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					                              JOB DESCRIPTION

JOB TITLE:    Human Resources Officer

DEPARTMENT: Human Resources

LOCATION:     Myton Hospice


DATE:         February 2009


To assist the Senior Management Team and Line Managers to recruit, retain and
develop quality staff so that the performance of the organisation is condusive with
patient care and to the agreed standards and to ensure that HR practices are in
compliance with organisational policies and fulfil the requirements of existing
employment legislation.


                                Director of
                              Human Resources

  Human Resources                  Voluntary               Human Resources
      Officer                      Services                   Assistant
         (1WTE)                   Recruitment                (0. 6 WTE)

    1. In conjunction with the management team in the designated area,
    prepare and implement HR plans that assist in change initiatives
    necessary for the future success of the hospice, ensuring the overall
    objective of the hospice in taken into consideration; such plans may
    involve but are not limited to TUPE transfers, change in working
    hours/terms & conditions of employment, organisation restructuring,
    increase or reduction in established headcount.

    2. To assist the management team to reduce absence levels in the
    designated department – by analysing short-term and long term
    sickness levels and recommending appropriate action and by
    individual case management of employees with ongoing health
    problems or disabilities.

    3. To provide advice and guidance to the relevant members of the
    management team so that the implementation and completion of HR
    policies, procedures, administration and reporting requirements are in
    compliance with current organisational policy and employment

    4. To ensure that there is a Job Description (JD) and Person
    Specification (PS) for each job within designated departments and that
    any changes made to the JD and PS are in line with the overall strategy
    and objectives of the hospice.

    5. To provide advice and guidance to the relevant management
    team members, and undertake the case management where
    appropriate, of employees availing of their entitlements to one or more
    of the “family friendly” policies so that both organisational needs and
    the employee’s needs are met whenever possible i.e. paternal leave,
    paternity allowance, adoption leave, duvet days etc.

    6. To undertake employee feedback and opinion surveys and research
    within designated areas and as directed by the Human Resources
    Director so that information is available that may assist in the
    development of the HR Strategy and also across the multi sited
    organisation. Such activity may include but is not limited to Exit
    Interviews and Attitude Surveys.

    7. To provide specialist HR advice and guidance and assist the relevant
    managers to resolve any disciplinary, capability or grievance issues
    within designated areas so that harmonious employee relations are
    maintained whenever possible and so that current employment
    legislation is complied with.
    8. To assist the management team within designated areas to recruit
    quality staff in a cost efficient and timely manner and in line with
    agreed establishment levels.

    9. To assist the management teams within designated areas to
    undertake performance management mechanisms and review
    processes so that effective training and development of staff takes
    place and so that staff performance is improved where necessary.

    10. To participate in staff communication initiatives, such as but not
    limited to the Staff Council Meetings, as requested by the Human
    Resources Director so that staff within designated areas are informed as
    to matters concerning or affecting their employment with the

    11. To undertake such Divisional or Corporate HR projects and initiatives
    as directed by the Human Resources Director or other relevant
    members of the senior management team, this may include but is not
    limited to policy development and review.

    12. To undertake induction of new staff and improve process on a
    continual process in an ever changing climate and compliance with
    current legislation.

    13. Management of work experience and student placements, liaising
    with department heads to ensure objectives of both department and
    work experience students are met. Evaluation of process and
    feedback to student on completion of placement.
    14. Monitoring and Evaluation of Equal Opportunities and ensuring
    Hospice is compliant in monitoring and ensuring fairness.
    Recommendations for improvements where necessary.
    14. To promote the Human Resources Functions as an integral part of
    the organisational structure and offer support and advice to line
    managers as required.

    Additional Information:
    Myton Hospice comprises of approximately 200 people spread across 2
    sites. The Human Resources Officer is designated as the HR contact for
    all sites and will be expected to travel to each site as and when
    necessary, however will primarily be based at Myton Hospice in
    Warwick. The organisation reserves the right to change the base at
    any time, given the appropriate notice periods and consultation is
    entered into.

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