HARBOR HAPPENINGS
                        A PUBLICATION OF HARBOR REGIONAL CENTER                                 WINTER 2008-09

                     INITIATIVE AT WOMEN’S CONFERENCE 2008
                     “We Hire, We Work, We Include”
                     Long Beach was recently the location of            Department of Developmental Services
                     the 2008 Women’s Conference. Under the             (DDS), to set up a booth showcasing
                     leadership of California Governor Arnold           her new Employment Initiative
                     Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria                for Californians with Developmental
                     Shriver, the annual conference unites              Disabilities. DDS Director Terri
                     more than sixty internationally-acclaimed          Delgadillo in turn called upon Harbor
                     leaders and visionaries with 14,000                Regional Center, and the Association of
                     women in one arena, plus thousands                 Regional Center Agencies (ARCA), to join
  Gilbert meets
      First Lady
                     more virtually, to become “architects              with them in this important project.
  Maria Shriver.     of change.”
                                                                        In announcing the Employment
                                                                        Initiative, First Lady Maria Shriver
                                                                        noted that, “Many people often believe
                                                                        that individuals with developmental
                                                                        disabilities can’t work, but they do –
                                                                        in hotels, in retail stores, in restau-
                                                                        rants, in state government, with
                                                                        non-profits and in public and private
                                                                        sectors…in our California State
                                                                        Capitol Office and in our field offices –
                                                                        the possibilities are endless and we
                                                                        have only just begun.”

                                                                        Mayor Bob Foster of Long Beach, who
                                                                        welcomed all those attending to Long
                                                                        Beach, was inspired by the Governor’s
                                                                        and First Lady’s initiative when he hired
                                                                        HRC Client Gilbert Gauthier to be a
                                       This year for the first          special assistant in the Long Beach
                                       time ever, Harbor                Mayor’s Office.
                                       Regional Center had the
                                                                        At our booth at the conference entitled
                                        opportunity to play an
                                                                        “We Hire, We Work, We Include,” repre-
                                        active role in being
                                                                        sentatives of DDS, ARCA and HRC shared
                                        architects of change
                                                                        information with hundreds of visitors
                                         on behalf of individuals
                                                                        about the untapped resource of workers
                                         with developmental
                                                                        with developmental disabilities. A slide
                                         disabilities. The First
                                                                        show illustrated the valuable contribu-
                                          Lady, realizing that the
                                                                        tion that individuals with developmental
                Gilbert Gauthier,with conference was a per-
                                                                        disabilities are already making, with
new boss Mayor Bob Foster, says that fect opportunity for
    his new job “Is the best thing that reaching out to
                                                                        scenes of people with developmental
has ever happened to me in my life.” employers statewide,               disabilities at work in offices, mailrooms,
Best Buddies Jobs California program asked the California               car dealerships, grocery and department
        arranged this successful hire.
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                                                                     Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
2                       HRC Helps First Lady Showcase Employment        stores, warehouses, senior centers, horti-
                        Initiative at Women’s Conference 2008           cultural centers and more.
                        (continued from page 1)
                                                                        In addition to the dedication and motiva-
                                                                        tion workers with disabilities bring to the
                                                                        workplace, they often bring something
                                                                        even more valuable. Quotes from their
                                                                        employers reminded our visitors that
                                                                        these workers often bring out the best
                                                                        in their fellow employees, as well as in
                                                                        the employers themselves.

                                                                        We thank First Lady Maria Shriver for
                                                                        opening this important door for people
                                                                        with developmental disabilities who
                                                                        want to work, and for all of us who
                                                                        are working on their behalf. I

                                                                        Kerry Ryerson, Danielle Heck, valued
                                                                        Starbucks employee Anna Brackett
                                                                        and Colleen Mock were among the
                                                                        enthusiastic representatives of HRC.

    HRC is dedicated to providing support, information and choices to our clients and their families. Our
    staff, from the receptionists to our psychologists, strive to demonstrate our core values through their
    interactions with you.

    You can help us recognize those individuals who have provided you with outstanding care and service.
    When you see an HRC staff member who is demonstrating respect by treating people considerately,
    working collaboratively, looking for ways to be helpful, responding quickly and explaining any delays,
    listening, sharing information, or any other assistance you found helpful, simply fill in this form and mail
    it to: Office of Information and Development, 21231 Hawthorne Blvd., Torrance, CA 90503 or by e-mail at

    We will make sure that the HRC Counselor, support staff, clinical staff, Resource Center staff or other
    members of the HRC team receive your note along with our special recognition.

    Name of person you wish to recognize:__________________________________________________________

    Your name: ___________________________________________________________________________________

    How that person demonstrated outstanding service or fulfillment of our core values: ________________




    We appreciate your support in helping us acknowledge these outstanding individuals.

                                                                    Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
                                                 For regional centers, the Governor’s
REGIONAL CENTERS                                 Administration has put forth a plan
BRACE FOR MORE                                   for a 3% reduction to Regional Center
                                                 Operations and Purchase of Services, to
BUDGET CUTS                                      go into effect during the current fiscal
Governor Reopens                                 year. They recommend that service
                                                 providers continue to provide needed
Budget Talks                                     services at the current rates, but that
for Program                                      regional centers pay service providers
                                                 3% less for the services they provide.
Reductions                                       Regional centers are also faced with find-
Bad news about the economy bombards              ing ways to make it through the year with
us constantly from every direction – on          3% less for operations. Most operations
television, on the radio, in the newspa-         expenses are actually direct services
per, and on the Internet. California’s bud-      provided to regional center clients and
get for all of its vital programs, including     families in the form of assessment and
developmental services, has been severe-         diagnosis, counseling, service coordina-
ly impacted by this deepening downturn.          tion, training and information, etc.

When the budget for 2008-09 was finally          The Governor has proposed an additional
passed in the fall, it already included          cut of $334 million to regional centers for
reductions for regional centers and com-         the 2009-10 fiscal year, with the goal of
munity service providers:                        stopping the current pace of expenditure
                                                 growth, which stems from growing case-
I   Rates for service providers remained         load and service needs. “The DDS will
    frozen despite growing costs, and the        work with the Legislature and stakehold-
    freeze was expanded to include new           ers in the coming months to develop pro-
    categories of service.                       posals to maintain the 2008-09 fund level
I   Rates for supported employment               and achieve the targeted savings while
    services were cut by 10%, after being        maintaining the entitlement and ensuring
    increased the previous year.                 program and service integrity.” Regional
                                                 centers do not yet know how this will be
    The Family Cost Participation Program
                                                 implemented but will keep our communi-
    was expanded to include a wider range
                                                 ty informed as more details unfold.
    of family income and a bigger share of
    responsibility.                              Due to these budget constraints, one area
                                                 where Harbor Regional Center has already
No sooner had the 2008 Budget Act been
                                                 cut back is in the printing and mailing of
signed, when Governor Schwarzenegger
                                                 our publications, such as the Training and
announced that economic conditions
                                                 Events Catalog and this newsletter. They
had further deteriorated, and in
                                                 will continue to be available online and
November he called a special session
                                                 at community locations such as the HRC
of the Legislature. The Governor called-
                                                 Resource and Assistive Technology Centers
for a combination of cuts and revenue
                                                 in Torrance and Long Beach. We are
increases to solve California’s budget
                                                 encouraging our readers to sign up for
shortfall. He warned that the longer such
                                                 our HRC E-mail Network, and to check
action was delayed, the larger the hole in
                                                 our Web site frequently for updated
the budget would grow. Then in January,
                                                 publications, training, and resource
with no solution reached, he unveiled the
                                                 information. To sign up for the HRC
Governor’s Budget, including additional
                                                 E-mail Network, send an e-mail request
reductions for the next 18 months.
                                                 to Nancy.Spiegel@harborrc.org. I

Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
4              HRC CLIENTS JOIN                             may find less flexibility when searching
                                                            for employment opportunities to meet
               THE WAL-MART                                 workers’ diverse needs. It can be difficult
               FAMILY                                       to find the right person within the organi-
                                                            zation who can approve supported
               By Danielle Heck                             employment arrangements, such as
               HRC Employment Specialist                    accommodations or a job coach.
                                                            However, some of these corporations
               Wal-Mart is the world’s largest and most     have become among the largest employ-
               successful retailer based on sales and       ers of people with developmental disabili-
               number of stores. With 7,390 stores,         ties in our community.
               they employ more than two million
               people and serve more than 176 million       You might think that Wal-Mart would
               customers a year.                            be a difficult company for our supported
                                                            employment programs to navigate, but it
                                                            couldn’t be more the opposite. Wal-Mart
                                                            was recognized as 2008 Employer of the
                                                            Year by the National Association of
                                                            Governors’ Committees on People
                                                            with Disabilities.

                                                            In both their Torrance and Long Beach
                                                            stores, Wal-Mart has chosen a model that
                                                            demonstrates their commitment to and
                                                            accommodation of workers with develop-
                                                            mental disabilities. These workers are
                                                            employees of Wal-Mart with the same pay
                                                            and benefits as other employees. They
                                                            are scheduled to work in groups of 3-4
                                                            workers, with support from a job coach
                                                            100 percent of the time. Their coach is
                                                            paid with state funds. The model guaran-
                                                            tees the support that our clients need,
                                                            and our continued successful relationship
                                                            with Wal-Mart.

                                                            “I like working at Wal-Mart because
                                                            Aaron, the assistant manager, is cool, nice
    Kathy Ochoa works at the Torrance Wal-Mart.
                                                            and understanding. If I need something,
                                                            he sends someone to help. I also have a
               Wal-Mart is also leading retailers in
                                                            lot of nice associates that I work with, like
               innovation when it comes to supported
                                                            Vanessa, Cecilia, Will, and Joe that also
               employment of people with developmen-
                                                            are a big help and break things down for
               tal disabilities. HRC clients are working
                                                            me,” said Kathy Ochoa, who works at the
               at Wal-Mart as greeters, stocking shelves,
                                                            Torrance Wal-Mart.
               and providing much-needed janitorial
               services. Clients are very excited about     Harbor Regional Center recently honored
               being a part of the Wal-Mart Family.         Wal-Mart at our Employer Recognition
                                                            Breakfast, “A Partnership that Works,”
               Corporations often have established
                                                            on November 7, 2008. Harbor Regional
               ways of doing things, and may therefore
                                                            Center looks forward to a long partner-
               not always be the most open environ-
                                                            ship with Wal-Mart and we hope that
               ment for our clients. Job developers
                                                            other retailers will follow their lead. I

                                                                    Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
THE SPIRIT OF                                    Ralph’s gifts cards                                              5
                                                 to some of our
THE HOLIDAYS                                     neediest families.

An abundance of generosity poured into           The Adopt-A-
Harbor Regional Center throughout the            Family program
2008 Holidays Are For Sharing campaign.          was able to pro-
For what was one of the most economi-            vide sponsorship
cally difficult years in recent history,         for a record-
people in our local community and                breaking 126 needy
elsewhere donated richly.                        HRC families. Girl Scout Troop 395 threw     Patricia Lockhart and her
                                                 a party to celebrate the holidays with the   daughter Katherine were
The Holiday Season kicked off with               girls of their adopted family. Several of    showered with gifts by
donations of Thanksgiving Food Baskets           the sponsors adopted more than one           their sponors from Merit
from the Carson-Gardena Rotary Club              family and many sponsored more than          Moving Systems
who again provided us with donations             five. There are too many individual spon-
of complete turkey dinners for 10 of             sors to list here, but a few notable spon-
our families. The Manhattan Beach                sors are: Wilmington Valero Refinery,
Montessori School amazed and delighted           Northrop Grumman, Sandpipers, The
us again this year with oversized contain-       Torrance Police Department, Tsuchiyama
ers filled with everything necessary for         Kaino Sun & Carter, and Mari Brusseau.
a hearty Thanksgiving dinner, gift cards
and a variety of other wonderful surpris-        Tina Ash, Fans of Ozomatli, and the
es for 16 HRC families. Two generous             Veronica Enriquez Legacy honored
Thanksgiving dinners were donated by             the memory of former HRC Counselor
a local Boy Scout Troop and another              Veronica Enriquez, who passed away this
fantastic dinner was donated by an indi-         year, by adopting numerous families.
vidual family, thanks to the inspiration
of their young daughter.                         Special thanks go out to those of you
                                                 who were instrumental in spreading the
An incredible amount of new toys came            word about our program, resulting in
to us through drives hosted by industri-         many additional sponsors.
ous donors: 24Hr. HomeCare held a toy
drive for HRC which included drop-off            Harbor Regional Center thanks all of our
sites at the Dental Office of Dr. Richard        Holidays Are For Sharing program spon-
Oliver, DDS; M & S Pharmacy; Torrance            sors and sends our sincer-
Dental Arts; Belmont Village Assisted            est appreciation for the
Living Community of Rancho Palos                 generous support and
Verdes; and Rite Aid of Torrance. More           acts of kindness shown to
new toys and other useful items were             our clients and their fami-
donated to us by Shield HealthCare,              lies! We also thank our
Accredited Nursing, Ridgecrest                   dedicated Counselors                                    Selen Perez shows
Intermediate School, Canyon Verde,               who went the extra mile                                 off her new doll
several private individuals and dozens           for all of our clients. I                               family provided by
of HRC staff. Various household items                                                                    24Hr. HomeCare.
such as a TV, microwave, kitchenware,
                                                                                                          (bottom) Girl
lamps and movies were donated as well                                                                     Scout Troop
as stuffed animals and clothing. These                                                                   395 threw a party
items were all given to our clients and                                                                  for the girls of the
their families.                                                                                         Garcia/Bessera
                                                                                                        family, joined
Monetary donations flowed in and                                                                        by their leaders and
reached over $11,500, much more than                                                                    HRC Counselors
last year’s total! The money was put                                                                   Arturo Lindo,
to great use by providing Target and                                                                   Marlena Voeur
                                                                                                       and Leili Samimi.

Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen

                                                                              into the studio because no one had taken
                             THEIR LIFE IN                                    a truly complimentary picture of their
                             PICTURES: Parent                                 daughter. With a little time and patience,
                                                                              Monica was able to capture a picture of
                             Monica Kinnaird                                  the girl with a beautiful smile on her face!
                             and Family                                       The parents and the girl were thrilled.
                                                                              That moment touched and inspired
                             As with any mom, when Monica Kinnaird            Monica when she realized how many
                             talks about her children she absolutely          families of children with special needs
                             beams with pride! Her daughter Kayla             encountered the same challenge. This
                             recently turned 12 and her son Cameron           inspiration eventually led her to start
                             is 10. Monica describes Kayla as having          her own business, Chosen Photography,
                             the sweetest and happiest temperament,           specializing in photographing children
                             and Cameron as someone who loves to              with special needs. Her work can be
                             smile, hug and run! Unfortunately in             seen on this page, and on her Web site,
                             Cameron’s case, he has been known to             www.chosenphotography.com
                             run away from supervised settings such
                             as school and outings with the family,           It can be an intense life for the family at
                             and he must be closely supervised at             times, juggling single parenthood, work,
                                                        all times to          and her son’s behavioral challenges, but
                                                        ensure his            Monica has utilized the services available
                                                        safety.               to her family through Harbor Regional
                                                        Cameron has           Center. Cameron’s HRC Counselor,
                                                        autism and            Arturo Lindo, referred Monica to Family
                                                        doesn’t under-        Behavioral Services (FBS). Monica reflect-
                                                        stand the dan-        ed on the progress Cameron has made
                                                        ger that he           since first receiving behavior therapy in
                                                        puts himself          their home and she said that the train-
                                                        in when he            ings have been terrific.
                                                        runs away.
                                                                              Cameron receives respite care and the
                                                         Being a single       family has gotten to know some respite
                                                         mom and              workers well enough that Monica doesn’t
                                                         dealing with         worry about Cameron’s safety when he is
                                                         a son with           with them. Monica and Kayla can now
                                                         autism,              go out and spend some much needed
      Monica’s artistry is
                             Monica tried to find work that would             mother-daughter time.
demonstrated in her pho-
tography of her children,    support the three of them and give her
                                                                              Cameron started a new school this year
    Kayla and Cameron.       a flexible schedule. She found a life-
                                                                              and is doing very well. He is writing
                             changing opportunity when she was
                                                                              poems and drawing pictures of happy
                             hired and trained by the Sears Portrait
                                                                              people which are skills he never dis-
                             Studio. The manager even scheduled
                                                                              played before. Kayla continues to be
                             Monica’s work hours around her chil-
                                                                              a great support for her mom and her
                             dren’s school schedules.
                                                                              brother, and Monica’s business has
                             A turning point for Monica came when             really taken off. This family is on its
                             she met a family whose daughter had              way to being picture-perfect! I
                             cerebral palsy. They hesitated to come

                                                                          Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen

MEET AWARD-                                      award-winning
                                                 artist at the
WINNING YOUNG                                    “Defining
ARTIST, SARA TARRAB                              Ourselves”
                                                 Exhibit, pre-
When it comes to artistic talent,                sented by
22-year-old Sara Tarrab has an abun-             Arts and
dance! Sara’s older sister Nina is also          Services for
very artistically inclined and the skills of     Disabled at
these two young women come as no sur-            the CSULB
prise to their parents, who also happen          Design
to be artists.                                   Gallery.

Sara began developing her interest and           Sara also
talent in art when she was a young girl.         has very
When she showed little desire to do her          good organizational skills that she
homework, her mom Wafa encouraged                demonstrates at home by keeping the       Sara and a favorite
                                                 cans stacked and drawers organized.       Long Beach teacher,
her to use crayons and make the home-
                                                 As a transition-age student, Sara has     Katherine Penney,
work assignments colorful. To Wafa’s
                                                                                           pose beside her
delight, and to the satisfaction of Sara’s       gained experience in several vocational
                                                                                           portrait of the Jonas
teacher, the homework was done and               training settings. She recently worked
                                                                                           Brothers (shown
Sara enjoyed doing it. Sara’s dad Elias          in the Production Room at the Veteran’s   in top inset below),
used to draw for her and play guessing           Administration two days a week, doing     on display at at the
games. Sara loved this activity and was          the much-needed tasks of folding mail     CSULB Design
very good at studying her dad’s drawing          and stuffing envelopes.                   Gallery.
and correctly guessing what it represent-
ed. Sara began to show more interest in          Sara’s talent and
painting larger spaces so she started            enthusiasm for life
“painting” the outside wall with water.          will take her far
She then took her skills inside and with         and we at Harbor
her parents’ approval, Sara painted some         Regional Center look
of the walls in the house. To round out          forward to seeing
her creativity, Sara took ballet when she        her in the spotlight
was young, and she has a real love of            again very soon. I
music and dance. She enjoys entertaining
company with her “High School Musical”
singing and dance moves.

Sara has been in the limelight on several
occasions. She won an award from the
Down Syndrome Association of Los
Angeles for her art work that was on
display at the Skirball Cultural Center.

Her most recent achievement occurred
in Fall 2008, when she was a featured

Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
 8                             MAYORS AND DIGNITARIES RECOGNIZE
                               BUSINESSES EMPLOYING PEOPLE
                               WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DISABILITIES
                               HRC and Business Advisory Council
                               Host Breakfast Event
                               Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto,                   To date, several hundred individuals
                               Carson Mayor Jim Dear, and California          with developmental disabilities are
                               Department of Developmental Services           working throughout the HRC community
                               Director Terri Delgadillo joined with the      in a variety of jobs. The goal of the
                               Business Advisory Council of Harbor            Business Advisory Council and Harbor
       Mayor Frank Scotto
           of Torrance pre-
                               Regional Center in encouraging business-       Regional Center is to help more of our
        sents Jack Mayesh,     es to get to know a very valuable work-        clients to get jobs that match the ability
       President of Kobata     force. The event was attended by 250           of each worker, while helping the employ-
       Growers Inc., with a    business leaders from local companies          er to maximize productivity and cost-
         State of California   & chambers of commerce, supported              effectiveness.
        Proclamation from      employment service providers, and indi-
         Assemblymember        viduals with developmental disabilities        DDS Director Terri Delgadillo commend-
            Betty Karnette.    who are successfully employed.                 ed the Harbor Regional Center staff and
                                                                              its supported employment network “for
                                                                              their groundbreaking efforts connecting
                                                                              consumers willing and able to work with
                                                                              employers large and small that under-
                                                                              stand the benefits of hiring people with
                                                                              developmental disabilities. Together, you
                                                                              are a model for innovative employment
                                                                              leadership throughout California.”

                                                                              Earlier this year, Governor Arnold
                                                                              Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria
                                                                              Shriver introduced a statewide
                                                                              Employment Initiative for Californians
                                                                              with Developmental Disabilities. They
                                                                              planned to reach out to employers
                                                                              throughout California, as well as to
                                                                              fellow governors.

                                                                              Mayor Scotto confirmed that he had
                                                                              recently received a phone call from
 Business Advisory
                                                                              Maria Shriver, asking him to find employ-
   Council member
    Robert Savino,
                                                                              ment opportunities for people with
        Manager of                                                            developmental disabilities in the City of
Corporate Services                                                            Torrance. He also planned to encourage
   for Mattel, Inc.,                                                          all of the Torrance City Council members
enjoys networking                                                             to visit and become familiar with Harbor
  with other busi-                                                            Regional Center and all of the wonderful
     ness leaders                                                             programs serving people with develop-
about the benefits                                                            mental disabilities in their community.
    of employing
     HRC clients.                                                             Both longtime and relatively new employ-
                                                                              ers were recognized. Home Depot has
                                                                              included HRC clients in its work force for

                                                                                                    (continued on page 9)

                                                                           Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen

                                                 HRC Employment Specialist Danielle
                                                 Heck and Director of the Department of
                                                 Developmental Services Terri Delgadillo
                                                 are touched by the words of exemplary
                                                  employee Wesley Dale, who earns a
                                                  standing ovation from the room.

                                                   HRC client Wesley Dale received an
                                                   award for being an exemplary employ-
                                                    ee, and a standing ovation from the
                                                    entire audience for his inspirational
                                                    speech. “I faced many challenges in
                                    finding the job that I wanted, working for a veterinari-
  an. Faith in my goal, my family, Harbor Regional Center and the right (supported
  employment service) helped me find that job. With their support I have been
  employed for eight years at Peninsula Pet Clinic. I never gave up. Have faith in
  your dreams, and never give up.”

Mayors and Dignitaries Recognize
Businesses Employing People
with Developmental Disabilities
(continued from page 8)
more than 22 years, and over the years
has employed the largest number of                                                         Home Depot
HRC clients in comparison to other area                                                    employee of
employers, at its 14 area stores. Mattel                                                   18 years, Katherine
has employed our clients for the past                                                      Dumas, was a
                                                                                           special guest along
16 years and today employs 27 individu-
                                                                                           with Jay Williamson,
als in their mailroom, warehouse, design
                                                                                           Associate Developer
center and recycling. Family-owned                                                         of Human Resources,
Kobata Growers has employed one of                                                         the Home Depot.
HRC’s clients as an assistant horticultur-
ist for the past 10 years, and acts as an
enthusiastic ambassador for supported
employment. Savor…Long Beach
Catering by SMG is one of the newest
partners in supported employment, at
their Scuba Café in the Aquarium of the
Pacific. Wal-Mart, recognized as 2008
Employer of the Year by the National
Association of Governors’ Committee on
People with Disabilities, has within the
past year welcomed 10 HRC clients to the
Wal Mart Family at three area stores.

We were also pleased to honor others
                                                       Vincent Pellerito, CEO of National
who have played a special role in this
                                                       Financial Realty and BAC Member,
important initiative. Long Beach busi-                 congratulates employer Juan Contreras,
nessman Phil Appleby, Appleby Real                     Director of Food & Beverage, Savor...
Estate Brokerage, is a member of the                   Long Beach Catering by SMG.
Business Advisory Council, and has regu-
                    (continued on page 10)

Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
10                             Mayors and Dignitaries Recognize            larly taken time to introduce us to poten-
                               Businesses Employing People                 tial employers and other key contacts.
                               with Developmental Disabilities             Social Vocational Services, which origi-
                               (continued from page 9)                     nated in the South Bay area in 1978, has
                                                                           excelled in finding and supporting jobs
                                                                           for 480 workers with developmental
                                                                           disabilities statewide, of which 126
                                                                           are HRC clients.

                                                                           With all of the enthusiasm generated at
                                                                           this event, we look forward to following
                                                                           up on many new contacts with potential
            Department of
                                                                           Thank you to our generous sponsors of
                                                                           this event: Social Vocational Services, Inc;
         Services Director
     Terri Delgadillo calls                                                City National Bank; Cambrian Homecare;
          HRC community                                                    Lourdes Home Care; Mattel, Inc.; Wal-Mart;
           efforts a model                                                 City of Torrance; Easter Seals Southern
              for the state.                                               California; ARC – Long Beach Hillside
                                                                           Enterprises; In JOY Life Resources, Inc. I

                                 Business Advisory Council
                                Rhiannon Acree, RN, President             Vincent Pellerito,
                                Cambrian Homecare                         Chief Executive Officer
                                                                          National Financial Realty, Inc.
                                Phil Appleby, Owner
                                Appleby Real Estate Brokerage             Robin Pete, Terminal Manager/Long
                                George Bird, Attorney At Law              Diversified Transportation, LLC
                                Bird & Bird Law
                                                                          Robert Savino, Manager,
                                Jim Haney, Senior Vice President,         Corporate Services,
                                Regional Manager                          Mattel, Inc.
                                City National Bank
                                                                          Deborah Stonehouse
                                Merrietta Fong, CPA, Partner              Senior District Manager
                                Rosenthal, Pearson, Fong & Frew, LLP      Pacific Building Care
                                Ron Libbrecht, Art Director/Artist        Michael Tauber,
                                Automatic Printing Company                Chief Financial Officer
                                                                          Reliable Plant Service
                                Jack Mayesh, President
                                Kobata Growers, Inc.

                                Larry Mirick, President
                                Sierra Pacific Engineering
                                and Products

                                                                       Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
                                                 Parents will need to complete question-        11
UCLA CENTER FOR                                  naires and interviews to obtain family his-
AUTISM RESEARCH                                  tory (approximately six hours). Children
                                                 will undergo a brief physical exam, an
AND TREATMENT                                    assessment of social interaction, and a
SEEKS FAMILIES                                   psychological assessment (approximately
                                                 three hours). All family members will be
FOR STUDIES                                      required to provide blood and saliva sam-
Autism is the focus of many research             ples. In return for participation, families
studies at universities throughout the           will receive compensation of $200 and a
United States and worldwide. One of the          written summary of the test results. For
fundamental goals of the UCLA Center for         more information about participation in
Autism Research and Treatment (CART)             this study, contact the study coordinator
is to provide a strong, collaborative envi-      at (310) 825-8359.
ronment for both basic and applied
                                                 Families interested in participating in
autism research. CART has asked us
                                                 research, but not necessarily the above
to let you know about studies they
                                                 studies, may wish to contact the recruit-
are currently conducting.
                                                 ment coordinator at (310) 794-2215, or visit
Infants At Risk of Autism                        the Web site at www.autism.ucla.edu. I

Dr. Marian Sigman and her UCLA research
team are studying the development of
infants who have a sibling with a diag-
nosis of autism, and are looking for
infants up to 6 months of age who have

                                                  YO HALLEE
an older brother or sister with a diagno-
sis of autism. They hope to enroll the
infants and families into the study before        AND KYNDEL
                                                  HRC Kids
the infant turns 6 months of age if possi-
ble. In return for participation, families
will receive developmental assessments            Appear on
                                                   Nick Jr.’s
of the infant at 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, and 60
months of age, with a focus on the
babies’ social, cognitive, and lan-                Yo Gabba
guage/communication skills. The team
will provide feedback to families after
every evaluation, and a $40 stipend to                               ick Jr. TV
                                                     The popular N
help cover the cost of each visit to UCLA.                           ba Gabba”
                                                     show “Yo Gab
If you are interested in participating in                            able Long
                                                     featured ador
this study, contact Dr. Sigman’s research                           allee Fernley
                                                      Beach kids H
staff at (310) 825-3478.                                              dell Jasper
                                                      (top) and Kyn
                                                                      m) in a seg-
The Role of Genetics in                               Rainey (botto
                                                                       d in
                                                       ment that aire
Autism Spectrum Disorders                                             . The girls
                                                       October 2008
Another study at the Center for Autism                 introduced th
                                                                         ed off
Research and Treatment, sponsored by                   and then show
the Simons Foundation Autism Research                   their dance m
Initiative, hopes to discover genes that                with several ot
contribute to autism. They are seeking                   children in th
families for participation in this study                 epis ode entitled
who have one child, age 4-17, with an                    “Differences.”
autism spectrum disorder or suspected
ASD, and no other children with ASD.

Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen

     WHAT’S NEW AT THE                                 Preemies
                                                       This fact-
     RESOURCE CENTER?                                  filled refer-
                                                       ence guides
     By Dominique DeBorba                              new parents
                                                       through the
     In January, the March of Dimes reported
                                                       many ques-
     its National Healthy People 2010 objec-
                                                       tions and
     tive, to lower preterm birth rate to
     7.6 percent of all live births. Babies
                                                       ties of anticipating
     who survive a premature birth face the
                                                       and caring for a premature baby. Learn
     risk of serious lifelong health problems
                                                       why premature births happen and what
     including learning disabilities, cerebral
                                                       can be done to prevent them. Read about
     palsy, blindness, hearing loss and other
                                                       premature delivery, getting ready for it,
     chronic conditions.
                                                       seeing your preemie for the first time,
     The Harbor Regional Center Resource               questions to ask your doctors and nurs-
     center is committed to helping our fami-          es, settling down in the hospital and tak-
     lies with premature babies find informa-          ing your preemie home. The book also
     tion, resources and support. We have              covers your baby’s first year, the loss
     numerous books, videos, DVDs and                  of a baby, and special needs children.
     literature available to our families.
                                                       The Premature Baby Book
      Little Man                                       This book is the result of seven years of
      This film, which won 12 Best                     intense research into medical literature,
      Documentary awards, relates the                  and of interviews with neonatologists,
       story of a family whose son is born             intensive care nurses, social workers,
       100 days early, weighing only one               therapists, and hundreds of parents of
       pound and facing impossible odds                preemies. From her research and person-
        for survival. It portrays the family and       al experience, the author knows exactly
        the difficult decisions and situations         what parents want and need to know to
         which it must face with unflinching           deal with the
         honesty.                                      emotional,
                                                       medical, and
         The Preemie Parents’ Companion                practical
         This is a comprehensive guide for             issues facing
         parents of preemies. It contains              them after
         real-life stories, easy-to-understand         the birth of a
         summaries of the latest research              premature
         on preterm children, and a wealth             baby. I
         of reliable day-by-day guidance.
         Its information is practical and
         emotionally reassuring so parents
         can feel confident as their infant’s
         most important nurturers and

                                                   Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
MEET OUR BOARD:                                  Bobbie married husband Craig                                   13
                                                 Christensen seven years ago, and the
Dr. Roberta                                      three live happily together in Torrance.
Rendon-Christensen                               A favorite family activity is taking
                                                 Brandon to a local sports club to watch
Dr. Roberta (Bobbie) Rendon-Christensen          games on TV, especially when the Denver
has been an active participant in the            Broncos are playing.
Harbor Regional Center leadership
community since 1998.

Bobbie is a native Californian, and her
family has been living in Torrance for
almost all of her life. She is also a local
businesswoman in private practice, spe-
cializing in chiropractic and nutritional
services at Rendon Chiropractic. Her
mission is to help people help them-
selves improve their own health.

It didn’t take long for people at HRC to
recognize a potential leader when they
met Bobbie.

“I had a great Counselor, Stacy Schafer,
who encouraged me to apply to become
a Board member. I really like keeping up
with everything that’s going on, and get-
ting to know all the professionals and
                                                                                             Board member
parents at Harbor Regional Center,”              We were very pleased to welcome her         Bobbie Rendon-
she says.                                        back to the Board of Trustees last year,    Christensen, son
                                                 after she had taken a short leave from      Brandon and
When she first applied to the Board,
                                                 the Board to attend to her new business     husband Craig
Bobbie’s son Brandon, who has cerebral
palsy, was 14 years old. Since that time         and family activities.
we have watched her son grow to adult-           Says Bobbie, “I think it has helped me to
hood. Now, at age 25, he attends an adult        become a better provider of services to
program operated by Easter Seals of              the community. I just wish my schedule
Southern California where his activities         allowed me to be involved even more!” I
include computer training, cooking, and
practicing communication skills. He uses
a Dynavox assistive device to communi-
cate with others. Brandon also enjoys
dances and participating on a bowling
league as a member of the City of
Torrance PALS program.

Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen

     Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
EL CENTRO REGIONAL                               de renta para solucionar el problema         15
                                                 de presupuesto en California que había
ENFRENTARA UNA                                   llegado hasta $11.2 billones. El nos aviso
SEGUNDA MANO                                     que mas demorábamos la acción, lo mas
                                                 grande nos metiéramos en un lió de
DE RECORTES                                      presupuestos.
FINANCIEROS                                      Para los Centros Regionales, legisladores
El Gobernador Llamara                            escribiendo en este tiempo están
                                                 considerando un plan de reducción del
Una Sesión Especial                              3% para las Operaciones de los Centros
Para Considerar                                  Regionales y Servicios de Compras. La
                                                 administración del gobernador recomien-
Recortes a Los                                   da que los proveedores de servicios que
Programas.                                       continúen proveyendo servicios necesar-
                                                 ios a los actual presupuestos, pero que
Malas noticias sobre la economía nos             los centros regionales les pague a los
bombardea constantemente de toda                 proveedores de servicios 3% menos por
dirección – por la televisión, en la radio,      los servicios que dan. Centros Regionales
en el periódico, y en el Internet. El            también están enfrentando recortes y
Presupuesto de California para todos sus         encontrando maneras de cómo manten-
programas vitales incluyendo servicios           erse todo el año con un 3% menos para
del desarrollo, ha sido severamente              sus operaciones. La mayoría de gastos de
impactado por esta crisis económica.             operaciones son en efecto directamente
                                                 servicios proporcionados por centros
Cuando el presupuesto para el 2008-09
                                                 regionales para los clientes y sus
fue finalmente pasada el ultimo Otoño,
                                                 familias en la forma de valoración,
ya incluía reducciones para los centros
                                                 diagnostico, aconsejar, servicios de
regionales y los proveedores de los
                                                 coordinación, entrenamiento e
servicios comunitarios.
                                                 información, etc.
I   Los impuestos para los servicios de
                                                 Por estas coacciones de presupuesto, un
    proveedores permanecerían congela-
                                                 área donde el Centro Regional de Harbor
    dos aunque los costos incrementan,
                                                 ha recortado es en imprenta y correo de
    y estas congelaciones fue expandida
                                                 nuestras publicaciones. Nuestros entre-
    para incluir las nuevas categorías
                                                 namientos y catalogo de eventos y esta
    de servicios.
                                                 hoja informativa continuaran disponibles
I   Impuestos para partidario de servicios       por el Internet y localidades de la comu-
    de empleo fueron disminuidos por un          nidad como el Centro Regional de Harbor
    10%, después de ser incrementada el          y Recursos y los Centros de Tecnología
    año pasado.                                  de Ayuda en Torrance y Long Beach, tam-
I   El Programa de Participación de              bién como unos centros de servicios de
    Costo para la Familia fue expandida          proveedores. Nosotros estamos animan-
    para incluir amplia forma de ingresos        do a nuestros lectores a involucrarse en
    de familia y un gran parte de                nuestra red de correos electrónicos del
    responsabilidad.                             Centro Regional de Harbor. También
                                                 averiguar nuestra pagina web frecuente-
No mas temprano había el Acto del                mente para publicaciones actualizadas,
Presupuesto del 2008 firmado, cuando             entrenamientos, y recursos informativos.
el Gobernador Schwarzenegger anuncio             Para involucrarse en nuestra red de
que las condiciones de la economía               correos electrónicos del Centro Regional
habían deteriorado mas, y en Noviembre           de Harbor, mande una solicitud al
el llamo una sesión especial de la legis-        siguiente correo electrónico
latura. El Gobernador llamo para una             Nancy.Spiegel@harborrc.org I
combinación de recortes e incrementa

Support, Information, Choices…Making it Happen
                                                                                                                Join the HRC E-mail Network! Receive
          Mr. Mariano Sanz
                                                                    BOARD MEETINGS                              e-mail bulletins from HRC. Simply send an
          President                                                                                             e-mail to Nancy.Spiegel@harborrc.org,
                                                                    No Meeting in February
          Mr. W. John Rea
          Vice President                                            March 17 – 8:00 am                          provide us with your name and your
          Mr. Robert Bethel                                         April 21 – 6:30 pm                          e-mail address, and ask to be added
                                                                    May 19 – 8:00 am                            to our electronic mailing list.
          Dr. Ken Moses
          Secretary                                                 No Meeting in June
          Mr. George Bird                                                                                        Harbor Happenings is a publication of Harbor Regional
          Past President                                            The Board of Trustees of the Harbor          Center, a program of the Harbor Developmental
          Mr. Robert Irlen                                          Developmental Disabilities Foundation,       Disabilities Foundation, Inc.
          Advisor to the Board
          Ms. Rhiannon Acree
                                                                    Inc., meets regularly on the THIRD           Editors and Photography ........................ Nancy Spiegel
          Mr. Fu-Tien Chiou                                         Tuesday of the month.                                                                        Kerry Ryerson
          Mr. James Davis
                                                                                                                 Photography ............................................. Kerry Ryerson
          Mr. Gary Galosic                                          All regularly scheduled business meetings                                                           Monica Kinnaird
          Ms. Karen Kinnebrew                                       of the Board are open to the public and                                         Jennifer Lynn Photography,
          Ms. Lisa Ogren                                            visitors are welcome to attend both morn-                                                               Danielle Heck
          Dr. Roberta Rendon-                                                                                                                                            Amber Coffman
                                                                    ing and evening meetings of the Board.
          Mr. Harley Rubenstein                                     The meetings are held in Conference Room
                                                                                                                 Production Design.................... Janas Communications
          Ms. Yisel Serrano                                         A1 & A2 at Harbor Regional Center.
                                                                                                                 Translation....................................................... Luis Melliz
          Patricia Del Monico
          Executive Director

                                                                                                                                                                                 Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                                                                  U.S. POSTAGE
                                                                                                                                                                                  Torrance, CA
                                                                                                                                                                                  Permit No. 28
21231 Hawthorne Boulevard, Torrance, California 90503

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