BOARD OF EDUCATION
                           UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 322
                               Pottawatomie County, Kansas

               MINUTES OF THE MAY 12, 2008 REGULAR MEETING

       Mike Handley, Board President, called the May 12th regular meeting to order at 7:00 PM.

       ROLL CALL
       Board Members Present:
            Beverly Figge            Rusty Helget          Paul Zidek
            Rex Green                Kenneth Melvin
            Mike Handley             Merrie Pinick

       Others Present:    Superintendent Dr. Fred Marten, Clerk Janell Schmidt, OGS Principal Sandra
                          Zahn, Melissa Wright, Amy Spoonts, Nueva Smith

       Melvin moved to approve the agenda with additions to Superintendent Reports. Helget
       seconded. Carried 7-0.

       1. Superintendent Marten’s Report
           a. 2007-2008 General Fund & At-Risk Budget Amendments
           b. KASB Regional Meeting
              Merrie Pinick, Beverly Figge and Dr. Marten attended the Region 4 meeting in Clay
              Center on Thursday, May 8.
           c. Summer maintenance projects were reviewed
           d. Board members reminded to attend the graduation and promotion ceremonies.
           e. Brad Marten is willing to tear down the two Butler houses and bury the debris in a hole
              on the property. He would only charge for fuel costs.
           f. Buses 97-9 and 13 are recommended to be sold.

       2. Onaga Elementary Principal Zahn’s Report
          A. Submitted written report and OGS activity account report.
          B. The 2nd graders were on Channel 13 news under Good Kids and the R-Squad may also
             appear on the news for their recycling efforts.

       3. Onaga High Principal Stumpf’s Report
          A. Submitted written report and OHS activity account report.

       4. Technology Update; Mark Haefke
           a. May 2008 Update on Projects
           b. Powerschool Update Cost Proposal

May 12, 2008 USD 322 Board Meeting       Page 1                            Official Minutes
      Helget moved to approve the bills and April 2008 Treasurer’s Report as presented. Green
      seconded. Carried 7-0.

      Amy Spoonts, Melissa Wright and Nueva Smith addressed the Board on the possibility of a
      school-sponsored preschool. Presently there are no preschool options available in this
      community for children that do not qualify for special services or families above low income
      guidelines. Few slots are available for Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) classroom
      Rolemodels. A preschool committee of community members has been formed and has been
      awaiting the go ahead from the school district to apply for a grant since September but have
      heard nothing. Dr. Marten will contact area districts that sponsor preschool programs to see
      how they are being funded. He will report back to the Board and the preschool committee.



       1. OHS 2008 Summer School Proposal
          Helget moved to approve the offering of a credit recovery summer school program (not
          mandatory) at OHS to be taught for 2-4 weeks by Marcia Labbe and Ann Kocher. Zidek
          seconded. Motion carried 6-1 (Handley).

       2. Bus Bids
          Melvin moved to extend the bus bid deadline on a 65 and/or 71 passenger bus to June 4th.
          Helget seconded. Motion carried 6-1 (Green)

       3. Personnel; Summer 2008 Student Maintenance and Painter
          Helget moved to go into executive session for ten minutes to discuss nonelected personnel
          matters to protect the privacy interests of the individual(s) to be discussed. Figge seconded.
          Motion carried 7-0. The Board left open session at 7:35pm with Superintendent Marten.
             The Board returned to open session at 7:45pm. Zidek moved to approve the following
          workers/hours for the Summer of 2008:
          Student            Position               Supervisor        Work Schedule and Pay Rate
        Randy Miller        Custodial              Pinick/Bloomer      55 days/8hrs/day @ $5.85/hr
        David Heideman      Custodial              McClain/Forgy       55 days/8hrs/day @ $5.85/hr
        Ryan Ladner         Painter/Maintenance    Kolterman/Pinick    55 days/8hrs/day @ $5.85/hr
        TBD(Ethan Cress)    Custodial              Bloomer/McClain     55 days/8hrs/day @ $5.85/hr
           Pinick seconded. Motion carried 4-3 (Handley, Helget, Green)

May 12, 2008 USD 322 Board Meeting        Page 2                            Official Minutes

       1. Approve Minutes
          Green moved to approve the minutes of the April 7 Budget Review meeting and April 14
          Regular meeting of the Board of Education as presented. Helget seconded. Motion carried

       2. Recognition of 2008 Senior and Eighth Grade Classes
          Helget moved to recognize the 2008 Senior and Eighth Grade Classes and to enter their
          names into the official Board minutes. Melvin seconded. Motion carried 7-0.
                                     Onaga High School Senior Class of 2008
            Ashlee Dawn Borders             Keely Danielle Kolterman          Samantha Danielle Peters
            Alec Robert Boswell             Garret Lee Kufahl                 Kelsey Marie Rezac
            William Lee Brown               Ryan Douglas Ladner               Jessy Cristen Richard
            John Charles Enloe              Tasha LeAnn Leishing              Daniel James Todd
            Derrick Rodney Glessner         Cody Scott Merriman               Aaron Joseph Trippel
            Kirsti Anne Gomez               Cody Joseph Meyer                 Jordan Nichole Valburg
            Chelsie LeAnne Jacobsen         Matthew David Myers               Brandon James Wheeler
            Stephen Richard Jones           Christopher Lee Niehues           Zachary Ryan Whitford
            Courtney Rae Kolterman          Kirk Anthony Perez                Cody Wayne Zabel

                               Onaga Grade School Eighth Grade Class of 2008
         Caleb Lee Ahlquist            James Luke Dyer                   Skyler Dean Kaster
         Rebecca Michelle Ames         Riley Reed Falk                   Zakary C. Marten
         Ashlee Michelle Bloomer       Dylan Christopher Faulk           Cole Mitchell Matzke
         Austin Dale Blow              Tiffany Rachelle Greensfelder     Karley Irene McLaughlin
         Cecilia Anne Bryan            John Michael Gronewoller          Justin Tyler Merriman
         Cleotha Mae Daniels           Eric Anthony Gudenkauf            Mitchell Lee Magnum Metzger
         Thomas Michael Davis          Alexis Niccole Johnson            Morgan Noel Valburg

     3. Negotiations; Executive Session
        Helget moved to enter executive session for 25 minutes to discuss negotiations to protect the
        public interest in negotiating a fair and equitable contract. Handley seconded. Motion carried
        7-0. The Board left open session at 8:50pm with Superintendent Marten. The Board returned
        to open session at 9:15pm. No action taken.

     4. Personnel; Executive Session
        No action taken.

     5. Personnel; Instrumental Music Instructor
        Helget moved to approve a 2008-2009 instrumental music teaching contract to Heather
        Brumeister at a salary of $31,000. Melvin seconded. Motion carried 6-1 (Figge).

May 12, 2008 USD 322 Board Meeting       Page 3                            Official Minutes
        6. Personnel; Resignation Title I Instructor
           Melvin moved to accept the resignation of Susan Dillinger as Title I teacher effective at the
           close of the 2007-2008 contract year and to post the Title I position as full-time for the 08-09
           year. Helget seconded. Motion carried 7-0.

        7. Personnel; Classified Employment-At-Will 2008-2009
           Green moved to approve the employment of the following classified personnel for the 2008-
           2009 school year:
                 Marsha Bergman ___________      USD ________________ Paraeducator, Library
                 Mike Bloomer _____________      USD ________________ Custodian
                 Sandra Carman ____________      OHS ________________ 10.5-Office Manager
                 Janie Cottrell ______________   USD ________________ Paraeducator, Elementary
                 Roy Duer _________________      USD ________________ Bus Driver
                 Danielle Forgy _____________    USD ________________ Custodian
                 Mark Haefke ______________      USD ________________ Technology Coordinator
                 Melvin Handley ____________     USD ________________ Bus Driver
                 Dianna Helget _____________     USD ________________ Cook
                 Ann Hermreck _____________      USD ________________ Payroll Secretary / Board Treasurer
                 Harold Jeanneret ___________    USD ________________ Bus Driver
                 Dale Kolterman ____________     USD ________________ Maintenance Worker
                 Max Loughmiller ___________     USD ________________ Bus Driver
                 Susan Magnett _____________     OGS ________________ 10.5-Month Office Manager
                 Shari Marten ______________     USD ________________ Part-Time Cook (4.0 hours)
                 Peggy McClain ____________      USD ________________ Custodian
                 Jeff Miller ________________    USD ________________ Bus Driver
                 Sally Miller _______________    USD ________________ Head Cook (8.0 hours)
                 Donald Pinick _____________     USD ________________ Custodian
                 Verne Ratcliff _____________    USD ________________ Bus Driver
                 Peggy Roe ________________      OGS ________________ Paraeducator, Title I Program
                 Amanda Ross______________       USD ________________ Part-Time Cook (6.5 hours)
                 Candace Schlegel __________     USD ________________ Paraeducator, Counselor / Food Service
                 Janell Schmidt _____________    USD ________________ Board Clerk / Business Manager
                 Leanna Walters ____________     OGS ________________ Paraeducator, Title I Program
                 Danny Wrosch _____________      USD ________________ Bus Driver
                 LaVern Wrosch ____________      USD ________________ Bus Driver
            Pinick seconded. Motion carried 5-2 (Figge & Helget)

        8. Agriculture Curriculum Change
           Figge moved to offer a “zero-hour” Agriculture Leadership class for the 2008-2009 school year
           from 7:30am-8:00am for ¼ credit per semester. Pinick seconded. Motion carried 7-0.

         There being no further business, President Handley adjourned the meeting at 9:30PM.

                                                           Board President

        _____________________                             ________________________________________
            Date Approved                                  Clerk of the Board

May 12, 2008 USD 322 Board Meeting                     Page 4                                     Official Minutes

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