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									                       MINUTES OF THE EDUCATION COUNCIL MEETING
                             Held at 17:00 hours, December 19, 2007
                      Kootenay Centre Board Room – Cranbrook Main Campus

ATTENDANCE: Gwen Bailey, Jim Bailey (Chair), Gina Bennett, Leah Bradish (by teleconference),
            Cathy Carlgren, Jason Colombo, David Dick, Bev Evanchu, Karen Langan,
            Velma McKay, Doug McLachlan, Ardy Smith Miller, Justin Snopek, James Wishart,
            Dorothy Smith (Recording)

Absent:         Heather Hepworth, Dan Metcalfe, Marla Riehl, Christine Rinaldi, Nick Rubidge,
                Doris Silva

Guests:         Olivia Besanger, Gary Johnson

1.   Agenda

     1.1   Amendments - Add 4.3 Partnerships (JB)

     1.2   Approval - The Agenda was approved as amended.

2.   Minutes of November 21, 2007 - On Page 2 under Committee comments, change “hear” to “here”
     after the third dash. The minutes were approved as amended.

3.   Business Arising from the Minutes

     3.1 Remuneration for Student Representatives on EdCo - Student representatives on EdCo were
     asked to leave the room for this discussion due to a conflict of interest. The Chair advised he
     checked to see if other institutions provide remuneration for their student reps on EdCo. Some do
     and some don’t. The amount paid ranges from $75 per month to $200 per meeting subject to
     attendance. One institution also provides free parking but students must attend sub-committee
     meetings. Another provides scholarships funded by companies that put ads in washrooms.

     Ardy asked what the ripple affects would be; i.e., will student members on program advisory
     committees want to get remuneration. There are 21 PACs at COTR with two students on each.
     The students are volunteers. It is better to leave it as a good experience to gain and acknowledge
     that with a letter. Where do we draw the line?

     Velma stated the line is between EdCo and other things we ask students to participate on; she said
     she does not feel the line is between the Board and EdCo. She feels students should be given

     Doug stated the Bursar also checked with some institutions and found some paid stipends and
     some didn’t.

     Jason pointed out the Board and EdCo are governance bodies and this distinguishes them from
     other committees. Cathy stated she likes the Douglas model where students also have to serve on
     a sub-committee.

     MOVED by McKAY THAT EdCo provide a stipend for student EdCo representatives in the amount
     of $25 per EdCo meeting attended beginning with the January/08 EdCo meeting. This is to be
     reviewed at the October/09 EdCo meeting. CARRIED. The SIO was opposed to the motion.
4.   New Business

     4.1 Program Review Presentation - Olivia Besanger provided a presentation on the new program
     review process. The Program Planning Committee has been working over the past year to design
     a new process. Each program will be reviewed on a regular basis. Eight data components will be
     looked at. They are Applications, Enrolments, Costs, Student Satisfaction, Student Employment
     Satisfaction, Completion, Employer Satisfaction and Transfer Experience. The new process is
     largely data driven. Previously the provincial data for student satisfaction was looked at but now we
     will be using our own. The data we collect will be compared with the data the government collects.
     The information will be gathered in the spring and it is hoped it will be reviewed at the October PPC

     Programs will be asked to get feedback from students and hopefully students will fill in the exit
     survey. The data is compiled during the year. After the committee reviews all the data at the Level
     1 review, they will determine any categories in distress. The information will be given to the Dean
     and the Dean will review it with the Department Head and program staff. It also will be discussed
     with the Executive Committee. From that some decisions will be made and a plan of action will be
     determined. The process will be refined over time. There could be recommendations for program
     suspensions or cancellations.

     Leah asked if all data, good and bad, will be provided to the Dean. The SIO replied yes; all
     programs will be reported on. In early January all Deans will have the information and the process
     will start.

     4.2   CASC Recommendations - The committee met and reviewed the course outlines presented.

     MOVED by SMITH MILLER THAT EdCo accept CASC’s recommendation and approve the
     following new or revised course outlines” COMP 080 – Introduction to Computers, NURS 120 –
     Health & Healing II, NURS 125 – Nursing Practice II, TA 109 – Education Systems & Structures, FA
     106 – Introduction to Drawing. CARRIED.

     Econ 101 - This course has been offered online. Changes have been made to the evaluation
     process. Students must pass the final exam in order to pass the course. Late assignments will be
     marked at zero unless there are extenuating circumstances.

     MOVED by SMITH MILLER THAT the changes to the ECON 101 evaluation process be accepted
     to include a requirement that students pass the final to pass the course, and that late assignments
     will receive a 0 unless there are extenuating circumstances. CARRIED.

     4.3 Partnerships - Gary Johnson provided a handout entitled “Joint Selkirk – COTR RC/HSA
     Planning Paper (Dec/07)”. Ardy advised CASC has some course outlines from Selkirk which are
     quite different from COTR’s. Gary pointed out this is not a new program but it is being
     co-taught this time. It will be 13 weeks of instruction followed by 12 weeks of practicum. It is
     important we get it right. COTR will be doing 13 weeks on line; Selkirk will have face to face
     tutorials and practicums. Certification will be by both COTR and Selkirk and there will be transfer
     credit from both. Do Selkirk’s course outlines have to align with ours or as long as the learning
     outcomes are the same, do we need to worry? Student Aid is not affected. The question is how
     does CASC proceed with the practicum course outlines from Selkirk. Gina pointed out all four
     course outlines had the same outcome. The outlines also have to be approved by Selkirk’s
     Education Council. Is that enough when we are in a partnership situation? Gary stated there is a
     provincial curriculum for RC/HSA and there is an equivalent program offered at COTR. Gary will
     bring Selkirk’s and COTR’s course outlines to CASC for comparison purposes.
5.   Reports

     5.1 Chair’s Report - It was announced at the BCcupms meeting in 2003 that UBC MATH 111 was
     being discontinued as of 2004. While this was noted in the articulation committee minutes, this
     decision apparently was not properly communicated to the UBC registrar's office: they did not
     update their internal records nor was BCCAT informed of any changes to be made to the BC
     Transfer Guide until Feb 2007 when UBC updated articulations involving UBC MATH 111. Courses
     which received transfer credit for UBC MATH 111 would instead receive "no credit" and this change
     was made retroactive to 1995, probably due to a misunderstanding. The problem was resolved in
     September 2007 when this was corrected so students would receive credit up until August, 2007.

     UBC has recently undergone a transfer credit streamlining process: they have done a complete
     review of their practices with relation to articulation requests in the hopes that problems like this one
     will not re-occur. (A similar situation has since occurred with a CPSC course.)

     5.2 SIO Report - The SIO gave a verbal report. Some highlights are as follows: Recruitment for
     the Director of HR is in progress. Aboriginal Service Plan is progressing with Ktunaxa. The
     College has requested additional FTE funding for some areas. Two Job Seekers contracts in
     Cranbrook and the Elk Valley have been approved for three years. The Bachelor of Science in
     Nursing students have moved on to the University of Victoria to finish their studies. Ron and Nick
     returned from Saudi Arabia and we will be providing some fire training over there. Ron and Leah
     are looking to see if it is feasible to offer MAP to high school students. You have to be 18 to work
     on the mine site except in the case of training. They are students but they will also be employees
     so that is a wrinkle. Workplace planning is being looked at. Employee Satisfaction survey is being
     worked on. The College 18 month calendar is available.

     5.3   Committee Reports

           Awards Committee – Bursary applications are due on November 30. $8,400 will be
           expended compared to the usual $12,000 to $13,000.

           CASC – Barb Janzen has asked to be on CASC and she has attended the last meeting.
           Christine Rinaldi is a member.

           Classroom & Information Technology Committee – Jonathan is working on the Policy and
           Procedures and had to add something on harassment. The committee has to look at Terms
           of Reference. Computer work at the Summit Hall and Gold Creek are going well. Starting in
           January the committee will meet every month.

           PPC – Already covered.

6.   Correspondence - None

7.   Information - A joint committee of faculty, students and management have been working on a
     Student Concern Policy. It may be ready for the next EdCo meeting.

8.   Next Meeting - January 16, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.

Jim Bailey, Chair


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