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         Engineering Land Surveying

Electronic Theodolites
         Laser plummet for quick, easy setup
         LCD display on two sides
         Angle and distance measurement with a push of a button
         Large on-board data storage (8000)
         Two-way computer communication
         Automatic compensation for vertical angle
         Includes software & connecting cable
         water-resistant

Optical Theodolites
        Fully optical (non-electronic) measurement
        High-quality imaging
        Operation unaffected by cold temperatures
        1” Accuracy available
        Laser-target unit available
        water-resistant
Land Surveying is a time-honored tradition linked to all acquisition activities, land development
and civil engineering works. Our Professional Land Surveyors blend time-proven practices and
skills with the use of electronic total data stations, fully robotic instruments, and global
positioning equipment to deliver high levels of precision, increased production, and timely

Professional Services include:

      Boundary Surveys
      Topographic Surveys
      Right-of-Way Surveys
      Aerial Surveys
      Hydrographic Surveys
      Construction Stake-Out
      Title Surveys
      Existing Conditions Surveys
      Wetlands Surveys

Types of Surveying

Boundary Surveys
Boundary Surveys recover or reestablish a property’s corners, thereby defining the
limits of the property. Using a system called “metes and bounds,” we identify property
lines on a final survey drawing. For all boundary surveys, our bearings are accurate
within once second of arc and within one hundredth of a foot for distances.

Getting Started
Beginning with the public records stored at the county courthouse, we research the
boundaries for the land parcel. We also will secure any right-of-way plans from the
Department of Transportation, including adjoining road rights-of-way. An interview with
the property owner and owners of adjacent properties helps us gather deeds,
unrecorded plats, parole evidence, and other information that may be helpful. If the
boundary survey needs to adhere to ALTA/ACSM standards, a title inspection report will
be requested of the client.

On-Site Visit
Our onsite visit allows us to accurately measure the location using precision surveying
equipment. The discovery of “monuments” (typically concrete markers, iron pins, trees
or stones) at the property corners is important aspect of the visit. Sometimes these
monuments are referenced, and at other times are not. Locating fences, hedges, walls
and other boundary elements helps mark the boundary of ownership. We will also
assess any improvements that are near property lines in order to determine if
encroachments are present. Our survey will include marking the corners of the property
with flags or other visible marks.
With research documents and field measurements in hand, we analyze and compare
the findings for discrepancies. The result is a final determination of the property’s
boundary lines, which is charted on a detailed drawing. If issues or problems are
discovered during analysis, we will confer with the client toward potential solutions

Additional Types of Surveys
Topographic Surveys
When civil engineers are considering improvements for a given site, surveys showing
the contours of the land are critical. We provide topographic surveys that accurately
reflect a site’s contours. Using a Topcon digital level, we create the data used to make a
topographic map. Our map will also include additional site information, such as parking
areas, buildings, and drives. Topographic surveys can show greater detail if requested,
including the location of utilities, trees, etc.

As-Built Surveys
A survey of an existing establishment is called an “as-built” survey. This type of survey
is often requested for schools, shopping centers, and factory locations. As-built surveys
usually include utilities, sewerage disposal systems, parking lots, storm drainage
systems and buildings, as well as any other structure or improvement on the site. Our
as-built survey will establish the boundaries of a site, and will include a title inspection
report. Any exceptions to the title report will also be highlighted and shown on the final

GPS Surveys
Utilizing precision Leica receivers, satellite signals are used to gain the specific position
of points on a property. Once the resulting data is loaded into our computer, which
processes the information and provides the exact position of the points within a few
millimeters. GPS surveys are also helpful in determining latitude and longitude for
cellular tower surveys.

Construction Layout Surveys
Wellston & Associates can provide multiple construction layout services, such as the
layout of storm and sewer drainage systems, buildings, curbs, and other features of a
site. From new site construction and major building expansions, to road layout, we have
the knowledge and experience to help your project run smoothly.

Call or email us about these services:

Lot Surveys
Land Disturbing Plans
Closing Surveys
Beverage License surveys
Elevation Certificates
Billboard Surveys
Foundation Surveys
FHA Plot Plan
Wetlands Surveys
Flood Plain determination
Zoning Plats
Legal Descriptions
Route Surveys
Volume Surveys
Land Fills

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