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									                                  Publicis Worldwide
                                   HR Dashboard

Objectives:          If people are our main asset in a world where the war for talent is
                     increasing, it is essential that we understand HR facts both from a
                     quantitative and qualitative perspective.

                     The main objective of the Dashboard is therefore to provide Management with
                     key HR metrics related to staff management.
                     It should facilitate communication between management and HR by putting
                     the focus on limited but critical facts such as turnover, climate surveys,

                     It is also an opportunity to capture contagious ideas and talk about initiatives
                     by including a „story‟ telling section.
                     It is also used to prepare the Corporate Social Responsibility report on a
                     monthly/quarterly basis.

Business benefits:   Highlight key issues, trends (positive or negative) in people management to
                     ensure that the focus is put on the right matters that count for PWW.
                     Therefore it is part of the Annual budget cycle.

The Dashboard:       It is an Excel spreadsheet including:
                     -   Demographics
                     -   Staff details
                     -   Organisation
                     -   Finance metrics
                     -   Talent management
                     -   HR metrics
                     -   Talent engagement
                     -   Admin
                     -   Others
                     It is visually attractive to make it a real communication tool amongst functions,
                     particularly senior managers in HR and Finance.
                     It is not meant to give a full detailed analytical analysis, but to provide
                     management with essentials and critical facts and trends/progress over time to
                     ensure the focus is put on the “right” issues.

                     An example of the HR performance indicators Dashboard is included overleaf.

Target:              All PWW Key markets (optional for others).

The process:         To be run on a quarterly basis as per calendar below -
                     Q1 – Dashboard built second half of April for Q1 Jan – March
                     Q2 - Dashboard built second half of July for S1 Jan – June
                     Q3 - Dashboard built second half of Oct for Q1-Q3 Jan – Sep
                     Q4 - Dashboard built second half of Jan following year for Total previous Year
                     Jan – Dec

                                                                                                V1 September 2010
                                Publicis Worldwide
                                 HR Dashboard

                   It is put together by the HR function. The financial data should be provided by
                   local finance. In the event of difficulties in accessing the information, PWW HQ
                   can help.
                   The Dashboard is shared with the following audiences - Local HR Team,
                   Local Management, Regional Management (if appropriate), and HR PWW.
                   This tool is populated thanks to Finance Actuals usually distributed at the end
                   of the month following a quarter.

Contact details:   Arielle Vignane HR Project Manager
                   arielle.vignane@conseil.publicis.fr Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 43 79

                                                                                              V1 September 2010

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