and	classes	are	held	every	Saturday	  	
  chants, jumps, kicks and several                           	       for	15	weeks	(no class 11/29 & 12/27)
  other skills required for school                           TIME:	  Class	times	will	be	assigned	at		
  try-outs. Program promotes high                            	       registration
  self esteem, coordination, physi-                          WHO:	 Boys	and	girls	ages	4	-	15	years
  cal fitness, poise and confidence.                         COST:	 Non-refundable	registration	fee		
  No pre-registration is required.                           	       of	$7
  For more information on the                                	       Each	class	is	$7	per	week
  Young Champion Program, call 1-866-433-7469                INSTRUCTORS:	Young	Champion	Staff
  or log onto
                                                        FREE Self Defense Class For Women
  Imperial Dragon
                                                          This class was so popular last season, that we are
  Tang Soo Do Karate School                             offering it once again.
                                                          Come and take advantage of this free morning
  UNLOCK YOUR CHILD’S POTENTIAL                         class to learn skills that may save your life some
                                                        day. This class is based upon PPCT’s (pressure
    Our traditional Tang Soo Do program will help       points & controlled tactics) SHARP program and the
  your child develop: Self Confidence, Healthy Life     Mary Conroy method of self defense. The first two
  Skills, Respect for Self and Others, Improved         thirds of the class, preparation and awareness, will
  Concentration, Physical Fitness, Self control and     be taught in various areas/situations ranging from
  an “I Can Attitude”.                                  safety in the home to being safe when “out on the
   Classes for Youth, Teen and Adult students are       town.” The training will include carjacking, safety
  held Monday and Wednesday evenings.                   in the workplace, safety while traveling and other
                                                        self defense strategies which apply to everyday
  Little Dragons – Pre-School Program/3-6 years old     activities. The physical skills in this course will be
    This special program for preschool aged chil-       limited to less than 10 actual techniques. They will
  dren is designed to get them started on the path      be based upon gross motor skills such as: release
  to positive development. We will help your child      form wrist grabs, front kicks, knee strikes, hand
  to develop listening skills, better coordination      strikes, eye gouges etc.
  and respect for self and others.                        Your instructor Jack Leonard, is a retired State
                                                        Police Parole Agent with over 20 years of law
    Call for class times and availability (Classes      enforcement experience. He is a Staff Instructor
  limited to 12 students)                               Emeritus with PPCT, the largest subject control
                                                        agency in the world. PPCT currently provides
            FALL TRAINING SPECIAL                       training for the Federal Air Marshalls. He has been
                                                        teaching self defense classes for women since 1983.
                      FREE                               YOU MUST CALL AND REGISTER TO RESERVE A
               FOR NEW STUDENTS                                     SPOT IN THE CLASS.
               WITH THIS COUPON                           Number	of	participants	is	limited,	so	call	soon.

                    CALL TODAY                          WHEN:	 	Wednesday,	October	22ND
                  (724) 695-1976                        TIME:	 7	-	9	p.m.
   All classes are held at the Findlay Township         WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Municipal	Building
           Activity Center (Lower Level),               	       SR	30,	Clinton
             310 Main Street, Imperial                  COST:	 FREE

                                                        LOCATION:	 Wilson	Elementary	School
Water Aerobics                                          Bruno	Lane,	off	of	Boggs	Road	in	Imperial
                                                        WHEN:	 MONDAY	CLASS	-		6:30	to	7:30	p.m.
  Do you need a variation in your workout routine?      	       Eleven	week	session	-	September	22	&	29,		
Is inclement weather keeping you from outdoor           	       October	6	&	20	&	27	and	November	3,		
activities? Then come and join us for a low impact      	       10,	17	&	24	and	December	8	&	15
workout that is becoming one of the new exercise        COST:	 MONDAY	CLASS	ONLY	-	Residents	-	$50					
crazes. Aquatic exercise is a fun way to exercise       	       Non-residents	-	$55
heart and lungs while toning various muscles. The       THURSDAY	CLASS	-	6:30	-	7:30	p.m.		
water provides a great form of resistance with little   	       Ten	week	session	-	September	18	&	25,		
to no impact on your muscle and skeletal systems.       	       October	9,	16,	23,	&	30,
All levels of ability can benefit from this activity.   	       November	13	&	20	and	December	11	&	18	
Due to school activities and holidays, the Monday       COST:	 THURSDAY	CLASS	ONLY	-	Residents	-	$45		  	
class is an 11 week session and the Thursday class      	       Non-residents	-	$50
is only 10 weeks. Make sure to mark dates on your       COST	FOR	BOTH	CLASSES:	Residents	-	$85
calendar. Prices will be adjusted for late registra-    	                          Non-residents	-	$95
tions if spots are still available in the classes.      INSTRUCTOR:	Sharon	Curtis

 CALL	NOW	FOR	INFORMATION	OR	TO	REGISTER                   Classes cannot be held when there is no school
            CLASS	SIZE	IS	LIMITED                       that day or if there is a special school sponsored
     PRE-REGISTER	TO	GUARANTEE	A	SPOT                   activity . This includes snow or emergency days.
     YOU	MUST	BRING	YOUR	OWN	TOWELS                     If West Allegheny School is cancelled, so is water
         LOCKER	ROOMS	AVAILABLE                         aerobics.
   Spanish Proverb: A man too busy to take care of his           Silver Scholars teaches computer classes specifically designed

                                                                                                                 COMPUTER CLASSES
health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools   for individuals over the age of 50, although everyone is invited.
                                                               They will help you become a computer whiz! All classes are held
Some exciting fitness classes are happening at the Findlay     at the Findlay Township Municipal Building on SR 30 in Clinton.
  Township Activity Center, 310 Main Street in Imperial        To enhance learning, all classes are limited to 10 students, so
      that will help you to take care of your health.          register early.
★           Fall session starts September 22ND                 BASIC	COMPUTERS	1	&	2	-	Tuesdays,	October	7	&	14	

Basic BOOT CAMP for ALL Adults,                        ★       9:30-11:30	a.m.	-	COST:	$42/residents,	$45/non-residents
                                                               No previous computer knowledge is required
                                                                 Basic computers will provide hands on experience. The first
Parents, Teens, Men and Women                                  class will explain how to turn a computer on and off, the basic
Thursdays 6 - 7 p.m. in the upper parking lot.                 functions of the mouse and keyboard, how to use windows,
Inclement weather (lower level indoors)                        search menus and more. The second class will provide time
                                                               for review and go on to understanding scroll bars, using drop
   Bring your family & friends to enjoy an hour of             down menus and other ways to interact with your computer.
fitness & fun in the outdoors. Our BOOT CAMP will
be packed full with different exercise activities so           BASIC	DIGITAL	CAMERAS	-	COST:	$42/residents,	$45/Non-residents
                                                               November	18	&	25,	9:30	-	11:30	a.m.
you will never be bored. We’ll use bands, balls, tub-

                                                                 Get ready to say cheese! Don’t worry if you do not have a digital
ing, jump ropes, partners, body-weighted activities,           camera, they will be provided in class. This basic class will teach
light boxing moves and the good old outdoors. Your             you what you need to know before you buy a camera as well as
aerobic and anaerobic systems will be challenged               how to use it after you purchase one. You will learn how to take
as well as your balance & agility skills. We will AL-          pictures, transfer pictures to your computer, edit your photographs
WAYS have modifications for various fitness levels.            and send photos to your friends and relatives and more!
ZUMBA                                                          WORK	FORCE	DEVELOPMENT	COMPUTER	CLASSES
                                                                 These classes are designed specifically for individuals over the
Latin dance-inspired fitness workout                           age of 40, but all are welcome. If you need new skills in your job
                                                               or to get back into the workforce, sign up now.
  Meringue? Samba? Salsa? Zumba combines high                    Instructors from Silver Scholars will lead participants through
energy and motivating music with unique moves                  classes that are fun, interactive and easy to understand. All classes
and combinations that make it easy for young and               will be held at the Findlay Township Municipal Building, SR 30 in
mature fitness enthusiasts, as well as novices to              Clinton. Classes are limited to 10 students, so register early.
have fun while getting fit. Zumba uses a fusion of
Latin and international dance themes. The routines             BASIC	WORD	PROCESSING	USING	MICROSOFT	WORD	1	&	2
                                                               Thursdays,	September	25	&	October	2,	6:30	-	8:30	p.m.
feature aerobic/fitness interval training with a com-
                                                               COST:	$42/residents,	$45/non-residents
bination of fast and slow rhythms.                             Prerequisite - Basic computers or equivalent knowledge
Wednesdays, 6:30 - 7:30, Upper level of the Activity Center      These classes will provide hands on experience while you
                                                               learn the basics of Microsoft Word. You will learn how to cre-
ZUMBA COMBO – Latin dance-inspired                             ate new documents, edit your work, change font sizes, shapes,
                                                               alignment and more. Word will allow you to create letters,
fitness workout with a twist                                   record important information, and write stories with greater
  This class intertwines Zumba’s latin dance-in-               ease than ever before. Students will learn how to save and
spired routines with strength, agility and balance             retrieve documents effectively.
exercises. Get your FUN in two ways now. Balance               MICROSOFT	EXCEL	(Making	Financials	easier)	1	&	2
your workout with this class.                                  Thursdays,	October	16	&	30,	6:30	-	8:30	p.m.
Tuesdays, 6:30 - 7:30, Lower level of the Activity Center.     COST:	$42/residents,	$45/non-residents
                                                               Prerequisite - Basic computers or equivalent knowledge
For	information	or	to	register,	call	724-695-2239,	              Whether it is balancing your checkbook, putting together
    email	or	log	onto	                   a family budget or generating charts for work, Microsoft
                               Excel is the program for you. Improve the way you turn
          All	classes	are	interchangeable.                     your data into information using powerful tools to analyze,
All Class options must be used within each 6 week session      communicate and share your results. Microsoft Excel is a
                                                               spreadsheet program that will enable you to track & manage
    12 and above class                                         data, addresses, financials and more. Students will learn how
    option S available                                         to create simple spreadsheets, perform detailed calculations,
    when signing up for   Findlay Resident    Non-Findlay      sort data and even create colorful charts and graphs.
      MORE THAN 1                              Resident        MICROSOFT	POWERPOINT	(Professional Presentations)	1	&	2
                                                               Thursdays,	November	6	&	20,	6:30	-	8:30	p.m.
	     18	Classes	              $81	              &99           COST:	$42/residents,	$45/non-residents
                                                                 Microsoft PowerPoint enables you to create exciting slide
	     12	Classes	              $62	              $66
                                                               show presentations that can be used in business or for per-
	      9	Classes	              $48	              $52           sonal use. Just think of the possibilities: business meetings,
	      6	Classes	              $37	              $40           family reunions, wedding or school projects. MS PowerPoint
                                                               will help you wow any audience. Students will learn how to
	      4	Classes	              $28	              $31
                                                               create their very own slide show complete with text, graph-
	   Single	Classes	             $8	               $9           ics, pictures and animation.
                       October Gatherings
Mary Pat                                                       Michelle
Croptoberfest – some think of it as                              CROPTOBERFEST is designated as a time for
                                                               people to gather together to share memories and
a Festival of Memories.                                        work on their keepsake albums. Enjoy a day of
  Others think of it as an opportunity to revisit projects     uninterrupted time to work on your albums. Get
left undone after a busy summer. On October 11, 2008           motivated and come join the fun. Creative Memories
from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Findlay Township Activity         scrapbooking supplies will be available to purchase.
Center, we treat it as a celebration of everything great       Date:	 Saturday,	October	18TH
– the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, the              Time:	 9:00	a.m.	–	9:00	p.m.
plethora of photos we’ve stored up in anticipation of a        Location:	Findlay	Township	Activity	Center
free day for working on our memory projects.                   	           310	Main	Street,	Imperial,	Upper	Level
• Coffee and goodies in the a.m., Lunch and Dinner             Cost:	 $40	(Full	Day)	–	Includes	lunch,	dinner,	
    provided, free gifts and chances to win the Grand Prize.   exclusive	customer	gift	&	idea	sheet,	door	
                                                               prizes	and	12	hours	to	work	on	your	albums.
Cost:	 $40/person	or	$60/person	which	includes	
the	exclusive	2008	Croptoberfest	8	x	8	Coverset,	                   CHECKS PAYABLE TO MICHELLE KOESTER
in	burnt	orange	with	page	protectors	and	proj-                  Pre-registration and payment required by October 1st
ect	idea	sheets.                                                                   Any questions:
                                                               Call	Michelle	Koester	at	724–307-3333	or	email	
Checks	payable	to:                                                    at
Mary Pat Pinsoneault, 1414 RT. 30, Clinton, PA 15026
 Pre-registration and payment due by September 27TH.
   Pre-registered guests receive a $5.00 product gift
        certificate that can be used at the event.             Kid’s Creative Cooking
         Register	by	calling	724-622-3002                         This hands-on class will introduce
                                                               participants to the preparation of a
                                                               variety of easy and delicious seasonal
“Holiday Show”                                                 recipes that will satisfy those after-
                                                               school hunger pangs. Cost listed
  Shopping will be so easy at the second annual Find-          is per month. You may pay by the
lay Township “Holiday Show.” Come and shop where               month or for all 3 sessions at once.
local vendors and crafters will have many unique               Please pre-register at least
and special holiday gifts for family, friends, teach-          2 days before class to
ers, grab bags or anyone else on your holiday list.            attend.
There will also be a silent auction and a free craft
corner for kids. Light refreshments will be available.         NO WALK-INS. Enrollment is limited, so register soon.
WHEN:	 Friday,	November	7TH,	6:00	p.m.	-	9:00	p.m.             WHO:	 Youth	in	grades	K	–	5
														Saturday,	November	8TH,                          WHEN:	 Thursdays,	October	16,	November	20		 	
	             10:00	a.m.	-	4:00	p.m.                           	       and	December	11
WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center                       TIME:	 3:45	–	5:15	p.m.
	             310	Main	Street,	Imperial                        WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center
COST:	 Free	admission	                                         	       Main	Street,	Imperial
      **There	are	still	a	few	tables	available.                COST:	 Residents	-	$	8	per	month		     	    	
           Call	Darlene	at	724-695-0500	x26                    	       Non-residents	-	$10	per	month
                     for	information                           INSTRUCTOR:	Darlene	(Larson)	Howell	and	

Annual Christmas Party with Santa
It seems like a long way off, but Christmas will soon be right around the corner.
On Saturday, December 6th (tentative date), the ICDC and Findlay Township will
host its, annual Children’s Party at the Activity Center on Main Street in Imperial.
Festivities will begin at 2:00 p.m. and will include ornament making, refreshments,
lighting of the tree and a visit from Mr. & Mrs. Claus.
This is a free event, so bring the kids, grandkids and enjoy the fun!
HALLOWEEN                                                CRACKLE HOLIDAY CRAFTS
                                                           The woodcraft holiday classes were so popular a few
                                                         years ago that we thought we would bring them back
    HAPPENINGS                                           but with a new twist. Each of the following classes will
                                                         use “Crackle,” a non-toxic, water soluble medium that
                                                         gives the wood project an antiqued aged pottery look.
            in the Township                              All materials will be provided and we are asking that
                                                         you wear old clothing as we will be using acrylic paint
                                                         and other art materials. Call or go online to register as
Pre-Parade Pizza Party                                   class size will be limited.
and Juggling Show                                        Halloween Pumpkin
  Come to the Activity Center on Saturday, October 25
                                                    th     Participants will make a 18 inch standing
before the parade and enjoy a pizza party and a unique   wooden crackled jack-o-lantern for Halloween.
Halloween Juggling Show with your family and friends.    Registration and payment due September 24th.
After the show, you can head out to the parade.          WHEN:	 Thursday,	October	2ND	(if not completed,
                                                                   can come again on October 9TH to finish)
      PIZZA	PARTY	TIME	-	12:00	-	12:30	p.m.              WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center,	Upper	Level
           “JUGGULAR	THE	JUGGLER”                        TIME:	    6	-	8:30	p.m.
       Halloween	show	-	12:30	-	1:15	p.m.                WHO:	 Ages	7	to		adult
                                                         COST:	 $12	residents,	$16	non-	residents
            DONATION:		$1	per	person	                    INSTRUCTOR:	Sue	Peindl	and	helpers
           AS SEATING IS LIMITED                         Candlestick Snowman
               NO WALK-INS PLEASE                          Participants will make a crackled snowman out of a
                                                         candlestick holder. The Snowman stands about a foot
  Call	724–695–0500	x26	to	make	reservations             tall and is a very unique decoration. This would make
WE	ARE	LOOKING	FOR	VOLUNTEERS	TO	DRESS	UP	               a great Christmas gift from you or your child or just
         AND	HELP	WITH	THE	PARTY                         fun to make for your home.
                                                         Registration and payment due by November 24th.
            WANT	TO	PARTICIPATE                          WHEN:	 Thursday,	December	4TH	(if not completed,
                                                                    can come back on December 11TH)
                                                         WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Activity	Center
Annual Halloween Parade                                  	          310	Main	Street,	Upper	level
                                                         TIME:	     6	-	8:30	p.m.
  The Annual Halloween Parade will be held on Sat-       WHO:	 Ages	7	to	adult
urday, October 25th at 1:30 p.m.                         COST:	 $12	residents,	$16	Non-residemts
  Participants will meet at the Activity Center in       INSTRUCTOR:	Sue	Peindl	and	helpers
Imperial and march down Main Street to the Impe-
rial Fire Hall for treats. All ages are welcome and      More Scrapbooking Workshops
prize drawings will be held for each age group. In
the event of inclement weather, we will remain at          Your priceless photographs preserve the special people,
                    the Activity Center for prizes and   events, and stories of your life. Make a commitment to orga-
                                                         nizing your photos and preserving your cherished memories in
                      treats. Put on that costume and    safe, meaningful scrapbook photo albums.
                       come out and enjoy the fun.         Attend any or all of the sessions and you will have uninter-
                                                         rupted time to dedicate to safely protecting your photos and
                                                         memorabilia. Learn techniques for organizing, documenting,
                                                         and preserving your precious memories. A cropping station
                                                         will be available with the use of many Creative Memories tools
                                                         including the Custom Cutting System, paper trimmers, tem-
                                                         plates, idea books, journaling pens and more.
                                                           Supplies will be available for purchase at the workshop.

                                                           Light refreshments will be served. Please bring your own
           Trick or Treat Night                          beverage.
                                                                     FRIDAYS	WITH	MICHELLE	KOESTER
          Findlay Township will have                      Creative	Memories	Consultant,	Phone:	724-307-3333
              Trick or Treat Night                                             November	14TH
       on Halloween, Friday, October 31ST                WHERE:	    Findlay	Twp	Activity	Center,	Main	Street,	Imperial
                 from 6-8 p.m.                           TIME:	     6	p.m.	until	midnight
                                                         COST:	     $10		per	workshop
                                                         	          Payment	taken	the	night	of	the	workshop

                                                               YOU MUST CALL TO MAKE A RESERVATION
SAVE MONEY ON YOUR CAR INSURANCE WITH THE:                 COST:	 $10	per	person
AARP DRIVER SAFETY PROGRAM                                 	         Findlay	Residents	pay	½	price	($5)
   The AARP Driver Safety Program is the nation’s            NO CASH PLEASE / ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO AARP
first and largest classroom driver refresher course        INSTRUCTOR:	Bobbi	Halm
designed for motorist’s age 55 and older. This eight-
(8) hour course is taught in two, four-hour sessions         Class size is limited. Pre-registration is a must.
spanning two days. The course helps drivers refine         Call Darlene at (724) 695-0500 x26 to reserve a spot.
existing skills and develop safe, defensive-driving
techniques. THERE ARE NO DRIVING TESTS!                     Basic Car Care Class
   Upon completing the course, participants are eligi-         Excellent for someone preparing for their
ble to receive a state-mandated multi-year discount         license or for a person who just wants to learn
on their auto insurance premiums.                           the basics. This class will teach the basics of car
The program covers the following topics:                    maintenance such as how to change a tire, check
• Vision and hearing changes                                the oil, tire pressure or transmission fluid, replace
• Effects of medication                                     a windshield wiper, light bulb or fuse. This will be
• Reaction time changes                                     a hands-on demonstration, so dress appropriately.
• Left turns and other right-of-way situations              Class size is limited, so call now to ensure a spot.
• New laws and how they affect you                          Payment and registration is due by October 7th.
• Hazardous driving situations                              WHEN:	 Tuesday,	October	14th
WHEN:	 Thursday	,	November	6TH	and	Friday,		 	              WHERE:	 Imperial	Tire	and	Automotive,
	         November	7TH,	(you must attend both sessions)     	          759	SR	30,	Imperial
TIME:	 9	a.m.		–	1	p.m.                                     TIME:	 7	-	9	p.m.			(rain	or	shine)
WHERE:	 Findlay	Township	Municipal	Building		 	             COST:	 $5	residents,	$7	non-residents
	         Meeting	Room	(SR	30,	Clinton)	                    INSTRUCTOR:	Pete	Loria,	Owner	of	Imperial	
                                                            Tire	and	Automotive

                                          REGISTRATION FORM
                      PLEASE PRINT! (Please use separate form & check for each program)
    The Findlay Township Recreation Department will use every precaution to prevent accidents, however it will not
be responsible for medical, dental, or hospital expenses incurred due to accident or illness during its’ programs.
    I understand and agree to the above and request that my child or I be allowed to participate in the following
program(s). I understand that neither the Township of Findlay nor any instructors shall be held responsible for
any injury to me or to my child during the program.
Signature of participant, (or parent \ guardian):
Participant Name                                                    Date of Birth                  Grade

Address                                                             Home Phone No.
                                                                    Daytime Phone No.

Emergency Contact: Name                                             Phone No.
Email Address
Program Title:                                                      Resident: yes / no (circle one)
Program Fee:                                                        Program Date(s):
FOR OFFICE USE: Date Paid                                           Check #

                                                                                                  Presorted Standard
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