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					                                                                                             Please return survey to or PO Box 875, Brighton SA 5049

Dance Class Interest Survey
Move Through Life Dance Company (MTL) is the first choice in training and performance for adult dancers. Formed in 2004, we have held a number of summer and winter dance
workshop programs, and launched a regular company class in March 2008. At the moment, we are creating our fifth performance project, called Black Coffee.
We want to be able to give more people the chance dance, so we’re talking to people like you to find out what you want.
You can find our more about us at or contacts us (PO Box 875, Brighton SA 5048, or mobile 0402 070 021)
Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.

Are you interested in dance classes?                            When would you be most likely to come to dance                What suburb do you live in?
   Maybe                                                                             Weekday
   Willing to give it a try                                               M    T   W      Th     F   S    S
                                                                                                                              How old are you?
   Definitely                                                                                                                     18-25 years               26-35 years
                                                                Mid                                                               36-45 years               46-55 years
What is your previous dance experience?
                                                                morning                                                           56 years of more
   Little or none
   Classes as a child                                           afternoon                                                     What gender are you?
   Exams as a child                                             Early                                                             Female                    Male
   Pre-professional or tertiary dance course                    evening
   Ex professional                                              Late                                                          What is your income level?
   Dance teacher                                                                                                                  full time                 part time

                                                                What appeals to you about going to dance class?                   student                   retired
How often would you attend a dance class?                                                                                         other
                                                                    Joy of dance
   Less than once per week
                                                                    Improved health and wellbeing                             Comments
   Once per week
                                                                    Getting in touch with your body
   Twice per week
                                                                    Getting fit and strong
   More than twice per week
                                                                    Improving skills and technique
How much would you expect to pay to attend a 60                     Being part of a group
minute dance class?                                                 Expressing creativity
                                                                    Improved confidence

What style of dance are you interested in?                          Improved body image
                                                                    Self discipline                                           Contact details (optional)
   Contemporary               Jazz
   Ballet                     Tap                               How far would you be prepared to travel to attend             Name
   Funk or hip hop            Body conditioning                 dance class?                                                  Phone
   Other                                                            5 minutes                   10 minutes                    Email
                                                                    15 minutes                  20 minutes                    Address
                                                                    30 minutes of more

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