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									WESTERNCONNECT                                                           A publication for alumni of Western Technical College

  February 2010                                                                                                    Volume 5, Number 2

  Making It Work
  Leslie Hill-Clatworthy                     was tight, he had commitments at                That’s not surprising, since it was
                                             home and at school, and he struggled            his core classes he enjoyed the most.
  Most of us take the temperature in our     in some of his classes. “English was my         Although he was scared to death
  homes or workplaces for granted. We        worst subject,” he says. “The first paper I     of competing with the 18-year-old
  rarely think about it. But for Harold      wrote had to be four pages; it was about        students, the instructors put him at
  Coppernoll, ’92 Air Conditioning,          how to install a deer stand. It ended           ease. “Both Mark Running and Dave
  Heating, and Refrigeration Technology,     up being more than 40.” His instructor
  it’s what he does. Day in and day out,     worked with him,
  he’s figuring out how to make us all       teaching him how
  comfortable.                               to use his resources
                                             and organize his
  Not part of the plan                       thoughts. He went
  Harold hadn’t planned to go to college.    from an F to a B.
  In fact, he hadn’t finished high school.
  He was in some special needs classes       He also secured a
  as a kid and was picked on by his          scholarship (the
  classmates, so he dropped out at 16.       Robert Ringdale
  He joined the US Navy, then became         scholarship), and
  a licensed cheese maker, working near      an advocate, when
  Richland Center. Then in his late 20s,     he went to the
  he was injured, badly enough that he       Foundation. “I
  collected workman’s compensation           remember walking

                                                                                                                                        Susan Ruggles
  and disability. “I decided to take the     into Anita Smith’s
  opportunity and make going back to
  school my job for two years,” he says.
                                             office and she
                                                                             Harold Coppernoll
  He was 31.                                 me out
                                                                  Who’d have thought a farm boy making
                                             because I
  Coming to college                          didn’t take     cheese for $30,000 a year would be…billing              Hoffman
  Harold’s brother had graduated from        my hat                                                                  brought
                                                             people for thousands of dollars worth of work?
  the Air Conditioning, Heating, and         off,” says                                                              something to
  Refrigeration program at Western           Harold.         God, family, and the college helped me get to this      the classroom

  nearly 20 years before, so he was          “She told                                                               that others
                                                             point. I’ve come a long way.    – Harold Coppernoll
  familiar with the program. But with the    me I could                                                              didn’t—a little
  campus 90 miles away, he knew it was a     come back                                                               life lesson,” he
  significant commitment, but one he was     in when                                        says. “They had been in the field, they
  willing to make to help secure a good      I could treat her like a lady. That was a      had experience, and they shared stories
  life for his family. And somehow he        good lesson for me.”                           I still remember to this day.”
  made it work. He spent one night per
  week in a La Crosse hotel, and drove       “Harold was a wonderful guy,” recalls           He also remembers telling Mark
  180 miles the other four days of the       Anita. “When we gave him the                    Running that he wasn’t going to be able
  week, all while averaging 24-25 credits.   scholarship, he was so happy he cried.          to bill people for his work. But Mark
                                             That scholarship really gave him a lift in      told me that was part of it. “He taught
  With a wife, two small children, and a     life. When he graduated, he got one of          me that it was ok to get paid for your
  mortgage, it wasn’t easy, though. Money    the best jobs they were offering.”              knowledge and get your work done.”
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                                                                                         continued from cover
                                     Hello Western
                                                                                           From employee to employer
                                     alumni!                                               “I didn’t go to school to own my own business,” says Harold.
                                                                                           And initially, he didn’t. He worked first for Arnold and
                             Each year, Western contacts its
                                                                                           O’Sheridan, an engineering firm in Milwaukee, then for
                             alumni by phone to reconnect. We
                                                                                           Thelen Engineering in Oconomowoc as a plumbing designer,
                             always verify your postal and email
                                                                                           honing his skills and building his knowledge.
                             addresses to make sure you continue
                             to receive invitations to reunions,
                                                                                           In April 2005, he started his own company, Coppernoll
  Sally Emerson publications such as this Connect                                          Mechanical Design, with only his son and him. Now, he
                             newsletter, communication from your
                                                                                           has five employees. Nearly 75 percent of his business is food
 program instructors, as well as other notices that we feel may be
                                                                                           related, either for process or storage. He’s done business in
 of benefit to you.
                                                                                           29 states and has worked with such companies as Fair Oaks
                                                                                           Farms, Smithfield Foods, Patrick Cudahy, Usinger Meats,
 We also find the phonathon is a convenient opportunity for our
                                                                                           Garden Fresh Foods, Sargento Cheese, and Joseph Campione.
 alumni to provide financial support to the college. So far this
                                                                                           He also has done work for large condominium complexes,
 year, we are seeing a 16 percent increase in the number of our
                                                                                           nursing homes and assisted living facilities, schools, grocery
 alumni choosing to say “yes” to a gift. On behalf of our students,
                                                                                           stores, and strip malls.
 thank you!
                                                                                           It’s in the food-related businesses where he really shines. At
 In addition, we survey our alumni to help us as an alumni
                                                                                           Joseph Campione, for example, he’s been involved in two of
 association and college to build on what we are doing, as well
                                                                                           their expansions—a 50,000-square-foot addition in 1999
 as provide direction. This year we are asking you to share your
                                                                                           and most recently a 120,000-square-foot addition in 2009
 favorite memory from your experience at Western. As you
                                                                                           that saw the addition of a breadstick line. Each addition has
 can imagine, the most popular responses by far have been the
                                                                                           come with a set of challenges that he has solved. “The bakery
 instructors (often identified by name) and the friendships you
                                                                                           is air conditioned,” says Harold. “They are one of the only,
 have established. It was enjoyable for our callers, students or
                                                                                           if not the only,
 alumni themselves, to hear your stories. I must share with you
                                                                                           company that
 some of the other great memories from alumni:
                                                                                           air conditions
                                                                                           their bakery. They
  1974       Basketball and baseball.
                                                                                           keep it a constant
  1978       A great place to go to school!                                                temperature year-
  1982       Being with a bunch of guys that liked the same thing.                         round. In order to
  1982       All the good friends I met and kept in touch with.                            do that, I needed
                                                                                           to figure out how
  1984       It was a great time to find a new beginning.                                  to control the

                                                                                                                                                             Susan Ruggles
  1984       Hanging out in the lounge.                                                    relative humidity
  1993       Receiving scholarship help and getting two As in                              in the space, how
             one semester.                                                                 much heat the           Harold Coppernoll
  1994       Being involved in student government.                                         ovens project.”
                                                                                           He also designed
  1998       I found my best friend at Western.
                                                                                           a cooling tunnel for cooling the pans used for baking, and the
  2000       Being the first child in my family to graduate!                               low-pressure steam systems used during bread making. In
  2001       A real caring facility that got me where I am today.                          order to get it right, he learned how to make bread. “Like any
                                                                                           food-related project, you have to take extra time and talk to
  2004       The real life experience.
                                                                                           the person who runs the facility to find out the main points
 You have made it clear—Western has been important in your life                            of interest to make their facility operate correctly,” he says.
 and your career. Thank you for visiting with our callers, giving us                       “The main thing on this project was to make sure the steam
 your feedback, helping us keep your information up to date, and                           pressure and related humidity level was correct.”
 of course, your contributions.
                                                                                           You don’t get that kind of dedication and service from your
                                                                                           average person. You get that from someone who knows how
 Alumni Relations Coordinator                                                              to overcome obstacles, work hard for his goals, and do the
 WesternConnect is published twice a year for alumni of Western Technical College.         right thing.
 Western Technical College President: Lee Rasch, Ed.D.
 Writer/Editor: Leslie Hill-Clatworthy
 Writer: Julie Lemon
 Alumni Coordinator: Sally Emerson
 Photography: Bruce Defries Studio Group
                Susan Ruggles
 Graphic Designer: Sharon Burchardt ’93

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  Western News
  Alumnus Wins                                                                   Western Adds New
  International Award                                                            Transfer Agreement
  Luke Achterberg,                                                               with MSOE
  ’05 welding, won the
  International Sculpture                                                        Western Technical College and the Milwaukee School of
  Center’s Outstanding                                                           Engineering have partnered to offer a new transfer
  Student Achievement in                                                         option to students. As part of the program-
  Contemporary Sculpture                                                         to-program articulation agreement,
  Award at a reception                                                           qualified Western Mechanical
  at the Ground’s                                                                Design students can transfer their
  for Sculpture in        Luke Achterberg and his fiancée Leah Mach              credits toward a bachelor’s
  Hamilton, New           stand in front of “Relative,” his winning              degree in Mechanical
                          sculpture at the International Sculpture
  Jersey. Achterberg,     Center’s Outstanding Student Achievement in
                                                                                 Engineering Technology at
  a recent graduate       Contemporary Sculpture Award Reception at the          MSOE.
  of the University       Ground’s for Sculpture in Hamilton, New Jersey.
  of Kentucky’s                                                                  This transfer option adds to
  Department of Art, spent three years of research, work, and                    several existing agreements
  active study creating “Relative,” a metal structure measuring                  between the two schools.
  207 inches long by 88 inches tall by 52 inches wide.                           Currently, qualifying Western
                                                                                 Electrical Engineering
  As a result of the award he has also won the International                     Technology graduates can
  Sculpture Center’s Swiss Residency, a six-week residency to                    enter as a junior into MSOE’s
  study and make art in Lucerne and Zofingen, Switzerland                        Electrical Engineering Technology
  (fully sponsored by Heinz and Gertrud Aeschlimann).                            program. Western graduates with an
                                                                                 Associate of Applied Science degree in a
  In addition to his degree from Western, he holds a bachelor’s                  business area may pursue a Bachelor of Science
  degree from UW-La Crosse and a master of fine arts degree                      in Business Management in one of five concentration
  from the University of Kentucky. He plans to continue making                   areas: information systems, operations management,
  art and will begin teaching sculpture and art appreciation part                marketing management, financial management, or business
  time at Morehead State University.                                             administration.

                                           In this new feature, we’ll track down a retiree and get an update on his/her life after Western.

                                               Anita G. Smith
                                 Anita G. Smith started at Western              Western, she also devoted time to the Shrine Auxiliary and
                                 in 1969 as the coordinator of                  Girl Scouts. She also spent summers at her cabin in northern
                                 Health Occupations and retired                 Wisconsin. Now, at the age of 95, she still lives in La Crosse
                                 in 1984 as the chairperson of the              and enjoys playing bridge with her friends. She continues to
                                 Health Occupations Division.                   support Western as well through the scholarship she has with
                                                                                the Foundation.
                                 When Anita Smith retired, she
                                 didn’t go far. For nearly 20 years,            Anita came to Western from Sandhills Community College in
                                 Anita volunteered full-time both               Pinehurst, North Carolina. Her charge from college President
                                 at the college and at the Western              Charlie Richardson was to start the nursing program at
                                 Foundation (where she met this                 Western. “Any success I had when I was dean was due to the
                                 issue’s featured alumnus Harold                wonderful and competent faculty and staff I had,” she says. “I
                                 Coppernoll). In addition to                    really had a great group around me.”

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                                  phone: 608.789.6083                              website: westerntc.edu/alumni
          Program News                                                       Health & Public Safety Programs
                                                                 Chris’s presentation focused on                               statewide table
                                                                 demystifying the role of OT in                                 clinic competition
                                                                 community and school-based services,                           sponsored by
                                                                 providing suggestions for realistic                            the Wisconsin
                                                                 expectations/communication and                                 Dental Hygienists’
Bruce Defries Studio Group

                                                                 creating positive partnerships                                Association,
                                                                 between parents and providers.                                 with one group
                                                                                                                                placing third!
                                                                 Mary’s presentation highlighted                                 Additionally,
                                                                 the Assistive Technology                                       dental hygiene and
                                                                 for Individuals with Autism                                    assisting students
                                                                 Spectrum Disorder manual that                               visited La Crosse
                                                                 was recently disseminated by the                       elementary schools as
                      Sparta Campus                              Wisconsin Department of Public               part of the free dental sealant
                                                                 Instruction. Mary co-authored the          program.
                      Expansion                                  manual in 2000 and headed the revision
                      Plans are currently underway to            of the project last year with members
                      expand the Sparta Public Safety
                      and Training Center in order to
                                                                 of the Wisconsin Assistive Technology
                      consolidate the criminal justice
                      programs, add additional learning
                                                                                                            Therapy News
                                                                                                            Three Respiratory Therapy program
                      opportunities for the Fire Protection
                      and EMS programs, and allow for a
                                                                 Three Programs                             graduates from the class of 2009
                                                                                                            represented Wisconsin in the Student
                      Nursing Assistant skills classroom
                      if needed. The project was approved
                                                                 Join Division                              Sputum Bowl at the American
                                                                 The DisAbility Support Specialist,         Association for Respiratory Care’s
                      by the Western District Board and          Early Childhood Education, and             annual convention in San Antonio
                      will be presented to the Wisconsin         Instructional Assistant programs           in early December. Although they
                      Technical College State Board in           have joined the Health and Public          were eliminated in the second round,
                      January (results unavailable prior to      Safety Division. The moves were made       they had a great experience and
                      press time). If approved, the project is   because of the retirement of Family and    were invited to sit with Wisconsin’s
                      estimated to take 18 months.               Consumer Sciences Division Dean Sabra      practitioner team in the inner circle
                                                                 Ann Mumford, PhD, in September.            at the finals.

                      Instructors                                                                           Bob Milisch, retired Respiratory

                      Present at                                 Dental Hygiene                             Therapy instructor, also was honored
                                                                                                            as the affiliate contributor of the

                      Midwest Autism                             Students Embrace                           year at the annual AARC business
                                                                                                            meeting for his service to the
                      Conference                                 Ser vice-learning                          Wisconsin chapter. His contributions
                                                                 Dental hygiene students                    included moderating the state
                      Mary Wirkus-Pallaske, speech-
                                                                 have been reaching out                     sputum bowl competitions, serving
                      language pathologist and instructor
                                                                 to the community                           on the board and developing the
                      in the DisAbility Support Specialist
                                                                 in various service                         disaster ventilator training program
                      Program, and Christine Krueger,
                                                                 learning projects.                         in Western’s BIS division.
                      program head of the Occupational
                                                                 During the fall
                      Therapy Assistant Program,
                                                                 semester, students
                      provided three sessions for the annual
                                                                 had an opportunity                        Join us for
                      Midwest Autism Conference held in
                                                                 to use their skills by
                      La Crosse.
                                                                 treating and educating
                                                                 three- and four-
                      The conference typically draws
                                                                 year-olds and their
                      parents, educators, practitioners, and
                                                                 parents for a special
                      support workers of individuals with
                                                                 Head Start Screening
                      autism spectrum disorder.
                                                                 Day. Second-year students entered a                     See page 11 for more details

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                                              phone: 608.789.6083                    website: westerntc.edu/alumni
    Business Division Reunion

                      This past fall Alumni and current and former faculty gathered for a reunion
                             to celebrate the past and learn about what is new at Western.

      The class of ’75 secretarial                                                      Alumni toured campus
        science alumni had a                                                         and were among the first to
       good time reminiscing                                                          find their brick in the new
           at the reunion.              Mary Larsen ’41 and associate dean Gary
                                        Brown, shared some humorous moments               Cleary Courtyard.
                                          explaining what classes were like at
                                          Western when Mary was a student.

                                                                                       Business Division program
     Business Division dean,                                                         representatives updated alumni
      Denine Rood, meets                     Alumni gather at the post party           on the latest technology and
     Chuck Kramer ’68, data                  to meet their former marketing             trends in their profession.
        processing alum.                      instructor, Diane Whiteford.

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                      phone: 608.789.6083                   website: westerntc.edu/alumni
   Lunda Center and Courtyard Open
   On a rainy fall day in October, the ribbon
   was officially cut for the Lunda Center
   and Cleary Courtyard on the La Crosse
   Campus. Facility tours, technology
   demonstrations, and refreshments were
   available throughout the day.

   In addition to the facility itself, the
   courtyard area leading to the entrance was
   also ready for the big day. Thanks to alumni
   and friends, more than 300 engraved bricks
   and stars were laid in the walkway between
   the Kumm, Coleman, and Lunda Centers.

                                                                                                                  Bruce Defries Studio Group
   The Alumni Association invites you to visit
   the La Crosse Campus and find your brick.
   Didn’t purchase a brick but would still like
   to? Contact Jaime Fortier at 608-785-9487
   or fortierj@westerntc.edu or visit westerntc.
   edu/legacy to reserve yours today.

                                                                         Last issue of

                                                                         Remember When...
              February is Career
                 & Technical
              Education Month!
         As a graduate of a technical college, you are one of
        Wisconsin’s futuremakers. If you know someone who
        is interested in a technical education, send them to

          we a re f u t u re m akers.c om                                   According to Linda Mast, former
                                                                            employee, this is the ribbon cutting
                                                                            for the residence hall in the 90s, the

                                          inny on the
                                                                            former La Crosse Inn/Ivy Motel.
                           can get the sk                                   People in the photo include Dr.
          It’s where they            ys wanted.
                      r they’ve alwa
                                                                            Rasch, Linda Mast, Tom Fider,
                caree                                                       hall director Colin Smith, and
                                                                            board members Linda Carlson and
                                                                            Dan Mihalovic, plus eight student
                                                                            resident assistants. We also heard
                                                                            from one of those students, Kathie
                                                                            Johnson ’99. Linda also shared that
                                                                            when trying to figure out a name,
                                                                            they jokingly considered calling it the
                                                                            “Best Western!”

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                        phone: 608.789.6083           website: westerntc.edu/alumni
 1958                                                      David Johnson, Wood Tech, has been retired for ten years.       1982
 Elwood Harebo, Business, has been happily retired                                                                         Willis Breska, Wood Tech, and his wife Bridget have
 for ten years.                                            Randy Knadle, Accounting, works at Michaels Trucking &          children Nathan 8 and William 7, and stepchildren
                                                           River City Redi Mix.                                            Briana 15 and Bret 12.

 1959                                                      1974
                                                                                                                           James Cauffman, Marketing, and his wife Tammy
 Maynard Brostrom, Machine Tool, has been happily                                                                          (Lillieridge) were married May 24, 2003.
 retired since 1996.                                       LaVerne Emerson, Auto Mechanics, has two children and
                                                           two grandchildren.                                              Dianne (Neitzke) Herried, Personnel Tech, has been
                                                                                                                           a health information clerk at Tri-County Memorial
 1960                                                      1975
                                                                                                                           Hospital in Whitehall for three years.
 Marlin Buchner, Tech Plumbing, has been enjoying                                                                          Jean Jessop, Operating Rm Assist, has an animal hobby
 retirement as president of Bernie Buchner Plumbing &      Paul Braman, Chemicals & Fertilizers, became a great-
                                                           grandfather July 2009.                                          farm.
 Heating since 2007.
                                                           Mark Johnson, Welding, was married to Lynette in 2007.          Eric Johnson, Farm Operations, has been a self-
                                                                                                                           employed farmer for 27 years.
 Don Engstler, Electronic Serv, has been happily
 retired for 11 years.
                                                           1976                                                            William Lasko, Welding, established a hands-on
                                                                                                                           school teaching 837 owner/builders and professional
                                                           Steve Fonstad, Machine Shop Tool & Die, has been the            career path students the craft of building with logs
 Merrill Gardner, Electronic Servicing, has been           manager of Luxco Tool & Die in La Crossse for 33 years.         throughout North America and Europe since 1991.
 retired since 1998 and enjoys his time restoring cars.                                                                    The Lasko School of Log Building is designated as a
                                                           Jeff Howland, Welding, is a boilermaker journeyman.
                                                                                                                           vocational school for teaching and training log building
                                                                                                                           construction near Indianapolis, IN. Future plans include
 1966                                                      Rolf Jostad, Machine Tool, is the director of global sourcing
                                                           for Medtronic, Inc. He recently graduated from St. Cloud        the establishment of a log builder apprenticeship program
 Wayne Critzman, Auto Body, has owned his own              State University with a Master of Engineering Management        and the construction of a permanent, indoor teaching/
 auto body shop for 35 years.                              degree. He and his wife, Sue, live in Andover, MN.              training facility, somewhere in the United States.

 Adrian Hendrickson, Skilled Machinists, is looking
 forward to semi-retirement from his mortgage business.    1977                                                            1983
                                                           Sandra Evenson, Nursing-Technical, has been an RN at            Linda Birnbaum, Business Admin, is actively involved
                                                                                                                           in the La Crosse Area Quilt Guild, charity work,
 1968                                                      Children’s Hospitals and Clinics since 1988.
                                                                                                                           landscaping projects, and gardening.
 Linda Helgerson, Practical Nursing, has been at
 Gundersen Lutheran for over forty years.                  1978                                                            Kathleen (Knudtson) Ekern, Finance, ’81
                                                                                                                           Accounting, was inducted into Phi Theta Kappa in March
 Carolyn Johnson, Foods-Institutional, recently            Teresa (Korleski) Gutke, Interior Design, is working in         2009 and into the La Crosse chapter of Beta Nu Chi.
 retired after 33 years at Bethany on Cass.                floral and interior design.                                     She is working on a teaching license and a master’s degree
                                                                                                                           at St. Mary’s University in Winona, MN.
 Charles “Chuck” Kramer, Data Proc, retired
 September 2005 from 3M Co. after 37-1/2 years. At         1979                                                            Penny (Gjerseth) Elmore, Accounting, has been an
 that time he started managing the Prairie du Chien        Andrew Denman, Air Cond, Heat & Refrig Tech, has                equipment secretary at Lunda Construction for 4 years.
 location of the Saether Livery Service as a funeral       been with Cogdell Spencer Erdman for 26 years and is a
 assistant and funeral coach driver serving funeral        HVAC designer.                                                  Gerald Johnson, Diesel & Heavy Equip, has been the
 homes in a 100+ mile radius in Wisconsin, Iowa                                                                            owner of Johnson Dairy Farms for 25 years.
 and Minnesota. He is married to Linda, a retired          Kevin Kelbel, Chemicals & Fertilizers, has an accounting
 elementary teacher. They have three children and one      degree from Viterbo University and is a partner with Smith      Dave Knoble, Super Market Mgmt, was married in
 grandaughter.                                             & Gesteland LLP in Madison.                                     June 2009 to Jody Malin.

 1969                                                      1980                                                            1984
 William Ebner, Jr., Data Proc, is a retired computer      Laraine Buckles, Nursing, has been an administrative            Judy (Welscher) Christian, Food Serv Mgmt, has
 programmer. He has two married sons and three             director at Gundersen Lutheran for three years.                 owned Stumpy’s Restaurant & Bar, Rushford, MN for
 grandchildren.                                                                                                            11 years.
                                                           Julie (Bryhn) Hanssen, Early Childhood Educ, works for
                                                           Duratech Industries and has been promoted to inspection         Kevin Dahlke, Farm Implement Serv Mech, runs
 1970                                                      trainer.                                                        Pumpkin Ridge Enterprises and has started handling
                                                                                                                           new tractors.
 Gene Hogden, Agri-Business Science Tech, Feed,            Patricia (Hebert) Kellum, Interior Design, is enjoying
 Seed & Farm Supply, is a greens keeper with the           retirement.                                                     Annette (Weis) Dummer, Data Proc, and Dave
 Ettrick Golf Course; his wife, Barbara is a RN with the                                                                   Dummer ’84 Data Processing are married.
 GET School District; daughter is a speech pathologist     Steve Kuhl, Welding, has been the owner of Tomah
 student at UW-Stevens Point; son is a biochem student     Welding since 1981.                                             Teresa (Davis) Gilbertson, Office Asst, is working
 at Purdue University.                                                                                                     on her masters degree through UW-Madison with a
                                                           Daniel Lee, Broadcast-Advertising Sales, is currently a         projected graduation date of 2013.
                                                           student at Western in the HVAC program.
 1971                                                                                                                      Suzanne Gleim, Data Proc, and Dan McTaggart ’85
 William Linsmeier, Feed, Seed & Farm Supply, has                                                                          Interior Design, have two wonderful boys, ages 14 and 12
 been with Karl Schmidt Unisia, Inc. in Menominee, MI      1981                                                            and live in Chippewa Falls. Suzanne has been with Cray,
 for 38 years and is currently the manager.                Mark Bearwald, Accounting, recently completed his               Inc. since 1986 and is currently a system administrator.
                                                           masters degree. His son is a current student at Western.
                                                                                                                           Marilee Hageness, Accounting, is the author and
 1973                                                      Anne Cadd, Printing & Publishing, has been a graphic            publisher of over 900 books.
 Sherry (Reinhardt) Boese, Practical Nursing, has          artist with the La Crosse Tribune for 25 years.
 been married for 30 years to her husband Wayne.                                                                           Charyn Hulce, Bus Admin Personnel, has been
 She has been employed at Lake City Medical Center,        Alan Franz, Graphic Design, is the owner of Franz, Inc.         president of Employment Resource Group for 12 years.
 Wabasha Alma Clinic for 23 years as an LPN.               specializing in graphic design, marketing, animation, 3D
                                                           special effects, and product visualization.                     Kenneth Jilk, Auto Body & Paint Tech, is married and
 Marlin Foellmi, Mech Design, ’71 Welding, has been                                                                        has two sons.
 retired from tool and die work at Trane for six years.    Virgil Hegg, Marketing, has been happily retired for 20
                                                           years.                                                          Bonnie Kenyon, CIS Programmer/Analyst, is a retired
 Joan (Tauscher) Gullickson, Business Machines,                                                                            church financial secretary. She is married to David from
 has been married to Mark since May 1974 and is            Rick Kolter, Mechanical Design, has been a substation           Shawano, WI and lives in Florida.
 retired.                                                  engineer with Dairyland Power Cooperative since 1982.

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                                               phone: 608.789.6083                                       website: westerntc.edu/alumni
                                                             Karen (Waldera) Klink, CIS Microcomputer Tech, and                Joel Bruemmer, Feed, Seed & Farm Supply,
 Classnotes cont.                                            her husband Brian were married in 2007.                           started his own family organic farm two years ago.

                                                                                                                               Deborah (Reynolds) Davis, Dental Asst, has
 1985                                                        Evelyn Layland, Accounting, ’85 CIS Microcomputer
                                                             Tech, is retired and enjoying 4 great-granddaughters and a        owned and managed Boscobel Excavating for five
 Donovan Barth, Electronics, ’84 Electronic Serv Tech,       great-grandson.                                                   years.
 has been an electrician at Crown Beverage for five years.

 Victor Becker, Auto Body & Paint Tech, and his wife
 were married in 1985.
                                                             1988                                                              1993
                                                             Charmaine (Evans) Bain, Food Serv Mgmt, ’83 Central               Sarah Berg, Medical Admin Spec, is employed at
 Pamela Berry, Dental Asst, is divorced, the single          Serv Tech, is a retired food service director and now enjoys      Mayo Clinic as assistant supervisor in the surgical
 mother of three, and the grandmother of three.              traveling.                                                        transcription department.

 Marlene Bittner, Nursing, ’67 Practical Nursing,            Darryl DeClute, Printing & Publishing, has been a                 Kathleen Cade, Paralegal, is currently a student
 worked for 36 years at Franciscan Skemp Healthcare and      technology & engineering teacher with the Slinger School          at Western.
 has been retired for eight years.                           District for 12 years.
                                                                                                                               Linda Dietrich, Printing & Publishing, recently
 Rhonda Britton, CIS Microcomputer Tech, has been            Mary Ann Filla, Nursing, retired in March 2009 after              celebrated a 35th wedding aniversary.
 a mortgage manager for 3 years with Governmental            being a director of nursing in a skilled nursing home
                                                             in Bakersfield, CA. She has a home in La Crosse and               Kay Holte, Interior Design, has started her own
 Employees Credit Union.                                                                                                       business, Window Works.
                                                             Bakersfield with plans to go back and forth as long as
 Carol Brye, Nursing, is the co-owner of three assisted      she can.
                                                                                                                               Steven Kuhl, Machine Tooling Tech, is a tooling
 living facilities in Viroqua, Westby, and Coon Valley.                                                                        engineer with John Deere Horicon Works.
                                                             Kay ( Jacobson) Fossum, Retail Mgmt, Marketing-
 Alan Christ, Bio-Medical Elec, is a senior technical        Retailing, has three married daughters and is part owner of
                                                             the Eastside Flea Market in Viroqua, open spring to fall.         Dale Levendoski, Electronic Serv, is a computer
 instructor and is currently introducing definition flash                                                                      tech with Vernon Communication in Westby.
 CT scanner technology for Siemens Healthcare.

 Severien Crook, Electronic Serv Tech, is a member of        1989                                                              Susan (Kremmer) Loback, CIS Microcomputer
                                                                                                                               Tech, is working on a teaching degree.
 the Fillet of Soul band.                                    Teresa (Getchell) Gerdes, Office Asst, has been a pricing
                                                             analyst for Midwest Security Insurance Co. for 19 years.          Jason Renslo, Diesel & Heavy Equip, has
 Tamara Eggiman, Dental Asst, has her own graphic                                                                              been employed with UPS for 16 years as a diesel
 design business.                                            Chad Hofslien, Diesel & Heavy Equip, has been with St.            mechanic. He and his wife, Lori, have daughters,
                                                             Joseph’s Equipment for 20 years, first as a mechanic, then as
 Kimberly Hofacker, Visual Com, has been married for                                                                           Breanna 8 and Rebecca 3 and reside in Eau Claire.
                                                             a service manager.
 21 years to Jim Messerschmidt, they have no children,
 and live in Stillwater, MN. She is employed at Qwest
 Communications and when not working, enjoys domestic        1990                                                              1994
 and international travel.                                                                                                     Lynn (Ebel) Bailey, CIS Microcomputer Tech,
                                                             Matthew Arendt, Auto Mechanics, was married in 2000.              became a grandparent in December 2008.
                                                             They have a daughter Kendra and son Ivan.
 Susan Jacobs-Claussen, Nursing, has been a part time
 nursing instructor at Western for two years.                                                                                  Susan (Devoe) Ganther, Admin Asst, has been a
                                                             Janet Betz, Health Information Technology, is currently           personal banker with Necedah Bank for ten years.
                                                             serving as the Toastmasters International Area 84 Governor
                                                             in Rochester, MN.
 1986                                                                                                                          Paula (Curtis) Goodwin, Physical Ther Asst, was
                                                                                                                               married October 24, 2009 to Kelly Zube.
 Marva Becker, Food Marketing, ’83 Marketing,                Kristine Fortun, Medical Admin Spec, is a member of the
 recently bought a kennel and boarding stable business.      Western advisory committee for office technology.                 Carman (Wood/Seeger) Knight, Interior
                                                                                                                               Design, has been at Sergenian’s Flooring Coverings
 Lynette (Dolan) Beyer, Medical Admin Spec, has              Mary Jacobson, Accounting, is happily retired.                    in Madison six years and has loved every minute of
 been a RN with Group Health Cooperative in Madison                                                                            it. She has five beautiful daughters Anna 15, Geneva
 for two years.                                              Susan Kuhnke, Accounting, has been a borrower’s
                                                             representative services for over two years at Great Lakes         13, Victoria 12, Virginia 10, Jacqueline 7.
 Patricia Clay, Nursing, retired from the Department of      Higher Education.
                                                                                                                               Karla (Schoonover) Kuehl, Nursing, has been
 Veteran’s Affairs on January 17, 2009.                                                                                        the assistant director of nursing with Tomah
                                                             Paul Wuensch, Commercial Art, has been with Northern
 Terri Coady, Accounting, is married and has three           Engraving since graduation, 10 years as an artist, then several   Healthcare for two years.
 children.                                                   management positions, and now a national account manager.
                                                                                                                               Annette (Mashak) Larson, Early Childhood
                                                             He is currently working on a Bachelor of Individualized
 Kevin Decorah, Air Cond, Heat & Refrig Tech, is the                                                                           Educ, has been married 16 years and has a daughter
                                                             Learning at Viterbo. His wife, Michelle (Meier) ’94
 captain of the VA Fire Department and the Fire Chief                                                                          12 and a son 6.
                                                             Radiography, is an x-ray tech at Gundersen Lutheran.
 for the City of Tomah.                                                                                                        Robin Lee, Air Cond, Heat & Refrig Tech,
 Kristine (Scharping) Flock, Office Asst, was recently       1991                                                              graduated in 2008 from Viterbo University.
 hired at Norwalk Ontario School District in guidance/       David Clark, Automotive Tech, has been the owner of
 pupil services.                                             Clucker’s Repair in Westby for 15 years.                          1995
 David Kloser, Welding, is a welder at Sandry’s Secure                                                                         Richard Bailey, Surgical Tech, ’93 Central Serv
                                                             Carol Forer, Nursing-Technical, ’85 Health Unit Coord,            Tech, and Ma Jessica Arriesgado have been married
 Treatment.                                                  ’84 Health Unit Clerk, has been a RN at Franciscan Skemp
                                                                                                                               for three years and live in San Jose, CA.
                                                             Healthcare for 20 years.
 Evelyn (Starnes) Klungtvedt, Printing, is a materials
 control worker with ViroMed/Labcorp and lives in                                                                              Christopher Dolle, Marketing, was promoted
                                                             Beth Jerome, Admin Asst, has her own business, is married         from midwest sales manager to national sales
 Shakopee, MN.                                               and has four children.
                                                                                                                               manager at InterMarkets.
                                                             Barbara (Sesvold) Larsen, Supervisory Mgmt,
 1987                                                        ’76 Secretarial Science, was selected as the 2009 Mrs.
                                                                                                                               Bruce Eglinton, Quality Assurance Tech, ’91
                                                                                                                               Industrial Engineer Tech, ’85 Machine Tooling
 Roland Deters, Air Cond, Heat & Refrig Tech, has            Oktoberfest. She is a business education instructor at
 been self employed for 22 years.                                                                                              Tech, has been a quality assurance engineer at Trane
                                                             Winona State University and at Western.
                                                                                                                               since 2003.
 Jeffery DuCharme, Marketing, is a crew leader for           Wendy (Klevgard) Remington, Dental Asst, and her
 Universal Source Product, the world’s largest composite                                                                       Rochelle (Lamb) Forschler, Medical Asst, is the
                                                             husband Bill have twins Austin and Brian.
 deck factory.                                                                                                                 mother of Emma 6 and Ethan 2 and is a part-time
                                                                                                                               real estate agent.
 Craig Dunnum, Marketing-Retailing, has been                 1992                                                              Robin Hartkopp, Food Serv Mgmt, is back in
 married for 18 years.                                       David Anderson, Nursing, has been retired since 1992              school at Buena Vista University.
                                                             from Lakeview Health Center as a RN.
 Cindy (Felton) Franks, Nursing, has been a RN with
 Vernon Manor in Viroqua for 22 years.                                                                                         Veronica (Yanz) Keenan, Interior Design, has
                                                             Anita Beck, Accounting, ’85 Office Asst, is happily retired       been an interior designer with Nordeen Design
                                                             from her town clerk responsibilities with the Town of             Gallery for 14 years.
 Carolyn Girard, Electronic Serv, is still healthy at 61.    Franklin and enjoying winters in Florida.
 Elizabeth Grewell, CIS Microcomputer Tech, is a                                                                               Jason Keeney, Graphic Design, has been the
                                                             Kathy Benson, Nursing, has been a RN at Richland                  creative director at Prizm Companies for 12 years.
 volunteer with Foodshare, Project Linus and has been a      Hospital for 17 years.
 coordinator for Lawrence County for seven years.

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                                               phone: 608.789.6083                                         website: westerntc.edu/alumni
  Classnotes cont.                                       Thonda Endicott, Admin Asst/Info Proc, has been an              2000
                                                         economic support worker for Vernon County Human                 Shannon (Denstad), Radiography, and Corey Gilman
  Matthew Komperud, Mechanical Design, has               Services for ten years.                                         were married in 2005. They have two daughters, Callie
  been a design tech with Chart Energy & Chemicals                                                                       and Makenna.
                                                         Jaclyn (Leuzinger) Errthum, Medical Admin Spec,
  for four years.
                                                         has been with UW Hospital & Clinics for 12 years and            Beth Bakel, Nursing, has been a RN at St. Mary’s
  Chrystique Neibauer, Graphic Design, worked            is currently a medical surgery coordinator. She and her         Hospital for nine years.
  for Wincraft in Winona for 5 years and now lives       husband have two daughters ages 7 and 4.
  in the Midland, Michigan area. She is a graphic                                                                        Kelli Betts, Early Childhood Educ, has served as the
                                                         Shawna (Ellis) Gasik, Paralegal, is a paralegal and             community learning center coordinator at the Boys &
  designer/illustrator/web designer and has operated
                                                         assistant corporate secretary for Viant. She and her husband,   Girls Club for three years.
  her own successful business, CQ Graphic Design,
                                                         Brian, live in Oswego, IL.
  since 2000.
                                                                                                                         Rhonda Cook, Health Information Technology, has
                                                         Franacee Instenes, Farm, Business & Prod Mgmt, and              been a medical record tech at VA Medical Center for
  1996                                                   her husband Roger celebrated their 34th anniversary on
                                                         December 6.
                                                                                                                         five years.
  Philip Barnhart, Commercial Art, has been the
  creative director with Watertown for five years.                                                                       Mary Corcoran, Food Production Specialist, welcomed
                                                         Brenda (Miller) Kirstad, Graphic Design, is the mother          daughter Ellie Ledebuhr on March 4, 2009.
                                                         of a nine-month-old son.
  Marjorie (Bronk) Brown, Agri-Business Science
  Tech, welcomed a son on June 2, 2009.                                                                                  Elizabeth DeBoer, Graphic Design, was hired
                                                         Jillaine (Nagel) Lauer, Marketing, Fashion Marketing,           October 2009 by RIPT Apparel as curator of t-shirt
                                                         has been an abstract and report typist with Fayette County      printing working with artists.
  Douglas Brown, Nursing, has three daughters, all       Abstract Co. for 11 years.
  college grads, and is the grandfather of three.
                                                                                                                         Keith Goetting, Welding, has a one-year-old daughter.
  Cheri (Sampson) Brudos, Accounting, has been
  the accounting clerk for Lakeview Health Center in                                                                     Wendy Knudtson, Radiography, is a radiographer
  West Salem since July 27, 2009.                                                                                        at UW-La Crosse. She has also been an x-ray tech at

                                                                Make a Gif t
                                                                                                                         Scenic Bluff Community Health Center since March
  Jason Carlson, Criminal Justice-Law                                                                                    2004.
  Enforcement, has two sons, ages 6 and 2.
                                                                                                                         Daniel Levendoski, Visual Com, is the district media
  Susan Ellis, Food Serv Mgmt, is the grandmother                                                                        technician for the School District of La Crosse.
  of three.
                                                                                                                         Jaime (Paar) Paugh, Electroneurodiagnostic Tech, is
  Mark Haakenson, Diesel & Heavy Equip, and                      Out of town and missed                                  a neurodiagnostic technologist at Gundersen Lutheran
                                                                                                                         Medical Center. She and her husband, Andrew, were
  his wife Sheryl have four children, Roxanne 10,
  April 6, Shawna 3, and Ryan 4 months. He has run
                                                                  the phonathon call?                                    married December 19, 2009 and live in Onalaska.
  his own business, Mark’s Repair, since 1995.

  Rachel (Dietel) Hoskins, Accounting, is an                     Made a pledge, but keep                                 2001
  accounting assistant with Ace Communications                                                                           Amy (Robertson) Beaman, Medical Admin Spec,
  Group. She has two children, Tyler 14 and Brett 12.            forgetting to mail it in?                               praises Western teacher, Barb Truax, as the best teacher
                                                                                                                         she ever had.
  Amy (Barnes) Leonhardt, Community
  Developmental Disabilities Assoc, has been a cook                                                                      Rebecca (Breslin) Dickson, Dental Asst, and Brian
  at Fort McCoy since March 2007.                             Would rather not get a call?                               Dickson ’04 CIS Microcomputer Spec, have four
                                                                                                                         children ages 8, 7, 5, 2.
  Kimberly Osterhout, Police Science, recently
  graduated with a Master’s degree in education                                                                          James Dobbs, CIS Microcomputer Tech,
  administration and is a teacher with Pasadena                                                                          Microcomputer Spec, has been retired for four years.
  Independent School District. She is currently taking
  a writing course and plans to become a published                   Make a gift to the                                  Michael Dohnalik, CSI Microcomputer Spec, ’99 CIS
  writer. Her husband, Marco Arcos, is a police          Western Technical College Foundation today!                     Microcomputer Tech, welcomed son Henry on October
  officer with the University of Houston.                                                                                1, 2009.

                                                                                                                         Charlene (Ecklund) Elderkin, Graphic Design, has
  1997                                                           Visit westerntc.edu/alumni                              been the marketing Membership manager at the Viroqua
  Moriah Cody, HR - Bus Admin, is a financial                             and click on                                   Food Co-op since February 2010.
  advisor with Ameriprise Financial, focusing on
  long term financial planning advice and investment                                                                     Marnie Hofmeister-Pooley, Occupational Therapy
  management. She is in her 9th year in the industry.                                                                    Asst, welcomed a son born July 7, 2009.
  Her son, Austyn 15, is a sophomore at Onalaska
  High School. She and her partner and best friend
                                                                                                                         Theresa (Callihan) Knutson, Clinical Lab Tech,
                                                                                                                         completed an online bachelor’s degree in 2008 through
  Matt Monsoor have been together 10 years and                           Western Foundation                              the University of Cincinnati.
  own a beautiful home on the ridge in La Crosse.

  Maureen (McMullen) Davis, Community                                                                                    Nicole (Cripps) Knutson, Dental Asst, has been
                                                                                                                         working at Zehren Denta, Winona, MN since August
  Developmental Disabilities Assoc, is a secretary at
  Vernon Memorial Healthcare.

  Daniel Frank, Visual Com, has been a supervisor        1999                                                            Thomas Lenser, Diesel & Heavy Equip, has been
                                                                                                                         happily retired for 6 years.
  with Humana Health Insurance for ten years.            Kathy Binder, Agri-Business Science Tech, is working on
                                                         her bachelor’s degree online.                                   Nicki (Protz) Losinski, Interior Design, recently
  Susan (Rufer) Jacobson, Finance, has been the
                                                                                                                         started as a designer with Allen Kitchen & Baths in
  president of La Crosse Area Postal Credit Union        Shaun Goyette, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement,              Milwaukee.
  for over three years.                                  was promoted to detective with the Juneau County Sheriff
                                                         Department in June 2009.                                        Charles Lukwitz, Air Cond, Heat & Refrig Tech, has
  Renee (Sheehan) Keenan, Dental Asst, is
                                                                                                                         recently retired from City Brewing Company in
  working on a nutrition science degree online           Karah Hamann, Radiography, was married in 2002 to               La Crosse.
  through Kaplan University, anticipating January        Eric Anderson and they have two daughters, Norah 6 and
  2011 graduation.                                       Annah 3.                                                        Jill (Downs) Wurm, Physical Ther Asst, ’99 Medical
                                                                                                                         Asst, was married in 2005 to Joel. She has two
                                                         Stephanie (Stein) Johnson, Nursing, is a RN - Health
  1998                                                   and Wellness Director at Brookdale Senior Living.
                                                                                                                         daughters, Emily 12, Abby 1.
  Ronald Brueggen, Diesel & Heavy Equip Tech,
  has been a mechanic for Monroe County since            Connie Knudson, Nursing, has been employed with
                                                         Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center for 30 years, ten as a
  October 31, 2008.                                                                                                      Trisha (Thurow) Evans, Surgical Tech, has been
                                                                                                                         employed by Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in
  Christine Daniel, Microcomputer Spec, ’84
                                                         James Lockman, Radiography, and his wife Melissa                La Crosse for seven years as a surgical technician. She
  Operating Rm Asst, has been a software test
                                                         recently adopted a child from China.                            and her husband, Jared, welcomed a daughter, Kasey,
  engineer with Business Objects for 13 years.
                                                                                                                         June 2009.

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                                            phone: 608.789.6083                                         website: westerntc.edu/alumni
 Classnotes cont.                                           Eric Goldsmith, Welding, ’03 Machine Tool Oper, ’01             Travis Fischer, Wood Tech, was married October 17,
                                                            Refrig, AC, Heat, Serv Tech, was married August 30, 2008 to     2009 to Kimberly Nickelatti.
                                                            his wife, Brenda.
 Joel Greeno, Farm, Business & Prod Mgmt, has a                                                                             Julie Foreman, Medical Coding Spec, ’82 Early
 three year old daughter, Abigail.                          Amanda Hartman, Admin Asst, is the mother of daughter           Childhood Educ, has been employed with Franciscan
                                                            Haley Bowen-Hartman 5.                                          Skemp Healthcare for 17 years, first as a home health aide
 Heather (Lockington) Gregoire, Accounting, was                                                                             and currently in patient financial services.
 married to Anthony Gregoire on July 7, 2008. She is an     Rachel (Riedesel) Hendricks, Occupational Therapy
 ISS Revenue Specialist with RailAmerica, Inc. and lives    Asst, welcomed son Nathan in April 2009.                        Julie Hilleshiem, Admin Asst, her husband,
 in Alburgh, Vermont. She plans to pursue a bachelor’s                                                                      Christopher, and three children moved to Arizona in
 degree in business management with an accounting           Randall Hoeth, Nursing, ’85 Mech Design Tech, ’84 Mech          2008 and added to their growing family with a new
 emphasis.                                                  Drafting, is going back to school to work on a bachelor’s       baby boy, Gavin. Julie is a leasing consultant for Career
                                                            degree.                                                         Strategies.
 Lynn (Lamb) Kuehl, Supervisory Mgmt, graduated in
 2006 from Viterbo University in business management.       Zachary Johnson, Bio-Medical Elec, has been a field             Tamera Humfeld, Nursing, has been a RN at Vernon
                                                            service engineer with Delta Medical Systems for five years.     Memorial Healthcare since August 2008.

 2003                                                       Christopher King, Community Developmental                       Cassandra Jasinski, Architectural Tech, is married and
 Candice (Kloss), Dental Asst, married Joe Greer in         Disabilities Assoc, is a community living supervisor for the    has one child.
 May 2009.                                                  County of La Crosse. He and his wife, Amanda, live in
                                                            Tomah.                                                          Reta Keenan, Accounting, has been a database services
 Jennifer Bailey, Farm, Business & Production Mgmt,                                                                         associate at Viterbo University for two years.
 and her husband Brian were married in 2001. They have
 children Katelynn 5 and Kendall 3. She is currently in     2005                                                            Joel Ludowitz, Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement,
                                                                                                                            was married to Trina on September 12, 2009.
 the supervisory management program at Western.             Terry Deaver, Supervisory Mgmt, has been a plant
                                                            manager with Midwest Hardwood for a year.
 Danielle Rae Cutler, Marketing, and Kevin
 Severson ’00 HVAC, were married June 27, 2009. She         Tania (Koput) Dechant, Accounting, has been in                  2008
 is a receptionist at Fox 25/48 and he has been employed    accounts payable with Westland Insurance for 12 years.          Riley Auna, Physical Ther Asst, is a rehab mobility
 with Schneider Heating & Air Conditioning for 5 years.                                                                     consultant with Degen Berglund.
                                                            Kallie (Keichinger) Dinger, Medical Asst, welcomed
 Ricky Dixon, Supervisory Mgmt, has been a store            daughter Avery on June 9, 2009.                                 Dan Berg, Graphic Design, started a new job as the
 manager at A & W/ Long John Silvers since April 2006.                                                                      web designer/developer for the Communications Group
                                                            Kathleen (Reardon) Enzenbacher, Emergency Medical               in the Carlson School of Management at the University
 Jennifer (Foss) Eickhoff, CIS Programmer/Analyst,          Serv, has been a dental assistant with Dr. Wayne Myhre for      of Minnesota. He also celebrated the birth of a daughter,
 ’97 Admin Asst/Info Proc, has two children, Grace 5        four years.                                                     Greeley Madden, March 9, 2009.
 and Ryland 2.
                                                            Nicole (Lecy) Felland, Nursing, welcomed a son, Riley,          Shawn Christenson, Physical Therapist Asst, and
 Duane Franti, Human Resources-Bus Admin, was               born September 2009.                                            Katerina Turner, ’05 Graphic Design, were married on
 married June 28, 2008. He and his wife, Lisa, welcomed                                                                     May 16, 2009.
 daughter Alivia on May 4, 2009.                            Audrey Hermansen, Culinary Mgmt, has been a manager
                                                            at Paradise Landing for 5 years.                                Jessica Dennis, Respiratory Ther, has been a respiratory
 Renee Hansen, Supervisory Mgmt, has been married                                                                           therapist with Franciscan Skemp Healthcare since July
 to Michael for 30 years.                                   Scott Herold, Emergency Medical Serv, has been a                2008.
                                                            maintenance engineer with Farms USA for 21 years.
 Jody King, Supervisory Mgmt, was recently promoted                                                                         Aron Donaldson, IT-Network Spec, and Betsy, ’09
 to purchasing agent at Gundersen Lutheran Medical          Brian Kuhnke, Tech Brick Masonry, has been a concrete           IT-Programmer/Analyst, were married in June 2009.
 Center.                                                    finisher for seven years for Augelli Concrete.
                                                                                                                            Dannyelle Eddy, Admin Asst, has been a clinical
 Diana Leystra, Interior Design, Elec & Computer            Jenica Lanners, CIS Microcomputer Spec, has a 2 year old        assistant for Family Planning Health Services since
 Eng Tech, is currently a student at Western.               son, Tyler.                                                     February 2009.

 Jacqueline Maki, Practical Nursing, is a LPN at the        Nicole Olson, Nursing, is attending Murray State                Richard Halverson, Automotive Tech, has a two year
 VA Medical Center and was recently recognized with         University/Trover Health System Program of Anesthesia.          old son.
 the nursing excellence award.                              She plans to graduate in 2011 and will be able to sit for the
                                                            CRNA exam.                                                      Katrina MacFarland, Physical Ther Asst, and Joe
                                                                                                                            Eberhardt, ’07 IT Network Spec, were married June 6,
 2004                                                                                                                       2009.
 Holly (Leffler), Clinical Lab Tech, and Nathan             2006
 Gilbert have been married for five years. They recently    Nichole Bauerle, Graphic Design, was married in 2007.           Amy Nuttelman, Radiography, is a radiographer at
 purchased a new home in Prairie du Chien.                                                                                  Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center in La Crosse.
                                                            Jason Guthrie, Fire Protection Tech, and his wife Mary
 Sara (Chitwood) Adamson, Human Resources, and              have two children, Justin 5 and Sara 2.                         Antonette Travline, Community Developmental
 her husband Aaron, celebrated the birth of a daughter on                                                                   Disabilities Assoc/Dss, is attending Viterbo to pursue
 January 2, 2009, their first child.                        Mem-gweenm Hernandez, Accounting, bought a house                a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work. “I am very excited
                                                            in June 2009.                                                   about this next step in my education!”
 Benjamin Bauer, Graphic Design, is the art director
 for Premier Printing. They recently purchased              Tanya (Enneper) Jumbeck, Nursing, ’05 Practical
 Performance Printing in Marshfield, WI and will soon       Nursing, welcomed a son in June 2008.                           2009
 celebrate their five year anniversary, having taken the                                                                    Robert Arnold, Automotive Tech, is an auto mechanic
 company from three employees to 11, and sales from         Katina Kiesling, Culinary Mgmt, has been promoted to            for Arnold’s Service and Towing LLC in Sparta.
 $212,000 annually to a projection of $1,100,000 for        food service director with Mauston Area Schools.
 2010.                                                                                                                      Lindsey (Shipley) Blatz, Dental Asst, ’07 Interior
                                                            Emily Knudtson, Respiratory Ther, is a respiratory              Design, is a dental assistant at the Westby Dental Clinic.
 Sandra Campbell, Accounting, welcomed grandson             therapist at Craig Hospital and has been living in Colorado
 Jack on June 2, 2009.                                      for three years. She plans to start PA school in two years.     Stephanie (Larson) Hanson, Accounting, ’92 Admin
                                                                                                                            Asst-Info Proc, is an accountant with Vernon Electric
 Tracy Dayton, Nursing, graduated in May 2009 from                                                                          Cooperative. Her husband, Kyle, is a custodian with
 Viterbo University.                                        2007                                                            Westby Area Schools.
                                                            Andrew Anderson, Marketing, was married June 20, 2009.
 Adam Degenhardt, Automotive Tech, has been                                                                                 Rebecca Hericks, Surgical Tech, ’08, Central Serv,
 the night manager at La Crosse Truck Center since          Danielle Clason, Emergency Medical Tech, has been an            Tech is a surgical technician at St. Mary’s Hospital in
 December 2009.                                             EMT for two years.                                              Rhinelander.

 Kimberly Eades, Early Childhood Educ, has been             Troy Clements, Wood Tech, has been doing                        Skylar Holzhausen, Welding, is a welder/fabricator for
 with the Ho-Chunk Nation Head Start program for            weatherization for Coulee Cap since Febuary 2009.               Mathy Construction and lives in Bangor.
 19 years.
                                                            Gregory DeBoer, IT-Network Spec, was hired by Venture           Rodney Knutson, IT-Computer Support Spec, was
 Jamie Fox, Air Cond, Heat & Refrig Tech, employed at       Computer Systems as an IT Tech in September 2008.               recently hired at IBM in Dubuque, IA as a DB Technical
 Ron Hammes Refrigeration as a refrigeration technician                                                                     Support Specialist.
 for three years.                                           Susan DeWall, Central Serv Tech, has been a central
                                                            service tech at Gundersen Lutheran Medical Center since         Carolyn Standlee, Respiratory Ther, is a clinical
                                                            April 2010.                                                     therapist II at Hendrick Health Systems in Abilene, TX.

email: alumni@westerntc.edu                                                 phone: 608.789.6083                                        website: westerntc.edu/alumni
                                                                                                                                      (A Public Safety Reunion is planned for 2013.)

                   Plans are underway for an event you won’t want to miss, including program reunions, tours,
                       food, friends, and fun! Meet with current and former faculty, learn about the latest
                                 trends in your profession, and connect with old and new friends.
         If you are interested in contacting your classmates or helping with the reunion, the Alumni Office would like to hear from you.
                                  Watch for details and registration: westerntc.edu/alumni/reunion or contact the
                                             Alumni Office at 608.789.6083 or alumni@westerntc.edu

 In memoriam                                  We remember the following deceased graduates. These names were current when Connect went to press and not previously listed.

 Kathy S. Hancock, 1/28/08                                   Steve R. Traister, 8/2/09                                         Charles Nicksic, 10/5/09
 1990 CIS Microcomputer Technician                           1989 Respiratory Therapy Technician                               2009 Supervisory Management

 Dorothy M. Stoda, 3/29/08                                   Greg F. Flury, 8/13/09                                            Trent Pedretti, 10/7/09
 1967 Foods - Institutional                                                                                                    1985 Welding
                                                             Debra M. Maliszewski, 9/14/09
 Daniel Frantz, 4/11/09                                      1978 Secretarial Science-Medical                                  Janice E. Koch, 11/23/09
 1973 Accounting                                                                                                               1979 Nursing - Technical
                                                             Jerome C. Grokowsky, 9/15/09
 Judith M. Anklam, 4/30/09                                   1964 Electronics
 1980 Interior Design
                                                             James D. Shay, 9/25/09
 Teresa K. Williams, 7/24/09                                 1986 Wood Tech
 1999 Nursing - Associate Degree, ’91 Medical Assist

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           Additional information for college publication: _______________________________________________________________

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