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emma_caucus_ minutes _0213006


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									                                       EMMA CAUCUS
                                         P.O. Box 1405
                                     Basalt, Colorado 81621

MINUTES for the EMMA CAUCUS meeting at the Basalt Town Hall held February 13, 2006

Attendees: Liz and George Newman, David Kelly, Parker and Tillie Maddux, Karen Ohlrich,
Tom Clark, Terry Maner, Darol Woolley, Andrew Ernemann, Michael Ernemann, Jane Cigrand,
and Lee Schwaller. Guests: Cindy Houben and Tim Malloy

Minutes from the January 9 meeting were approved and seconded. George reminded everyone
that agendas and minutes are available on the Caucus website by going to the Pitkin County
Homepage (www.aspenpitkin.com). Select County Departments, then Caucuses, and then
Emma Caucus. All the Caucuses have a website for their use to post whatever they want.

George Newman gave the Treasurer’s report in Lis Conners’ absence, including the balance in
the account: $936.38. He noted that the County paid for postcards for the Online Survey, and
also reimbursed us for postage.

George introduced a petition he drew up requesting a streetlight at the Emma Road/Highway 82
intersection. This petition will be presented to the County and to CDOT once we have enough
signatures. It will be available to sign at the next meeting, also.

Liz gave an update on Caucus recommendations over the past month or two. The Caucus
supported moving up the date for paving West Sopris Creek Road. Norm Clasen attended the
BOCC meeting where this was on the agenda and, unfortunately, the County does not have the
money in the budget to do this paving any sooner than 2012, when it was originally budgeted.
Norm was unable to make this Caucus meeting, but may have an update on this for us next

Also, the Caucus recommended approval of the Pfab/Cigrand-Fender Four lot line adjustment, in
which the two neighbors exchanged 5 acres of steep hillside for 5 acres of level land, which
would allow the Pfabs to build a barn. In a related application, the Caucus was asked to review a
1041 Hazard Review application to establish a building site for the barn. Discussions with the
Planning Office indicated this application met all the criteria for 1041 approval and was being
referred to a Hearing Officer. Since no special review issues were involved, the Caucus referred
this back to the County for approval with basically no comments. (See separate email document)

Michael Ernemann asked about traffic along Sopris Creek Road and there was some discussion
about the County conducting a traffic count. This relates back to Bud Eylar’s recent visit to the
Caucus (January, 2006 minutes) where he described how speed limits are set on County roads
and that his dept would be conducting traffic/speed surveys over the next few months.
(continued on next page)
Tim Malloy went over results from the Emma Online Survey. These results are available by a
special link on the Emma Caucus website, if you want actual numbers. They were interesting
but not necessarily surprising. Although a small majority of residents were indicated an interest
in preserving the brick buildings next to the highway, more people would prefer moving the
buildings to preserve them. An equal number opposed a traffic signal at the Emma
Road/Highway 82 intersection. As regards the “anomalous” uses, neighbors seemed in
agreement regarding all properties except the Schoolhouse that the current anomalous uses could
continue with the current owners but should end if any of the properties in question are sold. A
majority support rezoning the Schoolhouse so that it could continue to be used for community
purposes, but not any other property (not even the County fuel depot). Most people wanted the
fuel depot to be eliminated, although they agreed it would be OK if it were relocated and
screened. In the values section, where neighbors were asked to rank “visual impacts, traffic
impacts, density, property owners’ rights and precedent-setting” the most important factor turned
out to be traffic and the second was visual impacts. The least important was property owners’
rights and the next least important was precedent-setting. The majority of neighbors highly
value open space in Emma and support the County donating more funds for this purpose.
According to Tim, the most significant finding is people do not want to see commercial or
institutional uses.

The traffic study section of the survey indicated that a large majority of people who commute to
work travel through the Emma Road/Highway 82 intersection. According to Tim, this means
any further development that occurs will bring more traffic to this intersection. He also noted
that CDOT is adamantly opposed to a traffic signal in this location.

The next step in the Sub-Area Plan for Emma is to make recommendations to the County
regarding what Emma residents want. Tim will draft a response to the County to be considered
at our next Caucus meeting in March. Once we agree, a Sub-Area Plan can be sent to the BOCC
for adoption. Once it is adopted, we can refer to it in making recommendations on land use
applications that come before the County.

Cindy Houben then answered questions as to how we can get the red tag lifted from the Emma
Schoolhouse, so that we can meet there. The owner can make a request to have the property re-
zoned “Public” and this does not necessarily need to wait for the Sub-Area Plan to be adopted.
She also described the progress that has been made to date on re-writing the Land Use Code.
Public meetings are scheduled for February 21, 22 and 23 and Feb 28 to inform the public and
also to hear public concerns. There is a specific schedule of topics on the County website as well
as a draft of the rewrite. Major topics include the 5750 sf maximum FAR (should it be split to
say 5000 for a house and 750 for a garage?); lapsing of County approvals; proof of available
water for subdivisions/residences vs just a well permit; and pre-existing non-conforming uses
(example: RMI). Feb 22 has been set as an open discussion date and the County wants to hear
our concerns! Following all these public hearings, the ENTIRE CODE will be published in the
newspaper (probably very tiny print) and also on the website. This is a VERY IMPORTANT
issue and it would be great if any of our members can get involved!!

Continued on next page
Finally, Tom Clark spent some time updating the Caucus on progress at Crown Mountain Ranch
(formerly the Fender Ranch). He said they have an agreement in principle with Open Space and
Trails regarding a conservation easement, and the matter is now with the attorneys. In the next 2
months, Open Space Trails will take their proposal to the BOCC to be ratified. The plan
includes 2 parcels of 20 acres each in the pastures above Sopris Creek on the east side (each to
have 5750 FAR). Pat and Bill’s existing home sits on 35 acres which can be sold, and the
original ranch home would be redeveloped. The rest would be under a conservation easement
and zoned Rural and Remote to allow for the creation of TDR’s to be sold off (Transferrable
Development Rights). The Clark family is also going through a process to place a conservation
easement on their own property, working through Open Space Trails and the AVLT (Aspen
Valley Land Trust).

NOTE: right after the Caucus meeting Open Space and Trails contacted Liz Newman requesting
a letter from the Caucus supporting their request for funds from GOCO (Great Outdoors
Colorado) to help fund their purchase of this conservation easement. George and David Kelly
are working on this letter now.

Please watch your email and try to make some of the upcoming meetings as these issues are
important to us all and we can use your input!

Guest Speaker: Tim Malloy, recommendations to Pitkin County from Emma Caucus

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