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									                                                          Flag Raising Ceremony
                  Our next Flag Raising Ceremony will be held on February 17 in honor of Presidents’
                  Day. Please join us around the Flag Pole at 8:45 a.m.

                                                                             PTA Reflection Contest Winners
                                                                       Congratulations to the following students who were recognized
              Science Fair A Huge Success                              at the county for their reflections submission.

Thursday, January 26, New Berlin had the best Science Fair
ever. Over 299 highly competitive projects from 4th and 5th              Music Composition – Daniel Cano (Merit Award)
grade students were on display in the school cafeteria. There             Photography – Kendall Greco (Merit Award)
were a variety of judges who came to judge the student’s
science projects. They were excited and overwhelmed with the
                                                                          Photogrpahy – Veronca Fagan (Merit Award)
quality of the projects. All the students did an amazing job.            Visual Arts – Madison Lawrence (Merit Award)
We would like to thank the judges, teachers, parents, and
students who helped us make this an awesome science night for
                                                                            Visual Arts – Julia Cribb (Merit Award)
everyone. Here is a list of the winning students:                         Visual Arts – Jordan Tucker (Merit Award)
                                                                           Visual Arts – Sammy Pabon (Merit Award)
                        4th Grade
             1st Place – Darrius Wright
              2nd Place – Ann Jernigan
                                                                 Yearbooks are now on sale for $20.00. Get yours now
              3rd Place - Sammy Pabon                            during the presale. At the end of the year supplies are
             4th Place – Jeyanna Andres                          limited. So, don’t forget to preorder! Please contact your
              5th Place – Isaiah Maass                           child’s teacher for an order form.
                 Honorable Mention:
Ashley Sanders, Will Clark, Kelton, Bruce, Caleb Acoff,                           RESERVE YOUR COPY NOW
                   and Jareb Shaw
                                                                       If you would like to purchase online go to
                        5     Grade                     
               1st Place – Isaac Sletten
                                                                 There is a $3.50 service fee added to the cost of the book
               2nd Place – Olivia Bryant
                                                                                   when ordering online.
              3rd Place – Taylor Rhodes
                4th Place – Josh Glover
               th                                                        Oh Seuss… The Science of Seuss Day
             5 Place – Coleman Gaudry
                  Honorable Mention                             Do you know the science behind Seuss? Friday, January 13, students in
Troy Farr, Madison Bussell, Bailey Powell, Kamara Kelly,        kindergarten through third grade at New Berlin Elementary combined
                   and Vince Pagayon                            literacy and science together to find out. Kindergarten and first grade
                                                                students read the story Bartholomew and the Oobleck and My Many
                                                                Color Friends. After reading the stories, students made an Oobleck… an
                     Best in Show                               experiment that allowed them to see a liquid turn into a solid right before
                                                                their eyes and a color wheel to show how secondary colors are made.
                       Isaac Sletten                            Students in third grade also made an Oobleck and participated in a
                                                                science experiment from the book The Sneetches.

           Hot Topic Parent Workshop                            Second grade students read the story; My Fine Feather Friends and Oh
                                                                Say Can You Say Di-no-saur? The students learned about the
                                                                characteristics of birds, the types of birds in the community, and then
Please join us on Friday, February 24 at 9:00 a.m.              used a milk carton to construct a bird feeder. For their second experiment
 for the next parent workshop; the topic will be                they used plaster and clay to make a fossil. They learned how fossils are
   writing. Learn about the different genres of                 formed and the different types of fossils.
writing and Writer’s Workshop, the model used in                Mrs. Jennings’s first grade class used the book, Horton Hears a Who.
          Duval County to teach writing.                        They placed a 'dust speck' on a microscope slide, looked into the
                                                                microscope, and observed what was there! The students then drew a
                                                                picture. They also learned about sound.

      Smile… Spring Pictures Feb. 23
                                                                 Lost & Found - Please check lost & found for your
                                                                 child’s lost items. All items are donated the last
                                                                 Tuesday of each month.

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