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									  A Bilateral peacetime social compact agreement establishing
            the Private organic Laws for the State of Florida
It is compelled with the right of self determination that men and women write
and agree upon a social compact agreement to bind themselves together in the
name of our sovereign Yahweh, by his Testimony, yahshua, abutting all other
surveys, and

To all whom these presents shall come, we, the men and women for the State
of Florida within our private metes and bounds we steward for our sovereign,
trading within the boundaries and borders and sea-ward boundaries of the
State of Florida, routing, delivering and storing private messages, mediums of
exchange, and private mail by and between the families within the Free-Trade
Zone boundaries of the judicial-district of tens electronically, the private,
neutral, noncombatant rural free delivery routes and Post Roads affixed to our
Private Compact Easement Agreement by between the patrons of the General
Post Office within the private general posts, the customers of the United States
Postal Service, and the corporations of the Universal Postal Union send
greetings, and

Whereas, the men and women within the State of Florida agreed to a bilateral
peacetime social compact agreement, by and between the men and women
within their private metes and bounds, connected through their general post
rural routes, which serves as a foundation for each judicial district of tens
Free-Trade Zone, which are the communication routes for the State of Florida
as a whole, abutting all other Surveys, and

Article the first:

A: All offices within the State of Florida shall make no regulation respecting an
establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof or abridging
the freedom of speech or of the press or the right to peaceably assemble, and

B: All offices within the State of Florida shall make no regulation changing
their form of government from the status of neutral, noncombatant, and

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C: All offices within the State of Florida shall make no regulation that raises
entities, fictions, nor any other form of abomination above the intellectual
property of men and women within this bilateral peacetime social compact
agreement, nor in their organic private assembly, within their private metes
and bounds, and

D: All offices within the State of Florida shall make no regulation infringing
upon the right of men and women to defend themselves, nor restrict any
natural rights of men and women with intent of “For Their Protection”, and

E: All offices within the State of Florida shall not bring any religion or political
party into any assembly or board, nor accuse the Scriptures of being a religion
for the purpose of removing the Scriptures, and

F: All offices within the State of Florida shall make no regulation, hindering the
talents of other families under the veil of competition, nor hinder inventions or
private enterprise when dealing with energy, food, travel, education, water and
shelter or anything else unless it is harmful to the organic body, and

G: All offices within the State of Florida shall make no regulation for direct or
indirect express or implied taxes, on land, property or anything else against
men and women, nor through entities nor any other vehicle or term devised as
the assembly convenes in the unlimited credit of each man or woman that
consents to participate, and all other supplies needed shall be anonymously
donated, in a spirit of love thy neighbor as thyself, and no donation shall raise
the status of any man or woman above another, nor shall gain special privilege
on any decision of the county government assembly or board, and

H: All men and women or offices within the State of Florida shall not be bound
by a medium of exchange as a representation of their allegiance to any other
form of government, not their own form of government, and can use any
variation of medium of exchange without becoming a subject to its law by
agreement, express or implied, for you will know them by their works and
words as to the sincerity of their heart to serve their spiritual brothers and
sisters, so let no item, product, emblem, seal, money, or any other thing
coming between the binding of themselves to each other, by this bilateral
intellectual social compact agreement in the name of our sovereign, whether in
the name of yahweh, or yahshua, and

I: All men and women that enter into this particular bilateral intellectual
peacetime social compact agreement are exercising their right of self-
determination, and required to donate at least 12 hours per year to serve on
the county government assembly starting in the spring equinox to the next
Spring equinox. Each family is required to steward any vacant office until your

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relief has taken their place, and set the time for serving in those offices, and
the rules for removal upon bad behavior of the steward and the punishment
thereof, and

Article the second

A: A well regulated county guard, being necessary to the security of a free
Nation, the right of all men and women to keep and bear arms, shall not be
infringed, and

Article the third

A: No soldier or seaman shall, in time of peace be quartered in any dwelling,
without the consent of the family, nor in time of war, and

Article the fourth

A: The right of the men and women to be secure in their sweat equity,
investments, dwellings, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches
shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause,
supported by two witnesses and affirmation thereof, under penalty agreed upon
by the county government assembly, and particularly inscribing the place to
be searched, and the evidence or things to be taken, upon which will be
returned forthwith when having been found innocent in a General Post Master
Settlement Board trial, and

Article the fifth

A: No man or woman shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise
infamous crime, unless on a presentment of evidence that an injury has been
inflicted and indictment of agreement by the county government assembly,
except in cases arising in the land or naval forces when in actual service in
time of self-defense or public danger, nor shall any man or woman be subject
for the same crime to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb, common law or
criminal, there shall be not compelled performance in any common law or
criminal case to be a witness against one's own conscience, nor be deprived of
life, liberty, property or land, without due process of law and conviction, nor
shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation, in
gold or silver or equal sweat equity trade, and

Article the sixth

A: In all criminal accusations, the accused shall have a right to a speedy and
public trial, by the General Post Master Settlement Board within the Metes and
Bounds of the judicial-district of tens wherein the crime shall have been

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committed, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation, to be
confronted with the organic witnesses against his or her conscience, to have
compulsory process for obtaining organic witnesses and evidence in his or her
favor, and have a friend in counsel to assist in his or her redemption, and if
found innocent the accuser shall be with the expense of making the accused
whole once again, and

Article the seventh

A: Excessive posit shall not be required, nor fines imposed that are not
delivered to the injured family upon presentment of injuries, nor cruel and
unusual punishments inflicted on any man or women, whether by inflicted on
their flesh, their conscience, or their intellectual property. Whereas all injuries,
whether it is intentional or by accident shall have the condition of unlimited
credit for the injured. As for the criminal shall not suffer punishment for longer
than six years, whatever is decided by the county government assembly in
accordance with the regulation, unless the crime is murder, rape, or other
crime or the loss of value is greater than the six years, therefore the crime
must be paid to the Sovereign by death or permanent expulsion from the State
of Florida as a whole, and

Article the eighth

A: The enumeration in the constitution for the State of Florida as amended, of
certain rights, shall not be construed to deny to others retained by the family,
or by the county government assembly. If any regulation or Office does not
serve the families bound to them, the regulation is subject to expulsion, and

Article the ninth

A: The powers and rights not in the possession of men and women cannot be
given the State of Florida as a whole, and

B: The men and women shall govern themselves according to the intellectual
peacetime social compact agreement, the law of nations, the scriptures, and
maxims of law. The constitution for the State of Florida as amended shall
remain in harmony with the law of nations. Any regulation that breaches this
harmony as in not working together for a common goal shall be expelled. All
offices shall not deviate from the Maxims of Law, the Scriptures, and the Law of
Nations, and in no time of adjournment, shall leave the responsibilities, power
or authority of the private trust in the hands of any foreign counsel, committee,
or any other government body, nor allow the men and women to be represented
by anyone or anything, nor adjourn without setting a time, place and plane for
the next convening, and

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Article the tenth

A: Within the metes and bounds of this county charter there shall be no federal
corporations, federation accounts or federation unions regulated by any federal
union of states, and

Article the eleventh
A: The Executive General Post Master Board or General Post Masters in
assembly of three or more, reserve the right to amend, alter, or correct this
document to resolve any un-foreseen problems that may arise for the purpose
and intent to maintain the private, Public, Commercial and non-commercial,
neutral, non-combatant status of the State of Florida within The United States
of America only, and

So done on the two hundredth and ninety sixth day in the Year of Yahweh, six
thousand and fourteen, translated January 10, 2012.

Signatures of Signatories

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