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					                        Owatonna SeniorPlace
                                Sub-Division of the Parks & Recreation
                                 Department of the City of Owatonna
                           500 Dunnell Drive, Owatonna, MN 55060-4795
                            Phone: 507-444-4280 / Fax: 507-444-2470

       January, February,                                        Medical Information for Seniors
          March 2011                                            1:00 pm SeniorPlace, Multi-Purpose Room
                                                                This is in collaboration with Healthy Seniors
                                                                of Steele County and SeniorPlace
Notes from Anne:
                                                                Thursday, March 10
Wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year! Looking          ―Loss & Grief‖
forward to an active and fun year here at SeniorPlace.
                                                                Presenter: Kerry Kennedy, NP, Steele Coun-
We started something new with having businesses purchase        ty Human Relations Ctr (SCHRC)
ads for the newsletter. Special thanks to those businesses.
Please look through and support them.
As I am writing this on Dec. 3rd, the forecast is scary. The
snow is coming down fast. Roads are slippery. I hope this
isn't the forecast for the rest of the winter, so be safe and
drive carefully.                                                Tax Assistance
Read through the newsletter. There are some great speak-        Information
ers and workshops scheduled. Come and see what we‘re            Free Tax Prep begins February 1
all about.
                                                                Trained AARP volunteers offer
                                                                free tax help beginning February 1.
                                           Anne Pleskonko       Make appointments after
                                                                January 10.
                                                                Those eligible to use free tax assistance are tax-
State of the City Address                                       payers with middle-low income, special atten-
Thursday, January 13th                                          tion to those age 60 and older.
1:00 pm                                                         If you have full tax preparation to be done,
Multi-Purpose Room                                              make an appointment prior to the April 15 dead-
Speakers: City Administrator Kris Busse and Mayor               line.
Tom Kuntz
                                                                For those filing MN Property Tax Refund or
                                                                Renter‘s Credit only, a separate date will be
                                LEFSE Helpers!!!
                         Special thanks to the following vol-   Please have the following documents and
                         unteers who dedicated every Tues-      information with you:
                                                                (1)   Last year‘s income tax return,
                         day from September through Novem-
                                                                (2)   Interest, dividend, and pension statements;
                         ber making Lefse!
                                                                (3)   Health Insurance premiums;
                         Lorraine Amazi, Donna Ballstadt,
                                                                (4)   Contributions to church and charities;
                         Walt Hamer, Mary Hietala, Betty        (5)   Medical expenses;
 Hofius, Donna Horecka, Rosie Moe, Norma Mensing, Darlene       (6)   Real estate tax (for MN Property Tax Refund);
 Noble, Lucy Skalicky, Arlene Souvie, Evon Wobschall!           (7)   Social Security statements.
 On Dec. 9th I received a call from Eileen Sones saying that
 she comes from a line of four generations of Lefse makers      Volunteers are needed on Tuesdays/Thursdays
 and wanted us to know that this was by far the best Lefse      to help fill out forms.
 she‘s ever tasted! Thanks Eileen for your call—you made my
                                                                Sign up at the Volunteer Table on first floor.
 day and the Lefse makers too!
                       Anne Pleskonko                                      Winter Weather Closing
                    Director of SeniorPlace
                         507-774-7110                                    As the weather starts to
                                                                         change, please remember if
               Membership Dues                                           the Owatonna Public Schools
                                                                         close for the entire day
2011 Membership is $35 per person January—              (decision generally made by 7 am) SeniorPlace
December of each year. (If you belong to another        & Semcac Senior Dining will be closed.
Senior Center in Minnesota, cost is $30 per person.)
                                                        If Owatonna Public Schools have a 2-hour
If you have friends, relatives, or neighbors who are
                                                        late start, SeniorPlace will open at 10:00 am.
not members of SeniorPlace and would like to re-
ceive a newsletter subscription, have them call 507-    If schools close early,
444-4280. There is a $15.00 charge per year.            SeniorPlace will close at 12
If you have moved, please call us with your new ad-     noon.
dress information.

         Center Hours of Operation
SeniorPlace is open Monday—Friday, 8 am—4 pm.
There are evenings when rentals/events are held
here and the SeniorPlace is open for those particular
rentals/events only. The custodians need to also get
in for cleaning prior to these events. Please be
                                                        AARP Driver Safety Class This course qualifies
aware of this policy and give it the respect it de-
                                                        drivers 55 and over for a 10% reduction in car insur-
serves.                                                 ance. An eight-hour course, divided into two, four hour
                                                        days, is required if you have not taken this before. The
   Address: 500 Dunnell Drive                           four hour refresher class is required every three years
            Owatonna, MN 55060                          for the continuation of your 10% car insurance discount.
   Phone:     507-444-4280                              A certificate is provided for your insurance company.
   Fax:       507-444-2470                              You must pre-register, and you must pay at time of
   Hours:     Monday through Friday                     There are no written or driving tests.
              8 a.m. to 4 p.m.                          $16.00 AARP Member, $18.00 AARP Non-Member
Website:          4-Hour Class at 12:30 pm
                                                        Jan 6, 12, 20, Feb 3
              Rental Information                        4-Hour Class at 6:00 pm
SeniorPlace has many rooms available for rental.
 Board Room; Multi-Purpose Room with kitchen;          8-Hour Class 6:00 pm
    East Meeting Room; West Meeting Room; and           Feb. 7 & 8
    South Meeting Room
For more information and rental rates call at
507-444-4280 and ask for Anne.                                         CHINA PAINTING
                                                                      Every Wednesday in Feb from 9-11
                                                                      Sign up by Jan 14th the price is
             Open Computer Lab                                        $40.00. NO REFUNDS. There are
             The Computer Lab is open to all                          four people in a class. Start sign up
             members                                                  on Dec 27th.
             Monday—Friday at no charge.                Kathy Underland is the instructor. She has years
             The Lab is closed ‗only‘ when clas-        of experience and has done many classes at Sen-
 ses are scheduled. All computers have access           iorPlace for us.
 to the internet.
   Alzheimer‘s Care Consultation — March 2nd —there are appointments available for a Care Consultation /
    Alzheimer‘s Association. A Care Consultation is designed for the person with Alzheimer‘s disease or related
    dementia and/or their family care partners. It provides for a private meeting with Gerise Thompson, Alzhei-
    mer‘s Association Southern Minnesota Center Director, to talk about questions and concerns, learn about ser-
    vices and treatments, and make more informed decisions about care. This service is available to all area resi-
    dents, need not reside in Steele County and need not be a Senior Center member. There is no fee charged, do-
    nations to the Alzheimer‘s Association are welcomed. Appointments are necessary and contact SeniorPlace at
    June 1, September 7, and December 7
   Softball The first meeting for the Silver Streaks Softball will be on April 18th at 1:00 pm in the Board Room.
    Interested, give us a call and come to the meeting!
   Mark your calendars for the Annual Senior & Caregiver Expo held on Wednesday, May 4th at the Four Seasons
    Centre….more information in the next newsletter
   Frozen Cookie Dough — is available to purchase at the front desk. The delicious Otis Spunkmeyer cookies
    come in Chocolate Chunk, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Turtle. The cost is
    $4.00 a dozen.

                              More Workshops…..
   eReader —find out this year‘s ‗hottest‘ Gadget with Renee Lowery, from the
    Owatonna Library. Come and join us on Thursday, February 24 at 1:00 pm and find
    out about eReader! The Library has three devices that will be shown to give you an
    idea of what they can do.

   Dr. Amy Swain, Audiologist will be speaking on Thursday, January 13th at 11:00
    am. She will talk on Controlling the build up of earwax and options for removal of
    wax. She will also talk on hearing loss as well.
   The Minnesota Services for the Blind will be at SeniorPlace on Thursday, January
    27th at 12:30 pm will be on hand to inform us of what services they have to offer
    and how to go about receiving them. This will be an informative meting, so make
    sure you can attend!

                                 Volunteers Needed
                Volunteers are needed to assist in the following areas. Sign up at the Vol-
                unteer Table, first floor
                  Assist participants in the AARP Tax Assistance to fill out forms prior to their sched-
                uled appointment. Tuesdays and Thursdays starting February 1st. Two hour time slots
                are available.

                Become a member of the Trip Committee and help plan and orchestrate the
    monthly trips to various locations for the community/members to enjoy

   In need of a Gift Shop ―Manager‖ that would help organize and market the wonderful Gift
    Show...please see Anne for more details.
                          Special Events/Classes
                            Webcam/Seminar on Genealogy
                               Google for Genealogists
                        Wednesday, January 5, 2011 2:00 PM Eastern
                               Come join us at SeniorPlace

                        Are you wondering who gets Grandma‘s Yellow Pie Plate?
                                 Tuesday, January 25 6:30pm until 8pm
                   Dave Einhaus Attorney of Law and find out how to write your own will

                                                   Tax Tips and Advice

                                  Dan Branstad Wednesday, January 26, 2011 at 10:00am

                                         Ladies Tea
                                     Thursday, January 27 1:00 pm
                                           West Meeting Room
                                    Sign Up by Wednesday, January 19th
                       Space is limited No charge for members Non-Members $3.00
We will be having tea, coffee, and tasting all sorts of goodies that you bring to sample.
We are asking that everyone bring goodies and a favorite tea/coffee cup, and if you are a ‗Red Hatter‘ to dress
accordingly! This has been a wonderful tradition for the Red Hat Ladies and ladies from SeniorPlace. The tradi-
tion of sharing the history of your favorite tea/coffee cup.

                  Come Meet ―Penny Pooh‖ The Therapy Dog
                                 February 17th at 10am
               She is a Golden Lab Mixed and belongs to Janice Haycraft.
                    She will be talking about pet therapy and more.

                                 ―Where did/should I put my important papers‖
                                 Thursday, March 3rd from 6:30 pm-8:00 pm SeniorPlace
                 Attorney Daryl Hill will discuss what are my important papers, where did/should I put
                  the information, what types of information should I have notarized, who should know
                 where my papers are etc… City of Owatonna Police will discuss safeguarding your pa-
                 pers, Not being taken advantage of, Tricks used by ‗schemers‘ trying to get vital infor-
                                              mation from you.

March 9, 2011 is "National Registered Dietitian Day": Nutrition in the News.... Come cele-
brate National Nutrition Month 2011 - "Eat Right With Color!" by asking a Nutrition Expert your food
and nutrition questions. The class will focus on why and how eating with plenty of color is beneficial
to your health. There‘s a cost —- $5 for members; $10 for non-members
                             SeniorPlace       January 2011                444-4280
     Monday                  Tuesday            Wednesday                    Thursday              Friday
8:30 Weight Lifting     8:15 Golden Kiwanis   8:30 Weight Lifting      9:00 Balloon V-Ball   8:30 Weight Lifting
9:00 Quilting           9:00 Billiards        9-11Blood Pressure       9:40 KRFO Radio       8:45 ―500‖ Cards
9:00 Bowling League     9:00 Maj Jongg        Clinic by Healthy Srs    12:00 Pfeiffer        9:30 Recycled Cards
10:30 Chair Exercises   12:00 Pfeiffer        12:30 Table Tennis       12:30 Nintendo Wii    10:30 Chair Exercises
12:45 Cribbage          12:45 Hand & Foot     1:00   Pinochle          12:45 Hand & Foot     12:00 Duplicate Bridge
1:00 Lapidary           1:30 Golden Tones     1:00    Bridge                                 12:30 BINGO
1:00 Woodcarving                              1:00    Ceramics                               1:00 Pinochle
3:15 Weight Lifting                           3:15    Weight Lifting                         1:00 Darts
                                                                                             3:15 Weight Lifting

3                       4                     5 Trip                   6                     7
10:30 Blood Pressure                          Treasure Island
w/ Owatonna Commons     1:00-4:30 pm
                        Dance at the VFW      2:00 pm Webnair          12:30 AARP            12:30 BINGO
                        with ―Big Ben &       ―Goggle for
                        Brian Concertina      Genealogist‖
10                      11                    12                       13                    14
10:30 Blood Pressure                          10:00 Genealogy          11:00 Amy Swain
with ―Just the Nurse‖
                                              10:45 Monthly                                  12:30 BINGO
1:00 Knitting/                                Birthday Party /         1:00 State of City
Crochet                                       Anniversary              Address with City
                                                                       Administrator Kris
                                              12:30 AARP
3:00 Board of                                                          Busse & Mayor Tom
     Directors                                2:00 Foot Clinic         Kuntz

17 Martin Luther        18                    19                       20                    21
   King‘s B-day
                                                                       12:30 AARP
SeniorPlace &                                                                                12:30 BINGO
Semcac Senior
Dining Closed

24                      25                    26                       27                    28
                                              10:00 Genealogy          12:30 MN Services
                                                                       for the Blind
1:00 Knitting &                               10:00 am Tax                                   12:30 BINGO
     Crocheting                               Tips and Advice          1:00 Ladies New
                                              Dan Branstad             Years Tea

                        6:30 How to Write     2:00 Foot Clinic
                        Your Own Will,
                        Dave Einhaus
                            SeniorPlace            February 2011           444-4280

      Monday                 Tuesday               Wednesday              Thursday               Friday
9:00 Quilting           8:15 Golden Kiwanis    8:30 Weight Lifting   9:00 Balloon V-Ball   8:30 Weight Lifting
8:30 Weight Lifting     9:00 Billiards         12:30 Table Tennis    9:40 KRFO Radio       8:45 ―500‖ Cards
9:00 Bowling League     9:00 Maj Jongg         1:00 Pinochle         12:00 Pfeiffer        9:30 Recycled Cards
10:30 Chair Exercises   12:00 Pfeiffer         1:00 Bridge           12:30 Nintendo Wii    10:30 Chair Exercises
12:45 Cribbage          12:45 Hand & Foot      1:00 Ceramics         12:45 Hand & Foot     12:00 Duplicate Bridge
1:00 Lapidary           1:30 Golden Tones      3:15 Weight Lifting                         12:30 BINGO
1:00 Woodcarving                                                                           1:00 Pinochle
3:15 Weight Lifting                                                                        1:00 Darts
                                                                                           3:15 Weight Lifting
                        1                      2    Ground Hog       3                     4
10:30 Blood Pressure                                Day
Owatonna Commons        1:00-4:30 pm           TRIP
1:00 Knitting/Crochet   DANCE @ VFW            9:00 am               12:30 AARP            12:30 BINGO
     Needs/Memorial     with ―Larry            Treasure Island
3:00 Board of

7                       8                      9                     10                    11
                                               10:00 Genealogy
10:30 Blood Pressure                                                                       12:30 BINGO
―Just the Nurse‖        (deadline to sign up   10:45 Birthday &
                        for the Valentine‘s    Anniversary Party
6:00 pm AARP                                   2:00 Foot Clinic
(1 of 2)                6:00 AARP
                        (2 of 2)
14 Valentine‘s Day      15                     16                    17                    18
10:30 Blood Pressure                           Old Log ―On
Healthy Seniors                                Golden Pond‖          10:00                 12:30 BINGO
                                                                     Therapy Dog
11 Special Dinner                                                    ―Penny Pooh‖

1:00 Knitting &
21 President‘s Day      22                     23                    24                    25
SeniorPlace & Sem-                             Trip—King Tut         1:00 pm               12:30 BINGO
cac Senior Dining                              Science Museum        eReader —find
Closed                                                               out this year‘s
                                               10:00 Genealogy       ‗hottest‘ gadget!
                                                                     Renee Lowery,
                                               2:00 Foot Clinic      Librarian

1:00 Knitting &

          For planning purposes, it is VERY important that you register for any and all
       programs, events and presentations listed in our Newsletter, even if they are free!
         Enrichment/Computer Opportunities
Beginning Computer 1                                           Introduction to Digital Photo Editing (DPE)
An introduction to the Windows Operating System,      DPE1: Preparing Pictures for Printing and Emailing
using the mouse, keyboard, Email, searching the       Organize digital photos, remove red-eye, crop for printing,
internet, and using a word processor program.         and resize for Emailing using Photoshop Elements.
Computer Lab          3 Sessions    $25               Prerequisite: Beginning Comp 1 or equivalent
January 3, 5, 7       9-11 am                         Computer Lab          3 Sessions    $25
February 14, 16, 18 9-11 am                           January 10, 12, 14    9-11 am
March 21, 23, 25      9-11 am
                                                      DPE2: Improving Your Photos
Beginning Computer 2                                  Improve composition; enhance and touch up your photos;
A deeper look at the Windows Operating System,        create a composite using Photoshop Elements.
Antivirus, and Firewall software.                     Prerequisite: DPE1
Prerequisite: Beginning Comp 1 or equivalent          Computer Lab         3 Sessions    $25
Computer Lab          3 Sessions   $25                January 24, 26, 28   9-11 am
January 24, 26, 28    1-3 pm
                                                      DPE3: Creative Art from Photos
Where‘s My Pictures, Where‘s My Files?                Enhance your photos, make faces radiate, create greeting
Learn how to find lost files, create, rename, and     cards and more using Photoshop Elements.
manage Windows files and folders; XP or Vista         Prerequisite: DPE1
Prerequisite: Beginning Comp 1 or equivalent          Computer Lab         3 Sessions   $25
Computer Lab          2 Sessions      $20             February 7, 9, 11    9-11am
XP…... January 18, 20          9-11 am
                                                      Communicating with Friends Using Skype Web Cam
Vista.. February 15, 17        9-11 am
                                                      Experience placing and receiving a video phone call, setting
                                                      up a Skype web video camera and account.
Internet Browsing                                     Prerequisite: Beginning Comp 1 or equivalent
Using the Internet to locate information, learn       Computer Lab          1 Session     $15
search strategies to find what you are looking for.   January 11            1-3 pm
Prerequisite: Beginning Comp 1 or equivalent          An example of what is Skype: One of our members who had
Computer Lab           1 Session     $15              taken the class informed Don O (instructor) that the Skype class
January 13             9-11 am                        was the greatest thing a grandparent could take – their grandson
February 22            9-11 am                        has cancer and was in Rochester. He‘s in 2nd grade and was miss-
                                                      ing his mother. They skyped to her and his grandparents and also
Getting Your Email While Traveling                    the principal in his school arranged for a session with his class.
Learn to use Web mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or      This is technology ‗at it‘s best‘!
Gmail to Email your friends and relatives.
Prerequisite: Beginning Comp1 or equivalent           Genealogy
Computer Lab          1 Session     $15               On the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 10 am, there
                                                      will be an ongoing group interested in Genealogy getting together
January 11            9-11 am
                                                      at the Senior Center. We will share our triumphs, bemoan our
                                                      brick walls, encourage beginners and not so beginners, and learn
Taking Digital Camera Pictures                        about sources.
Explains the digital camera ‗Auto‘ setting and when   There will be a minimum cost.. You do not have to be a member
to use other features for taking better pictures.     of the Senior Center to participate. No sign up required.
Prerequisite: None
                                                      January 5th 2:00 pm Webcam/Seminar on Genealogy
Computer Lab           2 Sessions    $20              Wednesday, January 5, 2011 2:00 PM Eastern (U.S.) 1:00 PM Central
January 4, 6           9-11 am                        Come join us at SeniorPlace, room TBA.
February 1, 3          9-11 am
                                                      Google for Genealogists. Most genealogists are only using 10% or
                                                      less of the resources behind Google when it comes to genealogy
Scanning Film Photos to Digital Photos                research. Learn from a professional genealogist, Thomas MacEn-
Learn how to scan photographs. Bring at least four    tee, about the other 90% and how these Google components can
photographs to class.                                 be leveraged for better search results. Google is more than just a
Prerequisite: Beginning Comp 1 or equivalent          search engine, it is a wealth of information much of which goes
Computer Lab          2 Sessions   $20                unnoticed by the average genealogist. Besides search, Google
January 4, 7          1-3 pm                          allows you to access maps, books, journals, abstracts, patents
                                                      and much more. These components may be what is needed to
                                                      make advances in your genealogy research.
                                               Day Trips
NAME OF TRIP                   TRIP DATE                      COST                           SIGN UP DATE
Treasure Island Casino                                                Arrive at 9:00 am to SeniorPlace
January                                       $10.00          Wed.   Jan. 5                  ongoing til Jan 3
February                                      $10.00          Wed.   Feb. 2                  Jan 5-Jan. 28
March                                         $10.00          Wed.   March 2                 Feb 2—Feb 28
April                                         $10.00          Wed.   April 6                 March 2-April 1
You won‘t want to miss an exciting day at Treasure Island! Island Passport Club Members have a chance to earn dou-
ble, triple and quadruple points. Please have your passport number ready when registering for the trip.

Old Log: On Golden Pond Wednesday, Feb 16               For Members: $62          Dec. 27-Jan 14
                                                        ($5 more for Non-Members) Jan17-Feb 1
On Golden Pond, starring Steve Shaffer, will kick off the Old Log Theater's 72nd anniversary season,
opening February 11, 2011 and continuing through the Spring. Originally presented to critical and popular
acclaim on Broadway, this funny, touching and warmly perceptive play centers around lovable curmudg-
eon, Norman Thayer, Jr., and his spirited wife, Ethel, who make their 48th annual trip to their summer
home on Golden Pond in Maine. They are soon visited by their middle-aged daughter and her dentist
Fiancé , who, en route to a European vacation, leave behind his teenage son for the summer. The boy
quickly becomes the "grandchild" the elderly couple have longed for, and as Norman revels in taking his
ward fishing and thrusting good books at him, he also learns some lessons about modern teenage aware-
ness - and slang - in return. On Golden Pond is a heart-warming and hilarious celebration of everyday
life, love and family.
Four Meal choices: (1) Roasted Chicken Breast w/ Savory Bread Stuffing & Chardonnay Cranberry Sauce, (2) Smoked Wind-
sor Pork Chop, (3) Walleye Pike Almandine; (4) Vegetarian Lasagna. All entrees include: Mixed Green Salad & House Dress-
ing, Cheesy Garlic Scalloped Potatoes, Vegetables, Assorted Buffet Buns & Butter. Dessert: Apple Crisp; Beverage: Coffee,
Tea or Milk Arrive at 9:15 am

King Tut                   Wednesday, Feb 23           For Members: $45           Jan 10-Jan 24
                                                ($5 more for Non-Members)         Jan 25– Feb 16
Step back more than 3,000 years into one of the most remarkable periods in his-tory and experience
what life was like in ancient Egypt during the reign of King Tut. View 100 artifacts from Tut's tomb and
the tombs of his ancestors. We‘ll also view ―Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs‖ at the Omni Theatre.
Fee includes: Transportation, King Tut exhibit. There is a Coffee Shop (on your own) with hot entrees,
salad, sandwiches, burgers and soups) ARRIVE at 10:15 am

Children‘s Stepping Stone Theater: Wed. March 16            $TBA Jan 24-March 4
―Get Up Your Irish‖ Attend the 10 am showing and then eat at the Shamrock Pub in St. Paul…more info
in newspaper article Price to be announced and in the flyer.

Plymouth Playhouse: The Marvelous Wonderettes Wed. April 13 $TBA               Feb. 1-March 24
A cotton-candy colored, non-stop pop musical blast from the past, featuring your favorite songs from
the 50s and ‗60s, The Marvelous Wonderettes takes you to the 1958 Springfield High School prom where
we meet the Wonderettes!

MN Twins VS Tampa Bay Bucs Thursday, April 28             12:10 pm $TBA        Feb. 7-March 28
Come and join us at Target Field with our very own MN Twins! This is one of three trips we are taking
this TWINS TERRITORY SEASON. Ticket prices will be announced soon in the flyer
NAME OF TRIP                            TRIP DATE                               COST                     SIGN UP DATE
Chanhassen Dinner Presents: Wed. May 11                             TBA           March 10-April 14
Jesus Christ Superstar is one of the best musicals ever!! More information in the weekly article and April‘s

MN Twins VS Texas Rangers        Sunday, June 12       12:10 pm TBA                   April 1-May 18
Come and join us at Target Field with our very own MN Twins! This is two of three trips we will be do-
ing during the season — GO TWINS!!! And night one scheduled in September!!!

Grotto of Redemption            Wed. June 22                      TBA                  May1-June10
The Grotto of Redemption is in West Bend Iowa is a titanic landmark to religious devotion and dogged
labor. Father Dobberstein promised to build a shrine of precious stones to the Virgin Mary and in 1898
he did just that.

                                  2010 Extended Trips
January 14-29, 2011 Exotic Caribbean Come Sail Away….14 nights starting in Florida to St. Maarten to Antigua, St.
Lucia, Barbados, Grenada , Aruba and more! For more information call Parkview Travel 507-444-9038 or Bev‘s Friends and
Family Tours 507-451-8695.
April 5-15 2011 Shades of Ireland Enjoy an evening of fun with traditional Irish entertainment, travel the Ring of Kerry-
one of the world's most beautiful coastal routes, meet an Irish family during a visit to a working Irish farm and have coffee
and scones while they explain their everyday life. Behold the spectacular beauty of the Cliffs of Moher and overnight on the
grounds of a castle while experiencing old Irish at it's finest. Join Cedar Travel as we present "Shades of Ireland" departing
April 5 for 10 days at $2999.00 per person based on double occupancy. Your tour includes: roundtrip air from Minneapolis,
air fees and taxes, Ireland tour with professional tour manager, 13 meals, 8 breakfasts and 5 dinners. Optional Travel insur-
ance is not included in price. For more information, call Ronda or Colleen at Cedar Travel 507-455-1170
April 9-17 2011 — "Tulip Time Cruise from Amsterdam to Amsterdam‖ Stop in at Cedar Travel, 111 Cedar
Avenue North, Owatonna or call 507-455-1170 for more information and other dates or other European River Cruises al-
so available."
July 9-20 — Alaska Cruise Tour More info will be coming and we do have a presentation at Hy-Vee meeting
room at 7pm on Jan 4th. The cruise only is available also. Call Bev‘s Friends & Family Tours at 451-8695 0r 1-888
-451-8695 Toll Free.
September 19-29, 2011 — DISCOVER CROATIA Visit two of Europe's most beautiful countries: Croatia and
Slovenia. Relax for two nights by the seaside in Opatija, Croatia's Riviera. Discover the magnificence of the an-
cient Roman Palace of Diocletian. Walk in the footsteps of Marco Polo as you explore the medieval city of Korcu-
la. Experience the wonder of 16 cascading lakes at Croatia's Plitvice National Park, spend two nights in Dubrov-
nik, the "Pearl of the Adriatic". Join Kari at Travel Headquarters as we present, "Discover Croatia" departing Sep.
19 for 11 days at $3999.00 per person based on double occupancy. Your tour includes: Roundtrip airfare from
Minneapolis, all transfers, Tour with professional tour manager, 15 meals including a home hosted farewell din-
ner. For more information contact Kari at Travel Headquarters, 507-451-5005.
Upcoming Trips:
November 2011—German Christmas Market on Danube river cruise —Parkview Travel 444-9038
March 1—20 2012 Plan ahead for this trip of a lifetime. Australia and New Zealand Deluxe tour. Parkview Travel 444-9038

                                                Refund Policy for Trips
   A $5.00 per Trip service fee will be deducted from each refund request.
   No refunds will be made for Trips after the registration deadline or five business days before the day of Trip if
    no deadline is specified on the flyer. A refund may be given if we have a waiting list or you find someone to go
    in your place. There are no exceptions.
   Please remember, if you are unable to attend a Trip or Activity you may send someone in your place, please
    notify the office of the change.
In Memory of Marvel Christiansen from Janice & David Holdridge, Shirley & Tom Woodfill
In Memory of Tom Mealey from Jan & Jerry Clementson, Marcia & Fielding Holmes, Barbara Gran-
owski, Donald Loveless, Connie & Scott O‘Brien, Joanne & Richard Gulickson, Sandra & Don Muir,
Marlys & Don Overlie, Corrine & James Ratzloff, Gail & Donald Kleven, Stephanie & Douglas Kolbe,
Ruth Boser, Leslie & Gary Seykora, Kathleen & Frank Krumholz, Evangeline & David Hager, Patricia
Rose, Pamela & John Hallman, Maureen Sheard, Ethel Quimby, Kathy & Gregg Anderson, Mark M.
Walbran, Terri & Thomas Effertz, Marilyn & Clem Schroeder, Adrienne Breiner, Sally Nelsen, Sharon
& Barry Bishop, Gen Altrichar, Marj Carlson, Cory Smith, Finance Department @ Micron Technology,
Inc., Alyce Mealey and family
In Memory of Marjorie Wilday from LaVonne R. Wolters

                                     Notable Donations
SeniorPlace, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that receives funding from donations, fund-
raisers and the community. We raise the rest of our budget through fundraising, program fees,
grants and generous donations from people like these: Richard & Leta Schaefer, Dr. John Schoen,
Pat Arnesen, Federated Insurance, Ed & Phyllis Duda, Ruth Maschka, CR Johnson, Sylvia Vierling,
Martha Bjoraker, Jaque Meiller, Nancy Olson, Dilly Pierce, Linda Kunkel, Irene Griffith, June
Voxland, Kathy McBride, Roger Milbrath, Virgil Schroeder, Barb Schmidt, Ruth Chladek, Joe Skala,
Pat Rose, Herb Budig, Pat Fischer, Linda Jewison, Pat Fischer, Joan Kramer, Geradene Staska, Tom
Partridge, Joe Partridge Adrienne Breiner, Arlene Koch Marge Carlson, Harlan & Lois Hozlerland and
many more that just donated and we didn‘t get your names

         SEMCAC Senior Dining —— 455-3195
       JANUARY 2011                               FEBRUARY                                MARCH
                                      1 Honey Glazed Pork Steak
3    Swiss Steak/ Baked Potato        2 Chicken Chow Mein w/ Rice              The menu will be announced at
4    Vegetable Soup                   3 Roast Pork                             a later date.
5    Chicken Ala King/Biscuits        4 Meatloaf
                                      7 Country Style Ribs
                                                                               You can check the website at
6    Pork Roast / Potatoes/Gravy
                                      8 Pork Steak                   
7    Beef Stew
10   Pork Cutlet /Mashed Potato       9 BBQ Meatballs                          parksrecreation/senior-place
11   Scalloped Chicken                10 Chicken Ala King / Biscuits           and scroll down to Semcac.
12    Chili Con Carne                 11 Beef Roast
12   Beef Pot Roast                   14 Valentine‘s Day: Chicken Breast w/    Call for reservations before
13   Onion Smothered Steak            Sauce                                    8:30 am the morning of; there
17    CLOSED—Martin Luther King       15 Swiss Steak
                                      16 Kielbasa Alt: Fish Patty
                                                                               is a cost for those 59 and under
18    Chicken Dumpling Soup
                                      17 Roast Turkey Dressing/Gravy           at $5.50 a meal and 60 and
19    Sweet/Sour Pork
20    Meat Lasagna                    18 Salmon Loaf Alt: Hamb Steak           older a suggested donation of
21   Baked Chicken                    21 CLOSED — President‘s Day              $3.50 a meal.
24   Beef Stroganoff over Noodles     22 Taco Casserole
25    NE Boiled Dinner Alt: Turkey    23 Roast Pork Alt: Liver & Onions
26   Salisbury Steak                  24 Vegetable Soup / Egg Salad Sandwich
27   Spaghetti / Meat Sauce           25 Baked Fish Alt: Pork Steak
28   Hawaiian Chicken                 28 Spaghetti/Meat Sauce
31    Minnesota Hotdish
                                         Staying Healthy
Nintendo Wii                                                   Chair Aerobics
Thursdays 12:30-2:30 or call                                   Monday & Friday
to schedule a time. You can                                    10:30 am—11:15 am     Multi-Purpose Room
even schedule a time with your                                 $10 per month, $1.25 per class; 1st visit is free.
grandchildren!                                                 Enjoy a real aerobic workout, without getting out of your
Nintendo Wii is the new rage in interactive game play-         chair! This fun program consists of warm-ups, exercises,
ing. Using a remote and watching a TV screen you can           cool-downs and stretches.
simulate playing tennis, bowling, golf or baseball.            Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute-Owatonna 977-2171
Bowling at South Park Lanes                                    Weight Training for Seniors
 League — Mondays                                             Mon, Wed, Fri           Multi-Purpose Room
  9 am       Cost is $8.50                                     8:30 am- 9:30 am or 3:15 pm- 4:15 pm
 Individuals — Fridays                                        $25 per month, based on ability to pay.
  9 am       Cost is $9.50                                     A Therapist leads the group in a program of warm-up ex-
Includes three games of bowling, coffee and rolls.             ercises, weight lifting exercises with hand-held weights,
This program sponsored by Hy-Vee.                              cool-down exercises and stretching. We provide each
                                                               participant with an individual assessment and program
                                                               tailored to their fitness level and needs before they start
Balloon Volleyball                                             with the group. We ask for a commitment of 3 times per
Thursday 9-10:30 am West Mtg Rm 2nd FL                         week for 3 months to start the program.
Come get your exercise sitting on a chair,                     Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Institute-Owatonna 977-2171
stretching, using your reflexes and of course your
laughter!                                                      Pickle Ball (hiatus till April)
                                                               On Mondays & Thursdays at 9:00 am
                                                               at the Sid Kinyon Court by Lincoln
Table Tennis                                                   School. This is a safe combination of
Wednesday 12:30-2 pm Multi-Purpose Rm                          badminton, tennis and fun! Come and
November—March                                                 see what you‘ve been missing!
Seniors of any age can play the game, so don't be afraid
to try it. Players of all abilities are welcome. Darryl        West Hills Tennis & Fitness Center Collaboration
Hill will give useful tips and instructions. Wear com-         with SeniorPlace & West Hills Tennis & Fitness Center.
fortable clothing.                                             Become a member of SeniorPlace, get you Membership
                                                               Card and then head over to the Tennis & Fitness Center
Dancing @ the VFW                                              and get you discount in either monthly or quarterly pack-
The first Tuesday of the month, we‘re DANCING at the           ages. For more information Eric Anderson at 774-7102.
Owatonna VFW from 1:00-4:30 pm
Entertainment:                                                 Golfing (hiatus till April/May)
January 4th            Big Ben & Brian Concertina              Mondays at 12:30 pm at the Havana Hills
February 1st           Larry Rysavy                            Par 3 Golf Course. This is a great after-
March 1st              Jolly Woodchopper                       noon spent with friends and playing on a
April 5th              Luverne‘s Concertina                    wonderful course!
                                                               Last year we started on the first Monday in
The cost to attend is $5.00 per person                         May, so watch the weather and Anne‘s ar-
                        $6.00Non-Members                       ticle for more information on the starting date!
Refreshments and Snack will be served.                         Special thanks to Cliff McDonald for chairing this program.
This is a great time to socialize, dance/exercise and
also help SeniorPlace in it‘s fundraising efforts!             Softball Practice (hiatus till April)
Special thanks to Jan Patterson, chair and great volunteers!   Practice: Tuesday mornings at 9:00 am on Diamond 2.
                                                               Men and women are needed that enjoy the game of soft-
Bocce Ball / Washer Board (hiatus till April)                  ball! Let‘s get ready for the MN Senior Games and get
Wednesdays 9:00 am to play Bocce Ball in sunny weath-          the team ready! Come and join in America‘s great past
er and Washer Board in rainy weather. So come and              time! Did you play ball as a kid? In high school? In col-
join us on Wednesdays at 9:00 am and either learn how          lege? League? Church League? Then, guess what – you
to play or have fun with a great pastime of fun and            CAN PLAY for us! Men & Women are encourage to join –
games!                                                         it‘s a blast! Look out Mankato Senior Games—2011/2012!
Monday 9:00—11:15 am                                      Card Games:
                                                          Cribbage        Mon           12:45 pm West Mtg Rm 2nd Fl
Quilt Room 3rd Floor
                                                          Pfeiffer        Tues /Thurs   12:00 pm West Mtg Rm 2nd Fl
This creative group of stitchers meets                    Bridge          Wed           1:00 pm West Mtg Rm 2nd Fl
for the purpose of creating warm, color-                  Hand & Foot     Tues/Thurs    12:45 pm South Mtg Rm 1st Fl
ful quilts. Members of the group have a good time         500             Fri            8:45 am West Mtg Rm 2nd Fl
while they share quilting knowledge and skills with       Pinochle        Wed/Fri        12:45 pm South Mtg Rm 1st Fl
each other.                                               Duplicate Bridge Fri           12:00 pm West Mtg Rm 2nd Fl
Golden Tones                                              Games
Tuesday 1:30—3 pm                                         Darts          Fri     1:00 pm Billiards Room 3rd Floor
Multi-Purpose Room 1st Floor
This is a musical entertainment                           Bridge
troupe composed of singers, musicians, dancers and        To sign up to play bridge on Wednesday afternoons, call
entertainers. You are encouraged to be a part of          Kathy Flister at 214-1772.
this entertainment troupe that performs at various
functions throughout the year.                            Ceramics
                                                          Wednesday 1—3 pm Ceramic Room 2nd Floor
            Knitting & Crocheting                         Various items available for painting and firing.
            2nd & 4th Mondays 1-3 pm
            Quilt Room 3rd Floor                          Woodcarving
            Participants make various items. If you       Monday 1:00 pm Multi-Purpose Room 1st Floor
            want to needle with us, we‘ll even help       Are you interested in woodcarving? You don‘t need
            you learn basic knitting and crocheting.      experience to try it out. Experienced woodcarvers
                                                          are on hand to get you started.

             Recycled Greeting Cards                      Lapidary
             You won‘t believe how wonderful these        Monday 1:00 pm Back Room 1st Floor
             cards (which you paid a small fortune        We will help you take stones and make them into
             for) ―clean up‖! With some scissors, a       beautiful necklaces, bow ties, belt buckles and
             little paper and a lot of creativity, this   earrings. Come join us and learn this craft!
             once anticipated trash is made into an-
other‘s treasure. There are lots of ways to be in-        Mah Jongg
volved. Interested? Contact Anne or Fritz to get          Tuesday 9:00—11:00 am
started.                                                  West Mtg Room 2nd Floor
                                                          Mah jongg is a game played with 152 tiles
                 Bingo                                    similar in size to dominos, but there the sim-
                 Friday 12:30-2:45 pm Multi-              ilarity ends. Mah jongg was first played by the ruling
                 Purpose Room 1st Fl                      class of China and dates back to the time of Confucius.
                 19 games and a ‗black-out‘ round.
                 The cost is $1.25 for 3 cards, .25       Red Hat Ladies—Ruby Red Hatitudes
                 cents for each                           Interested in being a part of the ―Ruby Red
                 additional card used. **Open to the      Hatitudes‖ from SeniorPlace— give our Queen
                 public.                                  Mum Janet McDonald a call at 507-451-5174
                                                          and join this wonderful group of ladies who
Billiards                                                 get together each month!
Tuesdays 9:00 am
                                                          Collecting Eyeglasses & Hearing Aids
Billiards Room 3rd Floor
                                                          SeniorPlace is a ‗drop-off‘ site for the Lion‘s Club. We
Cost is $.50 for 2 hours of
                                                          collect eyeglasses & hearing aids. There is a box located
recreational leisure.
                                                          in the first floor lobby. This is a great project—Thanks!
                                                          Library & Puzzles
Potluck                                                   Looking for a good book or a puzzle to do. Stop at the
Potlucks will be on hiatus until further notice.          3rd Floor lobby area for a great selection of books. You
                                                          can check them out, on an ‗honor‘ system.
                        Home Assistance with                   Free Blood
                        your Windows Computer                  Pressure Screening
                        Need assistance with your home         1st Monday w/ Owatonna Commons;
                        computer? The SeniorPlace Tech         2nd Monday w/ ―Just the Nurse‖;
                        Staff is available to make house       3rd Monday w/ Healthy Seniors Nurses
                        calls to assist SeniorPlace mem-       Located in the South Meeting Room at Sen-
                        bers with their home computer          iorPlace from 10:30—11:30 am.
                        problems. The fee for this is $20.00   No appointment necessary.
                        per hour within the city of Owaton-    Every Wednesday with Healthy Seniors from 9-11 am
na with a one-hour minimum. Call SeniorPlace 507-444-4280
and provide your name, address, and phone number.              Semcac Senior Advocate & Reassurance
                                                               Call Service
               Foot Clinic                                     Located at SeniorPlace on 2nd floor. We are now doing
               Office 2nd Floor                                the reassurance call service. Providing the same daily
                Just the Nurse— Margie Gardner RN              social calls, medication reminders and safety checks. If
                They are scheduled for the 2nd & 4th           you are interested in receiving a daily call or volunteer-
Wednesdays of the month from 1—3 pm.                           ing to make calls we would love to hear from you!
You need to call for an appointment with SeniorPlace at        We will continue to provide assistance and support for
507-444-4280. There is a cost of $21.00 for the twenty         adults age 60 and over and individuals of any age help-
minute appointment. Please remember to bring your own          ing seniors: questions/concerns about caring for sen-
towel. If possible, you need to be ten minutes earlier for     iors, Medicare D, Medicaid, energy assistance, food sup-
your scheduled appointment to have your feet soaked.           port, MN Health Insurance options, phone discounts and
                                                               more! To contact Melissa Almer please call 507-451-
Legal Services                                                 9101 (w); or 507-271-6287 (c). Please note the office
Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services, Inc (SMRLS)        phone number has changed as well.
is a law firm that receives federal, state and private
money to do its work. Legal Services is for people who         Healthy Seniors of Steele County
have low income or are over age 60. Legal Services has         Healthy Seniors of Steele County‘s Service Office is located
expanded its Estate Planning and Will Advice Clinics to        on the 3rd Floor of SeniorPlace. Contact Cheryl Deason,
also include consumer issues. They are not able to take        Jeanne Rhoades or Mary Trenda at 507-774-7648.
criminal cases. SMRLS does not charge money for its            The Executive Director, Edna Ringhofer can be reached at
work. If you want to know if SMRLS can take your case,         507-977-2566.
call 888-575-2954 Case Intake & Hotline.                       Healthy Seniors is always looking for more volunteers! Do
                                                               you have some extra time that you could spend helping
                                                               another senior citizen? Please contact the Volunteer Coor-
SCAT Tickets 451-7777                                          dinator, Cheryl Deason, at 475-1494 or stop up to our of-
Available here at SRP and at the Steele                        fice on the 3rd floor of Senior Place. A rewarding experi-
Co. Administration Bldg in the Auditor‘s                       ence is guaranteed!
Office. Ticket Cost $1.75 each way.
                                                               Semcac Senior Dining
Semcac Transportation                                          The Senior Dining Program serves a hot, nutritious noon
For your transportation needs, call Michelle Lammi at          meal with some diet alternatives, such as diabetic
Semcac Transportation at 507-451-7134. Interested in           options, low salt, and low cholesterol.
becoming a volunteer driver — call today!                      For age 60 and over, and their spouse regardless of age, is
                                                               eligible for the program. Suggested donation of $3.50 per
West Hills Tennis / Fitness Rates                              person for 60 and over. Full cost of the meal is $5.50 for 59
SeniorPlace membership rates at the West Hills Tennis &        and under. No one will be denied a meal because of inabil-
Fitness Center. A detailed list is available at the volun-     ity to donate. Call by 8:30 am at 507-455-3195 the day of
teer table at SeniorPlace. For more information contact        the meal. Serving is promptly at 11:30 am at Sen-
Eric Anderson at 507-774-7102.                                 iorPlace.

Sunshine Club
Are you member of SeniorPlace? Do you know of some-
one who recently celebrated a ‗milestone‘ birthday or
anniversary? Were you in the hospital? Lost a loved
one? Please let us know so volunteer Sylvia Vierling can
send out a card. Give SeniorPlace a call.                                For Seniors!!!

                                                      Minnesota Senior Games 2013 & 2014!!
                                                     The Owatonna Tourism Department along with the
                                                     City Park & Recreation and SeniorPlace, Inc. will
                                                     be co-chairing the MN Senior Games for 2013 &
                                                     2014. The Committee will be charged with every-
                                                     thing from fundraising to registration to social
                                                     events and activities for the
                                                     athletes as they come to Owatonna for 4 days in
The VFW Post 3723 Auxiliary recently donated a
                                                     July 22 – 25, 2013 and July 21 – 24, 2014.
POW/MIA Flag to SeniorPlace, in Owatonna Gege
                                                     The Minnesota Senior Games is similar to that of
Abraham, Americanism Chairperson and Mattie
                                                     a Senior Olympics with adults between ages 50-99
Eastman, POW/MIA Chairperson worked on mak-
                                                     participating in sports competitions includ-
ing this possible. Through our Americanism pro-
                                                     ing: Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Cy-
gram's promotion of patriotism, the VFW and its
                                                     cling, Golf, Horseshoes, Race Walk, Racquetball,
Auxiliaries provide American and POW/MIA flags
                                                     Road Race, Shuffleboard, Softball, Swimming, Ta-
to community locations. Having the flags in the
                                                     ble Tennis, Tennis, Track & Field, Triathlon, and
public eye helps to make citizens more aware of
the responsibilities of citizenship in this great
                                                     We anticipate between 400-600 athletes from
nation. The presence of the flags also lets our
                                                     around the Midwest to compete in Owatonna in
veterans know how much we appreciate their
                                                     2013 with champions and hopefuls coming back in
service to our country.
                                                     2014 to compete to qualify for the National Senior
This is a wonderful donation given on behalf of
                                                     Games which will be held in Bloomington, MN—in
the VFW Auxiliary and was accepted by Anne
                                                     our back door! Go to to
Pleskonko, Director of SeniorPlace. The Ameri-
                                                     learn more about the Minnesota Senior Games
can Legion donated the base for the flag.
                                                     that were hosted in Alexandria, MN in
                                                     2009/2010. The MN Senior Games for 2011 will be
Thought for the day…..                               held June 2-5th in Mankato MN — Mark your calen-
―Many of us regret not paying attention when we      dars now! Check out the website listed above
were young, when all our brain cells were speaking
                                                     with a great video and more info on Mankato!
to each other.‖ Patsy Clairmont

                          Life is not about finding yourself. Life is about creating
                          yourself. George Bernard Shaw

                                                                        Vibrant living for individuals
                                                                                55 or older
                                                                               235 22nd ST SE
                                                                             Owatonna, MN 55060
                              SeniorPlace            March 2011           444-4280
      Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday                 Thursday                  Friday
 9:00 Quilting           8:15 Golden Kiwanis    8:30 Weight Lifting       9:00 Balloon V-Ball      8:30 Weight Lifting
 8:30 Weight Lifting     9:00 Billiards         12:30 Table Tennis        9:40 KRFO Radio          8:45 ―500‖ Cards
 9:00 Bowling League     9:00 Maj Jongg         1:00 Pinochle             12:00 Pfeiffer           9:30 Recycled Cards
 10:30 Chair Exercises   12:00 Pfeiffer         1:00 Bridge               12:30 Nintendo Wii       10:30 Chair Exercises
 12:45 Cribbage          12:45 Hand & Foot      1:00 Ceramics             12:45 Hand & Foot        12:00 Duplicate Bridge
 1:00 Lapidary           1:30 Golden Tones      3:15 Weight Lifting                                12:30 BINGO
 1:00 Woodcarving                                                                                  1:00 Pinochle
 3:15 Weight Lifting                                                                               1:00 Darts
                                                                                                   3:15 Weight Lifting

                         1                      2 Trip                    3                        4
                                                9:00 am
                         1:00-4:30 pm
                                                Treasure Island
                         Dance at the VFW
                                                                                                   12:30 BINGO
                         with the ―Jolly
                         Woodchopper‖           Alzheimer‘s
                                                (appointment necessary)   6:30-8 pm
                                                                          Where did/should I put
                                                                          my important papers”
                                                                          Attorney Darryl Bail
                                                                          and investigator
 7                       8 Fat Tuesday          9 Ash Wednesday           10                       11
                                                9:00 Louanne Kaupa
 10:30 Blood Pressure
 w/ Owatonna Commons                            10:00 Genealogy
                                                                          1:00 Medical             12:30 BINGO
                                                10:45 Monthly             Information for
 3:00 Board of                                  Birthday Party /          Seniors ―Loss &
      Directors                                 Anniversary               Grief‖, Kerry Ken-
                         (deadline to sign up
                                                                          nedy, NP
                         for St. Patrick‘s      12:30 AARP
                                                2:00 Foot Clinic
 14                      15                     16                        17 St. Patrick‘s         18
 10:30 Blood Pressure
                                                Trip 9:00 am                  Day
 w/ ―Just the Nurse‖                            ―Get Up Your              Special dinner
                                                                                                   12:30 BINGO
 1:00 Knitting &
                                                Irish‖ & Shamrock
      Crocheting                                Pub — St. Paul

 21                      22                     23                        24                       25
 10:30 Blood Pressure                           10:00 Genealogy
 Healthy Seniors
                                                                                                   12:30 BINGO
                                                2:00 Foot Clinic
 6:00 AARP

 28                      29                     30                        31
                         8:30 Newsletter
 1:00 Knitting &         Assembly
                                                                                                    Turn Clocks on
                                                                                                      March 13

LEGAL SHORT COURSES                                                                            FOR SENIORS
                         Owatonna SeniorPlace                                              NONPROFIT ORG.
                         (Sub-Division of Parks & Recreation Dept)                          U.S. POSTAGE
                         500 DUNNELL DRIVE                                                       PAID
                         OWATONNA, MN 55060-4795                                           OWATONNA, MN
                         507-444-4280                                                      PERMIT NO. 339

      Closed on the following dates for National Holidays:
      Friday, December 31 for New Year’s Day                               Change Service Requested
      Monday, January 17 for Martin Luther King’s B-day
      Monday, February 21 for President’s Day
      Daylight Savings Time March 13 “spring your clocks ahead”

                                                                                   PLACE LABEL
                                                                                    IN THIS BOX

                          Cooperative Living
                         Independent Seniors
Home ownership without risk
Affordable, carefree lifestyle
Comfortable, safe living

      Let us show you our home!
             353 Lemond Road
         Owatonna, Minnesota 55060
              (507) 451-2223

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