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About 21st Century

21st Century Insurance has been providing consumer personal auto insurance since 1958. 21st Century Insurance
policies covers millions of vehicles all over the United States. In July, 2009, 21st Century Insurance was acquired by
the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies®, a Los Angeles-based subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services Group.

Customer Service

As a 21st Century Insurance customer, you will experience a level of personal service and personalized coverage -
through their website or when speaking with one of their insurance professionals - that will surprise you.

Financial Strength Rating

Farmers Insurance Group, a member of the Zurich Financial Services Group, and has been rated A (―Excellent‖) by
A.M. Best and AA- (―Strong‖) by Standard and Poor’s for financial strength and stability as of Nov. 2009.

21st Century in the Community

21st Century Insurance has always been involved with community development, and over 5 years time, their
employees have managed to raise $1.8 million towards the United Way Campaigns. 21st Century has also played a
major role as a sponsor in creating the Los Angeles Police Academy Magnet School Program. In addition, 21st
Century Insurance has also joined hands with the California Missions Foundation to increase awareness of the
state’s early history when the network of missions connected the people and communities along the El Camino Real.
21st Century also participated in a joint venture with the California Highway Patrol to promote child safety seat

About Progressive

Progressive began in 1937, and over the years, has worked hard to build a superior proposition for auto insurance
consumers through competitive pricing and continuous improvement of their products and services. Today, they offer
competitive rates and 24-hour, in-person and online services to all drivers throughout the United States.
Headquartered in the Cleveland suburb of Mayfield Village, Ohio, Progressive has 28,000-plus employees in more
than 450 offices throughout the country.

Customer Service

Progressive customer service is available 24/7, online and by phone. Policyholders can log in to update information,
make payments, and get vehicle recall information and more at any time that’s convenient for them. Progressive’s
Immediate Response® claims service is available 24/7 to provide customers with personal service and support
immediately after reporting a claim. Their concierge level of claims oversees all elements of the claims/repair process
on behalf of drivers involved in accidents, which reduces the time drivers spend managing repairs from about four
days to 15 minutes. Customers simply drop off their cars at a claims service center, located in select markets, and
pick them up once the repairs are complete — Progressive takes care of everything in between.

Financial Strength Ratings

Financial Strength & Debt Ratings are independent opinions, based on a comprehensive quantitative and qualitative
evaluation, of a company's balance sheet strength, operating performance and business profile. The Financial
Strength Rating provides an assessment of the financial strength of an insurance organization and its capacity to
meet policyholders' claims and obligations on a timely basis. The debt rating reflects a company's ability to meet its
obligations to repay interest and principal on outstanding obligations to fixed-income investors. As of November 2009
Progressive’s rating is as below:

                                         A.M. Best                 Fitch            Moody's                S&P

Financial Strength                       A+                        AA               Aa2                    AA+

Debt                                     a                         A                A1                     A+

Core Values Drive Progressive’s Approach

Governing the company’s vision, decisions and behavior are their Core Values:

        Integrity – They revere honesty and adhere to the highest ethical standards.
        Golden Rule -- They respect all people, value the differences among them and deal with them in the way
            everyone wants to be dealt with.
        Objectives -- They strive to communicate clearly Progressive's ambitious objectives as well personal and
            team objectives.
        Excellence -- They strive constantly to improve in order to meet and exceed the highest expectations of their
           customers, shareholders and employees. They teach and encourage their people to improve
           performance and to reduce the costs of what they do for customers.
        Profit -- The opportunity to earn a profit is how the competitive free-enterprise system motivates investment
           to enhance human health and happiness.

About Esurance

Esurance has been in business for over a decade and has quickly become one of the top names in online auto
insurance. They’ve shown that there's a better, hassle-free way to buy and manage car insurance. In fact, making car
insurance better for all of their customers inspires their work. Each and every day, they’re dedicated to improving the
entire car insurance process from quote to claim. With strong financial backing and a commitment to online security,
Esurance’s customers know they can trust their coverage.

Customer Service

Esurance is always looking for more ways to improve their customer experience and has been one of the first to offer
auto insurance online and considers itself to be the Internet’s car insurance specialists. Since inception, Esurance
has strived to offer consumers not only affordable rates, but convenience and high-quality service as well. Esurance
customers can manage their policies online and also contact their customer service center 24 hours a day, 7 days a

Financial Strength Ratings

Esurance is backed by Allstate, the largest publicly traded personal lines insurer in the U.S. Allstate is subject to the
laws and regulations governing financial disclosure and performance of public companies. Esurance is rated "A-" by
A.M. Best, which means our company is secure financially and in excellent condition to pay auto insurance claims.
A.M. Best is an independent firm that rates the financial strength and performance of insurance.

A Commitment to the Environment

Esurance is about more than just selling policies. They also take pride in being a company that supports both the
consumer and the environment. Esurance saves millions of sheets of paper each year by offering online policy
documents and communicating with policyholders by email. In fact, by choosing a paperless customer experience,
they have helped save thousands of trees since 2000. They also employ hybrid claims vehicles in areas where
they’re available. Esurance sponsors several organizations nationwide that work to improve the environment.

Why You Can Count on Esurance

Esurance knows that customers value their privacy and security, especially when doing business online.
Safeguarding privacy and security is of the utmost importance to Esurance. As a part of their commitment, Esurance
is a member of the Better Business Bureau Online, adhering to its Online Code of Business Practices.

About The Hartford

Founded in 1810, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (NYSE: HIG) is one of the largest insurance and
investment companies based in the United States, with offices in the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom,
Canada, Brazil and Ireland. The Hartford is a leading provider of life insurance, group and employee benefits,
automobile and homeowners insurance and business insurance - as well as investment products, annuities, mutual
funds, and college savings plans. The Hartford serves millions of customers worldwide - including individuals,
institutions, and businesses - through independent agents and brokers, financial institutions, and online.

Customer Service

Since its founding in 1810, The Hartford has earned a reputation for superior customer service and operational
excellence. They’ve designed their insurance products with exceptional features and benefits that keep an accident,
theft or other unanticipated event from interrupting your life with services such as helping you find great mechanics
and contractors to handle the repairs you need. Making sure your claims are efficiently taken care of anytime,
anywhere, quickly and without hassle, and by helping you save money, because that’s important too.
Financial Strength Rating

The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (The Hartford) is a large, $9.2 billion multifaceted financial services
company. The Hartford ranks as one of the world's top insurance and investment management firms and has been
recognized as providing "An Outstanding Customer Service Experience" under J.D. Power and Associates Certified
Call Center Program.SM. Its insurance companies have earned an A.M. Best rating of A (―Excellent‖) and a Standard
& Poor’s rating of A (―Strong‖) as of November 2009.

A Spirit of Giving and Accountability

Over the last two hundred years The Hartford has made a thoughtful commitment to corporate social responsibility.
That means doing right by their customers, their employees and their world. They have the utmost respect for the
people they insure and guide financially. They go to great lengths to meet the career and personal needs of their
employees, and they value reaching out to others with a helping hand. The Hartford Financial Services Group
recognizes the clear consensus within the scientific community that climate change is of real and increasing concern.
As an insurer, investor, employer, property owner and responsible corporate citizen, The Hartford is committed to
understanding, managing and mitigating the risks associated with global climate change. Good public policy is simply
good business. The Hartford is also committed to advancing public policy solutions for insurers and customers, from
practical, cost-effective solutions for residents of hurricane-prone coastal areas to compliance with federal and state
laws regarding lobbying activity and political contributions.

200 Years of Counting on The Hartford

Before becoming a commander in the Confederate Army, Robert E. Lee purchased an insurance policy from The
Hartford for his family home known as ―Arlington,‖ which is now part of Arlington National Cemetery. In 1925, on the
same day Babe Ruth was traded from the Boston Red Sox to the New York Yankees, he purchased a ―sickness
policy‖ issued by The Hartford to protect his earnings if he became ill and couldn’t play. In 1945, The Hartford
provided comprehensive liability coverage for the first meeting of the United Nations. In 1986, The Hartford began
offering auto and homeowners insurance to the millions of members of AARP, an agreement that is still in place

About Metlife:

MetLife, Inc., one of the world’s oldest and most respected financial services companies, is a leading provider of
insurance and other financial services to millions of individual and institutional customers throughout the United
States. MetLife Auto & Home, founded in 1972, is an affiliate of MetLife, Inc and has headquarters in Warwick, RI. In
April 2000, MetLife Auto & Home became part of a publicly traded company when MetLife, Inc., held its initial public
offering – at the time, the largest in U.S. History. Metlife has consistently outperformed industry standards, with sales
growth consistently above the industry average.

Customer Service

MetLife is committed to the highest standards of customer service and is always finding ways to improve their
customer experience. MetLife’s claim service is available 24/7 over the phone to answer questions and speed along
the resolution of a claim.

Financial Rating

MetLife Auto & Home maintains an excellent rating from premier insurance evaluation agencies and A.M. Best.
MetLife Auto & Home became one of the top 20 personal lines property and casualty providers in the United States,
and currently is licensed to sell and service insurance to customers in all 50 states.

A Commitment to the Environment
As an industry leader and a growing global enterprise, MetLife has committed to driving efforts that address
sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint and invest in ventures that will have a positive impact on the environment.
Currently, MetLife has invested $1.1 billion in 11 renewable energy projects, including wind, biomass, hydro, ethanol
and geothermal. In addition, as a company that has invested in real estate for over a century, the company is
currently investing in numerous new development projects being designed and built to LEED certification standards
including joint venture projects across the United States.

About Unitrin

With nearly $9 billion in assets and more than 6 million policyholders, Unitrin is one of the nation's leading financial
services providers. Among the brands in Unitrin's Property and Casualty Insurance businesses are Kemper® and
Unitrin Specialty, which sell several type of insurance through different channels.

Customer Service

Dealing with the aftermath of a loss is never easy. The service mission of the companies that make up Unitrin is to
turn those negative experiences into positives by providing the best claim service possible. Claim department service
standards require prompt, fair and courteous claim service. To meet these standards, claim representatives are
trained to resolve claims quickly, protecting the interests of all clients, and promptly paying just and equitable claims.
Representatives are also required to explain the claim process in understandable terms to policyholders making a
claim, or their representatives. Assist those parties in the resolution of the claim and provide explanations of
settlement or denial decisions.

Financial Strength Rating

Financial ratings are impartial third-party opinions of an issuer's ability and willingness to meet a specific financial
obligation. A financial strength rating is an assessment of an insurer's ability to meet its obligations to policyholders.
Unitrin Property and Casualty Group is rated A- (―Excellent‖) and Standard & Poor's - A- (―Strong‖) as of November

The Unitrin Philosophy

Unitrin is a straightforward company that strives to be upfront and honest in all their business and other dealings.
Unitrin recognizes that the manner, in which they conduct business, and the perception of such conduct by their
customers, shareholders, and the general public, is of paramount importance to the long-term success of their

As a result, Unitrin expects its associates to act in accordance with its Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Unitrin
also has a strict Code of Ethics for Senior Financial Officers to ensure that business is conducted in a sensible and
ethical manner at all levels of the organization.
About Infinity

Infinity rates among the top 50 Property and Casualty Insurance companies in the nation. Infinity’s long and
successful history of providing quality car insurance products dates back to 1950 and today Infinity employs over
2100 people across the country. They provide car insurance protection for those with a proven record of accident-free
driving as well as those who have difficulty obtaining coverage due to a record of accidents or violations, their age,
occupation or type of car they drive. Regardless of the reason you choose Infinity, they strive to offer excellent
service. They are customer-driven and committed to giving consumers affordable car insurance coverage.

Customer Service

Infinity makes it easy and convenient for customers to manage their Infinity policies online. Some of the services
provided online include policy inquiry, payment processing, and claims inquiry. In addition, claims can be reported
24/7 by phone. In addition, an automated policy and account information service is available 24 hours a day Monday
through Saturday.

Financial Strength Rating

Infinity has an A.M.Best Financial Strength Rating of A (―Excellent‖) and a Standard & Poor’s Financial Rating of A
(―Strong‖). Both of these ratings are the independent opinions of the rating organizations on the insurance company’s
ability to pay it ongoing obligations to policyholders and its ability to pay under its insurance policies and contracts in
accordance with their terms. Infinity also has a Moody's Insurance Financial Strength Rating of A2 ("Good") and a
Fitch Insurer Financial Strength Rating of A ("Strong") as of November 2009.

Infinity and the Environment

Infinity is an organization that cares about people and the environment. They encourage everyone at Infinity to get
involved in their "We Care" program. Infinity places recycling bins throughout their corporate offices and last year,
their efforts helped recycle hundreds of tons of waste. In addition to recycling, they are the first car insurance
company to operate a Climate Neutral Fleet since replacing their old company vehicle with a better fuel-efficient

Jeep compass model and they’re excited about what they plan to accomplish saving the environment in the coming

The Infinity Mission

In today's rapidly changing economic climate, Infinity likes to think of itself as both challenged and fortunate to be able
to serve their consumers in ways they have grown to trust in the past. The goal at Infinity Insurance Companies is to
do just that: to deliver first-rate customer service through their agencies and online policy purchases, to maintain their
strong financial ratings and to look to the future with new and better ways to meet their customer’s needs. After all,
that's what "Infinity" means -- unlimited excellence.
About Electric

Electric Insurance Company was established in 1966 to serve the needs of General Electric employees and have
since expanded their offerings to the general public. Electric is a national writer of personal insurance products
including auto, homeowners, renters, condo and umbrella. Today, Electric remains intensely loyal to their GE
customers but also offers products to general consumers who rave about the company’s personalized, no hassle
approach to insurance. A quick look at their customer base will tell you that today Electric’s policyholder population is
about 60% GE and 40% general customers.

Customer Service

Lots of companies talk about their great customer service. In a recent survey of Electric Insurance customers, overall
satisfaction with Electric Insurance and their products rated at 97% and 95%, respectively. In addition, Electric’s
customer service and claims experience rated high at 96% and 97% satisfaction. To maintain these satisfaction
ratings, Electric has set bold service goals holding their customer service teams to only the highest standards.

Financial Strength Rating

As of November 2009 Electric Insurance is a financially strong company and in 2007 we received an ―A/Excellent‖
from A.M. Best and a ―A/Strong‖ from Standard & Poor's, two of the top industry raters. Electric Insurance has the
solid foundation required to offer our policyholders high quality products, competitive rates, and world-class customer
service now and in the future.

Community Involvement

Electric Insurance firmly believes in supporting those in need in its local community. Many years ago, Electric created
a special program called CITE (Community Involvement Team at Electric), to achieve the goal of aiding local charities
that benefit families and individuals on Massachusetts’ North Shore. A CITE team is made up of employees who
coordinate volunteer and fundraising opportunities for all of Electric’s employees. The company’s giving includes
fundraising through its famous ―jeans days‖ and company raffles, and volunteering at the many organizations Electric

About Assurant

Assurant Specialty Property companies are leading providers of lender-placed hazard insurance, collateral protection
programs and related outsourcing services to the mortgage, manufactured housing and auto finance industries.
Assurant’s companies develop, underwrite, market and administer specialty property and personal lines of insurance
through collaborative relationships with leading home mortgage companies, manufactured home builders and
dealers, auto finance companies, property management companies and managing general agents. Assurant
Specialty Property companies are aligned with leaders in every market they serve, including strong, long-term
relationships with six of the ten largest mortgage lenders and servicers (based on servicing volume) and three of the
six largest manufactured housing builders (based on number of homes built).

Customer Service

Assurant’s businesses provide a unique variety of products and services that assure opportunity, security and peace
of mind for their customers. Assurant believes in a proactive approach to customer service and outreach, delivering
superior value through innovative and differentiated solutions that advance and secure the lives of their customers.

Financial Strength Rating

Through financial strength ratings, independent ratings organizations continually review the financial positions of
insurers' legal insurance subsidiaries. Insurance companies are assigned financial strength ratings by independent
rating agencies based upon factors relevant to policyholders. As of November 2009 Assurant's financial strength
ratings are as follows: A. M. Best: A or A- (―Excellent‖), S&P: A- (―Strong‖), Moody's: A2 (third highest of nine ratings

Environmental Responsibility

Assurant endeavors to integrate environmental considerations into all aspects of their business wherever feasible.
They research best practices and explore the possibility of partnerships with other companies, environmental
organizations, and local communities, all with the intent of strengthening their environmental stewardship. Assurant
requires that their paper suppliers have made a commitment to responsible forestry practices and avoid paper from
sources that are known to log unsustainably or illegally managed forests.

Assurant is dedicated to reducing environmental impact by introducing energy saving measures at all their facilities.
By taking steps such as supporting recycling programs, implementing power management policies, sponsoring car
pool programs, and educating our employees they strive to make a real environmental impact at all of our locations.

About Foremost

Foremost Insurance Company was founded in 1952 by a group of individuals with a novel idea: to insure mobile
homes. At that time, the mobile home industry was in its infancy. Families grew at a record pace thanks to the ―Baby
Boom‖ and housing was in short supply. Mobile homes proved to be an inexpensive solution to the housing shortage,
but few companies insured these ―homes on wheels.‖ Mobile homes were just the start. In 1961, Foremost introduced
the first policy designed specifically for travel trailers and added motor homes to their product lineup. During the
1970s Foremost expanded its offerings to include boats, motorcycles, snowmobiles, all-terrain vehicles and
automobiles. In 2000, Foremost became a member of the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies®, a subsidiary of
The Zurich Financial Services Group, and soon began offering motorcycles and off-road vehicle insurance again,
along with coverage for personal watercraft, boats and collectible autos.

Foremost Service

Since the beginning Foremost has earned a reputation for its excellent customer service. From Category 4 hurricanes
to door dings, accidents happen when someone is least prepared. Foremost employees are equipped with the
resources to help its customers quickly and efficiently. Backed by more than 80 years of claims experience, a
specially trained claims team, and a fleet of Mobile Claims Centers and Customer Care Vehicles, we can respond at
a moment’s notice, delivering on a promise to be there for our customers.

Foremost offers payment plans to help customers’ better fit insurance costs into their budgets, along with payment
options by credit card or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). Reporting a claim can be done 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week, including holidays, and Foremost has a staff of well trained claims adjusters will help get your life back to

Financial Strength Rating

Foremost is a part of The Zurich Financial Services Group. As of November 2009 the Zurich Financial Services
Group and specifically Zurich American Insurance Company have been rated A (―Excellent‖) by A.M. Best and AA-
(―Strong‖) by Standard and Poor’s for financial strength and stability.

About Permanent General

Permanent General specializes in "nonstandard" or "specialty" auto insurance offering coverage for drivers that have
had a history of driving violations or of accidents, have not kept their insurance in force or have less than perfect
credit. So, you can still find a good price for your auto insurance needs.

Customer Service

Their policy and claims service organizations are focused on serving the customer to complete the recipe for
success. Many questions and needs can now also be resolved online. In addition, they offer low down payment
options to every policyholder coupled with convenient monthly payments plans if you so choose. In most cases they
combine budget-sensitive payment plans with electronic verification of driver information and vehicle information at
the time the customer is buying the policy so there are no surprises down the road.

Financial Strength Rating

Financial ratings are impartial third-party opinions of an issuer's ability and willingness to meet a specific financial
obligation. A financial strength rating is an assessment of an insurer's ability to meet its obligations to policyholders.
A.M. Best recognizes the financial strength and stability of Permanent General with a A - "Excellent" rating s of
November 2009.

Coverage Areas

Permanent General Companies, INC. is located in Nashville, Tennessee and provides nonstandard automobile
insurance in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Missouri, Nevada, New York,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin.

About QBE Insurance Corporation

QBE Insurance Corporation is a member of the QBE Insurance Group, an international insurance group with over
116 years of insurance experience. QBE Insurance Corporation is a subsidiary of QBE Insurance Group Limited,
which operates in 40 countries worldwide with gross written premium of $4.4 billion in 2000 and a market
capitalization exceeding $4.2 billion. QBE Insurance Group is one of the top 25 insurance companies in the world and
has more than 10,000 employees.
Customer Service

Customer Service for QBE is provided by Arrowhead General Insurance Agency and claims service for QBE is
provided by American Claims Management, which has specialized in handling insurance claims for almost 40 years.

Financial Strength Ratings

As of November 2009, QBE receives an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best Company, an independent firm that rates
the financial strength and performance of insurance companies. An A is one of the highest ratings and means you
can trust the stability and longevity of QBE.

About Hillstar

Hillstar Insurance Company provides auto insurance for standard and preferred risk drivers who have demonstrated a
low risk of accident and traffic violations. Individuals and families demonstrating responsible driving habits and an
interest in buying insurance to protect their property and lifestyle choose the superior value offered by Hillstar.
Hillstar’s customers enjoy special discounts and competitive prices that fit their budgets. Hillstar is wholly owned by
Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation (NASDAQ: IPCC). Hillstar operates independently from other IPCC

Customer Service

Hillstar offers helpful and friendly customer and claims service backed by its Service Advantage Guarantee. They will
immediately resolve your concern over the phone or guarantee a resolution within one business day, in most cases. If
they make a mistake, they'll take responsibility and fix the problem to your satisfaction with one call. They also are
committed to issuing most policies within 24-hours. With Hillstar, you can trust your policy and related documents will
be delivered to you quickly.

Financial Strength Rating

Hillstar Insurance Company is wholly owned by Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation and is backed by strong
financial ratings. Infinity has an A.M.Best Financial Strength Rating of A (―Excellent‖) and a Standard & Poor’s
Financial Rating of A (―Strong‖) as of November 2009. Both of these ratings are the independent opinions of the
rating organizations on the insurance company’s ability to pay it ongoing obligations to policyholders and its ability to
pay under its insurance policies and contracts in accordance with their terms. Infinity also has a Moody's Insurance
Financial Strength Rating of A2 ("Good") and a Fitch Insurer Financial Strength Rating of A ("Strong").

Environmental Efforts

Hillstar actively invests in communities by promoting insurance education, road safety, and environmentally friendly
operations. Hillstar is also committed to eco-friendly efforts to keep the environment clean. Hillstar has a corporate
recycling and energy conservation program to help them do their part to protect the environment. Hillstar also offer
paperless options to their agents and customers, and agents are automatically scheduled to receive paperless policy
alerts and information. Customers have the option to choose paperless at point-of-sale and may log into their account
to update their paperless option at their convenience.
About Safeway Insurance Company

Safeway Insurance is a leading provider of insurance products and services, committed to protecting you and your
family. They live up to their high professional standards with quality performance and service.

Safeway Insurance has been in business since 1959. With headquarters in the Chicago suburb of Westmount,
Illinois, Safeway serves several states, with operations in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois,
Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas. Today, Safeway is the nation’s largest privately-held auto insurance group, staffed
by over 450 insurance professionals, and servicing over 250,000 policyholders.

Customer Service

Safeway Insurance offers helpful and friendly customer service to take care of your insurance policy, right from the

Claims Service

The Safeway Claims staff is highly experienced and dedicated to making your interaction with them as easy as

Financial Strength Ratings

As of December 2009, Safeway Insurance received an A (Excellent) rating from A.M. Best Company, an independent
firm that rates the financial strength and performance of insurance companies. An A is one of the highest ratings and
means you can trust Safeway’s financial stability and commitment to their policyholders.

About Dairyland Insurance

Dairyland Insurance, a member of the Sentry Insurance Group, offers automobile insurance to drivers that find
insurance difficult to afford or maintain. Dairyland has been in business for 105 years. Sentry Insurance group is one
of the largest and strongest mutual insurance companies in the United States with nearly 10 billion dollars in net
premiums written in 2009. Dairyland Insurance offers competitive rates, money-saving discounts, outstanding
customer service and flexible payment options to consumers in 42 states.

Customer Service

Sentry provides outstanding claims service 24-hours a day, seven days a week to Dairyland Auto insurance
policyholders. Sentry Insurance Group’s trained representatives are available to answer any auto insurance related
questions and provide great service on policy changes, premium notices and insurance coverages.

Financial Rating
Dairyland Auto underwriting companies are subsidiaries or affiliates of Sentry Insurance a Mutual Company, an A+
(Superior) rated company by A.M. Best. For over 100 years, Sentry Insurance has provided Strength, Protection and
Vigilance to policyholders across the nation.

About Starr Indemnity & Liability Company

Starr Indemnity & Liability Company (Starr Indemnity) a wholly owned subsidiary of Starr International Company, Inc.,
offers high quality customized property and casualty insurance products to consumers in all states except CT, MN
and VT. Starr Indemnity distributes its personal auto products through Managing General Agents that exemplify
expertise and provide the highest level of service Starr Indemnity is wholly owned by Starr International USA, Inc a
subsidiary of Starr International Co, Inc. Starr International Co. Inc is a private investment holding company with
assets world wide.

Customer Service

Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc. provides customer Service for Starr Indemnity & Liability Company and
American Claims Management, Inc provides claims service for Starr.

Financial Strength Rating

Starr Indemnity & Liability Company's financial strength is demonstrated by their A.M. Best Company rating of "A"

About Titan Auto Insurance

Titan Auto Insurance, Inc. (Titan) provides affordable insurance for private passenger vehicles. Titan will insure most
licensed drivers regardless of their driving record and insurance history. Titan offers highly competitive rates with
attractive payment plans backed by excellent customer service and outstanding claims responsiveness. Titan offers
immediate ID Cards and SR 22s to drivers in urgent need of insurance coverage. Titan is affiliated with Titan
Indemnity Company and Titan Insurance Company.


On August 1, 2003, Titan was purchased by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company and now has Nationwide Mutual
Insurance Company as its parent company. Nationwide is one of the largest insurance and financial services
companies in the world, focusing on domestic property and casualty insurance, life insurance and retirement savings,
asset management, and strategic investments.Titan and its affiliated companies were ranked as one of the top 10
nonstandard automobile insurers in the United States with $265 million in net premiums written.
Customer Service

The Titan Insurance Company’s underwriting department is based in Troy, Michigan and a multi-state regional claims
operation is maintained in Phoenix, Arizona. To expedite claim handling, Titan consumers are provided a toll-free
number to report claims directly to the claims office following which, a claims representative is assigned. The
Company is licensed to issue insurance in forty-eight states except Connecticut, Rhode Island and the District of

Financial Strength Rating

Titan Auto Insurance is the exclusive agent for Titan Indemnity Company. An A+ (Superior) rated carrier by AM Best,
their financial strength can help protect you against financial hardship caused by automobile accidents.

About Hallmark Insurance

Hallmark Insurance Company, a personal lines business unit of Hallmark Financial Services, Inc., provides affordable
Property and Casualty Insurance. Hallmark is focused on meeting the needs of value minded drivers and specializes
in providing minimum liability coverage to drivers that may have a less than perfect driving record, a low insurance
score, inexperienced drivers, and those that have an international license. Hallmark is among the few insurance
companies that provides SR-22s. In addition, they provide an E-Signature processing option and deliver point of sale
policy documents and proof of insurance (ID Card) to the their customers via email.

In addition, Hallmark provides property coverage for dwellings that are large or small, old as well as new. Hallmark
customers can choose from a variety of coverage options and can purchase a policy with a low down payment.

Discounts offered by Hallmark

Hallmark insurance offer a variety of discounts with the objective of keeping auto insurance cost low. Discount
availability varies by state.

        Multi-Car
        Multi-Driver
        Prior Insurance Coverage
        Homeowner
        Paid in Full
        Senior Driver
        Good Student
        Safe Driver

The following discounts are available for homeowners insurance. Discount availability varies by state.

        Multi-policy
        Age of dwelling
        Age of insured
        Fire alarm
        Burglar alarm
        Construction type
        Claim free discount
Customer Service

Hallmark Insurance provides the service you need, how you need it, when you need it. They offer 24 hour claims
notification service, 24 hour online access to your policy and extended office hours for a personal connection. You
may reach Hallmark by telephone, web, live chat, email or direct mail.

Financial Strength Rating

Hallmark Insurance underwriting companies are subsidiaries or affiliates of Hallmark Financial Services, Inc., an A-
(Excellent) rated company by A.M. Best. The Financial Strength Rating provides an independent assessment of the
financial strength of an insurance organization and its capacity to meet policyholders’ claims and obligations on a
timely basis.

About Direct General

Direct General Corporation is a privately owned financial services holding company headquartered in Nashville,
Tennessee. Since 1991, the insurance subsidiaries of Direct General have been providing affordable auto insurance
coverage licensed driver, including those who may have trouble qualifying for auto insurance from other companies.

Customer Service

Direct General is able to insure most licensed drivers regardless of their driving record or credit history. In addition,
Direct General offer a number of flexible payment plans and methods through Answer Financial so consumers can
find the plan that best fits every budget. Direct General maintains an excellent consumer service that is open 6.00AM
to 10PM Central time.

Claims Service

There are more than 420 locations throughout thirteen states to assist you with your claims process. Direct General
claims representatives are also available toll-free by phone to take your claim information, and they are working on
developing an online claims filing system. Their focus is to make sure your claim is handled in the fairest and easiest
way possible.

Financial Strength Rating

Direct General has earned a B (Good) rating from A.M. Best as of June 2010. This Financial Strength Rating is an
independent assessment of the financial strength of an insurance organization and its capacity to meet policyholders’
claims and obligations on a timely basis.
GMAC Insurance Personal Lines, owned by American Capital Acquisition Corporation, is one of the largest
automobile insurers in the United States. Personal Lines offers a variety of insurance products, including personal
auto, RV, motorcycle, commercial auto and homeowners insurance. With more than $1.3 billion in annual written
premiums, the GMAC Insurance companies together represent one of the largest underwriters of private passenger
auto insurance in the United States.

Customer Service

With a nationwide network of claims professionals and a 24-hour, toll-free claims hotline available 365 days a year,
GMAC Insurance provides superior claims service for its customers.

Financial Strength Ratings

GMAC Insurance maintains an excellent rating from premier insurance evaluation agencies, such as A.M. Best. A.M.
Best evaluates a company's relative financial strength and overall performance in comparison to other companies.
GMAC Insurance is rated A- (Excellent) as of July 2010 by A.M. Best.

Why GMAC Insurance?

There are many reasons to choose GMAC Insurance for your auto insurance coverage:

        Proudly endorsed by GM
        Endorsed by more auto brands than any other auto insurance company
        The only auto insurer with the OnStar® seal of approval

Auto insurance from GMAC Insurance comes with several benefits:

        Original Equipment Parts: if your car is damaged in an accident, it will be repaired using parts made by the
           same Original Equipment Manufacturer.
        Guaranteed repairs: after an accident, you can have your car repaired at a GMAC Insurance Gold Medal
           Repair Shop, and the work is guaranteed for as long as you own your car.
        Guaranteed Claims Service: GMAC Insurance claims service will waive the deductible, of up to $250, if the
           claim is not handled to the consumer’s satisfaction.
        GM Family discounts: millions of people have a connection to General Motors, through a GMAC auto loan or
           lease, GMAC mortgage, GM Credit Card, or a career with GM or one of its thousands of suppliers or
           dealerships. In many states, GMAC Insurance is able to offer family discounts to customers who are
           currently connected to GM.
About Homesite

Founded in 1997, Homesite Group Incorporated focuses exclusively on the homeowners market. Homesite has been
committed to addressing problems long associated with the U.S. homeowners insurance business: high fixed costs,
limited distribution channels, and minimal technological innovation. Today, Homesite continues to bring industry-
leading technology, innovative marketing and distribution strategies, and expertise in catastrophe management to the
home insurance business. As a result, Homesite continues to deliver quality insurance products, outstanding
customer service, and low premiums to consumers all across the nation.

Today Homesite writes homeowners, condominium owners and renters insurance policies in 47 states and the
District of Columbia. Homesite's products are distributed through our own call centers, through selective
arrangements with licensed agents and producers, and on the Internet.

The purpose of home insurance is to protect your home and property — in other words, your personal equity. In the
event of a natural disaster, you want to make sure that what matters most to you is covered. Homesite offers
replacement cost policies that offer competitive coverage amounts. Each year we evaluate your property's current
replacement cost, which is listed under Coverage A — Dwelling. Replacement cost is generally defined as "the cost
to replace a structure with materials of like kind and quality without deduction for depreciation". Simply put, it reflects
the cost to rebuild your home — broken down into components (framing, roofing, and so on) and valued at the cost
(materials, labor rates, and so on) to reconstruct each component in today's economy — in the event of a total loss.

Financial Strength Rating

Solid financial stability and extensive management experience provide the foundation for Homesite's comprehensive
coverage and exceptional service. The equity financing for Homesite was arranged by Morgan Stanley Capital
Partners, the private equity group of Morgan Stanley, the global financial services firm. Homesite has an A' (A Prime)
Unsurpassed Financial stability rating from Demotech, a firm whose rating is accepted by mortgage companies and
acceptable for use by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. For further information about our financial stability, please
contact Demotech directly at (614) 761-8602, or visit their website at www.demotech.com for more information.
Homesite is reinsured by several major reinsurance companies, all of which carry an AM Best's rating of at least (A-).

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