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									                         THE BANYAN TREE SCHOOL
                             CREATIVE ASSIGNMENTS


Holidays are meant to be fun – sheer fun to laze around, pursue hobbies ,
indulge in meaningful activities that one finds difficult to do with the school on.

Isn’t it a good idea to do something which is creative, appeals to our finer
abilities and at the same time learn something new?

With this in mind creative assignments have been chalked out for all the classes.
General Instructions:-

   1. There is no limit to the length of the projects in terms of the number of
      pages unless specified. If it is a presentation then the total number of
      slides should not be less than 15.
   2. The projects can be hand written or typed.
   3. Use all possible sources to collect information. (Newspaper, Magazine,
      Encyclopedia, Internet, personal experiences etc.)
   4. Make your projects as interesting as you can by adding pictures, personal
      impression and anecdotes, etc.
   5. The project cover should reflect the title and student information.
   6. The folder should include –
           Table of contents
           Introduction
           Contents
           Conclusion
           Acknowledgements/Bibliography.
                                                   CLASS IX

     Power Point Presentation

Approach this assignment as a young "film-maker" and explore your IT skills!!

Make a PPT on the poem, "The Solitary Reaper" OR "Lord Ullin's Daughter"
You can include:
    6 to 8 slides.
    Introduction of the poet and his style of writing.
    Paraphrase the poem with relevant backdrops and music.
    Mention any poetic devices used by the poet.
    Conclude by furnishing other works of the poet.
IMPORTANT! Mail it to your respective English Language teachers before 16 of June,

     Article Writing

Read through the lesson ‘A Dog Named Duke’ and the diary entry of Charles Hooper given
at the end of the lesson.

Taking cues from what happened or might have happened with Hooper, write your views
in the form of an article about ‘Coping with loss’ in 150-175 words. The article is to be
written in the English language notebook and submitted when school recommences in July,


Make a scrap book on the grammar portion of FA1 & FA2. The book should consists of atleast
ten sheets. It should start with ‘contents’ and should end with ‘Acknowledgements’.

Students will compose a magazine in French which will include the following:



Les Actualités
Les petits éditeurs

Décourvez les villes

Do a survey on any one of the following:

    1.   Annual income of a family
    2.   Number of people who smoke or take alcohol in the family.
    3.   Electricity bills for six months from December 2010 – May 2011
    4.   Number of girl child in the family.

Guidelines for the project:

    1. Collect data from at least 5 families through a survey.
    2. The survey should be done by developing a questionnaire of minimum 5 questions.
       For example
       If you are doing a survey on the annual income of a family, the questionnaire could contain
       questions on…
       a) The annual income of the family.
       b) The number of working members in the family.
       c) Monthly expenditure and annual expenditure.
       d) Annual saving.
       e) Income tax paid by the family……. Etc.
    3. Collect the data filled up by each family under the survey.
    4. Represent each data collected as a bar graph.
    5. Analyze the data collected.

         The Parameters of awarding marks will be as following:
         a. Design of the project
         b. Creativity
         c. Presentation
         d. Content


Make a project on Green Vehicle based on the following points.

        What is green vehicle
        Production of green vehicle
        Energy efficiency
        Types of green vehicles
           1. Electric and fuel cell powered
           2. Hybrid electric vehicles
           3. Compressed air cars
           4. other
        Animal powered and human powered vehicles
   Benefits of Green vehicle use
       1. Environmental
       2. Health
       3. Monetary


    Project should be handwritten on A4 sheets . You can paste pictures or draw diagrams. The
    project file should be submitted on 5th July 2011.
    The project will be assessed for Formative Assessment and the

          Parameters are:-

               1.   Presentation
               2.   Data Collection
               3.   Scientific Research Work
               4.   Expression of thoughts
               5.   Analysis ( Comaparison of various types of vehicles)
               6.   Submission on time

                                    SOCIAL SCIENCES

                             A PROJECT ON DISASTER MANAGEMENT

    ‘On 11th March 2011 the world woke up to a shock! Tsunami had struck
    once again! This time…. north-east of Japan causing mass destruction.’
How about making a project on this recent calamity?

Do a little research and present this in a scrap book.

The following suggestions may be of help to you :

        Represent the assignment through pictures and show the destruction caused by
          the tsunami that struck Japan and devastated it.
        Using the political map of Japan, shade the areas that were most affected by the
        How has the government of Japan coped with the disaster?
        How have the Japanese dealt with this disaster setting an example for the world?
        Let your creative juices flow!
        You may consult the sources given below :
          Newspaper clippings…
The project will be assessed for Formative Assessment and the parameters will be the

   1. Data collection and research.

   2. Content.

   3. Creativity.

   4. Presentation.

       All the BEST!

       Have a great holiday!!

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